by nekojita


"What the hell time is it now?"

Matt put aside the glass he was drying to look at his watch. "Ten minutes after the last time you asked. Would you like another drink?"

Reno wrinkled his nose and held up his still mostly full glass. While he was half-tempted to toss it back in one swallow, he knew it would not be worth the hassle he would have to put up with for the rest of the night if he got drunk now. "Nah."

The bartender shrugged, a slight smirk on his broad face which turned into a pleasant smile when a woman with long, pale blond hair sat down by the bar. She ordered a glass of wine, all the while paying more attention to Reno than to Matt. He knew an appraising look when he saw one, just as he knew a gold digger on sight. It was more than just the scrap of luxurious fabric with the plunging front and back, the manicured nails and the scent of expensive perfume – it was the whole attitude and the assessing eyes, someone obviously trying to figure out your worth with a look. He had seen it all the time on the street when he had been a kid, never directed at himself, and again when he had joined the Turks. How many fucking dates had he suffered through, watching over Rufus while some bitch tried to sink her claws into him for the family fortune?

So it was sorta funny to have it turned on him, and it was clear that Matt thought so, too. Reno looked behind the stocky man to the mirror that lined the wall of the bar, and did not know what had the bitch all hot and hopeful. Sure, the clingy sweater he wore was made out of some expensive as hell animal hair or something, and he had brushed his hair for once before going out, but that was not for this greedy bitch’s benefit. No, he had very high hopes of enjoying one hell of a dinner and possibly a quick bout of sex in the men’s room before going home to partake in a few more rounds before passing out. Between his schedule and Rufus’ the past two weeks, they had barely seen each other for more than half an hour here and there. Tonight would be the first evening they had spent together in that entire time, so he figured he was entitled to as much fun as possible during the next couple of days that they had off.

Unfortunately, his asshole of a lover seemed to still be stuck at work, leaving him here bored in front of a mirrored wall stocked with tempting bottles of alcohol that he could barely indulge in. Add to that the way the woman was sizing him up as if to count every last gil in his bank account, and he was wondering just how pissed off Tseng would get if he trashed the place. Then he thought about how frazzled his boss had been for over a week and decided there were better ways of committing suicide.

"Oi!" he called out, startling both Matt and the blond twit. "I’m tha boytoy, not tha rich asshole, so go find someone else ta sink ya claws in, bitch." He spoke the words with a smile he usually wore when threatening a target, a curve of the lips that just begged for the bastard to put up some type of disagreement so he could lash out in return. The woman proved not to be too much of a twit after all, her light brown eyes going wide at first and then sparkled as she smiled.

"Whoever he is, looks like I missed out on a good catch." She laughed as she left the bar with the glass of wine in her right hand. Considering the way most of the male guests and even a couple of the female ones stared at her as she went toward the front lobby, she would probably end up with some sort of ‘catch’ that night.

"I’m the fuckin’ ‘catch’," Reno muttered to himself before finishing off the rest of his drink. "And I’ll take another one now." The last was spoken loud enough for Matt to hear, busy as he was staring after the blonde.

"Yes, sir." Matt shook his head a couple of times and reached for the whiskey bottle. The ice to alcohol ratio was a lot less than it was for the drinks he poured for other customers; Reno was here often enough to get preferential treatment as long as he mostly behaved himself. As if he would torment the person pouring out the booze, of all things. Well, as long as there was no chance of jumping behind the bar himself, that was….

"I thought you were married." Not that Reno really gave a damn, but he enjoyed being able to harass people he liked about things that would make them squirm.

Matt obliged him with a little squirming, even if he was laughing as he did it. "I am, and while she can put almost any other woman to shame, that doesn’t mean I can’t aesthetically appreciate a fine ass now and then."

Reno snorted at that statement. "Yeah, as long as she’s not around to catch ya doing it, I bet." Matt nodded in agreement and poured a few more drops of whiskey into the glass before sliding it his way.

As he sipped his drink and Matt regaled him with stories about his wife, he fought the urge to reach for his cellphone and give a certain asshole a piece of his mind. Dammit, Rufus was the one to set up the dinner plans on a night when he would have been fine just going home, fucking each other silly and then crawling into bed. Add to that the fact that it was because of Rufus that he had been so damn busy lately, and he was not in that forgiving of a mood at the moment.

The sneaky bastard was up to something, and Tseng as well, something that they did not even want Reno to know at this point in time. That was fine with him – he may be second in command of the Turks, but there were some secrets that the less people knew, the better. He trusted Tseng to let him know what it was when it became necessary that he did, and content to live on in blissful ignorance until then. Oh, he had his suspicions, but nothing solid enough to impede his lying ability as he and Rude had served as a major distraction to Reeve and WRO while Tseng and Rufus set whatever the hell it was into motion.

"Fucking ‘audit’, my ass," he muttered into his drink. Even if it had been for ‘the good of ShinRa’, he had better ways to spend his time than at WRO headquarters helping to draft up procedures and then train them to a bunch of grunts and rookie Turks ‘in case of emergency’. Right, as far as he was concerned, the next time a huge rock was about to drop on the planet or more silver-haired, green-eyed freaks appeared, he would call Strife and let the angst-puppy handle things, like usual. And *this* time he was staying the hell away from a bunch of brain-washed brats. His nose still hurt just thinking about that day.

A few more people walked into the bar, causing Matt to leave him alone to nurse his drink while the bartender took their orders. He was debating reaching behind the bar for the bottle of whiskey when he heard one of the guys at the table stutter out a drink order, and felt a mix of annoyance and relief as he sat back on the bar stool and tossed the remaining bit of ice from his drink into his mouth.

Rufus sidled up to the bar, dressed almost all in white, save for the black shirt over his turtleneck. All of the layers looked perfectly ironed, making Reno wonder if his lover had taken the time to change before coming to dinner. "How much of the bar inventory have you had?" Rufus asked, a note of annoyance in his deep, smooth voice.

"Na’ nearly enough ta justify sittin’ here an’ waitin’ for ya," Reno drawled, well aware of how pissed off his lover got when he put on the below-Plate accent in public. He counted the way that Rufus’ blue eyes narrowed as a victory of sorts, one point closer to having some fun in the men’s room, as far as he was concerned.

"If that’s the case, then it’s also ‘not nearly enough to justify’ you sounding like that." Rufus grabbed him by the left arm and used some impressive upper-body strength to haul his ass off of the stool. "We have dinner reservations."

"So nice of you to remember," Reno muttered as he followed his lover over to the maitre d’s stand. As the flustered man welcomed Rufus and put together their menus, Reno noticed that the blonde ‘twit’ from earlier was now seated at the table of some elderly guy who looked about to kick it from the excitement of having her nearby alone. Her light brown eyes once more widened and grew bright as she held up her wine glass in a silent toast, clearly congratulating him on his ‘catch’. "I coulda been having dinner with a sexy blonde by now instead of waiting for your sorry ass." He made a show of blowing a kiss in the woman’s direction.

"You still *are* having dinner with a sexy blond," Rufus replied as he once more grabbed Reno’s left arm and made him follow. He did not sound ruffled by the teasing at all, but judging from the way his fingers bit into Reno’s flesh, another point had been scored. At this point, Reno was willing to bet they would be in the bathroom before dessert and had to hold back on a pleased smile.

"Eh, I think I’m clearly settling right now," he just had to add, and winced as it felt as if the bones in his lower arm were about to grind together. "Did someone have a bad day or what?"

They reached the table, upon which the maitre d’ set the menus before fleeing back to his station. Reno sat down once the painful hold on his arm was removed. "What, you’re not gonna move my chair for me? Some date you are."

Rufus sat down and brushed his hair away from his eyes, which were narrowed in suspicion even as his lips curved into a smile. "I’m beginning to think that you’re deliberately goading me right now."

"I’m trying to catch up on the missed quota for the last two weeks," Reno lied with a blitheness that would have Rude running for cover. "What can I say, I missed having you threaten to shoot me every other day."

Rufus snorted once in amusement before turning to their hovering, hesitant waiter and ordering a bottle of wine that had to be as expensive as it sounded fancy. Once that was done, he settled back into his chair and regarded Reno with a cool look. "I sometimes question why Veld hired such a masochistic bastard like you."

"Aw, now flattery like that will get you everywhere," Reno batted his eyelashes at his lover, prompting another amused snort from the anal-retentive bastard. "Like you don’t enjoy the threats."

"I might enjoy them more if there wasn’t a distinct possibility of me shooting you one day." Rufus made a show of unfolding his napkin and placing it across his lap before picking up one of the menus. "Then again, I suppose it gives me something to look forward to."

"And just how are you going to amuse yourself then, hmm?" Reno pushed his menu aside since he already knew what he wanted to eat.

"I’m sure I’ll find something." Rufus became silent as the waiter returned to their table with the bottle of wine, which he sampled and approved before it was poured into both of their glasses. He told the poor guy an appetizer order and what he wanted for dinner, and Reno’s order as well before Reno could get any words out. Since he was getting a nice and bloody steak, just like he always did here, Reno let the bastard be all high-handed and remained silent; Rufus’ need to exert control was another point to him.

Once they were alone again, Rufus raised his glass of wine in a toast. "Here’s hoping that my guns are fully loaded whenever you do finally drive me to shooting you."

"Ha, ha. You must be planning on heading back to the office after dinner with that attitude." Reno tossed back about a third of the glass of wine, just to annoy Rufus a little more, and groaned in appreciation of its taste. "Just be sure to order me another bottle of this stuff before ya go."

Rufus sighed in what was probably meant to be exaggerated disappointment and reached across the table to force Reno’s left hand, with wineglass, down. "I’m definitely of an opinion that you’re doing your best to get on my nerves tonight."

Reno set the glass down and pulled his hand free. "It ain’t your nerves I’m trying to get on, but your cock." Of course, he timed the words just as the waiter was placing their dishes of tuna tartar with caviar in front of them, prompting the poor guy to choke and almost knock Rufus’ appetizer onto his lap.

Oh yes, judging from the furious glare sent his way, he had to have scored at least two points with that well-timed comment. For his part, Reno merely gave his lover an innocent look and scooped some of the raw fish into his mouth in as suggestive manner as possible, making sure to lick the spoon when he slowly pulled it out. "What?" he asked. "Just because every other word out of your mouth is a lie, I can’t tell the truth?"

"I’m starting to wonder if my guns are fully loaded right now," Rufus remarked in a calm manner, the only signs of his growing temper the slight narrowness to his eyes.

"Huh, then I’d have to ask what type of kinky stuff you and Tseng got yourselves into if they’re not." That was as close as Reno planned on inquiring about what his despot of a boyfriend had been up to the last couple of weeks.

Rufus made a show of enjoying a few spoonfuls of his appetizer. "That’s priviledged information."

Rolling his eyes to show what he thought about that nonsense, Reno waited until he finished his snack before responding. "Funny, that’s what I told Rude to tell everyone after what he and I have… been up to lately." He shrugged in as nonchalant manner as possible. "What can I say, I hate to be bored. Or have a full bladder." He rose from his chair to saunter across the dining room, towards the men’s room.

He was uncertain that his lover would take the bait this early in the evening, but he had gotten a few good jabs in and it *had* been two weeks. He was beginning to think that he had played his hand a little too soon after he used the facilities and washed his hands, drawing out the process while he waited for some old guy to finish up and leave. Just as he was alone in the bathroom and ready to concede defeat, the door opened to admit Rufus.

"Don’t think I’m oblivious to what you’ve been doing all night," Rufus said as he locked the door behind him. Reno turned around and leaned back against the sink as his lover approached. "I thought you were supposed to be sneakier than this."

"What can I say, two weeks of no sex makes me go for the more direct approach." Reno barely got the words out before the front of his fancy sweater was grabbed and he was yanked forward into a kiss that made him feel headier than a few glasses of whiskey and wine. He slid his fingers through Rufus’ hair, breaking apart the gel that held it mostly in place. Their bodies pressed together, no more hiding the fact that they both were a wee bit ‘frustrated’ at the moment, as Rufus dominated the kiss, his tongue deep inside of Reno’s mouth.

Figuring that he would get what he wanted soon enough, Reno let the bastard take control, his back and neck arched as his hair was tugged on, his right leg wrapping around Rufus’ thighs both to drag his lover closer and for support. The kiss was quickly leaving him breathless and his pants unbearably tight – not that he was complaining at all.

At least, not until Rufus broke it off and pulled away. "Get back here," Reno snarled as he tried to grab hold of his lover’s jackets, only to have his hands be caught and squeezed in an almost painful manner. "What, you’re not in the mood?"

Rufus smiled at the question, the expression one of such evil smugness that Reno reconsidered trying to pull the man closer. "I wouldn’t say that. It *has* been two weeks, and I’ve decided that if you’re going to shoot your foul mouth off all night, I might as well put it to better use." He shifted his grip to Reno’s shoulders and began to exert pressure downward.

Reno frowned as he went down on his knees. "This ain’t exactly what I had planned," he complained, having counting on being bent over the marble sink right about now.

Rufus’ smile became even more evil and smug. "I know. Consider this a lesson on being careful whose strings you try to pull." He let go of Reno’s left shoulder to rub his thumb along Reno’s lips, pulling downward until Reno’s mouth opened. "Hurry up, or your steak will arrive and get cold."

Grumbling under his breath, Reno unzipped his lover’s pants and put on an act of annoyance; this might not be exactly what he had hoped for the night, but if he knew Rufus half as well as he thought, then this would serve as an ‘appetizer’ of sorts. The bastard would be so full of himself at putting Reno ‘in his place’ that they most likely would not get any sleep tonight. Being careful not to smile, Reno reached past silk boxers to pull his lover’s impressive erection free of the material. "I better get another bottle of wine for this," he muttered before he leaned forward and wrapped his lips around the cock’s tip.

It sounded as if Rufus wanted to make a retort of some kind, but the first word quickly turned into a pleased hiss. He stroked his fingers through Reno’s hair, until they reached the clasp that held it pulled back in a loose ponytail and undid it. The clasp fell to the floor as those fingers tightened in the long strands and urged Reno forward even more.

He got the oh-so subtle ‘hint’ and took more of the cock into his mouth, his lips sliding along smooth, hot skin. His left hand undid his pants so he could fist his own cock, not about to let Rufus be the only one getting off now. Once that was accomplished, he moaned at the feel of rough skin moving along such sensitive flesh, the vibrations prompting a moan of pleasure from Rufus as well.

Taking into account all the times he had done this, Reno really was not a big fan of giving blowjobs. Rufus’ cock was big enough to make his jaw ache after a couple of minutes, and things got a little monotonous after a while. What he *did* like was all the wonderful reactions he could provoke by sucking, nibbling and licking along the hardened flesh, the way Rufus groaned out Reno’s name as his cock twitched in Reno’s mouth. One of the most powerful men on the planet, and right then he was oblivious the world as Reno reduced him to pure feelings.

He squirmed a little as the pleasure built up inside him, his left hand messing up the rhythm along his own cock as he flicked his tongue over the top of Rufus’, as his right hands fondled his lover’s balls and gave them a gentle squeeze. Precum was salty on his tongue, cutting through the flavor of the wine and reminding him of the caviar from earlier. Above him, Rufus hunched forward, breaths coming out in fast pants as he once more tugged on Reno’s hair.

"Don’t… think of pulling… away," he managed to groan out, handsome face flushed and eyes barely open as he stared down on Reno. Sensing that his lover was getting close to coming, Reno moved his hand faster along his own cock, a hiss of pleasure slipping free before he began to suck hard on the head of Rufus’ cock.

He began to fist the bottom half of Rufus’ cock when he heard a sudden inhalation from Rufus, whose body started to shudder. He would have smiled just then if his mouth had not been full, for a moment picturing how they must look. A slight scrape of his teeth along Rufus’ cock was the was the final bit of stimuli it took to push the control-freak bastard to climax, the blissed-out expression on Rufus’ face more than worth the sore knees and jaw.

As he swallowed the sputtering waves of come, he closed his eyes and fisted himself even faster, the rough pain/pleasure all he needed to lose himself to orgasm as well. Something dribbled out of his mouth as he gasped in ecstasy, then Rufus’ warm hand wiped along his lower jaw before he was pulled to his feet.

"Dammit, give me a-" He was not able to finish his bitching before he was kissed again, in a much more languid manner than before. He almost grabbed hold of Rufus’ right arm before he remembered the mess on his fingers.

"See, that’s a *much* better use of your mouth," Rufus remarked when he pulled away, the smug smile back on his flushed face. Reno stuck out his tongue in retaliation before he turned around and shuffled over to the sink to clean himself off.

"As if you don’t get off on putting me in my place." He rinsed off his hands and used some paper towels to clean up a couple of spots on his pants, which thankfully dark enough to hide the dampness. "And it’s a good thing this place doesn’t have a black light."

Rufus laughed as he cleaned himself off as well, seeming more at ease than he had so far that evening. "I have as much fun putting you in your place is as you do trying to goad me into a temper." He reached down to the floor to retrieve Reno’s hair clasp, which he set on the counter while he combed his fingers through the now-tousled red strands. "Which is good, or you really will be shot one of these nights."

"What can I say, I like to live life on the edge." Reno shifted closer for a quick kiss, then let his hair be pulled back into a ponytail again. "Now, if you’re not gonna fuck me, then I want my steak."

He was shoved in the direction of the door as Rufus followed him. "That’s if the server dares to return to our table after your last comment." Rufus unlocked the door and strolled out of the room as if nothing had happened, past a couple of gentlemen who appeared rather upset at having to wait to go. Reno made sure to wave and wink at them, happy to ignore the mumbled comments along the lines of ‘low class trash’ that followed him. He never hid where he had come from, and found it amusing as hell that a below-Plate ‘gutter rat’ got to dine in one of New Midgar’s finest restaurant. That he did not have to pay for anything tonight made it all the sweeter.

Returning to the table where Rufus was seated, he found their server setting down two salads. He dropped down into his chair and picked up the appropriate fork. "Hmm, just what I need to get this taste out of my mouth. You must have had asparagus for lunch, Boss," he proclaimed loudly enough for the tables around them to hear. Off to the side, Michael appeared about to choke from holding back his laughter, while Ling just shook his head then sipped his drink.

Half of Reno’s salad ended up on the table while the waiter stammered out some excuse or another and fled back to the kitchen. Across the table, Rufus sighed as he cut up his salad, but there was a gleam to his eyes that let Reno know that he would have to ‘pay’ for that comment later. Good. At this point, Michael and Ling would have to drive the car around the townhouse a few times while Reno was ‘put in his place’.

"Would you please eat your meal and stop traumatizing the staff for a few minutes?" Rufus demanded before taking a bit of his own salad.

"Oh sure, have your fun and then deny me some," Reno sniffed, but he mostly did as he was told – only in hopes of getting more wine. Once Rufus ordered another bottle, *then* he would see how many more points he could score before he got dragged out of the place. If he played his cards right, maybe they would skip dessert until later….


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