by nekojita


Once he was finished styling his hair, Rufus took a moment to make sure that he hadn’t missed any spots while shaving earlier. His appearance was very important to him – first as a way to set himself apart from his overweight and often uncouth father, then to unnerve people at how a young man always was so immaculate and in control, and finally because it was his nature to want things as perfect as possible. He despised wrinkles and dirt and hair falling into his eyes, although he didn’t have much luck with that last even with what was supposed to be the best hair gel on the market.

Finished now in the bathroom, he left the still steam-filled room and went to his closet. The party was in less than an hour, one of many ‘social events of the year’ that was little more than an excuse to buy good will with expensive alcohol and hor d’ourves. Tonight’s ‘cause’ was the just finished children’s hospital that ShinRa Electric Power Company had spent a lot of money building, and even Strife would be there, along with most of New Midgar’s social elite. Rufus would go, cut some stupid symbolic ribbons, pose for only a few pictures and pretend to be interested in hearing what those guests who Tseng approved of had to say to him. Not his favorite way to spend an evening, but he was used to it.

What he wasn’t used to was finding Reno getting dressed to attend the party, at least in anything other than his Turks’ uniform. However, the redhead was coming along as a guest and not a bodyguard, though Rufus would bet half his wealth that even while getting drunk and insulting most of the guests, Reno would still be ‘on watch’.

Since it had been his idea that Reno attend the party as his date, Rufus wasn’t upset to find his lover pulling on a very expensive suit, but he was angered by how quickly Reno had managed to ruin the thing. "How the hell did you get a five thousand gil suit so wrinkled in such a short time?" he demanded to know while reaching for his own outfit.

Reno shrugged and continued to dress himself. "I had nothing to do with it, I think all the fuckin’ bugs who were killed to make it are trying to get some revenge." The dark grey pants, which had been tailored to his lanky body a mere week ago, were at least an inch lower on his hips than they should be and looked as if they’d spent the week rolled up into a tight ball.

"That’s not silk, you gutter-bred idiot, but merino wool. You don’t kill sheep when you shear them, not that you know anything about farm animals," Rufus snapped, unable to believe that even *Reno* could destroy such fine material in a matter of minutes. What, did the man have some sort of talent to cause wrinkles to appear in his immediate vicinity or something?

Reno snorted and pulled on something that was silk – one of Rufus’ white shirts, in fact – then managed to perfectly impersonate Rufus’ refined accent. "Oh, I’m so sorry, I have to admit that I spent the day studying in the boarding school’s library when my class went off to fuck the animals at the fucking zoo." He rolled his eyes in an exaggerated manner while he did up most of the shirt’s buttons, then actually tucked its ends into the loose pants. "If it wasn’t a rat or a pigeon, then it was dead an’ dinner." He frowned as he pulled up the waistband of the pants for a moment. "Even ate a few pigeons, but rats taste like shit."

"This from a man who insisted I buy him a steak last week that cost almost a hundred gil." Rufus tucked in his own shirt before reaching for one of his belts. "While we’re on the topic of eating, why the hell are a pair of pants that were made to your specific measurements no longer fitting?" He threw the belt at his lover, annoyed at the way Reno so casually talked about his childhood. The man better get it out of his system before the party.

"Because Tseng stuck me on a mission where I was too damn busy to eat for the last three days, other than those awful energy bars Rude forced down my throat," Reno grumbled. "Made me long for rats, they tasted that bad." He caught the belt with ease, the black leather held in both hands and snapped tight. "Hmm, is this a suggestion? We gonna play a little rather than bore ourselves to death?" He even appeared hopeful for a moment, and it was then that Rufus realized that Reno had actually brushed his hair and had most of it neatly pulled back.

"No, you’re supposed to use it to keep your pants up while you’re being bored to death." Rufus went to his lover and did his best to tuck back a lock of crimson that seemed determined to cling to Reno’s forehead. No matter how firmly he tucked it behind Reno’s left ear, it slithered free a moment later. "Finish getting dressed." His hand trailed down the front of the silk shirt, fingers tingling from the heat that radiated through it. Even rumpled and half-dressed, Reno was enticing enough to make him consider being a little late tonight – until he remembered that his presence was required for the opening ceremony.

"It’s not often that you tell me to put on my clothes." Reno leered for a moment before tossing aside the dark red wool vest that went with the suit, choosing instead a black leather one that Rufus hadn’t worn in over a year. It had fit him back when he’d first been healed of the Geostigma, but since then he’d reclaimed the muscle lost to the disease and put on some more, courtesy of weekly sparring sessions with Tseng. Reno had to cinch it pretty tight, but it made a very appealing picture against white silk and dark grey wool – which was still sliding down Reno’s hips. Rufus sighed and figured that his lover didn’t know the proper use for a belt that didn’t include tying people up.

"It’s not often that I’m under the delusion that I can take you out in public and not be embarrassed by your antics," he shot back while putting on a pale grey vest.

Reno grunted in annoyance, still busy with the black vest’s many buckles – Rufus smiled with pleasure of the thought of undoing all of them later tonight, easily imaging the way Reno would whine in frustration and beg to be fucked while still wearing it. "This is your bright idea, you know. I can always stay home."

Removing a black coat made of fine silk from its hanger, Rufus then brushed his fingers across the fabric as if flicking away a piece of lint. "You were the one who agreed to go with me," he pointed out, still a bit confused and worried over how easily Reno had given in to the night’s plans. Tseng had gotten a hypodermic filled with sedatives from Alim today just in case Reno had something outrageous planned during the party….

Finished with the vest, Reno tossed back the long fall of hair that had slid over his shoulder and stepped closer to Rufus. "I’m only going for three reasons, and none of them have anything to do with wearing some fancy outfit." His eyes were bright with emotion – amusement and a hint of wickedness, if Rufus was any judge, and his full lips were curved the tiniest bit. Such an expression usually had Rufus reaching for his gun – he pulled on its holster now that the he was wearing the black coat – and he *knew* that his lover was up to something tonight.

"So why are you going?"

Reno tilted his head to the side and helped Rufus settle the leather holster in place. "Because there are always a bunch of gold digging whores just waiting to sink their claws into you at parties like these. I swear I’m gonna throw up if I have to smell their perfume on you one more time." The slight smile remained on his face, but the gleam in his eyes right now had terrified quite a few targets and even a few Turks in the past. "You and Tseng won’t let me shoot ‘em, but I can at least spill drinks on ‘em if I’m not on the clock."

"Which I assume is the second reason why you’re going as my… escort instead of my bodyguard tonight." Rufus was smiling himself, just imagining the ‘fun’ a few women and even a man or two had in store for them tonight with a possessive Reno on guard. That the idiot was acting possessive and jealous made him forget his annoyance over the suit’s condition, even when he saw how Reno had rolled up the cuffs of the dark grey coat. "Now you can drink as much as you want."

"Damn right." Reno laughed as he tugged on the ends of the coat, his appearance slightly off with the lack of unruly hair and while wearing a suit that wasn’t black.

"What’s the third reason?" Rufus selected a tie from the rack, its color just a shade darker than blood. He draped it over his lover’s neck, taking a moment to pull free long, thick hair and running his fingers through it. "Ties are *not* optional tonight."

"Fuckin’ sadist." Reno fidgeted with the tie for a moment, settling it beneath the collar of his white shirt but not tying it. The slight smile blossomed into something so decadent that Rufus felt hot for a few seconds, even though he hadn’t put on the heavy white woolen coat yet. Reno’s eyes narrowed, the look entirely predatory, before he laughed and brushed one of the tie’s ends along Rufus’ jaw.

"The third reason is because I have every intention of being dragged out onto a balcony tonight to be fucked by you." Reno’s voice roughed and deepened until he was almost purring, all the while standing close enough to Rufus that he could feel the redhead’s body heat. "You’re gonna yank down these expensive as hell pants and shove your cock into my ass, fuck me fast and hard enough that I’ll be screaming while on the other side of the wall a bunch of prissy bastards gossip about how much money you spent on a damn building. That way, at least two of us will have fun tonight." Reno dropped the tie and caressed Rufus’ lips with the back of his fingers, barely getting them out of the way in time for Rufus to yank him forward for a kiss that was downright savage.

Rufus could so easily imagine it, too: Reno with his arms braced against the wall with Rufus behind him, clothes pushed aside or down just enough for the most intimate of contact. He would be able to bury his face in Reno’s hair, to wrap the strands around his fist while he thrust as deeply as possible into the heat that tormented him just now, that soaked into his skin through several layers of clothes and left him feeling so relaxed yet alive. He’d have to use one of his handkerchiefs to ensure that Reno didn’t yell loud enough to draw the attention of every guest, but the thrill of possibly being discovered would only increase the pleasure. Once they were done, he’d smell Reno on his hands and suit for the rest of the night, would smile at the slight hitch in his lover’s usual fluid gait and the bruise or two he would deliberately leave for all to see.

He might have to spend his money on things like hospitals and orphanages to regain the respect of the populace and to make good on a few promises, but he was still Rufus Shinra. Not even this new search for ‘redemption’ meant that he was no longer the man known to never cry or bleed, wasn’t willing to put his pleasure first when that was what he truly desired. Just because he was repairing some of the damage that his family had caused meant that he ever had the slightest hope of being a saint – nor that he had any desire to be one. All he wanted was to pay off some debts and ensure that nothing could tear ShinRa down again. What was his would never be snatched away while he lived, and Reno was definitely his. No one who attended tonight’s party would have any doubt about that fact… maybe he’d do without the make-shift gag after all.

Putting an end to the kiss before clothes were tossed aside and Tseng trespassed into the bedroom to drag both of them off to the party, Rufus chuckled when he noticed the slight bruising to his lover’s lips. Certain that his were just as reddened and swollen, he released his hold on Reno’s shoulders so he could finish dressing. "You might want to take a pair of gloves, then, because I distinctly recall the outer walls of the Midgar Country Club being covered in a rough granite."

"See, that’s why you’re the boss – you always think ahead." Reno laughed as he made a show of picking out a pair of black leather gloves, which he tucked into the back waistband of his pants. Then he made a show of revealing the packet of lube he’d tucked into an inner pocket of the grey coat.

"And that’s why you’re such a good Turk – you’re always prepared." Rufus made certain that the lapels of the white coat lay smooth before he tucked back a few strands of hair that refused to stay in place.

"Not entirely prepared; you need to do a bit of work tonight." Reno winked before he sauntered out of the closet, leaving Rufus to feel more excited about yet another boring cocktail party than he would have imagined possible just ten minutes ago.


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