Birthday fic


by nekojita


Yeah, well, it's not the most creative title but the fic was written to honor the birthday of a dear friend and beta, Tameiki.  *huggles Tam*


Schuldig thought extremely dark thoughts about Crawford as he made his way back to Grau’s apartment. The uptight bastard had him running all over Hong Kong this past week – by himself. Which meant he hadn’t spent any quality time with his lovers in several days, other than possibly a quickie before collapsing into or crawling out of bed. He missed Aya and Yohji so much, missed the feel of them curled up around him, their thoughts and emotions flowing into his mind, the witty, sarcastic conversations and last but not least, lots of great sex with the two. There was no reason why he needed to do so many stupid errands for Crawford, and for once he was pretty certain he hadn’t done anything to piss off the man and deserve this punishment. Yet here he was, trudging back home utterly exhausted after spending the day reading the minds of some very annoying and stupid businessmen. If Crawford even thought to give him another mission at any point in the next few days, the man’s brain would be turned into mush. All Schuldig was planning to do once he got inside the apartment was go straight to his bedroom and curl up with his lovers, and not leave the bed for at least two days.

The apartment’s door in sight, he felt a sudden outburst of good cheer and hurried on his way. For some odd reason he couldn’t sense much of his lovers’ thoughts over their link, but he could pick up enough to know that they were home. Screw Crawford and any thoughts the bastard had about debriefings, it could wait until he got some rest and a chance to play with Aya and Yohji. Practically drooling at the thought of his sexy lovers, he fumbled with the door’s keypad lock. Just another few minutes….

Perfectly at ease as he stepped into the apartment, all Schuldig could think about was two incredibly sexy men and what he was about to do with them. He didn’t even get a chance to call out his lovers’ names when something was pressed against his face while invisible bonds held him still. Utterly surprised by the unexpected assault, he didn’t even manage to marshal his thoughts for an attack before he found himself too disoriented to use his talent, and then everything turned black….


Head groggy and a bad taste in his mouth, Schuldig groaned as he forced his eyes to open. Memory trickled back as he woke up, of him being so happy to be home and then the sudden attack. Recalling what had happened to him, he forced his mostly unresponsive body into motion at the same time he mentally called out for his lovers. While his telepathy seemed to work just fine, judging from the amused thoughts he picked up from Yohji and Aya, he had some difficulty in moving his body. Realizing he was sitting in the chair, he glanced down and saw that he was tied to the furniture by several silk scarves – and completely naked. <What the hell…?> he wondered, brain still not functioning properly just yet.

There was a caressing touch along his shoulders that made him look up, right at a grinning Yohji. "Happy Birthday, Schu." His lover was naked as well, and as his mind once again began to work as it should, it slowly dawned on him that he was in the bedroom he shared with his lovers, tied to a chair that had been dragged into the center of the large room.

Then the importance of Yohji’s words sunk in. "Birthday? How the hell did you know that?" he asked, his voice thick and the words slightly slurred. He hadn’t even really thought about the date for more than a moment or two that morning. "What’s going on, Yotan?"

Thoughts from both of his lovers flooded into his mind as Yohji played with his hair. Aya and Yohji had discovered his birthday through their link and had decided to do something special for him upon the occasion. There were memories of the two men approaching Crawford, Nagi and Ken for their help, and Schuldig felt a rush of anger at how he’d been running all over the city at Crawford’s amusement these last few days to keep him from suspecting anything. While he’d done so, too busy to share thoughts with his lovers, Yohji and Aya had come up with a plan, one that involved some very interesting presents-

He whipped his head to the left, which did nothing for his headache, to catch sight of Aya sprawled out on the large bed, just as naked as him and Yohji. His lover had a slight frown on his face, but it faded as Aya slowly, sensuously, crawled to the edge off the bed. <Happy Birthday, Schu,> he said, echoing Yohji’s sentiments as he gained to his feet and approached the chair.

More realizations flooded Schu’s befuddled mind just then, such as the fact that he felt a slight bit of discomfort from himself and his lovers, the answer to which was revealed when Aya stretched out on his stomach on top of the thick blanket that lay on the bedroom floor in front of the chair. Yohji’s amusement and eagerness washed through them all when Schuldig caught sight of the bright red butt plug nestled between Aya’s ass cheeks, which explained why sitting in a usually comfortable chair was a bit unpleasant right now. He squirmed a little, which made Aya smile and Yohji laugh out loud.

"Hmm, I think Nagi should have been a little more careful when he knocked you out," Yohji chuckled as his hand stroked through Schuldig’s hair. "You’re still not all there yet, Schu." His grin grew wider as his right hand stroked its way down Schu’s chest. "They’re more than a bit muddled, but I can pick up your thoughts. No, we’re not planning on doing anything *too* bad to you, and yes, we’re really celebrating your birthday." As his hand caressed Schuldig’s stomach and made him take in a sharp breath, Yohji’s smile took on a wicked edge. "I think we need to give you a few more minutes to recover," he said, his voice a husky, sexy drawl while his hand teased along Schuldig’s cock.

As Schuldig jerked in the chair at the touch, body responding even as his mind tried to make sense out of everything, Yohji slowly walked away, which gave him a great view of his lover’s gorgeous ass. Yohji sported a butt plug as well, a blue one. The thought of something tucked inside his lover’s ass made Schuldig think about thrusting inside of his lover, of the feel of tight heat and the way Yohji would shudder whenever he was entered, would moan so low and deep….

<What the hell are you two going to do to me?> he managed to ask after a few seconds, during which Yohji stretched out on the blanket beside Aya. His lovers were keeping some thoughts blocked from him and thanks to the drug, he didn’t have any hopes of breaking through the barriers. He struggled against the silk ties, desperate to get out of the chair and join the two men, a little afraid at being bound against his will. Sure, they played games with each other but he wasn’t happy at being tied up right now, not after being knocked unconscious in the first place.

<We did that so it would be a surprise,> Aya explained, his expression solemn and emotions worried even as Yohji ran his hands along Aya’s chest. <Also, we want to make this a memorable birthday for you, so please, trust us.> The hint of pleading in the request, along with the worry and love Schuldig felt over his link from Aya and Yohji made him sink back into the chair and stop struggling.

"Your surprise better not be Crawford giving me a lap dance," he managed to say after a few seconds. Finally, his common sense began to return and he realized that his lovers really wouldn’t do anything to hurt him. In fact, thinking about the few thoughts he’d picked up after waking up, he smiled and made himself as comfortable as he could get while tied up in the chair. "But I won’t mind if either of you want to give that a try," he drawled, his knees splayed to display his hardening cock. It didn’t matter if he’d been knocked out and tied up, the sight of Aya and Yohji naked before him, their hands stroking along each other’s bodies, would provoke a reaction from him even if he were half dead.

Yohji was clearly amused by his comment, and Aya’s smile grew stronger. "No, we promise that there will be no lap dances from Crawford," Yohji said, his voice shaking with laughter. "Though I must admit, I’d pay a lot of money to see that!" He laughed some more before he leaned down to nuzzle Aya’s left shoulder. "What we thought we’d do was help get you in the mood for tonight’s festivities." There was a strong hint of wickedness from him over their link, and a curious mix of anticipation and embarrassment from Aya.

Skimming what he could of Aya’s thoughts, Schuldig discovered that while his quiet lover was more than game to help him celebrate, he was still trying to get used to all this kinky sex play. Considering what they’d done over the last couple of months, he felt his throat go dry as he wondered just what his lovers had planned that could bring a hint of a blush to Aya’s cheeks. Of course, his mind was more than up to the task and there was soon a thread of drool running down his chin.

<Close enough,> Yohji teased as his right hand combed through Aya’s hair. <Consider this as an appetizer to whet your appetite. The reason you’re tied up in the chair is so you don’t interfere just yet.> Yohji winked before he began to kiss Aya. The two of them stretched out on the blanket as their bodies rocked together, and thanks to being seated in the chair, Schuldig had the perfect view of everything.

His lovers removed the blocks from their link so he could feel what they felt, each touch of fingers along sensitive skin, each swipe of a tongue inside a hot, wet mouth. He couldn’t help but groan and wish he had Nagi’s talent just then, desperate to be free so he could join his lovers. Unfortunately, the plotting bastards had tied very good knots that were just out of reach of his fingers.

<Ah, ah,> Yohji chided, <this is why we tied you up. You’ll ruin the show if you join in.> He licked his way down Aya’s neck until right above Aya’s right nipple. <Don’t you want something even more if it’s just out of reach, Schu?>

Grunting out a ‘hell, yes’, Schuldig squirmed in the seat and wished more than anything that it was his mouth that sucked and nibbled on Aya’s nipple, that it was his hand teasingly stroking along Aya’s left thigh that made his lover gasp so loudly and toss back his head. Linked as he was to Yohji, it was so easy to feel as if he were the one doing everything, and he couldn’t help but groan when Aya’s right hand wrapped around Yohji’s cock.

He certainly no longer felt the slightest bit groggy and was almost painfully hard from watching his lovers play together. As his need and desire grew, so did Aya’s confidence, the embarrassment melting away as he kissed his way down Yohji’s stomach. <This is for you, Schu,> his quiet lover whispered inside his head. <Anything you want tonight, after this.> Aya’s pink tongue speared inside Yohji’s bellybutton, which prompted a strangled cry from their blond lover.

Drowning in the pleasure, lust and love he felt from all three of them, Schuldig breathed heavily and trembled against the silk restraints. "Anything?" he managed to stutter, the word garbled at the end by a low moan when Yohji and Aya sprawled out on their sides on top of the blanket in opposite directions. It took him a moment to clear his throat. "Anything I want?"

<Yes.> Both Aya and Yohji agreed at the same time, their mouths busy tormenting each other as they slowly trailed kisses toward their goals. Images flooded Schuldig’s mind, of how once he was untied he could pull out either of his lover’s butt plugs and plunge deep inside, of how good it would feel to make them go down on him, for him to go down on them, of being taken forcefully as he thrust inside tight heat…. It was all of their thoughts, emotions heightened by anticipation and the fact that they had all night and quite the collection of sex toys, not to mention several tubes of lubricant.

He struggled for a few seconds to free himself, and then felt his body relax against his will when Aya’s tongue stroked along Yohji’s cock. The sensations of his lovers giving each other blowjobs derailed any coherent thoughts he had, awash as he was in ecstasy and need. His body jerked in response to Aya’s hot mouth engulfing Yohji, of Yohji sucking Aya’s balls into his own mouth.... And as amazing as the emotions he felt were, they were matched by the sight of Aya and Yohji pleasuring each other, their faces flushed and eyes closed, bodies slick with sweat as they sucked and licked and swallowed, as their hands stroked along bared flesh.

His own cock slick and twitching from the show put on for him, Schuldig couldn’t sit still even though he knew there was no chance he could join his lovers. Yet he no longer felt left out, not with feeling their emotions and the knowledge that this was all for him. He moaned deep in his throat when Yohji opened his eyes and winked, his left hand sliding along Aya’s body until it reached the red butt plug. There was an image of Schuldig thrusting into his lover, sliding deep with little resistance thanks to the toy, and he had no clue who it originated from. Judging from the spike of bliss at the picture, it was something they all looked forward to – hopefully very soon.

<Dammit, I’m about to come just from watching you!> he cursed, his body aching in frustration and from struggling. He could feel how close Aya and Yohji were to their own release and, despite his fervent complaint, was shocked to see his lovers reluctantly pull away from each other, their lips wet. Staring in amazement, he watched Aya begin to tremble as Yohji played with the butt plug, as it was slowly pulled from Aya’s body.

"We don’t want you to come too soon, where would the fun be in that?" Yohji’s voice was hoarse with desire, and once the plug was free, he crawled toward Schuldig. "Now that you’re all awake, we think it’s time for you to join in." His smile just then was unbearably smug. "Any thoughts on what to do next? It’s your night."

Schuldig flashed him a wicked grin and forced himself to sit still as Yohji and then Aya began to untie him. Once his right hand was free, he reached out and combed his fingers through Aya’s thick hair, tightened them around the silky strands and pulled until Aya leaned in for a kiss. <The plug was for me, right?> he asked, already certain of the answer. <I’m going to fuck you right now, hard and fast.> He could already feel how tight Aya would be around his cock, could hear the moans and gasps as he plunged in deep. From Aya he felt eagerness and acceptance, the emotions potent.

Forcing himself away from Aya’s mouth, he reached out for his other lover and dragged him close for a kiss. <Don’t think for a moment that I forgot about you. This whole plan has your name all over it.> Not that he was complaining in the slightest.

There was more amusement, the emotion bright and warming. <Wrong, Schu,> Yohji said as his tongue stroked along the roof of Schuldig’s mouth. <Aya was the one to come up with this surprise.>

Shocked at that statement, Schuldig pulled away to look at his quiet lover. Aya’s smile just then was the slightest bit smug and utterly wicked. "I keep telling you," Aya said, his voice rough, "that you two have been a terrible influence on me." He grasped Schuldig’s right hand and tugged him out of the chair, onto the floor. "Besides, I didn’t think you’d like a book or a new shirt half as much as this."

A present of being given the opportunity to do whatever Schuldig wanted with his lovers? To use whatever toys he wanted, to tie or dress them up? "Hell, no," he muttered, throat gone tight with the realization of just how much his lovers were giving him right now. "Not when I can have the both of you." He sent them an image of what he wanted right *now*, on how he wanted to start this wonderful night. "And I’ll have the both of you." To be the center of their attention, to have them focused entirely on his pleasure… he had to take a few deep breaths and sternly tell himself not to come there and then.

Yohji’s chuckle in his ear made him shiver, as did the hands stroking along his back. "You only have until morning, you know. I say we get things going."

Schuldig knelt on the blanket and shifted his legs open a little wider as Yohji toyed with his butt plug. "I’m going to take full advantage of every minute until then," he promised as he reached for Aya. <Great idea about the plugs,> he said as he kissed his lover again. <I hope you’re ready for me.> He hissed slightly as Yohji carefully removed the toy, his body aching at its loss – but not for long. Aya quickly distracted him by laying back on the blanket, knees splayed to expose his slick opening.

Horny as hell but not willing to take any chances, Schuldig grabbed the lubricant that Yohji handed him and quickly slicked his hard cock before he leaned forward. His gaze intent on Aya’s face, he settled between his lover’s thighs, draped Aya’s left leg over his shoulder and positioned himself. "Thank you," he whispered as he leaned in for another kiss.

<Just remember – you only get one birthday a year.> Aya tugged him closer, wrapped his right leg around Schuldig’s waist. "I want you," he said, voice made even deeper with need.

That was all Schuldig needed to hear. He thrust his hips forward, sank into Aya’s body with a choked moan at the sheer bliss of tight, velvet heat. Over their link, they all felt what he experienced as he drove deeper into Aya, felt Aya’s pleasure at being filled, felt Yohji’s eagerness to join in. That was all the warning Schuldig had before Yohji pressed against his back, pressed against and then into him, filling the ache left by the toy. He let out a slow breath at the sensation, then sucked it back in quickly as Yohji’s thick cock hit him *right* there, made pleasure spike through his body and over their link, the emotion echoed back to him as he thrust into Aya. Long familiarity of each other made them angle their thrusts just right, made them caress and pinch and touch just the right spots until they all moaned from the pleasure, their names whispered again and again. Schuldig’s lips twitched into a satiated smile as his lovers moved against him, desperate for more of him just as he was desperate for them. As his present, his lovers gave themselves fully to him.

Yohji and Aya’s hands stroked along his body, held him close and urged him to move. All he could feel from their minds was the pleasure, the need to have him move, the intent focus toward him as they made love. As great as it felt to fuck Aya, to be fucked by Yohji, to have their attention focused on him and his pleasure to such a great extent… he groaned out their names and set the pace, thrust deep into Aya and then back sharply onto Yohji’s cock. He leaned forward to swipe his tongue along Aya’s shoulder, to push it into Aya’s mouth for a searing kiss and then leaned back, turned his head to the side so he could kiss Yohji as well.

All the while their bodies moved, flexing against each others’, back and forth, twisting and sliding at each thrust and indrawn breath, at each push back and slow exhalation. As their bodies moved, their minds entwined more and more, their emotions tangled until they all felt the same, until they could no longer differentiate their own bodies. Everything was ecstasy and need, passion and love. As if one being they pushed as far as they could into pleasure, the emotion growing with each motion. Ecstasy bled into bliss, the emotion so strong none of them could hold it back any longer, could stave it off for a few more thrusts, a few more strokes. Their orgasms tore through them, amplified to an almost unbearable level, a new height reached each time they came together like this.

"Oh… fuck," Schuldig managed to groan a few minutes later, when the bliss faded just enough to allow him a modicum of rational thought. With Yohji’s weight resting fully on his back, he was sprawled on top of Aya’s chest, a faint twinge of pain the only sign that they were crushing their pale lover. Aya’s shaking hand gently brushed through his hair, Aya’s sweaty chest rose and fell sharply as he fought to slow down his breath. Schuldig pressed his lips right above Aya’s frantically beating heart and willed Yohji to get off of him enough so they didn’t kill in their lover before his night was through. Aya, picking up on the thought, gave his hair a savage yank.

Yohji seemed too drained to even chuckle out loud, though his laughter flowed through their minds. "If this is the way the rest of the night is going to be, I think next year you’re getting a sweater, Schu," he joked, the words interspersed with gasps for air as he slowly withdrew from Schuldig’s body. After a few seconds, he managed to fall off to Aya’s side, his arm draped over Schuldig’s back.

Somewhat revitalized at the thought that he had several more hours to enjoy, Schuldig found the energy to lift his head and glare at his blond lover. "We’re doing the same thing next year and every year after that, and I want the *entire* day, then." He snorted and shifted over to Aya’s other side after he withdrew from his lover. "And I bet you’re going to want the same come your birthday," he pointed out. There were already thoughts in Yohji’s head of that nature, debates over what toys he’d have to buy before that date so he could enjoy fully himself.

Stretched out between them, Aya didn’t move but worked up the energy to send somewhat tepid mental whaps their way. <You two are going to be the death of me. I can tell you right now, what I want for my birthday is a chance to get some rest and read a book.> He managed a more potent glare to send their way as they rubbed their sore heads. "Over-sexed idiots," he rasped before he closed his eyes.

Knowing that Aya wasn’t really going to sleep but trying to get some rest before the next round, Schuldig squirmed around a bit so he could lie down with his head on Aya’s chest and his arm over Yohji. "You can’t go a day without us, little violet." He was prepared this time and managed to deflect most of the whap, which was a lot stronger than the first. "But, once again, thank you for my present." He forced himself upward enough to give Aya a kiss, then Yohji.

<And I’ve still several hours to go,> he pointed out as his lips left Yohji’s. <I think it’s Blondie’s turn to be fucked.> He sent the image of himself buried deep inside of Yohji, of Aya inside of him. He really couldn’t get enough of his lovers. <Then you two can give me a bath.> Just the thought of his lovers’ hands and mouths on his body, of him reclined between them as they once again focused on him, on giving him pleasure, was enough to make his flaccid cock twitch. <And we can’t forget about the silk scarves….> A huge grin formed on his face at the image of him returning the favor of tying up his lovers, putting them into positions where he could torment them for hours and make them beg for more.

"This really is my best birthday, ever," he said, his voice heartfelt and rough with desire. All those years alone, of not being able to let anyone in closer than as friends, and now he had two gorgeous men to love and cherish.

Groaning as he forced himself to sit up, Aya wrapped his arms around Schuldig’s shoulders. <You’re getting sappy, so I guess you really do like the present,> he said, his voice tinged with amusement but his emotions the same mixture of love and adoration.

"Hmmm, I think we need to remember this in the future," Yohji added as he shifted about so he could hug Schuldig as well. "The infamous Mastermind, reduced to a mushy sap by a bout of fantastic sex. You gonna cry next?" he teased.

Schuldig snorted but didn’t try to brush his lovers aside. No idiot in their right mind would push away two such gorgeous, sexy creatures, even if they were being assholes right now. "Just for that, your ass is gonna be so sore tomorrow, you won’t even be able to sit down all day, Yotan." He reached out to squeeze said ass, and twisted the butt plug until Yohji hissed and squirmed. "Mine," Schuldig growled, only half kidding.

<Possessive, over-sexed idiots,> Aya commented as he sighed and pressed his face against Schuldig’s shoulder. <I’m going to regret this idea, aren’t I?>

His fingers tucking back Aya’s tousled bangs, Schuldig smiled. <Not with the way I’m going to make you feel so good.> He couldn’t resist knocking his elbow into Yohji’s side. <That’s all you’ll be able to think about after this night, especially when it’s Yotan’s birthday and he fails to live up to my performance.>

Yohji made a rude sound and whapped him on the back. "Dream on, Schu. There’s no way you can match me, even on your best day. But go ahead and try, and I’ll just put you to shame when it’s my turn,"

There was a strong impression of the desire to flee, which came from Aya as he struggled to free himself from Schuldig’s embrace. "I’m regretting this already," he mumbled, and let out an indignant squawk when he was toppled to the ground, Schuldig on one side and Yohji on the other. When he seemed to begin to concentrate on something, Schuldig immediately kissed him while Yohji stroked his hands along Aya’s chest.

<Ah, ah, Ayan, it’s my night and I say no more ‘whaps’. You have to be good until morning.> Schuldig managed an evil chuckle in the face of his lover’s vehement glare. <Now be a good little violet and maybe I’ll let you help me make Yotan’s ass nice and sore.>

Yohji rolled his eyes at that but continued to keep Aya trapped between them. "Don’t forget, Schu, that it’ll be my birthday at some point. But instead of making your ass sore, I think I’ll have you watch over in the corner while I fuck Aya all day long," he said, his lovely eyes bright with good humor.

"I can tie you to the chair for the rest of the night," Schuldig shot back, in no danger whatsoever of doing so. No point in having free rein with both of his lover and then depriving himself of one. He’d just have Yohji piss off Aya at a later date and have his grouchy redhead all to himself then.

Muttering curses under his breath, Aya’s thoughts were focused on how much he was beginning to hate birthdays and any generous impulses on his part.


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