FF7 Leaving Prompt

Rufus ducked from the flying object thrown in his direction – something small and breakable, but his attention was focused too much on his lover to identify what exactly – and felt shards of something sharp bite into his left cheek. His hands itched to draw his guns as Reno stormed toward the front door, aquamarine eyes glowing and crimson hair trailing like fire as he rushed for the exit, hands always in motion to make it difficult to judge when and if another projectile would come. “Fuck you an’ your ridiculous rules! Not enough fuckin’ liquor here ta make me stay another damn second! You wanna power trip? Try it on someone too fuckin’ dumb ta realize what an absolute shit you really are!” Reno made a rude gesture in Rufus’ direction before he stormed out of the door and didn’t even bother to slam it shut, all fire and obscenities and lethal grace, and even as Rufus stared in both shock and fury, a small part of him remarked on how beautiful the bastard looked as he walked out the door… and seemed to storm out on their relationship.


The next day wasn’t off to a good start. Not only hadn’t Reno returned home at all, but he hadn’t reported to work, either. It wasn’t the first time that they’d fought like this, but it was rare that Reno allowed their ‘disagreements’ to affect his work when he struggled to balance their deepening relationship with him remaining a Turk – and one of the Four Aces at that. Rufus was left with the unpleasant possibility that this would be one of those times when Reno disappeared for a few days to vent his fury on various targets and would only return when enough blood had been spilled, leaving Rufus frustrated, alone and concerned about the danger the idiot could get into over the next few days. Yes, Reno was lethal as all hell and could look after himself.  He was also an *idiot* who liked to take too many chances and wasn’t ‘just’ a Turk anymore, something that led to a good bit of their recent fights. Too bad it hadn’t been the source of their latest one.

Rufus sighed as he pulled up the file of Helmet Traeger, who owned a controlling stake of the Junon docks. He knew the man was one of the individuals his father had kept a leash on through ‘loaning’ out certain Turks – by handing over *Reno*. Thanks to Meteor, all recordings of those sessions had been destroyed, but Tseng and Reno knew about the encounters, as did Traeger. Rufus had to endure the smirks and innuendo every time he ran into the man, who had too much clout at the moment to be eliminated, and Reno was being annoyingly tight-lipped about what had happened between the two of them despite Rufus’ attempts to wheedle or win the truth out of him. Considering that his last try had led to the most recent fight, he had to suspect that the truth wouldn’t be pleasant, when he heard it.

Deciding to indulge in a rare pre-lunch whisky in an attempt to soothe his temper, Rufus gave up on attempting to track down his wayward lover and had just crossed over to the bar kept in his office when the door opened to admit Tseng. The Head of Turks appeared as impeccably dressed in the simple black suit favored by that division, his hair pulled back neatly from his face as usual yet his brow marred by a slight furrow.

“Should I pour you one as well?” Rufus asked as he held up his own drink.

Tseng paused for a moment before he inclined his head the slightest bit. “That… might not be a bad idea, President.”

Taking heed of the formality sent his way, Rufus poured another glass of whisky and braced himself for what was certain to be bad news; had a Turk died in the line of duty? A traitor been uncovered within the company? As soon as the glass had been poured, he held it out to Tseng with his left hand, his own held clenched in his right.

“Thank you, Sir.” Tseng bowed his head again and paused to take a sip before he set the glass aside. “I’m afraid I don’t have pleasant news for you.”

“So I gathered. Get on with it.”

Tseng nodded once before he held out the items that he’d kept tucked against his left side. “This arrived a short while ago, Sir.” On top of the tablet was something wrapped in what looked to be a white handkerchief; certain that Tseng wouldn’t offer it to him unless it was safe, Rufus reached for it and unfolded the material, and was grateful for the years of practice that had trained him from showing emotion in front of others when he recognized the piece of jewelry nestled inside of the fabric; Tseng or someone else must have cleaned it up before bringing it here, must have defleshed it from where Reno had sliced it from his own ear. The earring which he’d seen dangle from his lover’s ear for so long now lay in his own hand, appearing dull without the backdrop of crimson hair and Below-Plate pale skin to set off the platinum metal, rubies and black diamonds. Rufus clenched his hands around the fabric and earring as he remembered telling Reno what it signified, how it meant Reno wearing it was a sign that he belonged to Rufus….

“Is there something else?” Rufus was proud of how even his voice sounded just then.

Tseng motioned to the tablet. “We found video footage of Reno this morning.” He paused to reach for his drink and took a sip. “Sir… *Rufus*, it appears… perhaps it’s just him acting irrationally. I don’t know what happened between the two of you-“

“Where is he?” Reno had to know that him removing the earring would do to Rufus, and would act accordingly if there was any sense in that idiot head of his. Either he’d gone to ground somewhere he felt was safe, or he was daring Rufus to come after him.

Tseng hesitated for a moment. “He’s been spotted at Traeger Headquarters, Sir.”

Something hot flashed through Rufus as he set the earring down on the bar then powered on the tablet to see the footage that the Turks had compiled for him, and found his teeth grinding together at the grainy images of Reno huddled together with Traeger as he was led inside an expensive looking house. “I see. This would explain why he never answered my questions about the man, wouldn’t it?” He didn’t bother to flick through more than a couple of images before he set the device on the counter of the bar then refilled his drink.

“Sir….” Tseng shook his head as he set his half-empty glass aside. “He’s probably just doing this to-“

“*No*,” Rufus barked out to cut off the other man. “Don’t tell me he doesn’t know what he’s doing.” He closed his eyes for a moment, his mind filled with the images of Reno with that asshole. How many times had Rufus told him- no. Not now. “We need to accept the fact that Reno has left SHINRA.”

That didn’t seem to be response Tseng expected, as his frown deepened and he ran a hand over his slicked-back hair. “He hasn’t rendered his resignation.”

“He’s fucking a competitor, I’ll accept that as his resignation!” Rufus had to take a breath to calm himself down. “Revoke his access and take whatever measures you have to in order to limit the damage he can do to us.” Right now… right now he wouldn’t issue any orders further than that, though the both of them knew that it was highly unusual to allow a Turk, especially a high ranking one, to just ‘walk’ away like this.

It looked as if Tseng was about to argue for a few seconds, and then he bowed his head before he left the office as quietly as he’d entered.


It was quiet, too fucking quiet; disgusting how he’d grown used to having Reno always in the background, watching tv or playing one of his annoying games, complaining or bitching or spurring Rufus on until his temper flared and he gave up on work and gave in to passion instead. Tonight… tonight Rufus sat in his office while the rest of the penthouse was dark and silent, was filled with reminders of his traitorous lover. Should he call Tseng and have the man send a Turk to clean out the place? Gather up Reno’s things himself and burn them? Throw them off the balcony? Wasn’t that what the gutter rat would do if their places were switched? For all the bitching Reno had done when he moved in about his precious belongings, he certainly had walked away from them with ease.

Feeling an odd pang in his chest at the thought of Reno, Rufus continued to focus on work, to do his best to distract himself. It had been tense at the office, what with people acting as if he was one whisper or interaction away from lashing out, especially when the news had caught on that Reno was in Traeger’s company.

Dammit, why couldn’t he focus? Things like this happened every day, happened to everyone. He was used to disappointment, to people letting him down and disappearing, and should have known better than to trust-

His right fist smashed onto the hard wood of his desk, causing several items to bounce about from the impact. One of them was the earring he’d emptied out of his pocket earlier, the light catching on the precious stones and sparkling as if a beacon for a moment. Infuriated by the sight of the token, he snatched it up to throw it across the room… and paused when his fingers snagged on the metal.

How many times had he run his fingers over the elaborate platinum links? Had he grasped it and tugged to pull an irascible redhead closer or as a reprimand? It had always been smooth before, but now…. He held it close to his face as he squinted at the earring for several seconds, then set it aside with care before returning his attention to his laptop, where he pulled up several files.

Each of the images of Reno taken that day, both the surveillance photos at Traeger’s house and the ones where the ‘couple’ had gone out to dinner, showed what appeared to be a bandage on Reno’s right ear. Was it a bit bulky?

Rufus stared at the image before him and leaned back in his chair, his mind busy contemplating several things as he once more reached for the earring.


Rufus fixed his Head of the Turks with a flat stare as he smoothed a hand along the front of his black vest, his fingers brushing along the edge of his gun holster. “If you offer to fix me up with a Turk as a date one more time, I will shoot you.”

The red dot between Tseng’s dark brows furrowed into a thin oval as if he struggled not to glare back. “It would be easier-“

“*No*,” he reiterated. “This is a simple media event where I will arrive, smile for some photos, drink enough wine to keep me from throttling anyone and then go home.”

“It’s a charity event not sponsored by WRO or SHINRA, so there’s some cause for concern, Sir.” Tseng paused to pinch the bridge of his nose and sighed. “We’ve as many of our agents in place as we can manage, but do be on guard tonight.”

“Why, do you know something that I don’t?” Rufus paused in tugging on the cuffs of his white silk shirt to examine the Turk, but Tseng proved evasive at the moment by pulling out his phone to check something. “Well?”

“There’s always a cause for concern, President. People are always willing tear down SHINRA if they can.”

Yes, be it because they couldn’t let go of the past or in hopes of taking over the place of power Rufus and his company held even to this day. “Then it’s good that I can still rely upon some people, yes?” Tseng didn’t react to the jab, much like he hadn’t reacted to any of the remarks, veiled or otherwise, that Rufus had made about Reno in the past week. None of the Turks had – it was as if Reno had never existed despite the press going into a frenzy each time the redhead was spotted out with Traeger.

And now Rufus would run into him tonight, for the first time since Reno had stalked out the door in a fit of temper. Smoothing his hand down the front of his suit once more, Rufus left his office and was shadowed to the elevator by Rod and Cyril; he hadn’t seen Rude at all during Reno’s ‘defection’ and wondered if the large Turk had already been reassigned a new partner or taking time off to adjust to Reno’s absence.

Tseng rode down with him to the main floor, but took a separate car to the hotel that hosted the party which was yet another fundraiser for some rebuilding effort – Rufus lost track of them after time and knew that he was just expected to show up, present a civil front for the cameras and then hand over a check, all part of SHINRA’s new, ‘friendly’ image.

There was a crowd of reporters lined up as he exited the car, but St. John and Michael assisted in clearing a path for Rufus to the door while he ignored the shouted questions about his ‘relationship status’ and ‘what had gone wrong’. Once inside the lobby of the Regency Hotel, he ignored the stares directed his way and strolled toward the main ballroom as if he owned the place.

Once inside the lavishly decorated room – there were enough overdone, large floral arrangements scattered about to give an allergic person a severe asthma attack – he accepted a flute of champagne from one of the newer Turks posing as wait staff and drained half the glass in one go while he surveyed the room. It came to no surprise to see Traeger already there with Reno at his side, the redhead appearing uncomfortable while dressed in a wrinkle-free dark blue suit. Traeger made a show of touching Reno’s neatly braided hair and back while he talked to the people gathered around him. Rufus thought he saw the Turk – the *ex-Turk* go stiff when Reno caught sight of him, and made a point to meander around the room as he made small-talk with several of the guests. As he circled around, he noticed that there was still a bandage on Reno’s right ear despite his increased healing ability, and that it did indeed appear bulky.

A satisfied grin appeared on his face as he accepted another glass of champagne, and for some reason the people he chatted with appeared nervous to be in his presence. There were several faltered attempts to ask him how he was doing, a few too-cheerful remarks that ‘things would be fine’, and if anyone else told him that he seemed to be doing ‘remarkably well’, he was going to shoot them in the stomach. Rod must have noticed the way that his left eye was twitching and his hand began to slide beneath his jacket since the Turk intercepted the Freemont heir who was headed Rufus’ way.

Finishing off his third glass of champagne for the night, Rufus turned around to look for another server/Turk and somehow wasn’t surprised to find a smirking Traeger standing a few feet away. “You look surprising well, considering the situation,” the older man commented as he gestured with his right hand, his left currently latched on to Reno’s right hip.

“And what situation would that be?” Rufus handed off his empty glass to Cyril as he folded his arms across his chest, which put his hands close to the grips of his holstered guns. “The coming go-live of our latest Reactor? One of our best quarters in the history of the company? Breaking ground for a new headquarters in Wutai?”

Helmet Traeger’s smirk twitched at each of those statements, but his fingers dug in to Reno’s hip at the last one; Rufus saw the way that Reno’s eyes flashed bright for a moment but his lover – ex-lover – merely lowered his head as he pulled out his phone and began to tap onto it rather than react with a curse or pull away. Rufus thought he saw a bruise on Reno’s left wrist as he used his phone, and another one peeking through the tip of the collar of the redhead’s shirt, but he had to look away when Traeger spoke up.

“Always business with you Shinra’s, isn’t it?” Traeger let out a loud scoff as he pulled Reno closer to his side. “I can see why Red here gave up on you, all starved for attention.” A look of annoyance flashed over Reno’s face at the groping, quickly smoothed over as he glanced around the room, at everywhere other than Rufus. Something seemed to catch his attention and he resumed his typing. “Some things are more important than work, you know.”

“I’m sure there are, and when I find someone *loyal* to stay by my side, I’ll give that person my full attention.” Rufus was pleased to see the way that Reno’s fingers faltered in typing for a moment, the only sign that the insult had hit home, before he continued with whatever task he considered so important.

Traeger laughed, while Rufus noticed that the Turks who had been serving him his drinks through the night were now closing in on him. “Aw, don’t blame Red here, not when me and him go way back.” Something dark crossed the man’s face as he gave Reno’s hip what looked to be a painful squeeze. “You think you own everything, don’t you?”

Finally they were getting somewhere, weren’t they? “No, just everything of importance,” Rufus admitted as he became hyperaware of his Turks moving into place – as he caught sight of *Tseng* approaching Traeger from behind. When the Turk shifted toward the left, he kept his expression blank and trusted that the man had a reason for his actions, just like he trusted that there was a reason that one of the newer Turks came up on his right to hand him another drink. “Which is why I never bothered with your family’s company.”

Anger flashed over Traeger’s face, but the dark-haired man regained composure over himself after a couple of seconds. “If only the same could be said about yo-“

Twisting about in a rush, Reno jammed his phone into Traeger’s stomach, causing the man’s broad face to contort in pain as he convulsed as if electrocuted. Meanwhile, Cyril knocked Rufus to the ground the same time as something impacted into the marble floor near Rufus, throwing up shards of sharp stone. Rufus could hear Tseng bark out orders over the panicked screams of the other guests, and the Turks respond as they took out the threats.

When Rufus glanced over at Reno, he found one of Traeger’s remaining bodyguards aiming a gun at his lover, who was occupied with subduing the businessman. Pulling out his own weapon, Rufus aimed and fired before the bodyguard, and gave Reno a cool look when the redhead blinked in surprise at the noise. Done subduing his ‘boyfriend’, Reno gave a moaning Traeger a kick before he pocketed what looked to be a damaged phone and melted into the panicked crowd.

“You all right?” Rod asked as he helped Rufus stand up. “We need to get you out of here – Tseng says the threat has been neutralized for now.”

“Does he?” Rufus had the feeling that Tseng had a lot of interesting things to say, but it would be best left to when he was back at the office. “Let’s leave before WRO arrives and asks some uncomfortable questions.” Such as ‘why does everyone want to kill you?’ – Rufus was so over that one.

Rod and Cyril got him through the hysterical people running about, and Rufus used the quiet ride back to headquarters to mentally compose what he’d tell WRO when they came asking for details – that he hadn’t known about the attack, which was true, and that his people had acted in the necessary manner to keep him safe, which also was true. Fortunately, WRO knew better by now not to go after Tseng, as the man could stonewall with the best of them, so Rufus had the feeling that if tonight had been an elaborate trap to make Traeger play his hand, Reeve or Valentine would know that it was useless to get Tseng to admit that fact.

He had barely reached his office when the call came through, with Reeve Tuesti on the other end. “Somehow I had a feeling that I’d be hearing from you,” Rufus told him as he sank into his chair.

Reeve appeared as if he’d been working too many hours with too little compensation, his complexion sallow and dark bags under his eyes. “I wonder why – shootings at charity functions tend to engage my curiosity,” he snapped. “They’re supposed to be peaceful events, you know.”

“Yes, so I hear.” Rufus flicked a piece of lint off of the sleeve of his white coat. “Maybe someday.”

“Maybe someday, when you’re dead and gone,” Reeve agreed. “Until then, do you care to tell me what happened tonight?”

“Well, I was minding my own business until Helmet Traeger took it into his addled brain to assassinate me. I don’t know what else to say.” Rufus rested his right elbow on top of his desk and propped his chin on the palm of his hand. “Is it illegal to defend yourself? Did my Turks cause any unnecessary damage?”

“No.” Reeve sounded rather upset about that fact. “Though I find it a bit suspicious that Reno’s been in the man’s company the last several days. Sure this isn’t revenge for someone stealing your lover?”

Rufus took a deep breath before he answered. “Reno is an impetuous soul, you know that as well as I do. He and Traeger had a past, and it’s not surprising that he would go to someone known to hate me as a way to get back at me over a fight.”

Reeve regarded him for several seconds before nodding once. “Self-defense is allowed, but if we find any evidence to the contrary, Shinra….”

Rufus waved him silent. “You won’t. Now good night, I’ve a thousand other matters I need to attend to at the moment.” He ended the call without allowing Reeve to answer and leaned back in his chair for a few minutes to gather his thoughts before he began to tend to some of those ‘matters’.

It was almost half an hour later when Tseng entered the office, appearing rather fresh for a man who had worked all day and then handled an assassination attempt. He gave Rufus a respectful nod before coming to a halt in front of the large desk. “Sir.”

Saving the file he’d been working on, Rufus pushed his laptop aside so he could devote his attention to the Turk standing before him. “So, am I going to be given an explanation now? Are you done keeping secrets from me?”

“Sir?” Tseng frowned as he clasped his hands behind his back. “I’m not sure I know what you’re alluding to at the moment.”

“Let me see if I can jar your memory.” Rufus reached into an inner pocket of his vest and pulled out the earring, which he set down on his desk. “You cut it off and welded it to a new cuff, didn’t you?”

He thought he caught a flash of respect in Tseng’s dark eyes before the Wutian bowed his head. “Why didn’t you say anything if you suspected that?”

“Because you went to great lengths to make me think that Reno had left me, both of you. I figured I could at least give you a few days to see why.” Rufus picked up the earring and held it in his hand while he continued to watch Tseng. “Was it just because of tonight?”

Tseng rubbed at the back of his neck with his right hand as if to relieve tension. “One of our accountants noticed some unusual activity that usually was a precursor to a takeover attempt, but when they looked into it some more, they noticed that it led back to the Traeger Corporation, which didn’t have the resources to follow through. I had my people do some more investigation and… it didn’t look good, Sir. Nor did the fact that we could only get so far without hitting a figurative brick wall, because their defenses were tight. However, I knew that Reno… well, he had a past with the current CEO.”

Yes, thanks to what Rufus’ father had made him do. Rufus’ fingers clenched around the earring as he glared at Tseng. “I thought that was in the past. I *thought* that the Turks had moved on from using their bodies like that.”

Tseng’s back stiffened as he met the heat in Rufus’ eyes with some of his own. “The Turks do whatever is necessary to protect SHINRA, *Sir*. It’s just that the orders from the President that’s changed,” he admitted.

Rufus slammed his free hand onto the desk. “So *you’re* the one being their pimp now?”

There was a sharply drawn breath as Tseng’s hand dropped to the side, his fingers clenched into a fist. “I didn’t order Reno to do anything, *Sir*. He knew what was at stake. He knew what could happen to you if we didn’t get the information.” He glared back at Rufus for a few seconds before he shook his head. “He also knows Traeger the best. Perhaps… perhaps you should talk to him before you make any judgements.”

“Where is he?” That wasn’t what Rufus had intended to say, but it slipped out.

“At… your home.”

For a moment there were conflicting emotions inside of Rufus, happiness to know that Reno had returned to where he belonged and anger that Reno thought he could just pretend that things were back to normal. After a few seconds, Rufus shut down his laptop and rose to his feet. “Then I’ll get my answers from him.”

“Yes, President.” Tseng bowed his head and remained quiet as Rufus strode past.



“Don’t ever lie to me like this again.” Rufus warned. “Even if you believe it to be the best way to protect me, never again.”

“Yes, Sir.”


Rufus wasn’t certain what to expect when he reached home, but it wasn’t to come in to a brightly lit penthouse to find Reno sitting crosslegged on the couch, dressed in loose-fitting sweatpants and one of Rufus’ old workout t-shirts as he sipped a mug of coffee. With the shirt sliding down his left shoulder, the bruises around his neck and mottled up his forearms were on prominent display, and there was a forlorn air about the Turk.

Rufus stood a few feet away and stared down at him, at the exposed right ear which bore a platinum cuff and a short length of chain. “Who cut if off? Tseng?”

“Dr. Alim, actually. He had the sharpest tools.” Reno reached up to touch the cuff with his right hand, his hair pulled back into a messy ponytail. “Said it shouldn’t be too hard to just relink it back into place.”

So the doctor was on it, too. “Didn’t Traeger get suspicious of it?” Rufus ask as he stalked around the couch.

“Nah, just told him it looked nasty and he left it alone. Wasn’t planning on being around too long.” Reno watched him with the intensity of a mouse being circled by a hungry cat, the mug held up near his chin as if he needed the warmth of the hot beverage. “Was a bit surprised to come back and find my stuff here.”

“I did debate getting rid of it, but then I got a bit suspicious when Tseng gave me the earring. I noticed that the chain had been cut and wondered why if you had carved it off to show me we were through.” Giving in to the urge to touch his lover, Rufus settled down on the couch and tugged the mug out of Reno’s hands. “You gave yourself to another man,” he accused as he set the mug aside, his hands returning to wrap around Reno’s bruised wrists.

“Yeah, was wondering when we’d get to that part.” Reno closed his eyes and shook his head. “Tseng said that-“

“I don’t give a *fuck* what Tseng said or what Traeger was going to do.” Rufus squeezed until Reno let out a curse and opened his eyes to glare. “I told you, no one else is allowed to-“

“Ta fuck me, yeah, I know,” Reno spat out as he attempted to pull his wrists free. When Rufus held on even tighter, he hissed in pain but didn’t lash out. “Look, ya wondered why he was on your dad’s ‘sick fuck list’, yeah?”

Rufus considered the question for a few seconds, the bruises on Reno’s pale skin, the circles beneath those gorgeous, glowing eyes and then released his lover’s wrists with some reluctance. “All right, what was his kink?” He had a feeling he was going to regret hearing this, especially if there were more bruises beneath those loose clothes – Traeger was in WRO custody now, which meant that arranging his death would be difficult.

Reno let out a long breath and shifted closer to Rufus as if in need of some warmth, which was ridiculous when he was the one who shed heat like a furnace. “’Kay, so, the guy’s father was just as much of an asshole as he is, right? Insisted that Helmet ‘man up’ and fight during the war with Wutia, so little Helmy goes off but didn’t come back all whole, ya get my drift?” He waggled his eyebrows when Rufus stared at him in confusion and then wiggled his left index finger about for added emphasis. “Took some shrapnel below the belt so bye-bye fun times.”

“You mean….” Rufus rubbed his right hand over his face. “That’s… I almost feel sorry for him.”

“Don’t,” Reno spat out. “He can’t get it up so he goes about things in… other ways.” Something dark and feral crossed over his face as he ran his fingers over his bruised right wrist – bruises that should have healed within a day or two so they had to be rather serious and recently inflicted to be like that. “But no, *he* didn’t fuck me, an’ ain’t anything there ta suck, either. Only reason I agreed ta… ta put up with him again. That an’ Rude was always just a shout away.”

Having the feeling that his lover was probably splitting semantics with him, Rufus rubbed at his face again before he reached out to touch Reno’s right ear. “No more, you understand? I don’t care if the person doesn’t have a dick or is a damn hermaphrodite, never again? No fucking, no blow jobs, no touching at all. You never walk out that door like that again, and if Tseng asks you to go undercover as anyone’s lover, if you don’t shoot him I will.”

That startled a laugh out of Reno as he tilted his head into Rufus’ touch. “Think I’ll leave the shooting to you, he’s less likely to shoot you back.”

“I’m serious.” Rufus threaded his fingers through his lover’s hair and gave it a gentle tug. “First thing tomorrow, the earring goes back on.”

There was a pout from the Turk as he twisted about to straddle Rufus’ lap. “I was just gettin’ all used to not having it on, too.”

“Too bad, that’s non-negotiable.” Everyone needed to see that Reno belonged to Rufus, especially after this past week; in a way, Rufus wondered if Tseng had done him a small favor with this crazy deception. Yes, there would be some talk and confusion over Reno’s ‘betrayal’ and return, but there would also be some hesitancy the next time anyone took an interest in his lover. After all, Reno had ‘strayed’ and the object of his ‘illicit’ affair ended up losing his company and freedom while Reno returned to Rufus’ side….

“Sadistic, domineering, bossy bastard,” Reno muttered before leaning in for a kiss, one Rufus was eager to meet. His lover tasted of coffee and toothpaste, and as Rufus’ hands roamed beneath the loose shirt, he noticed the minute twitches and flinches as his hands skimmed heated flesh.

“I’m going to kill Traeger,” he murmured as he broke off the kiss.

“Talk to Tseng,” Reno told him as he curled up against Rufus. “Sure he’s already working on it.”

“Probably.” Rufus pressed a kiss against Reno’s forehead before he turned to lay his lover out on the couch. “He’s been too sneaky lately, I need to give him more work.”

“Hmm.” Reno’s grin twisted into a grimace as Rufus pushed up the shirt and then tugged the loose pants and boxers down the redhead’s bony hips, yet he didn’t object to being stripped. As more bruises were revealed on prominent ribs and pale thighs, Rufus went for the phone tucked inside his inner jacket, only to be stopped by his lover.

“Hey, you can’t do anything now,” Reno reminded him. “And he was just a greedy sick fuck who got off on pain because he couldn’t get it up.” He pushed the phone back into the pocket and then tugged on the jacket. “Now make me feel better.”

There were times when Rufus couldn’t understand Reno, couldn’t understand why he went through so much as a Turk – as *Rufus’ Turk*, as one of the few loyal absolutes in his life – but he did as his lover asked and shed his outer layers. As soon as the jackets hit the floor, he pushed Reno back down and kept his left hand pressed lightly against the body chest as he slid lower between those bruised thighs.

“Eh, what-“

“Just shut up,” Rufus ordered as he began to stroke Reno’s barely tumescent cock. While he was certain that Reno wouldn’t object to sex right now, he wasn’t in the mood to fuck someone who could barely be touched without flinching in pain. So instead, he bent down and took his lover’s cock in his mouth, his lips curling at Reno’s incredulous gasp since he was by far more often on the receiving end of such an action.

Perhaps it was that fact, or the pain he was in, or maybe Reno had spoken the truth in that Traeger hadn’t ‘fucked’ him, because it didn’t take long for Rufus to bring the Turk to the brink. He had begun to stroke the base of Reno’s cock as he sucked along its length, his tongue curled against its underside, when he felt his lover tremble and mumble out his name. Making an effort to moan as well, he stroked along Reno’s perineum with his free hand just when he felt Reno’s fingers tighten in his hair and heard his name be stuttered out as his lover came.

While Reno gasped for air and trembled beneath him, Rufus climbed forward, mindful of Reno’s sore ribs, and used the old t-shirt to wipe his face and hand clean. “Better now?”

“Hmm.” Reno, his eyes shining bright, wrapped his hands around the back of Rufus’ neck to pull him down for a lingering kiss. “How ‘bout you.”

“I don’t think you have the energy for anything else.” Reno appeared ready to fall asleep at any moment.

“Maybe.” Reno shifted about on the couch, a hiss of pain escaping him as he moved, and motioned for Rufus to stretch out beside him. “Maybe not.” Once Rufus had settled, he tugged Rufus’ shirts out of his pants before fumbling with the buttons and zippers. “Too many fuckin’ clothes.”

“So you’ve said before.” Rufus decided to give him some help, and hissed when he felt a warm, calloused hand wrap around his cock. “We… ah, can’t all… dress like… savages.”

“Snob,” Reno shot back, the insult ruined by a yawn even as his hand slid up and down Rufus’ cock, his thumb rubbing against the slit on top. Hard from making Reno come undone beneath him from the blow job, Rufus closed his eyes and gave in to the pleasurable sensations, to the scent of Reno and the heat soaking into him while his lover breathed against his neck.

Feeling his own climax approach, Rufus pulled Reno closer and buried his nose into the soft hair that smelled faintly of citrusy shampoo that Reno always used. Another stroke and he was done, the pleasure exploding through him as he clutched Reno against him.

“Ew, my shirt,” Reno complained after a minute.

“*My* shirt, you mean.” Rufus told the idiot without opening his eyes.

“I’m wearin’ it.”

“You’re not a size large on your best day, unless it’s a child’s size large,” Rufus reasoned. When he felt Reno open his mouth, he yanked on a handful of hair. “If you dare say something along the lines of ‘Traeger didn’t treat me like this’ or ‘Traeger thought I was…’, I *will* shoot you.”

There was a faint grumbling as Reno snuggled a little closer. “You’re no fun.”

“I just gave you a blow job, I am an *immense* amount of fun. On top of that, I have the suspicion that I am going to have to carry your sore ass to bed, so I am a useful, immense amount of fun.”

Things were silent for several seconds after that, which gave him the faint hope of winning the argument – he should have known better. “Maybe you should look into starting a war with Wutia or something.”

Okay, sore ribs or not, someone needed to be taught a lesson. Rufus opened his eyes and glared at a smug lover whom he rolled beneath him before kissing the idiot silent.


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