by nekojita


Some credit is due to Dori, who helped me brainstorm on this fic. Thanks, lady! Now get drawing on that pic!!! And many thanks to my beta brigade.


"Kudoh, if you donít stop dragging me down the street, I _will_ break your legs."

"Come on, Ay~a. We have to get there early or weíll be stuck waiting forever for an appointment," Yohji chided as he continued to haul his boyfriend to their destination. One of his fantasies was finally happening and he couldnít wait. Nor was he going to listen to the manís bitching. At least, not until Aya growled at him in a spectacularly vicious fashion. Immediately releasing the manís hand, Yohji settled for walking behind his lover and nudging him along. Oh, he so couldnít wait til they got to the shop.

Several minutes and a couple shi-neís later, the two assassins finally reached their destination: a tattoo parlor. Yohji held the door open and ushered his lover inside then hurried over to the counter where a young woman with blue hair and various facial piercings was perusing a magazine. "Hey, is Enjoji here?"

"Yeah, just showed up a couple minutes ago. Take it you want a tattoo?" The girl closed her magazine and stared at the attractive blond man with interest.

Preening a bit under her gaze, Yohji tucked back a strand of his hair and gestured to a glowering Aya, who was dressed in his usual all black. "Actually, heís the one who wants the tattoo. Iím here for a piercing." Heíd finally struck a deal with his lover: Aya would get a tattoo if Yohji got a piercing, either a nipple or his navel. The older man had been toying with the idea of a navel ring of his own, considering his wardrobe and sexy bod, if it helped to facilitate his dreams of getting his own personal brand on his kitten, so much the better.

"Well, Iím Seiko, and I handle the piercings. Let me tell Enjoji that heís got a customer, and Iíll be right back." The young woman vanished, leaving Yohji alone with Aya. He immediately hurried over to the smaller manís side.

"Itíll just be a couple of minutes; are you nervous?" He stroked a hand along a pale arm and got snarled at for his concern. "Hmm, someone is in a grouchy mood this morning."

Aya snorted and batted at the hand that was tugging on one of his eartails. "It might have something to do with finding out that someone switched my shift in the Koneko without my knowledge, all so we could get this done today. Couldnít we have waited til a day off and have made an appointment?"

Yohji tilted up the swordsmanís face and lightly kissed the frowning mouth. "Hey, itís not every day that you tell me you want a tattoo, so I apologize if Iím a little eager to see that you get one." Not to mention the fact that he wanted it done before Aya changed his mind. As it was, his lover had idly commented about thinking about getting one as he had traced a finger over the tattoo on Yohjiís arm last night as they were tucked in their bed. When the blond had joked that heíd get a piercing so the two matched, Aya had shocked him by saying that he had a deal. Yohji had immediately found an excuse to leave their bedroom to hurry out and track down Ken, informing the soccer fanatic that he was opening the Koneko the following morning. Although Yohji was going to be stuck covering two afternoon shifts for that swap, it was more than worth it.

Seiko stuck her head around the corner and announced that Enjoji was ready. Aya immediately set off for the back of the small parlor with Yohji at his heels. They followed the girl to a small cubicle that had various artworks and photos covering all three walls. A man who appeared to be in his mid fifties, grizzled looking with grey hair and goatee, waved his cigarette at a chair that wouldnít have been out of place in a dentistís office. "Which one of you is getting the tattoo?" Brown eyes squinted in Yohjiís direction as he pointed to Aya. "Werenít you in here a few years ago? Cross with wings, banner in English?"

"Thatís me. I brought you some new business."

"Huhn. Hope thereís no English with this one; I only remember the design because it was such a bitch to do the words. What do you want, Red, and where?"

"He wants-"

"Kudoh, shut up and leave."

Yohji stared at his lover, who was scowling back at him. "What gives, Aya?"

"Iím the one getting the tattoo - I get to pick what it will be. Now go get your piercing; I donít want you to see it until Iím done." When the lanky man hesitated, clearly unhappy about not getting his say in the design, the scowl got bumped up to a shi-ne glare. "KudohÖ"

Damn. Maybe he should have made an appointment, that way he could have cleared the tattoo with Enjoji beforehand. A bit upset, Yohji followed Seiko to her area of the parlor, smiling when an idea came into his head. "You have a piece of paper and pen handy?"

The young woman gestured to a notepad that rested on top of a small table, along with several jewelry catalogs that specialized in designer rings and bars. Pausing to look at a gold ring embellished with an emerald, Yohji briefly reflected on how that would look great on him before jotting down a few words and wrapping the paper around two •10,000 bills. "Could you please give this to Enjoji? Itís really important."

Seiko shrugged her shoulders. "Alright. You can flip through the magazines while Iím gone to get an idea of what you want."

Doing just that, Yohji picked up one of the magazines and started to check out the various styles of piercings available. After a few pages, however, the playboy quickly set it aside and shuddered. What the hell possessed people to do that to themselves?

As he was checking out the jewelry catalogs, Seiko reappeared. "Here, he said to give this back to you." Yohji was very disappointed when his note and money were returned to him. "He said it wasnít worth his life."

Damn. Maybe he should have gotten his boyfriend drunk first before coming here.

"So, what are we doing today?"

"Uh, a navel piercing, if you donít mind. And I want this ring." He showed Seiko the one he had picked out: the gold one with the emerald stone.

"Iím gonna have to order that for you. Weíll give you a stainless steel one for starters, and when youíre healed weíll swap the rings. Now sit down on the chair and lift your shirt."

Yohji did as he was told and smiled when Seiko raised an eye at how low slung his jeans were, which had been hidden by his untucked dress shirt. "Guess I donít have to ask you to pull them down, now do I? Let me disinfect the area and weíll be done in a matter of seconds." She swabbed some disinfectant all over Yohjiís belly button after pulling on a pair of gloves. Next she reached for a small plastic package. "This will only hurt for a few seconds. Now do me a favor and hold your breath." Seiko held the needle up, and all Yohji could do was stare at it.


Having finally worked up the nerve to peek in on his boyfriend, Yohji walked into Enjojiís cubicle, only to find that the man was almost done. "Okay, thatís it. Leave it covered for the next several hours and make sure to keep it moist for the next few days. Itíll heal better if it doesnít dry out." Enjoji finished taping the gauze to the small of Ayaís back as he gave out the instructions. "Keep me in mind if you ever want another tattoo."

"Thank you." Aya adjusted his pants and raised an eyebrow at the lanky man. "All finished?"

"Yeah. What did you get?"

The pale man just shook his head as he adjusted his pants a little lower on his hips and walked back to the front of the parlor. "Youíll find out later." Aya didnít say another word until the tattoo was paid for and they were back on the street.

"So, how does it feel?"

Yohji blinked at the question and chuckled nervously. "Heh, no pain at all. How about you?"

"Like I got sunburned or something." There was a hint of humor in the deep voice, making Yohji look at his lover intently. "I think I prefer tattoos to piercings."

Not sure what Aya meant by that, Yohji once more chuckled nervously and changed the subject. "What did you get? My name? A picture of my face? ĎI love Momí?"

Aya didnít say a word as he merely shook his head, a slight smile on the pale lips. Yohji kept tossing out possibilities, each one more ridiculous than the one before, all the way back to the Koneko. Once the two men arrived at the shop they had to pitch in to help a frantic Ken with a late lunch crowd, which bled into the after school rush, followed by the just out of work customers who wanted a few flowers to take home. The whole time, Yohjiís eyes kept straying to the small of Ayaís back, wondering what his lover had gotten inked there.


Aya had set the last of the clean dishes in the drying rack for Ken to take care of when Yohji finally made his move. Pouncing on the smaller man, Yohji grabbed a slender wrist and hauled his lover up to their bedroom. "Quit growling at me, Aya, Iím dying of curiosity here." He didnít stop until they made it into the room, sending the redhead flying onto the bed and then straddling the manís back as he yanked up his black shirt. The damn medical tape refused to easily peel off of the pale skin.

"Kudoh, are you insane? Stop that, youíre ripping off flesh there." Twisting about suddenly, Aya managed to knock Yohji off of both him and the bed. As he glared menacingly at the older man, he reached back to tease off the bandage. "Youíre such a fucking child."

"Whatever. What did you get?" Yohji crawled back on top of the bed and waited impatiently for Aya to reveal the tattoo. When the gauze finally came off, he jerked up the shirt once more, earning another growl, and stared at the permanent artwork.

Enjoji had done a fantastic job: a purple orchid the exact color of Ayaís eyes was nestled in the small of the manís back, curling along its emerald green stem. "Thatís it?"

"What do you mean, Ďthatís ití?" Aya glared at Yohji over his left shoulder.

"Why an orchid?" Why not ĎProperty of Yohji Kudohí, or something along those lines?

Aya shook his head and got off the bed, leaving the room in a clearly pissed off manner. Yohji watched his lover leave and wondered what heíd done this time. It was he who should be angry at the moment, considering how disappointed he was. What the hell had possessed Aya to get a flower on his back? Didnít they see enough of them every damn day? And now heíd be staring at yet another one each time he fucked Aya from behind, dammit. Couldnít the man have taken that into consideration when heíd made his decision? Life was so fucking unfair.

Wondering what the swordsman was up to, Yohji went out to the hall where he saw that the bathroom door was open. Investigating the matter, he found Aya in the room trying to wash his new tattoo. "Here, let me help." The blond snatched the washcloth out of the smaller manís hand and gently wiped the skin clean. "Whereís the ointment?" The tube was handed to him, and Yohji carefully spread it on Ayaís back. When that was done, he stepped closer to his boyfriend, breathing in the manís scent. Ah well, he could get used to the tattoo he thought as he kissed the back of a slender neck.

Aya, however, didnít appear to be in the mood. The redhead spun around and shoved Yohji away from him. "You still donít know why I got it, do you?"

"Because you like flowers?" Ouch, that was a nasty look. Yohji instinctively put a little more space between him and the other assassin. "Or because of your nameÖ?" Maybe Aya had wanted a reminder of his past. The glare only became more evil in nature, something that Yohji would have sworn to be impossible until he happened to see it. "Okay, why then?"

Once more leaving the room in a huff, Aya pulled his shirt down as he walked through the door. "Itís a cattelya orchid."

It took a few moments for the impact of those words to sink into Yohjiís head. Cattelya orchid -- his code flower. Hell, Aya _had_ gotten his name tattooed on his flesh, more or less. Suddenly feeling very happy, Yohji ran after the man. He found him in their bedroom changing into a pair of workout clothes. Stepping behind the quiet man, Yohji encased Aya in his arms, earning a pointy elbow to his ribs.

"Ow. Dammit, kitten, Iím sorry. Sorta forgot all about the code flowers. Thank you." Though ĎProperty of Yohji Kudohí would have been better appreciated. There werenít too many people out there that knew of their codenames, but at least Mastermind should have a fit when he found out that Aya had gotten a tattoo connected to Yohji permanently inked on his back.

"Youíre an asshole, Kudoh." Aya didnít fight the hold this time, and even let Yohji nibble on his neck. Sliding his hands along the manís naked chest, Yohji let them drift about until they came across Ayaís nipples. He tweaked them between his fingers as he sucked on the spot right below his loverís right ear, earning a mewl for his efforts. However, when he started to rub against the loverís delectable bottom, Aya pulled away.

"Itís a little sore," he said, referring to the tattoo. Then Aya smiled slightly and tugged at the hem of Yohjiís red shirt. "Your turn; I want to see what you got."

Oh shit. Yohji tried to pull away, but Aya had a good grip on his shirt and yanked it up. He stared at his unadorned belly and chest. "Please donít tell me that you got pierced _there_."

Remembering the pictures in the magazines Seiko had told him to look through, Yohji shivered in horror as he crossed his hands over his groin. "Fuck no."

An elegant crimson eyebrow raised in inquiry. "Whereís the piercing, Kudoh?" he asked in a deceptively quiet voice.

It was never a good thing when Aya spoke in that tone of voice. Yohji once more tried to back away from the man, only to be jerked forward by the grip on the waistband of his jeans. "KudohÖ"

"Heh, itís a funny thing, really. I didnít get pierced."

"YohjiÖ" Aya hissed out, violet eyes flashing with anger. "The deal was, I would get a tattoo if you got a piercing. Were you lying to me?"

"Gods, no. I really meant to get one, I swear, love."

Aya didnít seem to believe him, only glaring at the blond in silence as he crossed his arms over his chest. Yohji recognized the look on the pale face only too well. He better start explaining himself very quickly or heíd be sleeping on the couch for a week or three. "I really was going to get one, even picked out this great ring. But there was no way I was going to let her shove that fucking awl into my body! Have you seen the size of the needles they use?"

"Iím familiar with them, Yohji, having been pierced myself. Are you actually telling me you didnít go through with it because of the needle? You have a damn tattoo and a pierced ear; since when are you afraid of the things?"

His pride in question, what with the Ďaí word being mentioned, Yohji jerked a hand through his hair as he glared back at his lover. "That was not a fucking needle! You couldíve used that to punch through leather. Itís nothing compared to tattoo or shot needles. Iím not letting anything bigger than them anywhere near my body, let alone inside of it."

"Iím well acquainted with that fact, Kudoh, considering ourÖ relationship." What the hell did Aya mean by that? Judging that heíd been insulted, but not quite understanding how, Yohji decided to be the one growling for once.

"Well, Iím sorry love, but there was no fucking way I was going to let myself get stabbed like that. Iíve spent way too much time avoiding Berserker doing just that to let some chick do it and have me actually pay her for the privilege!"

The smaller man stared back at him for a moment and then set about gathering up a few belongings. Wondering why Aya was draping his robe, some clean boxers and a change of clothes over his arm, Yohji stood in perplexed silence until his lover started for the door. "Where are you going now? Taking a shower?" Perhaps they could make up after scrubbing each otherís back. Or before. Or before and after. Yohji suddenly remembered what they had been getting up to before the latest fight had broken out.

"No." Aya closed the door behind him, right in his face.

Trailing after the man, Yohji found him walking into the spare bedroom and had another door closed in his face. "What are you doing in there, love?" he asked with a sinking feeling in his stomach.

"Sleeping. Go away, Kudoh."

Fuck. This was worse than him being booted onto the couch in their bedroom. Trying the doorknob, Yohji found it to be locked. "And you have the nerve to call me childish, Aya. Open the door."


"Aya!" Giving the knob one more jiggle, Yohji let go of it and kicked the door. Dammit, why did this have to happen to him? The day had started out so great and here he was, faced with the prospect of no Aya, hence no sex for at least the night. If he was lucky. Yohji wondered just how painfully heíd be killed if he picked the lock. When his survival instinct kicked in, he went in search of a bottle of lotion. Ken probably had some.


Yohji sighed as he looked at Aya over the bouquet of wisteria he was assembling for a customer. The redhead was still ignoring him. Aya hadnít left the spare room all night long, and hadnít said so much as a word to Yohji when he came down to work his shift with the man. Dammit, how the hell was he supposed to patch things up when the stubborn fool wouldnít give him a chance? He refused to sleep alone another night.

"Hey Aya, do you need any help with that order?"

"ÖÖ" The younger man didnít even bother to look up from the arrangement of roses and babies breath at the question. Gritting his teeth as he finished with the bouquet and rang the customer up, Yohji stalked over to where his boyfriend was working. Heíd had it with the silent treatment.

"Listen, Aya, I didnít mean to trick you into a tattoo. I really did plan on going through with the deal. But you were the one to bring up the topic, which I donít think you would have done Ė hey, come back here!" Aya had just set the flowers on the worktable and walked away as Yohji tried to state his case. Oh, he wanted to shake some manners into that pretty head real bad at the moment. Chasing after his lover, Yohji had yet another fucking door slammed into his face as Aya entered the kitchen. And wouldnít you know it, the bastard had locked it behind him. Fumbling for his keys, Yohji heard the chime set above the door of the flowershop sound and grudgingly went down to greet the customer.

Who turned out to be Omi. "Great, just who I want to see. Do me a favor, chibi, and watch the store for a few minutes. I have to go straighten out a certain redhead."

"But Yohji, I just came back from school. Give me a few minutes to change. And what have you done to make poor Ayan angry this time?" Omi stared at him accusingly.

Why the hell was it that whenever he and his kitten had a fight, _Yohji_ was the one to be blamed? Everyone seemed to forget that he was dating a short-tempered, socially backward, ungrateful little wretch. If Aya didnít have the finest ass on the face of the planet, Yohji would have deemed the man too high-maintenance for words and moved on by now. Really, he would have. Ah, who the hell was he kidding?

"Iím waiting, Yohji-kun."

Yohji snapped back to reality to find Omi standing in front of him, arms crossed over his chest and tapping his left foot. "Well, itís not like I did anything intentionally this time. Aya feels that I reneged on a deal between the two of us." He quickly explained the matter to the teenager, holding out his hands to show the size of the needle Seiko had wanted to jab him with.

Omi didnít seem terribly convinced. The little shit; he probably poked himself by accident with his darts all the time, which was why he wasnít very impressed. "Fine, go get changed and get your ass back down here." Yohji stomped over to the counter and commenced to do some serious pouting while he smoked a cigarette. At least one of his favorite pleasures was still available to him. Though heíd take a little fun in the greenhouse with his kitten over a pack of smokes any day. Puffing along, he didnít move until he heard some footsteps. About damn time the chibi was back; how fucking long did it take to change into a pair of shorts?

About to berate the youth, Yohji dropped his cigarette when he saw Aya standing behind Omi actually looking at him for the first time that day. He smiled at the redhead and got a grunt in return. Damn, someone was still pissed at him. Better get the groveling out of the way so he could put into action that greenhouse idea. What Yohji didnít put up with for a little sex.

"Alright, Aya, Iím sorry. You win. Iíll go get the fucking piercing." After he stopped by a bar for some drinks that was. No way in hell was he letting Seiko attack him while he was sober.

All Aya did in the wake of his gracious defeat was shake his head and frown. "I donít give a damn about the piercing, Yohji."

Then why the hell had he been cut off last night? "Right, Aya, you just normally slam doors in my face and leave me to sleep alone all night long. Try telling me another one."

"Ah, Yohji-kun, I donít think Ė"

Face set with anger, Aya stepped closer to Yohji and cut off Omiís attempt at playing peacekeeper. "Thatís only part of it, Kudoh. I get something personal, something I thought might make you happy inked on me, and you act all shitty. ĎThatís it?í What were you expecting? ĎYohji Kudohís: Donít touchí or something?"

Something must have shown on his face, because his lover became even more pissed off. "You fucking bastard. You donít own me," Aya hissed as he clenched his hands into fists.

The hell Yohji didnít. He put up with Ayaís insecurities and nasty temper, bent over backwards to make the man happy, and put up with a psychopathic telepath all the time; he sure as hell owned Aya. "Letís just say that Iíd have picked something other than a damn flower."

"And what if I wanted you to get a tattoo that said ĎAya Fujimiyaís: Touch and dieí?"

"At least Iíd know that you cared that fucking much! Geez, Aya, keep acting like you have the past night, and Iíll be completely convinced that you hate my guts."

"Guys, stop fighting!" Both men stopped glaring at each other long enough to look at the teenager who had screamed at them. Omi huffed a few breaths as he scowled at them. "I donít want the two of you fighting, especially here in the Koneko. I donít care how, but kiss and make up right now. Stop being idiots or come to a compromise or another bet or whatever, I donít care." Blue eyes stared at them, promising worlds of pain if they didnít heed what the boy said.

Yohji mumbled as he adjusted the sunglasses on his face, refusing to admit even to himself that he was unnerved by a mere look from Omi. "I offered to get the damn piercing."

Aya sighed as he rubbed his temples. "Kudoh, I wouldnít want to offend your delicate sensibilities and make you have something so big and long shoved into your precious body."

Omi cleared his throat just when Yohji started cursing. "Aya-kun, you are not helping matters." What really galled the playboy was that his lover didnít even flinch from the look the chibi was giving him. "What, you want Yohji-kun to get a tattoo instead?"


A crazy idea came to Yohji all of a sudden. "Wait, the chibi said something about another bet. I think I know how we can settle this." Aya gazed at him levelly as an eyebrow arched in inquiry. It looked as if the man was actually interested in hearing him out. Oh this was going to be good. Yohji had never lost any of their bets; he was sure to win this one. And then heíd get what he wanted. "The loser has to get a tattoo or piercing the winner picks out, whatever and wherever that will be. That sound acceptable?"

"How do we decide who wins?" Aya asked. Yohji turned to Omi and smiled at the younger blond.

"Yotan, you want me to decide? Really?"

"Yeah, chibi. Seems the fairest way." It would probably come down to sales again, or some other silly game, knowing Omi.

Needless to say, Yohji wasnít expecting the answer that sweet, mostly innocent Omi came up with. "Alright then, weíll make it simple. Yohji, you have to keep your hands off of Aya for a whole twenty-four hours. Starting right now."

The playboy could only stare in horror at his teammate. Twenty-four hours, no Aya? After already being deprived of the man for a day? He had to be hearing things. "What was that?"

Omi slowly enunciated each word. "No touching Aya, at all, for twenty-four hours. Do you need your hearing checked out, Yotan?"

Oh, he so wanted to smack the smirk off of Omiís mouth. The chibi had betrayed him in a way most foul. Turning to look at his lover, Yohji caught a slight smile on the manís lips. Dammit, why wasnít Aya as crushed as he was? Didnít he realize that he wasnít going to get any for another day? Spend another night without Yohji Kudoh driving him wild with pleasure? Was the man insane? Actually, that answered a lot of suspicions Yohji had about AyaÖ

"A perfect solution, Omi." Aya smiled a little more and walked over to his worktable. As he glided away, Yohji swore he saw a seductive little sway in those slim hips. Rubbing at his eyes, he decided that it was just his imagination. Please gods, let it be his imagination.

Reaching for his cigarettes, Yohji spared the youth a frown. "Youíre a filthy traitor, kiddo, Iíll have you know that. But Iím still going to win this one."

"Weíll see, Yotan, weíll see."

Glancing over at Aya, who was now sitting at his worktable running slender fingers over a pair of delicate collarbones, Yohji was very grateful for the fact that the Koneko didnít have a shortage of cold water.


Yohji sat down on the couch in the living room, determined to lose himself in a good movie or two. Hell, heíd put up with one of Kenís soccer games if he had to, if only he could think of something other than the fact that he wasnít going to be having any sex until at least tomorrow afternoon. 3:41 pm tomorrow to be exact. The moment the twenty-four hours were up, he was dragging his lover off to the greenhouse for some ravishing and then back to Enjojiís for that tattoo. The only thing that was giving him any trouble was where to have his name inked on the man. By rights it should be on Ayaís ass, but then again, no one was going to be seeing that. Not as long as Yohji had anything to say about it. There were a few fringe benefits of being an assassin, and one of them was knowing the perfect place to dispose of the bodies of any of Ayaís would-be lovers.

Spending twenty minutes searching out a program that didnít feature too many attractive young men and women, Yohji settled on a documentary on the textile industry and the role it had played in Kyotoís development. Now as long as the models kept the damn kimonos on, he shouldnít have much of a problem.

Not long into the program, Omi walked into the room sucking on a popsicle. The youth sat down right next to him and commenced to enjoy his treat. Yohji stifled a moan as Omi sucked and slurped on the popsicle, his throat clenching as he substituted Aya for the chibi andÖ

Speak of the devil, in walked Aya.

"Ayan! You in the mood for some dessert? Thereís another grape popsicle left in the freezer." Oh shit. Shut the fuck up, Omi.

The redhead stood there, head tilted to the side as a tiny wicked smile formed on his lips. Yohji stared in horror as his lover turned on his heel and left the room, only to return a minute later licking a popsicle. He couldnít tear his eyes from Aya as the man nibbled on the flavored ice; a pink tongue sweeping along its length before it slid into that wicked little mouth that Yohji just adored to feel on his body, nipping and licking and sucking on him until he couldnít do anything but groan in a mix of pain and pleasure. The redhead had one hell of a dexterous tongue; Yohji couldnít get the memory of yesterday morning out of his mind when Aya had treated his cock to much the same treatment the frozen dessert was receiving at the moment. He groaned again.

"Yotan, are you okay? You sound as if you are in pain," Omi asked.

Eighteen hours and fifty-two more minutes. Yohji had to hold out for a little less than nineteen more hours. He shook his head as he forced his eyes to look away from his lover, whose pink tongue was curling around the base of the popsicle. Nineteen more hours. Stifling another groan, Yohji forced himself to pay attention to the television program.

"Aya-kun, have I told you about the ideas Iíve had about reorganizing the greenhouse?"

Yohjiís eyes glazed over as he thought of the greenhouse. Of his little fantasy earlier that day, which had entailed him and one thoroughly naked Aya bent over the old table they used for repotting that was the perfect height for fucking the redhead against. The air would be scented by the lilies they had growing near the table, the white flowers the exact shade of Ayaís skin, slickened with sweat and bearing a few bruises from where Yohji had ravished the flesh making his kitten mewl and buck against him, the pale body clenching tight around himÖ

Jumping to his feet, Yohji mumbled out an excuse and ran to the bathroom, ripping off his clothes along the way. Of course his tight jeans gave him a bit of a problem as they were made all the tighter by a raging erection, but that was soon taken care of as he jerked off under the cold water. Shivering with release and chill, Yohji banged his head against a tiled wall. In nineteen hours he would be living out that little fantasy, and as soon as he made sure that Aya wouldnít be able to walk right for several days, the playboy had every intention of tracking down Omi and killing the little demon. The boy was pure evil and deserved to die. Nineteen fucking hours. He felt like crying.


As the bedroom door opened, Yohji blinked in surprise and blew out the lungful of weed heíd been holding. Aya walked into the room, hair dripping wet and clothed only in a towel. The redhead deposited his dirty clothes in the hamper and pulled a clean pair of boxer shorts out of his dresser. Yohji watched in silence as the towel fell to the floor, revealing a delectable ass. It was only immense willpower and the thought of his name inked in big, bold black kanji on that white skin that kept him sitting on the bed. And of course Aya took his good old time pulling the underwear on and then the sweatshirt he usually wore to bed.

Finally clothed, the smaller man sat on the end of the bed and started to dry his hair. Without thinking, Yohji scooted down the bed and was about to snatch the towel away when he realized that drying the crimson strands would constitute as touching Aya. Letting out a moan, he resumed his former position on the bed and took another toke off his joint. And promptly remembered how horny smoking pot made him. With a sigh the blond stubbed out the joint and rose to his feet, crossing the room to open the window a bit wider, hoping it would clear the smoky air quicker.

When he glanced back at the bed it was to see Aya combing through his hair with his fingers, a pair of violet eyes staring at him through the strands that fell onto the pale face. Yohjiís fingers itched to brush back the hair and he found himself taking a step forward. Snarling at himself, the blond forced himself to sit on the couch.

"Something the matter, Yohji?"

Letís see, one of his best friends had stabbed him in the back and his lover had decided that tonight, a night when Yohji couldnít have any sex, would be the perfect night to be a damn tease. "No, nothingís wrong, kitten." Nothing that killing Omi and fucking Aya senseless wouldnít solve. Not in that particular order, either.

Feeling his pants start to become tight again, Yohji crossed his legs and scowled at the swordsman who merely gave him a ghost of a smile as pale fingers trailed down a slender neck, flaunting the unmarred skin. Yohji found his mouth salivating at the thought of latching on to the white skin and sucking until all the world could see the mark he had left and know that Aya was his. Why the fuck did he have to be such a possessive bastard? And why had he fallen for such a sadistic lover?

"You know, love, the rules of the bet are that I canít touch you," Yohji breathed huskily. "Nothing about you not being able to touch me." They had a couple pairs of handcuffs; Yohji was all for being chained up tonight and letting Aya do the ravishing for once. The redhead could put that talented tongue to some damn good use.

However, it seemed that tonight the smaller man lived to torment him. "Hn. Nothing in the rules about me touching myself, either. JustÖnot you." Violet eyes gazed at him through heavy lids as Aya trailed his hand down his chest, slipping under the waistband of his shorts and moving about there. The sweatshirt rode up a bit, revealing a pale, muscled abdomen and a few crimson curls. Pumping his hand, the redhead fell back onto the bed as he pushed the boxers down his hips. A slender hand moved along a hardening shaft, and Aya mewled quietly.

Yohji was halfway to the bed before he even realized what he was doing. Letting out a loud curse, he forced his protesting body to turn away and leave the room. It was a good thing he didnít run into Omi on his way to the bathroom or the playboy would have wasted a little of his remaining fifteen hours and thirty-nine minutes seeing how long the chibi could go without oxygen.


"Welcome to the- Omi, what the hell are you doing here so early? Shouldnít you be in school?" Yohji asked as he glared at the teenager. It really wasnít a very good idea for the boy to show up while there was still three hours and twenty-five minutes left to the bet. Not a good idea at all.

"Donít you remember, Yotan? Thereís a teacherís conference this afternoon; I only had half a day of classes. I told you that the other day."

As if Yohji could remember anything but how to subtract numbers at this point. Not after spending a night tossing about on a narrow, hard, Aya-empty bed dreaming about his lover and waking up to spend the day with the redhead in the Koneko. A day that entailed watching Aya tend to every damn pot or flower that was on the floor, causing the man to bend over again and again, his succulent ass encased in tight grey leather that was so fucking soft to the touchÖ

"Yohji, are you awake? You drifted off there."

The playboy shook off the memories and glared at Omi. "You are evil and will be made to pay, let me make that perfectly clear right now, chibi. Iíll deal with you as soon as Iím done with Aya. He wonít be the only one not able to sit down for a day or two, but you wonít enjoy your punishment half as much as he will." Yohji had spent the day thinking of ways to torture Omi as a means of distraction. Why the hell did Aya have to wear those pants today? The pale bastard knew how much Yohji adored the grey leather pants and how soft and tight they were, not to mention the way they clung to his loverís hips. And he certainly didnít buy the ĎI had to wear something low because of the tattooí bullshit that Aya had given him.

Sparing Omi another glare, Yohji headed over to help with a customer. It was a good thing the Koneko had been busy today or he probably would have broken down and dragged Aya off to the greenhouse hours ago.

Lunch went by quickly, especially with the teenager helping out with the midday rush, and Yohji smoked a cigarette when things calmed down. He had less than two hours to go; all he had to do was get through the after lunch lull and Aya would be sporting his name forever. Perhaps, sometime this weekend when Yohji was done making up for two whole days of no sex. Hell, he should probably stock up the bedroom with some snacks and cans of beer; the two of them werenít leaving it for at least twenty-four hours after he won the bet.

"Aya-kun, would you mind helping me with these hanging baskets? Theyíre out of my reach." Yohji looked over to see his lover take the watering can from Omiís hand and start to water the various hanging plants scattered about the shop. Sunlight drifted into the shop, setting the crimson hair ablaze and making the violet eyes glow in the light as the slender man stood on his toes. As one arm stretched above his head, Ayaís black sweater rose up his stomach revealing a pierced navel. Yohji looked on with interest when he saw a new ring: this one a corkscrew shape in gold that looked as if it would be so much fun to take between his teeth and twist about as his kitten writhed beneath him, mewling out his name as a pair of white thighs spread wide for Yohji to settle between, wrapping around him as he pushed his fingers into a tight heatÖ

It was the sound of the door chime going off that snapped Yohji out of his latest fantasy. He looked up in time to see a young man with unusual gold eyes enter the shop, and after looking about, head straight for Aya. The pale man set down the watering can and nodded to the stranger.

"Hello, I was wondering if you could help me out. I need a dozen roses."

Aya nodded his head again and led the man over to one of the shopís coolers. "We have a large variety. Any color in particular?"

The young man made a big production of sorting through the various roses, shifting closer to Aya the entire time. Yohji started to growl as the bastard _definitely_ invaded his boyfriendís personal space and was pissed off beyond words when Aya didnít move away. After a moment, the customer backed out of the cooler holding a white rose in his hands.

"I think this will do. Itís such a lovely shade, donít you think?" The man smiled at Aya and held the bud to his cheek. "Yes, itís perfect. Just the shade of your own skin, did you know that?" He lowered the flower and took to stroking the white petals. "I think itís beautiful. Iíd really like to take it homeÖ oh, a dozen of the flowers, of course. You wouldnít mind doing that for me, would you?"

"Thatís what Iím here for, sir." Aya held out his hand for the rose, and Yohjiís hackles rose when he saw the customer brush his hand against the redheadís, holding onto it for a moment after giving over the flower.

Seeing red, the blond didnít think of anything, just stalked over to where the two men were. He knocked the strange manís hand away and grabbed Ayaís, and after sparing the customer a growl, dragged his lover to the greenhouse. Omiís voice rang out, barely registering on his lust and anger-crazed senses.

"Iím sorry, Yatabe-san. There is a pressing matter in the back of the shop that requires my co-workersí attention."

Ignoring the teenager, Yohji slammed the door shut behind him and hauled Aya over to the old table. Pulling the man close, he devoured his boyfriendís mouth, thrusting his tongue into it as his hands slid under the leather pants that had driven him crazy. For once his lover didnít put up any bit of a struggle, just pulled the blondís groin closer to his and grinded against it. Groaning out loud, Yohji set about making one dream a reality as he worked the zipper of Ayaís pants down. Hell, the kitten was going to be lucky to be able to walk when he was done.

Shoving the pants down slender hips, Yohji turned Aya around and bent him over the table. Fuck taking off the rest of their clothes; that could wait for round two. Falling to his knees, Yohji delved his tongue into the cleft of the smaller manís ass, spearing it into Aya again and again as the man writhed and mewled at the sensations. He slickened the tight passage as much as he could, unable to tear himself away from his lover long enough to search out an alternative lubricant.

Yohji stood to his feet, pausing to place a kiss on the new tattoo before he gripped Ayaís hips firmly and pressed forward. Forcing himself to take his time, he slowly pushed his way inside the tight body, groaning out loud at the pure bliss that took hold of him. As soon as he was fully encased inside of his lover he started thrusting, slowly at first until Aya pushed back against him, moaning out his name then started to fuck the man in earnest. The table thumped up and down, slamming repeatedly against the wall as Yohji pounded into his kitten, his fingers digging into the pale flesh.

The feel of Aya clenching tight around him and the sound of his name being moaned so incredibly deeply was all Yohji was waiting for as his will broke down and he let the pleasure overwhelm him, making him shudder as waves of ecstasy crashed through him. The playboy barely had the strength to pull out of the smaller man and collapse beside him on top of the table that creaked ominously at the added weight. Reaching out a shaking hand, he brushed back sweat soaked bangs and looked on the smiling face of his love.

At first smug that heíd made his boyfriend so content, it slowly sunk into Yohjiís brain that there was another reason for Aya to be so happy. Glancing down at his watch with dread, he realized that he still had seventy-eight more minutes to go before he would have won the bet. Oh fuck.

Aya smiled even more when that little fact hit the blond. "Ah, love, please tell me that you really donít care for the idea of piercings in certain uhm, sensitive areas. Please." Ayaís smile only became bigger.


Yohji stomped into the kitchen, refusing to think about how his ass was hurting. Aya had actually done it, had made him get a tattoo on his ass. And what made it worse was the fact that he didnít even know what the hell had just been inked on his rear end. His lover had refused to let him know, and all Enjoji had done was chortle when heíd been shown the design and then heíd insisted on taking a picture of it when he was done, claiming it was some of his best work. Bastards; both of them were bastards. He spared an evil glance in Ayaís direction as the man closed the door behind them.

Green eyes blinked when Yohji realized there was a stranger sitting at the kitchen table with Omi. A pile of textbooks were scattered around the two teenagers. "Who the hell are you?"

"Ah, Yatabe, sir. Tsukiyono-san is helping me with some class work." Gold eyes stared at the grouchy blond warily.

"Hmph." Yohji wanted to get upstairs and see what the hell Aya had inflicted on him and couldnít care less about one of Omiís study buddies. Though there was something familiar about that nameÖ

"Did you get the tattoo, Yotan? What does it look like?"

Yohji snarled at Omi and ignored the question as he walked out of the room, Aya at his heels. He didnít stop until he reached their room and immediately searched out a small mirror that he used to help when tending to his own injuries. Once that was located, the blond proceeded to the bathroom. His curiosity was getting to him, and the slight smile on the redheadís face was too fucking suspicious.

"Kudoh, youíre supposed to keep it covered-"

"Aya, I donít give a fuck. I want to find out what the hell you had Enjoji tattoo on me _right now_." Sparing the man a scowl, Yohji pulled down his pants and the bandages then positioned the hand held mirror so he could see what the hell was on his ass. It took a little maneuvering, but he finally managed to do it. And then he just stared at the image presented to him.

So caught up in finding out what the tattoo was, Yohji hadnít thought to lock or even close the bathroom door. Of course Aya hadnít done it, the sadistic bastard. So Ken and Omi didnít think anything of coming in and seeing what his latest tattoo looked like.

"Kudoh, what the Ė Kitty-chan? You got Kitty-chan tattooed on your ass?" Ken burst out in laughter, sliding down the wall as tears started to stream down his face. Omi tried to smack the brunet on the back to help him breathe, but was having a bit of trouble himself considering the fact that he also was convulsed with laughter. Yohji would have gladly killed the two of them, but couldnít tear his eyes away from the mirror.

On the top of his right asscheek was a little cat figure, clothed in a bear-suit with wings. Kitty-chan was even holding a golden wand and little stars decorated his ass. Kitty-chan. Aya had had Kitty-chan inked forever onto his ass. The man was dead.

His lover apparently realized this as he took off in a run, Yohji right behind him. The playboy managed to shove the bedroom door open right before Aya could lock it, and bore down on the man, making both of them fall to the floor. "KITTY_CHAN?!?"

"Well, I got an orchid representing you, figured that you could have something similar as a tattoo. And I didnít like the idea of a rose soÖ I decided on your nickname for me. And Kitty-chan is a kitten, sort of." Amusement danced in the violet orbs, and Yohji would usually be ecstatic to see his love looking so happy -- if he didnít have Kitty-chan tattooed on his ass.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldnít kill you?" Fucking Kitty-chan. It was a good thing that Yohji didnít plan on taking any lovers other than Aya, or else heíd die of embarrassment each time he dropped his pants.

In lieu of an answer, Aya yanked his head down for a searing kiss. Remembering that he couldnít kill the man or else he would have to start dating again, Yohji let himself be swayed by the argument. Ah well, there were worse things to be stuck with, though not much. Snaking his hands underneath Ayaís shirt, Yohji decided heíd get his payback in a rather enjoyable way. His kitten had walked funny the rest of the night heíd lost the bet; well this time the man would be limping for at least a dayÖ if he was lucky. Yohji smiled wickedly as he snapped his hips downward, earning a mewl from Aya. Yep, at least a day. If his ass was going to be sore, so was his loverís.

And once he got his revenge on Aya and Omi, Yohji was going to give considerable thought to how he could make sure that next time it was Aya sitting in Enjojiís chair. There was no doubt in his mind that the redhead would not be walking around kanji-free much longer. Nope. It was a matter of honor or some such bullshit now.

Kitty fucking chan. Oh yeah, Ayaís ass was going to be sore as hell.


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