Price to Pay


by nekojita


Reno realized that it was not going to be good the moment he stepped into the President’s office, the fat bastard’s smile smug while Veld’s expression was perfectly blank as he stood to the right side of the huge desk. The smug smile slipped a little when the President took in Reno’s rumpled suit and lack of tie, but since he had just returned from a mission and knew looking as impeccable as Tseng would not save his ass from the ocean of shit it was about to be dunked in he really did not care just then. If he was going to take the brunt of the bastard’s bad temper regardless of the situation, he would claim his little victories wherever he could.

As always, the fat fuck did not waste any time, acting as if it was too much slumming for his lying, sadistic, homicidal asshole self to bear to have Reno in his rarified presence for very long. "You will report to the party at my house tonight." President Shinra motioned to Veld, who handed a large folder to Reno. "That is your target. It’s going to be a very public… outing, so make it good." He sneered as he spoke, his disgust plain and almost comical in its heavy-handedness. As the saying went, anyone who denied liking something that much must get his rocks off over it in secret.

Reno could make a hundred snide comments just then; the only thing stopping him was the quick, cautious look Veld gave him while handing over the folder. Grinding his jaw shut to keep something from slipping past, he pretended to be a good lackey and merely nodded, hoping to come across as too star-struck from being in such glorified company to say a word or some such shit. His loyalty had *never* been to the fat fuck sneering at him from behind the desk but for Veld, and for that man he accepted the mission without any fuss, turned on his heel and left the room.

Even when he got outside, he kept the fury and insult trapped inside his throat and chest, pulled on the mask that most of these stupid assholes in this phallic-as-hell-so-don’t-fucking-tell-me-my-‘boss’-isn’t-a-closet-case building took for face value. Nope, he was just Reno the Turk, cocky bastard extraordinaire, classic fuck-up kept around for who knows what (but the betting pool favored either his talent with his ass or his mouth) reason. They did not know that he had just killed four guys and a woman less than an hour ago, that he had to spend over twenty minutes cleaning the blood off of him and his baton, that his nerves still tingled with the impact of electrified metal smashing bone, that he would turn on each and *every* *fucking* *one* *of* *them* if Veld or Tseng gave him the simple word. Well, except for his fellow Turks and perhaps a SOLDIER or two. Some of the crazy fucks in R&D were fun to hang around, too – at least the ones who did not look at him as if he was one gene-tweak away from the mad scientist project of the month.

He made his way to his office with relatively little trouble on his part, and did not say a word to his partner even as he dropped into his chair and slapped the folder onto his desk. Various reports he was too lazy to complete fluttered to the floor, and for once Rude let the mess lie without a reprimand. His partner slid the dark sunglasses down his nose for a moment so they could look each other in the eye, and the angry flush to tan skin was the only response Reno needed at the moment. Just a simple look, a simple reaction, and a conversation had been held. Rude knew that he was on ass-bait duty again and that Veld could not get him out of it this time.

He did not want to trash his office, not when half the space and stuff was Rude’s and he had put a lot of effort in tracking down the most ridiculous and often obscene knickknacks he could find to amuse the rest of the Turks and offend anyone outside of the group who dared to step inside the room. Also, word would get back to Veld, who did not deserve another dose of guilt over the situation, and Tseng would be after his ass in a bad way for making their boss feel even worse. No, he would just sit here, read the damn mission specs and count on Veld and Tseng assigning him another ‘bash and fry’ mission very soon so he could vent the roiling mix of anger and hatred trapped inside of him.

This was the third such mission in the past month, and that fat fuck must either be on to Veld’s tricks – unlikely as it seemed since Veld had not gotten into any trouble yet – or in an extremely sadistic mood in regards to Reno since he had not been able to wiggle his way out of any of them. No, either there had to be actual witnesses or irrefutable proof turned in, making it impossible to swap out a pro in his place. He really hoped that the President found a new secretary to fuck or something soon and left him the hell alone.

The mission specs did not surprise him too much – late middle-aged guy with wife, kids and even grandkids to prove his manly nature had a secret kink for barely-legal boys. Reno would be pushing the limits of the bastard’s tastes even if he still looked younger than he really was, but he knew the type well enough to hit a few of the bastard’s buttons if he tried. At least this one was not so much into pain and blood as having some young kid begging him to fuck him like only a real man could. Reno made a gagging sound and threw the file across the room and halfway out into the hall.

Of course Tseng had to be walking by just then, looking like the fucking poster child for the Turks – if they had any recruitment posters – with his immaculate suit and black hair slicked back into a neat pony-tail. His brow furrowed as he picked up the file and put the papers back into the folder, then placed it on Rude’s desk. "Is there something you would like to say, Reno?"

If the fat fuck upstairs had asked that question, Reno would have a string of obscenities long enough to last at least five minutes by way of an answer. Since this was Tseng, which meant that he did not deserve the abuse nor did Reno want a broken arm to top off what was turning into a shitty day, Reno blew out a sharp burst of air and shook his head. "Nothin’ that bares repeatin’ while I’m in shootin’ distance of ya," he drawled, which prompted a smile from Rude and a slight relaxation of posture from Tseng.

Tseng tapped the folder. "You’re to be at the party before it starts." He went perfectly quiet and still then, something which put Reno and Rude on the edge of their seats as they anticipated some sort of violence and wanted to make sure it was not against them. "He tried," was all Tseng said after a very tense minute.

Reno let out another breath, this one slower and quieter than before. "I know." Nothing else needed to be said, really, though he attempted something for Tseng’s sake. "So I get ta drink on the house an’ then get lucky." At least he should not need any potions or Cure materia after this assignment.

Emotion flickered over Tseng’s handsome face for a moment, anger vitriolic enough to make Reno sit back in his seat and reach for his baton. Yet when the man spoke, there was no trace of it in his voice or demeanor. "Before the mission, drop off a bag of clothes and gear with Rude. The two of you will be reporting for a new assignment once tonight is done." He offered no other explanation and left the room as quietly as he had entered.

Rude shared a look with Reno for a long minute before resuming the mission report that would have to do for them both. Reno stared out the door for a little bit and wondered what was going to happen later before deciding it was not worth his time to dwell on it. He had to go pack and make himself ready for tonight; at least he had some hope that Tseng and Veld were working on something to give him and Rude a break before he snapped and shoved his baton down the President’s throat.


The night went much like he thought it would; he showed up, drank as much alcohol as he dared getting away with while on a mission (not so much worried about the President as Veld), acted like a slut without a working brain cell in his head and landed himself one horny businessman. To be honest, he could have landed himself several, which left him once again wondering what the hell the attraction was. Oh, he had the looks and the moves, no doubt about that, but so did a lot of other people in the room. Did money and power rot the brain or something? Dull the senses so much that the only way these stupid fucks got their jollies was by doing something that might get them a disease and a nasty write-up in the gossip rags if they were lucky? Rich people confused the hell out of him, and there was only one of them that he remotely understood. And of course that standoffish, patricidal bastard was the reason why he ended up with his face buried in a pillow and his ass in the air being pounded by one of the tiniest dicks ever when one of the ‘staff’ opened the bedroom door and commenced shrieking like a damn opera singer. There was no fucking way that set of lungs was natural.

Much fuss was made, Reno got slapped for his troubles by the stupid fuck’s wife and groped by couple of different people while he was hustled out of the room with his clothes in his hands. Rude, dressed up as the staff, did break a few fingers in retaliation, a fact that made Reno promise to pick up the morning pastries for the next week. Partners had to look after each other, and Rude had the trick of breaking bones without being at all obvious about it down to an art. Just one of many reasons why he deserved to be admired, as was the way he handed over a handkerchief of all damn things then turned around so Reno could clean himself up and put on his clothes. Good thing he had thought to prep himself beforehand, even if the asshole’s prick had been tiny.

Once he was as ‘respectable’ as he would ever be, they left the estate and went to where they had stashed their gear before the damn party. It came as no surprise that Tseng was there waiting for them, still as impeccable as earlier even if he had to have put in more than fourteen hours already that day. He stared at Reno when they stopped in front of him, dark eyes narrowing when they got to the general vicinity of his no doubt still red left cheek. "Rod’s warming up a helicopter for you in Sector Four," he said without any preamble or in-depth explanation. "You’re to spend the next several weeks in Junon appraising the security and overseeing the installation of a new comm system."

Well, there was only one place in Sector Four to safely stash a copter, so Reno did not have any questions in that regard. And there was no way in hell that anyone but him would be flying the thing, that went without any saying. What caused his eyebrows to shoot up in surprise and for Rude to make that weird coughing sound whenever he *really* wanted to say something but felt he could not was their destination and the duration of the new assignment. "Is that wise?" was all Reno did say, mindful of how Veld and Tseng had to be sticking their necks out for him right now and how him going might mean a hell of a lot more missions like tonight when he got back. Hell, with his luck, he would probably be handed over to Arlyle for the next month… and he could not find it in himself to really give a damn just then.

"We… feel it is. No one can fault Veld for wanting to send two of the Turks’ best to for such an important mission, and people might question the President’s fatherly concern if he allowed anyone else to go." For the first time that day, Tseng sounded… human; a little tired, a little amused, but not at all uncertain. "As for the President, he’ll put up with some ‘deviant’ behavior from Rufus under the mistaken belief that you’ll keep him occupied and out of trouble."

Reno laughed for the first time in hours and combed his hands through his hair. "Shows just how little that dumb fuck knows his son, eh?" All at once, it felt as if restraints had snapped from his limbs, as if he could breathe in deeply and move about freely. "What will we really be doing, hmm?"

Tseng actually smiled and handed *Rude* a small disc, the bastard. "Look at that when you get to Junon, and be sure to put on a convincing act." His smile strengthened until even Rude laughed. "You have my and Veld’s utmost confidence in that regard."

"Finally, a fuckin’ mission I like," Reno drawled as he patted his partner on the back. Most likely, he would be spending his ‘free’ time with Rufus while Rude did a bit of sneaky work, which was fine with him. "See ya in a few weeks!"

Tseng walked away from their car, vanishing into the shadows like the Turk he was. Reno let Rude drive and changed his clothes again, this time into his uniform; Rufus could be as anal as Tseng about shit, and him showing up in anything other than the dark blue suit would cause a snit. Rude did the same while he did a pre-flight check on the copter, then they were on their way to Junon.

The flight was uneventful if a bit long; they had been up almost as early as Tseng. Despite the sneakiness of their departure, they made no pretense of hiding when they arrived in Junon. Reno put the late time at night down for the reason why no one other than Rufus was there to meet them at the landing pad.

"What the fuck are ya doin’ out here without any bodyguards," Reno snapped once he was out of the copter.

Rufus shrugged, his blond hair tousled by the copter’s landing. "They annoy me too much," was all he said, his right hand tugging back the two coats he wore to expose the black leather of his gun holster. Between those weapons and Dark Nation sitting at his feet, it was a pretty good answer, even if Reno felt that the only one who could properly protect the Vice President was another Turk.

Which, of course, was something that the President did his best to prevent. While the Turks doubted the fat bastard had any true idea of their feelings to the Vice President, he still was smart enough to figure out it might not be the best of ideas to ‘waste’ valuable if lowly employees on a son who was anything but filial. That and maybe he was worried about Rufus sleeping with more of them.

Reno made a show of grumbling about dumb-fuck security guards and bosses who thought too highly of themselves as the four of them made their way back to Rufus’ quarters. As befitted the heir of ShinRa, the penthouse was impressive as hell and loaded with enough security to put even Reno’s paranoia at ease. Still, Rude did a thorough sweep of the place while he grabbed a quick shower, putting Rufus off for a short while with a ‘it’s been a long day’.

Once the evidence of Tiny Dick’s passion was completely disposed of, Reno pulled on a fresh pair of boxers, dark blue pants and a white shirt before going off in search of Rufus. He found the man in the master bedroom, staring out the sliding glass doors that led to a small patio as if enjoying the city’s many lights.

"It’s not as nice as Midgar."

"Every place has its own charm," Rufus replied as he turned around, dressed in a white silk robe and little else, if Reno was any judge. He looked Reno up and down, lips curving in a slight smile.

"Tell me that after you spend a few weeks Below Plate." Reno rolled his eyes when Rufus chuckled at the dare, of course not taking him serious. Ah well, he was used to that by now. He remained where he was as Rufus approached, mindful of Dark Nation in the corner of the room, the scent of soap clinging to his skin, the subtle changes that had occurred in his lover during the last couple of months apart. Dammit, he swore that Rufus was a good four inches taller than him now.

The moment that Rufus touched him, thankfully not on the cheek that had been smacked, a tiny jolt of electricity raced through him at the contact and made him shiver. It was not as if he had not been touched at all during that time apart, not with those three assignments, yet this was welcome. Maybe it was the thrill that Rufus *Shinra* was doing the touching, that no matter what the fat bastard had done they had not given in to his wishes, that here was a lover Reno could respect, but no one made him this eager, this excited. He had not been able to find this with any of the Turks or one-night stands, had in fact giving up looking for it the past months because he had grown tired of the disappointment. There was no way in any hell that this… this ‘relationship’ would last – his money was on it coming to an abrupt end as soon as Rufus finally managed to off his father – so he had decided to savor it while he could.

No matter the time apart, the shit that Reno had to endure because the President got his panties in a twist over his only legitimate son fucking a male Turk, something made moments like this worth it all. Perhaps he was just too contrary to give in to the fat fuck’s wishes, or he enjoyed ‘sullying’ someone so far above him it was almost ridiculous. Whatever the reason, it did not really matter when Rufus pulled him close and kissed him as if he had every right and reason to do so, as if Reno was his. The President was not the only delusional bastard, that was certain.

Still, Reno kissed back with every bit of energy he could muster after such a long day, revitalized just by being here with Rufus again. Oh yes, one day they would crash and burn, and he would be off on the side looking after Rufus and whatever society bitch he married in order to father a few brats, and it did not bother him. He had never been jealous of any lover in the past, and no matter all the confusing emotions Rufus stirred in him, that would never be one of them. He knew about the man’s other fuckbuddies, knew he would never be anything other than a Turk in Rufus’ eyes, and that was fine. There was no way he would allow hormones to make him stupid, and that was all there was between them. They were each forbidden to each other, something outside of the norm that would give Reno bragging rights year from now and Rufus fond memories of his misspent youth. Hell, the only reason they were still together now was that the President did not want them to be, two stubborn fucks who would not give in to a man they detested. The more he took things out on them in order to force them to ‘break up’, the tighter it wound them together. After all, if there was a price to pay for this… whatever it was, that meant that it had to be worth something in the first place.

As Reno lay back on the bed, his clothes disposed of with a skill that even he had to envy and Rufus’ body pinning him down, he had to admit that the worth was pretty damn high. The rush of adrenalin that always filled him during a mission, the sense of trust he only ever found with other Turks and a peace so rare that it always blindsided him could only be found when he was with Rufus. That did indeed make it all worthwhile and would be something to remember in the years ahead - as would the fact that he was one of the few people on the planet who would ever know just how Rufus reacted if you dug your fingers into his ass just so while nibbling on his shoulder.


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