This story is set right after Rules of the Game


Rufus slowly woke from a pleasant dream, one where he sat in his office, chair turned so he could gaze out the window at a restored Midgar. Reno was there as well, an insolent presence seated on top of the desk busy whispering in a husky voice what he wanted Rufus to do to him. Rufus’ body thrummed with warmth and lazy desire as he opened his eyes to find himself in his bed, curled on his left side with his right arm draped over Reno’s waist. Blowing lightly at the tuft of crimson hair that tickled his face, he took a moment to analyze the situation and remember what had happened the night before.

His lips curved in pleasure and his tumescent erection grew harder as the memories flooded back. He’d reinforced his claim to Reno all evening long, had fucked him in the living room, taken him in the bath and yet again when they’d fallen into bed. Amazed at his stamina and lust, Rufus gently stroked his right hand along Reno’s abdomen and sighed in contentment. Perhaps it had been the last few weeks without sex that had spurred him on so many times, or maybe it had been the need to prove to Reno where his true place was. The redhead was there for Rufus’ pleasure, and he’d been determined to have his fill of that emotion last night.

Reno moaned softly at the caress but didn’t stir. For someone who always seemed to be perpetually in motion during the day, at night he was almost catatonic. Once asleep, he would barely move, would remain perfectly still on nights when he’d been injured or exhausted. Rufus appreciated that in lover and found it very comfortable to share the bed with someone who wouldn’t steal the covers or hog the space.

When Reno was still like this, lying on his back with his head tilted slightly to the side and sheets pushed down enough to reveal most of his upper body…. The warmth inside Rufus blazed awake, rushed through his limbs and left his nerves tingling. When Reno was like this, Rufus could very easily imagine doing whatever he wanted, taking whatever pleasure he felt he deserved. His head filled with the image of straddling his lover’s upper body, the head of his cock rubbing along those parted lips until aquamarine eyes slowly opened and focused on him. His hips began to rock back and forth as he imagined Reno’s lips parting enough so he could slide his cock into moist heat….

Rufus groaned his lover’s name and shifted on the bed as he tossed the covers aside so he could place his knees between Reno’s parted thighs. The movement made his lover awaken, made Reno let out a startled breath as one hand reached to push Rufus away and the other fumbled along the nightstand for the baton that lay there.

"Fuck, Rufus," Reno mumbled as he blinked bleary eyes and allowed his hands to fall to the bed. "S’not time to get up yet, izzit?"

"I’m afraid so," Rufus murmured as he urged Reno’s legs farther apart and enjoyed the sight of his lover’s naked body stretched before him. Reno’s pale skin bore many marks from the previous day, red lines from scratches, imprints of teeth and dark bruises scattered about. Rufus licked his lips in anticipation and leaned forward, his hands on either side of his lover’s shoulders.

Reno gave him a wary look and then quickly glanced at the clock on the nightstand. "Fuck, why can’t you ever be wrong?" His voice was thick with sleep, contained a throatiness so similar to one passion-induced that made Rufus smile in eagerness. Part of that hoarseness was probably from the cries he’d wrung from Reno all last night and had echoed throughout the penthouse.

"Because there’s no value in being wrong," he explained softly, as if to a slow child, and inched closer.

Their mouths were only a few centimeters apart so he felt against his lips the quick breath that escaped Reno. "You don’t want to be late for work, right?" Reno asked, sounding the slightest bit apprehensive even as his eyes became heavy-lidded.

"I think we’ve plenty of time for what I have in mind," Rufus answered and ground his hips downward, against Reno’s still flaccid cock. "It shouldn’t take too long." Just enough for him to prove his control, his possession once again, to make that damnably stubborn ache inside his chest to go away. He felt so hard just then that he didn’t think it would take very long for him to reach release, and the bit of resistance his lover gave him only added to the thrill, the pleasure.

Reno licked his lips and tried to scoot away a little, only to be stopped by the headboard. "Look, I’m sore as hell and you shouldn’t have any energy left after last night." But he didn’t push Rufus away while he complained, didn’t try to fight.

Bridging the space between them, Rufus swiped his tongue across those moist lips. "I don’t give a damn." He rocked his hips again as he kissed his lover, as his right hand tangled in Reno’s tousled hair. He was only concerned about what he wanted, and that was Reno’s hot, tight ass clenched around his cock. He wanted to be able to sit in his office today and think back on this morning, to smile whenever he spied Reno walking down the hallway, his usual slinking gait hitched from the ache in his ass. And he wanted Reno to follow him home again tonight despite that pain and the lack of sleep they’d gotten the night before. The acrid emotion still refused to fade away but it quieted in the face of his plans.

"You better not make me pilot people about all damn day," Reno muttered before his arms wrapped around Rufus’ neck. "Not gonna be able to sit for *hours*, you bastard." He didn’t sound too upset at the prospect and his knees lifted and splayed apart to allow Rufus to nestle more firmly between them. "And you better make it *good*."

Rufus felt that the last thing his lover should complain about was a sore ass, not after Reno’s behavior the past two weeks but he let the complaints slide. What mattered now was that Reno was willingly back in Rufus’ bed, was once more his teasing, mostly behaved self. No doubt the first person who remarked that the redhead’s gait was a little stiff today would be electrocuted but that might be amusing, depending on who was stupid enough to remark on Reno’s situation. Rufus had the feeling it was going to be a very interesting day.

Then he pushed all thoughts of the future aside to settle on the now. Plundering his lover’s mouth, he pushed his tongue in deep and swiped it around, sucked on Reno’s bottom lip until he felt the flaccid cock beneath his begin to stiffen. Reno was always partial to demanding, rough kisses, almost as much as he was to having his ears nibbled on and licked or his hair stroked. In fact, Reno tended to enjoy demanding, rough sex on the whole, as was evident by the way he moaned wantonly and clutched Rufus close.

Rufus could spend hours like this, kissing and teasing Reno until his lover spat out curses one moment and then begged so prettily the next to be fucked as hard as possible. Unfortunately, that would have to wait for another morning. Mindful of the time, he pulled away once he got a response from the redhead’s body. He eagerly snatched the lubricant from the nightstand before he leaned back on his heels, Reno’s naked body sprawled out before him. Reno’s cheeks were flushed in a becoming manner, there was a light sheen of sweat on his narrow chest and his eyes were dark with passion. Slicking his right hand, Rufus let out a slow breath as he fought to control himself and urged Reno’s right leg up onto his shoulder, smiled smugly when the left leg quickly lifted as well. His cock twitched as he gazed impatiently upon his lover’s exposed ass, his hips jerked forward when his slick palm pumped up and down his cock. No, there wasn’t much time this morning but there’d be other ones when he could more fully enjoy his lustful lover.

"For someone who bitches up a storm whenever I’m late for work, you’re taking too damn long," Reno grumbled and played with his hair with his left hand, stroked the end of his long tail over his chest while he stared hungrily at Rufus. "I’m getting bored here."

"We can’t have that now, can we?" Rufus replied, pleased as always at how impatient and greedy Reno was when it came to sex. "I think it shouldn’t be too long now. Bet you’re still nice and slick from last night," he remarked quietly as two fingers of his right hand brushed against Reno’s slightly reddened hole. "You should be a bit loose from all that sex." His fingers pushed inside, met initial resistance for only a moment. Reno let out a sharp breath and began to shiver as Rufus’ fingers sunk in deeper, his white teeth bit into his bottom lip in either pleasure or pain. Quite possibly it was a mix of both but Rufus didn’t care since he knew that just turned Reno on even more.

"Thought… you were in a hurry." Reno’s voice was muffled since his bottom lip remained gripped between his teeth but it sounded more sardonic than pained. "Gonna blame *you* if I’m late for work."

"Then I better make this quick," Rufus retorted, thrilled that Reno still fought him on the little things and wasn’t an annoying sycophant like most people he knew. His left hand skimmed down Reno’s right thigh, brushed against dried flakiness left from last night before it cupped Reno’s ass to lift it slightly. Rufus slid his knees beneath his lover’s ass and adjusted his cock’s position. He let its tip rub against that tight hole for a moment to build the anticipation before he snapped his hips forward to shove it in deep.

The feel of such tight heat that surrounded his cock, the wonderful friction produced with each movement, each slide along that tightness and the way Reno’s back arched while his name was cried out…. Rufus roughly grasped his lover’s hips as his lower body moved in forceful thrusts that plunged him in as deeply as possible then quickly pulled back, all in a rush to push forward once again. He was already panting from the sharp rush pleasure and desire that surged through his body with each movement, his nerves tingling as if electrical sparks burst inside them.

He focused on his pleasure alone, determined to wring every possible enjoyment out of this fuck as he could. Reno’s right hand grasped his neglected cock and began to pump in time to the powerful thrusts that rocked his body, his left hand braced against the bed’s headboard. Each gasp he made, each undulation of his body spiked that ecstasy for Rufus, made it burn even hotter inside him. They were both quickly covered with sweat, their bodies never still as they fucked with an almost ruthless intent. The bed shook beneath them, the head board clattered against the wall as the air filled with Reno’s ragged cries and Rufus’ low mutterings.

"Damn… too… fucking good," Reno managed to mutter, his eyes tightly closed and his face scrunched into an expression of either intense pain or pleasure. "My… ass-"

"Is taking it," Rufus finished for him, the tempo of his thrusts increasing each time he drove forward. "You’re such a bitch." He spoke the words endearingly, affectionately, his heart thudding in his chest. His lover could take this, could match him in passion and intensity and look so damn… incredible at the same time, with flushed skin webbed with crimson strands and that fucking irresistible mouth wide open as it panted out his name. There was a sharp pain in his chest for a moment until the ecstasy grew more powerful, more potent.

He knew that he wouldn’t last for long, felt his approaching release in the way his body trembled, in the way his breathing grew more ragged and his nerves sizzled as if on fire. But for Reno to come first, for that tight velvet heat to clench almost painfully around his cock while his lover screamed – he slammed into his release and pushed beyond it, body shuddering as he came, heart beating so violently as if to burst from his chest from the intense bliss that permeated each and every nerve, each and every part of him.

He had precious little control over his body as waves of bliss seared through him, could only slump forward with his arms wrapped around Reno’s thighs as he fought for breath, to not lose sight of his lover’s face as his vision darkened around the edges. For a moment, he wondered if he was having a heart attack. His chest ached so strongly from the rapid beatings that battered it but the sensation slowly faded as he took one deep breath after another.

Reno was still beneath him, almost bend in half with his head tilted back slight, left hand curled in his hair and right hand resting on his semen-splattered chest. Rufus reached out with his shaking left hand and allowed his lover’s legs to slip from his shoulders as his fingers trailed through the warm mess of Reno’s release.

"How’s the ass?" he inquired when his lover twitched at his touch then let out a long, pain-filled hiss when he shifted enough for his now soft cock to slip from Reno’s body.

"Fucking hurts." Reno opened his eyes and glared as Rufus stretched out beside him, fingers still tracing abstract patterns through the sweat and semen that covered his chest. "And it’s all your fault."

Rufus smiled but didn’t comment that it wouldn’t have been so bad if Reno hadn’t been a stubborn fool the last two weeks, that he was lucky that a sore ass was all he suffered. "That doesn’t sound like something you should be saying to the man who can have you assigned to filling out paperwork all day long." His fingers left Reno’s chest to skim down the redhead’s body, along the curve of a sharp hipbone and dip between still splayed thighs. "I could order Tseng to watch over you as you sit at your desk for hours, until all the documents are correctly filled out." His voice was soft with cruelty, with the promise that he’d carry out the threat if given the proper incentive. As he spoke, his fingers sought past Reno’s balls until they met a warm, thick dampness. "Imagine, you sitting down on a sore ass that’s been filled by me." He held up his hand to show the moisture that clung to his fingers, his and Reno’s seed. "And when the paperwork is finally finished, I’ll bend you over the desk and fuck you again and again until my semen runs down your leg."

He always suspected that Reno was masochistic, a belief that was largely supported by the man’s actions, psych profile and his reaction now. Reno licked his lips with apparent lasciviousness, his eyes once more heavy-lidded and a pleased smile on his face. "Promises, promises," he practically purred as he grabbed Rufus by the shoulder and yanked him closer for a kiss.

Allowing his lover that bit of control, Rufus delved into that wicked mouth again, stroked his tongue along Reno’s for a few leisurely moments. When he began to think about substituting his cock for his tongue, to wonder how much more Reno’s abused ass could take, he reluctantly pulled away. "Are you going to be a good boy for once?" he asked, a little breathless from the kiss. As always, he was amazed at how quickly Reno could affect him and how little he cared as long as he enjoyed himself.

Reno smirked and stretched his arms above his head, his knuckles hitting against the mahogany headboard. "I guess so, should try something new once in a while," he replied, clearly amused and a little out of breath himself.

Rufus found his right hand stroking along his lover’s face without any thought on his own part, which made him frown slightly and reconsider for a moment the offer he was about to propose. But the way Reno tilted his face into the caress, the way he closed his pale eyes and hummed softly made him smile. "Then I guess I can explain to Tseng that you’ll be two hours late today." When Reno’s eyes suddenly opened to stare in confusion, Rufus brushed back the hair that clung to his lover’s forehead with a surprising amount of tenderness. "I suggest a nice, long soak if you’ve any hopes of sitting down at work."

Reno smiled in return with such a shameless expression that made Rufus regret that he hadn’t taken more time for sex this morning. "Why do I have the sneaking suspicion that I’m gonna have to make up those two hours later?" Reno asked, clearly amused.

"Because I don’t employ stupid people," was Rufus’ smooth reply before he leaned in for one more kiss. He’d have to take it easy on his lover tonight but there was still Reno’s talented mouth to consider, not to mention skillful fingers and wicked imagination. There would be much to look forward to after a day filled with long meetings spent trying to persuade unimaginative idiots to his way of thinking. "Two hours," he remarked when he reluctantly pulled away to leave the bed. "Anything more than that and your pay will be docked."

Reno made a rude sound and reached for the alarm clock. "Gonna sleep a little more, then, or I’ll fall asleep and drown in that pool you consider a tub." He sounded distinctly pleased with himself and let out a happy sigh when he snuggled back down into the bed.

Rufus stared at his lover for a moment, curled up in his bed and mostly hidden by white linen sheets except for a fiery tousle of hair and a content grin. He started when he realized that he hadn’t moved in a couple of minutes and forced himself to head for the bathroom so he could prepare himself for the day ahead.


Rufus quickly glanced at his office’s doors when he heard something metallic knock into it, his right hand reaching for a weapon when the left door opened and Reno sauntered into the room, his baton tapping against his left shoulder. "Morning," the redhead drawled, a pleased smirk on his face, his hair as mussed as ever and a nice, well-pressed white silk shirt worn untucked and half unbuttoned beneath his wrinkled black jacket.

Rufus felt the corners of his lips twitch as he watched his lover approach and then very gingerly sit on the edge of his desk. "I don’t remember ripping your shirt last night," he commented dryly as he leaned back in his chair and pushed it away from the desk.

Reno’s smile didn’t waver in the slightest, in fact it turned from pleased to smug as he stroked his right hand down the expensive fabric. "Yeah, but since it was dirty and wrinkled, I figured I had to have something presentable for work." At Rufus’ derisive snort, he actually stuck out his tongue. "Besides, I figure it’ll end up on your bedroom floor tonight so what’s the harm?"

Well, Rufus could understand how his lover would twist the agreement to replace any torn shirts to include dirty ones too, but it would be best to clarify a point or two now rather than go through another annoying fight. Rising from the chair, Rufus slowly approached Reno, placed his hands on either side of the redhead’s hips and leaned in close. "If any of *my* shirts get ruined while you’re… ‘borrowing’ them, I fully expect to be reimbursed," he stated, his demeanor perfectly calm even though his lips were but centimeters from Reno’s. "You are such a conniving thief."

"That’s one of my better qualities," Reno replied in a husky voice and wrapped his arms around Rufus’ shoulders. "I even put it on my resume when I applied for this job." His fingers tangled in the hair of Rufus’ nape and provoked a pleasurable shiver.

"You’re a shameless liar as well," Rufus remarked, his throat suddenly tight and body thrumming with lust as he closed the space between them. He brushed his lips lightly against that lying mouth before he put some force behind the kiss. Reno moaned deep in his throat and instantly parted his lips, arched his body against Rufus’ – and then broke off the kiss to hiss in pain, his right hand falling to rub his ass.

"Ah, I take it that you’re still… a little sore?" Rufus tried his best not to sound too amused over the situation while his lover let slip a few impressive curses.

Reno’s aquamarine eyes narrowed in anger and ‘bastard’ was muttered under his breath. "It’s gonna take more than a long, hot soak, you know," he snapped before both arms settled around Rufus’ shoulders once more. "Shoulda given me the whole damn day off to recover, not just two fucking hours."

Rufus smiled and scraped his teeth along the tip of his lover’s chin. "I think two hours was more than enough considering that you were the one who insisted on rushing things this morning," he pointed out, amused at Reno’s attempt to weasel more time off. Even though the stubborn idiot must know it would never happen, he still tried whenever there was an opportunity.

"Yeah, but *you* were the one who woke up all horny," Reno snorted. When Rufus’ left hand began to comb through his disheveled hair, he sighed and shivered slightly, closed his eyes and leaned into the caress. "Anyone ever tell you that you’re a controlling bastard?"

"All the time, it’s one of *my* better qualities," Rufus retorted, feeling relaxed and pleased while he traded barbs with his lover. Anyone else who insulted him would do so while out of arm’s reach, would never think to do so while leaning against him and even nuzzling at his jaw. He wasn’t even certain that Reno meant it as an insult at all.

They remained like that for a couple of minutes, Rufus stroking Reno’s hair while Reno leaned against him, face pressed into the crook of his neck. For some odd reason, this close contact with his lover soothed something inside of him, made him feel… content of all things. He couldn’t understand it and gradually became uncomfortable with the emotion. Putting a little space between them, he stroked his fingers along Reno’s jaw and forced him to look up.

"What would you say if you were offered a chance to no longer work, to not have to worry about piloting a helicopter with a sore ass or fight after a sleepless night?" he asked in a quiet, serious voice. He couldn’t help but remember his fantasy of the last few weeks, of having Reno there by his side, naked and obedient, for his pleasure.

Reno stared quietly for a few seconds then pulled away until his hands rested on Rufus’ shoulders, his arms out straight as if braced to keep the distance between them. "I think that if it was a serious offer, I’d have to kick the shit out of whoever was stupid enough to ask such a thing." He didn’t sound upset or offended but there was no trace of humor to be found in his demeanor. "I’m not a whore."

Rufus sighed and shook his head. He really had known better but he’d been intrigued by the thought of how Reno might react to such an offer. If it had been taken up, Rufus would probably grow bored with the redhead in a matter of weeks. What drew him to Reno was his lover’s independent attitude and determination to feel as much pleasure – if not more - that Rufus did in their relationship.

"You’ll let me fuck you until you’re raw and then come into my office hours later," Rufus remarked as he curved his right hand around the nape of Reno’s neck and steadily exerted enough pressure to make Reno’s arms bend and the space between them to shrink. "You’ll spend as much as your shift on your knees or beneath me as you can possibly manage. So what does that make you?" he asked, looking for an answer rather than trying to insult.

Reno tilted his head to the side as if considering the question. "That makes me smart," he drawled after a moment’s hesitation. "Nothing better than having great sex when you’re supposed to be working, you know." The grin he gave Rufus was utterly unrepentant. "Especially if you or Tseng are trying to make me do boring stuff like stand guard or fill out paperwork."

"I’d say that it makes you very lazy if I wasn’t well acquainted with how… enthusiastic you can be when it comes to sex." Rufus toyed with Reno’s pierced ear, flicked his fingers against the silver earring. "Either that or you’re secretly working for the competition in hopes of distracting me from important matters."

Tossing his head back while he laughed, Reno then jumped off the desk to press against Rufus, his arms curled tightly around Rufus’ neck. "If that was the case, *you’d* be the one with the sore ass. Let’s see you try to run this company when you can barely sit in a chair for more than five minutes," he teased, his eyes bright with delight. "I’d be after you even more, leave you drained and helpless while I take over things." He rocked his hips against Rufus’, his cock partially erect and a lascivious grin on his lips.

"Now that’s an improbable fantasy." Rufus let his right hand fall down to the small of Reno’s back and hugged him close. "Who was the one who needed the extra sleep this morning, hmmm?" he asked, speaking the words practically in Reno’s left ear.

"Yeah, well, one of these days I’ll manage to wear you out." Reno leaned away enough to give him a heavy lidded, considering look. "In fact, if you want to-"

"Some of us have work to do," Rufus sternly cut off the offer before he could begin to consider it. "I believe you’re supposed to be on guard duty right now." And he had several contracts he needed to read before a committee meeting in another hour. "I believe you’re going to have to do some work for once." He patted Reno on the ass and then stepped away to return to his chair.

Reno gave him an incredulous look as if unable to accept that he’d just been turned down. That gave way to a frown for a moment before he shook his head and grinned. "Guess it’s for the best, I wouldn’t be able to walk if we did it now." Reaching into his jacket, he gave Rufus a wink. "Still expect me to make up those two hours later?"

"Most definitely." Rufus smiled in thought of being finished with work for the day and able to enjoy himself – but that would only happen if he concentrated on his job.

"Good." Lighting a cigarette, Reno saluted him with the baton and headed for the door, his normally smooth gait only slightly hitched. "Maybe I’ll go see if I can’t convince Medical to give me a potion or two."

The thing was, he’d probably do just that, Rufus thought as he picked up the stack of contracts. Either that or he’d steal some potions or materia. If Reno didn’t complain of a sore ass later tonight, he’d have to order an audit of the Medical department and charge the pilfering bastard for any missing healing items.

Unable to stop smiling, Rufus forced himself to focus on the contracts. Work and then play, he sternly told himself. At least now he could face the approaching meeting in a good mood, and perhaps resist the urge to commit homicide as he forced new rules and ideas down the throats of stubborn bastards too stupid to see that Shinra Electrical Company had to adapt to the new situation or perish. That promised to be almost as entertaining as hearing Reno’s next excuse to get out of work.


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