Title: Limits

Author: nekojita

Email: nekojita@verizon.net

Fandom: Final Fantasy VII - post Advent Children

Pairing: Rufus x Reno

Word count: 4,930


As he stood alone outside of Rufus Shinra’s office, Rude was grateful that he was considered the strong, silent type – at least in association with his partner. Compared to Reno, he was a paragon of restraint and quiet, but then again, that wasn’t really saying much. He’d once overheard Tseng muttering about his partner being ‘chaos personified’ and had thought even that remark failed to properly sum Reno up.

And certainly no one in his or her right mind would ever call the man quiet. Reno appeared to adore the sound of his own voice, judging from the way he yammered all the time, quick with a flip remark or sarcastic comment or a command to fight – which he loved to do, be it physical or verbal. Reno lived a life in motion, a life of strong emotions and while that annoyed the hell out of sensible, calm people (most people, really), it also drew them to Rude’s partner.

"Dammit, what the hell is it with you and foreplay, Rufus? I’m bent over a desk here, less mouth and more cock!" Even muffled by the thick door to the president’s office, Reno’s indignant voice could still be heard. Over at her desk, Rufus’ secretary blushed a furious red and lowered her head even more over the keyboard as she typed incessantly. Rude pulled on the collar of his shirt in embarrassment, focused his eyes forward, and felt grateful that, after a few years as Reno’s partner, he had mostly lost the ability to blush.

There was a soft murmur in response, Rufus’ usually smooth voice ruffled by annoyance. Almost no one other than Reno dared to boss the president of ShinRa around like that, especially at such an . . . intimate moment. Yet there was no sound of a gun being cocked or an order for Reno to leave, meaning the redheaded bastard got away with acting like that yet again. His back to Rufus’ office door, Rude reflected on how even when Reno annoyed the hell out of someone, he could still manage to put that person under his spell. Even Rufus Shinra, one of the coldest, most ruthless men on the planet. How the hell Reno managed such a feat without getting shot was beyond Rude’s understanding.

"What the hell are you waiting for now, you Ah!" Reno’s testy tone melted into one of pleasure and satisfaction as his words became a long series of moans and panting breaths. There was an amused chuckle from Rufus that made Rude’s hands automatically clench into fists as he frantically searched for his boss’ latest victim, but all he saw was the secretary’s back as she fled the office. Wishing that he could join her, Rude merely sighed and leaned against the door.

Judging from the sounds emanating from the office, he wouldn’t be out here for much longer. If Reno had taken to pleading then he was about to be fucked. Rude closed his eyes and swallowed past the sudden lump in his throat as he willed himself not to think of what was about to happen. Yet the more he tried to shy his thoughts away from the matter, the more they focused on what was going on behind the thick wood that he leaned against.

Unable to hear anything other than his partner’s lust-filled voice pleading for sex, he couldn’t help but wish that he was the one about to thrust into Reno, that he was the one being begged to fuck Reno so hard he wouldn’t be able to walk afterward. Rude didn’t have such thoughts very often; he’d realized long ago that if he had so much difficulty keeping Reno under control as his partner, then he’d have no chance in hell as his lover. That was a line he was too afraid to cross in reality, one that would lead to damnation no matter the pleasure. When it came to Reno, some distance was safest, a bit of space that allowed him to watch his friend’s back yet miss most of the inevitable explosions that happened around the man. Explosions that Reno set off in one way or another more times than not. Whoever said that ‘may you have an interesting life’ was a curse must have known Reno at one point. . . .

Reno’s loud cry of satisfaction echoed throughout the almost empty outer office, the sound wanton enough to make Rude’s cock twitch in response and his hand move to adjust his pants. Just like in everything else in life, Reno was very loud and vocal during sex; there was always such a wildness, an uncontrollable force to his voice that it never failed to fill Rude’s chest with foolish longing and send unassuaged lust to his cock. Shivers ran up and down his spine at a particularly deep moan. The sound was quickly repeated as something crashed to the ground.

"Rufus," Reno moaned again, the name practically purred in a husky, lust-laden voice.

Rude forced his right hand away from his painfully hard cock and reflected on how he would dearly love to hear Reno call out his name like that, just once. To know that he’d inspired that strong a want and need in his partner, some emotions other than camaraderie and respect. Even if all he really wanted was a one-night stand, a few hours to wipe that smug and amused grin from Reno’s face and replace it with one of amazement and passion, he knew that would never happen. Even if everyone thought that Reno was a slut, the truth was that Reno was now Rufus’. For all his laid-back attitude toward his job, Reno did understand the concept of loyalty. It was merely that he reserved it for his fellow Turks and their president.

A president who didn’t quite seem to be fulfilling Reno’s immediate needs, if Rude was to judge from the snarled complaint that cracked a smile on his face. "For fuck’s sake, Rufus, I can still feel my legs. You call that fucking? Give me my baton, I’ll show you how it’s supposed to be done!"

"Reno, be quiet." There was a not-so-veiled warning of Rufus being pushed too far in that command; the threat evident in how Rufus’ tone took on a dangerous amount of annoyance. Yet, idiot that he was, all Reno did was bitch about how he wanted to be fucked harder, until his complaints were suddenly cut off and something else, something that sounded very heavy, crashed to the ground with enough force that Rude jumped in place, his fists ready to pummel.

Glad that the secretary hadn’t remained to see his lapse or hear the renewed cries of passion that not even the thick walls and door could muffle, he sheepishly forced his hands to unclench and drop back to his sides. After a quick glance at his surroundings to confirm that he was alone in the outer office, Rude tilted his head back until it rested against the wooden door. If he could he would move away, find someplace in the office where he couldn’t so clearly hear what was going on in the room behind him, but his job required him to stay put.

"Oh, yeah, like that. My ass can take it so shove it in as hard as you can," Reno crooned, the words interspersed with panting breaths. Something repeatedly slammed hard enough against the desk that Rude could hear it all the way out where he stood, and a slight moan slipped past his lips as he once again refused to imagine what caused that sound.

However, there really was no way that Rude could focus on anything except what was happening behind him, not even if Tseng suddenly appeared at his side. Not after all the times he had to interrupt Reno and Rufus for some important matter or another, or whenever Reno pushed Rufus to the point where ShinRa’s president didn’t give a damn if he fucked the bastard in front of witnesses. Just last week, Rude had walked into the office to find Reno’s back pressed against the one of the windows that formed the room’s outer wall, his legs wrapped tightly around Rufus’ waist.

After a second spent in admiration of both men’s strength and flexibility, Rude hadn’t been able to look away from the scene before him. Reno’s bright red hair had been plastered to his sweaty face, his pale eyes darkened by desire and lips red and swollen. He’d smiled at Rude after a few seconds, his grin cocky despite its shakiness and then he’d arched his back and groaned so wantonly as he began to tremble and the heels of his feet dug into the small of Rufus’ back. All those years of being partners, of taking injuries together and working until they dropped from exhaustion and Rude had never seen such a . . . such a naked expression on Reno’s flushed face until just then.

He’d been shaken even more a minute later when, belatedly, Rufus seemed to finally realize that someone had entered the room. Never before during his employment at the ShinRa Electric Power Company had Rude seen that dazed an expression on Rufus’s face – had he seen the company’s heir and future president appear so disoriented; and he was even more shocked to witness how Rufus’ gaze locked with Reno’s for a few lingering heartbeats before he eventually fixed his attention on Rude and demanded to know what was wrong.

Rude adjusted his sunglasses as he pushed aside the memory with some difficulty, and continued to stand guard while the man he killed for and protected with his life fucked his best friend. He refused to allow himself to flinch from the sharp pang of jealousy that flared to life in his chest. He had always admired Rufus Shinra and would obey him to the death, but the simple truth was that he would always be jealous of what the man possessed. Not power or wealth -- not this corporation still massive and influential despite what had happened in the past couple of years -- but of the ability, the . . . charisma or whatever it was that made Reno eagerly walk into the office and allow himself to be fucked on a desk, or whatever it was that made him cry out like just now.

Despite his resolve to not contemplate the matter, Rude took a deep breath and found himself lost in the image of what Reno must look at this moment. He could see his partner bent over the huge desk, his black pants and jacket gone, his wrinkled white shirt pushed up his back and his ass in the air as if an offering. Against all that gleaming, dark mahogany, Reno’s blood-red hair would stand out in as much contrast as his pale skin.

Rude could easily imagine how it would feel to grab the long tail of hair at the back of Reno’s neck, how he would pull on it to make Reno’s head tilt backward, make him arch his neck and whimper in need. Shuddering slightly, Rude could sense how fucking great it would feel to have Reno’s scrawny body clench around him, all that heat once he passed the initial resistance and plunged in deep. He imagined his fingers digging into bony hips to hold his partner still as he thrust in as hard as he could, the front of his thighs pressed tight against the back of Reno’s, and the way sweat made their skin cling together. He could smell that sweat, could see the droplets gather along the harsh line of Reno’s spine until that red hair was darkened by it. And all the while, Reno would be as vocal as ever, would alternate between barking orders and pleading for more. What really got to Rude was that his partner was the type who begged to be taken fast and hard, who didn’t want slow and careful when he could be pounded into from the start.

As Rude stood just outside Rufus’ office, it was so easy to hear Reno’s ragged pants and low moans, his muttered curses and whispered pleas and fantasize that he was the one who wrung those sounds from his partner. His hand once more on his hard cock, Rude couldn’t hold back a smile when he heard Reno beg to be fucked even harder and faster. ‘Beg’ was such a relevant term because even as Reno pleaded, there was a note of flippancy to his voice, a note that plainly said that if he wasn’t quickly pleased, he’d simply walk away. That note made Rude’s cock twitch each time he heard it because he recognized the inherent challenge in it that he very desperately wanted to take up. Judging from another crashing sound, Rufus’ loud grunt and Reno’s sharp curse, that challenge was eagerly taken up by another.

And, as if on cue, Reno demanded to be fucked harder, just like he did each and every time Rufus took him in the office. Rude knew that if he had to patch his friend up in the next few days there would be bruises, and that Reno’s usual insolent walk would be a little less slinky. But he also knew that there would be an even smugger smile than normal on the bastard’s face, a decadent smirk that was sure to make even some of their colleagues’ cheeks grow pink as they first glanced away from Reno then stared at their president in wonder and disbelief.

Hearing the loud slaps against wood grow more frenzied, Rude sighed in regret and yet again forced his hand away from his crotch, making it to curl around the baton tucked inside his jacket instead. At least most of ShinRa’s employees didn’t have to stand guard while Rufus fucked Reno or there would be more than pink cheeks and amazed looks whenever those two ventured out together. At least they didn’t have to suffer through being made an unwilling voyeur. There was no way that anyone within thirty yards of Reno having sex could fail to hear him carry on. That was another thing that Rude was jealous of, the way his friend had absolutely no shame in crying out his desires or ordering the president of ShinRa about. To be so unconcerned about anything other than his own pleasure. . . . Rude seriously doubted that he’d ever know how to let go to that degree, to be so uncaring about what the rest of the world thought of him.

His right hand clutched the baton while he was treated to a few more loud cries, unusual only in the fact that Rufus joined Reno in the end, his voice louder and deeper. After the sudden ruckus, things predictably turned quiet which caused another sharp pang in Rude’s chest. Despite the indignity of listening in on the loud antics of the past fifteen minutes, the quiet was even worse than the noise. Left outside the office, he could hear the soft murmur of voices, a low, throaty laugh from Reno and then silence. There was no barked order for Reno to leave, no rustle of clothes as they were hastily jerked on, no muttered curses.

After a few minutes – much longer than it should have taken for Reno to toss his clothes on, as careless as he dressed in the first place - Rude shook himself when he heard the approach of footsteps and hurried away from the door. He took a second to check that he was no longer visibly hard and then stood at attention, his face expressionless.

The door finally opened and Reno stepped through first, his skin still flushed and his pale eyes alight with the same sated wickedness that curved his lips into a smile that would make an innocent soul falter in shock from its blatant lasciviousness. His hair, its bright red hue darkened by sweat at the roots, was more tousled than ever save for the long strands that fell past the small of his back. Evidently, someone had taken the time to comb through the crimson hair until it flowed like silk, to fasten straight the small silver clasp that kept his long hair bound. The amount of care revealed that it hadn’t been Reno who’d done that, not when his shirt was more unbuttoned than usual and the sleeves of his coat rested uneven on his arms.

"Hey, Rude," Reno drawled, his voice hoarse from crying out and just as pleased as his expression. Rude sighed, shook his head and watched as his partner gave him a saucy wink before Reno began to complain about how hungry he was, but he had ‘missed lunch for some odd reason’ and still had a couple more hours left before the next break.

"More than a few hours, I believe," Rufus coolly remarked as he finally left the office. His white suit was almost immaculate, unmarred even by wrinkles. Rude’s sharp gaze noticed a long strand of red hair that he quickly plucked it free from the expensive material while his employer stared at Reno and frowned. "There’s the matter of the three hours you spent at some hovel of a bar Tuesday afternoon."

Amused at the way his partner’s expressive face crinkled in annoyance at being caught out, Rude didn’t even attempt to contain a quick upturn of his lips. "Ah, come on, I was only there looking for that information you needed," Reno tried to explain, his voice arrogant even in the face of Rufus’ disbelieving scowl.

"You owe ShinRa three hours of work and one very impressive bar tab, even by your standards," Rufus stated in a flat voice, his expression smoothing into impassiveness. "You will work uncompensated overtime until the debt is repaid."

Rude’s smile faded when he realized what that statement meant. Even though Reno was currently at his side, he suffered another pang of jealousy. Reno would remain with him for the rest of their shift and then Rude would go home by himself while Reno ‘guarded’ Rufus to make up for those lost hours. Rude should have known better than to even hope that he and Reno could spend some time at a bar this evening, drinking and talking, or listening to Reno talk about an amazingly vast array of subjects, like two old friends.

Now that Rufus was healed, Rude found even less time to be alone with his partner. Whereas he could always count on Reno to drag him off for a drink after work - and sometimes during – now Reno would more often than not disappear after his shift. An intelligent man, Rude knew where his partner would end up, knew what Reno would do during those hours. Rufus might be hard at work rebuilding ShinRa, but judging from all the times Rude heard about his fellow Turks being sent off on errands whenever Reno sauntered into Rufus’ office, he realized that his employer was also reclaiming what the Geostigma stole from him over those long, painful months.

Rude knew that he’d be standing guard alone in this room in another day or two, just as he knew that he’d never hear Reno call out his name the way his friend did Rufus’. And while part of him burned with jealousy over that, another part of him was also relieved. Reno as a friend was more than enough trouble. Rude truly doubted that he’d ever be able to satisfy or keep checked someone like his irrepressible partner. No, that seemed to require a force of will he didn’t possess. So he was resolved to stand in front of the door, or beside the helicopter, or wherever it was that the horny bastard managed to snare the president’s attention and need. However, while he would drink in the sounds of passion that Reno would make during those moments, while he would imagine it was him fucking the bastard that hard, he would never forget the limits on their relationship. Partners first, friends second and lovers never. Should he ever think otherwise, he was sure that Reno would do him in over a matter of days. That was, if Rufus didn’t get to him first….

As Rude strolled down the hallway behind Rufus with Reno at his side, he shook his head slightly to rid himself of such dark thoughts. Reno continued to mutter about his empty stomach and how terrible it was to work for such a despot, an almost unnoticeable hitch to his step that made Rude want to laugh. It served the bastard right if he was a little sore, especially after what Rude had just suffered through.

Perhaps he would recall what he overheard from outside the office once he was safely back at home, sprawled out on the couch or his bed. Maybe he would think of Reno while he jerked off, or maybe even Tifa, and he would be content enough with that bit of pleasure for the time being. He didn’t ask for much out of life, just a secure job, friends he could trust and some amusement. Reno more than satisfied those last two requirements, and Rude didn’t think he had to worry about being fired any time soon, not while he was both good at his job and knew about the birthmark on the back of Rufus Shinra’s upper left thigh. As long as he didn’t let his foolhardy partner kill him, things should be fine.

"Haven’t had anything to eat for hours," Reno whined as he hunched over and wrapped his arms around his stomach for dramatic effect. "Why the hell can’t a certain someone have a food fetish, huh? Then at least I wouldn’t have both an empty stomach and a sore ass."

"Reno, shut up," Rude quickly muttered, his attention focused on how Rufus’ fingers flexed as if to ball into fists, how the man’s even strides faltered for a second. He’d worked with Rufus long enough to recognize the warning signs of the infamous Shinra temper about to erupt; and as he wasn’t the one fucking the president, he didn’t have much faith in surviving that temper once it was unleashed. Of course, the command had to be repeated twice more since Reno would not stop complaining, and each time, those fingers curled a little more. "Reno, I will kill you myself if you don’t shut the hell up now," he hissed in desperation, and finally the idiot got the hint and closed his mouth.

However, noticing the wicked gleam in his partner’s eyes, Rude felt his heart sink and his own hands ball into fists. Oh, fuck. He knew that look and instantly realized that he might not make it home this evening after all. That look was always a precursor to mayhem on a frightening scale and some sort of explosion. Or, more likely, multiple explosions.

Rude cursed himself for those jinxing thoughts and once again resolved to never make his fantasies reality, no matter how much his cock and hormones might wish otherwise. Maybe he was an unethical bastard who did incredibly bad things for a living, but he wasn’t stupid, insane or suicidal. He was barely managing to survive with Reno as a partner; he could only imagine the horrific results if emotions made him stupid or careless. Despite all the shit he dealt with on a daily basis, the only thing that terrified him more than that gleam in Reno’s eyes was what would happen if he crossed that line. That and the fact that his employer – the man he would die for - was obviously insane for nonchalantly walking in front of Reno, seemingly unconcerned of the disaster-in-waiting that was his lover.

Checking to make sure that he had a spare pair of sunglasses on hand, Rude forced his tight throat to swallow and wondered if it was too late to request another partner. As he formed his letter of request to Tseng in his mind, Reno once more had to prove how much of a suicidal idiot he really was.

"For fuck’s sake, you didn’t even let me blow you, Rufus. It’s not much of a lunch but it woulda been something," Reno muttered in a tone rife with suffering.

Rude was proud of his quick reflexes and sensitivity to danger, was convinced that they and his high intelligence were the reasons why he survived so long as a Turk. All three things were put to use when he saw Rufus come to a sudden halt and then whirl around to face Reno, his expression the most dreadful thing Rude had seen in years. Moving away from the two men with a speed that was almost unnatural, Rude pressed as close as he could against the hallway’s wall and began to pray. Out loud.

His eyes filled with enough rage that they appeared Mako blue, Rufus didn’t say a word as his lips pulled back in a silent snarl and he snatched Reno’s left arm. Stalking down the hallway, he dragged a protesting Reno back to the office they had just left, and Rude swore that he saw an insanely pleased expression on his partner’s face.

"There’s no doubt about it, he’s utterly stark-raving mad," he muttered under his breath, and then jumped at least a foot into the air when Rufus slammed the office door so violently that the entire floor and probably the one beneath it had to hear the loud bang. Once more unclenching his fists, Rude pushed his sunglasses back to the ridge of his nose and, with an aggrieved sigh, followed after his employer and moronic partner.

He settled in front of the closed office door and resolved himself to the torments of another round of loud, raw sex. His fists crossed in front of his crotch, he sighed again when he heard fabric being ripped and Reno purring Rufus’ name.

The secretary peeked into the outer office just as Rufus’ loud and furious voice could be heard ordering Reno down onto his knees, and Rude’s lips twitched at how her face first turned pure white then flushed bright red. Proving that she had intelligence and survival instincts of her own, she cautiously dashed into the room with her hands held over her ears, snatched her purse up from one of her desk’s drawers and then fled. Rude futilely wished that he could do the same but merely rolled his shoulders and cracked his neck.

There was no way Reno would ever be anything to him but a partner, he told himself with true conviction when he heard Rufus’ loud moan. No way in hell. Rude had his limits, prided himself in acknowledging them and held faith that that knowledge would keep him alive. If for one moment he felt that his cock was getting the better of him with regard to the basket case that was his partner, he’d ask the nearest Turk to put him out of his misery. That was, if Rufus didn’t put Reno out of all their misery first. Rude didn’t think he would be that lucky, however, when Rufus moaned out Reno’s name, his anger sounding somewhat appeased.

Rude closed his eyes and took a deep breath as he desperately tried to think of something other than what Reno was doing to save his unworthy life right now. Considering how often he used it, Reno had to have one hell of an agile tongue…. Shuddering, Rude forced his eyes open and resumed composing a mental request for a new partner. Let Tseng or someone else deal with Reno for a while, he thought with growing desperation as he failed to block out the sounds from the other room. At the very least, he was going to demand full psychiatric coverage on his health insurance plan if he had to remain Reno’s partner for much longer. Too bad they couldn’t just institutionalize the crazy, redheaded bastard instead and save the sanity of countless people.

"Off your knees now, Reno," Rufus snarled, his voice as ragged as Rude’s thoughts.

"Dammit, you’re doing this deliberately, aren’t you – Ah! Ohh . . . fuck yeah, more of that!" Reno’s indignant tone melted into something truly obscene, something that made Rude’s cock harden against his will and a whimper of suffering escape past his lips.

Fuck it, he was going to demand hazard pay from now on, Rude promised himself as his right hand began to rub against his tumescent cock. Or at least to be reimbursed for his dry cleaning bill.

For someone who had seriously ticked off one of the most dangerous and powerful men on the planet, Reno didn’t sound the least bit cowed. If anything, his tone was very demanding and a bit peeved. "Hey, you gonna play with it or put something in it? That cock’s there for a reason, don’tcha know?"

"Reno . . . where the hell is that gag?" The level of menace in Rufus’ voice made Rude take an involuntary step away from the door.

"Now you’re talking, Rufus. Nothing better than a little kink in the afternoon." There was no reason on earth why Reno’s voice should sound both so pleased and utterly dirty. "Ya gonna spank me next or should I break out the girl’s school uniform?"

As a flood of pornographic images assaulted his brain upon hearing those choices, Rude sternly told himself that grown men didn’t cry.


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