by nekojita


Something wasn’t right. Consciousness slowly returning, Yohji slowly cracked open his eyes and attempted to figure out what was wrong. As he stared blankly at the space on the bed right next to his pillow, a calloused, warm hand soothed its way down his back.

"Go back to sleep, Yotan," Ran urged, his deep voice quiet yet clearly affectionate.

Still tired and only too willing to listen to his lover, Yohji closed his eyes and stopped fighting to remain awake.


The next time he awoke, the room was filled with bright sunlight and Ran was pressed against his back. The hand that rested on top of Yohji’s right hip held a book, which Ran managed rather skillfully to turn a page using just his thumb and forefinger. The room was flooded with light and the cats were curled up on the foot of the bed. It slowly dawned on Yohji that he probably should have been up hours ago. "What’s going on, love?" he asked, his voice raspy and his throat dry.

"Hmm?" Ran set the book aside and shifted away enough that Yohji could roll onto his back. The smile Yohji was given made the breath catch in his throat; Ran’s hair was unbound and spilled over his shoulders.

"We’re being naughty today," Ran informed him in a very solemn tone of voice that was at odds with the way his eyes sparkled with love and amusement. While Yohji stared at him in wonder, Ran leaned forward for a lingering, tender kiss. "I believe the first step is spending all morning in bed," Ran breathed against Yohji’s lips.

Wondering if this was some sort of dream and hoping that he didn’t wake up, Yohji reached out with his right hand and tangled his fingers in his lover’s silky hair. "Either I’m still asleep or you were hit over the head during the night." He made a big show of running his fingers over Ran’s scalp, as if in search for a tell-tale bump. "Or maybe you’re a pod person," he mumbled, his lips slowly curling into a pleased smile. This seemed too real to be a dream – especially when Ran lightly smacked him on the chest.

"Idiot," Ran teased, appearing happy and well-rested for the first time in several days. "You’ve been watching too much television," he warned, his right hand soothing over the spot on Yohji’s chest that it had just hit.

The feel of Ran’s hand stroking down the middle of his chest, Ran’s pinky barely brushing against his right nipple made Yohji’s morning erection twitch and harden some more. "I certainly haven’t been drinking," he pointed out as he did his best to urge Ran to move closer. "Been working too for that." Not to mention too busy to watch much television, either, or anything other than work and sleep. In fact, they should be down in the flower shop right now, not being ‘naughty’, but he wasn’t about to complain. Not when he’d gotten to sleep in for the first time in over a week and had a naked, smiling Ran in bed with him.

Ran didn’t need much urging to lean forward, shifting on the bed until he lay stretched out beside Yohji. This time the kiss was passionate, was the heady rush of eager tongues and nipped lips and trying to breathe each other in as deeply as possible. Yohji wasn’t the only one aroused for long, between that kiss and the way that he and Ran seemed desperate to touch each other. Ran pressed against his side, his right hand stroking up and down Yohji’s chest and teasing sensitive nipples while his left hand combed through Yohji’s hair.

"Oh, *hell* this better not be a dream," Yohji managed to gasp when Ran broke off the kiss to push aside the blankets and straddle him, the motion sending the cats off the bed with protesting meows. His hands settled on his lover’s hips as Ran leaned off to the side to grab the bottle of lube from the nightstand.

Sitting on top of Yohji’s upper thighs, Ran gave him such a wicked grin that Yohji was left stunned silent for several seconds. "I can pinch you if you like," Ran said as he held the top of the bottle between his thumb and forefinger and swung it back and forth. "Or provide some other sort of… *stimulation* to convince you that you’re awake."

Okay, Yohji was seriously wondering if Ran *had* been hit on the head during the night. Perhaps a burglar had broken in or Ran had fallen out of bed…. The man was willingly forsaking a shift in the shop and was now teasing him. If all of this was the result of a concussion, Yohji was going to push his lover out of the bed on a nightly basis.

"Definitely that ‘other stimulation’," Yohji told his lover, his smile widening and his eyelids growing heavy from desire. "Something really, *really* stimulating," he crooned while his hands stroked up and down Ran’s thighs. Did Ran have any idea how gorgeous he looked nude, erect cock jutting from dark red curls and long hair falling down his chest and back? That hair was almost long enough to brush against Yohji’s legs now; just a few more months and it would almost be the same length it had been before Ran had cut it off.

"Mmmm, let me think on it for a moment," Ran teased, his deep voice husky with desire and laughter. He swung the bottle a few more times before he flipped it into his palm and flicked open its top. "The theme for the day is naughty, after all. I wouldn’t want to disappoint you."

"Trust me, Ayan," Yohji moaned, his hands now rubbing the top of his lover’s delectable ass. "You are *so* not disappointing me right now." He felt almost ready to come just from that teasing voice and smile, from how damn sexy Ran looked. He moaned again, this time in protest as Ran lifted from his lap.

However, all Ran did was shift forward a little the same time as he reached back to grab Yohji’s right hand. When Yohji didn’t resist, he moved Yohji’s hand until he could pour some of the lube onto its palm. "Well, you’re the expert on naughtiness. Let me know if I’m doing anything wrong." Yohji swore that Ran had practically purred just then, and was seriously beginning to rethink which one of them was supposed to be a kitsune.

"Don’t worry, I’ll set you right if you mess up," Yohji did his best to tease back, his voice catching in his throat when Ran moved his hand back, clearly wanting Yohji to prepare him. His fingers had just brushed against the crevice of Ran’s ass when he hissed at the feel of Ran gently grasping his cock. His lover must have poured some lube onto his own hand when Yohji hadn’t been paying attention.

"Thank you." Ran closed his eyes as his head lolled backward, his hair brushing against Yohji’s arm and wrist. "Oh, Yotan," he murmured, sounding every bit as sexy as he looked.

Firmly telling himself that it would be embarrassing as hell to come just then, Yohji closed his eyes as well and counted to ten. All the while, his fingers slowly pushed inside of his lover, sinking into clenching warmth that made him groan and have to count even higher. He’d been with Ran for almost three years now, and nothing about their relationship had lost its edge; certainly not the sex. If he wasn’t so in love with the man he’d be terrified with how much he needed and wanted Ran.

"You’re… you’re doing a great job, Ayan," he managed to stutter after he opened his eyes. Ran’s face was flushed with passion and strands of crimson hair clung to it and his shoulders. The same time that he stroked Yohji’s cock, he stroked his own as well, his hips rocking back and forth in a gentle motion.

Yohji’s hips began to move as well, his body all too eager for what was to come. The hand clutching Ran’s hip trembled; he began to caress his lover’s back, fingertips gliding over sweat-slick, smooth skin. Ran’s body slowly opened to him, muscles relaxing as the fingers of his right hand scissored apart again and again. When he decided that his lover was properly prepared, he hooked those fingers and pressed them in deep.

"Ah!" Ran’s left hand smacked against Yohji’s chest for support as he suddenly leaned forward, his ass thrust backwards as if to take Yohji’s fingers in even deeper. He bit into his bottom lip, his eyes darkening with passion as he stared intently at Yohji. When Yohji pulled his fingers free, Ran sighed and hung his head forward, his hair falling in teasing strands against Yohji’s skin.

Brushing aside some of that hair with his left hand so he could see his lover’s face, Yohji smiled and pressed against the small of Ran’s back to urge him forward. "You are so gorgeous, Ayan," he whispered, as always utterly amazed that he had someone as beautiful and loving as Ran in his life.

Ran gave him a shaky smile in return and straightened up. "Not as much as you, Yohji," Ran replied and grasped the root of Yohji’s cock. "You make me want you so much." As he spoke, he began to lower himself, inhaling sharply when the tip of Yohji’s cock pushed inside.

Yohji stopped breathing for a moment as Ran sunk onto him, at the feel of all that heat and tightness that slowly surrounded his cock until Ran’s ass rested against his thighs. They were both still for several seconds, Yohji’s hands once more gripping Ran’s hips and Ran’s curled up on Yohji’s belly as they stared at each other, their emotions clearly expressed on their faces. There was no need for Yohji to tell Ran how much he loved him, not out loud.

Besides, he couldn’t exactly string three words together when Ran started to move, raising up a few inches to sink down again, his body drawing Yohji’s cock into squeezing warmth. His mind shut down from so many wonderful sensations, determined to fully enjoy them all as pleasure burned through his body. Each time Ran moved, that pleasure shot from his cock to all through his nerves, making him tremble and pant. He barely had the sense to grab hold of his lover’s cock and slowly pump it, unwilling to speed things along faster than they were already going. Moments like this were to be savored.

As that ecstasy pooled inside him, growing stronger and hotter with each heartbeat, he rocked his hips and stroked Ran’s cock, sharing in the pleasure they gave each other. All that mattered was how good he could make Ran feel, how often he could move just *so* and make his lover shudder and gasp. Each time that happened, he was affected too, by the sight of his gorgeous lover and the feel of Ran’s body tightening around him. He’d pause a second to catch his breath and do it again, wanting to prove with his actions how much he adored his lover.

"So… so…." He gave up on what he was trying to stutter when Ran leaned forward for a kiss, sucking gently on Yohji’s bottom lip before he slanted his mouth on top of Yohji’s. It was more along the lines of mutual panting and the brush of lips together by that point, both of them too far along and fighting for breath from all the pleasure. His thrusts speeding up despite his wishes to keep things slow, Yohji found his world narrowing down to pure, searing ecstasy. The emotion grew so intense, so overwhelming, and his only thought was to share it with his lover, to drag Ran along with him. As his balls began to tighten, his strokes to Ran’s cock grew almost harsh from the increased speed and grip.

Ran’s body stiffened and he arched his back, crying out not from pain but pleasure. Yohji forced himself not to stop, even when he was gasping for air and drowning in that sharp and biting ecstasy. It was a struggle against himself as well as all that pleasure, one he was quickly losing. Then Ran’s body tightened almost painfully around his cock and the battle was lost to a wave of pure sensation.

They lay on the bed for several minutes, Ran curled up on Yohji’s chest and Yohji’s arms wrapped tightly around him. When Yohji finally felt the inclination to say anything, he kissed the top of his lover’s head and chuckled. "You do naughty very, *very* well, love."

"Thank you," Aya whispered, and returned the kiss against Yohji’s right collarbone. Then he shifted enough so his chin rested on Yohji’s sternum and they could see each other.

Brushing aside the hair that hid his lover’s face from view, Yohji smiled in appreciation. "So, not that I’m complaining, but what brought this on today? And can we be naughty more often?" he asked, excitement and hope bright in his voice.

Ran’s smile was a thing of beauty, of contentment and love. "I realized last night how tired we both were and that we haven’t had any time alone for several days. So I told the staff that we were taking the day off, and asked Sana to see if her sister-in-law would be willing to help out today. If things go well, she’ll be hired." Ran trailed his fingers along the left side of Yohji’s face. "One of Ayumi’s friends mentioned that she wouldn’t mind working the register and earning a little extra money, too."

Hell must have frozen over, as the saying here went, because Ran had willingly taken a day off work *and* was hiring more people without Yohji and Ayumi having to beat him over the head. Filled with joy at the thought that he’d be able to have more mornings like this with his lover, Yohji gave Aya an enthusiastic squeeze. "I love you, Ayan."

"You better," Ran replied, sounding surly even though he was still smiling. "You’re a terrible influence."

"Nope, I’m a *great* influence," Yohji crowed. "I’ll make you into a proper kitsune yet!" They snuggled for a couple of minutes, his right hand caressing Ran’s back and combing through tangled long hair. "So, morning in bed, fantastic sex; what’s next?"

Ran rubbed his right cheek against Yohji’s chest before he answered. "I’m thinking a nice, long soak in the tub and then we’ll raid the kitchen. The weather’s supposed to be nice so we’ll head out for a couple of bottles of wine and something that we can bring back to the room and spend the night here." He wrinkled his nose at Yohji. "You have indeed been a terrible influence on me, you know."

"But you still love me, don’t you?"

"Yes, Yohji, or you’d be stuck working right now," Ran teased. Then his expression turned serious. "I do love you." The words were softly spoken but not lacking any sincerity.

Yohji felt so content at that moment that he once again wondered if he was dreaming. Ran’s plans for the day sounded fantastic; the best part was being able to spend it all with his lover.

"Of course you love, me, it can’t be helped," he said after a moment’s silent. "Us kitsune are irresistible."

When Ran groaned and went to whap him on the chest, Yohji laughed and rolled them over until Ran was beneath him, then commenced to kiss his lover breathless. Ran was doing pretty good for a beginner; now it was time for an expert to show him how to be properly naughty.


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