Halloween fic


by nekojita


Youji winced when he heard another firework be set off and felt Ran stiffen in his arms as they sat on the floor.

"Damn brats," Ran muttered and glared at the sliding glass doors, through which could be seen the incendiaryís glowing embers as they fell through the sky. "What do kids setting off fireworks have to do with a holiday for the dead?"

"Uhm, itís not exactly a holiday for the dead, Ran," Yohji tried to explain. "Itís more an excuse for playing tricks and getting a bunch of candy. At least, thatís what my mother told me when I was a kid." He shifted on the floor and leaned back a little more against the couch. "I guess the British are giving the day their own special twist or something."

He almost laughed at the grumpy expression on his loverís face. If he didnít know that it was the fact that the noise from the fireworks was bothering their cats and hence making Ran pissed off at the ruckus, heíd find the situation pretty funny. However, he loved the little furballs as well and didnít like it when Ran was this upset. So he wrapped his arms a bit tighter around his loverís shoulders and hugged him closer. "It should be over soon," he whispered in Ranís ear. Or at least he hoped the kids would get bored and go home soon.

Ran grunted and leaned against him, mindful of Tsuki curled up in his lap underneath the blanket. Hoshi was huddled inside, of all things, the left sleeve of Ranís kimono so neither of them could move very much while the ruckus continued. "I thought they were supposed to set off the damn things for Guy Fawkes Day, not now," Ran muttered as he reached into his kimonoís sleeve to try and soothe Hoshi.

"Maybe theyíre practicing for that holiday." Yohji pressed a kiss against his loverís forehead and tried not to sigh when another roman candle was set off. He wished that the police would arrive soon and deal with the idiots busy playing with fireworks in the park behind their building. While this wasnít exactly a residential area, enough people lived above the shops and restaurants lining both sides of the street that they preferred for things to be quiet.

To think that he and Ran had specifically made plans to stay home tonight to enjoy some Ďpiece and quietí. Omi and Ken were out with their friends, and even Ayumi was gone for the next several days. She was off with some lord who used to be a customer several decades ago when sheíd been quite popular in the geisha world. For a moment Yohji felt jealous and amused that Ayumi had made such an impression on a client Ė and she hadnít even slept with the man. Oh, Yohji had his fair share of wealthy clients but heíd never landed anyone as classy as a lordÖ but heíd come pretty damn close, he thought as he gave Ranís forehead another kiss. Though technically, Ran had never been one of his clients.

"Letís hope that the celebrations at Ayumiís friendís estate is a bit more sedate than this," he told his lover. "I think that after the last two nights, Iím going to be sick to death of fireworks." He gave poor Tsuki an ear scratch and got a plaintive meow in thanks.

Ran rested his head on Yohjiís shoulder and sighed. "Well, since Ayumiís there to help him get things ready for the Guy Fawkes Day party, Iím sure it wonít be too bad. The bonfire definitely sounds nice." He closed his eyes for a few seconds. "Itís just a shame that we finally get the place to ourselves and we canít enjoy it."

"Weíve still a few more days before we head off to join Ayumi," Yohji pointed out. "I highly doubt those assholes out there will-"

He didnít get a chance to finish that statement as some blithering idiots decided to set off what had to be an entire string of firecrackers, and all they could hear was the very loud sound of multiple explosions for at least thirty seconds. That must have proved too much for the poor cats as they shot out from their hiding places, leaving a pair of wincing humans behind. Yohji swore as he rubbed the inside of his left thigh, where Tsukiís back claws had dug into the sensitive flesh, and Ran had a long, red scratch on his arm.

When Ran seemed ready to stand up, Yohji pushed him back down onto the warm rug that was heated by the large electric pad beneath it. "Stay put, I think those two just need to find someone nice and dark to hide until the noise stops." Ran grumbled and stared worriedly in the direction that the cats had vanished but did as he was told. "Iím gonna make us some tea, how does that sound?" Yohji felt his heart speed up when his loverís expression smoothed out into a warm smile.

"That sounds really nice," Ran replied as he settled back on the rug and pulled the blanket farther into his lap. The weather outside was more certainly ideal for bonfires ans snuggling.

"Okay, Iíll be right back." Yohji couldnít resist one more kiss, this time on Ranís lips, one long and sweet enough to send him off to the kitchen whistling a cheerful tune. Okay, maybe this wasnít the way heíd planned to celebrate the holiday, with a pair of scared cats and inconsiderate assholes outside determined to make stuff explode all evening long, but it wasnít that bad. One year ago, he and Ran had just arrived in London and were still holed up in their hotel room as they tried to make plans for a rather uncertain future. Two years ago, heíd been alone. Fireworks and assholes aside, being in the company of the man he loved, in the home the two of them had made Ė with the help of some friends Ė was pretty damn good.

Once in the kitchen, he filled up the electric kettle and tried to decide what to drink. Since sharing a home with Ran and Ayumi, heíd more or less been converted to the charms of a good pot of tea, though he still insisted on having strong coffee in the morning. Right now he didnít want anything too strong since the purpose of tonight was to relax Ė well, as much as they could with all the loud noises Ė so he grabbed the tin of white tea flavored with orange and rose. Once the pot was filled with the tea leaves and hot water, he turned his attention onto something suitable for a snack.

The box on the counter by the fridge proved to be just the thing. Before she had left to go help her Ďfriendí get things ready for his party, Ayumi had done the grocery shopping and had succumbed to the storeís holiday campaign. Sheíd brought home one of the most garish cakes Yohji had seen in his life, a huge confection of orange, black, white and yellow icing that formed a black cat standing in the middle of a pumpkin patch. He suspected that after years of living in Japan, of rushing to the stores to buy all the special seasonal and holiday treats that she was helpless to break the habit in a new country. And, to be perfectly honest, he much preferred butter-cream frosting to sweet bean paste any day. He was also really looking forward to the Christmas puddings that sheíd already begun to make just in the last two weeks. Anything with *that* much alcohol in it had to be good!

Unsure of how to cut into such a monstrosity, he decided to just put the entire cake on a large plate and then set it on a tray, along with some smaller plates, some silverware, mugs and teapot. When everything was ready, he returned to the living room.

He felt another jolt to the heart to see Ran curled up on the floor, his long red hair falling past his shoulders. For a moment, he was reminded of the time back at the Hanabatake, of Ran with his long hair let loose and his beautiful kimono. The hair wasnít quite as long as it was back then and Ran didnít wear kimono all the time now, but it was still a happy memory. Theyíd made quite a few of them in their short time together in Tokyo, even amidst all the worry and heartache.

And now the past had been exorcised enough that Ran didnít mind that his hair was long once again, that he could put on one of the kimono which heíd kept from that time. He didnít do it very often, mainly just when he and Yohji had the opportunity to be alone. Knowing that his lover wore the robes just for him made something inside Yohji burn so warm and bright. Tonight was going to be a special night, fireworks or not.

"I hope youíre in the mood for something sweet," he told his lover as he set the tray down on the coffee table. Ran curled his legs beneath him so he could sit up and pour the tea while Yohji settled back onto the floor.

"I guess so, since treats are supposed to be a staple of the holiday." Ran grimaced at the cakeís decoration and swiped a fingertip of icing. "Though I must admit that itís a rather morbid week. One night they celebrate the dead and then a few days later, the execution of someone who tried to blow up a huge building and the men gathered inside of it." He licked the icing off his finger in such a manner that Yohji had to bite back a groan. The sight of Ranís tongue leisurely swiping along his fingerÖ.

Yohji took a deep breath to try and regain his scattered thoughts. "Yeah, well, we have our own celebration for the dead."

"True, but itís a much more dignified celebration than trying to send fireworks crashing through someoneís window and then extorting candy from them on top of that," Ran snorted.

Thinking of a few O-Bon celebrations heíd partied through in the past, Yohji decided to keep his mouth shut. There were times when Ran was clearly homesick for Tokyo and his old life. Yohji could understand, considering that Ran had been deeply immersed in the more traditional aspects of Japanese life. As for himself, being half American had left him mostly excluded from the world that Ran had grown up in and made him better prepared for an unexpected life in England.

So, instead of making any more comments, he swiped a bit of icing off the cake and then tapped his fingertip against Ranís nose. "What can possibly be more dignified than this culinary masterpiece?" he asked.

Ran glared as he wiped off the icing. "Indeed, itís obviously the peak of Western cuisine and art," he replied in a sarcastic tone of voice. "Whatís so bad about black cats again?"

"Beats the hell out of me," Yohji mumbled as he leaned toward his lover. There was a bit of icing that Ran had missed, and he gently licked his tongue along the tip of Ranís nose. "Hmmm, all joking aside, itís pretty tasty." He dipped his head a little lower and kissed his lover on the lips. "Almost as good as you."

"Almost?" Ran asked as he arched his left eyebrow. "I think Iím offended." Another firework was set off, its light shimmering in the candle-lit room. Ranís eyes glowed in the soft light, amused and full of love.

"Let me try that again," Yohji said with a wicked grin as he took more icing from the cake with his left hand while his right one pushed down the blanket and tugged apart the collar of Ranís kimono. He wiped the icing along his loverís exposed collarbones and took great delight in licking it off the pale skin, so smooth beneath the grainy icing. Once the icing was all gone, he continued to lick at Ranís skin, traced his tongue up Ranís neck so he could nibble at the spot right below his loverís ear.

Even with the ruckus from the fireworks and the idiots setting them off, he could hear the soft moan his lover uttered. Strong fingers tangled in his hair as he continued to nibble and suck on the spot that always drove Ran wild, his own hands busy with the obi that held the kimono closed. When Ran moaned again, he forced himself to back away a little so he could smile at the dazed look on his boyfriendís face. "Hmmm, I think the test is still inconclusive. I better try a few more samples." As he spoke, he pulled a couple of pillows down from the couch and onto the floor, then gently urged Ran to lie down.

His lover tugged him down as well. "I refuse to be beaten by a Safeway cake so you better try again," Ran grumbled and then sniffed. "Itís not even from a decent bakery."

Yohji had to laugh at that comment. "Ayan, you are *such* a dessert snob," he teased. "Though Iím rather surprised that Ayumi bought a cake from the store," he added to appease his suddenly frowning lover. Deciding to stop the argument before it started, he leaned down to thoroughly kiss Ran, to savor his loverís unique taste. A year of living together and he still couldnít get enough of the man, still felt such an intense wave of passion each time he got to kiss Ran. And now they were all aloneÖ.

He broke off the kiss a few minutes later, rendered breathless and a little lightheaded from its intensity. Ran lay quietly beneath him, cheeks flushed and lips reddened, and Yohji couldnít resist spreading more icing along his loverís exposed chest. Pushing apart the kimono so the expensive silk wouldnít get stained from the colored icing, he ran his tongue all over Ranís chest, over smooth skin on top of toned muscles. Ran shivered and twitched, his breath catching when Yohji teased his tongue around Ranís hardened nipples. Whenever Yohji licked off all the icing he applied more, slowly working his way lower and lower down his loverís abdomen. He took great delight in using his tongue to get all of the icing out of Ranís navel, with the way Ran chocked out his name and trembled as he did a very thorough job.

And as he licked and sucked and nibbled, as he scraped his teeth along sensitive skin until Ran continuously moaned and writhed beneath him, he undid the last of the obi and then the hakama beneath the heavy kimono until he could toss them both aside, along with Ranís boxers. By then, his jeans felt at least three sizes too small and he was eager to feel all that exposed skin against his but he couldnít tear his hands away from his loverís skin, couldnít stop touching it, stroking it and prompting those utterly delicious moans, gasps and mewls.

The brats could be setting off bombs outside and it didnít matter, not now. Ran was naked and willing, damn near *begging* beneath him and there was still lots of icing left. He scooped up some more as he nudged his loverís thighs apart, a very smug grin on his face at how flushed and wanton Ran looked just then, his long hair clinging to his sweat-dampened skin, his skin marked by lovebites all down his chest. Yohji couldnít help but lick his lips at the thought of what was to come next.

"Yotan," Ran said, his voice quiet and thick with lust. "AnyÖ decision yetÖ?" he asked, and Yohji drank in the way he sounded so dazed, so addled by passion and pleasure. And the night was just beginningÖ..

"I think I need one more taste comparison," he told his lover with a wink and a wicked grin. As he spoke, he reached for Ranís erect cock, the flesh warm and slick against his palm. There was another deep moan from Ran as he spread the icing all over it, even along Ranís balls.

He paused long enough to undo the button and zipper of his jeans before he eagerly devoured the treat before him. There was the sweetness of the icing and the saltiness of Ran mixed together. He couldnít resist running his tongue all over Ranís cock, to both spread and lick up the sugary icing as Ran stuttered out his name and clutched at his hair once more. Pulling his mouth away from the delectable treat for a few seconds, he sucked on the fingers of his right hand briefly to dampen them and then returned to the task before him with renewed vigor. Ranís cock was a mix of colors from the food dyes, orange and black over red and Yohji almost laughed at the sight. He couldnít help but wonder if Ayumi had any idea what theyíd do with her holiday treat and was once again very thankful that it wasnít sweet bean paste. Though heíd still go down on Ran even if it were. There was just something soÖ Ďheadyí he thought with a smirk about having Ran spread before him like this, so willing and eager.

He gave in to the insistent tugs on his hair and wrapped his mouth around his loverís cock while his fingers skimmed along Ranís ass. As he sucked along the hard length, took it deep down his throat he gently pushed his fingers against his loverís opening, which prompted a shuddering cry from Ran. His loverís legs were quickly splayed farther apart and Ran tilted his hips forward as he pleaded in almost incoherent Japanese, Yohjiís name repeated over and over.

Yohji sucked a little longer and then resumed licking all along Ranís cock and balls as his fingers sunk inside his lover. His own cock was rock hard and aching, so eager to be where his fingers were, to feel that hot tightness clench around it until he was too blissed-out to remember his own name. His hips rocked against the soft blanket beneath him as he sucked one of Ranís balls into his mouth and he couldnít help but moan in pleasure, especially when Ran gasped loudly and renewed his pleading.

"YotanÖ pleaseÖ ohÖ oh! WantÖ want youÖ bastardÖ YohjiÖ." Ran tossed his head from side to side and his upper body jerked up from the floor when Yohjiís fingers pressed deep inside of him. His entire body trembled in pleasure, his eyes tightly closed and fingers clenched tightly around Yohjiís hair.

Finding himself to be so damn eager for what was to come, Yohji once more took Ranís cock into his mouth and sucked hard as his fingers pressed right against that special spot. He kept doing that until Ran shuddered, cried out his name louder than even the fireworks and came in his mouth. Pulling back slightly, Yohji swallowed almost all his lover had to offer, the taste of too-sweet icing obliterated by Ranís essence. He released Ranís softening cock from his mouth and spit what remained into his right hand while Ran lay sprawled on the floor, eyes closed and chest heaving.

"Hmm, I think we have a winner," Yohji teased as he shifted forward until he lay on top of his lover. "Wanna taste?" he asked as he tenderly grasped Ranís chin and tilted his loverís face toward him. Ranís eyes fluttered open when the kiss began, his movements languid. His tongue swiped inside of Yohjiís mouth as his legs parted once more and then hooked along the back of Yohjiís.

"SoÖ who won?" Ran asked, his voice adorably breathless. He shifted his hands from Yohjiís hair and stroked them down Yohjiís back, nails scratching lightly.

Yohji shivered at the sensation and ground his hips against his lover before he let his right hand creep between their bodies. "It was a tough decision, but I think youíre just the tiniest bit more delicious. Must be your sweet nature or something," he teased as he nibbled on Ranís chin.

His lover grunted at the remark and dug his nails into Yohjiís ass, which made him groan in delight. "Idiot. So what do I get for winning?"

Yohji graced Ran with an utterly debauched smile, which prompted two arched eyebrows from his lover. "Oh, I think youíll really like this prize." After stroking them along his rock hard cock a few times, he rubbed his slickened fingers once more against Ranís opening and slowly pushed them inside. "You get me."

Of course, it appeared as if his lover wasnít going to be as appreciative as he should be over that wonderful prize but he forestalled any complaints with a skilled curling of his fingers. Ranís retort faded into a low moan and he let his head loll against the floor as Yohji stroked his prostate gland, his skin once more becoming flushed and his nails digging more insistently into Yohjiís ass.

"Yeah, I thought youíd like that," Yohji teased. It took a lot of effort to calmly say the words Ė he so desperately wanted to be inside Ranís luscious body, wanted all that pleasure and heat wrapped around his cock so he could finally come. He felt so hard that the slightest brush of his cock against Ranís thighs or the blanket made him suck in his breath and he had to slowly count to twenty to control himself as he made certain that Ran was ready.

All it took once those numbers were reached was for Ranís fingers to dig into his ass and moan out his name and he couldnít hold back any longer. At least he had the sense of mind to slowly enter his lover, to savor the feel of Ranís body clenching around him and drawing him in.

"Weíre on the floor, Yotan," Ran muttered several seconds later even as his arms wrapped around Yohjiís shoulders and pulled him closer. "Hurry up."

"Youíre the one on the floor, Ayan," he mumbled back but, after a couple of slow, careful thrusts, he gave in to the pleasure and his loverís demand. This felt so good - *Ran* felt so good, so hot and tight around him and heíd waited so long, waited too long, really, but it had been so fun to torment his lover and now it was his turn. He pushed Ranís left leg up onto his shoulder and then shoved a pillow beneath Ranís hips, which made Ran call out his name when he suddenly thrust deep into that wonderful tightness.

The pleasure kept building with each thrust, with each heartbeat and Yohji couldnít tell if the bright sparks of colors were from the fireworks or the ecstasy that steadily grew stronger. Blood rushed through his head, roared through his ears as his body drove him on until he couldnít hear Ranís voice any more. It didnít matter that his knees hurt from kneeling on the floor or that his loverís nails had scratched down his back, all that just made the pleasure even more intense. He tried to hold it back a little longer, to drag Ran along with him but it felt much too good and the next thing he knew, he was gasping in air, his body tightening in that nerve-tingling way and the pleasure bled into pure bliss.

He cried out Ranís name as he came, body hunched over his loverís as the orgasm tore through him and left him shaking. Slowly falling forward, he barely managed to brace himself on his elbows, his face right above Ranís, his body reluctant to lose that last bit of contact with his lover. He could only try to remember how to breathe normally while Ran stroked himself to completion, his eyes focused on Ranís beautiful face as he came.

A bit more in control of himself by then, he bridged the distance between them as Ran gasped and trembled to place a tender kiss against his loverís parted lips. Then the room was awash with light as a huge barrage of fireworks went off, the sound drowning out their uneven breaths. Yohji slowly, reluctantly withdrew from Ranís body and stretched out beside him, then reached for Ranís hand to lick it clean.

"Yep, you definitely win. The idiots outside even decided to celebrate your victory," he informed his dazed lover as the fireworks gradually died down.

Ran grunted in reply and reached out to grab a napkin from the tray to finish cleaning himself. His hand brushed against the cake and got smeared with some icing, which he paused to lick off. "It is incredibly sweet," he pointed out.

"Probably almost all sugar with a bit of cancer causing food dye," Yohji joked. "I donít know whatís worse for me, you or it. I feel like Iím about to have a heart attack right now." He gasped a few times for effect.

Ran, of course, had no sympathy for him. "Then give up the cigarettes," he said as he poked Yohji in the ribs. "Theyíre clearly killing off your taste buds."

Yohji grabbed ahold of Ranís right arm and pulled his lover down beside him. "Thereís still some icing left, you know. Maybe I need to do a few more tests to make sure I made the right choice." He leaned forward to kiss Ran and smiled at the taste of icing that clung to his loverís lips.

The smile Ran give him in return took his breath away. "I donít know, I think itís my turn to decide who or what tastes better." He got some icing and then rubbed it along Yohjiís lips. "Orange looks good on you," he whispered as he leaned in for another kiss.

It was a few minutes before Yohji could comment on that, not that he minded in the least. "Yeah, well trust me, it looks horrid on you. I tried to only get black and yellow icing on you so it didnít clash so much." He reached up to tug on Ranís hair and felt a thrill to be able to twist the strands around his fingers several times. Maybe by next Halloween, it would be down to Ranís ass once again, a silky curtain for him to play with and feel fall around his skin during sexÖ..

"Damn, and there was this orange jumper I wanted to buy," Ran teased back inbetween the kisses he trailed down Yohjiís neck.

"Ran, Iím terribly sorry but I *must* insist. No orange jumpers - *ever*." Yohji tried to fix his lover with a severe look but it was kind of difficult to do while Ran licked at his left nipple. "Someone might mistake you for a pumpkin or something."

"Ha, ha, Yotan." Ran straddled Yohjiís stomach and tilted his head to the side. "I think the fireworks have stopped."

Yohji listened as well and had to agree that it had finally gotten nice and quiet. "Maybe they finally ran out." He smiled and reached for Ranís long hair to run his fingers through the red strands. "I guess we might have a bit of peace and quiet after all."

"Wouldnít that be nice." A wicked gleam entered Ranís eyes. "I guess we better take advantage of the situation, then."

It was a little difficult to reach up onto the coffee table while lying flat on his back with his lover on his stomach but Yohji managed to get a fair bit of icing from the cake and smeared it along his chest. "Good. Now you can fully devote your attention to the matter at hand. I highly doubt youíll need as many taste tests as I did to figure out I taste better, but you should be *very* thorough just in case." He smiled in anticipation and was very grateful that the noise had ended. Ran laughed more often now than he had in the past but it was still something special to hear.

"You know, for a true, scientific test we should go out and buy more cakes. Thereís a chance that this one is just a fluke and would negatively impact our findings," Ran pointed out with a grin.

"You have a very good point there, Ayan. And Iíve an even better one Ė we should have the place to ourselves tomorrow night as well." He smiled back and rocked his hips forward. "Happy Halloween, love."

"Hmm, shouldnít that be Ďtrick or treatí?" Ran asked, his lips curved in amusement and his eyes once more bright with love and passion.

"And Iím the treat," Yohji purred in anticipation as he tugged on his loverís hair to pull him down for another kiss. "So get busy."


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