by nekojita


No I don't own the pretty boys.  *runs off to pout*


He tastes like breath mints and beer. For once Iím the smaller man, and asÖ TatsuyaÖ presses me against the wall; I let out a moan and wrap one of my legs around his waist. That seems to excite him, and he slides his hands underneath my shirt.

And why wouldnít he be all excited? He has me, ready and willing, looking so damn hot in my most indecent pair of leather pants and a crop top thatís more holes than fabric. Add to that having spent an hour on my hair, despite Omi whining about how much he needed to use the bathroom and Kenís constant wise cracks about vanity and over-inflated egos, and no wonder he picked me out at the club tonight. Of course, I was the best looking thing on the dance floor, so it wasnít a hard choice on Tatsuyaís part. At least, I think thatís his name.

I moan again as he starts to work on my belt, murmuring about how he wants to fuck me right now. His hands are rough, scraping against my skin as he fumbles with the tightly cinched leather. I can hear his friends in the room next door, laughing and yelling at each other over a loud television program.

"Damn thing wonít come off."

Poor guy. I take pity on him and jerk his mouth back to mine, distracting him from his frustration. Heís rougher than Aya, more interested in just shoving his tongue down my throat than in my pleasure. Despite the fact that heís not bad looking and has a great body, all thatís piquing my interest at this point is the novelty of the situation. I adore Aya, but thereís still enough playboy in me to enjoy, just the slightest bit, making out with someone new and adding another conquest to the collection. However, the thrill is wearing thin, especially since Iím about to start gagging at any minute. His hands are back on my belt, jerking my hips forward as he tugs on it harshly. Come on guysÖ get your asses into gear before things escalate to the point where Iím sleeping on the couch for the next decade or two.

Right on cue, the lights go out. Tatsuya pulls away when he hears his friends start to yell, and that gives me more than enough room to lift my arm and pull out all the wire I need to strangle him with. About damn time the rest of WeiŖ shows up. I mean, itís usually fun playing the slut to get behind a targetís defenses, but Iím an assassin, not a prostitute. Despite what some people think, thereís only so far Iím willing to go for Kritiker, and this guy was getting real close to my limits. And while it might be fun and a bit thrilling to make out with a stranger, I have a gorgeous lover Iím more than happy with and donít feel like jeopardizing that relationship any more than necessary. Which letting someone other than Aya into my pants would most certainly do. Heís a wee bit territorial. I smile as I pull the wire tighter and think about how Iím completely unfamiliar with the feeling. Yeah, right.

Finally, Tatsuya stops struggling and dies. Letting the criminal drop to the floor, I fumble in my pockets for my cigarettes and light one. The rest of the team is out there taking care of the smuggling gang, and since theyíre the ones equipped with nifty little infrared goggles, Iím more than happy to let them do the hard work. Hey, Iíve already done my part, being my usual sex god self and getting a member of the ring to pick me up and bring me back to their headquarters. Good thing the tracker Omi gave me is pretty small, considering there arenít many places to hide it on me in this outfit. Besides, I spent a couple of hours on the dance floor to attract Tatsuyaís attention and then I let the man paw me for a bit. I deserve the break. Damn, I was actually feeling a bit of sympathy for the kitten for a moment or two back there. Not that Iím a thing like the deceased oaf lying at my feet.

Oh, what I wouldnít give to see Aya as the bait one night, dressed provocatively and out there on the dance floor. Of course, there are very good reasons why I was picked for this instead of him, my gorgeous looks aside. You can dress that man up, but unless the target goes for sullen redheads who can kill with a glare, Iím always slated for the whore/slut role. That can be a bit insulting at times, but it means I get to spend the night drinking on Kritikerís tab and having fun, never mind the lousy kissers and grabby hands. Besides, as if Iíd ever really let Aya walk out of the Koneko and allow strangers to actually touch him without removing their hands from their bodies. Yet another reason this task usually falls to me.

Just as I finish my cigarette I feel a breeze along my skin. Damn, I never even heard the door open. Looking wildly about the pitch-black room, I almost stumble over Tatsuyaís corpse. A hand around my elbow prevents me from falling on my face. Taking a deep breath, I smell roses and leather, and a smile spreads across my lips.

"Everything taken care of?"

"Yes." Ayaís not one for small talk, especially when heís in Abyssinian mode. For a moment a hand ghosts along my body, making me suck in my breath at the feather light caress. I know heís just checking me for injuries, and the concern makes the smile even bigger, but the faint touch does more to my body than the dead guy managed in the past hour. Gods, here I am in pitch-blackness listening to my team finish off a bunch of smugglers, and all I can think of is pinning Aya to the wall and fucking him silly. Not the most professional manner in the world, ne?

The touch stills, and I hear a faint hiss of a voice.

"Understood, Bombay. Weíre leaving right now."

A gloved hand clamps around my wrist and leads me out of the room. As I stumble down the hall, I can make out the sound of police sirens. Shit, they canít possibly be heading here, can they? I ask the question out loud.

"Someone must have tripped a silent alarm. Bombay and Siberian are going to stick around and see which officers arrive, but we need to get out of here."

Great. Guess thatís one way of confirming that these bastards had a connection within the local police force, and Iím sure as hell glad to be leaving the scene. Let Omi and Ken skulk around in the shadows for the next couple of hours, Iíve got better things to do. Not to mention Iím a bit conspicuous in this outfit. If I hang out in this area for any amount of time, Iíll end up with some clients. Or, more exactly, with a bunch of dead bodies when Aya gets done with the would-be customers. Thereís yet another reason I agree to these kind of missions: the loverís so damn cute when heís jealous. And the sex afterward is always fantastic.

We make it out to the street, and Iím so very thankful to be able to see once again. Aya, after tearing off his goggles, first stashes his katana inside his leather jacket, and then pulls off the coat and shoves it in my direction. My outfitís a bit too bright, attracting unwanted attention to us, so I struggle into the coat. While Iím not all that much taller than Aya, my shoulders and chest are broader than his, and itís an uncomfortable fit. Luckily there are only a few spots of blood on it, and I clean those off with a piece of cloth that was tucked in a pocket. It covers my red shirt just in time, as we duck down an alley moments before a police car comes to a halt on the street in front of us.

Someone gets out of the car and orders us to stop, but since weíre not stupid, we keep on going. Regretting that last cigarette, and the five hundred or so before it, I let Aya lead me through a maze of dark alleys and sparsely populated streets. I have no fucking clue where the hell we are, but itís likely Aya and Omi spent a few minutes reconnoitering the area before coming to rescue my virtue. You have to love having two workaholics as partners, and _they_ wonder why Ken and I slack off so much. Because we know theyíll more than cover for us.

The sidewalk starts to get more crowded. Iím beginning to think that the district looks a bit familiar, but continue to let Aya drag me along behind him. He probably has some destination in mind, and while I doubt the police are still following us, in our profession a healthy dose of paranoia is a good thing. And Aya is nothing if not paranoid.

We come to a sudden halt, and I end up colliding into Aya as a result. The lover slants me a grim look, which becomes grimmer when he notices how much Iím panting from the run and jerks his head at the door in front of us. I stare at it in amazement, my oxygen deprived brain finally registering the fact that itís a love hotel. As in pay for the room by the hour, do your fucking and leave. Oh gods, I hope no one recognizes me inside. Thereíll be hell to pay if that happens, as Aya hates to be reminded of my sluttish past.

Fortunately itís not stirring any memories, though most of the times I visited the hotels, I was drunk and only interested in getting my date to our room and down to business. Still, I tug Ayaís jacket about me and shift my sunglasses from the top of my head down to my nose. The actions earn me a suspicious glare, which I reply to with a smile and a blown kiss. Aya just 'hn's at me and drags me over to the counter.

"Evening. What can I do for youÖ two?" The proprietor frowns when he realizes weíre both guys, which sometimes can take a moment considering Ayaís looks. Weíre stared at for a minute, and then the guy looks at me. "You want a room?" Beside me, I can feel the kitten tense up as he picks up on the slight. Oh this is priceless; the guy seems to think that Iím the one in charge.

"Yes. One hour." Aya spits out the words as he slams some yen onto the counter. The guy glances down at the money then back at the two of us, clearly perplexed. Iím willing to go out on a limb and say he thought that Aya was a prostitute, and clearly didnít expect him to be the one paying. Even though Iím dressed in tight leather and little else, heís the one with the distinctive looks and smaller build. Oh, he sure as hell has the looks to be a professional; itís the personality thatís the problem. Though Iím certain there are people out there who would be more than interested in a lover whoís just as likelyÖ hell, actually more likely, to gut you as fuck you. Or, not care about Ayaís little quirks as long as they got his body.

The proprietor clears his throat, distracting me from my train of thought. He frowns again as he places a key down on the counter, and then goes back to reading his porn. Aya snatches up the key, and after examining the room number, drags me off once more. We walk down a dimly lit hall, ignoring the other couples we pass, until we reach room twenty. Dreading what weíll find inside, I look over Ayaís shoulder as he unlocks and pushes open the door.

Itís not as bad as it could be. Granted, red and chromeís not my favorite color scheme, but the dťcor is limited to a huge bed, lots of mirrors and modern looking chairs and tables. It even looks as if itís been cleaned recently. Aya sniffs and stalks into the room, and I follow, locking the door behind me.

"So, whatís the plan? Do you really think anyone followed us here?" My voice is little more than a whisper, as Iím very much aware of the possibility of someone hiding behind the walls, getting their kicks from watching unsuspecting customers go at it. Also, thereís no telling who runs this establishment, and if the rooms have any bugs or not. Yep, Ayaís not the only one whoís paranoid.

Violet eyes focus on me for a moment, and then he surreptitiously reaches into his pocket for his comms. He speaks to Omi for a minute, masking the motion by combing through his hair and whispering his question then puts the equipment back. Aya steps close to me, wrapping his arms around my neck. I know heís just being careful, on the off chance that the room really is under surveillance, but canít resist hugging him tight and brushing my lips along his neck. Gods, I love how paranoid the man can be. He sucks in his breath and then nuzzles my ear.

"Bombay says the police are still looking for us around the garage, and that they donít have our descriptions. But weíll stay here for the hour."

I nod my head. Itís the best plan, really, and will give the situation some time to cool off. Besides, the search isnít likely to extend here; who would expect murderers to wipe out two-dozen men and then go spend some time in a love hotel? A grin spreads across my face as I take a step away from Aya, stripping off his jacket as I do so. After carefully tossing it in a chair next to the bed, making sure the katana is still hidden, I pull him back into my arms and nip at his earlobe.

"You wonít have any complaints from me. ButÖ you do realize that we have to make this look authentic, donít you?" The grin is back on my face, as I start fantasizing about the next hour. First a night spent drinking and dancing, and now even more fun. And, I get paid for this. Sometimes I truly love my job.

Aya glares at me, his professional demeanor battling with his common sense. Knowing my kitten, heíd probably thought to spend the night with the lights off and the TV on to baffle any would be voyeurs, sitting by the door with his sword unsheathed. Hmm, no way.

Then he leans against me, his voice a silky purr that means heís suddenly very pleased. I start to feel a bit apprehensive at the sound, since Iím not sure whatís made him so happy. Heís taking my suggestion rather well, and now Iím the one feeling paranoid once again. I might be in for some serious pain shortly.

"Well, I did pay for the room, after all. Guess I should get my moneyís worth." Gloved hands slide down the back of my pants as he speaks.

"You know, I should be the one getting my moneyís worth. That guy thought you were the whore, not me."

Aya glares at me for a second, clearly not happy about being reminded of that. Then the scowl falls away, and heís got this heavy lidded look to his eyes that gets me hard in a heartbeat. Heís up to something, but for once I donít worry about what it means for me. Not when his lovely eyes are shining with passion.

"Youíre the one playing that role, not me. And the mission isnít over yet."

Ah, no it isnít. I grace him with my sexiest grin as I rock our hips together. "Well then, youíre the one in charge," I call out, giving up on whispering at the moment. The words earn me a ghost of a smile, and I canít resist kissing him, just to feel that expression. He tastes the same as usual; a hint of spice amidst sweetness, and it washes away the memory of the man from earlier tonight. Legitimately fooling around might be a thrill, but Iíd more than willingly give it up just to taste this for the rest of my life. In fact, I pretty much have.

I pull away, earning a moan from the both of us. Lifting one of Ayaís slender hands, I use my teeth to tug off his glove, my eyes never leaving his the whole time. Once the leather is removed and dropped to the floor, I repeat the action with his other hand. Then I bend my head forward to work on the collar around his neck. The entire time he merely stands there, his violet eyes half hidden by thick black eyelashes. When the collar is gone I teasingly tug his shirt out of his pants and pull it over his head, making sure to skim my hands over his chest. Gods, heís fucking beautiful, all crimson and ivory, and mine.

My attention falls to the rest of his garments. Going down on my knees, I work on his boots, and he lifts first one foot and then the other until theyíre gone. Catching my breath, I unfasten his belt and work down the zipper of his pants, freeing his erection. My own twitches in my pants, which grows painfully tight at the sight of Aya standing before me, his slender, toned body naked for my enjoyment.

Mindful of my Ďroleí, I donít waste any time and take him in my mouth. Hands clench in my hair, and Aya moans out loud as I completely engulf him. He tastes so damn good, and the sounds he produces only make me harder. I suck on him forcefully, twisting my tongue about in my mouth until heís mewling and clutching at my shoulders in an effort to remain on his feet. Weíve been together long enough that I easily recognize his hitched breath and the way his eyes are squeezed shut and know that I better break things off. With great reluctance I let my jaw fall slack, and he pops out of my mouth. Aya just stands there for another minute, breath panting and his eyes shining down on me, filled with love and desire.

With that look I become ashamed at the spark of pleasure I had with one of the targets earlier, even though there had been no passion or desire involved. Aya has given me his heart and body, and a reason to stop drowning my pain in alcohol and strangers. For a moment I think about how if anyone is watching us, theyíll never begin to understand what we feel for each other, and only see two men fucking. The love will be cloaked under the passion, but we know itís there. Aya sure as hell wouldnít be continuing with this faÁade if it was Omi or Ken here and not me, and the same goes if one of the others were here in his place.

"How do you want me?"

For a moment Ayaís surprised at the question, as I usually make him work a bit to be Ďthe one in chargeí. Call it greed or preference or just the fact that it feels so fucking good to be buried inside him, knowing that Aya can let down his defenses enough to allow me and only me in, that unless heís in the mood to push the matter, Iím usually the one on top. But, sometimes itís equally as pleasurable to surrender that control to him, the one person I know who will never deliberately hurt me. Well, beside the occasional smack because of my stupidity.

"Take off your clothes."

Oh gods, Ayaís voice is so deep and smooth, a low rumble that makes my skin tingle. I spare him a smirk as I slowly pull my top off, my hands brushing against my skin the entire time. Tossing the shirt aside, I rub my palms over my nipples for a moment before stepping over to one of the chairs. I turn my back to Aya, presenting him with my ass as I put first one foot and then the other on the chair and unzip my boots. When theyíre gone I turn around and face him, slowly working the buttons of my leather pants. Ayaís eyes follow my every movement, and I can feel them like a warm caress along my skin. Itís a bit difficult to get the buttons undone, considering how hard I am, but I manage and heave a sigh of relief when I shove them down my legs.

As I step out of the pants, I let my hands roam over my body, stroking my erection a few times as I stand in front of Aya.

"Like what you see? Or are you still afraid of not getting your moneyís worth?"

A crimson brow arches over a sparkling amethyst eye. Aya doesnít say a word, just slowly retraces everywhere my hands have just been with his own, making me shudder with need. My breath hitches as I speak the next few words once again, my voice harsh with desire.

"How do you want me?"

A rumbling purr answers me back, and I feel that voice deep inside. "Lie facedown on the bed." I barely remember what weíre supposed to be pretending here, and start to reach for one of the complimentary packets of condoms that rest on the nightstand by the bed. A pale hand prevents me from picking one up.

"No. I want you bareback."

I shiver again, thinking about the feel of him inside of me, nothing separating the two of us. Weíre both clean, had the tests done ages ago, so thereís no reason for the condom other than keeping up a certain image.

"Thatíll cost you twice as much," I reply as I settle on the bed.

Aya glides over to me and with his usual fluid grace straddles my upper thighs. I glance over my shoulder at him and feel something warm inside at the sight of the slight smile on his lips.

"Then youíll just have to be worth the extra expense."

Grunting in an attempt to bite back a laugh, I bury my face in a pillow. As if heís ever had any complaints about me before. And Iíd certainly have heard about it if I had disappointed him. Repeatedly. I can feel him shift on the bed, curling up between my legs and urging them to spread apart wider. Obliging, I start to wonder what heís up to. Then cool hands spread apart my ass cheeks, and the feel of warm breath is all the warning I have before a moist tongue presses against me.

Oh godsÖ I _love_ it when he does this to me. Itís so hard to bite back on choking out his name at the pleasure thatís causing me to writhe on the bed. Aya continues to lick and spear his tongue inside of me, and I arch my hips upwards. Then I have to sink my teeth into my bottom lip as one of his hands starts to stroke my cock, teasing me with the tips of callused fingers along my length before they clench around me.

"Ay- ah, ah, oh gods." I taste blood for a moment, and then tuck my head against the pillow. The prick, heís enjoying this, I know he is: enjoying breaking me down, knowing that I canít let loose as I want to, wary as we are of being found out. For a moment I wonder if heís still a bit upset about my part in the mission tonight, but something moist and warm pushing its way inside me makes me forget all about my suspicions. This is too fucking good to ruin with thinking.

Pleasure coils inside me, making me groan and start to thrust frantically into the hand wrapped around me. Aya gets the hint and pulls away, and I canít help but whine in frustration as the hand and tongue disappear. Then a solid weight leans against me, and I look up from the pillow to see my lover reaching for a tube of lubricant. The scent of strawberries fills the air, and I chuckle when I see the frown on Ayaís face. Heís most likely thinking about how heís going to smell when he leaves here.

The weight vanishes, and I hear him open the container as he settles back down on the bed. Ayaís breath catches for a moment, and then a hand pulls at my hips, urging them upwards. Rising onto my hands and knees, I let out a moan when I feel Aya start to push inside of me, slowly easing his length inside me. Itís so hard to resist the urge to shift back against him and take him all in at once, but the hands gripping my hips prevent me from doing that anyway.

Once heís mostly inside me, Aya pulls out and thrusts back in, making me whimper from the feel of him stretching me, nestling deeper inside of me. He does this several times, until heís in me as far as he can go. A hand lets go of my hip, crawling its way along my stomach, and I suck in my breath at the sensation, pushing back against Aya as I do so. He starts to pump me once more and leans down to kiss me behind the ear.

"Is it okay?"

Gods, how can he ask me that question right now? Iím pushing back against him and panting, desperate for him to move. Wanting him to move more than anything else at this moment.

"We only got this room for an hour, you know." Aya nips at my ear with his sharp teeth for that comment, but when he kisses my shoulder I can feel the smile on his lips. Then he starts to thrust in earnest, slowly at first, but each stroke so damn steady and deep. I toss back my head, arching my back and letting out a groan as he hits my sweet spot, making my eyes cross from the pleasure. I hear him start to say my name, but he stops when he realizes what heís uttering and growls instead.

The thrusts speed up, and Iím practically sobbing from the feel of him so deep inside of me, filling me with warmth and bliss, and frustrated by being unable to express how much I want him, love him, need him. All I can choke out is for him to go faster, harder, and he hears me. A hand tangles on my hair, yanking me up until Iím kneeling on his lap. I push down on him forcefully, needing all of him, and whimper as his mouth fastens on my neck. His arm snakes around my chest, pulling me tight against him, our sweaty skin clinging to each otherís as Aya rocks his hips up. My entire world is pleasure and him, around and inside of me, filling me with a warmth that spreads outwards, setting my nerves on fire. With a hoarse cry I come, my body shuddering and heart beating frantically.

My name is growled against my skin, and Aya thrusts two, three more times, before he comes as well, pulses of heat so deep inside of me and his face pressed against my shoulder. We edge back to reality together, his arms around my waist and throat, one of mine entangled in his hair, keeping his head on my shoulder. Breathing in unison, we enjoy the feel of each other, whispering the otherís name. When the sweat on our bodies starts to cool, Aya lets go of me, his arms sliding along my slick flesh, and there is one more quick kiss against my neck. I fall forward on the bed, grimacing in disgust at the feel of the mess on my stomach, and roll onto my side.

I watch Aya as he walks to the bathroom, an equal look of disgust on his face when moments later he comes out with a dampened towel and wipes himself off. Without a word he dresses, his movements languid and graceful. I could watch him move for hours, entranced by how elegant everything about him is. Hell, what I really want to do is to pull him back onto the bed and have another round of fun. But a quick glance at my watch shows that weíve used a good portion of our time. Damn.

Once Aya is dressed he approaches the bed. I look up into his eyes, which are unusually solemn, and then down at his outstretched hand. It contains a roll of yen, probably the last of his emergency cash. While Iím flattered that he didnít just peel off a few bills and toss them at me, I understand both the gesture and the solemn air about him. Diffidently stretching out my hand, I grasp the money, brushing a finger along his as I do so. I give him a ghost of a smile, silently explaining that Iím not offended with us continuing our roles.

An expression of relief flickers over his face, and he turns to leave. Walking away from the bed, Aya lets his hand drag over his coat and glances over his shoulder at me. I nod my head, another silent conversation passing between us. Iíll make sure his katana gets safely home and have to prevent myself from ordering him to take the coat and weapon with him. Itíll look strange if he leaves in something I had been wearing, especially if I donít appear to have been robbed. But I donít relish the idea of him being out there without his katana. I wish there was some sort of way for me to give him my watch that wouldnít be too obvious.

When he is gone I rest on the bed for a moment, enjoying the slight aches all over and inside my body. Hell, maybe I should have been the one paying. Then I sniff as I sit up and go check out the bathroom for myself. Ew. Disgusting. Following Ayaís example, I cautiously wet a towel and use that to clean myself off. The shower will have to wait until I get home. I quickly dress and leave the hotel. The interested looks sent my way as I walk along the streets, trying to figure out where exactly I was in the city have me smiling and whistling. A successful mission, a fantastic fuck, and confirmation that Yohji Kudoh is indeed the sexiest thing around put me in a great mood. After finding my way to a slightly more respectable district, I hail a cab. Getting dropped off several blocks away from the Koneko, I hurry the rest of the way home on my own two feet, eager to see Aya again.

Once home I race up the stairs three at a time, and Iím surprised to find the bedroom door open and the light on inside. Aya usually jumps in the shower the first thing after a mission, even if he isnít dirty. I rush inside, and there is Aya, sitting on a windowsill, still clothed in his mission uniform.

"Hey, kitten, everything alright?" I donít give him much of a chance to answer for the next several minutes, once again drinking in his taste as I kiss him breathless. When Aya breaks it off he remains in my arms, resting his head on my shoulder

"Yes. Omi and Ken are on their way back now." He then tosses his comms onto the dresser and helps me out of his coat, taking a moment to inspect his sword before placing it on its stand. Then he holds his hand out expectantly.

Trust Aya not to forget about the cash. Mumbling, I hand over the money.

"Guess I wasnít worth it after all."

Itís my turn to be kissed breathless, and when Aya pulls away, leaving me gasping, he smacks me on the side of my head, knocking my sunglasses to the floor.

"What the hell was that for?"

"Idiot." He crosses his arms and glares at me.

Rubbing my sore head, I sigh and then smirk. Ayaís gestures of affection can be painful at times, but once you start to understand him they make twisted sense. I watch as he puts the money on the dresser as well then stretches his lean body. You could say he has my undivided attention at this point.

"Hey, why arenít you in the shower already?"

He regards me for a moment with those lovely eyes, and then strips off his shirt. I enjoy the view and gaze at him expectantly as I comb his bangs off his face after he tosses the garment aside. Aya tilts his face into the caress, and we stand like that for several seconds before he answers my question.

"Was waiting for you to come home."

"Hm, so we can take a shower together? That mean youíre going to scrub my back for me?" Correction, I donít think Iíll ever understand the man. Maybe this has something to do with earlier tonight, or maybe heís the one wanting his back scrubbed, all I know is that he held back on his ritual for me.

When Aya nods his head I kiss him again, my hands stroking down his back. Gods, I love every part of him: his scent, his feel, his taste. Iím so damn addicted to him it isnít funny. If anything, the mission earlier tonight only drives that point home. No more Casanova days for me, not anymore, but Iíll gladly pretend to be a whore for Kritiker if it means more nights like this one.

I lean down to whisper in Ayaís ear. "Well then, why donít we scrub each otherís backs? And a few other choice body parts as well." Pressing against him, I let him feel how excited heís making me. Aya winds his arms around my neck and graces me with a tiny, utterly wicked smile that says heís all for the idea. Ken and Omi are going to be lucky if there is any hot water left for them by the time we finish with each other.

I canít resist one more comment as we make our way to the bathroom. "So tell me, love, just how much do you think youíre worth? Iíve got one hell of a nice paycheck coming my way and Iím looking for something to spend it on. You interested in making some cash?"

"Ow." Oh yeah. I definitely need a soothing shower now. I think the redheaded bastard just broke a rib.


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