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As soon as the ear-splitting, headache-inducing noise filled the air, Reno assaulted his alarm clock with the nearest weapon at hand. Which, in fact, proved to be a weapon – the gun he kept on his night stand ‘just in case’. There was a loud ‘crack’ as metal smashed into plastic and the shrieking noise thankfully stopped. However, the damage was done because as soon as his brain registered the fact that he was holding a gun, he went from mostly asleep to fully awake.

Make that fully awake with a fucking hangover. Sitting up on his bed with his shoulders hunched, he muttered a few choice curses as he tossed the gun aside and clutched his aching head. Details from the night before began to emerge. He’d gotten completely trashed at Delia’s wake, one of many who sought solace in a bottle as the Turks honored a fallen comrade.

"All because some shitting punk decided killing a Turk would make him his rep," Reno muttered in a voice thick with anger and hate as he reluctantly crawled off the bed. He was in his own apartment for once since it had been easier to be dropped off here rather than go to Rufus’ penthouse, and it slowly dawned on him that he needed to get his ass into gear if he wanted to be at work on time. There would be no quick ride to work today, no coffee already made and a bite to eat prepared by some snobby chef. Fuck. He cast a look heavy with longing at his rumpled bed but knew that Tseng would have his balls if he was late to work after a night of drinking. Some stupid shit about setting a good example for the new recruits who had ended up passed out by ten o’clock, each and every one of them. Well, Tosh had managed to keep up for another hour or so, and then the rest of the ‘old-timers’ had gotten serious.

There were less and less of the ‘old-timers’ each day, it seemed, Reno thought as he braced both arms against cold ceramic tiles and let hot water rain down upon his aching head. Whoever Avalanche or Meteor hadn’t taken away, the struggle to restore Shinra to its former glory did. He spared a few curses for his lover and the stupid new policies that now tied the Turks’ hands when in public, all part of Shinra’s ‘gentle’ new approach to business. Hell, he, Rude and the others had to wait a full fucking day before they could sucker that Three Points gang someplace where there were no witnesses so they could wipe them out in retaliation for Delia.

The simmering anger and resentment he felt over the loss of a fellow Turk did not help his hangover in the slightest. His body was sore, his muscles felt tied in knots and there was no way he’d be able to hold down anything other than coffee at this point. Pushing the dark thoughts aside, he forced himself to halfheartedly lather some shampoo in his hair. There was no sense in beating a corpse unless there was some fun involved in it, and that definitely wasn’t the case here. What he needed was to get his ass into gear, grab some coffee and get to work. Tseng had mentioned that there was an assignment for him and Rude today, hopefully something that involved bashing heads in or destroying property.

Once clean, he turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. A quick rub of a towel over body and hair and he was ready to get dressed. He paused to check and see if he needed a shave but decided he could get away without one. There were some benefits for looking a bit ‘girly’, as Rude called him at least once a week, other than always having the excuse to kick some drunk or horny idiot’s ass. That helped to put a smile on his face for the first time that day as he went to start the coffee brewing while he finished getting ready.

The expression didn’t last for long, however. He stared in shock into the can of coffee, bereft of all but a few grains of the precious ground beans. "Fucking hell." He’d spent so much time at Rufus’ place the last few weeks that he hadn’t bothered to come home for anything more than the occasional mail check and clothes exchange. He certainly hadn’t thought to do any shopping lately, even though the fridge bore a large note saying ‘buy coffee’ with the words underlined three times.

After a few minutes wasted on the debate of whether or not he could brew a decent teaspoon or two of coffee from the remaining grounds, he glanced at the clock and felt another shock. Dammit, it wasn’t that late, was it? Where the hell had the time gone? Rushing into his room after swallowing several pills, even more time was lost as he desperately tried to find something clean to wear. Laundry had been neglected along with groceries, it seemed, but he finally found a very wrinkled pair of pants shoved all the way to the back of his closet. The first person who commented that he should buy himself an iron was going to be punched, he decided as he pulled on the pants. At least they were clean and only had a slight tear along the seam of the left pocket which could easily be hidden by his untucked shirt.

Another look at the clock informed him that if he wanted to avoid being bitched out by Tseng, he had to *leave* now and drive himself to work. Dammit, he much preferred being able to ride the bus and get another half an hour of sleep but he’d have to take his bike today. His headache not helped in the slightest by the medicine, he shoved his arms into his jacket’s sleeves, complaining about anal supervisors and their stupid need for good impressions all the while. Grabbing his keys, he was soon out the door, hair still wet, belly depressingly bereft of coffee and head throbbing in pain. As bad as the morning had started, he at least had hopes of stopping for coffee on the way to work and showing up in time.

"Thomas? Oh, honey, why didn’t you say something before we left?"

So of course he found the stairwell blocked by some brat busy puking his guts up as if he’d had an entire bottle of whiskey or something. The kid’s mother fussed over him while what appeared to be a younger brother tugged on her skirt and whispered something about not feeling well, either. Just as Reno was about to push his way past the family, the younger brat just had to throw up, too. He managed to jump up a step before getting splattered with the foul shit but the stench did nothing for his headache. Feeling his stomach heave, he ignored the woman as she both tried to apologize and fuss over her kids. Looking over the railing, he noticed that no one was on the next flight down so he quickly hopped over the metal bar.

Now, on a normal day he could manage a drop like that in his sleep. Hell, he couldn’t count the times he’d jumped a greater distance and easily landed on his feet. But today… the day from hell continued on as his left foot slipped on something and twisted his ankle. Letting out a yelp of pain, he staggered into the hand railing and felt the urge to rid the world of two puking hellspawns. Only the thought of what Rufus would do to him when the kids bodies were discovered prevented him from going up the steps and doing just that. He didn’t have the time to properly hide the bodies and he knew from past experience that garbage pickup had been two days ago.

Limping down the remaining steps, he cursed the entire way to his bike, headache now doubled, stomach distinctly pissed off at him and his ankle protesting with fiery pain every time he set weight on it. Once out the building’s front doors, he found the reason why the steps had been wet – it was pouring down rain.

Oh yes, someone was going to die today, he promised himself as he forced his aching body to hurry back inside so he could change his clothes.


"All right, you should be fine now." The nurse patted Reno’s right shoulder and urged him off the examination table.

"What about some pain pills?" he asked as he slid onto his feet, his bandaged left arm held away from his body to prevent it from being jarred. "This still hurts like hell." He could handle being shot or beaten up, could deal with the sore throat after being choked or hell, the pain of being bitten but burns… he *hated* being burned.

The nurse frowned and ducked her head to examine his medical chart. "I’m sorry, the doctor didn’t indicate anything about medication. The potion should have healed the worst damage so something over the counter should be able to handle the pain."

He sighed as his hands twitched with the desire to track down the pompous doctor who had spent all of two minutes examining him so he could torch the bastard and see how he felt after only being dosed with a potion. True, the worst of the pain was gone but there was still a fair bit left. Tamping down on his anger, he managed to dredge up what he hoped was a friendly smile. "I don’t know, it still hurts pretty bad. It really itches and all." He waved his left arm and didn’t try to stifle a wince when his injury protested the motion. "Just a couple of pills for the next day or two?" he asked, his voice weak and his expression one of much suffering.

The nurse, one of Shinra’s new hires, appeared to be buying the act when her name was called out.

"Nicole! I need your help in here, please." Dr Alim sounded pissed about something, which usually made Reno’s day but not when he was trying to score some drugs.

Jumping as if surprised, the nurse cradled Reno’s medical chart in her arms. "I’m sorry, I have to go now. If it really hurts, why don’t you ask Dr. Alim for a prescription?" She then hurried from the room before he could say anything.

"Yeah, like the bastard will give me one." He’d dealt with the man before and knew not to waste his breath. All he’d get was a lecture about how alcohol did not mix well with pain pills and the dangers of drug addiction. Reno wanted to throttle the bastard whenever the doctor began to talk down to him and he’d been warned that he was only going to be excused for doing that once. Dammit, if he’d know that he would have saved it for now instead of trying to choke Dr. Alim for taking two tries to reset his dislocated shoulder three years ago. Now he’d have to deal with the awful ache in his arm. Why couldn’t he have been shot or something? He could deal with those types of injuries much better than burns.

Reno spied the charred remains of his black jacket and sighed as he picked it up from the examination room’s chair. The score so far today was one burned arm, a twisted ankle, an ongoing headache and now a direct attack on his wardrobe. Maybe he could have Rufus’ tailor replace the left sleeve or something – who the fucking hell insisted that Turks wear suits in the first place? he wondered as he left Medical. What drugs had Rufus’ dear old papa been on when he decided the people he would send out to do his dirty work would have to look like fucking office stiffs? The dark colors at least hid the blood until it dried but the white shirts just soaked it up. Why couldn’t he wear something that was a hell of a lot cheaper to replace or didn’t need to be dry cleaned?

Making his way to the Turk’s locker room to see if someone could lend him a jacket for the rest of the day, he stomped past several Shinra workers who gave him a very wide berth in the hallways. He hoped for an excuse to start a fight but it seemed that no one was willing to provide him with one. His injured arm cradled against his chest, he used his baton to punch the up button for the elevator and hoped that Tseng would give him the rest of the day off. Not that he’d hold his breath on that, especially since Dr. Alim had used a potion for the wound, but more than anything, he just wanted to go home before anything else happened.

Feeling a hand come to rest on his shoulder, he whirled around, baton clutched in his right hand – and immediately knocked aside. Rufus gave him a cool look for the feeble attack. "Am I to assume that you’re all right?" his lover inquired, a slight hint of amusement to his smooth voice.

"Yeah, more or less." Reno scratched his head and grimaced. "Arm hurts like hell but that bastard Alim won’t give me any pain pills," he grumbled even though he knew that Rufus would back the doctor up. Why did people think he was going to become a drug addict? All he wanted was something for take the edge off the pain.

The elevator opened so Rufus ushered him inside. "My understanding is that he authorized use of a potion for the wound." Rufus stared at the bandaged arm, revealed by the cut off sleeve. Reno fidgeted under that stare, very grateful for the fact that the shirt wasn’t one of Rufus’. "The wound isn’t completely healed?"

"Nah, it was a bit of a nasty burn so they focused on healing the muscle damage. Skin’s still all blistered." Reno grimaced at the thought of how his arm was going to be basically useless for the next day or two. "Damn idiot didn’t know how to use fire materia," he began to explain, all the time wondering why Rufus was so curious. Usually his lover waited for him to show up for a briefing.

"Yes, so I was told," Rufus replied, his manner a bit distracted. The elevator opened to allow more people on, and Reno found his right wrist grasped and tugged upon until he followed Rufus off the elevator. "I was hoping for more information from you," Rufus continued and led Reno down the hallway. Stopping in front of a closed door, Rufus opened it slowly and upon finding it dark inside, motioned for Reno to enter.

Reno sighed in annoyance but entered the room, flicking the light on as he stepped inside the empty conference room. "Rufus, can this wait? I smell like burned flesh, I’ve a headache, sore arm, twisted ankle. I’ve had no coffee today and nearly been puked on by a kid, then to top that some idiot who thought it was okay to steal electricity from you tried to turn me into a lump of charcoal." As he spoke, the anger and frustration that had built all day burst free. "This has been one of the worst days I’ve had in months, and when all I want to do is change into something that doesn’t reek and have some coffee, you jump on my ass about some stupid mission that Tseng and Rude have probably already told you about." He crossed his right arm over his chest and glared at his lover. "You want my report? Okay, here it is. Idiot dead, no more stolen electricity, Reno cranky and injured. Can I go now?" He didn’t care that a whine crept into his voice at the end there, all he knew was that he wasn’t in the mood for how anal Rufus could be. Now a horny Rufus would be a delight to deal with, but Reno didn’t think he could be that lucky today.

Rufus stepped closer, which made Reno back up until the conference table hit the back of his thighs. "That is not a satisfactory report, Turk," Rufus commented, his eyes alight with unexpected anger.

Reno blinked in surprise and wondered if maybe that potion hadn’t messed with his brain a little. He thought Rufus would be annoyed by his attitude, not pissed off – but this was something he could work with. Pissed off Rufus had all these delightful buttons to be pushed. Sitting on the table, Reno tossed his jacket aside and leaned back, his weight supported by his right arm, and gave his lover a heavy-lidded look. The trick was to keep pushing until Rufus felt he had to prove something, that Reno needed to be taught a lesson in obedience. He felt a thrill as a deliberately provocative smile curled on his lips, an adrenalin rush from the fact that he was about to mess with one of the most powerful men on the planet, with someone who could ordered him killed in a heartbeat. Hell, Rufus could do the deed himself – but didn’t. That he allowed Reno to act like this only heightened that potent thrill.

"Yeah, well, give me a few hours and maybe I can type something up," Reno shot back. "Want me to go into detail about how the idiot’s eyes bulged when I hit him with a full charge? You ever see what that much electricity does to them? They make this delightful popping sound if you keep the current going."

Stepping forward, Rufus placed himself between Reno’s thighs and leaned in close, trapping Reno between his arms. "I want to know how you were so stupid to allow yourself to be injured on such a simple mission." He didn’t sound aroused yet, in fact Reno would guess the man was concerned but he knew better than to expect that from Rufus. Their relationship was that of fuck buddies and employer/employee – Reno was property for Rufus to use and abuse as he wanted, which normally suited Reno fine as he liked a bit of kink.

Reno laughed to cover his unease and kept being a bastard. "Maybe because our intel was bad. We weren’t told about the materia." The debriefing had mentioned a few thugs that he and Rude had merrily disposed of, but the gang was supposed to be too small-time to afford magic. He’d been sent to put an end to the thievery before the gang grew into a problem.

Rufus leaned closer, until his face was scant centimeters from Reno’s. "You are a Turk, you should be prepared for something like that – unless you were too hungover or tired from spending the night drinking." He definitely wasn’t pleased about something, judging from how cold his voice had become. "Now you’ll be useless for the next several days."

There was a building impression that Reno was missing something here, that Rufus wasn’t pissed off because of an injury that would affect his fighting skills for the next day or two, if that. Maybe Rufus was upset about the party last night, but that didn’t make much sense as the Turks always did something like that when they lost one of their own. "Aw, what’s the matter, are you upset that you weren’t invited to the party?" he hazarded to guess, and couldn’t help but smile in triumph when his lover’s eyes flashed with anger. While most people would say it was never a good thing to deliberately provoke Rufus Shinra, he found it such an exhilarating experience that he couldn’t stop. "Did you sit all alone in your apartment, waiting for me- hmmph!"

The taunt was quickly smothered as Rufus’ mouth pressed forcefully against his own. There was a spark of pain as Rufus’ weight rested against Reno’s injured arm but he quickly moved it from between their chests and parted his lips. The kiss was just short of savage, was as demanding and possessive as it always was when Rufus felt he had something to prove. Reno was all for letting him control things, for pretending to being cowed into obedience because he knew that pretty soon, he would be feeling so damn good. His lover had yet to disappoint him, to not fuck him so thoroughly and skillfully that he had trouble standing afterwards. The horrible day was suddenly looking better.

"You will remember today the next time you decide to spend the night fraternizing in some bar," Rufus snarled against Reno’s lips as he broke off the kiss, his hands busy on the buckle of Reno’s belt. "I will not allow your social life to affect your work."

"Guess I could always just drink at your place, you do have better liquor," Reno panted, as he fumbled with Rufus’ belt in return. A quick, hard fuck was just what he needed, the feel of Rufus’ thick cock shoving into him again and again, filling him so thoroughly until he forgot all his other aches and pains. So what if his ass would be sore afterward, the pleasure during the fucking would be more than worth it – as would knowing that he was able to get one up on Rufus Shinra yet again. To break down that iron resolve, to have that legendary concentration focused on him… he moaned in anticipation as the damn buckle finally came undone and he unzipped his lover’s pants.

"Where’s the lube?" Rufus whispered roughly in his ear the same time his pants were dragged down his hips. He shifted off the table long enough for them to fall down his legs and be kicked aside, then sat back down, his right hand curled around his already hard cock.

"Inner pocket of my jacket. Consider yourself lucky that it didn’t get burned, too," he drawled as molten desire pooled low in his belly. Releasing his cock, he stretched out on table, his left arm carefully placed above his head and his feet on the table’s edge.

"Always a smart remark from you, Reno," Rufus chided as he searched for the lubricant. Once it was in his possession, he tossed the jacket to the floor. "That’s going to get you in trouble one day." He didn’t anger any more, he sounded just as anxious as Reno to get this started and he quickly coated his fingers with the slick fluid.

Reno used his right heel to hook around Rufus’ hips and pull him closer. "That’s what I’m counting on. I like it when you think I’ve been bad." His voice was husky with desire and just like always, Rufus shivered in response. There was another explosive rush of adrenalin to know that he could affect the man like this, that he could make Rufus want him so much. That really mattered to him for some odd reason, provided almost as much pleasure as the actual sex.

Rufus pumped his cock a few times before he poured more lube onto his fingers. "I never would have guessed by your behavior," he remarked in an amused tone, the angry light in his eyes mostly dimmed. "You are insane." His fingers brushed against Reno’s entrance, traced teasing circles for several heartbeats while Reno groaned in frustration. "I don’t see how we ever hired you in the first place."

"Because insane bastards always get the job done, they refuse to see that they can’t win," Reno ground out, his hips jerking forward in an attempt to get this fingers inside. "Dammit, Rufus, I’ve still got a few charges left in my baton, don’t make me- ahhh. Oh yeah," he murmured as the fingers finally pushed inside. "Feels good. Your cock will feel a hell of a lot better, though." He shivered as they pressed deep into his body and twisted about, the pain in his arm forgotten in the eagerness of what was to come. "Missed you last night," he found himself uttering, a little surprised that it was true. Sleeping alone in his bed had been oddly disturbing, and he’d only fallen asleep because of all the alcohol.

Rufus brushed his fingers against that special spot and smirked when Reno cried his name. "You were the idiot who didn’t come there," he said, his voice tight for some reason. He curled his fingers again and then quickly pulled them out, provoking another cry from Reno, this time one of disappointment.

"Quicker to go home," Reno tried to explain, his mind hazed by the pleasure to come. "’sides, wouldn’t have done you much good last night, I was so trashed." He hooked his right leg more firmly around Rufus’ hips as he stuttered, his eyes focused on his lover’s cock as it pressed against his ass. "Oh yeah, do it hard."

Rufus merely chuckled and slowly pushed into Reno’s body. "I’m not sure you could take that today." He didn’t stop until his cock was completely buried in Reno’s ass and even though it hadn’t been a hard thrust, Reno arched his back off the table at the sensation of being filled with that thick heat, as one ache he hadn’t been aware of all day was soothed. "But if you insist…." Rufus pulled almost all the way out and then snapped his hips forward in one smooth motion.

Reno cried Rufus’ name as his right hand scrambled for the edge of the table to keep him from sliding back. "Oh hell, yeah," he groaned as pleasure exploded inside his body in times with the rough fast thrusts. Finally, something was going right today, he thought rather dazedly as Rufus did an excellent job of fucking him hard, just like he wanted. Each thrust increased the ecstasy building inside of him, washed over all his various pains until he no longer felt them. All he could do was urge his lover on and enjoy the ride.

And that was when the conference room’s door opened. "President Shinra?" some guy asked, his voice quivering with incredibility.

"Dammit," Rufus hissed, and Reno glanced to the side so he could see the new head of Accounting and five employees standing there shocked, staring back.

"Oops, guess you forgot to lock the door, Rufus," he murmured as he hooked both legs around Rufus’ waist. "They’ve already seen the worst, don’t stop now.


Reno finally made it to his locker a couple of hours later, a sated smile on his lips that just wouldn’t go away. Who knew that Rufus had a voyeuristic streak? Oh, sure, the man hadn’t been happy to have several employees walk in on him during sex but once they’d hastily left the room, he decided to blame Reno for the entire situation. As if everyone didn’t know that they were screwing each other in the first place. He chuckled as he opened his locker and reflected on how he felt as if his entire body was sore. If he thought Rufus could be forceful when he was angry, it was nothing compared to when he was embarrassed as well.

He was hanging up his ruined jacket when Rude made an appearance, the bandage over the cut along his right cheek gleaming white in contrast to his tan skin. "Hey, do you need a ride home tonight?" Rude asked, his glasses slid down enough that Reno could see the concern in his brown eyes, the emotion evident in how stiffly he stood there. "I don’t think your… arm would be any good while riding a bike and it started raining again."

Reno assumed that his partner had heard about the conference room incidence and laughed. "If that’s your way of wondering if my ass is too sore to sit on a bike, don’t worry. I’m not going home tonight." Rufus had ordered him back to the penthouse so he couldn’t cause any more trouble that day. Reno looked forward to a nice, long soak in his lover’s enormous tub and a night spent on the best mattress he’d ever slept on. And if a certain controlling bastard felt the need to teach him another ‘lesson’ or two, he wouldn’t complain. Tomorrow was his day off, after all, he could get plenty of rest then.

Rude sighed and shook his head. "Always have to be so crass, don’t you?" he muttered. "Guess I’ll see you on Monday." He pushed his glasses up his nose and stepped away from the locker, the tension in his body now gone.

"Have a great weekend, partner," Reno replied and fetched the grey long-sleeved t-shirt hanging inside his locker. He was now off duty and wasn’t going to wear his reeking uniform any longer. "Oh, do me a favor and remind me to pick up some coffee the next time you see me, okay?"

Rude grunted in acknowledgement as he opened his own locker. "How about I just pick you up some and you can buy lunch on Monday."

"Sounds good to me. We’ll go to that Wutian restaurant you like." Reno smiled in thanks. He didn’t deserve a friend like Rude but he wasn’t stupid enough to let a thing like that get in the way of their relationship.

"See you Monday, then." Rude retrieved a leather jacket from his locker then shut the door. "Oh, and Reno?" He waited until he had Reno’s attention before he continued, a huge grin on his face. "I’d keep an eye on your next few paychecks, if I were you. Seems some people in that department lost some serious money since they didn’t think you were a natural redhead." Rude slid his glasses down enough to Reno could see him wink and then walked away, the room filled by the sound of his deep, rich laughter.

Reno couldn’t help but join him in laughing. The day may have started out shitty as hell but he was rather pleased at how it had turned out in the end. Now to spend a few hours convincing Rufus that he was terribly naughty and needed some firm discipline and it would be one of the best days in the last couple of weeks.


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