Cages Glasses Prompt


Smiling at how busy the shop was during the middle of the week, Yohji realized that he’d have to wait a bit before Ran and Ayumi would be free for lunch; Ayumi was charming some elderly gentleman who looked ready to buy up all of their roses, while Ran appeared to be taking notes from a pair of bickering women. Ah yeah, that was probably the Andersons – Yohji had heard enough horror stories on how the mother and daughter kept changing their mind on the wedding decorations…. Around the store, Sana and even Vicki were busy with other customers, so when a young man in a business suit came to the counter with a wrapped bouquet of flowers, Yohji gave him a grin and stepped behind it to ring him up. “That’ll be £85.75.”

“Ah, but the girl, uhm, Sana? She told me it was supposed to be about thirty pounds or something,” the poor guy said with some confusion.

Yohji frowned as he squinted at the small tag stuck to the purple cellophane. “Oh! I’m sorry. Number’s a bit blurry there.” He rang up the right amount while the guy chuckled and waved aside the apology. “Have a good day,” he told him once the flowers were paid for and handed over.

“You too.”

Feeling a bit embarrassed, Yohji made sure to pay attention to the next couple of orders he rang up, and found himself squinting to read the numbers. Shit, were his eyes getting that bad? It wasn’t that noticeable when he was out investigating… except when he had to read street signs from a distance. But that’s what GPS was for, right? He rubbed at his right eye and sighed as a memory of his mother, tortoiseshell glasses perched on her nose, would pour over numbers all evening long as she brought work home from the office. Figured that he’d get more from her than just the striking green eye color-

“Yotan! Are you trying to put poor Vicki out of a job?”

He looked up to find Ayumi and Vicki hovering near the register, appearing so much like opposites with Ayumi’s white hair pulled back in a neat bun and her dark grey kimono accented with lilac hyacinth while Vicki’s dark brown bob bore a pink streak that matched her top. “Aw, would I do that to a cutie like her?” He gave the young woman a wink.

Vicki giggled a little as she joined him behind the counter, going so far as to bump her jean-clad hip into his. “Not if it means more work for Ran, so I know I’m safe. Go on, get him out of here before more people come in.”

“Yes, yes!” Ayumi latched onto his arm and switched into Japanese. “Those women are harridans, I tell you, harridans! I feel sorry for the husband-to-be, if the bride is so demanding right now. She drives poor Ran crazy.”

‘Poor Ran’ had that look about him, his lips pressed together and his shoulders tense, which let Yohji know that he’d be giving out a nice massage later to a grateful lover. “Ready for lunch, love?”

“Ready for homicide,” Ran answered back, but the smile he gave Yohji was warm. “Let’s get out of here before they change their minds again and come back.” He reached out for Yohji’s hand and tugged him toward the door while Ayumi slid her hand through his left arm.

Well, at least Yohji still had this, he thought as he led the two most important people in his life out to lunch.


Ran lowered the heat beneath the pot on the stove and wondered when his lover was coming home; Yohji usually called if something was keeping him out late, now that he was getting steady work as a private investigator. Yet Yohji had told him that all that was on the agenda for the day was a background check and a personal errand, so shouldn’t he be done by now?

Well, the sukiyaki was finished, so whenever Yohji returned they could have dinner; Ayumi was out with a ‘gentleman caller’ and Omi had an evening class, which meant it was just the two of them. Or would be the two of them, whenever Yohji came home. Deciding to put on a pot of tea while he waited, Ran reached for a tin of tea leaves and had just warmed up the pot when he heard the sound of footsteps.

“I was beginning to wonder if you got caught-“ He blinked in surprise as he stared at his lover. “Those are new.”

Yohji stood a couple of feet away and shuffled his feet as he adjusted the glasses; they had a golden wire rim which complimented his skin tone and emerald green eyes, the frame thin so the glasses didn’t stand out too much and a modern, scholarly shape with the small lenses. “Ah, yeah, well, I noticed that I’ve been having trouble with some stuff so I got my eyes checked out. They said I’m going a little near-sighted and recommended these.” He lifted the frames a little and let them drop. “How… how do they look?”

Ran ignored the tea pot so he could approach his lover and drape his arms over Yohji’s firm shoulders. “Hmm, it’s a sexy look for you.” He smiled as he combed back the wavy blond hair falling onto the frames. “Professor Katsura,” he teased, even after all this time still amazed that Yohji had taken up a new name and followed him to England.

A wicked grin spread across Yohji’s handsome face. “Professor, eh? Does that make you my student?” He leaned in for a kiss, a teasing one at first that grew more ardent as his hands roamed down Ran’s back and settled on his ass. “Hmm, I think I’m a very, very strict professor,” he murmured against Ran’s lips.

“Ha-hah?” Ran closed his eyes and enjoyed the feel of Yohji’s hands on his body, of warm lips and the faint rasp of stubble along his neck. “Really?”

“Yes, really.” There was a brief kiss and then Yohji pulled back a little. “Hmm, sukiyaki?”

Ran opened his eyes and gave his smirking lover a light smack to the stomach, even if he had to admire how Yohji’s eyes twinkled behind the thin lenses of the new glasses. “Forget the ‘professor’ thing, you’re still an evil, gluttonous kitsune at heart,” he complained as he straightened out his disheveled yukata.

That prompted a laugh from Yohji, who clung to him as he returned to the kitchen counter to finish preparing tea to go along with their dinner. Yohji hummed and rubbed at Ran’s shoulders for few seconds, before his talented fingers slid up along Ran’s neck to massage at his scalp. Done adding the hot water, Ran closed his eyes and moaned in delight; it had been a long, busy day in the flower shop, spent dealing with demanding customers. He was happy that work was going so well, but some days were more exhausting than others, and he missed having Yohji by his side during them.

Still, they had their nights and days off together, and it was times like these, when they could sit down to have dinner together or when Yohji would work to loosen the tension from him, that everything seemed to right in the world. He sighed in pleasure and relaxed against his lover, and after another minute Yohji pressed a kiss against his temple before combing his fingers through Ran’s long hair then plaiting the strands so it would be out of the way while he ate.

“Hmm, consider that a sample of what’s to come after dinner,” Yohji promised as he turned Ran around. “That is, if you’ve been a good boy and done all of your homework.” The wicked grin from before returned and he put his hands on Ran’s hips to pull him forward just as he thrust his own hips once.

Scoffing a little even as he attempted to suppress a smile, Ran shook his head. “You’re incorrigible.”

“Hmm, no, I’m sexy, remember?” Yohji waggled his eyebrows above the rims of his new glasses. “Now, how about we get something to eat – you’re going to need some energy for later.”

Ran laughed as he gave the irrepressible bastard a quick kiss then shoved him out of the way. “Go grab the tea while I fix our bowls.”

“Hey, and now you don’t have to worry about me grabbing the wrong stuff!” Yohji grinned as he headed to the counter.

“Good, then that means you can do the cooking tomorrow,” Ran pointed out with some satisfaction.

Yohji paused while in the middle of fetching them some mugs and frowned. “I think someone just got a bad grade on their homework assignment,” he announced in a deep, stern voice. “We will speak about this later.”

Ran merely arched an eyebrow at that statement, even as he tried to remember how late Ayumi and Omi said they’d be out tonight.


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