by nekojita


Rufus had just given up on dinner when Reno returned home, smelling of antiseptic cleaner, cigarette smoke and the lingering stench of dried blood. He looked intently at his lover as Reno entered the kitchen, dressed in ratty, blood-stained jeans and a blue cotton scrub shirt that he must have gotten from someone in Medical. Reno’s pulled back hair was still dyed a dark brown color for his undercover mission, his right facial tattoo no longer hidden behind make-up that from the looks of it had been scraped off.

"I guess I won’t bother to ask you how your day went," Rufus commented as he poured himself some more wine. Unable to not notice the bandages wrapped around Reno’s right forearm and the splints on two of his left fingers, Rufus didn’t pour any wine for his lover.

Reno scoffed as he stepped further into the room and leaned against the island. "Do I even have ta tell ya what happened?" His eyes, masked by the contacts that turned them a pure blue color, gleamed with intense, dark emotion. The smile on his lips was a mixture of pain and cruelty, his motions jittery as if he felt compelled to constantly move.

"No, you don’t." Tseng had called Rufus with a status report over an hour ago, after Rufus had fled the office rather than cause himself even more headaches by shooting his employees. He and Reno had both suffered through one hell of a lousy day, although only Reno got to take out some aggravation by killing a few people. "Congratulations on a job well done," Rufus said as he raised the wine glass in toast. Despite his injuries, Reno was successful on taking out his target today.

Scoffing again, Reno sidled closer and grabbed hold of the wine glass. "Tseng better shoot whoever the hell put together the intel for the fucking mission. No one said that the bodyguards were ex-SOLDIER," he snarled as he pulled the glass free from Rufus’ fingers and drained it in two swallows.

"I thought you were on pain meds." Rufus took the glass from his lover and pushed the bottle of wine out of Reno’s reach. "They don’t mix well with alcohol."

Reno glared, eyes narrowing and smile going all cruel as his hands latched on to the lapels of Rufus’ white suit coat. "Two ex-SOLDIERs, Rufus, and a dozen of killers hired ta keep that bastard safe." Despite his appearance, he didn’t sound angry, just tired and a bit annoyed.

"And you’re a Turk, Reno. I don’t see what the problem was." That was a lie on Rufus’ part since it had just been Reno and Rude on the mission, and Rude had the task of being sniper. Reno’s job had been to take on the bodyguards in order to flush out the main target, which he’d done in a rather flamboyant yet successful manner.

Hissing like an enraged cat, Reno tugged Rufus closer. "Bad intel and a fucking Head of Medical who’s still bitching about me being sensitive to Mako, that’s my shittin’ problem, President." There was an unfamiliar edge to Reno’s voice, one that made it drop a tone lower than normal and go oddly quiet despite his anger. He was clearly still affected by the mission, in a state where anyone could instantly go from acquaintance to target.

"Try an almost successful attack on our computer network and a false news report about the use of Mako at Reactor Two and you have my day, Reno." Rufus placed his hands over Reno’s and gave them a warning squeeze. "If it were possible, I’d gladly have traded places with you since at least you got to kill the people pissing you off." He wasn’t kidding, either. Tseng was still tracking down the hacker behind the failed attack while Rufus had to settle for siccing WRO on the news channel that had lied about his company.

Whenever Reno was on the edge like this, his emotions were in a dangerous state of flux, so unstable that they could swing from one extreme to another. He could be completely pleased about something, and a few seconds later doing his best to bash someone’s head through a wall. Luckily for Rufus, he went from the beginning of a foul temper into lust, yanking Rufus close enough for a kiss.

Not objecting to the manhandling for once, Rufus let go of his lover’s hands and threaded his fingers through Reno’s darkened hair instead, pulling the strands free of the loose tie that kept it pulled back. The scent of blood grew stronger as he pressed against Reno, a dried spot of it crackling beneath his fingers. Moaning into the kiss, Rufus moved from the stool he’d been sitting on so he could push Reno against the marble countertop of the island, his tongue pushing past teeth into moist warmth to deepen the kiss. Passion flared in him, along with a longing to replace frustration with pleasure. Reno’s body would be the perfect distraction, would be a highly enjoyable way to spend-


Reno pushed Rufus away, his injured left hand curling around his ribs as he panted for breath. Angered at first over being denied what he wanted, Rufus recalled the brief phone call from Dr. Alim which had detailed his lover’s injuries. Between the sprained pinky and ring fingers, the long cut along Reno’s right forearm and some bruised ribs, Reno was going to be on light duty for the rest of this week and part of the next.

"I’m… sorry," he said as he let out a harsh breath of his own and jerked his right hand through his bangs. Clearly, passionate sex in the kitchen was out at the moment, and he wasn’t sure if he could handle anything slow and careful, not when he felt so frustrated and annoyed.

"Not your fault that Alim’s being a prick. I’ve been back on duty a month now, there’s no reason for him ta be so fuckin’ paranoid." Reno rolled his eyes as he pushed away from the counter, his arm still wrapped loosely around his chest. "I need a drink, dammit," he muttered as he stepped closer to Rufus, that dangerous light back in his eyes.

"You’re on pain medication," Rufus reminded his lover, not sure that he wanted to deal with an emotionally *and* chemically unstable Turk at the moment.

"Fuck the meds." Reno gave up on cradling his ribs to slide his left arm around the back of Rufus’ neck. "Let’s go out drinking, Rufus." His voice dropped into a seductive purr, his eyes heavy-lidded and his body almost boneless against Rufus’. "Get me drunk and I’ll go down on you wherever you want."

Rufus’ hands found themselves back in Reno’s hair without any conscious thought on his part. "It’s not a good idea, Reno." It truly wasn’t, he told himself in an attempt to get rid of an image of him and his lover in some dark corner of a club, Reno on his knees and Rufus’ cock in his mouth. "Besides, you’re injured."

Reno laughed, the sound so dark and decadent that it made Rufus shiver in anticipation of blood and pleasure. "Fuckers didn’t do anything to my feet, and I’m drugged up enough that I’m not feeling much pain right now." He leaned in closer, his lips brushing against the side of Rufus’ jaw. "You’ll drive us wherever you want to go, and we’ll have a few drinks an’ do a bit of dancing. Then we’ll find someplace where I can suck you off, either in the bathroom or the middle of the damn dance floor, I don’t give a fuck. If anyone bitches, you can snap their fuckin’ necks."

The words were a seductive spell that Rufus didn’t feel like fighting. The week had barely begun and he was already infuriated by the attacks against his company and his inability to strike back as easily and openly as he once had. The promise of alcohol, sex and violence made his skin tingle and his cock slowly hardened; what he needed was an outlet, was a chance to slip past the bindings that he wore as the president of ShinRa Electric Power Company. With Reno full of adrenalin from the mission today and still half-lost in blood loss, it would be a necessary outlet for his lover as well.

Still, the common sense part of him tried to resist even as Reno pressed against him for another kiss. He parted his lips when he felt Reno begin to suck on his bottom one, his fingers tightening in long, tangled hair as his tongue flicked against Reno’s teeth, those same teeth suddenly bit into his lip. This time he was the one doing the shoving, forcing a laughing Reno at arm’s length as he touched a fingertip to his sore mouth.

The laughter had a darker edge to it than before, Reno’s eyes narrowed in wariness rather than desire. Rufus felt a strong impulse to lash out at his lover, to make Reno feel the same pain he did and then more, to start a fight to prove that *he* was the one in charge… and slowly realized that if they both stayed in tonight, there would be bloodshed. He was tied up in knots from work and Reno was still in that mental place that screamed at him to destroy, maim and kill. Together, that was a combination that had led to many broken items and even a broken bone on occasion.

Taking a deep breath, Rufus gave his thankfully not bleeding lip one more rub. "Go cover up the tattoo and change while I get ready," he told his grinning lover, unable to bear with the thought of staying inside the apartment any longer.

"All right!" Reno moved too fast to be blocked, but only brushed his lips against Rufus before rushing from the kitchen.

Rufus had a feeling that Tseng would give him one hell of a lecture over the madness of his decision tomorrow, but right now he needed this outlet. Determined to release some of the murderous energy building inside of him, he headed to his bedroom. On his way, he figured out a plan for leaving the penthouse without a few Turks following him and possibly ruining the night’s fun.


"Two shots of whiskey, a double and a single," Rufus barked out at the bartender, both to be heard over the loud music and in hopes of making the man hurry up. Reno was draped over his back and nibbling on his ear, for a moment all dark impulses set aside in the search of pleasure. Rufus was certain the two previous shots were to thank for his lover’s change in mood and that Reno wasn’t going to be able to get out of bed tomorrow. At least the mixture of drugs and alcohol seemed to render Reno unaware of most of his injuries.

Exchanging gil for the drinks, Rufus wasn’t surprised when Reno’s left hand snaked over his shoulder and snatched up one of the glasses. At least his reflexes were quick enough to keep his lover from grabbing the double shot of whiskey, and when he turned around to face Reno, he was greeted with a displeased pout. "I’m not carrying you out of here."

"Relax, the pills aren’t that strong." Reno stuck out the tip of his tongue before tossing back the shot. Even with his tattoos hidden and his hair and eye color changed, he was sexy as hell and attracting a lot of attention; part of that may be from the skin-tight leather pants that laced up the left side and allowed peeks of pale skin to show through, and the clingy black, long sleeved t-shirt that both hid the bandages on his right arm and showed off his lean physique. The darkened hair and black clothes made his skin even paler and his falsely blue eyes glow as if from Mako exposure.

Reno was aware of the attention and made a production of licking at the drop of whiskey on his lips as he sauntered closer to Rufus. He made an attempt to grab the full glass of whiskey in Rufus’ right hand, but Rufus held his lover at bay long enough to finish it off in a couple of swallows. Once the glass left his lips, Reno’s tongue was there, lapping at them like a cat to a bowl of cream. Grabbing his lover by the nape of his neck, Rufus pulled Reno closer to deepen the kiss.

There were a few disgruntled murmurs as he ravished Reno’s mouth, the club a dive that he’d picked because of its lax security. The metal detectors at the front door weren’t able to pick up on the special ShinRa-made pistol that was hidden by the thin dark grey leather coat he wore, and the bouncers not paid enough to challenge him to a pat down after he’d given them a cold look in warning. All that mattered was the music wasn’t too bad, there were no security cameras, the club was close enough to the highway that they could vanish quickly if there was a problem and that the cheap liquor wasn’t watered down. Also, Rufus highly doubted that most of the people here tonight could remember what ShinRa’s president looked like, even if he’d darkened his hair several shades and wore colored contacts as well.

"This isn’t a fag bar," someone complained not too far off to the left, and Rufus ended the kiss to find out who it was. The man was easy to spot by the look of disgust on his face, about Rufus’ height but a lot heavier. Not all of that added weight was muscle, and Rufus judged him to be someone who would be able to throw and take a few good punches, but not much more of a threat than that.

"Obviously, because no one would want to fuck you," Reno taunted as he pulled Rufus away from the bar, toward the dance floor. The dangerous gleam was back in his eyes, leading Rufus to suspect that they wouldn’t be staying here much longer.

He waited until they were out on the crowded dance floor and Reno was damn near molded to the front of his body to tug on the long earring that his lover wore. "I was hoping for that blowjob *before* the bar fight."

Reno smiled at the comment, his hands sliding up and down Rufus’ back, pausing for a moment against the holstered gun. "Bet’cha if I go down on you right here, we could do both. Just imagine me kicking the shit out of those assholes with your spunk dripping down my chin." He smiled in delight when Rufus groaned at the image, bending his knees so his head slowly sank lower along Rufus’ chest.

Rufus swore he could feel Reno’s breath through the leather pants he wore and grabbed a handful of almost black hair to pull Reno back to his feet. His lover was showing no signs of stiffness from the day’s injuries, so he had hope that maybe he’d be able to enjoy more than just a blowjob before Reno passed out for the night. "I refuse to have you rush things. I’m going to fuck your mouth long and hard, until your jaw’s so sore you won’t be able to bitch at me for the rest of the night." The mere thought of Reno’s talented mouth, so hot and moist, filled him with the impulse to drag his lover off to the bathroom for some privacy.

Face to face once more, they continued to dance, bodies close together more for pleasure than the lack of space. Rufus’ gloved hands skimmed up and down Reno’s back, his lover’s long, mostly unbound hair brushing against them even when he gave Reno’s ass a firm squeeze. A little space cleared around them, especially after someone tried to sandwich Reno and ended up limping away with most likely a broken foot. Rufus effortlessly bent a finger of a woman who tried to be more polite about either joining their fun or inviting one of them to dance elsewhere, popping it out of joint and feeling that he’d let her off easy. The message soon became clear that they weren’t interested in anyone else, and more than a few glares were sent their way.

None of that bothered Rufus – in fact, it only made things better. He had a flirtatious, dangerous Reno brushing against him and tormenting him with teasing, indecent touches, the promise of ecstasy and bloodshed hanging in the air around them. Maybe his hands were tied when it came to work, but right now, he could protect what was his and lash out at anyone who thought to take it from him.

The provocative dancing had him hornier than he could recall being for weeks, a seductive tease that had him gradually maneuvering Reno away from the center of the dance floor. Just when they reached its edge, Reno laughed and pulled away, his left hand skimming along Rufus’ chest. "Be back in a minute," he said before turning around and heading to the men’s room. "Get some more drinks!" he called out over his shoulder then vanished into the crowd.

Rufus shook his head and went to the nearest bar, idly counting how many drinks Reno had so far that night and wondering if he should call Alim and find out what the doctor had prescribed his lover. The bartender in this part of the club was even slower than the one at the other bar, and by the time Rufus had the shots, there was no sign of Reno. A tingling, predatory sense came over him and made him down the double shot as he left the bar, the other shot held in his left hand as his right slid beneath the leather coat. While the club was pretty crowded, he didn’t catch any sight of the man who’d protested about their kiss before or anyone who’d tried something on the dance floor.

When he saw a young man hurry from the men’s room, he smiled in anticipation and kicked open the door. There were already three men lying on the damp, dirty floor, one of them screaming as his hands covered his eyes with blood flowing down his face. Another man was slumped over a sink, either dead or unconscious from having his face slammed into the now shattered mirror. That left five men huddled around Reno, who had his back pressed against the metal wall of a bathroom stall, blood dripping down his right arm and his posture hunched forward as if he was trying to protect his bruised ribs.

Not in the mood to drag things out since he wasn’t sure how injured his lover was, Rufus pulled out the gun and fired two shots. The first caught the man closest to Reno, a long switchblade in his hand, in the upper chest. The second shot took care of the man standing closest to Rufus, leaving him paralyzed if not dead. Reno lashed out with his left leg, catching another man on the side of the head and knocking him into the tile covered wall while Rufus pounded the butt of his gun into some man’s face. Once that was done, he fired off another shot to keep the last man from fleeing the now blood-splattered bathroom.

With everyone else either dead or unconscious, Rufus focused his attention on his lover. Reno had grabbed the switchblade from the one man and pried open the towel dispenser to get enough of the relatively clean material to use as a bandage. Once that was done, he quickly wrapped it around his bleeding arm and headed straight for the door. "You didn’t have to butt in!" he snapped at Rufus as they left.

Going down the narrow hall that led to an emergency exit, Rufus tucked his gun away when he didn’t see anyone waiting to either try to stop them or attack. "Right, I should have let you get your ass kicked and possibly raped instead." He shoved open the door, listening for the sound of any sirens and not hearing any. More than likely, it would be a few minutes before anyone dared to check out the bathroom, even if they had heard the sound of gunfire over the loud dance music.

"Yeah, that’s why half of the assholes were already out of it before you showed up and started shooting." Reno shook Rufus’ hand off his left shoulder and hurried to the bike. It was raining and cold, but fortunately they’d left their coats and helmets in the bike’s compartment.

"And why the other half were about to kick your ass." The high that Rufus had been feeling moments before was slowly be eroded by anger. "Or was you huddling by the wall all part of your plan to take them out?"

Reno pulled his lips back in a feral grin, and before he could bitch some more, Rufus grabbed him by the right wrist. That made Reno hiss as he winced in pain, the anger vanishing as fast as it had appeared.

"What happened?" Rufus asked as he let go of his lover and quickly pulled out his coat. There were only a few spots of blood on the improvised bandage so he didn’t think it was a new injury.

"A few stitches got popped during the fight. Then one of the assholes landed a punch to my chest." Reno tried to shrug but stopped in mid motion. "Where’s my drink, dammit?" he asked, a hint of a smile on his face as he pulled on his leather coat.

Rufus remembered that he must have dropped it to the floor when he’d pulled out his gun and laughed. "Back in the bathroom. You want to go get it?" Zipping up his own coat, he got on the bike and waited for his lover to join him.

"Nah, I’ll just have one when we get home." Reno climbed on behind him and didn’t bother with a helmet. Unwilling to waste any more time or risk someone following them, Rufus started up the bike and tore out of the parking lot, grinning in joy at the feel of speed. As he reached the nearest entrance to the highway, he thought he saw flashing lights approaching the club.

Not about to be bitched out by Tseng over being arrested, he floored the bike to put as much distance between them and the club as possible, taking several on and off ramps at random just in case someone did manage to notice them leaving the club and followed them. The smell of cordite clinging to him and the thrill of an imaginary chase brought back the euphoria of the fight, a rush of adrenalin from taking on an opponent and leaving them lying on the ground. All the tension and frustration from earlier was gone, leaving him smiling and feeling better than he had in weeks. The last time he’d felt this invincible was when Tseng had told him that Earth First was utterly destroyed.

It took him a moment to realize that Reno was patting him on the right arm and motioning him to pull over. Taking the first exit, Rufus drove to an empty parking lot of some nondescript building before he came to a stop. "What?" he asked as he pulled off the helmet, worried that Reno was more injured than he’d let on.

Somehow he doubted that the bastard was all that injured, judging from the way that Reno hauled him off the bike, spun him around and practically slammed him against a brick wall. Rufus saw a flash of light when his head hit the wall, thankfully not too hard, and then found Reno’s tongue shoved into his mouth.

The euphoria turned into pure lust, resurrecting the erection that had only partially died down after him leaving the dance floor. Yanking off his gloves, he thrust his fingers into Reno’s wet, wind-tangled hair and returned the kiss with an ardent, almost bruising intensity. Reno tasted of rain, cigarettes and whiskey, an intoxicating mix that made Rufus more buzzed than all the drinks that night.

Pulling away with a sharp gasp, Reno trailed his hands down Rufus’ chest. "Sorry, didn’t mean to fuck up the night. They jumped me in the bathroom so we have to do this here." What ‘here’ meant became very clear from Reno’s wicked grin and his hands quickly unbuttoning and unzipping Rufus’ pants.

"Always… excuses with you," Rufus managed to force out, his tongue thick in his mouth and his brain muddled with desire. Somehow, standing in the middle of nowhere, out in the rain while Reno slowly went to his knees in front of him was the perfect ending to the day, was a moment that would be seared into his mind forever. The rain made his wet hair fall into his eyes, which he did his best to shake out of the way because his fingers were thoroughly ensnarled in Reno’s hair and unwilling to let go. He almost missed the sight of Reno’s swollen lips wrapping around the tip of his cock, the feel of cold rain and hot mouth such a startling contrast that his vision darkened for a moment. Desperately counting as a distraction to keep himself from coming just then, he groaned when Reno’s wet, too-warm right hand wrapped around the base of his cock.

The rain made the odor of cordite and blood even stronger as it washed them clean. Unable to look away while Reno sucked his cock, Rufus hunched over, cold water running down the back of his coat and his hands starting to ache, small distractions that blended with the intense pleasure he felt as Reno licked and sucked and hummed. The feel of teeth along the length of his cock made him cry out, his control shattering as he used the hold on Reno’s hair to keep his lover still. His hips snapped back and forward, thrusting his cock as deeply as he could into glorious heat while he felt the tension return, this time centered in his lower body as his balls grew tight and the ecstasy so sharp it stung. Reno gagged and tried to adjust to the deep thrusts, the rippling of his throat enough to make Rufus cry out again as he came. His shoulders hit against the wall as his hips snapped forward one more time, ejaculating in waves while Reno sputtered and pulled back.

"Fuck." Reno coughed as he wiped at the come trailing down his chin, his face messy with it and saliva, his lips red and swollen. If Rufus didn’t need the wall’s support to keep to his feet, he’d bend forward to grab his lover and pull him in close enough for a kiss.

Thankfully, Reno still seemed able to move, although he did so a lot slower than he had all evening long. He almost collapsed against Rufus and kissed him again, now tasting of rain and come. Rufus wrapped his arms around his lover and hugged him close, tongue flicking deeply inside of Reno. They stayed like that for several minutes, until they began to shiver and the rain came down even harder.

"You’re lucky I didn’t bite your dick off," Reno grumbled when the kiss came to an end, the dangerous gleam in his eyes gone and replaced with amusement. "Damn near choked me with that thing." He sounded hoarse but pleased, his hands gentle as he tucked Rufus back into his pants.

"Next time, remember it’s blowjob, then fight." Rufus tilted his lover’s chin up for one more kiss, this time a quick one, before pushing away from the wall. "And I didn’t do it hard enough if you’re still bitching." He bent down to fetch his gloves since he’d need them for the ride home, very eager to take a nice, hot shower. Once he helped patch up Reno’s broken stitches, he was going to wash the dye from his lover’s hair.

"Tell that to my sore throat," Reno croaked and settled on the back of the bike. Between the fight, the ride and the blowjob, it seemed that he was losing the buzz from the pain killers and alcohol, the corners of his eyes crinkling with pain and his lips pressed together tightly.

"You shouldn’t be complaining to the man who saved your life tonight." Rufus climbed onto the bike and cursed when his left ear was nipped before he could pull on the helmet.

"I coulda taken ‘em down. You just rushed things." The feel of Reno’s feverishly warm lips against the spot behind his left ear made Rufus shiver in delight.

More than likely, Reno was telling the truth; even injured and outnumbered he wasn’t to be taken lightly, and he’d won against worse odds before. But the risk was always there, and Rufus would never again remain still and helpless while someone hurt or threatened his lover. "I didn’t see why you should have all the fun tonight," was all he said, though, unable to voice his true feelings.

"Says the man who gotta blowjob while my knees are fuckin’ killin’ me an’ I can barely talk." Reno snorted in derision and pressed tightly against Rufus’ back. "Take me home." His left arm was tight around Rufus’ waist while his right arm rested on the top of Rufus’ thigh.

"I’ll remind you who’s in charge tomorrow." Rufus grinned as he pulled on the helmet and started up the bike, deciding to ignore Reno’s laugh over that statement.


Reno was already unconscious in bed, finally crashing from the day’s excitement and injuries, when Rufus’ phone rang. About to join his lover, he reached for his phone on the nightstand as he slid beneath fine cotton sheets. "Yes?"

"We’ve traced the hackers," Tseng informed him, sounding perfectly awake even though it was almost two o’clock in the morning and he’d been at work before Rufus that day. "It’s another upstart energy company who thought our defenses might be down from the Earth First tampering." The smug note in his voice conveyed that the network defenses had been anything but weakened.

"Good." Rufus smiled as he played with a strand of Reno’s wet, un-dyed hair. His lover mumbled something in his sleep, his freshly bandaged right arm stretched out on the bed in Rufus’ direction. "When will this problem be handled?" After Earth First, he wasn’t willing to pull any punches and let another problem grow so big; if he had to placate WRO after the fact, it still meant that the enemy would be gone by then.

"By morning, President. I’ve already sent several Turks to handle the matter." There was a darkness to Tseng’s voice that didn’t bode well for whoever had been foolish enough to take on ShinRa. Rufus knew that however adamant he was to not have a repeat of Earth First, that Tseng was even more resolved.

"Thank you," he told his Head of Turks, feeling no need to inquire any further into the matter. He knew that by the time he reached his office in the morning that Tseng would have a detailed report of the night’s activity.

"You’re welcome, President." Tseng paused for a moment, his tone slightly reproachful when he spoke again. "The matter at the club has also been taken care of, sir."

It took a moment for the words to make sense to Rufus, who was now focused on his company and not the night’s earlier activities. "How did you know?" he asked, somewhat chagrined that he hadn’t escaped detection after all.

This time, Tseng actually sounded amused. "Sir, it was to be expected between your and Reno’s mood today. In all honestly, I’m surprised that the building was still standing when you two left."

Rufus smiled as he wrapped the strand of crimson hair around his fingers. "I’m glad that we didn’t create too much work for you. How did you track us down so quickly?"

"The tracer on Reno’s bike, sir," Tseng replied. "The one that you will now promise me that you won’t deactivate, or else you’ll find it more difficult to have such excursions." The warning in his voice was anything but subtle.

As much as Rufus detested being told what to do, he had to admit that Tseng had a point; it could create a security issue if he tried to turn off the tracer just to have a bit of fun. "Understood, Tseng. Is there anything else to report?" He was beginning to feel the effects of the day himself and wanted to be as well-rested as possible for the morning.

"No, President."

"Have a helicopter here by eight o’clock," he ordered. Despite the urge to go to work earlier than that, he didn’t want to arouse anyone’s suspicion. "Reno won’t be reporting for duty tomorrow." Letting go of his lover’s hair, he trailed his fingers along Reno’s shoulder and enjoyed the feel of clean, warm flesh beneath his fingertips.

"Is there anything that I should know about tonight’s events, sir?" Tseng asked, sounding slightly concerned.

"No. I just think he’s going to seriously regret mixing painkillers with whiskey and not be of much use to anyone." Rufus’s smile slipped when he noticed a growing bruise on his lover’s back, as if Reno had been slammed into a wall with excessive force.

Tseng cleared his throat several times, a sure sign that he was doing his best not to laugh or smile. "Thank you. Good night, President."

"Good night." Turning off the phone, Rufus set its ring tone for as loud as possible in case Tseng needed to reach him for whatever reason tonight. Once that was done, he changed the time on his alarm so he would be able to get up and check a few things online before going to work. His smile had returned, his mood one of contentment as he turned off the light and lay down in bed. Tomorrow would be a busy day, but he had a feeling it would be a good one.


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