Baby It’s Cold Outside


by nekojita


Rufus tapped his fingers against his arms, wrapped around his chest, in impatience as Reno landed the helicopter in the small clearing before the lodge that was built to resemble some sort of complicated log cabin. Yes, the wind had picked up and the snow reduced visibility, but he could have managed the last leg of the flight from Nibelheim. There were so few opportunities for him to fly anymore that he had enjoyed the chance to pilot on the trip from New Midgar to his winter lodge, at least until Reno judged the weather to be too chancy for his ‘rusty’ skills.

"Okay, we’re here. Grab the shit an’ get in before ya turn into an icicle," Reno advised as he powered down the helicopter. "An’ pray that we don’ have ta leave any time soon."

"Good thing we’re supposed to be here for a week, no?" Saint John commented as he grabbed several bags before hopping outside. His partner, Becca, rolled her eyes before doing the same, though she swore as the cold wind blew snow in her face once she left the shelter of the helicopter. Rufus finished buttoning up his coat and looked at his lover, who appeared reluctant to leave the vehicle.

"Well? I believe it’ll be warmer in the lodge."

"Yeah." Reno sighed as he removed his headset and draped it over a toggle, then zippered his black coat closed. "Fucking snow," he muttered as he grabbed the last of the bags and jumped outside. He repeated the curse as he waited for Rufus to join him, strands of his red hair whipped in various directions by the ferocious wind.

Rufus decided that he might just have to revise his opinion of his flight skills as they made their way to the lodge, and realized that Reno had made the last part of their trip appear easier than it had been, considering how difficult it was just to *walk* through this weather. He also would have something to say to the person who put together the weather reports for all trips, as there had been no indication of them flying into a storm – but it would have to wait a few days. Tseng had been very, *very* adamant that, barring an emergency, he was to avoid work during his vacation. Rufus suspected it was more for the Turks’ benefits than his own.

They finally reached the lodge, with Reno’s curses growing louder and more inventive along the way. Pamela opened the door right as Becca reached it and ushered them inside, where her partner Tosh was waiting to assist them with the bags and to remove their coats.

"Damn cold out there, ain’t it?" he asked as he shook the snow off of Becca’s coat and hung it on the rack by the door. He grinned as he approached Reno, but a warning glare from Rufus made him change direction for Saint John instead.

"Tell them something they don’t know," Pamela chided as she assisted Rufus with his outermost layer. "Sir, everything is ready as you requested. When we got news of the storm, I did a quick run to town to ensure that we’re stocked up during your trip. I’m surprised we didn’t run into each other," she admitted with a slight dip of her head.

"Thank you." One day he would have to reward the hard-working Turk with a decent partner, although Tseng insisted that she was happy with Tosh. He did make Pamela stand out all the better, Rufus supposed.

Reno finished shaking the snow out of his hair, which he left unbound and let out another weary sigh. "Just tell me that you got enough alcohol to last us a month," he asked in a desperate manner, as if it was his only hope of salvation when he was staying in a luxury lodge with his boyfriend.

Pamela laughed as she finished hanging up the coats. "Of course! We knew you were coming." The other Turks joined in as they picked up most of the bags and dispersed through the lodge.

Reno stared after them for a moment and moved as if to follow, before Rufus reached out to grab hold of his left arm. "Where do you think you’re going?"

Reno stopped and blinked at him for a couple of seconds before pulling his arm free so he could run his fingers through his hair, sending the damp strands into further disarray. "Ah, yeah, forgot that I’m not on duty." He sounded a bit dispirited as he picked up the last of the bags and headed for the master bedroom. "Every other time I’ve been here was to watch over you."

"And now you get to enjoy yourself," Rufus pointed out with slight annoyance as he overtook his lover and led the way. "A week free of babysitting duty, boring parties, getting up early and wearing your uniform. One would think that you would be a little more enthused about it." Ever since he had announced the trip, he had met a general apathy from his lover about their getaway that was grating on his nerves.

"We could have just stayed at home, ya know." Reno dumped their bags near the king-sized bed and turned around, more to look about the room than to face Rufus. Either out of habit or in avoidance, he began to investigate the room, as if Pamela and Tosh had not done that two days ago, when they had arrived at the lodge to do their security check. "Locked the doors, turned off the phones, shot anyone who came within twenty yards and enjoyed ourselves without having to come to the middle of nowhere."

Well, at least he was included in that, Rufus supposed. He should be grateful for that much, even if his efforts so far were *not* being appreciated. "It’s normal when someone treats you to a nice vacation for you to be thankful, not to complain," he said with icy aloofness as he opened his leather satchel to start unpacking. "Even for someone like you who enjoys to bitch constantly."

Over by the window, Reno pulled back the curtains and swore when the world outside was revealed to be a whirlwind of white. "Oh yeah, because it’s a brilliant idea, dragging me of all people up a fuckin’ mountain in the middle of winter." He spun around and stalked over to the bed, where he turned and flopped down on his back. "I am one happy puppy right now, see me radiate pure joy." Rufus doubted it was humanly possible for any more sarcasm to drip from his voice.

Giving in to his anger, Rufus dropped his underwear to the floor and went over to Reno, where he straddled his lover’s hips and leaned over him, his hands on either side of Reno’s head. "What is so awful about being here with me?"

"I repeat, you dragged me up a fuckin’ mountain in the middle of the winter." Reno’s eyes narrowed as he stared up at Rufus. "Never mind us being away from the lovely joys of the city, with its copious bars, restaurants and liquor stores, but we’re stuck up here in the fuckin’ *snow*." He spat out the last word as if he could think of no more offensive curse. "Did ya forget that I grew up below Plate? Winter’s something we suffer through, trying not ta freeze ta death. It’s not a vacation destination."

Rufus frowned as he leaned back on his heels, his hands sliding forward to rest on Reno’s warm chest. He could feel his lover’s heartbeat through the thin, soft material of the black sweater, could feel it speed up as he shifted his hips over Reno’s groin. "I thought you enjoyed playing in the snow."

"A couple of snowball battles here an’ there ain’t exactly a week’s worth of ‘playing in the snow’," Reno replied with a wry grin. "Do you really expect me to ski or some shit without breaking my legs? All the times we came up here with you, we made sure no one got in range to shoot your ass an’ we kept as warm an’ dry as we could."

This time it was Rufus’ turn to sigh. "All right, you *may* have a slight point." All he had thought about was getting away from the city and work, leaving behind the countless end of the year parties and their inanities, going somewhere safe where they would be left alone. That he had spent some enjoyable times at this lodge had given him the idea to come here for the week, especially since he knew how much Reno hated Healin Lodge.

"But there are other things to do besides skiing," he said as he leaned forward again, his hair falling onto his face as he brushed his lips against Reno’s. His lover felt so warm after the chilly walk from the helicopter, so he stretched out on top of him to soak in that heat, to feel Reno move beneath him. Hot, seeking hands slid along his back and pulled him closer as their lips pressed together. Judging from the passion in the kiss, he was finally certain that while Reno might hate the location, he was pleased with the company.

He had begun to slide the black sweater upwards when there was a knock from the vicinity of the bedroom door. "Uhm… dinner anyone before the power gets knocked out?"

Rufus broke off the kiss with a curse, reaching for one of his guns as he realized that they had left the bedroom door open. He sat back on Reno’s thighs as he glared at Tosh. "Did you fail to notice the generators?" Just how had this idiot managed to make it through the Turks rigorous screening program?

"Uhm…" Tosh shuffled his feet and suddenly had to look elsewhere.

Before Rufus could make some sort of scathing comment on the man’s lack of intelligence, Reno’s stomach growled. "Actually, dinner sounds a bit good." He smiled at Rufus once he had his attention. "Some of us were busy today checkin’ out helicopters an’ shit an’ forgot to eat."

Rufus narrowed his eyes for a few seconds before closing them and shaking his head. "It’s so refreshing to see how some things never change, I suppose," he said as he shifted off of his lover. If he knew the man half as well as he thought he did, Reno would probably start attacking the alcohol supply before the food was even at the table. That reminded him of something, which made him wonder just how much Reno knew about drinking at such high altitudes. His annoyance at having his fun interrupted gave way to evil amusement as he followed Reno out of the room, a plot already forming in his mind that would ensure that he got to enjoy himself later on.


Reno sniffed at the large mug that Rufus had just handed him. "What’s this?" It was thick and milky looking. In his experience, liquor was never supposed to be thick and milky looking. And there were spices in it. *Spices*. What the hell was up with rich people desecrating alcohol? You got pure alcohol, you diluted it enough to not rot your brain or throat on the first swallow, and if you managed to make it taste like something other than drain cleaner, more power to you. But *spices* and *milk*? "What the hell?"

"It’s called ‘eggnog’. It’s a traditional beverage for this time of year." Rufus frowned as he sipped his own mug of desecrated alcohol. "What? Don’t tell me you never had any."

"I hate to break it ta you, but we sorta skipped the traditional year end parties while I was growing up in favor of tryin’ not ta freeze ta death." He took another cautious sniff of the drink. "You tellin’ me there’s *eggs* in this? What the *hell* is wrong with you rich bastards?"

"There’s also brandy in it, a rather good amount, so you should be fine with it," Rufus snapped. "So shut up and drink it." He glared at Reno until he tried the damn thing, and it… hmm. Okay, so there was a lot of brandy in it, thank whatever deity wanted to listen to him. It still felt a bit slimy, but as long as there was alcohol in it, he could deal with slimy. Hell, he had put up with a lot of things as long as he had alcohol as well.

"S’not too bad. Still think you’re a bunch of sick fucks for ruinin’ perfectly good brandy with eggs an’ shit." He sniffed to show his disapproval before he had more of the drink.

"And I think you’re an uncouth bastard for failing to recognize a cultural treasure. Didn’t you at least have to try some before to check for poison or something?" Rufus frowned as he leaned forward to top off his mug from the pitcher that was set near the fireplace.

"Surprisingly, Turks are a bit more valuable than that. We may be cannon fodder, but we rate slightly above checkin’ for rat poisonin’," he snarked over the rim of his mug. He caught Rufus trying to hide a smile as his lover sat back in the couch.

The other Turks had vanished after dinner, though Reno knew they were never too far away. Now it was just him and Rufus, enjoying a ‘nightcap’ since there was little else they could do with a damn blizzard raging outside. Saint John had checked the weather right after they had landed and there was no chance of them leaving for the next day or two, let alone going outside.

He finished his mug and reached for the pitcher himself. "Eh, I think it’s growin’ on me."

"*I* think you’re a lush and will consume anything with alcohol in it. Were the three bottles of wine at dinner not enough?" Rufus sprawled out on the couch appearing at ease, with the top two buttons of his white and black shirts undone, a lock of his blond hair falling onto his forehead and his body relaxed. Hmm, somebody was getting into the whole ‘vacation’ thing. Maybe he would actually get down to one layer of clothes by the end of it…..

"And I think tha’ for once keepin’ ya alive and mostly whole is someone else’s responsibility so I’m gonna enjoy myself," Reno mumbled around the rim of his mug.

"Hmph, in other words, you’re barely going to be sober the entire week. I imagine that’ll make our snowball battles a disappointing challenge for me." Rufus actually sounded let down by that fact.

Reno drained his mug dry before he responded. "Eh, jus’ goes ta show ya how wrong ya are, *boss*." He set his mug aside before he straddled Rufus’ lap, and grabbed the anal bastard’s mug to finish off the eggnog in that. Mmm, maybe the stuff was not half bad after all, as long as it was mostly brandy, and the good stuff at that. "I figh’ even better when I’m drunk," he announced with pride.

Rufus gave him that annoyingly smug look that managed heavy lidded eyes and arched eyebrow at the same time, something that always made his eyes ache whenever he tried to repeat it, and smiled. "You’re certainly more… interesting once you’ve had a few drinks in you," he remarked as he slid his hands up the back of Reno’s sweater.

"Hey, we’re discussin’ my tact… tactical skills here," Reno complained as he put his hands on Rufus’ forearms. "Not…" He stopped to shake his head in an attempt to clear it. "Wha’s in tha’ stuff again?" Okay, he might have drunk most of the wine at dinner, but he was a *Turk*, a high alcohol tolerance was part of the job description.

"Enough brandy to get even *your* attention," Rufus murmured as he brushed his lips against Reno’s neck, the same time he dragged his nails down Reno’s spine. The pleasure/pain made Reno arch his back and moan as the world swirled around him, a delicious mix of feelings, warmth and Rufus’ scent, the solid presence of his lover’s body rushing forward as he melted against him. It felt as if his body had lost all muscle control just then, leaving him unable to do little else besides rest against Rufus as the bastard used a handful of his hair to tilt his head up for a kiss.

Rufus took complete control of it, leaving Reno breathless and squirming in Rufus’ lap as he was kissed with a savagery that made his lips ache from the pressure against them and his cock hard from the blatant promise of a good, hard fuck. For a moment he thought about resisting, about biting down and pushing away, but what the hell, he was here to enjoy himself, *was* enjoying himself, and it was not as if he would lack the chance to get his turn at switching things around later on.

Still, he had to ask once the kiss was broken off and he could breathe without gasping. "Wha… how…." It was harder to think straight than he had anticipated, and having his sweater jerked over his head did not help matters. "You bastard."

"Now, now, *I’m* not the one who drank so much after not eating all day and in favor of food at dinner," Rufus pointed out as he pushed Reno to lie back onto the couch. "And I must say, I’m oddly touched to realize that you must have actually been working while up here all those years and not slacking off to hit the bar or else you’d have realized that high altitudes impact alcohol consumption." He smiled as he leaned down to nip at Reno’s throat. "I highly advise you to drink some water… once we’re done."

"Fuckin’ bastard," Reno slurred as he did his best to glare at his lover.

Rufus had the audacity to shrug as if the insult was of little consequence while he began to unbutton his shirts. "At least you got the first part right. As I keep telling you, my parents were married before they had me." He grinned as he leaned forward to work on removing Reno’s jeans, after first searching his pockets to find the packet of lube that Reno had tucked into the back left one before coming here. "Are you trying to cross your eyes right now?"

"Fuck off." Reno attempted to kick him away as his jeans were pulled off, but Rufus just laughed and managed to get the pants and boxers off while remaining on the couch. The smirk was back on his face as he unzipped his own pants before leaning over Reno.

"You’re so cute when you pout."

"An’ you’re such an asshole." No longer certain that he wanted to enjoy himself if it meant that Rufus got to as well, Reno jerked his head aside when the bastard tried to kiss him. He hissed in anger when his chin was grabbed so his head remained still, and retaliated by biting Rufus’ bottom lip. That earned him a curse and a dirty look, by which time he felt that his point had been proven. He gave his boyfriend a sweet smile, which earned him a dubious look and, after a few seconds, a cautious kiss.

Ah hell, he was drunk, stuck up on a mountain with nothing to do but either fight or fuck with Rufus, and even if he did the former it always ended up with them doing the latter eventually. Might as well wait until he was a bit more sober and so could do some more damage, or something like that. He did enjoy the slight flinch when he sunk his teeth once more into Rufus’ bottom lip, but this time for a friendly nibble.

Hands slid into his hair and gave the strands a slight tug, most likely as a warning to ‘behave’, before tilting his head back a little so the kiss could be deepened. If Reno had felt dizzy from the alcohol before, he was damn near delirious now. The warmth from the fire spread along his right side, but even warmer was everywhere that Rufus touched him, rested against him, pushing him down into the plush, blanket covered couch. He clutched at his lover, one hand grabbing a handful of rich material as he fought to push Rufus’ ass lower, the other mussing the gelled strands of blond hair. When he opened his eyes and looked up at the sight of Rufus’ flushed face with blond hair sticking up in all directions, he had to laugh.

"Hmm, obviously I’m not doing things right," Rufus complained in that deep, quiet way of his when he was offended as he pulled back a little. Reno managed an eye roll at his lover’s ruffled dignity and then gasped as fingers pressed against him, one of them sliding inside.

"Damn! A little-" His complaint was cut off with another kiss, as ardent and rough as the one from before, and Rufus’ hand was still moving, fingers still pushing and twisting and what few thoughts he had mustered fractured into bits of intense pleasure and desire. His vision spiked into glowing colors so he closed his eyes and lost himself to the sensations, allowed the controlling bastard to take over again in favor of just feeling, just enjoying how good Rufus could make things be when he wanted.

He whined in frustration when the fingers pulled away, then groaned Rufus’ name as his hips were tugged forward and his legs shifted apart while Rufus tucked between them. That was all the warning he had to let out a slow breath and relax as much as possible, before a quick, deep thrust made him call out Rufus’ name again. His fingers dug into Rufus’ back as the bastard set up a hard, deep pace right from the start, damn him, and as much as the stretch burned it also felt so fucking good, made Reno toss back his head and push his shoulders against the couch in an attempt to meet each and every frantic thrust.

He choked on Rufus’ name when his lover’s hand wrapped around his own cock and pumped it roughly in time to the thrusts slamming him back onto the couch, and teeth scraped along his neck in a parody of kisses as he scratched down Rufus’ back. Every now and then the pleasure would spike, pure ecstasy that would seize his entire body and push him closer to the edge, an edge that he dragged his lover along to with each clench, each undulation of hips, each scratch and each moan. They spurred each other on, lost in the bliss they created, until Rufus pushed Reno’s left leg a little higher and hit that spot again, harder and faster than before. The pleasure spiked more intense it had to yet, became too much, and Reno was lost to it. As it washed through him, he felt a dull ache to the side of his neck and hip, heard his name as if it were growled out and then Rufus slumped against him.

They lay spent on the couch as their breath evened out and, in Reno’s case, the world slowly stopped spinning. He felt chilly as the sweat cooled on his skin, but at least he had a nice, warm Rufus blanket draped on top of him, and he used his nails in protest when said blanket attempted to move.

"Dammit! I know we have some nail clippers around here somewhere," Rufus muttered as he shifted about enough to pull a blanket down from the back of the couch. "You have to be half cat or something with how fast they grow."

Reno held up his right hand and wiggled his fingers. "Heh, don’ bitch. Hair grows fast an’ so do the nails." He sighed when Rufus spread the blanket over them both, then grimaced as he slowly sat up, more from the ache in various parts than the need to wipe himself off. "Gonna be sore inna mornin’."

"You’re going to have one hell of a headache in the morning, I’m willing to bet." Oddly enough, the bastard sounded smug about it – at least until Reno hit him in the chest. "Ow!"

"Who gave me the eggnog, eh?"

Rufus glared as he rubbed his chest, his hair still sticking up in all directions. "All right, you *may* have a small point there. We should probably visit the kitchen soon to get some food and non-alcoholic beverages in you." Then he smiled as he reached for a handful of Reno’s unbound hair and used it to pull him over, half into Rufus’ lap, and ignored the fact that Reno was squawking at the abuse. "But you are a lot of fun like this."

"Na’ a fuckin’ toy," Reno spat as he smacked his lover’s chest again, but he allowed himself to be settled on Rufus’ lap and to have the blanket draped around his back and shoulders. "Gonna get ya ass kicked… uhm…." When was the damn blizzard supposed to stop?

"I think I’ll be safe as long as the snowstorm holds out and there’s plenty of eggnog," Rufus murmured as he leaned in for another kiss. Reno gave his lips a warning nip before kissing back and reminded himself that he was on vacation; he was here for the drinking and the sex since there was little else to do. He could save the truly nasty fights for when they were back home and he had access to better weapons and better places to hide than the top of a mountain in the middle of winter.


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