by nekojita


Rufus sighted with his pistol and fired, the reverberations of the shot making his right hand and arm tingle while the sharp sting of cordite made his nose itch. Inhaling deeply helped a little with the urge to sneeze, the cordite tempered with the more pungent odor of blood and bowels, then overwhelmed by the stench of seared flesh. He could hear Reno’s panting before the Turk bumped into him, not out of breath but charged with so much adrenalin that his hands trembled and his eyes practically blazed with that odd, glowing light. Rufus felt much the same – heart racing, vision sharpened, body shaking from the terrible urge to fight, to destroy, to prove his strength until all his enemies were dead. He felt so charged right now, so on edge that he was half-hard from the heady rush of energy.

The hallway was filled with bodies felled by bullets and lightning and brute force. The once beige carpet was so saturated with blood that it squelched as they hurried along the corridor, Reno practically herding Rufus toward a closed door while talking to Tseng over his cell phone. "Yeah, it’s clear now, we got everyone on this floor and Rude’s watching the stair well. He’s fine." Reno pulled Rufus to a halt and stepped in front of the door, baton dangling from his left wrist as it reached for the doorknob. "We’ll be in the upper office until you clean up the mess." He did a quick visual check before he moved away so Rufus could enter first, and gave up the phone to Rufus’ waiting hand.

"Tseng." Rufus stood in the middle of the office, where he’d been warmly greeted just a short half an hour ago, the secretary who’d smiled so brightly at him lying slumped over her desk with half of her head missing. "How soon until you’re finished?"

"Just a few more minutes, President. I want to be certain that everyone’s taken care of before we move you someplace more secure. One moment." Tseng’s voice faded away during the last two words, followed by the sound of bullets being rapidly fired and a scream being cut-off. "I’m sure WRO security will be here soon," Tseng said as he spoke into the phone once more. "So please stay where you are for the time being."

That was a subtle reminder that it wouldn’t be good for Reeve’s employees to see Rufus shooting people, even if the ‘victims’ had every intention of killing him. "Understood, Tseng. You know where I’ll be." As much as part of him thrilled to be out there firing his gun at whoever was foolish enough to get in his way, he’d remain in this room while his Turks did their jobs. They were here to protect him, after all, and it was better if people didn’t realize that he was almost as lethal as his much maligned bodyguards. Not when he’d so thoroughly surprised the two men who had thought he’d be an easy target to grab while Rude and Reno were ‘distracted’ by the initial burst of gunfire.

He closed the phone and offered it to Reno, who was continuously pacing around the room as if searching for something. Reno shook his head, his impassive face liberally splattered with blood that also covered his clothes. Rufus watched while the Turk knocked the secretary’s body to the floor and used her chair to barricade the door. "Is that really necessary?"

Reno’s usually fluid shrug was marred with stiffness as he approached, breathing still accelerated and eyes still glowing. "Tseng would rather I be paranoid than too cocky, and there were a few more guys than we’d expected." He jerked his left hand through his hair, his eyes intent on Rufus as he looked for any signs of injury. Returning the favor, Rufus realized that the blood on the upper part of his lover’s right arm was Reno’s own. "Ya really gonna sit tight for once?"

"Yes." Rufus allowed some frustration to creep into his voice as he reached for his lover and dragged him closer, intent on finding out the extent of the wound. As much as he wanted to be out there with his Turks as they put another threat against him to rest, he had to accept the fact that they could do their job better while not worrying about his safety. "When did this happen?" He pulled down stained shirt and coat to reveal a still bleeding wound that gaped open wide and deep enough to show a disturbing gleam of bone.

"When they started firing." Reno hissed as the wound was prodded, his left fist rising a little in a quickly aborted movement, most likely an instinctual urge to lash out at whoever was hurting him. His face didn’t expose any pain, though, was bereft of its usually cocky smile; it was the cold mask it became when Reno focused solely on killing, when he put aside the taunting and joking in favor of fast, simple death. It didn’t normally last this long after the enemy was killed, at least not in Rufus’ experience, but then Reno didn’t seem ready to stand down and consider his job done. They both were clearly still on edge, bodies still pumped with adrenalin that would take a while to fade away.

He must have gotten wounded when Tarquinio’s assassins had tried to surprise Rufus during his inspection of the new company ShinRa had just acquired. They’d known about the planned attack and had come anyway, taking the chance so they could expose an enemy and have a legitimate excuse to destroy Tarquinio and his company afterwards. Now, however, Rufus wondered if he hadn’t been too blind to all the risks of his plan. He smoothed his left hand along Reno’s exposed collarbones, fingers quickly dampened by sweat and sticky blood. The adrenalin that flowed through his veins, that left him feeling so charged and his senses heightened, began to morph into something else now that he wasn’t able to fight anymore, something just as addictive and invigorating.

Reno’s breath caught in his throat at the touch, his face betraying some emotion for the first time since it had gone so cold. The smile on his lips was a fraction of its normal self as he grabbed hold of Rufus’ hand and moved about until his back rested against the wall directly opposite from the door.

That left Rufus with his back to the door, so he shifted to the side enough that Reno could watch it over his shoulder. "I’m a bit disappointed in your reactions, Reno. I’d expect one of the Aces to be able to dodge a bullet." His voice came out rougher than he intended, his blood racing with the desire to leave the room and make sure that his enemies were in fact all dead. Something pulsed inside of him, something so overwhelmingly dark and possessive and furious that he actually took a step backwards and began to turn around so he could leave.

His lover’s hands latched on to his hips and pulled him back. "Hey, I know that look, it’s usually when I try to remember how many bullets are in your gun so I know when to stop running." Reno continued to pull him closer until he bumped into the Turk, both of them shifting about as hard flesh rubbed together. "If you go out there now, you’ll only piss Tseng off and Rude will tease me that I can’t do a good enough job of looking after you. Which is bullshit, especially since I only got shot because you were too busy playing with your gun to notice the bastard about to fire on you."

He decided to ignore that last bit, unwilling to start a fight over something that might unfortunately be true; he had been somewhat distracted by the enjoyment of killing his attackers when the shooting had first started, it had been too long since he’d had so much fun. "Are you telling me that you’d rather stay here instead of helping your coworkers ensure that all of Tarquinio’s men are dead?" He’d never known Reno to willingly sit out of the ‘fun’, even if his lover could act incredibly lazy and unmotivated most of the time.

There was a sharp hiss as the smile vanished from Reno’s face, his eyes staring hard at the blocked door, but then he shook his head. "Those aren’t my orders."

Rufus almost laughed at that statement, about to point out that Reno usually didn’t give a damn about orders when it came to having fun. There was also the fact that Rufus was well aware that Tseng had arranged for the two of them to be somewhere remotely safe now that the rest of the Turks could handle the enemy, something that made him feel a bit bitter toward the over-protective man. But there were risks that were acceptable and ones that weren’t, and he’d pushed his luck earlier by making an enemy believe that he’d walked unknowingly into a death trap. While that had left Tarquinio’s true motives completely exposed, his lover was still bleeding and the warehouse still contained some danger to them both.

"Besides," Reno continued, his head resting against the wall even if his gaze never left the door, "there’ll be lots of fun in the next few days, right? This bunch should put up more of a fight than those Earth First bastards." Excitement and malice dripped from his voice, his smile returning to take on a cruel edge that would make most people immediately move away from the redhead.

Yet for Rufus, it made him smile in return and shift forward, just as thrilled at the thought of taking on an enemy almost worthy of his attention. Tarquinio had been goaded into foolish action, leaving his weapons company open to a counterattack that would make ShinRa even stronger and richer and Rufus far from bored for the foreseeable future. Outside the room was the mostly muffled ‘bang’ of gunfire, a reminder of the enjoyment that awaited them once they finished their show for WRO. "Get shot again and you’ll be stuck at headquarters during all the fun, is that understood?"

"Then don’t get distracted, you control freak of a bastard," Reno hissed, his attention shifting from the door for a few seconds so he could glare at Rufus.

As much as he knew he shouldn’t give in to it, as much as the rational part of his brain told him ‘no’, Rufus was done in with that look. Strands of Reno’s hair clung to his face, bright red against the various spots and splashes that darkened as the blood dried, his eyes glowing as if filled with emerald fire, the pale skin of his chest also stained with crimson that called for Rufus to drag his fingertips through it. This was the man who had just killed for him, who had guarded him with his body despite pain and danger, who would follow him without care into any battle that Rufus chose. He was too far gone into the demanding grasp of chemicals and biological imperatives that had reveled in the death he’d caused outside the room, heedless of anything but what he truly wanted at the moment. It was as if his nerves were too tightly drawn, as if he’d shatter if he didn’t lash out in some manner or another. Such a thin line between violence and passion, and since he was now denied the one he tipped headfirst into the other.

Reno made that shift as well, as if he’d anticipated it even before Rufus leaned forward for a kiss. The hands on his hips tightened, thin fingers digging in almost painfully deep before letting him go. Yet they didn’t vanish; instead they brushed along his body, one set trailing up his chest and down his right arm while the other moved downward until they could press against his now fully erect cock. He moaned at the contact, about to lose himself into the pleasure when he felt his gun be taken from his hand.

That was the same time that Reno broke off the kiss, his left arm raising until he draped it over Rufus’ shoulder, the gun now pointing at the door and the baton swinging against Rufus’ back. "Can’t do that," he gasped, face once again flushed and showing true emotion. For a brief moment his eyes flickered in Rufus’ direction before once again taking to staring at the door. "Need to keep lookin’."

Rufus felt a slight amount of chagrin at how his lover could be focused on work *right now*, then shrugged and set about undoing the remaining two buttons of his lover’s ruined shirt. This was why Reno was one of the Aces, why Rufus had allowed the bastard to be close enough to him to fall in love. "By all means; we wouldn’t want anyone to walk in on us like this," he replied, voice thick with sarcasm and lust. Once the shirt was undone and pushed open, he searched out the packet of lube his lover always kept tucked inside that black coat.

"Don’t know, that’s kinda kinky." Reno laughed and gave Rufus’ cock another squeeze, his legs shifting apart as Rufus undid the zipper of his pants. "I give five minutes, ten tops until Tseng’s here to make sure we didn’t kill each other." As soon as his pants fell to the floor, he stepped out of them and kicked them and his shoes aside.

That was about as long as Rufus had judged, too, well aware of the lack of gunfire in the last minute or two. "I know the ambience is terribly romantic, but you’ll have to wait for something more leisurely until we get home." As soon as his fingers were slick, he tugged Reno’s ass a couple of inches away from the wall and slid them down its warm crevice. Reno wasn’t the only one panting anymore, Rufus’ heart beating so fast that he probably wouldn’t be able to hear someone opening the door.

Reno laughed again, the sound as breathless as Rufus felt and fumbled with the zipper of Rufus’ pants. "Right now, ‘leisurely’ is a grand total of three minutes since I’m about to pop just from you fuckin’ touchin’ me." He moaned as Rufus’ fingers pushed inside, his right leg lifting to curl around Rufus’ upper thigh.

"I won’t even give you that long." Mindful of the bloody mess that covered his lover, Rufus found a patch of clean skin just below Reno’s right ear and gave it a lick. "Two minutes, top." Not with the way they were both so hard and already shaking, with the way that Reno only moaned at being prepared so roughly and Rufus’ vision darkened at the feel of his lover’s fingers wrapping around his cock.

"Just do it, dammit," Reno groaned, sounding so needful that he was almost pleading. Rufus pulled away enough to spread some of the lube onto his cock, Reno’s left arm sliding along his shoulder and held out perfectly still, the gun trained on the door in case anyone not a Turk dared to open it. Rufus spared a quick lick to his lover’s parted lips, promising himself a kiss later and moved forward again, his hands grabbing his lover’s ass and spreading it wide open.

Long, lean legs wrapped around him in response, Reno’s upper back braced hard against the wall and their lower bodies pressed tightly together. Rufus cursed under his breath as he shoved into almost unbearable tightness, Reno’s breath hitching at what had to be a painful intrusion. His lover’s right arm held on for support but the left never wavered, nor did Reno’s gaze upon the door even though his eyelids fluttered for several seconds.

"Do it, for fuck’s sake." Too damn flexible for his own good, Reno managed to arch his lower back and take Rufus in even deeper, the movement shattering whatever control he had because of fear of hurting his lover. They were both covered in blood, Reno was wounded and someone was going to come through that door in a few minutes, and all that mattered was that they felt some form of release as quickly as possible. Rufus gritted his teeth, arms straining to hold Reno up as he thrust into his lover, the friction and heat so damn incredible that he already felt himself tumbling toward the edge of orgasm.

Everything was so much more intense than usual: the feel of fabric against over-sensitive nerves as they pressed together and moved, the slickness of sweat and stickiness of blood, tense muscles and frantic motion as Rufus thrust almost violently into Reno’s body as quickly as he could. He was trembling once more, almost losing his grip on Reno’s ass because his lover was trembling as well, bodies straining to move together as closely as possible. Burying his face in the crock of Reno’s neck, Rufus put all of his trust in the redhead and allowed himself be overcome by the potent, exhilarating sensations. They both were sweating so much that Reno slipped down a little, then screamed in release when Rufus stopped his descent and thrust upward as hard as he could.

So much tightness, much more than he’d ever felt before, the friction almost burning as already taut muscles clenched even harder around his cock. He bit into Reno’s neck as he came, doing his best to muffle the cry of pleasure as he shuddered from the roiling waves of ecstasy. This time his vision did darken, absolute blackness with vivid starbursts of colors that lasted as long as his orgasm.

When he finally had some control of his senses again, he found that Reno was standing once more, his lover’s pointy chin digging into his left shoulder while the handle of his gun dug into the upper right side of his back. He let out a slow breath and reached for the weapon, prying it from Reno’s hand as he turned around and slumped against the wall. A quick glance revealed that his clothes were even more of a mess now, blood and semen smeared about on his outer coat and vest. He grimaced in distaste and pulled a handkerchief free so he could wipe his now flaccid cock clean and tuck it back into his pants. Shifting the gun from one hand to another, he shed the stained coat, removed the thankfully mostly clean one beneath that, got rid of the vest and put the clean coat back on, buttons done to hide the mess on his pants. All the while, Reno remained slumped against the wall, still panting for air and naked from the waist down save a pair of socks.

Grateful that he carried more than one handkerchief – he’d picked up that habit after it became clear that Reno had a thing for sex during the work hours – he handed his last two to his lover. "How’s the arm?"

Reno grunted in thanks as he accepted the white fabric squares. "Feels a lot better than my ass, not that I’m complaining." He smiled as he scrubbed clean his face and then the obvious signs of sex, the soiled cloth ending up on the floor before he turned his attention to the wound on his arm. The smile changed into a wince as he pressed the handkerchief against torn flesh, his hand remaining over the wound while he shrugged out of his shirt and coat. "Here, tear off a strip while I fetch my pants." He tossed the ruined shirt at Rufus and went to put on some clothes.

Doing as he was told, Rufus wrinkled his nose and bit into the cleanest section of cotton that he could find before tearing the shirt one-handedly. By the time Reno had his pants and shoes back on, two strips were ready to hold the handkerchief in place. "I want Alim to look at that as soon as we get back to headquarters."

"It’s just a bullet wound." Reno winced again as he shrugged back on his coat, looking a right and proper mess with his hair completely disheveled, his shirt gone and his black coat and pants so obviously ruined. At least his eyes were back to normal and the cocky smile had returned. Mindful not to block the room’s only entrance, he leaned in for a quick kiss, lingering just a second or two before pulling away to go remove the chair from the door. "Tseng and Rude should be here any second; I haven’t heard any gunshots for a while." Rufus kept the gun trained on the entrance as Reno returned to his side, the tension from earlier gone from his body. That tension had left Rufus’ as well, leaving a peaceful, almost exhausted feeling behind in its place. Now was the time to sip some fine whiskey and bask in the joy that came from protecting what was his once again, though that would wait until Tseng gave the all clear and he was back in his office.

"I don’t care if you think it’s minor, but-" The phone that Rufus had tucked into his coat pocket suddenly rang, prompting him to curse as he retrieved his ruined coat from the floor. Reno smirked at him, clearly amused that he’d forgotten about the device, and resumed staring at the door with his baton resting against his left shoulder while Rufus took the call. "I assume that we’re done here?"

Tseng cleared his throat before answering. "Rude is on his way to escort you outside. Reeve’s people are about to arrive and would like to talk to you before you leave." There was a hesitant pause for several seconds. "Are you presentable?"

"As much as I can be when splattered with blood that isn’t mine," Rufus replied, his tone as even as possible since he had the feeling that Tseng was perfectly aware of what had happened just a minute or two ago. He couldn’t help but glance around the ceiling to see if there were any hidden cameras, refusing to believe that he was that predictable. Dammit, one day he’d arrange for Tseng to be alone with Elena after a similar gun battle and see if the Wutian remained a pillar of restraint. "Perhaps being a bit bedraggled will make my inquisitors take some pity on me."

That provoked an amused snort from Tseng. "Somehow, I doubt it, President. Most likely they’ll just detain you even longer in hopes of you being uncomfortable."

"In that case, I’ll make it clear that one of my bodyguards was injured on my behalf and that I’m not in the mood to be toyed with since he needs medical attention." WRO was slowly learning that he was more than a benevolent and anonymous donor; he still supported them but he was slowly getting the point across that WRO did *not* control him or ShinRa.

"Rude didn’t mention that Reno was injured." There was a note of caution in Tseng’s deep voice.

Rufus glanced at his lover, noting the attentive look at the door and the pleased smile on Reno’s face. Other than the way he stiffly held his right arm to his side and the large rip in his right sleeve, one wouldn’t assume that the Turk was injured. "It’s nothing serious, although I’ve complete faith in Reno making it appear as if he’s on death’s door if WRO tries my patience too much." Reno’s pale eyes flickered in his direction at that statement and the pleased smile took on a wicked edge. His posture became even more slumped, his right arm cradled against his chest in a boneless manner.

"Understood, sir. I’ll join you once I’m sure that things have been properly cleaned up here." Tseng ended the call just as there was a knock on the door. It slowly opened to reveal Rude filling most of the doorway, the left lens of his sunglasses scratched and a scrape along his left temple.


Rufus moved from the wall, aware of Reno falling instep behind him. "It’s good to see you, Rude." He holstered his gun as he spoke, head held high and shoulders squared back. The hallway was no less gruesome than before, but now he felt detached from it, the peaceful mood from before still remaining as he looked on with pride at what his people had done. Oh, he’d have to manage something more shell-shocked when he reached Reeve’s people, but at least he wasn’t on edge anymore, in a mood to continue fighting that would just cause him complications down the line. While WRO might be slowly learning to respect him, it was too soon to reveal his true nature to them, to give them a warning that while he was doing his best to make amends for his father’s crimes against the world that he was still a Shinra.

Thanks to the carnage around him, he’d be able to unleash his Turks on Tarquinio and make the man a scapegoat for a few weapons projects that Rufus himself was responsible for. That would buy him some time to ensure that the projects remained undiscovered while ShinRa benefited from absorbing a rival weapons manufacturer. All in all, it was a very productive, enjoyable day. He hoped the future held more like these, with Reno by his side so they could be fully savored. Soon enough ShinRa would be to its full glory and he’d never have to worry about having what was his taken away again.


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