A Sense of  Possession


by nekojita


Rufus fought the urge to grit his teeth as he posed for another picture. Instead, he lifted his chin and gave a faint smile, mindful of appearing as a philanthropic young businessman and not the sociopathic monster that his enemies tried to portray him as to the media. ShinRa Electrical Company was making atonements for its past sins and, on the whole, people were willing to forgive it. However, Rufus knew that there were those out there who still nursed a grudge or wanted the power he was rebuilding, so he was determined to not expose any weaknesses. Hence the reason he was at this deplorable party for the purpose of donating an over-large, symbolic check to help build Midgar’s latest elementary school.

"President Shinra, one more picture, please!" someone called out, so Rufus managed to retain the smile for a few more seconds, until the quick, repeated flashes of light died out.

"If you’ll excuse me, I have several pressing engagements," he informed both the gathered board members of the new school and the reporters around him. He bowed his head as he made his apologies for leaving early, all the while ignoring the questions shouted to him.

"Mr. Shinra, is it true that you’ve held several meetings with the Wutian ambassador?"

"President Shinra, what is your company’s role behind the rebuilding of Sector Seven? There are unsubstantiated allegations that your company was involved in its destruction."

"Ah, President Shinra! Would you care to make a statement on your personal life? You’ve been spotted in the company of a gentleman with red hair upon several occasions. Is it true that he’s just a bodyguard? Mr. President?"

Having had enough of the cacophony, Rufus motioned to Tseng that he was ready to leave, and the Turk immediately cleared a path for him through the throng of reporters and photographers. Tseng did it without any real show of force, yet somehow the people stepped out of his way long enough for him, Rufus and Elena to leave the room. Once past the crowd, Tseng fell back to just behind Rufus’ left and discouraged any reporters from following.

They entered the building’s lobby, garishly decorated for the event and swarming with people dressed in formal attire with wine glasses in their hands. Rufus thought this entire gathering was a waste, just a silly PR event that took him away from necessary matters. ShinRa was once again recognized as a world power but there was still work to be done, more Reactors to be converted and potential threats neutralized. Yet he had spent half the day smiling for cameras and making idle chit-chat.

He couldn’t wait to get back to work.

However, he first had to get out of the damn building. Several people slowed down his departure by reaching out to shake his hand or pat him on the shoulder. There were congratulations for how well ShinRa Electrical Company was doing, thanks for donating the money and several attempts to engage him on a personal level in hopes of arranging future meetings. He was distant but courteous, mumbling something about busy schedules and calling his secretary, and all the while his temper grew. This wasn’t something that he’d dealt with very often; his father had kept him traveling much of his time as a Vice President and he’d been too busy once he’d taken over the company to do much socializing. Now he couldn’t seem to escape the fawning people eager to ask something from him or hope to use him to their advantage. As he walked past yet another sycophant, he felt an intense longing for Reno. If his lover was here, there would be a muttered catty comment or two and definitely a spilled drink, something that would make him have to bite his tongue to prevent himself from smiling as Reno caused cleverly orchestrated havoc.

"Rufus, you’re looking well."

Finding his escape thwarted yet again, Rufus forced himself to not glare at the dark-haired man standing before him. "Thank you, Peter." He’d known Peter Holdeman since they both were children, not that the long association had ever led to any affection between the two of them. His family controlled the world’s electrical supply while Peter’s family managed most of its eminent hospitals. "So do you."

Peter smiled and tugged on the left cuff of his navy blue suit. "Thanks. It would be bad for business if I didn’t, wouldn’t it?" he joked as he flashed the bright white of his teeth in a shark-like smile. "I’m surprised that you bothered to come to the reception."

"I always take the time to personally see to important matters," Rufus replied in a smooth tone of voice even though he wanted nothing more than to push past the man and leave. He’d already wasted enough time today and didn’t want to waste any more talking to someone he saw on an almost monthly basis, at some insipid party or gathering.

"Yes, I’m sure you do." Peter smiled the not-smile again, but this time he didn’t look at Rufus. He stared at Tseng and Elena for a few seconds before he glanced around the room. As he did, a slight frown formed on his lips. "Are you heading back to work, then? You need to enjoy yourself a bit more, Rufus. Working too much is bad for your health."

So was dealing with idiots, but there were too many witnesses around for Rufus to say that aloud. "I have a company to run," he pointed out, a not so subtle jab to the fact that Peter’s father was still alive and very much in charge of the family business. Yet all Peter did was snort softly and continued to look around the room. "Perhaps you should go find the person you’re searching for," Rufus said as he took a step forward, intent on ending the stilted conversation and leaving this annoying place.

"I would, if you’d brought him today." Peter smiled when Rufus stopped and stared. "You must rotate through all the pretty bodyguards; such a shame. I was hoping to talk to him this time." Peter smirked at Rufus and pulled something out of his pocket, which he attempted to hand to Elena. "Though you’re just as cute, darling. Please, give this to the redhead with the tattoos." He held the business card in front of her for several seconds before he sighed and tucked it into the breast pocket of her suit when it was clear that she refused to accept it. "I’m sure I’ll see you around, Rufus," he said as he walked away.

Rufus took a step after him, but found his path blocked by Tseng. The Turk calmly removed the card from Elena’s pocket and crumpled it in his right hand. "Are we leaving, Sir?" he asked, his forehead slightly furrowed but his demeanor otherwise impassive.

"Yes." Reminding himself that shooting Peter in the back would require many, *many* more charitable gatherings such as this to restore his image, Rufus turned on his left heel and headed straight for the door. Tseng and Elena closed in on him, and either the looks on his face or theirs’ ensured that there were no more interruptions.

"The nerve of the creep," Elena muttered once they were outside as she brushed her right hand over the pocket on her jacket. Tseng didn’t say anything as he held the door of the limousine open for Rufus, but from the way his dark eyes gleamed, his brow remained furrowed and the slight hunch to his shoulders, one could tell that he was furious.

Rufus felt much the same way. He had never gotten along very well with Peter; the two of them were too competitive to ever be friends. Peter was also a bit of a sore loser, and whatever Rufus had, he wanted as well. As the rumors spread about Rufus’ ‘relationship’ with Reno, things like this were to be expected, Rufus told himself. That did little to soothe his anger, so after a few moments spent contemplating Peter’s rather painful demise, he forced himself to focus on something else.

Powering on his laptop, he did his best to concentrate on work. While he went through his emails, he noticed that a report had been filed by Rude regarding the assignment he and Reno had been given earlier that day. The matter of the disappearing potions had been resolved. Rufus smiled for a moment, more at the thought that Reno hadn’t been able to blame the thefts on Dr. Alim, as he’d hoped, than the fact that the incident had been handled quickly. He filed the report away and sent an email to his lover, telling Reno that he wanted to see him in his office. Unfortunately, thinking about Reno didn’t help cool his anger any, since he couldn’t stop thinking about Peter and how the man had thought to proposition the redhead.

The ride back to the office was very quiet and tense. Sitting across from Rufus and beside Tseng, Elena ended up tucked into the corner by the time the limousine came to a stop, her attention equally divided between a silently stewing Tseng and Rufus. She actually flinched when Rufus slammed his laptop closed, her cheeks growing pale when he glared at her for her reaction.

Scrambling from the vehicle, she checked things outside before she motioned for Rufus to leave. He strode past her, in a hurry to get upstairs as the anger threatened to burst forth. Elena mumbled something as she scrambled to catch up to him and Tseng, and once more huddled as far away from the two of them as possible once they were in the elevator.

"Give me the card," Rufus said to Tseng and held out his hand. Raising his clenched fist, Tseng crushed the business card for another moment before he handed it over.

"I’m sure it’s nothing, President," Tseng tried to assure while Rufus smoothed out the crumpled bit of paper.

Rufus wanted to ask Tseng how he felt about Elena being called ‘cute’ but merely grunted in answer. There were people out there who always were interested in what was his, be it power, wealth or status. Peter was one of them, and had a history of trying to steal away his past lovers. The asshole even thought that Rufus had stopped seeing Maria because she’d slept with Peter, which had just been a convenient excuse on his part to cut all ties to the annoying bitch.

There was no way Peter would have any chance at Reno. About to crush the card he’d just spent the last minute unfolding, Rufus narrowed his eyes and glared at the digital floor counter instead. Just a few more floors and the doors opened, with his office in sight as he stepped out of the car. "I’ll be in my office for the rest of the day," he informed Tseng as he rushed forward, unwilling to put up with any more meetings or interviews for the day. With his mood this foul, he couldn’t guarantee that he wouldn’t hurt the next idiot who got on his nerves.

Shoving open the doors to his office, he felt a spark of adrenalin when he found Reno leaning against his desk, what looked to be a chain of silver paperclips in his hands.

"’bout time you showed up," Reno complained as he tossed the paperclips aside, a smile on his face that instantly faded when Rufus came to a stop before him and shoved the business card in his face. "What the hell?" He tried to bat the card aside but Rufus caught his left wrist and gave it a warning squeeze.

"Peter Holdeman. What do you know about him?" Rufus asked, his voice thick with anger as he slammed Reno’s hand onto the desk. "What happened to make him think that he had any right to give you his contact information?" He had thought to be calm when he asked Reno these questions, to control his temper but he felt nothing but fury and possessiveness upon seeing his lover. Reno was *his*.

"Fuck!" Reno tried to jerk his hand free, but when that failed, snatched at the card with his right hand instead. "I’ve never heard of him before." He tossed the card aside without even looking at it, too busy scowling at Rufus instead. "Is this some sort of joke? Because it sure as hell isn’t funny."

"You would have last seen him about two weeks ago, the party at the new Wutian embassy. He’s my age, almost my height with brown hair and blue eyes." Now that Rufus thought about the evening, he clearly remembered how Peter had hovered around him for most of the night. "He was the one who asked you if you dyed your hair or not."

Reno grunted and leaned away from Rufus, which made his long ponytail slither over his shoulder and hang down his back until its ends brushed against some paperwork. "Oh, yeah, the guy I fucked in the bathroom," he said, his lips twisted into a sneer. "His dick isn’t as big as yours, but he-"

His frayed control snapping, Rufus clasped his left hand behind Reno’s neck and jerked the bastard forward. There was a painful click as their mouths smacked together, followed by a muffle complaint from Reno that was quickly cut off.

Shifting his hand from Reno’s neck to the long earring, Rufus wrapped it around his fingers and used it to keep his lover from pulling away. His right hand reached for the clasp that kept Reno’s hair pulled into a ponytail and undid it before he clutched the crimson strands as well, determined that the kiss would not end until *he* decided it would. He thrust his tongue deep into his lover’s mouth, a slight pain in his lips from the way they pressed so harshly against teeth.

Reno tried to jerk away and futilely pushed at Rufus’ shoulders. When the kiss did not end after a couple of minutes, he clamped his teeth shut, not hard enough to draw blood but enough to make Rufus pull back and curse.

"You actually think I fucked some guy?" Reno spat, his eyes narrowed with anger and his chest heaving, either as he fought for air or with his own temper. His hands no longer tried to push Rufus away but grabbed Rufus’ jacket and tugged. "Is that what has you in this shitty mood?"

"If I thought that, I’d shoot you, not kiss you," Rufus admitted as he released his hold on his lover. He grasped the unbuttoned edges of Reno’s shirt and yanked them apart until the done buttons flew off. "I’m just warning you that if you even *think* to fuck ‘some guy’, I’ll shoot you then, too." Sliding his hands along warm skin, he clasped them behind Reno’s back and jerked his lover closer. "You’re *mine*."

Reno threaded his fingers through Rufus’ hair and gave the slicked back strands a harsh tug. "Not even you can fucking tell me what to think. Just be happy I don’t do half the shit you inspire me to do with your crazy attitude," he muttered as he gave Rufus a warning glare.

"Then let me clarify," Rufus said, his anger beginning to fade now that he had Reno pressed against him, long hair unbound and too-warm skin against his palms. His sense of possession, however, only grew stronger. "If I see you flirting with someone, I will shoot you. If I find out you accepted a business card or phone number, I will shoot you. And if you ever joke about having sex with someone again, I will break your arm." He wasn’t kidding; the more people found out about them, the less he was willing to put up with his lover’s ridiculous sense of humor.

Wrinkling his nose as if to show what he thought about the threats, Reno shook his head. "As if I’m dumb enough to try to pick someone up, especially when I’ve got my hands full with you." His look of disgust changed into a wicked grin. "Can I shove the cards up the asses of anyone stupid enough to think I’m gonna fuck ‘em just because they’re rich?" There was a hopeful gleam to his eyes and his anger seemed to have vanished.

Rufus thought about the damage Reno could inflict, the rumors that would spread because of his lover’s actions and decided that he wouldn’t mind paying a few hospital and repair bills. "By all means, do what you wish – short of actual homicide." He gave his lover a stern look to emphasis that he wasn’t kidding about the last.

"Much more fun to leave ‘em lying on the floor, crying like babies." Reno stuck out the tip of his tongue and rocked his hips forward. "I think this is where you get all manly and fuck me hard enough that I don’t even *want* to think about screwing anyone else."

"Now you’re being sensible," Rufus remarked as he grabbed Reno’s ass and squeezed. "I’ll send you to Medical to be examined later for the aberrant behavior."

"Snide bastard, always have to get the last word in, don’tcha?" Reno began to undo the buttons on Rufus’ black vest. "Should just rip the damn thing apart, like you do."

"Only I get to ruin my own clothes." Rufus couldn’t resist playing with his lover’s long hair, not even after all these months, and wished it would grow faster. He was half-tempted to spike one of Reno’s drink with a potion after all, even if Reno had threatened to cut him off from sex for an entire month the last time he’d mentioned it. He was very sure that he could make Reno rethink the punishment….

"Huh." Either deciding to quit bitching before he pissed Rufus off or unable to come up with a snappy reply to that bit of truth, Reno bit into his bottom lip as he undid the buttons of Rufus’ white shirt. Once that was done and the shirt was pulled free, he shoved the shirt, vest and coat from Rufus’ shoulder with a rather pleased cry of satisfaction before he started on Rufus’ belt.

Rufus echoed the action, unbuckling the worn leather that held Reno’s baggy pants up. He smiled to find that his lover had ‘appropriated’ yet another pair of boxers and cupped Reno’s arousal through the thin, black silk. "Do you even own any underwear?" he asked as he began to nibble on Reno’s right earlobe.

"Why bother, when I don’t end up wearing them for very long." Reno muttered a curse under his breath since he was having more difficulty undoing Rufus’ pants, especially once Rufus began to toy with his ear. "Ah!" He squirmed a little, at first shrugging his shoulder as if to discourage Rufus then leaning against him. "Stop teasing."

"No, I’m having much too fun." Rufus gently squeezed Reno’s cock before he pushed the boxers from his lover’s bony hips. "Was there supposed to be foreplay during the ‘manly, hard sex’?"

"Oh god, there better not be, dammit." Reno shuddered against him but finally managed to get rid of the buckle. "I’ll zap you and fuck you while you’re unconscious." His nails scratched along Rufus’ hips as he pushed the pants and underwear to the floor.

"Do that and you’ll see what it’s like to live without a pair of balls." Rufus toed off his shoes and stepped out of his pants, and once Reno had done the same, he picked his lover up and sat him on the desk. "Lube?" he asked before he licked along the curve of Reno’s neck.

"Right here." Reno fumbled with an inside pocket of his coat before he pulled his hand free to reveal a small, tinfoil packet. He shrugged off his coat and shirt before he leaned back onto the desk, his right foot planted on the edge of the furniture and his hair spread out behind his head like a pool of fresh blood. As he stared at Rufus with heavy lidded eyes, he used his teeth to tear off a corner of the packet. "Am I doing all of the work today?"

"The heavens forbid." Rufus accepted the packet and squeezed some of the slick fluid onto the fingers of his right hand. "You’d never stop bitching if you had to work that much." He stared at his lover as he pushed his finger into Reno’s tight hole, watched the way Reno’s eyes drifted closed and a faint blush spread across his tattooed cheeks. The sight was just as good as the sounds; the breathless moans as Rufus curled his finger, the sharp gasps when he added another one to the grasping heat. He idly thought about how the reporters would react if he told them that he regularly fucked the ‘redheaded gentleman’ in question on his desk and felt a sharp pain in his chest. Reno like this was all his, was something only he could savor anymore.

And there was so much to savor. How sexy Reno looked sprawled out on the desk, how wanton he sounded, how incredibly hot he felt. Rufus’ patience was never very good at the best of times, certainly not now when all he wanted was to fuck his lover, to make Reno cry out his name and come. Pulling his fingers out, he quickly made them spread the rest of the lubricant over his cock and tugged on Reno’s hip with his left hand.

"Oh hell, yeah," Reno moaned as he propped his left foot onto the desk as well, his right hand reaching back to grasp the opposite edge of the desk while his left wrapped around his cock. "Should I tell ya about the fantasies I’ve had about that Paul guy?"

Feeling the familiar bitter burn in his chest, Rufus glared at his idiot lover and snapped his hips forward. "Only if you don’t want to be able to walk afterwards," he snarled, only stuttering a little at the initial resistance. He didn’t give Reno’s body any time to adjust, just pulled back and shoved right back in with even more force than before.

"Walking’s – ah! Oh, fuck," Reno crooned as he arched his back and the top of his head smacked onto hard wood with a loud ‘thunk’. He didn’t try to pull away; his legs wrapped around Rufus’ hips and yanked him closer. "Fu.. fuckkkin’ ‘ell, Paul does… does it better."

Grasping Reno’s hips hard enough that his nails dug into pale flesh, Rufus leaned forward to take his lover’s left nipple between his lips and bit down. "His name’s Peter," he said before he flicked his tongue over the reddened flesh and then bit again.

"Don’… fuckin’ care," Reno barely managed to say as he stroked his cock in time with the rapid, deep thrusts that shook his body.

"I really will shoot you," Rufus warned, even though nothing could have pulled him away from Reno at that moment, away from the intense heat that clenched around his cock, the way the flush on Reno’s chest and face deepened with each thrust, or how the attempts at teasing had given way to half-articulate curses and moans. The pleasure was so intense, so addictive as always, a burning rush through his veins that made him tremble and fight for more. He dug his fingers deeper into Reno’s hips, sweat making both their skins slick, and continued to fuck his lover so hard that his knees smacked into the desk’s frame.

Reno squirmed on the desk and yelled aloud at a particular thrust, his back arching again. He moved against Rufus, hips rocking forward and up until he yelled again, his eyes closed and his mouth wide open as he panted and gasped. Lifting his lover’s hips, Rufus pounded forward so hard that the desk actually shifted away an inch or two, almost causing him to lose his balance. He dragged Reno closer, sending various papers flying, his hips never slowing for a moment.

"Ah!" Reno yelled again, the sound almost one of pain as he came, his sweat-slick body shuddering and his right arm flailing about. More things were scattered about and the cry echoed through the room, while Rufus clenched his teeth and choked back on a shout of his own as his cock was grasped in a vise-like grip. His own orgasm rushed through him just then, so severe that he fell forward, unsteady on his legs as the bliss rushed through him like an unstoppable torrent.

He was hunched over the desk, forehead against Reno’s sweaty chest, his hands somehow finding his lover’s hair to become entangled in, his sore knees pressed against wood as he fought to regain his breath. He started when Reno brushed back his hair, a tender touch that made his nerves tingle anew. Closing his eyes, he enjoyed the pleasurable sensation, the little aftershocks of passionate sex and the sense of sated exhaustion.

"Paul lasts longer," Reno said, his voice cracking on the words.

"Peter," Rufus automatically corrected as he tugged on his lover’s hair. "Where’s my gun?" He lifted his head to look about for the weapon, determined to give the teasing bastard a flesh wound, at the very least. Reno’s fingers tightened in his hair and he was pulled forward for a kiss ardent enough to steal away his just recovered breath. Resolving to shoot Reno later, Rufus grumbled a little and gracefully gave in.

When the kiss finally broke off, Reno groaned in pleasure and stretched beneath Rufus. "Fuck, but that was *great*. Who’d want to mess with that?"

"A certain redheaded idiot who really is going to be shot one day if he doesn’t stop joking." Rufus narrowed his eyes as he pulled away, his lips pressing together as his cock slipped from Reno’s body. He stood unsteady on his feet for a moment then opened a drawer to pull out some moistened towels to clean off the sweat, lubricant and come.

Reno stuck out the tip of his tongue and wrinkled his nose. "You have no sense of humor." He slid off the edge of the desk and actually wavered on his legs as he clutched the furniture for support.

"I don’t know, I find lots of things very amusing," Rufus commented with an evil grin as he handed some of the towels to his wobbling lover. Reno glared as he snatched them, but the expression soon changed into a chagrinned smile.

"’Cause you’re sadistic. Ah well, I asked for it." He wiped himself clean with the towels and actually tossed them into the trash can for once. They both got dressed in silence; Rufus left the top buttons of his shirt undone since his breath was still a little short. Seeing Reno with his shirt open and his hair unbound tended to do that to him.

He sat on the desk as he put on his shoes, and Reno sat near him, on the small cabinet that held the document shredder. "Your hair is a mess," Rufus complained and reached forward to try and unravel some of the tangles, as always delighted with an excuse to play with the shiny strands.

Reno leaned against him and hummed in pleasure. "Hmm, don’t they cut off the hair of unfaithful lovers in Wutai?" He tilted his head back to smile at Rufus.

"That’s some nonsense that they always put in films." Rufus tsked to show his disappointment at Reno’s lack of cultural knowledge. "If you cheat on me, I really will make you drink potions until your hair grows past your feet."

"Great, then I can club people to death with it, or strangle ‘em." Reno closed his eyes. "Why can’t you have nice, normal kinks? Ya know, like tying me up and spanking me, or pissing on me and stuff like that."

"I do tie you up and spank you," Rufus murmured. "But I can always have you crossdress some more." He smiled when he felt Reno stiffen against him.

"Sadistic bastard." Yet Reno didn’t sound very upset and even tilted his head back to nuzzle Rufus’ jaw. "I bet P-"

"*Don’t*." Rufus backed the warning with a sharp tug on his lover’s hair. "That joke was never funny to begin with, I’ll have you know."

Reno sulked at having his fun cut short but thankfully shut up. After a moment, Rufus continued combing his fingers through the crimson strands until all the tangles were gone. "Are you going to pout all day?"

"Depends, you owe me a nice dinner, now." Reno’s good humor returned as he grinned and patted his flat stomach. "I’m thinking steaks."

Rufus slid his left arm around his lover’s chest. "We’ll see how good you are for the rest of the day. I didn’t see any report from you on the assignment, just Rude’s." His smile widened when Reno cursed under his breath something about anal retentive bastards.


A knock at the door cut off whatever lame excuse Reno was about to offer. Tightening his right hand in his lover’s hair, Rufus called out for the person to enter.

Tseng walked into the room, his expression impassive as he saw them, but Rufus noticed the way he eyed Reno for a few seconds. Rufus’ eyes narrowed in warning and he pulled Reno closer, his lips pressed against his lover’s left temple for a lingering second. "What is it?" he asked.

Tseng bowed his head for a moment then stood perfectly straight, his hands clasped behind his back. "I thought you might like to know that someone has just tried to hack into the company’s database. Specifically, the personal files of the Investigation Division of General Affairs Department."

"I see." Rufus’ hands clenched around Reno’s hair and arm. "I assume that you traced the source of the attack?"

"Yes, we found the hacker; he works for the Holdeman Corporation. I don’t know whether to be amused or insulted, Sir." Tseng sniffed to show his disdain at the cavalier attack.

"Eh, what am I missing here?" Reno asked as his left hand stroked along Rufus’ arm.

"Your ‘Paul’ seems rather insistent," he explained, his anger from earlier returning. At Tseng’s questioning look, he merely shook his head. "I leave the matter entirely in your hands, Tseng. I know I can count on you to teach him an appropriate lesson."

A very small, pleased smile curved the corners of Tseng’s mouth. "Thank you, President. I already have a few ideas in mind." He bowed again and turned to leave the room, never once making a sound.

Reno chuckled and butted the top of his head against Rufus’ chin. "I’m missing something here. I can see why you’d get all pissed off, but I recognize that smile and Tseng’s about to go after some heads. What did the asshole do?"

"He called Elena ‘cute’ in front of Tseng," Rufus explained as he toyed with the dangling earring, twisting it so the light bounced off the ShinRa characters.

Chuckling some more, Reno rested his head against Rufus’ shoulder. "I wanna go watch." There was an excited gleam in his aquamarine eyes and a slight flush to his cheeks. Mayhem always did excite Reno.

"Then go, but I better have that report by the end of the day." Rufus tugged on the earring then released it. "Or no steaks for dinner for you, only ramen noodles."

"Have I mentioned that you’re a sadistic bastard recently?" Reno mumbled, but he was smiling as he jumped off the cabinet and picked up his jacket. "Because you really are."

Rufus sat in his chair and did his best to comb back his hair. "Would you like to eat ramen noodles for a month?" The threat earned him the finger but Reno was laughing as he did it. Strolling over to the couch to fetch his baton and gun, he gave Rufus a wink and blew a kiss before he left the office.

Staring at the paperwork scattered all over the floor and the desk, Rufus suddenly decided that it had been much too long since he’d paid a visit to the Investigation Division of General Affairs Department’s offices. Why should Reno be the only one to sit back and watch Tseng in action? Smiling, he buttoned up his shirt and decided to join his lover.


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