Getting Away


by nekojita


Yohji closed the trunk of the rental car after he removed his and Ran’s bags. "Well, at least the place matches the brochure," he teased his lover as he strolled over to Ran’s side.

Ran sniffed and wrapped his long, grey scarf a few more times around his neck since the wind was quite strong. "I still don’t know why you chose this place," he said, his voice tinged with suspicion, the same emotion evident in his narrowed eyes.

Not willing to stand out here much longer and fight, Yohji sighed and nudged his right shoulder into Ran’s back. "Let’s take a look inside – I’m sure you’ll find more things to complain about in there." He made sure to using a teasing tone but the way Ran’s expression changed into one of guilt made him regret saying anything. "Come on, let’s get inside before you catch a cold," he said in a much softer tone of voice.

His furrowed brow smoothing out, Ran sighed as well and made to grab the duffel bag strap currently resting on Yohji’s left shoulder. "I can help with that."

"No, no! We’re here so you can take a break from work so that means I get to carry the luggage." Yohji gave his lover a wink and ushered him to the bed and breakfast’s front door. The building wasn’t very large and had a homey look to it with its cream colored walls and dark beams of wood, and appeared more like an overgrown cottage than anything. And it was definitely situated near the ocean, as one could tell from the fierce, cold wind that blew Ran’s scarf and long hair about. Roger had been right when he’d told Yohji that he knew someplace lovely and quiet for a few days’ getaway.

Grumbling about being coddled, Ran finally got the hint and entered the inn, more than likely just to get out of the wind. He fussed with his hair as he entered, attempted to tuck the long strands of hair around his face back that he’d left out of the braid. Yohji’s hands itched to stroke through the silky strands and give that braid a gentle tug but he couldn’t do that and hold the luggage at the same time. His lover seemed to pick up on that thought since Ran gave him a wicked grin for a moment and draped his braid down the front of his chest before he began to scrutinize the inside of Castle Thistle.

There was a large fireplace across from the gleaming oak counter that ran along the foyer’s west wall. The fireplace’s stones were dark with age and soot but the small room was surprisingly free of smoke and very warm. Setting the bags down in front of the counter, Yohji unzipped his dark blue wool jacket and sighed in enjoyment of the warmth. "Hello?" he called out.

A rather tall man, six feet tall at the least and twice as broad as Yohji, walked through the open door behind the counter with a smile on his goateed face and a white towel in his hands. "Hello. Sorry for the wait, I was in the middle of making lunch when I heard you come in." He finished drying his hands and, after draping the towel over his right shoulder, held out his hand. "I’m Mickey Stout. You must be Roger’s friends, Yohji Katsura and Ran Mitsuyoshi. Welcome."

Yohji blinked in surprise at the fact that the man had correctly pronounced his and Ran’s names. "Oh, it’s all right," he laughed and leaned against the counter so he could shake Mickey’s hand. "We didn’t wait more than a few seconds." He smiled at the innkeeper. "So what’s for lunch?"

"Lamb curry," Mickey replied as he reached for something under the counter. "Not a terribly traditional meal but it’s very good for a cold, windy day." He chuckled softly and held a key out to Yohji. "I’m sure Roger told you we’re a bit… different for a bed and breakfast."

Yohji nodded as he accepted the key. "Yeah. He said the beds are wonderful and the scenery beautiful, and that you’re definitely *not* a tourist trap. We just want a bit of peace and quiet and some nice walks along the beach… if we can do that without being blown away," he teased with a wink.

Coming out from around the counter, Mickey easily picked up the straps of the three bags in his left hand. "I’m sorry to say that the weather is supposed to be a bit rough for today and tomorrow but you should be fine if you want to go into town. We’re far enough from Saint Abbs that we have a few nice stores and pubs that are here for the locals, not tourists."

"As you said, it’s not a tourist trap," Ran remarked quietly. Yohji smiled at his lover and draped his right arm around Ran’s waist. Busy leading them upstairs, Mickey didn’t seem bothered by the display of affection when he glanced over his shoulder and nodded.

"Tourists are welcome or else we wouldn’t be in business but things are usually quiet around here. Half the time our customers are relatives or friends of the locals." Mickey stepped into a narrow hallway on the second floor. "Other than a guest who is here for a funeral, you’ve the place to yourself for the next three days, in fact."

This was what Yohji had counted on when he agreed to Roger’s recommendation for the inn. "Well, I’m sure we won’t be too much of a bother for you," he told Mickey when they came to a stop in front of an old wooden door.

"You’re our customers, as long as you don’t repeatedly call during the night for clean towels you won’t be a bother at all." Mickey grinned as he opened the door. "Lunch will be ready in another hour if you’re hungry. Dinner is usually at seven o’clock and, unless you specify otherwise, breakfast will be at nine.

"Thank you." Ran entered the room and immediately looked around. His face was carefully blank but Yohji didn’t think he had too much to complain about. There was a small fireplace on the wall opposite the large bed, already ablaze so the room was nice and warm. The room contained a small dresser, what appeared to be a large, comfortable chair and a small desk. Two curtained windows let in the late morning sunlight, such as it was. The room was rustic enough to fit the image of a small Scottish bed and breakfast but appeared cozy rather than historical.

Setting the key on the desk, Yohji turned around and smiled at their host. "We’ll definitely be down for lunch, thanks."

Mickey nodded and placed the bags near the bed. "Good. I’ll see you then." He quickly left the room.

After checking out the bathroom that was connected to their room, Ran went to the bed and bent down to pick up his bag. "The place seems rather nice."

Rushing to his lover’s side, Yohji snatched the bag from Ran’s hand and set it back on the floor. "We can unpack later. Right now, I want to give the bed a try." He leered at Ran as he spoke but he wasn’t trying to get his lover into bed for some fooling around. Well, not just then, at least. "Go on," he said as he gently yet firmly pushed Ran onto the large bed’s plump surface.

"Yotan!" Ran yelled in Japanese, then his face flushed and he spoke in a much quieter tone of voice. "Let me take my shoes off, at least," he grumbled.

"And your coat." Yohji hurried to do both, and once the coats were draped over the back of the desk’s wooden chair, he joined his boyfriend on the bed. Luckily, it felt as plump and soft as it looked. His friend Roger hadn’t lied when he said the beds here were fantastic.

They stretched out on the bed and Yohji hugged Ran close. "Admit it, Roger didn’t steer us wrong," he said as his hands quickly worked to unravel Ran’s braid.

Sighing deeply, Ran snuggled closer, his cold face pressed against the crook of Yohji’s neck. "Let’s see how lunch turns out." He didn’t sound very convinced that the meal would turn out well, which made Yohji smile. Okay, maybe Roger had become his friend by trying to pick him up, but the man had soon accepted that Yohji was a hundred percent taken and could only ever be a friend. Ran didn’t seem able to believe it but since he was so cute when he was jealous, Yohji didn’t mind it too much. Ran didn’t trust Roger but he had faith that Yohji wasn’t going to leave him.

"Yeah, and maybe we’ll check out the town afterward," Yohji whispered into his lover’s ear and began to massage Ran’s shoulders through the thick cream-colored sweater he wore.

"Hmmm. Too windy to walk along the ocean, I guess," Ran mumbled and then yawned. Yohji pressed a kiss against his temple and continued the massage, determined to make the stubborn man fall asleep. He almost managed to do just that before Ran jerked against him. "Ayumi – we forgot-"

"We’ll call her in a little bit. I doubt she’s sitting beside the phone with visions of us driving off a cliff or the train derailing while she waits for our call," Yohji pointed out in a stern voice. If anything, she was too busy in the shop supervising the staff to be bothered with a phone call. "Go to sleep, Ayan."

Mumbling a little more, Ran draped his arm over Yohji’s waist and let out a long breath. He was asleep moments after that, which merely reinforced the fact that he desperately needed this getaway. Yohji swore to himself that he’d do his best to make certain that Ran got all the rest he needed during the next five days.

And while on their way home, he’d bring the topic up again about Ran hiring more employees. The shop had picked up so much business over the holidays that all the orders were overwhelming Ran and the others. Even though Ayumi had taught Yohji some basics of arranging flowers, his skill wasn’t up to the level that the orders demanded.

Unfortunately, hiring new people meant that they’d have to move the business to a larger shop, an idea that Ran seriously resisted. Yohji could understand him not wanting to move the shop from their house but they could find a new store somewhere close by and then rent out the empty space to help pay for the lease. Besides, the Kitsune to Neko was profitable enough to handle the added expense. Even if it wasn’t, Yohji would be more than happy to take a pay cut if it meant that his lover wouldn’t be so exhausted by the end of the day.

He had five days to come up with several convincing arguments, and until then, he planned to pamper Ran so much that he expected to get smacked for it. Hiding his grin against his lover’s thick hair, he hugged a sleeping Ran even closer. They were going to enjoy some nice, leisurely walks and shopping, spend the mornings in bed and the evenings drinking and eating. Hell, he even left all of their toys at home save for some flavored lube, several bottles of massage oil and some silk scarves. This week would be about relaxing and enjoying each other, long nights spent making love and just having some time to themselves. While he couldn’t imagine life without Ayumi fussing over them both, he did miss those first few months in London when he had Ran all to himself. Not to mention there was the fact that if he didn’t bring back a thoroughly rested Ran, Ayumi really would skin him alive….


Ran frowned at his lover when Yohji captured his left hand and entwined their fingers together but didn’t pull away from the embrace. Yohji’s ‘friend’ Roger had assured them that Castle Thistle would not be offended by homosexual guests but he didn’t want to push things too far. If Yohji tried anything more affectionate than holding hands while out in public, he was going to be smacked until he learned to behave.

Hiding his smile behind his hand as he pretended to yawn, Ran glanced sideways at his boyfriend and thought about how he hadn’t managed to teach Yohji that lesson just yet. At least they weren’t in Japan and could be a bit more openly affectionate in public – within reason. The problem was, Yohji and reason weren’t the best of friends, at least not where Yohji’s hormones were concerned.

"I know you’re smiling," Yohji drawled and stopped on one of the stairways platforms. He tugged Ran close and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. "You should do that more often."

"Mmmm, must still be groggy from the nap," Ran responded, which was partially the truth. He felt as if he’d been working non-stop since the middle of fall and now it was the beginning of spring. His body seemed determined to make the most out of this vacation so he had a lot of trouble waking up for lunch. Even though his stomach rumbled with hunger, he wanted nothing more than to go back up the steps and sleep some more.

"You still look tired, love." Yohji tucked Ran’s bangs back behind his ear and caressed his left cheek. "Tell you what – we can go shopping tomorrow. What do you say to heading back to the room once we’re done with lunch?"

Ran opened his mouth to disagree but the concerned look on his boyfriend’s face made him sigh and nod instead. From the little Mickey had said, it wasn’t like there was a lot to explore around here, especially with the strong wind, and he wasn’t in the mood for a long drive to another town. They probably wouldn’t miss much if they stayed in tonight. Besides, this was a vacation, not a site-seeing expedition. He could care less about quaint village shops or noisy pubs as long as he got to spend some time with Yohji.

"Good." Yohji nodded in approval and continued on his way to the inn’s foyer. Once they were there, all they had to do was follow their noses to an open door that led to a small dining room, its large oak table set for four guests.

Mickey smiled in greeting as they entered and gestured to the two place settings next to each other. "What would you like to drink?" he asked as he poured water into their glasses. "We’ve wine, soda and juice."

Yohji exchanged a look with him and then told Mickey that they’d like wine. Sitting down at the table, Ran bit back on a sigh when Yohji’s left hand, hidden beneath the tablecloth, settled on his knee. He scowled at his lover but all Yohji did was give him an innocent look in response and then held out his wine glass for Mickey to fill.

"Lunch will be ready in a moment. Let me see what’s taking Teddy so long," Mickey said after he set the bottle of red wine on the table. He excused himself and went through a swinging door, through which Ran caught a glimpse of the kitchen.

"This is pretty good," Yohji commented after he had a sip of the wine. "What are the chances that you’ll take advantage of me if I get drunk?" he asked while his hand crept further up Ran’s thigh.

Reaching beneath the table to stop the hand’s advancement, Ran scowled at his intractable lover. "Yohji, *behave*," he practically snarled.

"Now where’s the fun in that?" Yohji asked and then moved in close. A bit stunned that his lover would try something just now, Ran blinked in surprised when he found himself soundly kissed. His emotions fluctuating between embarrassment and desire, he just began to close his eyes when he heard someone loudly clear their throat.

"I can see we don’t need to have an oyster dish, after all!" a very cheerful voice exclaimed as Ran broke off the kiss. His cheeks flushed and his hand folded into a fist so he could hit a certain horny idiot in the ribs, he looked across the table to find a young man with long black hair holding a large dish filled with curry. As the man set it down on the table, Ran realized that he was dressed in a kilt – then he became distracted when the man winked at him and leered. "The ocean air is terribly ‘invigorating’, isn’t it?"

"Teddy," Mickey sighed in exasperation and set down a large bowl of rice and a plate of warm flat bread while he glared at the long-haired man. "These are our guests."

Teddy rolled his eyes and sat down across from Ran and Yohji. "I know that." He then looked at Ran and batted his eyelashes. "Wow, you’re really-"

"Theodore Stout." This time Mickey’s deep voice came out in a rough growl.

Rolling his eyes once again, Teddy picked up the large spoon in the bowl of rice and smiled. "Would you like some rice?" he asked in a rather sweet voice.

Of course Yohji smiled in return and picked up both his and Ran’s plates. "Yes, please. And let’s not discount the oysters just yet!"

Since the idiot’s hands were full with what appeared to be very nice china, Ran glared and had to wait until Yohji set them down before he could finally punch him.


Teddy hummed a cheerful reel while he washed the dishes from lunch. When Mickey joined him at the kitchen sink to drop off the last of the dirty dishes, he smiled at his brother. "This is going to be a fun week, I can tell. Did you hear the threats that Red mumbled to Blondie during lunch? Or what Blondie said to get him so hot and bothered?" Teddy grinned at the memory and felt envious of the redhead. He hadn’t been with that… ‘enthusiastic’ a lover in months. "Good thing they don’t know that we can understand Japanese!"

His face settling into a disapproving frown, Mickey folded his arms over his chest. "Teddy, leave them alone, okay? I don’t care if they are Roger’s friends, they are paying guests and here for some rest, not your personal amusement."

Forcing the grin from his lips, Teddy tried for an abashed expression. "I know, Mickey. I’m just teasing you a bit," he replied in a soft voice. He’d basically suspected that his prude of a brother would react this way. "I’ll be good, I promise."

Mickey’s stern expression crumbled into one of pain. "Oh hell, you’re going to be a royal pain in the ass, aren’t you? I need a drink," he mumbled as he began to search through the liquor cabinet.

"Honestly, Mickey, I won’t bother them," too much, Teddy thought to himself. Picking up a plate to scrub, he looked over his shoulder and sent his brother what was meant to be a reassuring smile. "You’ve told me how many times that I can’t harass the customers."

Busy pouring himself a large glass of single malt whiskey, Mickey gave him a disbelieving look. "And each and every time, you don’t listen to a word I say. Just keep in mind that we won’t have any customers if you scare them all away," Mickey pointed out in a weary voice.

"I know." His attention once more on the dirty dishes, Teddy grimaced slightly and resumed washing. They made a decent enough living with the inn and it was busy during the warmer months but right now…. He sighed in boredom as he thought about how things wouldn’t pick up for another couple of weeks, at least. He didn’t mean to cause Mickey stress during the off-season, it was just that he was so *bored*.

They’d been so excited when they’d left Japan to take over the inn bequeathed to them by their dad’s cousin, and for the most part he didn’t regret the decision to leave. All they had in Okinawa was a tiny apartment near the army base and here they had a nice roof over their head and he got to meet a lot of interesting people. Oh, he didn’t think that he and Mickey would spend the rest of their lives running Castle Thistle but it was something to do for now.

He just wished that the inn was somewhere a bit more… metropolitan. If it was in Edinburgh or, hell, even Glasgow… there just wasn’t much for a young, incredibly sexy man to do out here, especially if he was gay. Things weren’t helped in the slightest that most of the men who stayed at the inn were either straight or taken, the latest two customers a perfect example of how his luck had been lately. He was growing desperate for a little fun and didn’t have much hope of finding any for the time being. Roger hadn’t even been by for two months, and all his other ‘boyfriends’ were too busy with work.

So he’d have to make his own fun. Judging from the two men’s antics at lunch today, they should provide some decent amusement during their stay. Teddy felt his mood lighten as he thought about the couple. He had a very good feeling about them. While he doubted they’d be open to a threesome, he could still have some fun while they were here – especially if Blondie managed to convince his boyfriend into doing any of those things he’d mentioned. Teddy would just have to keep the couple in sight at all times and be careful to make sure that Mickey didn’t catch on to his plan.

Now where did he put his camera? He couldn’t help but grin evilly when he thought about its ‘movie’ function… and how there was a pretty good line of sight into the couple’s room from the hill across the inn. Good thing he’d paid extra for a camera with a good zoom lens. All he had to do was make sure the curtains were left open when he changed the bed sheets in the morning.


Yohji awoke to the sensation of pleasure, of warm tingles that shot from his neck to his groin at the feel of lips nibbling along his left shoulder. "Hmmm?"

"That’s my Yotan, ever the morning person," Ran teased, his voice warm with amusement and desire. Opening his eyes, Yohji realized that they were at Castle Thistle and still in bed. Ran was pressed against his back and doing incredible things to his shoulders and nape. Oh, how he adored the man.

A wide grin on his face, he rolled over to face his lover and found a smiling, bright-eyed Ran. "I haven’t yet succumbed to your evil plan to convert me to the joys of waking up at six a.m. each morning." His voice a little hoarse first thing in the morning, he quickly became more awake when a naked Ran inched closer and tangled their legs together.

"Well, it’s later than six," Ran mumbled as he placed kisses along Yohji’s jaw. "So are you ready to wake up now?" he asked, his deep voice tinged with a hint of laughter.

One quick motion had Ran knocked onto his back and Yohji sprawled out on top. "Oh, I’m definitely awake," Yohji replied, and he ground his hips downward to emphasis just how ‘awake’ certain parts of his body were already. A lascivious grin spread across his lips at the sight of Ran’s flushed face and heavy-lidded eyes, the desire his lover felt plain to see and very delightful. Yohji had thought to awaken Ran with pleasure this morning but he guessed that he was more tired than he suspected so Ran managed to wake up first. Not that he really minded sleeping in a little, not when his lover had the same idea.

Ran’s hands skimmed up Yohji’s back and rested on his shoulders. "You must be getting old, Yotan, it took me several minutes to ‘wake’ you up." The slight twitch of Ran’s lips informed Yohji that his lover was in a teasing mood.

Still, there was no reason to take it easy on the man, not when he’d made a slur against Yohji’s age. He was only a little more than a year older than Ran, after all. "So I’m an old man, am I?" he asked, his features schooled to not reveal anything but mock hurt. "Then I guess I better be a dirty old man, then." He moved in for the kill and was determined to leave Ran panting in pleasure.

There was a burst of laughter from Ran when he initiated the kiss but then they both settled down to business. Ran was just as ardent and eager as Yohji felt, judging from the kiss, and he lost all track of time as they savored the feel of lips and tongues, of leisurely sweeps and gentle nibbles. The way Ran moaned in delight when Yohji began to suck on the spot right below his ear made Yohji shiver in anticipation as his hips continued to rock against Ran’s. The feel of Ran’s naked body against his own, the sounds his lover made as he put hands and mouth to good use… Yohji let loose a content moan of his own.

This was how he intended to start each morning during their vacation. They wouldn’t face the day until after a languorous bout of sex, until they had stroked and kissed and tasted every inch of skin that they could. Yohji’s lips curved into a wanton grin as he kissed his way down his lover’s neck, which made Ran moan out loud and squirm beneath him.

"Yotan," Ran gasped, a pleading hint to his voice and his eyes closed in pleasure.

"Don’t even think to tell me to hurry," was Yohji’s succinct reply. "There’s no way I’m gonna rush things when I’ve you in bed and nothing better to do all day than make love." Things had been so busy the last few months that he’d had few opportunities to enjoy his lover like this. If they both weren’t occupied with work then they were too tired to draw things out like this. Yohji had been aching to have Ran like this, to be able to thoroughly enjoy him. "You might as well forget about breakfast," he informed his lover. "And maybe even lunch."

Ran’s fingers threaded through his hair and gently tugged on it until Yohji and he were face to face. "Then you better make it good, Kudoh. I was really looking forward to some breakfast." Once again, his demeanor was almost perfectly serious but the twinkle in his eye and the slight curve to his lips informed Yohji that he could care less about the meal.

"Then I better not leave you with any complaints, right?" Yohji teased back, thrilled that Ran was more than happy to go along with things. He couldn’t resist another long kiss, one that left them both panting out each other’s names as they writhed in anticipation and frustration. The feel of Ran beneath him, body flushed with desire and cock hard made him close his eyes and take a few deep breaths before he embarrassed himself. No one but Ran had ever gotten such a strong reaction from him like that, with little more than just kissing. No one. And he knew that he was the only one to drive Ran to the edge of control like this, to the point where he practically begged for more.

"Yotan." Ran’s voice was so thick with desire and need that Yohji’s name was almost inarticulate. "I don’t think I can take too much more," he whispered.

"Tough." But Yohji’s body belied the harsh word as he wasn’t sure exactly how much he could take, either. They hadn’t had sex in a couple of days, not with them working so frantically to make up for the time they’d be gone. Maybe he’d have to do tortuously slow sex tomorrow, instead….

But he enjoyed the feel of Ran’s hands clutching at his ass, the way his lover moved beneath him and the soft pleading sounds too much to give in so easily. Leaving a trail of kisses down Ran’s chest, Yohji glanced at his lover’s face and paused after a moment. "Tell me why I should fuck you now, Ayan. Tell me what I should do."

"Oh…." Ran’s hips bucked upward, his legs draped over Yohji’s shoulders and his head tossed backward. After a few deep breaths and kisses around his navel, Ran lifted his head enough so he could look Yohji in the eyes. "I don’t want to wait any longer to feel you inside me," he practically purred, his eyes bright with the potent desire that deepened his voice. "I don’t want your mouth on me, I want to feel your cock, to take it in deep and clench around it until you’re the one begging." As he spoke, his right hand skimmed down the front of his body and wrapped around his own cock, which was inches from Yohji’s lips. "I want you moving inside me, thrusting in as far as you can go. It doesn’t have to be fast, I want all of you for as long as I can take it."

Yohji licked his suddenly dry lips and wondered just why he was dragging things out. Hearing Ran talk right now made him *ache* to be buried in his lover’s body, to feel Ran so hot and tight all around him. "Ah, that works for me," he managed to mumble but before he could do what his lover wanted, he couldn’t resist a long, leisurely sweep of his tongue along the tip of Ran’s cock. The way Ran cried out his name and fell back onto the bed made him feel a bit better about breaking his resolve.

Reaching over to the nightstand for the bottle of lube he’d left out last night, he urged Ran to sit up as well. "I’m not hurrying this, at least," he informed his lover as he handed over the lube. "If you want me so bad, prove it."

Ran gave him a breathtakingly wicked grin and squeezed some lube onto the fingers of his right hand while he rose up on his knees. "Always, Yotan," he promised as he began to prepare himself.

Yohji’s breath caught in his throat and it was only with an afterthought that he grabbed Ran’s braided hair and began to unravel it. All the while he glanced back and forth between his lover’s face, at the mix of concentration and pleasure he saw there, and what Ran was doing with those slick fingers. Once his hair was unbraided, Ran leaned back onto his left arm so Yohji had a better view of what those fingers were doing. Moaning softly, Ran pushed two of them inside himself and bit his bottom lip when he began to scissor them apart.

All Yohji could think about was how soon it would be his cock being sucked into that tight hole that Ran was making ready for him. How wonderful it would feel to have Ran’s body first open up and then clench around him, to take him in all the way to his balls until he was mad with ecstasy. A low groan of anticipation escaped him as he reached for his lover, as his right hand wrapped around Ran’s cock and his left urged Ran’s knees farther apart.

"Yohji," Ran growled, his head once more tossed back and unbound hair clinging to his sweat-slick body. He bucked his hips and cried out in pleasure when Yohji began to stroke his fist up and down Ran’s cock. "Don’t, gonna fall," he warned when Yohji gave him a tender squeeze, his entire body trembling.

"I’ll catch you," Yohji replied and urged Ran to lean forward. He tugged on Ran’s right wrist until Ran pulled his fingers from his body, then urged his lover to turn around. "I’ll hold on to you," he breathed against the nape of Ran’s neck, his hands momentarily buried in thick, crimson hair. For several seconds he enjoyed the feel of Ran’s hair against his skin, the way that his lover panted in anticipation and need. Pushing aside the long strands so he could press a kiss against Ran’s left shoulder, he urged his lover to straddle his hips the same time he fumbled for the lube. Hissing in impatience, Ran reached between his legs and stroked his slick hand up and down Yohji’s cock. The feel of strong fingers and calloused palm around him made Yohji suck in his breath and count to ten as he sternly refused to allow himself to put an end to things already.

Then, with a satisfied sigh, Ran began to lower himself onto Yohji’s cock. The feel of Ran’s body slowly taking him in made Yohji moan out loud and press his face against Ran’s shoulder as he tried to remember how to breathe. Ran’s breath came in fast pants as he sank further, the nails of his left hand biting into Yohji’s thigh as he held on for support.

They both were still for several seconds once Yohji’s cock was completely buried inside his lover, the room quiet save for the sound of their heavy breathing and soft moans. Finally managing to grab the bottle of lube and flip the top open, Yohji squirted some of the slick lotion onto his hand before he tossed it aside. His right hand once more wrapped around Ran’s cock, he took a deep breath and then gave his lover’s left earlobe a gentle nip. "You set the pace, Ayan. I want to feel you move around me."

Ran’s left hand reached back and tangled in Yohji’s hair. "I told you, I want it slow." To emphasis his words, he unhurriedly rose up until just the tip of Yohji’s cock remained inside and then just as slowly sunk back down. "I want this to last."

"At least until I embarrass myself," Yohji chuckled and matched the movement of his hand to Ran’s languorous tempo. There was an element of searing pleasure to the feel of Ran taking him in deep again and again, the way his lover’s body slowly encased his cock but it was also torturous as hell. He had to wrap his left arm tightly around Ran’s waist as their bodies grew slick with sweat and slid against each other. He didn’t want Ran any farther away then was necessary, didn’t want to chance losing the tight heat clenched around him to an accidental slip.

As wonderful as it felt to be inside Ran, there was also the way his lover moaned and gasped his name as he stroked Ran’s cock, as he kissed and nibbled and sucked on Ran’s neck. Despite both of their intentions, their pace gradually increased, spurred on by ecstasy and need. All Yohji could think about was how incredible it was to be deep inside of his lover and so began to rush the thrust of his hips upward, to pull Ran down onto his lap. Ran didn’t fight him, if anything he too spurred the pace onward after a few minutes, his hips pushing downward with increasing force.

As the pace sped up, so did the ecstasy build and Yohji’s body began to tremble. He felt his release approach and this time didn’t fight to hold it back but instead pulled Ran even closer, desperate for even more pleasure. His hand moved faster and a bit rougher along Ran’s cock, his coordination off as his breath came in harsh pants. The bliss grew stronger as Yohji’s hold on Ran became tighter and then it was everything, searing emotion that made him cry out and shudder as it crashed through him.

He was vaguely aware of Ran through all of it, his lover’s winded breaths and garbled pleas, the way Ran moved around and against him. His hand continued its strokes even as he seemed unable to control the rest of his body, to do little more than cling to his lover and try to breathe and then he cried out again as Ran’s body clenched around him almost painfully tight.

Keeping his promise, he held Ran close during the orgasm, didn’t let him fall but kept him pressed against his chest. Ran almost sobbed out his name as he came, his head lolled against Yohji’s shoulder as he trembled.

After a quiet minute or two, Yohji, his left arm still firmly around Ran’s waist, lifted his right hand to his mouth and licked his fingers clean. His eyes closed the entire time, Ran finally opened them and gave him a weak smile. "And you call me the cat," he said in a tired yet pleased tone of voice.

Yohji smiled back and used his damp fingers to brush aside the hair that clung to Ran’s face. "Hey, us kitsune need our protein to keep our strength up. We can hardly be all wicked and tempting if we can’t even crawl out of bed, now can we?" he asked, and at Ran’s amused smile he gave his lover a kiss on the temple.

They both seemed exhausted, were covered with sweat and Ran’s hair clung all over, but Yohji thought the vacation was going wonderfully. "Maybe Mickey will make us a snack to tide us over til lunch," he said, unwilling to leave the bed just then but aware of the feeling of emptiness in his stomach.

Ran yawned and then slowly pulled away from Yohji so he could stretch out on the bed. "We should have asked about room service." Making a face as he tried to pull free the hair he was laying on, Ran sighed and gave the telephone a yearning look. "There’s no way I’m going to be able to go anywhere for the next hour or so."

"Doesn’t hurt to call and see," Yohji commented, but he stretched out beside his lover rather than reach for the phone. "Or we could take a nap and maybe we’ll have the energy to go downstairs afterward."

There was another amused grin from his lover. "Right. From my past experience with kitsune, we’re not going to get out of bed until lunchtime, at the earliest." Ran didn’t seem too bothered by the idea.

Caressing Ran’s cheek, Yohji smiled tenderly and crept a little closer. "I just remembered I’ve some chocolates in my bag. If you promise to give ‘nice and slow’ another try after a nap, I’ll go fetch them."

The smile he received from Ran was almost as good as the sex just then. "You’ve got yourself a deal." Ran leaned forward to give Yohji’s shoulder a quick lick. "I just suggest that you hold back on the flavored lube for a while or you might be sporting a few bite marks," he warned, a mischievous gleam in his eyes.

Sitting up on the bed, Yohji made a show of covering his crotch with both hands. "Yikes! Definitely no flavored lube for you until we have some lunch." As the sound of Ran’s laughter filled the room, he hurried over to his suitcase and found not only the chocolate bars but a bag of snacks that Ayumi must have snuck in there before he left. Smiling at his friend’s thoughtfulness, he quickly returned to the bed with his bounty and a leftover bottle of water.

The sight of Ran lying on the bed, naked and his hair spread all about made Yohji’s heart beat faster. This was going to be a wonderful vacation, he could feel it. Nothing would go wrong, he’d have several days to enjoy a relaxed, smiling Ran and even have some fun if they ever left the room. Very thankful for Roger’s help in putting together the vacation, he settled beside his lover.


Ran had the distinct impression *yet again* that he was being followed yet every time he turned around, he didn’t see anyone behind them. For the last three days, he couldn’t shake the suspicion that someone was watching them but whenever he tried to spy their stalker, he saw nothing.

"You’re getting paranoid in your old age," Yohji teased and came to a stop in the middle of the dirt road that led from the village to the inn.

"Don’t tell me you don’t feel it, too," Ran grumbled as he glared at the supposedly great former detective. Yohji merely smiled in return and shrugged.

"Okay, I sometimes think we’re being watched but we’re two gay Japanese men out in the middle of nowhere in Scotland so it’s to be expected." His smile suddenly took on a salacious edge. "What do you say to us giving them something to see?"

At first, Ran thought he was kidding. "Right, we’ll start screwing in the middle of a dirt road on a cold, windy day." He arched an eyebrow and waited for Yohji to laugh, but instead he felt his right be grabbed and Yohji to use the hold to drag him off the road.

"Actually, I’m thinking that stone wall over there should act as a nice windbreaker," was Yohji’s eager reply. "Don’t worry, I’m in the mood for a quickie."

"Yotan!" Ran yelled, unable to believe that the idiot was truly serious. "You’re out of your mind!" And so was he for even thinking that Yohji wouldn’t be serious over an offer for sex.

"Nope, just horny as hell like a good kitsune should be!" Yohji stopped and pulled Ran close, his right hand settled on Ran’s ass as he rocked his hips forward. "After spending the last three hours wondering if I could drag you into a bathroom or some sort of storage closet and have my way with you without someone noticing, I’m tired of waiting." He bent his head and began to nibble on Ran’s neck.

Feeling his body begin to respond to Yohji’s actions despite the absurdity of the situation, Ran tried once more to make his lover see reason. "We’ll be back at the inn in another twenty minutes. Can’t it wai-aah!" The feel of Yohji’s cold hand sliding down the back of his pants at the same time his left earlobe was sucked on made him squirm against his lover.

Yohji’s voice was husky and deep, the sound of pure sex that always made Ran give in. "That’s too long. I want you now, Ayan." Yohji’s hard cock pressed against his hip as if to highlight that point. "Let’s have some fun and then we can go back and have a nice, long soak together."

There were a million reasons why Ran should push the horny bastard away but he couldn’t think of one good enough to do that just then. He was a little tipsy from the beers they’d had at the one pub and truth be told, there was something attractive to a quick, rough bout of sex out in the open despite the temperature. So all he said once Yohji stopped kissing him ardently enough to leave him panting for more was "you’re the one on the ground, Yotan."

"Hmmm, that’s fine with me," Yohji drawled, his eyes bright with desire and amusement, his grin utterly wicked.

Hoping that he didn’t regret this but too aroused to care, Ran allowed himself to be dragged off the road.


Mickey had just finished sweeping up the pieces of bark and dirt he’d inadvertently dropped while restocking the firewood when Yohji and Ran returned from their excursion. Being an observant person, he easily noticed the bits of leaves and grass that clung to their coats and hair, the muddy marks on their clothes and the rather dazed expression on Ran’s face. As for Yohji, he appeared terribly smug about something and was walking with a slight limp he hadn’t had when they left after breakfast. Refusing to allow his cheeks to grow warm, Mickey merely nodded in greeting to the two men.

Ran didn’t seem to notice the gesture as he was too busy unbuttoning his dark winter coat – hampered by the fact that the buttons hadn’t been done properly in the first place, but Yohji smiled in response. He wrapped his right arm around his boyfriend’s waist and they continued on their way to their bedroom.

Thanks to the stairwell’s acoustics, Mickey was able to perfectly hear Yohji tell Ran in Japanese what was going to happen once they got to their room. Sighing, Mickey made a mental note to give the tub an extra good scrubbing tomorrow and to ensure that the men’s chairs at the dinner table had very padded cushions. After he finished cleaning, he’d fetch the ones he used whenever Teddy’s friend Roger came for a visit.

As if summoned by his thoughts, his brother returned from whatever errand he’d been on for the past hour or so. It wasn’t the cold wind that blew into the foyer from the opened door that made Mickey shiver but the very pleased grin on Teddy’s face. His brother was doing such a good Cheshire cat impersonation that he expected all of Teddy’s body but his smile to vanish into thin air at any second. Having lived with the insane man for most of his life, Mickey knew that the smile was not a happy omen.

"It’s a good thing I bought another bottle of whiskey," he muttered while Teddy hurried through the foyer as if on a mission. There was no doubt in his mind that his brother was up to something; Teddy had been too well-behaved the last couple of days, other than having a habit of vanishing at odd times. However, Mickey wasn’t sure if he wanted to know what was going on. The police hadn’t paid him a visit yet and nothing had blown up so it was probably best to let things lie. That and invest in some more whiskey. After all, what he didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him and when the police did finally show up, he’d be able to use his inebriated state as proof that he hadn’t been involved in Teddy’s harebrained scheme. If life with Teddy had taught him anything, it was to always have a decent alibi ready.


"I think that’s everything," Yohji said as he packed away the last of his stuff but he glanced around the room once more to make sure. Seated cross-legged on the bed, Ran finished packing as well.

"I hope Ayumi likes her presents," Ran fretted as he zipped his duffel bag closed.

Reaching out to comb his fingers through his lover’s unbound hair, Yohji smiled tenderly and then leaned in for a kiss. "You know she’s gonna adore anything we buy for her, right?"

Ran gave him an incredibly warm smile in return and caressed his cheek. "I know, but I’ll still worry about whether or not she likes them until I see her reaction."

As if an experienced geisha like Ayumi would show anything except delight upon unwrapping a gift from a loved one, but Yohji thought that she’d love the presents. They’d spent a lot of time looking for the perfect gifts, after all. "You worry too much," he finally answered, only half joking.

Ran’s smile took on a slightly sad air. "I guess it’s just something I’m used to doing," he said, his voice quiet and also tinged with sadness.

They’d left Japan almost three years ago but Ran couldn’t completely forget his past. Yohji guessed because it was his boyfriend’s true nature to worry about those he loved, the same worry that had allowed Hirofumi to turn Ran into Aya. However, an ingrained habit or not, Yohji would continue to do his best to make Ran stop worrying so much.

"What you should be concerned about instead is how much Ayumi’s going to fuss over you once we get back. " He chuckled softly at the way Ran’s lovely eyes grew wide with apprehension. There was no doubt in his mind that Ayumi would be in full ‘coddle-mode’ once they returned home. If they didn’t appear completely rested and well-fed, she’d make it her mission to stuff them silly and tuck them into bed. He was actually looking forward to it, the truth be told.

"Maybe we can send her on a vacation," Ran mumbled as he got off the bed. "I don’t want to imagine how bad she’s going to be after us being away for several days."

Laughing out loud, Yohji grasped his boyfriend by the shoulders and pulled him into a hug. "We could always just stay here, you know." Once again, he was only partially joking – he couldn’t care less where he was as long as Ran was with him.

To his surprise, Ran actually seemed to consider the suggestion for a moment before he shook his head. "No, she’d just track us down and make us feel very guilty for ‘abandoning’ her and then fuss even more." He smiled again, the sight utterly beautiful to Yohji, and wrapped his arms around Yohji’s neck. "Besides, you’d go crazy out here. You’re such a city boy."

Well, he was that, Yohji thought with amusement. And he knew that Ran would never leave Ayumi like that, nor would he do that himself. "We’ll just have to make plans for another getaway soon."

Once again Ran surprised him, this time by nodding in agreement. "Maybe we’ll see about going to a spa or something. While the ocean air was indeed ‘invigorating’ and the village ‘quaint’, I’d like to try something new next time," Ran said, the smile lingering on his lips and his eyes bright with happiness.

Yohji was sure he could come up with another great vacation for them, someplace nice and relaxing… and where Ran wouldn’t be so paranoid about being spied upon. "I think we could find a great place for another vacation," he replied, happy that Ran was willing to spend more time alone with him and hopeful that his lover would see sense about hiring more people for the shop. After all, Ran would have to leave someone in charge of the shop while he spent his days being massaged and soaking in hot water, not to mention his nights in bed.

Considering the way that Ran kept smiling at him and the warm feeling in his chest, Yohji couldn’t help but lean forward to nuzzle the spot below his lover’s left ear. "You know, it’s a nice, long train ride back to London." When he pulled back, he waggled his eyebrows and leered suggestively.

Ran merely continued to smile and arched an eyebrow. "That’s if we don’t miss our train. We should have checked out five minutes ago."

Thoughts focused on seeing how many places they could have sex on the train, Yohji quickly released his boyfriend and grabbed their luggage. "Let’s get going! The last one downstairs has to cook dinner all week!" He made a show of hurrying to the door but allowed Ran to beat him out of the room. Just from the way Ran was laughing, so care-free and happy, he’d gladly cook all month. Besides, he had some great sex to look forward to so what was there to be upset about?


Busy preparing breakfast, Teddy glared at the phone when it rang before he answered it. "Castle Thistle, how may I help you?" he asked in a cheerful voice that didn’t sound the slightest bit forced. Why did people always have to bother him when he was in the middle of doing something?

"Hello, Teddy," the person on the other line said, his voice just as cheerful.

"Roger!" Teddy set the spoon in his hand down and leaned against the kitchen counter, his good mood instantly restored. "How are you?"

There was a loud burst of laughter on the other line, followed by Roger calling him a bastard. His right ear a little sore from the noise, Teddy merely grinned wickedly and chuckled himself. "I take it that you got the email I sent?"

"How the hell did you get those pictures?" Roger asked, his voice loud and eager. "Oh, hell, what I really want to know is if you have *more*."

Congratulating himself for having spent the money on the digital camera last year, Teddy’s smile grew even wickeder. "Maybe…," he drawled, certain that Roger would take the bait.

There was a short, almost painful sounding groan and then Roger laughed again. "Okay, what is it that you want?" he asked. "If you’ve more pictures of Yohji you can basically name your price." Roger didn’t sound too upset, in fact he sounded pretty excited. That was what Teddy liked about the man. Not only was he pretty cute but he always was up for some fun – and more importantly, had the money to pay for said fun.

Teddy only paused for a second before moving in for the kill. "More photos of your friend Yohji? I might…" he paused again, just long enough for Roger to groan once more, "have something. How we talk about this over a long weekend in Edinburgh?"

Roger laughed again. "You dirty little extortionist," he muttered, but he sounded rather happy. "Those photos better be worth it. Let me see what days I can request off from work and I’ll get back to you. I take it you already have a hotel picked out and everything?"

"You better believe it," Teddy agreed. Satisfied with how his plan had turned out, he couldn’t stop smiling. "But trust me, those photos are definitely worth it." They were, too. He made sure to keep some copies for himself.

"I believe you. I’ll call you back in a little bit." Roger sounded rather pleased for someone about to spend a lot of money but then again, he usually was more than happy to go along with Teddy’s mad schemes. If only he didn’t live in London… ah well, not that Teddy was ready to settle down, by any means.

Besides, his friend Frasier had a thing for redheads so he had faith in having at least one more getaway weekend, possibly two if David broke up with his latest boyfriend any time soon. Extremely grateful for zoom lenses and sexy Japanese men who had a thing for outdoor sex, he returned the phone to its cradle and began humming his favorite reel while he thought about who to send a few photos to next. Things weren’t so boring any more. And just wait until he broke out the video footage….

One thing was certain, he definitely had to brainstorm with Roger on how to get Yohji and Ran back here once things slowed down in the fall. Then there would be no more off-season boredom for him to suffer through, he thought with a content smile.


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