Always the Polite Ones….


by nekojita


Gojyo pushed his empty plate away as he stood up. "Well, that’s it, I’m full." Sanzo grunted as he continued to eat, Hakkai smiled over the rim of his teacup, and Goku kept shoving food into his mouth.

Yet that didn’t keep the kid from talking. "You’re done already?" Goku asked as he managed to literally inhale a meat bun without any chewing.

"Yeah, I am. What can I say? I think the sight of you eating has killed my appetite," Gojyo teased as he pulled out his cigarettes.

"Stupid cockroach! At least I don’t end up wearing most of my food," Goku yelled as he helped himself to more chicken lo mein. Oh yeah, the monkey was really upset, Gojyo thought with a smile.

"If you’re thinking to start a fight, get the hell out of here." Sanzo didn’t look up from the newspaper he was reading while he ate but his hand crept inside his robe as if reaching for his gun. Getting the hint, Gojyo decided he’d stop playing with the monkey and make a hasty retreat before the damn monk pulled the weapon. Sanzo was already pissed off about having to share quarters with Goku tonight and not Hakkai so he just might actually fire the thing – and not aim to miss this time.

"Gee, I’m really feeling the love right now." He sniffed as he lit the cigarette and stepped backwards. "I’m going, enjoy your meal in peace – or whatever." He waved as he walked away, his pace leisurely as if he had no particular destination in mind. The bar held a slight attraction for him but he ignored it as he went up the stairs, more than content with the few beers he had during dinner. Besides, there were bars at most of the towns they stopped in along the way, but there weren’t many nights when he got to share a room with Hakkai.

Once on the second floor, he hurried to their room. Hakkai would probably stay downstairs long enough to finish his tea and to make sure that Sanzo didn’t kill Goku during dinner. That gave him enough time to wash off the stink from traveling all day. Picking up some clean clothes, he practically ran to the washroom down the hall. A nice soak would be perfect after bouncing around in the back of a jeep for several hours but even if he had the time, this place didn’t have the facilities. Which was to be expected when they stopped in a town this small and the inn only consisted of a couple of rooms.

Within minutes he’d washed and then pulled on some clean boxers. Next came jeans and a soft, long-sleeved shirt. A quick comb through his hair and he knew he was looking pretty good. As he walked back to the room, he wished that he had some cologne so Hakkai could have the full effect. However, after several bottles breaking along the way or Goku snatching them and pouring the entire contents on himself, he’d learned it was best to do without. He swore Hakuryuu hit all the bumps and holes he could deliberately to break the bottles. Just because the dragon seemed to be allergic to the stuff….

Entering his room, he was surprised to see Hakkai standing in front of the window and leaning out for a look. He didn’t think that his lover had missed his entrance but he quietly put down his dirty clothes and crossed the room. Once behind Hakkai, he slid his arms around his lover’s waist and slouched down until his chin rested on Hakkai’s shoulder. "Spectacular view?"

"The stars appear very bright tonight, probably because of the altitude," Hakkai answered in his soft voice, which contained the slightest bit of detachment.

"Hmmm, and here I’d just believe the old folk tale that the gods were happy, making them shine brighter than normal," he teased as he reminded himself not to take the detachment personally. The weather had been non-stop rain for the last few days, with today the first one it hadn’t rained at all.

"I wonder what would make them happy," Hakkai mused, his voice warming the slightest bit. Then he turned around to face Gojyo with a smile on his face. It was a touch sad but that didn’t bother Gojyo, not when there was real emotion in it for once.

He tightened his hold around Hakkai’s waist and leaned forward. "Who the hell knows? Perverse bastards, every one of them. I mean, look who they picked for a Sanzo." He waggled his eyebrows, and his legs felt turned to rubber when the sorrow melted from his lover’s smile and was replaced with amusement.

"You make a very interesting point." Hakkai’s arms came up and encircled Gojyo’s shoulders, the embrace loose enough that he could pull away if he wanted to. As if he’d do something as stupid at that.

"Always the polite one. You know, this old gambler friend of mine always warned me away from the really polite players," he said as he leaned forward a little more, until all he could see was Hakkai’s incredibly green eyes and feel his lover’s warm, moist breath against his face. Mmmm, ‘Kai smelled so good, as always….

He was so close he could see how Hakkai’s good eye started to dilate, making his iris appear darker. There was a slight hitch to the warm air brushing against his face, and Hakkai’s body tensed slightly as his hips rocked forward. "Why is that?"

So lost in the feel of having his lover this close, he almost missed the question. "Hmmm? Oh, yeah, old Nyima." He felt so dizzy at the moment, utterly intoxicated on Hakkai’s closeness, his warmth and scent. His lover must have washed earlier while he was down at the bar…. "Uhm, he said to always watch out for the really polite ones because people tend to mistake politeness with passiveness and weakness. He told me that someone polite would rob me blind in an instant, all the while apologizing for beating my ass at cards. You didn’t happen to meet a crazy old guy name Nyima who has a mouth full of rotten teeth and this twitch to his left leg, did you?"

Hakkai’s soft laugh sent sparks of pleasure coursing through his body. "I think I’d remember such an interesting individual." Hakkai leaned back a little, stopping when Gojyo’s arms tightened around his waist. "You still play cards with me, so does that mean I’m not really polite or you don’t believe in Nyima’s wisdom?"

Gojyo pulled his lover against him, his right hand working on unknotting Hakkai’s sash. "Oh, he’s right, I just found out that I don’t mind you beating my ass." He leaned down to nuzzle Hakkai’s throat. "I’ve been a bad boy and deserve each and every one of those beatings."

Long, thin fingers tangled in his hair and gently urged him to look up. "Are you saying you want to play cards tonight?"

For a moment he could just stare at Hakkai, totally disbelieving what his lover had just said. Hakkai had the best poker face; he could maintain the exact, slightly smiling expression for hours and not let a hint of genuine emotion show. However, right now there was a suspicious, amused gleam in his lovely eyes, and the right side of his mouth was quirked just a little higher than the left. Gojyo had long ago memorized all of Hakkai’s masks and slowly realised that he’d just been teased.

He blurred into motion, picking Hakkai up the slightest bit and whirling him around, toward the bed. Luckily, Hakuryuu must be out hunting and didn’t see him manhandle his lover like this, even if Hakkai was laughing that soft, genuine laugh of his. "The only game I’d even *consider* playing tonight would be strip poker, and I’d just have to pounce on you once you win all of my clothes." Gojyo managed to get them over to the bed before tripping over his own feet, unbalanced as he was from holding Hakkai like that.

They landed with Hakkai on the bottom and him sprawled all over his lover, who seemed to have the breath knocked out of him. He took advantage of Hakkai’s dazed state to get rid of the fragile monocle and the white sash, his hands working on the ornate frogs that held the green tunic closed, when Hakkai spoke.

"So no card game? What a shame. I quite enjoy strip poker."

How his lover could say something like that at a moment like this, when the *very* last thing on Gojyo’s mind was cards…. He evidently wasn’t trying hard enough, he told himself, just as he undid the last fastening. "I figured I’d save us the hassle of all those hands and get straight to the stripping."

"Oh." Hakkai lifted up enough so Gojyo could pull off the green shirt and then the black shirt beneath that and toss them aside. His fingers itched to comb through the mussed, thick hair that was as soft as its mink brown color hinted at, but he wasn’t about to allow himself to become distracted. "Maybe next time, then." In that quiet, ever so polite voice, tinged with the slightest bit of regret.

Gojyo blew at the lock of hair falling onto his face and stared at his lover as he struggled to get Hakkai’s belt unfastened. "’Kai, you’ve got to be kidding me. I’m about to fuck you into the mattress and you’re complaining about not playing cards." Ah, finally, the belt was off and in about three seconds the same could be said about Hakkai’s pants.

Hakkai looked up to him, tousled and half naked, and gave him that fake smile. "Well, you’re usually the one naked first when we play strip poker." The words were uttered so smoothly that it took Gojyo a moment to realize he was still being teased.

"’Kai… you’re the one who needs his ass beat, you know?" he growled as he tugged his lover’s pants down his long legs. *Finally* the man was naked. It had been way too long….

Hakkai sat up and pulled him back onto the bed, his hands at the hem of Gojyo’s shirt. The fake smile took on a wicked slant, stealing his breath away. "I believe you said something about fucking me into the mattress. However, don’t you agree that it’ll be more comfortable for the both of us if you remove your clothes as well?"

It was always the polite ones…. Kyima was right; they suckered you in and had you begging for mercy before too long. He just wasn’t a match for Hakkai, even on his best day. Gojyo couldn’t help but laugh as he helped remove his shirt, his lover’s hands now working on unzipping his jeans.

"Okay, I get the point." He quickly squirmed out of his clothes, desperate to feel Hakkai’s naked body all along his. Three long weeks… another two days and it would have been four since they’d managed to find any time alone with each other. He hated the fucking rainy season and damn youkai attacks and the high and mighty Sanzo who insisted on sharing a room with *Gojyo’s* lover all the time.

Before his clothes even hit the floor he was leaning over Hakkai, his body sinking down onto warmth and smooth skin. He couldn’t help but groan as his fingers buried themselves in his lover’s soft hair, needing to feel as much of him as he could. "If it hadn’t been so long I’d let you beat me at poker until I was buck naked and begging you," he groaned as he settled between Hakkai’s thighs, the hard, slick erection rubbing against his own making it hell all difficult to remember how to talk.

Hakkai let out a shuddering breath and hugged him close, legs spreading open and hips rocking up to meet his. "I know, Gojyo. It’s been much, much too long."

Just then it occurred to his rather befuddled brain that if they were talking so much, they weren’t kissing. So as much as he adored Hakkai’s voice, especially hearing his lover say his name, he leaned down for a kiss. At first it was a simple tasting of each other, tongues dipping in and out but then his hands tightened in Hakkai’s hair, Hakkai’s hands on his shoulders and he was desperate for all of his lover. His tongue thrust in deep, sweeping and stroking about, only retreating so he could suck Hakkai’s tongue into his own mouth. All the while their hips rocked back and forth at an increasing pace, their hands finally releasing their holds and moving, roaming all over each other’s body.

Hakkai was silk-smooth skin over bones and muscle, completely different from any woman he’d ever known and that just drove him even wilder with desire. He wanted to pull away and lick every inch of his lover, so smooth and clean and so good…. He wanted his lips and tongue and fingers to cover every inch of Hakkai’s body, to spend the entire night savoring it and marking it and making his lover scream in pleasure but he *ached* so much right now, needed Hakkai so badly that his body trembled.

And, being Hakkai, his lover seemed to know that. Soothing hands skimmed up his arms and shoulders, long fingers tangling in his hair once again and Hakkai looked up at him, the gentlest of smiles on his face in stark contrast to the burning of his eyes. "Gojyo, it’s all right." Long, lean legs wrapped around his waist and pressed his groin downward until he was groaning loudly. "I want you, too." The words were barely audible over the noise but he heard them as clear as day.

Once more bending down for a kiss, this one even more ardent than the last, his right hand fumbled beneath the pillow for the tube he’d left there before going to dinner. He felt cool, thin metal and yanked it out, his fingers searching for and scrambling to unscrew its lid.

He’d thought long and hard on those endless, bumpy rides the last few weeks about what he’d do to Hakkai once they managed to get alone. He’d imagined a nice soak in a hot tub, of drying Hakkai’s hair for him and then stretching him out on the bed for a massage that would leave his lover utterly relaxed. He thought of stroking every inch of his lover’s wonderful body and then kissing his way down Hakkai’s back as the man made those soft, whimpering sounds, trailing his tongue downward and then teasing him mercilessly with it, pushing it into Hakkai’s body as he stroked his smooth, hard cock…. He’d imagined taking him up against the wall, both of them still covered with dust and most of their clothes, first taking him with his mouth and then driving into that tight, wonderful ass…. So many scenarios, long and sweet and hard and fast and everything inbetween, and here reality was making him ignore most of them as he forced himself up and to the side so his hand could fit between their bodies, his slick fingers searching.

All the while Hakkai stared at him, his expressive eyes, even the damaged one, shining with all the emotions he so rarely let cross his face anymore. Love and lust and need, all for Gojyo. He felt a sharp pain, his own need so strong that it was difficult to breathe, his body shaking as he pressed a finger inside his lover.

Hakkai let out a sharp little hiss and tilted back his head, his hands clawing at Gojyo’s shoulders and pulling him closer. "Gojyo… please… don’t…. dawdle…."

Only Hakkai would tell him such a thing at a moment like this. If he wasn’t hurting so much he’d tease his lover. Right now, ‘dawdling’ was the very last thing on his mind. "I’m… trying… Hakkai." He was torn between the need to be buried inside his lover and the thought of causing Hakkai any pain.

There was an impatient noise and suddenly he found himself flat on his back with no clue as to how that happened, his fingers slipping from his lover’s body. Hakkai quickly straddled his waist, the tube of lubricant in his hand and a decidedly determined look on his face. "You weren’t trying enough," Gojyo was informed as Hakkai’s wonderful, slick hand stroked up and down Gojyo’s cock and made him moan in sheer pleasure and frustration. Then his lover shifted forward.

"’Kai, wait-" The words choked in his throat as tight, *tight* velvet heat clenched around him, taking him in several inches. His hands grasped Hakkai’s upper arms and held him still as his lover took a few shallow breaths, the perfect mask on once more his face that wouldn’t let him know if Hakkai was in pain nor not. "Idiot," he managed to sputter after a moment, almost all of his attention focused on that perfect heat that was slowly sinking around him.

"An impatient one at that," Hakkai replied, his smooth voice marred by the slightest of hitches. They both were silent as he sank downward, slowly taking Gojyo in to his balls. He used all of his willpower to remain still, to not thrust upward but oh gods, did it hurt.

Hakkai leaned forward, warm, sweet breath washing over Gojyo’s face. "Now, before there’s an attack, or Goku barges in or…."

Or their lousy luck played true and they had this moment, like many others, snatched from them. "Does it hurt, ‘Kai?" he asked as his hands settled on Hakkai’s hips and he slowly thrust upward the tiniest bit.

"No." The mask was in place but his lover’s heavy lidded eyes showed no pain, just love and desire. He decided he could live with that, his control already crumbling despite his best intentions. They began to move together, pulling away and then meeting, a little faster each time, a little deeper.

He stroked his lover’s neglected cock, his hand sliding around its slick, slim length in time to his strokes deep inside Hakkai’s body. He drank in each gasp and moan he wrung from the normally too quiet man, and ended up biting his lips in an effort to stifle his own sounds, not wanting to drown out how Hakkai was saying his name, desire and pleading tone evident in each syllable. He angled his hips just so and made Hakkai cry out, and immediately repeated it, desperate to hear that sound again.

So deep inside Hakkai’s body, hearing his lovely voice, feeling his hands on his body… Gojyo knew he couldn’t last for much longer. Too much time since he’d last felt all of this… he tried to hold out just long enough to drive Hakkai over the edge before him, his hand pumping frantically as did his hips. He swore it was the sound of his lover screaming out his name that did him in just as much as Hakkai’s body clenching around him. Ecstasy too long denied rushed through him, filling him completely before slowly draining away, leaving his body tingling with pleasure.

Hakkai was draped on top of him, hot bursts of air hitting the side of his neck. Gojyo wrapped his arms around his lover and held him close, so close he could feel the ragged scar press against his stomach.

They just lay there, in each other’s arms, sweaty and sticky and enjoying the all too rare moments of peace. If the heavens didn’t fall down on them or youkai stage a surprise attack, maybe he’d see about living out one of the many fantasies he’d thought about these last few weeks, but right now this felt almost as good as the sex had. If Sanzo didn’t have that fucking gun and had no problem using it on him, he’d tell the monk to leave them the hell alone and go on West with the monkey, just so he could stay in bed with Hakkai forever.

"Hakkai," he said, his voice rough with all the emotions he couldn’t put into words. His lover looked up at him, still slightly dazed and all masks down, the sweetest of smiles on his face.

"Gojyo." Again, just a name spoken in a manner that said so much more. He brushed back Hakkai’s bangs, his hand fitting perfectly against a flushed cheekbone, his thumb brushing against the long lashes that framed a lovely green eye.

"I guess that was better than an evening spent playing cards."

At first he thought he’d imagined hearing that, but Hakkai seemed much too amused over something and it better not be the sex. Replaying the words in his head, Gojyo glared at his lover while his one hand searched out his pack of cigarettes. Dammit, where had he thrown his shirt?

"You’re kidding, right?"

Hakkai didn’t say anything, just kept on smiling, the expression now the polite mask Gojyo really hated at times.


"Are you asking if it was marvelous just then? Of course it was, Gojyo, it always is." Hakkai was sprawled out naked on his chest, covered with sweat and more, skin still flushed from the sex and he spoke as if he was greeting the fishmonger’s wife in the market: oh so polite and pleasant. If it wasn’t for the tiny, wicked gleam in his eyes the man would get his ass spanked. That and Gojyo would be a charcoal lump once Hakuryuu came back and found out what he’d done.

He stopped searching for his cigarettes and his arms encircled his lover. "’Of course it was’," he repeated, trying for Hakkai’s civil tone and not quite managing it. "You know, ‘Kai, that sounded an awful lot like a challenge just now."

His lover blinked. "It did? I’m sorry, Gojyo, I didn’t mean to imply that," Hakkai lied sweetly, the wicked gleam growing stronger.

"I think you did." Forcing his body to move, he rolled them over until Hakkai was once more on the bottom. "Yes, I do believe you did. And right now I’m gonna fuck your ass into the mattress and *through* it, right on down to the floor, and then we’ll see if you think it’s just ‘marvelous’ and that a game of cards would be more fun." Then he set out to keep his word.

As much as he adored Hakkai’s genuine laughter, the man’s mouth was much better put to use being kissed, amongst other things. If he could have, Gojyo would have chuckled just then as he thought of all those ‘other things’ that he’d get to shortly. Let the heavens fall or youkai attack, he had a point to make right now. Hopefully several times, he thought rather greedily as Hakkai’s arms wrapped around him.


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