Domestic Bliss I


There was only the faintest hint of light through the bedroom window when Roy drifted awake. He felt very warm and content, felt weighted downÖ and slowly realized that all of those sensations were because of his lover draped over him. He still had to get used to the fact that Ed was back, as he always did after Ed returned from an assignment. It usually took him a few days to adjust, and his lover would usually stay just long enough for him to become utterly used to sleeping with a person who believed in cuddling then would go off once more and leave him cold and alone in bed.

But right now, Ed was home and should be for the next few weeks barring any disasters or urgent missions. Roy planned to thoroughly enjoy the time for as long as it lasted, even if theyíd be at each otherís throats in another week or two. While the amount of fights increased the longer they were together, there was definitely something to be said for make-up sexÖ.

Heíd just begun to stroke his right hand through his loverís long hair when the alarm went off. Grumbling about the missed opportunity for some morning sex, he quickly turned off the alarm and sighed. During the commotion, Ed had shifted into the warm spot Roy had just moved from, which left Roy at the edge of the bed. For a moment he entertained ideas of trying to tickle his lover awake but then remembered what had happened the last time heíd done that. Not in the mood for a black eye, he sighed wistfully and merely tucked back a strand of hair that covered Edís face.

There was a twinge ofÖ something as he reflected on how young Ed always appeared when he was sleeping. It couldnít be guilt because no matter what their age differences, Ed wouldnít be here if this relationship wasnít something that he wanted. If anything, Roy had the distinct impression that *he* had been the one who had been taken advantage of back when this thing had started. He certainly hadnít thought to potentially ruin his grand plan to become Fuhrer by dating a male State Alchemist, let alone living with him. Ed had done something to change his mindÖ but to this day he couldnít quite figure out what and had decided it might be best not to ever know.

Unwilling to destroy Edís peaceful expression, he allowed himself a lingering caress along his loverís face and left shoulder before he forced himself to start getting ready for work. He gathered up his robe and went to take a shower, and stood beneath the hot water for several minutes while sternly ignoring his morning erection. After a while his cock realized that they werenít going back to bed and have sex with Ed and admitted defeat, then he began to clean himself in earnest. Besides, he reminded himself, it wasnít like great sex this early in the day would have been a given - not when Ed could be an utter bastard at being woken up.

He forced his thoughts from his sleeping lover and bodyís demands and concentrated on getting ready for the day. There were a few meetings on his agenda and he was sure that there would be a huge stack of paperwork awaiting him. For a moment he wanted to do nothing more than to curl back up in bed but that wasnít an option. Hawkeye would just drag him into the office and give him even more work to teach him a lesson. Besides, he had to show up and keep an eye on things Ė it seemed that some of his fellow officers would try and get things past him whenever Ed had returned to Central, probably on the hopes that he would be too distracted or Ďcall in sickí.

After toweling off from his shower, he quietly returned to the bedroom to get dressed. Ed was still curled up on Royís side of the bed, little more than a tangled mess of blond hair and a bit of a metal hand that poked out from the bedding. Doing his best not to wake his lover, Roy quickly dressed in his uniform and then made his way to the kitchen.

Mrs. Jansen was already at work and so there was a fresh pot of coffee on the stove and a plate of pancakes and bacon awaiting him on the table. After filling up his mug and drinking several mouthfuls of the delicious coffee, he sat down, unfolded the newspaper set beside the plate of food and enjoyed his breakfast. The housekeeper stopped by the kitchen once while he ate, her arms full of dirty clothes, and inquired about what heíd like to have for dinner that night. Roy thought about the matter for a few seconds and then told her to ask Ed. He really couldnít care less what they had as long as it was good and warm. Mrs. Jansen nodded in understanding and then continued with her work, a quiet presence who restored much needed order to the house. He mentally patted himself on the back in congratulations for hiring her and resumed his breakfast.

Once the food was gone and the paper skimmed for any interesting articles, he set the empty plate in the sink and once more filled up his mug with the hot coffee. It was while he leaned against the kitchen counter and enjoyed his drink that Ed showed up, wonderfully rumpled and tousled, his hair sticking up everywhere and Royís robe threatening to fall down from his shoulders. Biting back on a comment about how Ed should try and wear clothes that actually fit him, he slowly refilled his mug and waited patiently.

Ed seemed distracted by the scent of food but after a few sniffs and a rub to his half-open eyes, he shuffled toward Roy. Once there, he carefully grabbed the full cup of coffee and leaned against his lover as he drank. Mindful of his uniform, Roy slowly wrapped his arms around his boyfriend and just held him for a couple of minutes, not saying a word while Ed finished the coffee.

Once the drink was done, Ed seemed to have finally woken up. He stood on his toes to press a wet kiss against Royís mouth and then handed over the empty mug. For his part, Roy reluctantly let go of his lover and decided to have a little more coffee before work.

"So, youíre up early," he said in a conversational tone while Ed tracked down the very full plate of pancakes that had been left out for him.

"Hmm, well I wanted to spend some time at the library before it got too crowded so I decided to get up now." Looking like a kid who had been given free rein of a candy storeís entire inventory, Ed licked his lips as he poured an ungodly amount of syrup on top of his breakfast. Roy winced at the thought of that much sugar and sipped his coffee.

"Do you want a ride into town, then?" he asked, and got a vigorous nod from Ed, who was too busy shoveling pancakes into his mouth to answer. While his lover literally inhaled his breakfast, Roy enjoyed his cup of coffee. "Iíll go finish getting ready and then wait for you in the car."

"Okay," Ed replied as he scraped his fork over the plate to collect the last of the syrup. "Itíll just take me a few minutes." He eyed the plate as if about to hold it up and lick it clean.

There he sat, the great Fullmetal Alchemist. Roy held back on an amused snort as he made his way to the table. One of their countryís greatest heroes, beloved by the common man and he couldnít start his day without being hyped up on sugar and caffeine, he thought as he leaned toward his lover. Thoroughly amused, he leaned forward to place a kiss against Edís check.

His lover quickly turned and wrapped his arms around Royís neck. "Good morning to you, too," he murmured against Royís lips and then gave him a proper kiss, one sweetened by the maple syrup and fervent enough to send sparks of passion coursing through Royís body. Once again, he wanted nothing more than to spend the day in bed with Ed but the sound of a door closing somewhere on the first floor reminded him that it wasnít a good idea. He reluctantly pulled away, lips sticky from the kiss, and sighed. "Why couldnít you have woken up half an hour ago?" he asked with genuine regret.

"Because I want to go to the library this morning, not spend it in bed," Ed pointed out with a wry grin.

"I donít know, I was thinking that yourÖ youthful Ďenthusiasmí would make sure that we didnít spend too much time there," Roy remarked, and had to smile when Edís face darkened in anger. "Weíd barely run late, in fact," he couldnít resist adding.

Ed pushed him away and then stood up. "Right, well, I guess *I* was taking into account your advanced age and figured youíd need lots of time to recover, asshole." Not bothering to pick up his dirty plate, he stormed out of the room, his metal foot loud against the wooden floors.

Roy watched him go with an amused smile on his face and then cleaned up after his lover. Once that was done, he cautiously went upstairs to the bathroom. Ed was in the middle of taking a shower so he quickly brushed his teeth and combed his hair before he returned to the kitchen, picked up the newspaper and pulled on his dark coat. Opening the front door, he wasnít surprised at all to find a sergeant at attention standing beside a parked car, waiting for him. He nodded to the young man and informed him that there would be one more passenger who should arrive shortly. Letting the sergeant open the door for him, he slid onto the back seat and opened the paper.

He had just finished one of the articles that had piqued his interest at breakfast and had started on another when Ed finally arrived. His hair damp and a not very promising scowl in his face, he plopped down on the carís back seat as far from Roy as he could manage. Giving his lover a knowing smile, Roy returned to reading the paper. The dayís first argument went in his favor, and now Ed should be ticked off enough at him to actually remember him during his stay at the library. That should ensure that Ed showed up for dinner tonight, probably spoiling for a rematch, and didnít spend the entire day reading old books. He just hoped that Mrs. Jansen had a chance to ask Ed about dinner before heíd left the house.

It was a quiet ride to work, and the driver dropped him off first. Resisting the impulse to kiss his lover goodbye, both for the fact that they were in public and that Ed would most likely hit him for doing so, Roy gave his lover a slight bow as he left the car. Ed must have expected some sort of parting shot and frowned in return, clearly perplexed by his actions. Satisfied that Ed would now definitely think about him during the day, he turned around and headed for his office.


"Sir, the Fusion Alchemist is here to see you," Hawkeye informed him, her voice perfectly smooth as usual. But Roy did notice her glance at the pile of paperwork on his desk and the slight twitch of her lips at its greatly reduced state. There were hopes that she was pleased enough with his work to possibly fetch him a cup of coffee and maybe scare away anyone who dropped by unexpected to talk to him, which was why heíd worked so diligently the past hour and a half. Once he got this stupid meeting out of the way, heíd do his best to finish the paperwork and then maybe even leave work a few minutes early.

"Thank you, Major," he said as he reached out to tap his pen against his empty coffee mug. This time it was definitely a quickly smothered smile that curved Hawkeyeís lips and with a slight nod she informed him that sheíd picked up on his very subtle request. It was the vision of hot, delicious coffee that enabled him to meet one of the Stateís newest alchemists so warmly. Heíd manage through the inane discussion required of him and then be able to enjoy a short coffee break.

"Good afternoon, sir. Uhm, I mean Brigadier General Mustang, sir." Walter Adams, now known as the Fusion Alchemist, stuttered out the greeting and flushed a deep red. He stood there in front of Royís desk, hat in hand and silver pocket watch hanging from the front of his brown suit coat. "Or should I call you the Flame Alchemist, sir?"

Refusing to allow himself to sigh out loud, Roy motioned toward the chair closest to his desk. "Which ever you prefer, Mr. Adams," he replied and carefully set aside the few papers that lay scattered in front of him. "When in private, I donít stand much on formality."

"Ah, thank you, sir." Adams bobbed his head and took his seat. "I must admit that itís a pleasure to meet you."

So the man had told him back during the practical part of the State Alchemistís exam. Adams wasnít a very physically impressive man, but not unattractive. Quite honestly, Roy was surprised that Adams had managed to win that seemingly precious pocket watch that he was unconsciously stroking right now. There had been brighter and more talented candidates, but then again, Adams had chosen an interesting field of alchemy to pursue.

"Thank you," he told the man and even bowed his head slightly. "How are you adjusting to your new title? Is there anything that you need assistance with that I might be able to provide?" he asked, a little more directly than was his style but he wanted this meeting to be finished quickly. More than likely, Adams was here to pay his respects and to try and arrange a future offer of aid, just as previous newly titled State Alchemists had done in the past. Only Ed had skipped the formality.

Adams seemed to realize that he was fidgeting with his new pocket watch and quickly stopped. His face flush once more, he nodded. "Ah, yes, sir. I mean, thereís something that I would like your assistance with, if you donít mind." He straightened up in the chair and lost his faint stutter. "You see, my research this past year has involved chemically charging certain elements and metals. Imagine steel that could possess a magnetic trait whenever you willed it to be, or the more flexible nature of aluminum with but the activation of a small array." He leaned forward, his brown eyes bright and entire demeanor focused as he discussed the research that had helped land him his new title. "The possibilities are endless."

"Iím well aware of that fact, Mr. Adams," Roy said in a calm voice. He was also aware that Adams hadnít quite managed such a feat although he came close enough in his research to warrant some interest from the Military. "What Iím not very clear of at the moment is how I can assist you in your research. Do you need some help in managing your research grant or in finding suitable quarters?" If so, he could foist the man onto Breda and then enjoy his well-earned break.

Shaking his head, Adams rested his hands on his knees and leaned forward a little more. "No, sir. The reason Iím here is because Iíve been informed that the Fullmetal Alchemist reports directly to you. Iíd like to meet him, sir."

Mention of Ed made Roy stop playing discreetly with his pen and to devote his full attention to his guest. "The Fullmetal Alchemist?" he asked, and forced his voice to remain smooth. "Iím sorry, Mr. Adams, but Iím at a loss. How do you think that Fullmetal would be able to assist you in your research? Or do you just wish to meet the man?" He was wary of Adams now, left to wonder of Ed had another fan who wanted to discuss alchemy or thank him in person for some foolish act. Ed didnít handle people fawning over him very well, not for the past few years.

"I need to discuss some important matters with him, you see," Adams began to explain, his eyes bright with excitement as he almost bounced up and down in his seat. "My latest researchÖ wellÖ." He stuttered for a moment and then seemed to regain his composure. "Iím interested in his research into the Philosopherís Stone, Brigadier General. From the little Iíve heard, heís the best expert around on the subject. Imagine what I could do if I infused the values of that stone Ė even an incomplete one Ė with several different elements or metals." There was true fervor in his voice, the light that shone in his eyes. "But I understand itís very difficult to gain an audience with him." The light dimmed somewhat as Adams shifted back a little in the chair. "I, ah, Iíve written to him a few times but he never responded, but maybe now that Iím a State Alchemist as wellÖ."

The fingers of his hands intertwined in front of him, Roy resisted the urge to order Adams out of his office. If it wasnít bad enough that the man wanted to talk to Ed about a subject that he never willingly shared with anyone but Roy and Al, then there was the fact that Adams hadnít seemed to have gotten Edís hint that he wanted to be left alone.

He cleared his throat and thought about the most diplomatic way he could go about turning down Adamís request. "Iím sorry, Mr. Adams, but Fullmetal doesnít discuss his findings with anyone. Heís too afraid of the research being misused." And with just cause. Not even Roy pressed him on his latest findings, although Ed seemed more determined to bury whatever knowledge he found related to the Philosopherís Stone than to uncover any new facts. Ed had promised his brother to keep looking for a humane, non-lethal way to create the stone so Al could restore his body but it was no longer the all-encompassing goal that it had been a few years ago. Now, Ed just seemed to want to prevent any future abuses or atrocities done in quest of the stone.

Which meant that heíd have Royís hide if he set the idiot before him on Ed. And while Roy truly did enjoy their fights, he wasnít stupid enough to start one on this matter. Not something so serious, that had caused his lover so much pain. There would be no fun at all in that.

Adams stared at him for a moment and then cleared his throat. "Iím sorry, sir, but I truly do need to speak to him about this matter. I presented my ideas on the subject already, and there are several interested parties pushing me to advance my studies. General Schmaeder has informed me to spare no expense on my research, and General Hakuro said that you would be more than willing to assist me."

Grateful that heíd removed his gloves when heíd started on the pile of paperwork, Roy spared a few seconds of thought on burning Adams to a crisp and then tracking down Hakuro to do the same to that meddling bastard. He waited for the homicidal urge to pass before he answered his guest. "Iím perfectly willing to aid you in whatever manner is possible, but you must understand that while Fullmetal reports to me, he is notÖ entirely under my authority." He watched Adams carefully as he spoke to judge the manís reactions.

While it certainly was no military secret who he lived with and in what regard, it wasnít quite public knowledge that Ed was his lover. In another week or twoís time he expected Havoc to tell him some stupid story or another of how the newest State Alchemists found out about their relationship, which someone always seemed to delight in being the first to break the news. There was a good chance that Adams had no clue that Roy dealt with Ed off duty as well as on, and he would use that ignorance to his advantage for as long as it lasted.

Judging from the put-out frown on Adamsí face, heíd go out on a limb and say that the man thought that he was addressing just Fullmetalís superior officer. "Sir, itís very important that I speak to him on this matter. Isnít there any way you couldÖ wellÖ order him?" He had the grace to appear flustered as he stuttered to a finish.

No, the man could not know very much about the famous Fullmetal Alchemist if he thought that Ed could be bullied by orders. His composure mostly restored, he offered his guest a sad smile. "I can order Fullmetal to meet with you, but I donít have the authority to order him to reveal his studies to you if he doesnít wish to do so." State Alchemists could only be forced by the Fuhrerís command, which Roy seriously doubted would happen. He and Ed werenít the only ones who didnít want knowledge about the Philosopherís Stone shared about. "Iím sorry, but General Hakuro should have informed you of this fact before he sent you to me." Not that the bastard general had cared, most likely. As with anything that involved Roy, he was very disproving of Ed and his relationship.

"I see, sir." Adams bowed his head slightly and rose from his seat. "If you would kindly set up a meeting between me and the Fullmetal Alchemist, I shall do my best to make him see the importance of my research."

Roy nodded and unfolded his hands so he could pick up a pen and pretend to make a note. "Iíll need some time to check with his schedule. He just returned from a very arduous assignment a couple of days ago and is currently on break." He managed to say that with a straight face, even at the thought of how Adams would react when he found out that Roy spoke to Ed on a daily basis.

"Iíll be back in two days time, Brigadier General." Adams bowed again and then seemed to lose his composure, to once again turn into an unsure young man. "Ah, is there anything I should know before I meet him, sir? Some sort of gift that he might like?"

Eyes narrowing at the thought of someone giving Ed a gift, Roy quickly shook his head. "I donít think that will be necessary, Mr. Adams. FullmetalÖ is a very simple man." From the outer office he heard a sharp bark of laughter that was quickly stifled, and assumed that Havoc at the very least was eavesdropping on the conversation. "Heís not the type to be swayed by fancy presents." Not as much as he would by an offer of a free meal, Roy thought darkly.

"Yes, sir. Thank you, sir." His right hand once more on his pocket watch, Adams seemed torn between bowing and saluting. Settling on doing both, he took a quick step backwards. "Thank you for your assistance, Brigadier General Mustang. I look forward to seeing you soon." He stumbled a little when he turned to leave, and Roy suppressed the impulse to pull on his gloves and give the man incentive to leave that much quicker.

His head resting on his hands, he let out a slow sigh when the door opened almost immediately after Adamsí departure to admit Hawkeye, a steaming mug in her hand. He perked up at the thought of coffee and straightened in his chair. "Please tell me that I donít have any more appointments today," he said, a hint of a whine in his voice.

Hawkeye shook her head as she set down the cup of deliciously smelling coffee. "No, sir. I thinkÖ once you finish your paperwork there should be nothing else that needs your attention for the day." Her voice was soft as she handed out the reprieve. She waited for him to have a sip of coffee before she continued. "Edward wonít be very happy," she pointed out, and he knew better than to even mention anything about eavesdropping.

"No, he wonít but this time itís Hakuroís fault. Iíve no doubt that heís the one who sicced Adams on the both of us." He glared at his coffee for a moment. "But as I told that idiot, thereís no way Ed can be forced to divulge his research short of the Fuhrerís order. The only question is, how many bones will he break in trying to convince Adams that he doesnít want to Ďshareí." That thought managed to cheer him up almost as much as the coffee. Oh, sure, heíd be reprimanded for not keeping Ed on a shorter leash but being beloved by the people had its benefits and Ed wouldnít be too badly censured. Maybe Roy could make his punishment be no assignments for a couple of months....

"I think Mr. Adams will be very lucky to get off with just a few broken bones." Hawkeyeís amused voice shook him from his thoughts, and he was amazed to see the amused smile on her face. "Edward has gotten a lot tougher in the last year or so, and much better at fighting dirty. Mr. Adams doesnít stand a chance, sir." She gave him a curt nod and a pointed stare at the paperwork before she quietly left the room.

He sat there, mug raised halfway to his mouth, and tried to figure out if heíd been insulted or complemented. Knowing Hawkeye, it was probably a mixture of both.


Upon entering his house, Roy quickly shed his coat and then made his way to the kitchen. Something smelled *wonderful*. In the kitchen he found the table set with a huge meatloaf, bowls of mashed potatoes, seasoned cabbage and peas, and a loaf of crisp bread. Mrs. Jansen was in the process of removing something from the oven, which turned out to be a cherry pie if his nose wasnít lying to him.

"Mrs. Jansen, I must sincerely ask that you once again consider my request for your hand in marriage," he said in a slow drawl and claimed her right hand once it was free of the pie. He bowed over it and kissed the air right above it.

The quiet woman actually giggled at his attentions. "Iím terribly sorry, sir, but Iíve the suspicion that you adore me only for my cooking and so I must turn you down again." He clutched at his heart as if wounded by her refusal, and won another laugh. "Besides, I think that someone might object to such a union." A very becoming blush spread across her freckled cheeks.

Done flirting for the moment, Roy nodded in understanding and glanced around the room. "And where might that someone be?" He half expected to find Ed already sitting at the table in anticipation for dinner, and had to wonder if heíd be sending someone to fetch his lover from the library.

"Heís up inÖ your room reading," Mrs. Jansen informed him, the pause very noticeable. She seemed to be adjusting to the fact that her employers were a couple of perverts Ė perverts who paid well, at that. "Would you like me to let him know that dinnerís ready?"

He shook his head and began to unbutton his uniformís jacket. "Thereís no need, Iíll go do it myself. You can go home for the night, Mrs. Jansen, we can manage the dishes and leftovers for once." In a generous mood since heíd been released a little early from work himself, he smiled as he made the earnest offer.

Mrs. Jansen paused for a moment and then returned his smile. "Thank you, sir. If you want, you can just leave them to soak in the sink overnight, and Iíll wash them in the morning." She quickly removed her apron and set it on the coat rack that hung by the kitchen door. "I suggest that you donít eat the pie for at least twenty minutes to give it some time to cool as itís fresh from the oven." When he nodded in understanding, she wished him a good night and hurried out of the house.

He took one more deep breath of the wonderful aromas that filled the room and went in search of his lover. Along the way, he unbuttoned his jacket and pulled it off to drape it over his shoulder. It didnít take him long to reach the bedroom, and once there he found Ed sprawled out on the rug in front of the roomís fireplace, at least ten books and numerous sheets of paper scattered all around him.

Roy drank in the sight for a moment and then went to the armoire to hang up his jacket. "A good day at the library?" he asked, and turned around in time to see Ed blink at him in a dazed manner.

"Huh? Oh, yeah." Ed glanced down at the books and then sat up on the floor. "You could say that. I think I might have found something that can help Al with his copper problem." He waggled the fingers of his left hand for a moment. "Or at least point him in the right direction. He understands the medical stuff better than I do."

Which was saying quite a lot since Ed spent a fair amount of his research time on Alís quest. When he wasnít looking for any information he could find on the Philosopherís Stone or in creating and unmaking chimera, he could be found nose deep in medical texts. "Thatís very good to hear, Ed," he commented in a dry voice. "May I just add that I hope you wonít be reckless enough to provide your brother with an excuse to put that newly gained knowledge to use any time soon?" He allowed just the slightest bit of edge to creep into his voice. Al still barely talked to him since Edís last grand act of stupidity a couple of months ago.

Ed picked up on what he alluded to and glared. "I told you that I wouldnít do anything that stupid again, you thick-headed bastard." Now if that wasnít the pot calling the kettle black, Roy didnít know what was but he remained quiet as he pulled off the rest of his uniform. Ed continued to glare at him for a moment longer and with a loud snort of derision, returned his attention to the book in front of him.

Once he was dressed in a pair of comfortable old slacks and an old sweater, Roy walked over to his lover and squatted so they could be almost of eye level. "Are you going to be at this all night or would you like to join me in enjoying the wonderful meal that Mrs. Jansen prepared for us?" He couldnít resist reaching out to run his fingers through the long fall of blond hair over Edís left shoulder. His lover had only pulled his hair back into a loose ponytail tonight.

Seeming to forget about his anger, Ed snapped his attention from the book to Roy with a pleased smile. "Dinnerís ready? Did she make meatloaf?"

"Yes, and a cherry pie as well." Roy laughed when Ed swallowed suddenly, as if to prevent himself from drooling. "Itís cooling off as we speak."

"Give me a minute to sort these," Ed mumbled, and set to work making organized piles of the books and notes. Knowing better than to interfere, Roy remained crouched beside his lover. "So, how was your day, today?" Ed asked.

Ed must have been paying him more attention than he thought because he seemed to catch Royís quick grimace. "That bad, eh? Someone finally call you out on being such an officious, treacherous bastard?" Ed taunted.

There didnít seem to be a good time to break the news to his lover, and Ed deserved it after that comment. "No, it was a rather quiet day except for the fact that the new Fusion Alchemist paid me a visit." Ed didnít seem to express much interest in a fellow alchemist and just grunted as he finished sorting the books. "General Hakuro sent him to me so I could assist him in his request." Waiting for Edís attention, he paused until his lover looked up at him. "He wants to meet with you. Iím sorry, Ed, but youíll have to do that."

The frown just then on his loverís face usually had him scrambling for his gloves or shelter, oftentimes both. "Fuck you, I donít have to be social on your say-so or Hakuroís," Ed muttered.

Resting his hands on Edís shoulders, he gave them a slight shake. "Iím sorry to be the one to inform you of this fact, but yes, you do. Meet with him, at the least. I donít care if you sit and glare at him for an hour or two, but heís requested to meet you and since heís a State Alchemist, you have to comply."

"So many stupid rules, no wonder you like the military." Ed glared at him for a few seconds longer and then sighed. "He can buy me lunch then and have the pleasure of watching me eat." His brow furrowed as he reached up to push aside his long bangs. "Uhm, why does he want to meet me? Did I raze his hometown or something?"

"Thereís a rather strong possibility you did just that, considering your track record but no." Roy enjoyed his loverís pissed off look for a moment before he confessed. "He wants to talk to you about the Philosopherís Stone. Something about fusing it or an incomplete version to other elements, Iím sorry to say that I didnít pay him much attention." He decided to get it over with and shared his dark thoughts on the matter. "Iím willing to bet that he was made a State Alchemist because his theories have military applications." At Edís continuing silence, he tried to make the situation a little better. "You have to meet with him, but you donít have to discuss your research, I told him so myself. So just go, be your usually charming self and eat through half of his research budget before you turn him down." In a fit of munificence, he didnít give Ed permission to break the idiotís arms or something else. Adams now owed him one Ė not that he thought that Ed couldnít think up such an action by himself.

The ferocious glare from Ed was to be expected, but he hadnít counted on him being so quiet for so long. To jump up and start ranting and raving about Adams and the stupid military, yes, loud enough to make Royís ears ache for the night, but not this silence. When he opened his mouth to say something, Edís anger began to crumble. "Another idiot," Ed mumbled and lifted his left hand to rub his eyes. "When are people gonna learn itís just not worth it?"

Roy wasnít sure what he was supposed to say, not after all the blood that Ed had shed over his own pursuit of the cursed object, of all the lives lost along the way. There was a sharp pang as he recalled Maesí face, quickly pushed aside so he could focus on his lover. "EdÖ Iím sorry, I really am. I tried to turn him down but he pulled Hakuroís rank on me."

"Ö Iím sure you did, Roy." Edís hand dropped down to his lap, and in the next few seconds Roy was treated to a very rare sight. In his loverís large, expressive eyes he saw pain, heartache and sorrow, the emotions much too powerful to belong to someone so young. The expression on Edís face was utter exhaustion and regret, his golden skin made pallid by the emotions. And then it was over as quickly as it happened, a mercurial shift from those stark emotions to anger once again. "Great, now I have to have lunch with an idiot. Thanks."

"What can I say, Iíll do anything to get out of feeding you," Roy teased, determined to dispel the remnants of the serious mood that still clung to his lover. To make Ed frown or glare or smile, anything to bring light back into his beautiful gold eyes. Yet as shaken as he was to have seen those emotions, that weakness, he was touched as well. Theyíd never quite managed to say ĎI love youí to each other, not in words at least. Maybe it just wasnít in their nature. But as long as Ed would let his guard down as heíd just done, would allow Roy that glimpse of his truest emotions, then the words didnít need to be spoken. And some night, maybe a cold, rainy one or after a visit to Gracia and Alicia, Roy would break down the slightest bit and show Ed his own pain and inner demons, and Ed would be just as assured. But not now. "Though I bet after ten minutes of seeing your eating habits, heíll run scared from the restaurant."

Ah, that seemed to dispel the last of his loverís darkness and despair. "Fuck off, Roy. Youíre probably just upset that he doesnít want to speak to you but to the famous Fullmetal Alchemist." Edís chest puffed out in pride. "Iím ten times the alchemist youíll ever be, make that a hundred," he scoffed.

Roy merely smiled in return. "Iíd agree Ė if your talent was anywhere near as big as your ego, that is. Then all of us State Alchemists could retire and leave everything up to you."

Ed made a disparaging and incorrect comment on the state of his birth and then yanked him down for a kiss. More than happy to oblige, Roy savored the moment, the way Ed growled when he began to toy with the tie that held back the long blond hair, the way Edís anger expressed itself in the way he tried to dominate the kiss. Hands buried in his loverís hair, Roy maneuvered the two of them toward the bed Ė and came to a sudden halt at the sound of paper being crinkled.

Pulling away, Ed frowned as he grabbed at the piece of paper heíd just kneeled upon. "Great, seven hours of work ruined by your hormones." He glared at Roy and made a shooing motion. "Go downstairs, Iíll join you in a minute."

"All right, thatíll give me a chance to actually grab something to eat before you inhale it all," Roy teased, his grin growing wider in the face of Edís potent glare. "Did I mention the cherry pie for dessert?" He just adored the way Edís eyes glazed over just then, and the frenetic way he began to sort through the remaining papers and books.

Strolling toward the steps, he wasnít surprised when Ed caught up with him before he set foot on the top one. "Too slow, old man," Ed taunted as he raced past, a cocky grin on his face.

"I just happen to believe in youth before beauty," he replied back and didnít pick up his pace. This way he wouldnít have to risk being jabbed by Edís fork as they fought over the food. Mrs. Jansen had quickly learned to make lots of food, both to make sure that there was enough for dinner and something left over for Ed to snack upon later. As Roy made his way to the kitchen, he thought about what might happen if Edís metabolism ever slowed down and shuddered in horror.

It was no big surprise to find Ed already halfway through a plate covered with meatloaf, potatoes, cabbage and peas by the time he reached the table, and he didnít have to fight to serve himself some food.

Meals together tended to be quiet affairs, as Ed was much too busy eating to bother talking and Roy knew better than to even try to instigate a conversation. Ed had a rather nasty habit of talking with his mouth full, after all. So it tended to be one of the few quiet moments they had together when awake, unless they were busy reading. At times Roy just had to smile at howÖ domestic a scene it was, and then heíd glance over at Ed and see his lover shoveling in food as if heíd been starved for ten years, most often a bright gleam in his eyes as he mentally continued whatever argument that had been put on hold during the meal and he didnít think that Ďdomesticí quite summed it up. There was probably a very good reason why theyíd ended up together (Hawkeye had pointedly commented once that there was no woman on the entire planet who could live with either of them without resorting to attempted homicide within a year, and heíd heard Winry make a similar comment during one of her visits). And, as usual when his thoughts took such a turn, he purposely turned them again onto another topic.

It wasnít long before they both were full, even with Edís amazing stomach capacity. Besides, with being able to smell the cherry pie that cooled on top of the stove, he was sure that they both had saved room for dessert. "You take care of the leftovers, Iíll get the dishes soaking," he told his lover.

"Mmmm, meatloaf sandwiches tomorrow." Ed smacked his lips and got to work. "Nothing better, I swear. We still have some mustard, right?" he asked, and hurried to check the icebox. There must have been a jar of the condiment as he uttered a happy little sigh and finished wrapping up the food. "Iíll run out in the morning to fetch a loaf of bread." As he carried the dishes to the sink for Roy to rinse off, he gently elbowed him in the ribs. "Think you can get away from work for a little bit? The solariumís halfway between the library and the office."

"Itís a date," Roy said, just to see Ed wrinkle his nose at the ĎDí word. Hawkeye had informed him before he left that he had a meeting first thing in the morning but then the rest of his day should be free, and he was entitled to a lunch break. "Iíll bring us something to drink."

"Great." Ed leaned against him a minute, slid his arm around Royís waist and gave him a quick hug. Then he spoiled the tender moment by opening his big mouth. "How long does it take you to rinse off some dishes? Hurry up, I want some pie."

Barely resisting the urge to splash water onto his lover (the last time that had happened the kitchen had been flooded by the end of their fight), Roy did as he was told. "Thereís a thing called patience, Ed. Maybe the next time youíre at the library, you can look it up." That got him a stuck-out tongue, and before he even realized it, he was leaning forward to suck it into his mouth. But before he even got halfway, Ed whirled around and grabbed the pie.

"Get some ice cream on the way home from work tomorrow, okay? The only thing better than cherry pie is cherry pie with vanilla ice cream." Ed set the dessert on the table and then glanced around for some silverware. When he didnít see any, Roy swore he shifted his hands closer, together as if to transmute something into a knife. Mostly likely his metal hand. No matter how much older he got, there was a part of Ed that never grew up.

Roy left the dishes alone and opened up the silverware drawer. "Here, use this knife instead. The last thing I want to hear is Winry screaming at you about how cherry filling ended up in your automail."

"I wasnít going to use my arm to cut the pie," Ed mumbled, but the pink spots on his cheeks belied that statement.

Knowing that it was best to remain silent at a time like this, Roy merely spared his lover a knowing look and pulled the pie toward him. "Let me cut it, you always end up mangling the thing."

"You just want to make sure you get a bigger piece than me," Ed sniffed as he hovered near Royís chair.

"You know, Ed, not everyone thinks with their stomach as much as you do," he replied as he served a large piece of pie onto a plate.

There was a rather loud snort of derision from Ed. "No, there are the people like you who think with just their cocks."

Roy blinked at the comment for a moment, and as Ed frowned over the fact that he had stopped cutting the pie, he reached out for his lover and dragged him onto his lap. "Funny, I donít recall you ever complaining about that," he commented. Meanwhile, Edís struggles to get free began to awaken that certain part of his anatomy.

"Youíre a sick old man, Mu-" Edís latest tirade was cut short as a piece of pie was shoved into his mouth. Roy pulled out his fingers fast enough to avoid them from being bitten and the slipped them into his own mouth to suck them clean of the pie filling. Mrs. Jansen had outdone herself once again, he thought, and then noticed the way that Ed was raptly watching his fingers. Smiling, he slowly pulled them from his lips and then scooped up more of the warm pie. Then he smeared the cherry filling over his lips before he offered the rest of the dessert to Ed, who quickly opened his mouth.

"Were you about to complain about something, Edward?" he asked, his voice deep and husky, his eyes narrowed in desire. "Or are you going to just sit there and enjoy this delicious pie?"

Ed licked Royís fingers clean and then pushed them out with his tongue. "Youíre such a pervert," he said, voice shaky with desire and then he leaned forward to slide his tongue along Royís cherry covered lips. Once the sweet filling was gone, he pushed it inside Royís mouth.

The kiss prevented Roy from commenting that being a pervert was why Ed adored him so, which probably was a good thing. Sex now, squabbling later, his hardening cock told him, perfectly happy about the fact that a rather eager Ed was on his lap. As they kissed, intently and deeply, his hands roamed over his loverís body, down Edís back, around his hips and then slipped up the front of Edís loose shirt. Ed moaned into his mouth as flesh touched flesh, he made sure to keep his touch delicate to make Ed arch into it.

"Teasing bastard," Ed mumbled against his lips, the same time his left hand grasped the back of Royís neck.

"Make up your mind, Edward. Am I a pervert or a bastard?" Roy asked as he trailed kisses along Edís jaw while his right hand pulled up his loverís shirt.

Ed let out a slow hiss of breath as the spot right below his right ear was kissed. "Youíre a perverted bastard." He couldnít say the words without stuttering, which made Roy smile and shift back enough to pull off Edís shirt.

"Really, Ed, I expect more from you." The way Edís eyes sparkled with anger and passion turned his smile into a satisfied smirk. "Canít the much vaunted Fullmetal Alchemist come up with something better than that?"

"Are we going to fuck or are you gonna talk all night?" A shirtless Ed, golden skin flushed, hair tousled and lips kiss-swollen as he straddled Royís lap, glared a moment longer before he resumed his grip on the back of Royís neck and pulled him closer for another kiss. Not interested in resisting, Roy let himself be yanked forward and once more fastened his mouth to Edís. They continued their argument through the kiss, tongues insistent as they slid into each otherís mouth, teeth gentle but firm on each otherís lips.

He barely noticed it when Ed began to remove his shirt, only realizing that his lover was trying to undress him when it bunched up beneath his neck. The kiss was broken just enough for the garment to be pulled off and tossed aside, and as it was resumed his hands stroked down Edís body until they slid beneath the waistband of Edís pants. This time he wrung more than a moan from his lover, the sound a guttural growl as Edís body jerked in pleasure. Roy was the one to moan just then, in delight at his loverís responsiveness, at the feel of Edís hard cock against his palm, in anticipation in what was to come.

His loverís cock in his hand, he pumped up and down, in time to the thrusts of his tongue into Edís mouth. Ed was a squirming bundle on his lap, left hand buried in the hair of his nape, right hand a hard ball against the small of his back. Just the feel of Edís body rubbing against his was almost torturous; only the fact that he was certain of what was follow kept him in the chair, kept his hands on his lover and made Ed moan and writhe against him. When Ed tossed back his head, Roy took advantage of the exposed arch of neck and kissed it, tasted salt and Ed on his tongue.

Edís left hand tightened painfully in his hair, Edís right hand shifted from his back to the chair and soon there was the creaking sound of wood protesting as Edís breathing grew more and more ragged, as his body shuddered against Royís. Moving his hand faster now against Edís slick, hard flesh, Roy pressed his lips against the front of his loverís throat to feel the vibrations of the moans and stuttered pleadings that were uttered with increasing frequency.

All it took was a well-calculated squeeze and Ed cried out loudly, voice hoarse when he came in Royís hand. As he trembled in pleasure, Roy held him close and kissed him on the temple, reveled in feeling Edís body relax against his own, save for the hold in his hair that never loosened. Edís sweaty face pressed against his shoulder, breathe hot against his skin, long hair clinging to his chest. He waited until Edís breathing slowed, until the fingers in his hair finally unclenched. "Not bad for a perverted bastard, right?"

Ed growled again, this time not in passion but what suspiciously sounded like amusement "You never miss an opportunity to be a smart ass, do you?" Ed asked, his voice still hoarse and softer than usual.

"What can I say, I believe in taking advantage of any opportunities that come my way." As Roy spoke, he slowly pulled his right hand out from the front of Edís pants while his left one slid down the back of them. "And, being such a pervert, I see a great one right in front of me now."

His eyes narrowing in desire, Ed leaned away from Roy, his lips pressed together as if annoyed. "Awfully sure of yourself, arenít you?"

"I think itís only fair, considering the fact that you didnítÖ last long enough for me to have any fun," Roy pointed out with a smug grin. "Maybe one day youíll grow out of this adolescent stage Ė though considering the fact that you never really Ďgrewí at all, maybe I shouldnít be-"

"Whoís a-" For once, Ed cut himself off in mid-rant, body stiff in anger and eyes flashing with more than passion. "You know, all these comments about me being so young makes me wonder if Iím not right to call you a pervert all the time."

It was Royís turn to shudder, this time in distaste. Ed had a rather disturbing point, damn it. "All right, you manage to last more than three minutes and Iíll stop with the comments about your age," he offered. But he wouldnít promise not to tease Ed about his height, not when it was so much fun to sit back and watch his lover explode.

"I can last more than three minutes!" Ed grumbled and began to wiggle out of his pants. "It just seems a short amount of time because youíre so old."

"Itís more a matter of stamina rather than age," Roy pointed out. "But Iíve hopes that with plenty of practiceÖ," he drawled when Edís pants thankfully hit the floor.

His lover sighed and settled back on his lap, hands busy with the fly of Royís trousers. "Definitely a pervert, Mustang. I dread to think about whatís going to happen if you ever do manage to take control of the country."

"Iíll make a lot of people very, very happy." Roy decided theyíd had enough snappy banter and that it was time to get down to business before he did something to embarrass himself and that Ed would never let him live down. He buried his left hand in Edís thick hair and counted to ten as his fly was undone. Once he was sure that he was back in control of himself, he teased the slick fingers of his right hand along the crack of Edís ass. "Here, let me show you."

Ed seemed about to say something, but the word quickly turned into a gasp when Royís fingers pressed inside the slightest bit. Taking advantage of his loverís open mouth, Roy put an end to the conversation for now.

As they kissed, as his fingers slowly stretched his lover, Edís trembling hand stroked along his cock and made him eager to feel clenching heat all along its length. He gasped out Edís name and heard a satisfied chuckle in response, then Ed began to squirm in his lap once more.

They tormented each other for a few more minutes, until they were both covered with sweat, bodies trembling and hands fumbling. Roy was almost to the point of begging when Ed moaned out his name and turned around on his lap. His hands quickly shifting to his loverís hips, he helped to guide Ed down, his teeth biting into his bottom lip as he sunk into Edís body. The feeling was so intense, always so intense that he had to hold his breath for several seconds, had to just let himself *feel* to assure himself that this was real.

And then Ed would always snap him back to reality in some way or another. This time with a snarled "dammit, *move*, Mustang," which was much more preferred than being smacked with a metal limb.

"Youíll make a great general one day." Roy was pleased to speak the words without stuttering, though his voice was a little rough. Then he graciously gave in to Edís request and rocked his hips upward, sliding his cock all the way inside his lover. "Now you, Ed."

He got a grunt in response as Ed actually listened for once and began to move, to lift up his body and then lower it back down to both of their pleasure. There was more creaking of wood, the feel of metal rubbing against his skin but over it all was ecstasy, was the utterly wonderful feel of being buried inside of Edís body, the taste of Edís skin against his lips. Royís lover filled all of his senses, touch, taste, smell, sight and sound and that only made the pleasure all the more potent, all the more intoxicating. He couldnít stop his mouth from roaming over Edís back and left shoulder, his hands from sliding along Edís stomach to grasp his hardening cock. Not when it made Ed cry out his name and move against him, when it made the ecstasy grow all the more powerful. He could only draw in ragged breaths of air and ride it out until everything came crashing down.

For all the times Ed had teased him about being old and needing lots of time to recover, there was a bit of truth in the statement. He doubted it was as much his age as the fact that Ed demanded all of him, an equivalent trade for what Ed gave him that left him so drained but utterly blissed out. His only comfort was that Ed seemed to need as equally long a time to recover, a limp bundle of flesh and hair against his chest.

Afterwards was always another rare quiet time for them, no sounds but content groans and slowly evening breaths. For a few minutes they remained still, bodies on contactÖ and then Ed had to open his big mouth. "The pie is cold," he sniffed. "Itís all your fault."

Sparing a glance at the dessert, Roy contemplated dumping his lover off his lap and onto the floor for ruining the nice, quiet moment. He opened his mouth a time or two to say something but just closed it each time and then shook his head. Instead, he skimmed his left hand along a particularly sensitive stretch of Edís ribs.

"Hey!" Ed squawked as he jumped off of Royís lap and stood on wobbly legs, hands on the kitchen table for support. "Stop that!"

"I think you should hold off on the desserts, Ed," Roy said as smoothly as possible. He made a show of rubbing his thighs to restore circulation to his legs. "Youíve definitely grown heavier lately. And considering the fact that you havenít grown the slightest bit taller, then it means youíre getting fat."

Ed could only stare at him for a few seconds, mouth wide open in surprise. Taking advantage of the lull before the storm, Roy rose from the chair and quickly made his way out of the kitchen. He twitched a little as he turned his back to his lover but he was reasonably certain that Ed wouldnít waste a perfectly good pie like that to throw it at him. His gamble paid off as it was something small and ceramic that was thrown at the wall right by the kitchen door, which he was through by the time Ed began yelling. "Get back here, you bastard! The only fat is in your head!"

His lips curving into a smirk, Roy continued on his way up to the bathroom. There was no doubt in his mind that Ed would follow him, once he could get his legs to work properly. And once they were done fighting, it would be a short trip to the bedroom, where they could spend the rest of the night. Content with his current strategy, he chuckled when something else flew into the wall and shattered. Ah, it was another nice, quiet night at home.


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