by nekojita


Fic is dedicated to Lady Gackt and Kabuki, thank you so much you wonderful ladies, for all the lovely Yohji and Aya pics you draw. One of LGís pics in particular inspired this story, the one w/ Aya licking a popsicle while Yohji just has this look on his face as he watches. Just was thinking one day of what could have put that expression on his face (well, besides the obvious), and here you go. If this steams half as much as paxnirvanaís utterly delicious ĎPossessioní series, I will be a very happy neko indeed. Hmm, now have to start that SchuxAya fic Kabuki inspired in meÖ.

Huge thank youís to tmelange, who really helped me w/ taking a big step and trying a first person viewpoint (or whatever that is called). Bit of a challenge for me, and her, what w/ all my verb tense screw-ups! And thanks yet again Kabuki for the feedback.

Disclaimer: Mine. Donít even think of taking them away from me, Iíll hurt you real bad. And not in a good way.


Baby, sweet baby, you're my drug/ Come on and let me taste your stuff
Baby, sweet baby, bring me your gift/ What surprise you gonna hit me with

I am waiting here for more
I am waiting by your door
I am waiting on your back steps
I am waiting in my car
I am waiting at this bar
I am waiting for your essence

Baby, sweet baby, whisper my name/ Shoot your love into my vein
Baby, sweet baby, kiss me hard/ Make me wonder who's in charge

I am waiting here for more
I am waiting by your door
I am waiting on your back steps
I am waiting in my car
I am waiting at this bar
I am waiting for your essence

Baby, sweet baby, I wanna feel your breath/ Even though you like to flirt with death
Baby, sweet baby, can't get enough/ Please come find me and help me get fucked up

(repeat chorus)

Your essence
Your essence

lyrics by Lucinda Williams


And everyone wonders why the hell I call him kitten.

I mean, just look at the man. The way he walks, a graceful slink that grabs your attention by the throat, earning you a snarl for having the audacity to stare at him. The superior attitude, not to mention that highly irritating streak of independence. Those two especially drive me up a wall, trying to shake into that thick, gorgeous skull that he is part of a team and a relationship, and just has to acknowledge other peopleís lowly presences. Especially that of his boyfriend. The way he looks at you sometimes, no, not the various stages of the Ďshi-neí glare, or the Ďyou are such an idiot how do you even remember to breatheí look, or the dismissing stare that gazes right through you, as if you didnít exist. No, I mean the one where those violet eyes focus on you, and itís as if heís trying to decide which will be more beneficial to him: killing you or batting you around for an hour or two or just ignoring you all together. Thatís the one Iím talking about. The heart-shaped face, all the little mannerisms, the lithe, utterly fuckable body. Everything. The whole gods-damned package. Itís my personal belief that a certain Fujimiya Aya spent one too many past reincarnations as a feline.

So I call him kitten all the time, even though it drives the man nuts. And lands me a hell of a lot of bruises when I slip up and utter the name in public. Kenís taken to gagging each time he hears me say it, which he swears is just about every other sentence out of my mouth. But I canít help it. Every time I look at Aya, he does something that just reinforces the nickname, what with the way he acts more like a cat than a human. And let me be the first to point out that Aya does a very bad job of acting human. Maybe itís because of a traumatic childhood or the loss of his family or a coping mechanism for the job, but there are times when I want to have the manís genes tested, and make sure he isnít some alien or mythological creature posing as a human, and doing an absolutely piss-poor job of it. But heíd make a damn good cat. The past couple of minutes have certainly proved that. Youíd think my beliefs about his nature would have prevented something like this from coming to pass. I mean, hasnít everyone heard the adage about pulling the tigerís tail? But no, if it isnít obvious by now, I can be a total glaring idiot at times.

It started out a pretty lousy day. I woke up to a nice, big, comfy, depressingly empty bed. Somehow the damn kitten had snuck off without waking me up. He doesnít manage to do that very often, maybe just every other day. The way we sleep makes it kinda hard for him to easily slip away. You see, the dear boy has a thing about not being able to differentiate between a mattress and me. So I end up getting slept on an awful lot. Which is not a bad thing, not at all. Thereís just something to waking up and looking at a gorgeous man sprawled on top of you that makes getting up all that much more worthwhile. Especially when one can entice said gorgeous man into a bit of morning sex. My personal favorite way of starting the day. Plus I have this thing for cuddling. Yes, the great Kudoh Yohji, lothario extraordinaire, has a thing for cuddling. Iím sure that somewhere thereís this eager little Kritiker shrink, writing down the fact with the comment Ďpositive sign of separation anxiety and fears of rejectioní or some other psycho-babble bullshit, but thereís something about holding a person I love in my arms, knowing that they are real and not a dream. So I cuddle. Poor Aya. It gave him fits at the beginning. He swore it was all some plot to strangle him in his sleep, or that I was part boa constrictor. Nonsense. Though he wasnít that far off on the evil plot bit. It is kinda hard for a body to sneak out of bed when their lover has a stranglehold on them. But somehow the bastard did just that. So I woke up cranky and horny, not having my Aya-fix to start off the day.

So what was a man to do? Make his lover just as horny and cranky in return. Spent the whole damn day down in the Koneko, playing one of my all-time favorite games. The ĎTime to torment the kitten in front of the customersí game, to be exact. It being a Saturday before a holiday, the shop was filled with a steady flow of patrons. All day long. Hee. And while Aya was waiting on the customers, preparing orders for them, I got to play. Brushing back the long bangs here, standing behind the man in order to reach something and Ďaccidentallyí bumping my groin into his ass there. Constantly finding reasons to let my hands drift all over that scrumptious ass all day long. I was particularly proud of the Ďhey, Aya, got something on the back of your jeansí move that let me fondle my redhead right in front of a threesome of oblivious, prudish matrons. I thought for sure the man was going to die of apoplexy right then and there. Also came up with several excuses to run my hands down his sensitive spine, which always makes him shiver. Quite a few people inquired whether or not he was coming down with a cold during the shift.

All in all, it was a fun day. It wasnít until closing time approached that I thought maybe Iíd pushed things a /little/ bit too far. Ken and Omi kept shooting me Ďwhat, are you crazy?í looks all day long, as the torments just escalated. But I couldnít help myself. It was such a treat to get a reaction out of the reticent man, to know I was having some sort of effect on him. It wasnít until the customers were leaving that I realized I was faced with the prospect of a short-tempered assassin Iíd pissed off all day long no longer having any potential witnesses about that made me worried.

But all that happened was he helped cleaned up the shop and in a quiet voice announced he was going to prepare dinner. Ken shot me a look, clearly thinking it was going to be a meal full of every food that I couldnít stand to eat. The kitten has been known for doing that before, and I resolved to take it like a man and eat whatever he prepared for me. When Aya called out that supper was ready, I grimly made my way upstairs to find out what was in store for me ó and was greatly surprised.

Dinner consisted of teriyaki chicken, steamed rice and vegetables, and some miso soup with tofu and shrimp. Besides the tofu, it was nothing that I wasnít perfectly willing to eat. So I sat down and ate it, waiting to find a hidden pocket of spices or poison or something in the food, and coming across none. Aya was his normal, anti-social self, barely paying any attention to us while he sparingly ate his meal and then got up to do the dishes. I chided him for a moment about his lack of food, but all he did was casually reply that he was saving room for dessert. He was acting so damn calm; it must have lulled me into a false sense of security. Thatís the only thing I can come up with at this moment. Of course Omi and Ken knew better, and once dinner was over with claimed there was a movie they wanted to see and beat a hasty retreat.

Aya declared that there was something he needed to fetch from upstairs. Intrigued by the lack of an explosion, and half-fearful it would be his katana he was after, I followed. I entered the room a minute behind him, in time to see him leaning over his desk, searching for something. Iíd asked what it was, and he turned around, holding up a book. Said he was in the mood for some reading that evening. Having spent the whole day fantasizing about what I was going to do to him once I had him all alone, I set about persuading him to change his mind. Crossing over to him I pulled the kitten into my arms and proceeded to kiss him breathless, savoring the way he tasted. So sweet, but with a hint of spice that made my lips and tongue tingle, as if touched by a slight electrical current. Such a fucking thrill, to hold him close and feel him loosen up in my embrace, opening his mouth so I could plunder it, body relaxing until he was molded against me, neck tilted up slightly in a gesture of surrender. Who the hell could think at a time like that? Certainly not me.

So I half-dragged him over to the bed, ready to enjoy what had been denied me that morning. It was a little difficult, what with the way Aya was insisting on tearing off my shirt. I wasnít complaining, just doing my best to assist him with the least amount of lost contact with his body. Somehow we managed, and I returned the favor. Falling onto the bed, I set about removing his jeans, when he finally put up a bit of resistance. Growling softly, he quickly flipped me over, settling himself on top of my stomach. Just adoring that sound and the way he raked those violet eyes over my body, I decided to give in for a little bit. Soon enough I planned on fucking him into the mattress, what did it matter if he was on top during foreplay? Our positions would be reversed when it really mattered. Maybe itís another psychological flaw, but for some reason I have to be the one on top. Figuratively and literally. Iíd been the uke once or twice before, just enough to know that I hated it. Of being the one taken, of giving up control to another person, letting them deep inside of you like that. Hated the feel of something entering me. No sir, not for this boy. Which is funny to think about, when here was Aya, the fearless leader and mister control freak, surrendering himself to me. But I really didnít want to ponder the issue right then and there. I just wanted to be on top of him, in him as deep as I could possibly get, feeling him squirm underneath me as I shattered his world. If letting him play on top for a while facilitated that, I was all for it. Wasnít often he enjoyed the position, unless I felt he was too upset or on edge to be able to enjoy sex with me pressing down on him. But that was another matter Iíd refused to think about at the moment. It would have spoiled the mood.

So there I was, stretched out on the bed as Aya teasingly pulled down my pants, placing a kiss every few inches on the exposed skin as I groaned out his name. Gods the man can get me so fucking hard without even trying. And when he doesÖÖ oh, all I wanted was to be inside of him. Either way. Once they were removed he tossed the jeans to the other side of the room and crawled back up me, grabbing my arms and raising them above my head. Kissing me with a ferocity that bruised both of our lips, I felt him trail one hand down my arms and side, and nearly whimpered when the touch disappeared. In a moment it returned, trailing back up and stopping at my gathered hands. Iíd been thinking that it was about time I took control again when something hard encircled my wrists and I heard a Ďsnapí. Aya immediately broke off the kiss and sat back on my thighs, a very contented smile on his face. Tilting back my head, I found that the reason my arms werenít moving was because of a pair of handcuffs chaining my wrists to the bed. Looking back at my lover, all I could do was stupidly ask what the hell was going on.

A highly amused voice had answered me back. "Oh, just playing a little game. I know you love them so much, didnít think youíd really mind." Damnit, he looked like a cat that had just found a tank of goldfish uncovered and unsupervised. Dinner time. And from the way those amethyst eyes traveled over my body, one could tell I was to be the meal. I could only stare back at him, stunned mute. Too fucking graceful for words, he uncoiled himself off of me and the bed, slinking his way to the door. The thought of being abandoned while chained to the bed helped me find my voice.

"Where the hell are you going?"

"To get dessert." He hadnít even paused while heíd calmly replied, deep voice sliding into a purr. Iíd started thrashing about on the bed, cursing him out for leaving me naked, chained and desperate for some relief while he was off eating a creampuff. And immediately moaned in anguish. That image did not help my situation any. I donít know what was worse, the anger and fear or the lust. So I stopped struggling, and here I am, waiting for the smug bastard to come back and finish with me.

Oh, heíd gotten me good, I have to admit that. Iíd never have thought him capable of this. Sneaky little cat bastard. What I wasnít sure of was if heíd planned on leaving me like this all night, was perhaps going to invite Manx or Teddy over for a cup of tea, or was stepping out to get a nice sharp set of knives. Either one was an option. Torture, death or dismissal, all are perfectly legitimate options where the kitten is concerned. All I can do is lie here and pray the boys get back home soon, so someone can hear me scream my head off, and think about a certain redhead and what he was planning on doing to me.

Before I could start recalling too many different methods of torture, Aya walks back into the room, a folded towel in his hand. Oh this so doesnít look good. He could have something very sharp in there. Not good at all. "What are you going to do?" Damnit, my voice actually quivered there. He was so dead when I got free.

Aya just made his way to the bed, Cheshire grin on his face and eyes sparkling. Why is it that half the time the man smiles it doesnít bode very well for me? Not that he smiles very often, usually only when heís about to have me pay for some spectacularly stupid mistake I just made or after weíre done having sex and his walls are still down, sated and relaxed for a precious few minutes. Well, thatís most definitely not right now, as much as Iím aching with the need to fuck him.

He sits down next to me, placing the towel off to the side and with one pale hand grips my face, making sure I canít move my head. The man may be skinny but heís strong. He flicks his tongue oh so lightly over my lips, again and again and again, until Iím panting, wanting nothing more than that bit of flesh to slide between my lips so I can taste him once more. Have I mentioned yet how utterly fucking addictive my lover is? Itís downright painful, the way heís teasing me. And he knows it. Heís doing the equivalent of waving a bottle of whiskey in front of an alcoholic. For one quick second he presses his mouth firmly against mine, parting it so I can steal a fleeting taste. Then heís standing back up, stepping away from the bed far enough so I can see all of him. "Time to get this started." A sense of dread fills me, warring with the desire that still has me hard as nails, even though I might be in a world of pain in a moment.

Those pale hands lift to brush his bangs off of his face, giving me a clear view of the most beautiful pair of eyes Iíve ever seen. A hint of darkness swirls in them, a clear indication that heís feeling very pleased at the moment. Then the hands drift down, tapered fingers skimming that wonderful neck, much the way my mouth would be doing if I wasnít handcuffed to this damn bed. I /adore/ the kittenís neck. So white and slim, if it wasnít for the Adamís apple you would think it belonged to a young girl. And the responses I can get from Aya, just with a simple caress or kiss, making him melt in my arms. Yep, it is definitely a sensitive spot. For both him and me. I fantasize sometimes, of him dressed as a geisha, fancy kimono sliding low down his back, white makeup covering flesh barely a shade or two darker, all except a little bit of skin in the very back, just below his hairline. Hmm, major erogenous zone there. How Iíd suck on it until there was a dark mark for the world to see, Kudoh Yohjiís own personal brand. Have I mentioned yet how possessive I am? Damnit, if there was a way to tattoo ĎProperty of Kudohí on the man, Iíd have done it. Instead I have to settle for love bites that make Aya squirm and mewl while he receives them, and earns me a glare and occasional smack when he sees them the next morning. But itís so worth it to know that there is something for everyone to see and know that Fujimiya is taken. And right now heís taunting me with it, that pale unmarked expanse, when all I want to do is lay my mouth on it until it is all one big purple bruise.

He lets his hands drift lower, circling pink nipples until they peak, and I canít take my eyes off of him. Lower and lower they go, down his groin and then back up again. Damn, I wish I was those hands right now. He starts to work the zipper on his jeans, oh so slowly, and when it is completely down he snags the waistband and pulls the pants and his boxers off at the same moment, freeing his semi-hard penis. Stepping out of the clothes, he once more approaches the bed, and this time sits back on top of me, just below my crotch. Aya pins my legs down with his weight, so I canít move them if I wanted to. Not that I do. Right now I just want my fucking hands free so I can retrace everywhere those elegant fingers had just touched. Where they were touching right now. Aya was languidly pumping himself, rubbing the tip of his cock before fisting it, letting go to toy with his scrotum before starting the whole thing over again. Damnit, the sadistic bastard knows what a thrill I get from watching him touch himself. He doesnít do it too often, usually itís my hands doing the deed, but right now he was putting on quite a show. And impossibly enough Iím getting harder by the moment, and I canít keep a groan from escaping past my clenched lips.

As if that was some sort of signal for Aya, he stops stroking himself and leans forward, opening up the towel. I canít see what itís holding, but heís clearly preparing whatever is inside of it. A part of me wants to be scared, but need is slowly overwhelming every other emotion. Sitting back down, I finally get to see what heís brought up here. Oh man, that is so not what I was expecting. He wasnít kidding about the dessert.

The kittenís holding a bright red popsicle. Cherry flavored to be exact, my favorite. Iíd bought a box of them the other week, wanting a nice cool treat as a bit of relief from the hot weather. No, donít have much of an oral fixation, do I? Anyways, Iíd had to hide them in fear of Omi laying waste to the whole box, and had forgotten about them. Apparently Aya hadnít. He lifted the treat to his slightly parted lips, pushing it past them just a little bit at first, pulling it out and then taking it in deeper each time. Didnít take a rocket scientist to figure out what he was simulating. I groaned some more, wishing more than anything that it was my dick he was sucking on, moving in and out of that hot mouth. His lips were turning red from the popsicle, and as I watched some of the juice ran down his chin. Aya paused his little dessert fellatio long enough to wipe up the juice with a finger and then lick the digit clean. His tongue was red as well. "Damnit Aya, youíre killing me here. Let me go. Please." My voice is so rough it takes me a moment to recognize it. Great, now the man has me begging. Me, the great Kudoh Yohji, renowned for doing that to others. Who delights in doing it to his redheaded lover. Not that I really care, if it gets me free. Instead I am treated to another smile as he licks the cherry ice, that agile tongue wrapping around it. I groan some more, erection twitching with the need to have that tongue on me. I don't know how much more I can take, and only the thought of embarrassment keeps me from cumming as he deep throats the damn treat.

Slowly pulling the popsicle from his mouth, Aya once more leans over me. "But the gameís not over. Itís barely even started. Maybe we need to cool you down a little." With that he commences to trail the ice all over my body, startling me with the cold feel of it running down my throat and neck, rubbing against my erect nipples, circling my navel and finally brushing it against my cock, making me scream out loud. Oh so fucking cold. He keeps moving it up and down the twitching shaft, making me buck my hips at the sensation. Iím literally torn in two, needed that touch so fucking bad, yet desperate to shy away from the iciness of it. I actually whimper, tugging at my arms in an attempt to free them so harshly that Iím beginning to lose feeling in them. Aya makes soothing noises as he stops the torture. "Shh, calm down now. Youíre going to hurt yourself. Just relax and calm down." He offers the popsicle to my mouth, rubbing it along my dry lips, and I take it in, tasting the tart flavor mixed with a bitter taste that I know is my own precum. After a few seconds he removes the ice and has a taste of his own, then sets it aside on the towel. I begin a prayer of thanks, mistakenly believing that the Ďgameí is over. Oh no, Aya is too fucking vindictive to let things go so easily. Instead he leans over me, body braced above mine, and in a purring voice comments that itís time to clean me up.

Oh shit. That cold tongue flicks over my lips, making me lift my head up to try and capture his mouth and claim it. But the kitten shifts back before I can do so. The fucking tease. Then he retraces everywhere the ice had touched me, teasing little licks that wipe my skin clean, making me squirm and gasp beneath him, chanting his name as if it is some holy mantra. That tongue just keeps lapping at me, laving my nipples for a few minutes, his breath hitting the damp flesh and making me jerk off of the bed. Two quick nips from his teeth knocks all the air in my body out of me, and I canít breath until sharp nails scratch down my sides, making me gasp almost in pain. If my possessive nature had me marking him with hickeys, he leaves his proof of ownership with the long scratches that cover my back and sides, a hint of pain that only makes the pleasure that much more intense. As it does right now. Iím so ready to explode that it hurts, my breath hitching and hips jerking as I balance on the edge. The warmth of the body on top of mine departs, and through a fog I hear his voice, so deep and quiet. "Cum now and the game is over before the end. You lose." He repeats it until he is sure that I understand the words, as I claw my way back from the edge, body shaking from the almost release. Once he is certain Iíve regained control he resumes where he left off, lips and tongue busy on my stomach.

Oh gods, that leaves you know where next. I donít know if I can take this anymore, game or not. What would happen if I lose? Would he leave me here like this all night? You better believe he could, the man has a streak of cruelty in him that makes it entirely possible. Aya would have no problem leaving me chained naked in bed, covered with my own fluids, while he goes off and sleeps in the spare room. Itís not intentional evil or malice on his part, just more proof of his cat-like essence. Purring one minute and slashing the hand thatís stroking him the next. Life with Fujimiya Aya is always unpredictable, itís part of what makes me love and want him so. Right now itís also the thought that keeps me from orgasm as that damn tongue treats me just like it did the popsicle a few minutes ago, swirling around on the hypersensitive skin, nipping here and there. I swear heís getting off on my gasps and whimpers. I know I certainly do when our positions are reversed. My eyes are tightly screwed shut, not being able to bear the sight of him crouched over my lap, licking that part of me. So lost in not letting my body give in, it takes a moment to realize heís stopped. I open my eyes to stare deep into indigo hued orbs. A small part of me is reassured that heís as full of desire and lust as I am. I feel his breath on my face as he huskily whispers "gameís almost over. Just a little more." The mouth that Iíve been craving so much finally descends upon mine, and as if in reward for all that Iíve endured, he lets me plunder it until weíre both short of breath and gasping. He tastes just like the ice did, cherry tart and Yohji bitter, but warm from my body heat. Oh so fucking delicious. A new addiction for me to capitulate to. Breaking away from the kiss, he picks up the little bit left of the treat and as I watch, uses his teeth to pull the remaining ice off of the stick, crunching down on it a time or two as he shifts back down my body.

I scream again as he deep throats me, taking me into that icy cavern. Oh gods, it feelsÖ. I canít describe it. Cold and warm and smooth and jagged, so many conflicting sensations. Once again Iím bucking off of the bed, deep into Ayaís mouth, eyesight dimming as Iím about to explode. Tension reaching a critical point, before it can be released I feel a finger pushing inside of me, jerking me back to reality. I squirm some more, this time trying to escape the probing finger. Damnit, he knows how much I hate that. A sobering thought enters my mind, is he planning on fucking me? Ayaís shown no desire to be seme in our relationship, but then again, heís never done anything like he has tonight. Sensing my unease, he breaks off the blowjob, swallowing the last of the cherry ice. The finger is removed, and he stretches out on top of my body, face above mine, hips grinding down. "Such a good boy. Gameís all over now." I want to weep in relief when I hear that. Once more he kisses me, and my arms jerk in the need to wrap themselves around him. This time itís me breaking off the kiss, pleading with him to finally let me go. Those gorgeous eyes narrow at me for a moment, giving me that feline look of his, and all I can do is stare back, totally unsure of which way heís going to decide. Then he shifts back, picking up something from the nightstand, and I do feel a tear trickle down my face as he uncuffs me. Helping me pull my arms down, Aya rubs at my wrists, making soft Ďohís at the sight of the bruised and chafed skin. "There now, all done."

I let Aya fuss over me while sensation returns to my abused limbs. As soon as I feel thereís enough strength in them, I wrap my arms tight around him, pulling him down on my chest. By all rights he should be terrified, wondering what Iím going to do in revenge, but he just stares at me unblinkingly. As if in challenge. Oh the things I want to do to him, to make him pay for the past however minutes. It takes so much strength to regard him coolly in return, and to speak in a husky voice. "Gameís all done. What do I win?" The kitten rests his chin on my chest, as if giving the question serious consideration. "What do you want?" he asks, once more grinding his pelvis against mine, rubbing our erections together. I feel a jolt of electricity rush through my body, if all of my hair isnít standing on end at the moment, I would be very surprised. All I can do is pull him closer, devour that cherry red mouth, attacking it in such a vicious manner that I know itís gonna be swollen when Iím done. I sink my teeth into the bottom of his lip, not enough to break skin but to earn a gasp from him, needing that sound to soothe my battered pride. I promise myself it will be the first of many.

Time to take control again. That is what I want, what I always want, him under me, calling out my name as I utterly possess him. Maybe in another day or two Iíll come up with some diabolical plan that ends up with /him/ handcuffed to the bed, entirely at my mercy, but right now all I want is him to be completely mine. I roll over, reversing our positions, and this time it is me whoís thrusting down, pushing him into the soft mattress, letting friction work him into a frenzy. I tear my mouth off of his, earning a protest that is choked back as I attach it to his neck. Itís gonna look like a wild animal had mauled it by the time Iím done. I keep rubbing our cocks together, both hands buried in his hair to tilt his head back as I suck and bite with savage intensity. Distantly I notice that one of his hands is searching about, but the damn katana is safely out of reach, so I couldnít care less. I bite down on his fragile collarbone, tasting a hint of copper that lets me know Iím being a little too rough. He gasps out my name, and starts to grab at one of my hands. Iím expecting him to try and pry me off of him, to put an end to things before they go too far, but all he does is work the hand free and press a tube of lubricant in it. I pull back long enough to take in his face; the now-dark eyes half hooded, lips swollen and pale neck bruised and bitten. His tongue, still cherry red, flicks out for a moment, swiping the maltreated bottom lip, and he purrs out my name. I brush the hand holding the tube along a high cheekbone, and he turns his face into the caress, rubbing along the back of my fist. Thereís no fucking way Iíll ever be able to comprehend him.

So I donít even try to figure out Ayaís inner workings, just go back to ravishing the man. Once again I fasten my mouth to his neck, as I push his legs even farther apart. I squeeze the tube forcibly, squirting out far more lube than Iím going to need, coat my fingers and seek out the puckered ring that is going to make things so much better once Iím buried inside of it. I roughly shove first one finger and then the next in. The kitten hisses a bit, but he pushes back on the digits, just as eager as I am to have him stretched and ready. Things have gone too far to take this slow and easy. His hands are now clutched in my hair, holding tight as he thrashes beneath me, mewling out my name as I flick that sweet spot hidden inside. For a moment I fantasize about making him beg in return, but I know I couldnít hold myself back that long. Already I am scooping up the excess lube that had fallen onto the sheets, smearing it all over my dripping shaft, tearing my fingers away just long enough to push my way in. Itís Ayaís turn to scream this time, the loudest Iíve ever heard him, lifting both of us off the bed in his attempt to take me in as deep as he can. I swear that sound wasnít human, just as the half growls and mewls he produces arenít as I pound into him. Oh gods, this is paradise, fucking paradise. Ayaís so fucking hot and tight, still after all this time, it just grabs me by the throat and it takes conscious thought to start pumping again, to stop wallowing in the pleasure Ďcause I know itís only going to get so much better. This is what I crave so gods-damn much every minute of every day, being inside of him where it feels so incredibly good, knowing heís all mine.

And knowing Iíve reduced a creature of iciness and aloofness to this wild thing thrashing beneath me, fighting to take all of me inside. Itís the ultimate turn on, the best ego-booster Iíve ever come across, and the previous torment fades from my memory at the sight underneath me. Of Aya flushed and panting, those delicious lips parted and his eyes almost black with passion. Heís surrendered everything to me once again, and that thought alone almost makes me orgasm. Mine, he is mine ,every last little bit of him, and if he thinks Iím ever gonna let him go heís in for a very rude awakening. His legs are on my shoulders, hands gripping my upper arms in an attempt to gain some leverage as I thrust harder and harder into him. One of my hands is gripping his hair viciously, forcing his head back and him to look at me, the other is holding onto his ass so tight I know there will be a mark. Iím chanting the word Ďmineí over and over, heís still making those yowls and moans, and the sound of flesh smacking against flesh fills the room. We are so going to be bruised at the end of this. I donít give a fucking damn. The sweat pouring off of us makes things a bit slippery, so I grip him more firmly, shifting his hips to a better angle that makes him scream again. Ayaís throat sure is gonna be sore later. I think it was supposed to be my name; pounding into that spot again, he repeats it and I know for sure. I do it again, and itís too much for him. His body jerks back as he cums, coating both of our stomachs as his eyes go wide and sightless. I yell out his name, unable to feel anything other than that hot canal constricting painfully close around me as his body spasms, dragging me along after him. It feels like I shoot every last drop I have inside of him, leaving me empty and drained as I tremble atop him, not being able to move for the world.

A few minutes later I feel him start to move underneath me, and I roll over onto my side, then collapse on my back. I wince a bit in pain, it feels like the kitten shredded my back at some point, but donít ask me when. We lie there side by side, and my hand seeks out his, intertwining our fingers as we try to catch our breaths and come back to ourselves. Once my heart is no longer trying its best to burst out through my chest, I lean over Aya to grab my cigarettes. It takes a couple of attempts to get my shaking hands to work the lighter, but I manage and with a groan due to my back and sore muscles, I scoot into a sitting position.

Looking down at my lover I feel a definite wave of alpha smugness wash through me. Jeez, if Aya looks this bad now, canít wait to see how he looks in the morning. Pulling a drag off of the cigarette, I hold the smoke in as I survey the pale man. His throat is one livid bruise, various stages of purple, with darker rings where I was a bit too harsh with my teeth. There are bruises on his hips and thighs as well, and his lips are definitely a bit puffy. Looks like he got punched in the mouth, what with them still red from the popsicle. Checking myself out, I notice that Iím bruised as well, and have a faint trace of red over my skin, which it takes me a second to realize came from the food dye in the cherry ice. Add to that the abused wrists, and we look like weíve just been attacked. I repeat this observation to Aya.

He just grunts at me, sitting up himself as he searches for something. Turns out to be the towel that held the popsicle. The kitten puts it to good use cleaning himself off, the man just hates to be dirty and sticky. Thereís going to be a shower in his near future, I can tell that by the way he scrubs the cloth over his skin. Hmm, now that is a good idea. Iím jolted out of my reverie of me and Aya and a tub of water as he takes care of me as well. "Thanks, love." He tosses it at the hamper, and wouldnít you know the damn thing actually falls in. Iíd have never made that shot, not this soon. I pull him over until he is sitting in my lap, fingers lightly touching his poor neck, feeling my lips turn up into a very satisfied smile. "Mine."

Aya sighs, but heís used to my possessive nature by now. Not that it still doesnít get on his nerves. Surprising me somewhat, he replies back "yours" and gives me a brief kiss. I brush back his bangs, tucking the locks behind his ears as much as I can so as to have a clear view of his face. "So how bad is it," he inquires, once more giving me a start.

"Hope you donít mind wearing turtlenecks for the next week or so. They arenít going to fade away anytime soon," Iíd made sure of that, being more fervent over the matter than usual, "and I donít think makeup will work this time." I get a light smack on the shoulder, either for the marks or the smug tone I used to tell him about them, Iím not sure. "Hey, thatís what you get for playing a game like that."

"If I recall correctly, you were the one who started the whole damn thing." Those violet eyes glare at me for a moment, then Aya ruins the effect by yawning.

Oh yeah, the flower shop. Guess this was my fault after all. Not that Iím complaining. Gods if Aya promises to react this way every time, Iím playing the fucking game each and every day. "Thatís what mean kittens get for depriving their lovers of their presence in the morning. I /hate/ waking up and finding you gone." I really do.

"Hn." I wait for an answer of some sort, possibly a scathing remark about my libido, but all Aya does is give me that Cheshire smile again. Uh oh, is that a good thing or a bad thing? He finally continues on while I am trying to decide. "Which would you prefer, a morning quickie or all day sport?" Hmm, now that isnít a tough choice.

"Well, guess I better stock up on the popsicles then. Any flavor requests? Donít you like lemon ones?" Aya nods his head as he toys with a strand of my hair, twisting it around his finger. I tilt up his chin for another kiss, this one long and lingering, sparking my libido as I start to harden again. Gods, the effect the man has on me. "Ken and Omi should be gone for a few more hours, there is no way in hell theyíll step back in the house before midnight if they think weíre busy trying to kill each other. What do you say we move the next round to the bathroom. Always did love water sports." Ayaís eyes sparkle at the thought, and I swear the man starts to purr. I canít resist kissing him again, drinking in his essence, craving that taste and the way he pours his body against mine. Yep, he better get used to the nickname, it suits him too damn well. Speaking of cats and such, I wonder if I can sweet-talk him into wearing that choker I bought him when we get out of the shower. I never did formally claim my prize; that leaves me with a lot of interesting options to considerÖÖÖ


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