Appropriate Behavior II


by nekojita


Rufus eyed the clock on his computer screen and was hard-pressed to not sigh in frustration at how slowly the day was proceeding. With the new year just a few days away, it seemed that almost everyone was off from work to prepare for the holiday. His calendar was bereft of appointments since most of his colleagues refused to meet for business that was not of an emergency nature. Even W.R.O was running with a skeleton crew, and ShinRa headquarters half-deserted as his employees put to use saved vacation days. He found himself with time on his hands and little to do with it; all that he could plan for or schedule had been done yesterday. He swore that the only reason Tseng had wanted him to come to work today was for him to be available to sign the necessary documents for the Turks’ annual New Years Eve party. At least the Turks were on hand and still focused on their job, which was the only reason he had okayed such an extravagant alcohol budget.

What made the day even more boring and frustrating was that his lover was nowhere to be found. The one time that he would not mind Reno showing up in his office and demanding to ‘play’, and the fickle bastard was otherwise occupied. He had asked Tseng three hours ago if Reno had been assigned to a mission and been told ‘no’, so most likely the bastard was busy adding on whatever he could to Tseng’s already detailed plans for the party.

Rufus swiveled his chair around to look outside the window; the sky was an almost ominous cast of grey, and what little light that could escape through the heavy white cloud seemed to glow. The snow was coming down even heavier now, having already matched the weather forecasters’ prediction of several inches of accumulation for the day and about to surpass it. He smiled for a moment, reminded of the events at the Lane’s party the other night – and the even more enjoyable ones after he and Reno had returned home.

Just about to call Tseng to inform him that he could be contacted at home if any other authorization was needed on his part, he heard one of his office doors open. Since there was no sound of anyone entering, he spun the chair around and was not surprised to find his lover standing a couple of feet away from his desk. "What the hell have you been up to?"

Reno smiled at the incredulous question, appearing so pleased that Rufus wondered just who had been killed in the last few minutes. Whatever Reno had done, it had certainly taken place outside; his long red hair was pulled back into a messy ponytail and sparkled from melting snowflakes, his cheeks were flushed from the cold and he wore a white coat made out of fine wool that Rufus knew should be currently hanging in his closet. Between the delighted grin and oversized coat, Reno looked like some kid that had just gotten into mischief. The image would be endearing, if only this particular Turk’s idea of ‘mischief’ did not lean toward mass destruction and homicide.

"I got something to show ya," Reno answered as he surged forward and grabbed hold of Rufus’ left arm. "Come on." He did not give Rufus any chance to refuse, but hauled him out of the chair and toward the door. "Oh, and grab your coat."

"If you’re attempting to drag me off to some dive bar, then I *will* shoot you," Rufus promised as he allowed his lover to have his way. Reno’s harebrained schemes could be fun *at times*, and it was not as if he had anything better to do. He was surprised when the elevator took them up and not down, since the only thing above them was the roof/helicopter pad, leaving him to surmise that Reno was in one of his suicidal moods and wanted to go flying in the lousy weather. "The same thing goes if you think I’m going to get into a helicopter with you today."

"Nah, it’s even more fun than that!" Reno laughed as he continued to drag Rufus forward, toward the door leading outside. Rude stood on guard in front of it, his bald head bearing a black knit cap and his suit covered with a properly fitting black coat. The expression on his face was one that Rufus was unfortunately familiar with; it clearly stated that he was sorry for whatever Rufus was about to suffer and had done his best to rein in his insane partner. The shame was, *nothing* ever truly reined in Reno’s ludicrous impulses, other than Tseng holding a gun to his head. Rufus felt his teeth grind together at the thought that Reno would usually just laugh it off when it was him holding the gun.

The first thing that caught his attention upon stepping outside was how cold it was, followed by the fact that the roof was covered with snow. Since he paid people to ensure that it was kept clear of any snow or debris, he was about to demand to know why they were slacking off at their jobs when he noticed what looked to be several barriers of snow built about three feet high scattered about. "I know I’m going to regret asking this, but what the hell is going on?" he demanded as he shook off Reno’s hand and pulled on his winter coat with appropriate haste. The thin gloves he wore while at work were exchanged for the warmer pair tucked into one of the coat’s pockets.

Reno took several bouncing steps away from him and laughed. "Since it’s such a perfect day for it, I figured we could finally have our rematch!" He bent down in a flowing motion and made a show of forming a handful of snow into a snowball. "Rude and me have been working on this for the last hour or so." He tossed the snowball into the air and caught it, his smile now wicked enough to warn Rufus that it would be thrown in earnest very shortly.

Rufus gave the situation serious consideration and could not come up with any other answer besides ‘why not?’. There was nothing to occupy him in his office, and the lack of any real work the last few days had left him bored and on edge. He had been considering going down to the fifth floor’s gym to exercise for a bit, and decided he might as well stay here for much the same benefit. Besides, he had quite enjoyed his ‘spoils’ of the other night and looked forward to defeating Reno again.

Something in his expression must have tipped off his lover, because Reno laughed in delight right before nailing him in the face with the snowball. As Rufus sputtered out a curse at the bastard and wiped the snow from his face, Reno continued laughing as he raced across the spacious roof. Rufus did much the same a moment later, not about to be caught out in the open while unarmed.

He ran across the rooftop, grateful for wearing a pair of white leather ankle boots that day rather than dress shoes, and practically dove behind one of the snow shelters to avoid the hail of snowballs thrown his way. He was pleased to find that there were at least two dozen ‘weapons’ stored behind the rather simple and pathetic structure, which he armed himself with before peeking above the wall of snow to see where his lover was now stationed. Reno had put a lot more effort and time into today’s battle than he had at the party, but it would not save him.


Tseng finished adjusting the Turks’ availability list with the few requests for time off for the holiday then checked his email, surprised to find that Rufus had not responded to his last message by now. The network’s instant messaging program showed him as ‘available’, yet when Tseng sent a message, it went unanswered as well. After waiting a couple of minutes, he tried calling his employer, only for the phone to go into voicemail after a few rings. Since Rufus was not scheduled for any meetings or outside appointments that day, only one reason for his silence came to Tseng’s mind. He sighed in annoyance as he called Rude on his cell phone.

"Where is your partner?" he asked as soon as the Turk answered, even though he was certain that he already knew the answer. While Rufus seemed to have gotten past the need to make up for ‘time’ lost to his bout with Geostigma, Reno could still be found bent over the president’s desk more often than Tseng would like. Any hopes he had of the couple moving past the so-called ‘honeymoon’ phase of their relationship had died a disappointing death.

Rude’s hesitation in answering him was not a surprise, but the eventual answer was. "Sir… they’re on the roof."

"What?" Tseng was uncertain he had heard things correctly, a notion that was soon dispelled when Rude repeated his answer. "I am *not* authorizing a potion for Reno if he comes down with frostbite on his ass," he snapped.

"Ah, it’s not quite what you think, Sir," Rude stuttered. Now curious as well as angry, Tseng clicked on the program that allowed him to access the building’s security cameras and chose the ones located on the roof. His brow became furrowed when all he saw was a blue screen. At least the one stationed by the roof’s elevator was still working, and revealed an uncomfortable looking Rude.

"Wait there, I’m coming up."

Rude did not sound happy about that, but responded to Tseng’s order after another brief pause. Grabbing his coat as he left his office, Tseng stalked past Rod and Cyril, who had been waiting outside his door.

"Ah, Sir, did you still want our status reports on-"

"Give me ten minutes." Tseng cut across Cyril’s question and continued on his way, and did not order the Turks to remain where they were when they decided to follow him instead. If either Reno or Rufus had finally been pushed too far by the other, then he could use an extra set of hands if he arrived before any acts of homicide were committed.

There was no wait for an elevator for once, and he punched in the code that would take him straight to the top of the building without any other stops. Rod and Cyril stood a few feet away from him as if a bit nervous in his presence, for once not chatting with each other or him. The ride was brief, and the elevator doors opened to reveal a still uncomfortable looking Rude.

"If they’ve killed each other, you will have to answer to me about why you did nothing to stop it," Tseng snapped at his usually trusted coworker. Despite the imminent holiday, he still had a lot of work that had to be completed; security concerns could not be put to rest just because most of the world was in a celebratory mood. Or a homicidal one, if that was the case out on the roof. Of all times for either Rufus or Reno to finally snap…. Not giving Rude any time to explain, he shoved open the door and stalked outside.

The snow on the roof startled him, and he was reaching for his cell phone to find out why no one was stationed up here to keep the roof clear and watch over the helicopters. On the opposite side of the roof, he thought he saw several people wearing either black or bright yellow coats duck back into the small hanger, and then his attention was captured by the argument taking place a few meters away.

"Aw, come on, it’s a fucking game! An’ the object is to hit each other, not build the fanciest snow fort!" Reno complained, his arms waving akimbo through the air and his hair a crimson banner as it was caught by the strong breeze. He stood beside Rufus, *Rufus Shinra*, who was busy on his knees playing with snow. "Just admit that I won so we can go home!"

"I fail to concede today’s battle to you on the grounds that you had an unfair advantage of setting up the area. Once I finish this, then we’ll have another fight." There was a sharp edge to Rufus’ deep voice, one that Tseng took to mean that his employer would not listen to any reason until he beat the current situation into one that was more to his liking.

Of all the things that Tseng had imagined taking place out here, Rufus and Reno spending the day throwing snowballs at each other had not made that list. He stared in amazement at the two men, Rufus still working on his snow fort, while Reno glared at him and complained about the cold.

"President… have you snapped?" Tseng asked with caution as he stepped forward, grateful for Rude, Rod and Cyril at his back in case he needed to forcibly take Rufus down to Medical.

"I’m so fuckin’ glad that someone else finally noticed that fact," Reno muttered as he kicked some snow in Rufus’ direction. "Just admit that I won so I can make you wear the damn panties for once!"

"I told you, the last fight is invalid. Go away and we'll settle the matter in a few more minutes." Rufus finally looked up from the wall of snow he was building, complete with ‘gun’ turrets, to glare slightly at Tseng. "You can’t possibly tell me that you needed an answer on how many canapés to order for the party badly enough to come up here."

"No, Sir." Tseng fell silent for a minute as he tried to think of something to say. He could count the times that Rufus had played in the snow as a child on one hand, since he had been involved in those rare play opportunities. When he had read Kali and Elena’s report the other day, he had at first assumed that they were trying to downplay a fight between Rufus and Reno, a fight that he had to help bury in the gossip columns. Now he found his president more interested in playing with snow than working, and gave serious credence to the theory that Reno had finally driven Rufus insane.

What was even worse was that he found himself stepping forward with a frown on his face as he tugged on his gloves. "Sir, you aren’t making the turrets wide enough. A well-thrown snowball will-"

"I understand the basic principles of architecture, Tseng." Rufus’ tone was very blunt and more than a little annoyed. Tseng found himself taking affront to it at first, and then ended up smiling. So Rufus thought that there was no need for further lessons from the person who had taught him how to carry on a battle in the snow? Perhaps it was time for him to revisit the lesson.

"If you say so, President." He motioned with his right hand to the Turks behind him, startling a quick laugh from Rod and an evil chuckle from Rude. "Why don’t we put it to the test?" As he spoke, he gathered up a handful of snow and made an almost perfect snowball.

Rufus looked up in time for the projectile to smash into the turret he was currently working on, sending the snow from it and the ball to fly into his face. "Tseng! What-"

"Turks, it’s us against Rufus and Reno. No permanent damage," Tseng informed his men, and smiled some more when Reno, in the process of hurrying to their side, let out an indignant squawk in protest.

"Hey! I’ma Turk, too!"

"Sorry, Reno, but if you fuck him, you fight with him," Rude informed his partner with evident joy, a broad smile on his dark-skinned face.

Tseng chuckled as he gathered more snow. "Very well put, Rude."

"Oi! Can’t believe I’m being stabbed in the back by my fellow Turks! It’s war, dammit!" Reno must have decided that he did not want to be a stationary target and took off, putting his speed and agility to good use to avoid the snowballs thrown by Rude and Tseng. Rufus took advantage of the diversion created by his lover to target the two of them, causing Tseng to momentarily retreat. Rod and Cyril had run off to the hanger to borrow some coats, and soon the odds would be in their favor. Reno might be one of the Four Aces and Rufus was, well… Rufus… but the outcome of this battle was a foregone conclusion. It only remained to be seen how badly Reno and Rufus would be beaten when all was said and done. Tseng thought about all the aggravation the two men had caused him in the last few years and packed the snowball in his hand very, *very* tight.


"I don’t think I wanna even look at a snowball until next winter," Reno moaned as he headed toward the bedroom, leaving a trail of damp clothes in his wake. "Hey, if Tseng taught you how to fight, why didn’t you kick his ass a bit better?" he asked his lover, and was treated to a nasty glare in return.

"Because it’s clear the bastard was holding back a few things." Rufus sounded so offended just then that Reno almost laughed. Of *course* Tseng had held back a few tricks – not only was he a Turk, but he was the Head of the Turks. Veld had trained the Wutian asshole to be just as sneaky and underhanded as he had been.

"Yeah, well, don’t think I’ll ever need to be reminded to not throw a snowball at him in the future." Reno winced as he ran his fingers through his hair; the strands were soaking wet and tangled as hell, leaving him to debate just cutting it short and saving himself the trouble. Rufus seemed to read his mind just then and glared even more. "Though it was worth it in the end to see Elena come out and get nailed." He chuckled and gave up on untangling his hair, still amused over Elena’s following tirade about how they had all corrupted Tseng with their lack of worth ethics. She had not noticed Rufus until after three minutes of shrieking, then turned bright red and fled back inside.

Rufus finished pulling on his white robe and came over to try to tame Reno’s hair once he was done toweling it dry. "I know I never thought to see him do something like that." He was quiet for a minute while toying with the knotted strands. "I don’t know if I should be happy or disappointed about you disabling the security cameras. While it was a rather ignoble defeat, it would be nice to have footage of Tseng playing in the snow."

Reno was certain his lover would throw today’s fight back in Tseng’s face whenever comments were made about his lack of professional behavior. Ah well, even if Reno had been pelted with so much snow it had worked its way past the heavy coat he had borrowed, it had been a hell of a lot of fun. Rufus was not the only one who needed to unwind from time to time, and Reno was willing to bet his fellow Turks would come up with some way of getting Tseng to join in their future snowball battles after finding out how much he had enjoyed today’s. And the bastard had enjoyed it; Reno had not seen Tseng laugh so much in years.

He closed his eyes and leaned back a little until some of his weight rested against Rufus. His body ached a bit from the cold and all the running around, but it had been a great day. To be honest, any day that he was technically on the clock and able to play around with friends was a good one.

Rufus continued combing through his hair, finishing up just when Reno was ready to fall asleep on his feet. "So am I to assume that we’ll have to wait until next year to have our rematch?"

Startled awake by the question, Reno twisted around to face his lover. "Eh?" He thought about things for a few seconds and smacked Rufus on the right shoulder. "Oh, don’t you dare tell me you still consider our fight today as ‘invalid’." He had won fair and square, no matter that bullshit about unfair advantages and so forth. It was a fucking snowball fight, there were no rules!

"Yes, I do." Rufus took to glaring again, and somehow managed to look impressive while doing so wearing only a robe and with his hair still mussed from the fight and changing his clothes.

Reno made a rude sound and stalked over to the bed so he could curl up under the warm blankets. "You are too fuckin’ anal for words, ya know? Just can’t stand to lose." While that was part of the asshole’s charm, he got tired at times dealing with that ‘I am never wrong, at fault or at a loss’ attitude. "And who the hell ever taught you that fights are fair, eh? Don’t even try to bullshit me by saying Tseng."

The room was quiet for a minute, save for the rustle of Rufus’ robe as he approached the bed. Then the blankets were lifted and Rufus stretched out beside him. "Considering that my opponent is you, someone who thinks of cheating as a rule to live by, I’m not going to continue this discussion."

"Wuss." Reno did not even flinch when his earring was tugged on in retaliation and rolled onto his right side so he could look at his lover. "You just don’t wanna wear the panties. Can’t take what ya dish out, can you?" he taunted.

"Says the man who had the brilliant idea to go to a bar dressed like a woman a few weeks ago. I fail to see how I forced that on you," Rufus shot back, all the while playing with Reno’s unbound hair.

"It *was* a brilliant idea; I got laid. Speaking of which, is that gonna happen tonight or should I just go to the bathroom and jerk off?" It had been a really good day, so it would be a shame to end it on a sour note. Not that Reno had man worries over Rufus telling him to go jerk off or to fall asleep when it seemed impossible for them to fight and then not fuck. It was like those damn dogs Veld had told him about all those years ago, conditioned to a certain response regardless of whether or not they got their treats.

Rufus’ blue eyes narrowed for a couple of seconds, then fluttered shut as he laughed. "You actually still have energy after all of that today?"

"Yeah, I do." Reno shoved the blankets down and straddled Rufus’ hips, pleased to feel that he was not the only one well on his way to being aroused. "What, sitting behind a desk all day making you lazy or something?"

"No, trying to keep up with you leaves me exhausted." Rufus opened his eyes and reached for Reno’s hips to pull him closer. "Speaking of work, you must have too much time on your hands to arrange for our little ‘fun’ like you did."

Reno’s breath hitched as he felt Rufus’ erect cock rub against his ass. "What can I say, there’s been a depressing lack of heads to bash in lately." He blamed it on the damn holiday; everyone was too busy planning parties to get on ShinRa’s bad side. Ah well, he had a party of his own to attend in a few days, and there were a lot of newbies to torment and get drunk then take advantage of.

"Poor Reno." Rufus grabbed the earring again to tug him down for a kiss that made his breath catch again. Okay, maybe he was an anal, possessive, delusional bastard, but Rufus sure as hell knew how to kiss, among other things. Reno moaned in anticipation when he felt slick fingers rub against his hole, the aches and exhaustion from before vanishing before the warm, heady rush of desire.

He might not have gotten Rufus into panties tonight, but he had managed to not end up wearing them himself and was still getting a good fuck. He stroked his own cock as he was prepared, still hunched over so he could kiss Rufus. Neither of them probably had the energy for anything long and drawn out, but it was tradition, dammit. A fight just was not over until they both came.

He might not have been the clear winner in today’s first battle thanks to his delusional lover, but that did not mean it was a bad thing. Rufus’ humongous sense of pride had definitely been stung by both defeats, and he clearly was determined to get some of it back from Reno. Laughing as he was shoved onto his back, Reno hooked his knees over Rufus’ shoulders and relaxed as much as possible. He was penetrated in one fast, hard thrust, his eyelids snapping shut as he gasped in pleasure. "Fuck, yeah," he groaned as Rufus pulled back then thrust forward again, even harder than before.

"So simple to please," Rufus said, his composure sounding a little shaky just then. Reno opened his eyes and stared up at his lover, smiling as much as he could at the sight of Rufus so disheveled and focused. He gasped again as his hips were dragged forward, allowing Rufus to thrust in even deeper and taking some of the pressure off the strands of hair trapped beneath his back. Figuring that there was not a whole hell of a lot he could do just then, other than enjoy the ride, he gave in to the ecstasy and let Rufus set the pace.

Having control of things as well as hearing Reno shout out his name seemed to do wonders for Rufus, which benefited Reno in turn. He stroked his cock in time to his lover’s thrusts, barely feeling that spark of pleasure as his prostrate was continually pounded. The chill from being outside so long in the cold was completely gone, chased away by intense pleasure that threatened to melt his muscles and fry his overloaded nerves. Funny, how now was one of the few times when he had no problem giving in to Rufus and just going along with things.

His hips were hitched a little higher, prompting him to stutter out Rufus’ name as the ecstasy became even stronger. It felt as if he had no control over his body any more, could barely move his hand along his cock as he was reduced to nothing more than feeling. Savoring the torturously long moments as his orgasm approached, Reno did the best he could to push even harder against his lover, to take him in as much as possible.

Then it finally hit, the pleasure so exquisitely sharp and potent that his eyesight grew dim and hearing faint. He rode out the ecstasy, content to let it wash through him and leave him drained in its wake, only half-aware of Rufus coming as well. He was even more tired and sore than before, not to mention in need of a shower, but damn if he did not feel incredible just then.

Rufus had slumped forward until his head rested against Reno’s sweaty chest, Reno’s left leg still on his shoulder and pressed tight between them. Grateful once again at being flexible, Reno merely lay there and played with his lover’s hair, smiling at the way the blond strands stuck up all over the place.

"Now that sure as hell was better than me jerkin’ off," he said after a couple of minutes, and groaned in contentment when Rufus finally sat up.

Rufus snorted once as if amused and shook his head. "Perhaps, but you’re still going to end up in the bathroom. Get up." He pulled away from Reno, prompting a faint hiss as his cock slid free. "We both could use a hot shower now."

"Good thing we didn’t get any frostbite while fighting." Reno remained on the bed for a few more seconds before forcing his body to move. A hot shower sounded like a wonderful idea, and then they could fight over who would remake the bed before falling asleep.

"Don’t think that I forgot about you borrowing my coat." Rufus’ voice drifted out of the bathroom, tinged with both exhaustion and annoyance. "That can wait until tomorrow, though."

"Selfish, perverted bastard," Reno mumbled as he headed to the bathroom. He had a feeling that he would be wearing panties in the near future again, and was determined to return the favor at some point in time. If snowball battles were out for the near future, he could always wait until the weather turned warmer and sweet-talk the geeks down in R&D into making him one hell of a water pistol. Come to think about it, Rufus had a trip to Costa del Sol scheduled in the upcoming month…. He did his best to stop grinning as he entered the bathroom, not about to make his unsuspecting lover suspicious.


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