First Impressions


by nekojita


For the wonderful Maclynn.  *huggles*


Chloe heaved a heartfelt sigh of relief when he entered the quiet bar. After spending most of the day discussing potential new teammates with Miroghi, he just wanted to enjoy a drink or two to help unwind. While he understood that the team would be more efficient with the addition of several new people, he was rather reluctant to place his life in the hands of strangers he knew very little about. No one who Miroghi had argued for today had struck him as someone he could trust, which was why he’d turned them all down. They either weren’t skilled enough or had some rather disturbing personality traits. He wasn’t asking for much, but any new members being relatively sane, proven professionals and good looking were three very important criteria he wasn’t about to compromise over.

Making his way to the bar at an unhurried pace, he automatically searched the room’s interior for suspicious patrons as unobtrusively as he could. A careful search revealed two regulars and someone new seated at the bar. At first glance of the man, he almost stumbled at the unexpected sight. The main reason he came to this bar when in the need for a drink was because it was out of the way, quiet and small enough that it held little in the way of both surprises and patrons. Not to mention that it actually had some decent beer on tap and a small but fine wine collection. Here he could unwind a little while seated at the bar, the mirror in front of him reflecting back the entire room behind him and the entrance, and if he was in the mood he could have a pleasant chat with the bar’s owner, John. It was not the kind of place where he’d expect to pick up someone since the crowd leaned toward an older, reclusive crowd.

But the man who lifted what looked to be a pint of Guinness to his lips was definitely not very old and was absolutely gorgeous. Decked out in form fitting black leather pants, a tight, knitted black silk sweater and even black gloves, of all things, the man’s pale skin and long, bright red hair stood out even more. There was something exotic to his face, with its long, narrow eyes framed by thick lashes and thin eyebrows. The longer Chloe stared, the more he felt himself smitten. It had been too long since he’d allowed himself a dalliance of any kind, and his body warned him that it was feeling the lack.

However, *he* was a professional (not to mention mostly sane and devastatingly good looking) and not one easily swayed by a pretty face or his libido. Once he got over his initial surprise, he had to wonder if there was a reason why such a gorgeous young man was sitting in his favorite bar. From the tip of the stranger’s head – covered with that thick, red hair pulled into a braid that fell down to the small of the man’s back – to his long legs clad in such clinging leather, he was all Chloe could ask for should he be tempted to have a bit of ‘company’ tonight. That set off a few warning bells and he had to wonder if this was a trap of some sorts.

Unwilling to allow himself to be seen as affected by either lust or a sense of preservation, he continued on his way to the bar and took a seat one bar stool away from the stranger. John smiled in greeting and tilted his head toward the liquor selection in inquiry.

"The usual," Chloe said as he motioned to the line of beer taps. He’d forego the wine tonight, as a beer would allow him more time to sip his drink while he tried to figure out why the stranger was here. John quickly filled the pint glass and set it on a coaster in front of him. As he did so, Chloe arched an eyebrow and tilted his head very slightly in the stranger’s direction.

"Is it still threatening to rain?" John asked, both of his hands rested on the bar as he stood directly between Chloe and the stranger.

"No, I didn’t see any clouds so I doubt we’ll get any rain tonight," Chloe answered, and then took a sip of his beer.

"Ah." John nodded his head and picked up an empty pint glass. "I was just telling Aya here that we really could use some rain. The weather’s finally cooled down to normal, but we haven’t had as much rain this summer as we should. England’s not living up to its reputation of being wet and cold this year!" he finished with a chuckle.

The stranger – Aya, according to John, who could pry a name and country of origin out of anyone who sat down at his bar – turned his head slightly to face both John and Chloe. There was another spark of interest when Chloe noticed the color of the man’s eyes. It wasn’t every day that he saw such a shade of purple, and it just made Aya’s coloring even more exotic and attractive. If Aya was here for some nefarious reason in regards to himself, he had to applaud whoever had picked the man as bait.

John motioned to the glass in Aya’s hands, empty save for about half an inch of beer and foam. "Would you like another pint?" Aya seemed to consider the question before he nodded in agreement.

Taking another sip of his own beer while John poured another pint of Guinness, Chloe offered Aya a warm smile. "So, I hope you’re not here for cool, rainy weather." He assumed from John’s comment that Aya wasn’t a local and had just arrived to London "But at least it should be easier to do some sightseeing if it’s not raining buckets and foggy to boot."

Upon receiving his beer, Aya stared into it for a few seconds before he answered. "I’m not in any particular hurry to see the sights," he said as he shrugged, his deep voice tinged with boredom and a hint of thickness, as if something was bothering him but he didn’t want anyone to know what it was. Chloe’s eyes narrowed in suspicion for a moment before his expression smoothed out, and he enjoyed some more beer.

"You’re new to London, aren’t you? I mean, you certainly don’t sound local," he said, conscious of his own accent.

Aya looked up from his drink to give Chloe a cool, assessing stare before he nodded. "No, definitely not local."

Well, that was certainly an evasive answer. Chloe once again wondered why this too gorgeous man was sitting in this bar on tonight of all nights… but he couldn’t maintain a suspicious feeling for very long. He had a lot of faith in his intuition and it had yet to fail him, and tonight it didn’t make him feel as if Aya was a threat to his well-being. Perhaps it was his hormones talking instead, but he’d always done a good job of thinking with his head and not his libido. A smile curved his lips when he thought about the fact that the best way to see if Aya was a trap of some sorts would be to spring it. After all, if Aya was a threat to Kryptoband, it was his duty to find out and nullify that threat before his employers or teammates were affected. Oh, the sacrifices he made….

"Aya and I were talking about Hong Kong," John said, and motioned to a picture tacked onto the bottom of the bar’s huge mirror. "I told him about my daughter living there, and all the places I saw when I last went for a visit. He’s given me a few new ones to try when I go back next spring."

"If they’re still there," Aya replied in a quiet voice.

"Then I’ll have to find new places, which is half the fun! As long as I don’t get into too much trouble, that is!" John laughed at his own joke, and Aya and Chloe smiled politely in response. Of course Chloe noticed that Aya looked even better when he wasn’t doing his best impression of a blank mask.

Attracted as Chloe was to the redhead, one thing troubled him, though. He had been to Hong Kong once, a couple of years ago, though he’d never mentioned that to John and never would. His memories of the place weren’t the best, and he hadn’t really been there very long to be an expert on its people. So while he felt that there was something a little odd about Aya’s accent, he couldn’t really say that the man was lying. With his exotic looks, Aya might just be half Chinese or Asian, and there was no telling under what circumstances he’d been raised up in.

"If you’ve come from Hong Kong, then I doubt you’re really bothered by the heat," he said to Aya, attention focused on the man’s reactions as he turned on the charm and smiled. All Aya did was shrug again and take another sip of his beer. He appeared about ready to say something, but suddenly got a faraway look in his eyes. Staring unfocused into his beer, he frowned slightly for some reason.

Chloe gave him a few seconds of silence and then tried another tactic once John left to go check up on the two old men seated in a corner. "I have to admit that I’m not a native, but I do know my way around London if you’d like an informal tour guide during your stay." He bestowed upon Aya his most charming smile when the man glanced his way. "I promise you that I know where to find all the best gardens and out of the way shops – ones that the invading hordes of tourists don’t even know about."

Aya lost the faraway expression and gave him a bored look at the offer, seemingly unaffected by the usually very effective charm sent his way. "Then should you be showing them to a tourist? I might not be part of a horde, but I could always tell the others." He didn’t seem very impressed with Chloe – but maybe he was just playing hard to get.

Though there was no reason for it, Chloe felt… a little stung at having his offer shot down so quickly and easily. He didn’t extend his help to strangers very often, even quiet, gorgeous ones. The offer had been phrased in such a way to as come across as nothing more than friendliness and not a pick-up line – though he was left wondering about Aya’s sexual tendencies. If luck was on his side, the man would at least be bisexual, or indeed be bait in some sort of trap. Otherwise, Chloe wouldn’t be having much fun tonight.

However, it really didn’t matter if Aya liked men in a carnal way or not when he couldn’t seem to bother with paying any attention at all to Chloe. That rankled him more than he’d like to admit, not to mention the continuing lack of interest shot down his theory of Aya being here as part of some nefarious scheme.

Chloe soon forgot about his suspicions as he sipped his beer and tried to figure out the stranger. Here he was, gorgeous in his own right, charming and friendly as he could only be in the presence of true beauty, and Aya couldn’t care less. At least, that’s what he gathered when the man once more took to staring into his beer, a distant look to his eyes and a slight frown tugging down his lips.

Still, undaunted in the face of a challenge – in fact, it just spurred him on, Chloe decided it wasn’t time to admit defeat just yet. "I guess I’ll just have to trust you, then. Perhaps I’ll make you swear to never revel the delights I’ll show you, and ensure you have such a wonderful time that you’ll definitely want more." He arched an eyebrow and waited for Aya’s response.

All he got was a deepened frown as Aya actually scowled into his beer now and didn’t even bother to look Chloe’s way. Maybe Aya was straight and realized that he was trying to be picked up or something. Chloe frowned as well, unsure of how to proceed. Normally, by this time his quarry was either perfectly willing to go along with whatever he wanted or made an open declaration to either being straight and/or monogamous. So far, there were no such reactions from Aya. Maybe Chloe was losing his touch or something….

About to try once more to get Aya’s attention, he was just about to tell the man that if he had such a problem with the bar’s beer, he knew someplace that had a very extensive import selection when Aya sighed rather heavily and looked up from his drink. However, his attention didn’t focus on Chloe but rather the bar’s front door. Turning on his stool, Chloe looked in that direction as well.

If Aya was an exotic challenge of a beauty, the two men who walked into the bar were smoldering sex. The first man through the door was another redhead, although his long hair wasn’t as crimson as Aya’s. Pale green eyes were set in a slightly tan face, an eyebrow arched and corner of the mouth raised in a smug, know-it-all smile that seemed to whisper in Chloe’s mind that this stranger knew all his naughty thoughts and was amused rather than disgusted. He wore a dark green coat reminiscent of some type of antique formal jacket along with tight, grey leather pants. A pair of sunglasses was pushed up onto the top of his head and held back his unruly hair.

Behind him was someone just as stunning, although this man possessed a hint of Aya’s exoticness. Chloe drank in the sight of golden skin, dark gold, shoulder-length wavy hair and a startling pair of emerald green eyes half-hidden by a pair of sunglasses. If the first man’s smirk hinted at knowing all of Chloe’s naughty thoughts, this man’s smile said that his put Chloe’s to shame and then some. Like Aya, he was dressed all in black, more skintight leather and silk that showed off a lanky but graceful body. There was what looked to be a black jacket draped over an arm, and he also wore a pair of gloves.

At first Chloe was very appreciative of the sight, and then he once more grew suspicious. Three gorgeous men – two of them appearing Eurasian – showing up at a small, out of the way bar on the same night he decided to stop for a drink or two. While Aya hadn’t seemed to pay him much attention, these two certainly did; their knowing smiles took on a hard edge as they returned Chloe’s stare.

They made a bee-line straight for his section of the bar, and he surreptitiously slid a hand into his lightweight, crushed velvet jacket for a weapon. However, as they approached, they shifted their slightly disturbing attention from him onto Aya.

"Finished with your beer, mein kleines Veilchen?" the other redhead said, his English marred by a heavy German accent. Chloe arched an eyebrow in surprise at the nickname directed at Aya, not something he’d expect to hear in relations to a grown man. But Aya didn’t do anything but nod his head, a frown still on his face.

"Just about. Don’t you want a drink?" he asked, his voice sounding a bit peevish as he gestured to the seats around him at the bar.

The blond sidled closer to Aya and, glancing at Chloe over the top of his sunglasses, slid his left arm around Aya’s waist while he picked up the half-empty pint of Guinness with his right hand. "Don’t mind if I do," he said and then proceeded to finish off the beer in a matter of seconds, head tilted back as he drained it all in one go. Once he was finished, he set the empty glass on the bar and wrapped his right arm around Aya’s waist as well.

Taking another sip of his beer, Chloe did his best not to sigh out loud as some of his questions were answered for him. Aya was both gay and monogamous, from the looks of things, in possession of a very handsome boyfriend who didn’t seem to like to share, if he were any judge of the dirty looks sent his way. Oh well. The other redhead wasn’t too bad, he thought as he wondered if the men were going to stay for a round of drinks or not.

But when he shifted his attention to the German, he was surprised to find him smiling at him – not at all in a good way. There was something definitely smug and a touch evil in the expression, and once again Chloe’s suspicions were raised. He got the sudden impression that these men were not what they seemed, that they were more than a little dangerous and for the first time he felt himself to be faced with some sort of serious threat.

His right hand creeping once again toward a weapon, he found himself shocked still when the German draped himself over Aya’s back. "I’m thinking we’ve more than enough to drink at home, where the atmosphere is much, much nicer." He practically purred the words into Aya’s left ear, and then gave it a lick for good measure. As he did this, he glared at Chloe behind Aya’s back. "Especially up in the bedroom."

For his part, Chloe blinked and pulled his hand out of his jacket. Oh, so that how it was. Maybe Aya wasn’t exactly monogamous after all – at least, not to one person from the looks of things. He finally recognized the danger the men presented to him as one fueled by possessiveness and jealousy. Apparently, he’d attempted to pick up someone already taken twice over. Both the blond and the German glared at him as they held onto Aya and urged him out of the bar.

"Wait a second," Aya snarled as he tried to shrug off the two sets of arms wrapped around his waist and shoulders. "I haven’t paid the bill."

"Blondie, you can take care of it," the German said as he finally managed to get Aya to stand up.

"You’re such a damn cheapskate. Why do I always end up paying for everything?" the blond complained, but he reached into the jacket draped over his left arm and pulled out a wallet. All Chloe could see in the few seconds it was flipped open was a thick wad of cash and no type of identification at all. Several bills were left on the bar, more than enough to pay for Aya’s drinks.

The German flashed him a wicked smile as they made to the door. "Because we make it worth your while," he replied in a husky voice. Once again, his attention drifted to Chloe, who was made recipient of another fierce glare. "Now get your ass in gear or you’re sleeping alone tonight."

There was very little doubt in Chloe’s mind that the men were a threesome, especially when Aya cut through the blond’s complaint to tell the two newcomers that if they didn’t stop arguing, they’d all be sleeping alone tonight. The German and the blond only paused long enough to give Chloe a final glare before they left the bar, Aya firmly tucked between them.

He watched them go and then sighed and leaned back against the bar. "There goes my fun for the night," he mumbled in German, suddenly left with strong feelings of loneliness and frustration. Action and intrigue aside, there wasn’t much to be said for his current occupation, not when it left him this isolated. Perhaps he should reconsider Miroghi’s list again. That way, he might at least have a drinking partner on nights he so desired one, although they probably wouldn’t be anywhere near as sexy as Aya.

A sudden pain lanced through his head. <He’s taken so fuck off> a voice snarled inside his mind, sounding an awful lot like Aya’s German boyfriend. At first it was all Chloe could do to remain seated on the stool, but he quickly pushed the pain aside and stumbled on shaking legs to the door. He pushed it open and leaned outside to search both directions of the quiet street, but he didn’t see any signs of the three men. As John called out from inside the bar to ask if there was anything wrong, he looked both ways one more time before he went back inside to pay for his beer. Thanks to the full-blown headache that he now suffered, he didn’t think it would be a good idea to stay out all night and drink. No, it would be best to go home and lie down.

As he made his way back to his apartment, his head throbbing in pain, he wondered if he hadn’t been right to be a bit suspicious of Aya and his friends after all. Trust the sexy, beautiful ones to always be trouble and taken.


Grinding his teeth together, Aya allowed himself to be hustled into the tall townhouse that was Grau’s newest home. "Could you two have possibly made any more of a scene back there?" he asked, jaw still clenched.

"Hey, *you’re* the one who was letting himself get picked up by some fop of a poser," Yohji shot back as he practically dragged Aya up the stairs. "’I know where all the best gardens are,’" he lisped in a fair imitation of the stranger’s accent. "And I bet where the nearest love hotels are, as well. Dammit, Aya, can’t you stay out of trouble for once?" Yohji looked over his shoulder to scowl at him, and then suddenly winced and clutched at his head. Not about to leave his other lover unscathed, Aya sent a mental whap to a smirking Schu as well.

"Fuck, why did you do that?" Schu grumbled as he pushed Aya up the stairs with his left hand, his right busy massaging his temples. "I didn’t say anything."

<No, but you agreed with Yohji, and don’t think I missed what you did to the man after we left the bar.> Aya decided that *he* was the one who deserved to do some glaring right about now. <Very subtle, Schu.>

"Well, he kept thinking about you and how hot your ass was, so he needed to be taught a lesson," Schu replied. His eyes narrowed in anger as the emotion burned over their link. "Trust you to get picked up in hole in the wall bar by one of the city’s operatives. You really do- ouch! Stop that!"

Not about to have this blamed on his ‘inability to avoid trouble’, Aya sent another mental whap to Schu the same time he pushed past Yohji and went up the stairs. <You’re the two idiots who told me to wait there while you finished your mission!> He let his anger burn over their link as he stomped on up their bedroom on the top floor. Along the way, Ken poked his head out of his and Nagi’s bedroom, saw him, let out a faint curse word and quickly ducked back into his room and slammed the door shut. <I wanted to go to the coffee house down the block!>

Yohji, who recovered from one whap much quicker than Schu could from two, quickly caught up to Aya and grabbed his right hand but didn’t try to stop him. "Yeah, right! Like you’d last ten minutes in a place as crowded like that!"

Fed up with being treated like an invalid, Aya turned to face his lover and was about to give him another stinging headache when he felt a twinge of pain inside his own head. He stilled at the pain and closed his eyes, and then found himself half carried up the last flight of stairs to their room and pushed down onto their bed.

"You shouldn’t be using your power like that," Yohji chided, his voice and emotions tinged with worry. "You’re supposed to be resting." Both he and Schu quickly worked to pull off Aya’s boots.

Aya cracked open an eye to glare at his lovers. <We all are, so why does Schu get away with whapping the guy in the bar?> He rolled onto his side once his boots were off and grabbed a pillow to hug to his chest. As annoyed as he was with his lovers right now, what galled him the most was the fact that he was still affected by the battle with Rosenkreuz. All of Grau had been left drained by the final fight, but he and Nagi were affected the worst because of their talents. He was getting very sick of remaining in their new home with no company other than an exhausted Nagi while his lovers and teammates were kept busy with setting up things in their new location.

Yohji stretched out on the bed in front of him as Schu pressed against his back. <I know you’re bored silly, but you’re still a little weak which means your shields aren’t at their best. At least you got to go outside for a bit tonight – Nagi’s lucky if he gets out of bed most days,> Yohji said in an effort to soothe. He stroked his left hand through Aya’s hair, fingers making their way to the end of the braid to work on the hair tie.

Not to be outdone, Schu began to skillfully massage Aya’s shoulders. "Well, Nagi is in a bit of a worse shape than you, but I think Ken’s the main reason he’s not getting out of bed." He and Yohji shared a few snickers while Aya reminded himself of why he loved the two idiots. They certainly hadn’t been on their best behavior tonight.

"And you were the one who was letting some stranger pick you up tonight," Schu grumbled and snaked an arm around Aya’s shoulders.

"I. Did. No. Such. Thing." Aya was back to grinding his teeth and would have turned around to physically smack Schu if he wasn’t wedged between his two lovers.

"Okay, maybe you didn’t let him pick you up but you certainly weren’t discouraging him," Yohji said, not about to be left out of the fight.

At least Aya could glare at him. "He works for Kryptobrand, I thought it best to just ignore him rather than kick his ass." He tried to ignore Yohji’s fingers as they gently massaged his scalp as well as the light kisses Schu pressed against the back of his neck. <Stop that!>

<Hmm, let me think… uhm, no.> Schu pressed closer against his back. <You could have at least told him to ‘fuck off’. You’ve no trouble telling that to Yohji and me.>

<Because you piss me off on a daily basis,> he barely managed to snap back, especially when Schu’s hands slid beneath his sweater. <Besides… too busy talking to you.> He only had a tenuous grip on his anger now, made all the more weaker when Yohji began to kiss him. <Your… fault….>

"You’re just too sexy, Sweetie," Yohji murmured against his lips. "We need to keep a better eye on you."

If he wasn’t being kissed with enough skill and passion to make his head spin, not to mention Schu’s hand sneaking its way down into his pants, Aya liked to think he’d have pointed out the stupidity of that statement, but unfortunately his brain decided to shut down at that moment. There was a hint of smug amusement from his lovers before desire took over, and all he could do was hope to remember the argument later. Right now, his only concern was the fact that they were all wearing too many clothes.

That wasn’t a problem for very long as the three of them quickly began to tug on and pull off whatever bit of fabric they could find. Schu was choked a bit when Aya and Yohji were a little too eager to take off his shirt without bothering with the buttons, but wasn’t permanently harmed. Soon enough, their clothes were strewn across the room and they were left naked on the bed, hands frantically roaming over each other’s bodies.

Aya hissed at the intensity of their emotions, at the way they fed back onto each other’s and quickly built into something so powerful he almost forgot to breathe. He knew his lovers felt the same way when Schu panted against the side of his neck and Yohji shivered for several seconds, but they quickly adjusted to the barrage of feelings. Even after a couple of years it still shook them with its intensity that only grew as time went along, but they’d learned how to handle it.

Still, it seemed unfair that it always took him a little longer to adjust to the searing emotions than either of his lovers. All he could do was lie there and not hyperventilate when Yohji stopped kissing his way down Aya’s neck and Schu’s hand lightly cupped Aya’s balls. "Hmmm, any suggestions?" Yohji asked as his hand wrapped around Aya’s cock and began to stroke.

Images flashed through their mind, all the positions they’d done before and Aya moaned at the remembered ecstasy. So many ways… he never could decide and never regretted what his lovers decided upon. A picture formed of him sandwiched between his lovers, Schu’s thick cock buried deep inside of him, Yohji’s wonderful body clenched tight around his own cock as they all moved together.

<Oh yeah, let’s remind the little ingrate of how good he really has it. No prissy blond twit will be able to match that.> Schu nuzzled Aya’s neck as he spoke, his hard cock pressed against the crack of Aya’s ass until Aya felt an ache from the need to have it thrusting inside of him.

"Didn’t… want him…," Aya managed to stutter, an amazing feat considering the fact that his lovers had their hands on his cock and balls while they filled his mind with what would happen next.

"’Course not, you got us," Schu said right before the fingers of his free hand twined through Aya’s hair and pulled gently on it, until Aya turned his head to face his lover. While Schu proved that he was just as great a kisser as Yohji, Yohji moved away to grab the lube from the nightstand and knelt just out of Aya’s reach.

"And no one can hold a candle to us," Yohji replied, hands busy with opening the bottle of lube. "But we’ve no problem in proving that to you, Ayan." He smiled just then, the picture of utter wantonness with his tousled, shoulder length hair, lean body covered only with a gleam of sweat and his very impressive cock jutting up proud and hard. Aya lost what little breath Schu had left him with just at the sight of his gorgeous lover.

<On your knees, > Schu urged him, and he managed to make his body obey though it meant he lost contact with both of his lovers. He faced Yohji and felt the breath catch in his throat when the slick fingers of Yohji’s right hand crept past that impressive cock and its nest of blond curls, down further to disappear into Yohji’s body. Yohji gave him a wink as pleasure coursed through them all, both at Aya and Schu’s appreciation for his body and the show put on for their benefit, and the feel of a slick finger pressing inside. Then Aya let the air out in a quick hiss when he felt Schu kiss him on both ass cheeks before parting them.

Aya tossed his head back at the sensation of Schu’s tongue against his opening, hot and wet and so damn teasing at it began to move in circles. It wasn’t until he felt Yohji’s fingers skim over his face that he looked at his other lover and became enraptured at the sight of Yohji still preparing himself. The knowledge that he would soon be inside that golden body, would feel Yohji hot and tight around him, the emotions Yohji felt as he fucked him….

<And me in you,> Schu reminded them, just as his tongue pushed into Aya’s body. <I’ll fuck you hard, fuck you right into Yotan until you both scream.> His right hand crept over Aya’s hip until it could wrap around Aya’s cock. <You’re already opening up for me. Hmm, guess you want me that bad, eh little violet?>

All he could do just then was moan, but Yohji managed to answer for him. <He wants us both.> Yohji smiled and stopped stretching himself, which made Aya moan again as the wonderful show came to an end. He managed to reach out with one arm and snag it around Yohji’s waist to pull his lover close. Yohji laughed and didn’t resist but crawled forward on his knees, his hand on his cock to offer it to Aya’s open mouth. "He wants all of us." Then it was his turn to moan as Aya’s lips wrapped around his cock. ‘Dammit, Aya, that’s good."

<Don’t come too soon, Blondie, not when Aya’s found a potential substitute for you. He’s not as pretty but he might do.> Schu’s voice was a touch nasty, though it was directed at the stranger in the bar, not Yohji. Upset that he was allowing the argument to taint their pleasure, Aya managed a slight whap to his idiot lover’s mind, then focused on taking as much as Yohji’s cock as possible down his throat.

"Keep that up, Schu, and you’ll be left out of the fun," Yohji warned, his voice uneven as he once again shivered in pleasure. He rocked his hips forward a few times, his cock sliding deep down Aya’s throat and then he forced himself to pull away. "Save that for later, Ayan," he managed to gasp after a couple of seconds.

Schu’s tongue speared inside Aya’s body one more time and then he pulled away, too, which made Aya whine in frustration at losing contact with both of his lovers. Rising up, Aya grabbed ahold of Yohji’s arms and pulled him close for a kiss, determined to enjoy him one way or another. <I thought you were supposed to prove something to me,> Aya reminded the two idiots, unwilling to put up with being teased for too long tonight. He had two gorgeous men in bed with him, naked, and willing – and he really would consider finding someone else to replace them if they didn’t start fucking soon.

<We heard that,> Schu’s voice whispered inside his head at the same time his knees were urged farther apart. Aya let out a happy little sigh when Schu pressed against his back and his lover’s slick, hard cock rubbed against his ass. Not to be left out, Yohji stroked his hand along Aya’s cock a few times to spread some lube before he moved to kneel in front of him, on all fours with his perfect ass up in the air.

<We’ll get you back for that in a little bit,> Yohji warned as images of Aya tied up in black rope and eyes blindfolded flashed through all of their minds. <But right now we’re all horny as hell.> He wiggled his ass just then, and Aya didn’t need more of an invitation than that.

Schu waited for him to enter Yohji first, so they could all feel how damn *good* it was to sink into Yohji’s body, how pleasurable it was to feel that body slowly clench along Aya’s cock until he couldn’t hold back a whimper. Yohji moaned deep in his throat while Schu cursed softly, their minds utterly entangled together in ecstasy and love.

Aya had just pulled back and began to thrust forward again when Schu snapped his hips and drove his cock into Aya’s ass. Someone hissed at the sudden invasion – maybe Aya, maybe all three of them but they couldn’t tell, not when the link was swamped with such potent emotion. True to his word, Schu began to fuck Yohji through Aya, set a pounding pace with each forceful thrust of his hips.

His hands latched onto Yohji’s hips, all Aya could do was toss back his head and cry out from the intense pleasure. Schu in him, Yohji around him, their thoughts fused together until it became impossible to tell who felt what, all that mattered was motion and ecstasy. Their sweat-covered bodies pressed tightly against each others, skin stuck to skin as they tried to go in even deeper, to take in even more. Each and every touch fired along their nerves and made them tremble in pleasure.

The ecstasy climbed higher as someone’s hand wrapped around Yohji’s neglected cock, as ardent lips pressed against Aya’s neck. There was a tumbled mix of each other’s names, pleas, curses and broken dirty talk both spoken out loud and telepathically, more to spur them on as eager hands moved along slick flesh, as hips rocked back and forth even faster. Captured between his lovers, Aya struggled to breath in air that was immediately expelled by a particularly sharp thrust or teasing, clenching motion. He felt his very identity begin to fade beneath the barrage of ecstasy, too much emotion from within and without for him to do anything but give in to it.

Hands tightened on hips, tangled in hair as they fought to not lose their hold on each other, their bodies slick with sweat. They trembled against each other, arms wrapped around each other, mouths moving over whatever bit of skin they could reach and all the while, the motion never stopped. It fed off the pleasure and spurred them on, as deep within each other as they could go, nerves tingling even stronger with each thrust and withdrawal-

Until someone finally, impossibly stopped, body shaking with orgasm and mind blanked with release, a sudden precipitous drop into bliss that shot through them all. There was a kaleidoscope of searing emotions that left them even more dazed before it gradually resolved itself into individual thoughts and personalities, until Aya once more realized where his mind and body began and ended. As the bliss faded away, he was left in a tangled heap with his lovers, nerves still tingling with shared pleasure and a deep sense of contention and love.

"We’d be fucking *rich* if we could ever bottle that," Schu managed to croak, his arms wrapped loosely around Aya’s waist.

Yohji, who somehow ended up draped over Aya’s thighs, pushed back his sweat-dampened hair with a shaky hand and laughed. "We’re already rich, and I don’t feel like sharing." He placed a kiss on Aya’s right hip. "Gives me something to be smug about when I think about what everyone else is missing out on."

Shifting away from Schu, Aya let out a slow hiss when his lover’s now flaccid cock slipped out of his body. <I don’t know what you two were worried about,> he said, suddenly reminded on the evening’s events. <Doubt I’ll find something like that with anyone else.>

<Damn right you won’t be that lucky,> Schu informed him with a kiss to the back of his neck. Then Schu slowly twisted about on the bed until he could lean over Yohji and give him a kiss as well. <Not only did you find two lovers to build such a strong telepathic link with, but they’re utterly gorgeous, stunningly sexy and amazingly fabulous to boot.> Both Schu and Yohji managed cocky grins to give Aya while they fluttered their eyelashes. "Face it, Ayan, you hit the jackpot with us."

Stretched out on the bed, body pleasantly sore but hair tangled and stuck to his skin, Aya thought about just how fortunate he really was. <You left out the ‘blithering idiots’ part.>

For two men who had just finished an incredibly intense round of sex, Schu and Yohji managed to move with surprising speed. They prevented Aya from sitting up and flanked him on each side, Yohji’s hands threaded through his hair to force him to look up while Schu stroked a teasing, tickling hand along his body. "But a pair of idiots you’re stuck with, na?" Yohji asked, the stern expression on his face belied by the twinkling amusement in his lovely eyes.

Aya didn’t need any time to think of an answer. "Forever, it seems." He slid his right hand around Yohji’s neck and yanked the idiot down for a kiss. As he tasted his lover, his left hand reached down, grabbed a handful of Schu’s hair and gently tugged upward. Schu got the hint and pushed Yohji aside for his own kiss, and once Aya was left breathless and semi-aroused, the two kissed each other, right above him.

<Besides the fact that the guy in the bar was nothing special, there’s no way I’d miss out on something like this.> He drank in the sight of his two beautiful lovers kissing each other, enjoyed the pleasure they derived from each other and reached out to stroke his fingers through their hair. That reminded him that he was rather uncomfortable lying on his own hair, so he reluctantly scooted back a little so he could sit up.

Yohji and Schu broke off the kiss, Yohji moving to pick up a brush from the nightstand while Schu rested his head on Aya’s lap. <You’re definitely a very lucky man, little violet, and Yohji and I will work hard to make sure you never forget that,> Schu informed him, a wicked smile curving his lips.

"Hmmm." Aya gave a non-committal answer but knew his lovers could feel how much he truly cared for and adored them. Especially when Yohji began to carefully comb through all the tangles in his hair, something he echoed as he used his fingers to do the same to Schu’s unruly mop.

"I’ll have you know, some people pay a fortune to get their hair to look like this," Schu replied, his voice sleepy and his eyes half-closed.

"So should I stop?" Aya asked, his throat slightly sore.

"Not on your life." Schu tilted his head to place a quick kiss onto Aya’s thigh.

"It’s not as if you’ll make it any better," Yohji said as he continued to comb out all the knots in Aya’s hair. "Or make it any worse, to be honest. Talk about bed-head."

"You’re just jealous, Blondie. My hair always looks wantonly tousled while yours is just a few points of humidity away from permanent frizz," Schu shot back.

Not about to be caught between the two morons as they picked yet another fight, Aya worked up the energy for two mental whaps and sent them on their way. <Definitely no more issues of Cosmopolitan for you two. You’re actually discussing each other’s hair. That’s rather frightening.>

Schu pouted and rubbed his sore head. "Says the man who’s doing his own Rapunzel impersonation."

Using Aya’s hair like a whip, Yohji slapped some of the strands against Schu’s face. "Hey, I happen to like it long like this, and you’re the one who flipped out the last time he got it trimmed." There was silence for a few seconds, and then Yohji chuckled. <Besides, I’m hoping to see him do a Lady Godiva myself.> An image of Aya, stark naked except for his hair while on top of a huge white horse, was shared.

Feeling a headache coming on, Aya pondered on just exactly how long forever really was. <You’re both sick idiots, I’ll have you know. No wonder you’re worried that I’ll run off with someone else.>

Yohji’s arms wrapped around his shoulders while Schu sat up and straddled his lap. "That’s never gonna happen, Sweetie," Yohji whispered in his ear right before he began to suck on its lobe.

<Yeah.> Schu kissed right below his other ear, in the spot that always made Aya shiver in delight. <We’ll just have to keep reminding you of that fact until you finally know better.>

Once again trapped between his lovers, all Aya could do was moan softly and tug them closer. As much as he hated to prove them right, there was no way he’d ever give this up.


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