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{A fanfic-fic by K!ra Kudou/the Alchemist from Nekojita's characters}

Disclaimer: Neko owns the Stout siblings, and the cafe two blocks away from the Koneko. Oh, and the waiter who likes Ran too. I just gave him a name here. ^^ The other *familiar* names you'll find here are copyright their owners too. I don't, sadly, own Weiss. Not even Aya's eartails. =c


Brown eyes locked on blue. Knew it wouldn't be a problem to get what she wanted.

"First mission."

Blue steeled. It was often shining in mirth and laughter, but when the owner was serious, it glinted an almost metallic sheen that told the observer that no-nonsense meant no-nonsense. Besides, Brown-eyes was very strict about him paying attention to details.

"First mission?"

"Looking-Glass. Spy."


"Technically, no."

Blue eyes blinked questioningly but the owner didn't say anything. That probably meant that no major equipment would need to be hauled over to the mission site, although there was obviously the need for bugs and the like to be planted around. They focused back to the awaiting brown ones and the owner nodded.

"Time frame?"

"Two weeks, approximately nine days and nights. "

"Nights?" A hint of the naughty gleam crept back up to Blue-eyes, and his companion gave him a reproving look.

"Targets are expected to be on high activity at his time of day. Although daytime is not excused either, since suspicious actions must also be recorded."


This time it was Brown who looked up thoughtfully. Obviously it would be quieter if it was only a one-man mission. However... They trailed toward the ceiling, musing. The other was very meticulous about details. And, naturally, Brown-eyes thought, /details/ in this mission were what made it so important.


When the field agent asked the question again, curiousity coating the tones, Brown-eyes focused back on questioning blue. "I'd recommend it, if only in the name of efficiency in the mission. Stealth is top priority here, and you cannot afford to be seen or have the targets suspect your presence at all times."

Blue eyes squinted against the overhead light for a moment, then nodded. "In the name of efficiency, huh."

Brown gazed back gravely. "Yes."

Blue smirked then leaned forward, letting the pale light of the small room completely bathe his fair features. "Okay. Looking forward to it then."

A brown envelope slid the small distance between the two. Brown eyes watched as the other looked it over, noting the inquisitive fingers that nevertheless handled the item with caution. "You'll find every other detail you'll need in there. A black sedan parked outside the small cafe will be waiting for you by twelve noon tomorrow, find Spot nearby and he'll hand you the keys. A good six hour lead before the targets start to move in on the site. Plenty of time to set up the monitoring equipment. I want you to pay special attention to the first two targets in the list you're going to read."

"Uh-huh. Got it. Spot, sedan, first two, cafe. Anything else?"

Brown eyes stood up from her seat and stretched, loosening muscles tense in anticipation. She was very excited about the new mission as well, and couldn't wait for it to start. She knew the agent across her would come to love it the moment he would open and examine the contents. When the superiors told her to prepare a light mission for the new recruits, she couldn't resist doing in this one. It was just for a 'testing the new ones' purpose, meaning it would be of negligible value and therefore only a written report from her person was needed.

"Oh yes, I want VERY CLEAR copies of the observations when you're done." She turned and made for the door.

"/Very/ Clear Copies?" Very intrigued, she noticed, and hid a smile as she partially turned to acknowledge him, allowing her version of a mischievous gleam to sparkle in her eyes. Usually she had to reprimand the other to pay attention or to stop monkeying around, but decided to give in this once.

"I especially want to get the copies of the activities of the first two targets. This is your first mission, and I want a...record. I expect very good results." She opened the door to go out, leaving the other to examine the contents.

When blue eyes finally scanned the entire document, the owner couldn't suppress a cry.

"Oh yeah, DEFINITELY /VERY CLEAR/!" Blue eyes were laughing and eager, glinting with their characteristic mischevious


She had been watching the only other customer in the café, and found him both strange and funny. He was a new face, especially at her morning shift. He was just sitting there with a grin on his face, funky shades and Dr. Martens giving her the impression of a stylish young man. The only other customer, a regular, was off to her corner, going over papers and story-drafts.

And the skirt.

She would have pointed and laughed openly but there was something about how the man wore his that it... fit him. Which puzzled her. Weren't skirts made for girls? They were supposed to look ridiculous on men, but apparently this one didn't look the least bit stupid. Just... strange. She decided to find out.

He spoke in quick and easy English over his mobile phone, inserting a hearty laugh now and then, and when he raised his hand to ask for the bill, she found her chance.

"Why are you wearing a skirt?" She figured he was the type of Gaijin who didn't mind questions from curious locals.

The grinning face turned to her as she put down the bill. "It's a kilt, honey, a fashion statement from an old ancestor of mine. Although you're wearing a pretty sexy one yourself." He smiled wider as she glared at him silently, waiting as he signed the bill.

"Oh, I love your stuff here, I wonder how the rest of the world seems to pass up such great coffee." His head was bowed, and he was pulling a few bills from his wallet. "Staff ain't so bad either," he added, pinning his gaze on her coworker as he passed by obliviously, a tray of hot waffles and expresso for the other customer. "Maybe I should hang out in the graveyard shift when Bookish over there feels up to a little 'late night study session'." The strange American only laughed when she deepened her scowl in disapproval.

"I don't believe you."

He laughed again. "Better believe it, pretty." He stood up and stretched, and pressed a thick wad of bills in her hand. A generous tip. "Be lookin' forward to the next cup I get here. Next Thursday?" He winked. "Hee, wouldn't hurt if you told your friend to get it for me. Not that you're less prettier, mind you." Without waiting for her reply he sauntered out the door.

"You okay?" Max muttered in concern as she stood there frowning at where the stranger left off.

She watched as he went outside the small café, taking the time to ruffle and pet a golden retriever chained to the mailbox outside. Bending to retrieve something from the dog's collar, she tossed her co-worker a sidelong glance. "'M'fine."

"Didn't cause any trouble, did he?"

"No." The 'kilted' man was now talking to a burly partner, thick and senewy, grinning and patting the weary-faced other in the back. She followed them with her eyes even as they entered the black sedan by the sidewalk and drove away.

"Good. For a moment you looked upset." He turned to carry the dishes over to the backroom.

"Hey Max?"

Her co-worker paused. "Yeah?"

"Take my advice and don't do the evening shift next week. Let Dori take it for once."

Max frowned; the only reason why he liked to volunteer on evening shifts was because those were the hours the quiet, handsome florist from the nearby flowershop would come to take some quiet time for himself. Sometimes the man brought along a thin journal, which led the small staff to believe that he was, like most of the others who came to the cafe, a writer in his spare time.


She shrugged as she made her way to the table where the other customer was waving her over. "Nothing. Believe me or don't, although it'd be better for you if you did." She turned to the diner as Max left, shaking his head. "Your bill, Nekojita-san..."



"Are you sure you know where you're going? Seems like we've been driving forever..." And his legs were cramping up. He'd tilted the passenger seat to almost a one-eighty degree angle just so he could stretch, but it wasn't working.

"Carsick, dear brother?" The braided driver chuckled at the tired grunt. "In forty minutes we should be there. You sure you got all the stuff ready?"

Mickey rolled his eyes and stared out the window from his reclining position. "Yeah, yeah, all in there." He sighed. "You know, if anyone of them actually finds out..."

"But they won't, that's the point," replied his brother. "Besides, you shouldn't sound so put-upon about this you know. You get to play with the cool stuff, and I get to have my fun too. Only regret is that there isn't anyone else to start a betting pool with." He looked longingly at the carphone for a minute while his bigger brother frowned at him reprovingly.

"Don't even think about it."

"Aw come on, Mick, you're no fun!"


"Oh fine. But I shouldn't be complaining." He grinned. "If Catwoman gives us more missions like this, I think I'll gun for Kritiker's Employee of the Month Award. Hell, make that Employee of the YEAR." He licked his lips. "Oh yeah..."

The black sedan coursed through the asphalted mountain road that would eventually lead to the isolated Villa White. Soon it would be hidden among the pines that surrounded the estate, while its two occupants would be hard at work retreiving surveillance data.

Back in the city, behind the garage of the closed flowershop, the four 'targets' bickered and joked as they crammed their stuff to prepare for the short vacation promised to them by Kritiker. One kilometer away inside a crowded mall, a collegiate part-time waitress frowned as she fingered the material of an above-the-knee checkered skirt, not quite the same cloth as the heavier, trendier-looking material her strange morning customer wore.

And sitting behind the brooding Persia, Birman checked her watch and allowed a small grin, congratulating herself for thinking up the little 'grand plan'. Oh, how she hoped the pictures Ragdoll and Sphynx would be taking would turn out fine.



Rant: I [shamelessly] borrowed names from a couple of the guys in the mailing list (*peace offerings to Dori and Max Ikari and Nekojita*). Thought it would be more fun though... and the collegiate part-time waitress is Kira. ^^ Although she should've been a little genkier and she came out broody. '_';; This is supposed to take place after 'OF CUPS AND WANDS' and before 'NOTHING GOLD STAYS', during the (*cough*deliciouslysmuttyihope*cough*)weekend getaway.

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