It's the Little Things....


by nekojita


Something was different. Rufus had felt that way since last night and the feeling had only grown stronger with each passing hour. He stared intently at Reno for several quiet minutes before the alarm went off, his lover curled up beside him, crimson hair obscuring pale skin so much that he couldn’t even see the tattoo on Reno’s right cheek. He wasn’t able to look away when Reno had crawled out of bed, grumbling under his breath about how some truly evil bastard had created the concept of work, fists rubbing against his mostly closed eyes as he stumbled to the spare bathroom. All during Rufus’ shower and while he got dressed for work, he tried to figure out what it was.

Riding in his limousine with his lover in the seat facing him, he continued to study Reno as covertly as possible. Reno was tucked into the corner of the seat; his legs stretched out and crossed at the ankle, his arms folded over his chest and his eyes closed. His hair still fell onto his face, unsuccessfully held back by his sunglasses, and the ShinRa logo rested on his right shoulder, attached by a shiny chain to his ear. Unsurprisingly, he wore one of Rufus’ white shirts, although his black pants and jacket appeared a bit less wrinkled than usual. That was the only difference that Rufus could spot at this moment.

When they reached work, Reno was instantly ‘awake’, his aquamarine eyes bright and a familiar smirk on his face as he exited the car first. When he was assured it was all right, he stepped aside so Rufus could get out and then fell in step behind him.

That was normal. Each morning they got up – more correctly, Rufus woke up and kicked Reno out of bed – got ready for the day, and rode to work in silence as Reno snatched a few more minutes of sleep or faked it rather brilliantly. Well, unless they had sex at some stage in the morning, but it didn’t change much other than to make them a bit late. Or very late, depending on the sex.

Shaking his head to try to make it work properly, Rufus strode through the lobby of ShinRa Electrical Company, the heels of his shoes clicking loudly on the white and silver marble floor. Behind him, Reno didn’t make a sound but he knew his lover was there, watching his back and probably terrorizing an employee or two unlucky enough to cross paths with the Turk when he was still grumpy at being woken up.

They reached the elevator, and the people already gathered around it waiting their turn spread apart to let him and Reno enter it alone. As always, Reno chuckled at the people’s reactions and even stuck his tongue out a little, while Rufus’s hand hovered over the elevator’s control pad. He typed in the code that would take them directly to the top floor, but he didn’t key it to accelerate past its normal speed. No, he wanted to spend the next minute or two trying to figure out what it was that Reno had done before he got to his office and had to focus his attention on work.

Staring once more at his lover, Rufus frowned when Reno turned to face him, an amused smirk on his face. "So, do I got a big zit on my face or what?" Reno asked as he combed his hands through his hair. "You been staring at it all morning."

Rufus wasn’t too surprised that Reno had noticed the attention; after all, despite his slovenly appearance Reno was a Turk. "No, it’s-"

*That* was it. As Reno’s outrageous hair fell back onto his face, Rufus finally realized what was ‘different’. The crimson strands fell farther onto Reno’s face and shoulders, weren’t spiked up so much because they were too long to defy gravity even with the aid of various gels and sprays. In short, Reno was growing out his hair.

Without thinking, Rufus slammed his hand on the elevator’s ‘stop’ button and followed it with a quickly typed code that should override any alarms about to go off. Then he reached for his lover’s hair, let his fingers slide through the heavy strands for a moment before he cursed and remembered about his black gloves.

"Your hair," he told his chuckling lover as he tore off the gloves and backed Reno against a shiny metal wall.

"Took you long enough to notice," Reno drawled, standing slumped against the wall with his hands by his sides and a lazy smile on his face.

How could he have not noticed it until now, Rufus wondered as he combed his fingers through his lover’s hair. Breaking apart the gel that held them partially spiked, he watched as the strands fell around Reno’s face, still ragged, still unruly but *definitely* longer by at least an inch or two. "When did you start growing it out," he asked, his voice unusually rough but he didn’t particularly care. How many years had he imagined Reno with long hair? Not just the tail but *all* of it, a curtain of blood red for him to touch, to brush aside to see his lover’s face, to feel fall onto his body….

Reno grunted and closed his eyes, his teeth sinking a little into his bottom lip. Rufus noticed the lack of an answer and held a strand straight out so he could better judge its length.

Two months ago, he’d… ‘requested’ that Reno grow out his hair. Considering that was soon after he’d placed the earring on his lover and informed him that Reno was now *his*, he hadn’t expected anything except to come home one day and find the Turk as bald as Rude. He’d actually regretted the slip because he figured it had effectively ruined any chance he had of seeing Reno with long hair. So for his lover to actually do it….

He smiled and pulled the sunglasses from Reno’s forehead then tossed them to the floor. Ignoring Reno’s protest of how his property was treated, Rufus combed his finger some more through the crimson hair. "You’ve been growing it out since that day, haven’t you?" His voice was almost a purr, so pleased and warm with desire. He was quickly becoming hard, his cock stirring in his pants and his heart speeding up as he undid the clasp that held Reno’s long tail mostly in place.

Reno glared at him, the expression lacking any true vitriol since his hair, a major weakness, was still being played with. "Huh, just haven’t had the time for a cut," he mumbled as his hands rose to settle on Rufus’ shoulders and began to push away. "I’ll get it done today."

"The hell you will," Rufus replied as he pressed against his lover, his hips rocking forward and his fingers tangled in thick silk. "I’ll make you sleep on the bathroom floor for the rest of the year if you dare to cut it at all." Reno would do something like that to him, make him all excited and then take his pleasure away. Perhaps it was his lover’s way of exerting a bit of power but Rufus wasn’t going to concede this battle, not when Reno had given him something that he really wanted.

Moaning slightly as his hair was tugged on, Reno narrowed his eyes and gave up on trying to make Rufus back away. "I don’t know… wouldn’t want it to get in the way of my job, ya know. What will Tseng say?"

"As if you actually cared," Rufus murmured, his lips millimeters from his lover’s. "Don’t make me give you a direct order." He didn’t want to do that, not when it was so much better for Reno to grow it out on his own.

His breath slowly becoming more irregular, Reno licked his lips and clutched at Rufus’ shoulders with his strong hands, his baton swinging slightly to hit Rufus on his upper right arm. "I’m just trying something new. No special reason for it, just too lazy to get it cut so I thought I’d let it grow out a little. ‘Prolly get tired of it eventually." He did denial very well, as always a skilled liar but Rufus didn’t care what he said or which excuses he used, as long as Reno left his hair alone.

"Think of all the drinks you can buy if you let it grow out," Rufus said as he nudged his lover’s legs apart with his knees while the fingers of his right hand managed to undo the baton’s belt. "All the money you’ll save on gel and hair spray. That should be a bar tab or two a month." He always enjoyed fighting dirty against Reno, exploiting his lover’s many weaknesses. "Or a couple of cartons of cigarettes." As he spoke, he continued to let his mouth hover over Reno’s and his hips rock back and forth.

"Yeah…," Reno stuttered, his eyes drifting shut despite the fact that he had just been casually disarmed of his baton. "No damn raise lately, that’s for sure. Could use the money." He snorted his displeasure even as he parted his lips and pulled Rufus forward.

Giving in, Rufus bridge the miniscule space between them and kissed the bastard, letting the matter drop for now but willing to pick it up again later. He always got what he wanted and this was one of them. Imagining handfuls of outrageously colored hair to play with, to comb through and grasp and feel, he groaned loudly and thrust his tongue into Reno’s hot mouth. He didn’t know why the thought of his lover with long hair turned him on so much but he was enjoying it.

Reno moaned into his mouth and began to tug at the collar of his coat. Getting the hint, Rufus allowed the garment to be pulled from his body and dropped onto the floor, then returned the favor by removing Reno’s. They were a bit more careful with their guns, their actions slowing and becoming more focused until the weapons were safely tucked into a corner. Once the guns were out of the way, Rufus pressed against his lover, his patience quickly running thin. For once mindful of where they were, he didn’t rip apart Reno’s - *his* shirt - but fumbled with the buttons instead, grateful that Reno had only bothered to do a few of them.

They were in stopped elevator, and Rufus suddenly realized that he’d forgotten to enter the command to disable the cameras. However, he didn’t care in the least. Tseng would be expecting him and would know that he’d arrived at the building and entered the elevator with Reno. He trusted the man to figure out what was going on and make any necessary excuses as he was *definitely* not going to be at work on time this morning. Not when he felt the need to convince Reno just how much it was worth his while to keep ‘forgetting’ to cut his hair.

As if reading his thoughts, Reno broke off the kiss so he could attempt to undo the buckles that held Rufus’ black vest closed. "You’re gonna be late, and someone’s gonna notice that this elevator isn’t moving," he panted, his lips already swollen and his eyes dark with passion.

"Tell me something I don’t already know." Rufus searched inside his lover’s left pants pocket for a small plastic tube and smiled when he found it. "Do you really want me to start it up again?" he asked as he held the lubricant up for Reno to see.

"Could be fun to see the look on Tseng’s face when the doors open." Reno chuckled for a moment and then did a fair imitation of a growl. "Fucking straps." He glared at Rufus’ vest as he gave up and went for Rufus’ belt instead.

"I’d rather do without the distractions," Rufus replied as he undid Reno’s belt in return. Thankful for how baggy the black pants were, he had them on the floor in a couple of seconds, along w/ the black silk boxers Reno wore beneath them. "But if you insist on an audience…." He pulled Reno away from the wall, across to the other side of the elevator where the camera could see them better. "Get rid of the shoes."

"Yes, President," Reno drawled as he kicked them off, dressed only in a pair of mismatching socks, one black, one dark blue. He used his toes to pull them off as well and then reclined against the wall, all white skin and crimson hair. "You really this turned on because I didn’t get a haircut?" He sounded suspicious as he played with the end of his long tail, brushing the strands back and forth over his erect nipples.

Undoing the vest’s buckles with an ease that had escaped Reno, Rufus shed the garment along with the two shirts beneath it, his white pants, boxers and shoes. This was going to be a quick, sloppy fuck and he had a meeting in half an hour. "Just imagine how good it would look all long, falling down past your ass." He approached his lover and braced his left arm against the wall, to the side of Reno’s head, as he lowered his right hand to grasp Reno’s cock.

"You’d be able to get a little extra sleep in the morning since all you’d have to do is pull it back," he murmured in Reno’s right ear before he licked along its pierced edge. His left arm falling down, he flipped off the lid of the lube he held in his hand and poured some of it onto his right hand. Fingers now slick, he gave Reno’s cock a couple of pumps, smiling at the way his lover gasped and pressed against him. As Reno’s legs spread apart, he slid his hand along the Turk’s bony left hip and tight ass, delving into the cleft and pressing downward.

Gasping, Reno let his head loll back against the wall as his hands grabbed Rufus’ hips to pull him forward until their erections rubbed together. "Yeah, but it’ll keep getting in the way and take longer to wash." He began to stutter when Rufus’ left hand slipped behind his back and tilted the bottle until lube poured down the crack of his ass, onto the fingers that slowly pushed inside of him.

"I’ll help you wash it," Rufus promised as he licked his way down Reno’s neck, along all the sensitive spots that made his lover’s breath hitch. "I’ll even comb it for you. My hands through your hair, touching, caressing…." He dropped the bottle to the floor and once more combed his fingers through the hair that fell along Reno’s back while he began to suck on his lover’s right collarbone. His hips kept grinding forward as his fingers pushed in deeper, so much sensation that Reno gasped out his name and clung to him, begged him to hurry up and fuck him *now*.

"Do it, just do it, dammit. Want you, want your cock, just shove it in and fuck me, you teasing bastard." Reno moaned when the fingers in his ass began to scissor apart and his fingernails dug into Rufus’ hips. "For fuck’s sake… dammit, Rufus! Please!"

"Make me happy and I’ll return the favor," Rufus managed to say, his voice hoarse from desire that coursed through his veins with every thundering beat of his heart. More than anything he wanted to fuck Reno, to do as his lover begged but he held back as his fingers twisted and curled, deliberately just missing that special spot inside. He nuzzled Reno’s neck, caught the long earring between his teeth and tugged on it.

"Fucking bastard, always… ah! get your way." Reno moaned and tossed his head to the left, only to hiss as that tugged even more on the earring. "Rufus… you better damn well… make it worth… oooohhh…."

Rufus swore that Reno’s barely opened eyes crossed when he flicked the tip of his middle finger against his lover’s prostate. "Is that a ‘yes’," he asked, a smug smile on his face as he sensed he was about to get what he desired. "I’ll definitely make it worth your while." He licked along Reno’s parted lips. "Imagine your hair falling around you and me as you ride me, as fast or as slow as you want." As he teased, he hiked Reno’s left leg upward until it curved around his thigh.

"Oh hell, yes," Reno hissed, his eyes closed and his head tossed back, long strands of hair clinging to his sweaty face and shoulders. "Whatever, just fucking *do it*."

Taking that for assent, Rufus actually chuckled as he pulled his right hand free and quickly slicked his cock. He was so on edge that he wasn’t sure how long he’d last, but he didn’t care. Right now it was enough that he got what he wanted, that he’d have an intense moment of pleasure to get him through the day, until he could drag Reno home and push him down on the bed, hair brushed until no gel remained, the brilliant strands falling around his lover’s pale, gorgeous face.

Moaning Reno’s name, he urged his lover to wrap both legs around his waist, delighted as always at Reno’s flexibility and wiry strength. Reno scrambled to comply, his arms clamped around Rufus’ shoulders and his back braced against the wall. Once in position, he sank fast onto Rufus’ cock, gravity doing utterly wonderful, *wonderful* things that made both of them gasp and tremble.

Rufus waited until he was completely sheathed inside of his lover before he moved, using his strength to lift Reno up to let him fall back down again, into the sharp thrust of his hips. Reno gripped him so tightly with body, arms and legs, so much heat and exquisite ecstasy that he quickly became dizzy. His head falling to rest against the right side of Reno’s neck, he flicked his tongue against the sweat-slick skin and sucked hard, his hips constantly moving, his arms flexing and releasing, his hands squeezing his lover’s ass and spreading it apart so he could thrust even deeper inside of it. He could feel Reno’s hard cock rub against his belly with each lift and drop, trapped there as they clung to each other with overwhelming desperation and need.

Reno’s nails dug into his back, a sudden shock of familiar pain that made him press his teeth against skin in response, his hands gripping his lover’s flesh even harder. Hearing his name cried out so loudly that it echoed inside the metal box made him groan and snap his hips faster, so lost in the pleasure, in the rush of blood and bliss and need through his body that he barely heard it when Reno cried out again. It was some faraway noise, muffled by the pounding of his heart as his released rushed toward him, to powerful to deny.

Then Reno’s body tightened around him even more, almost enough to be painful but it felt so damn good, even the scratch of nails down his back as his lover came, once more shouting out his name. Rufus felt a smug satisfaction for only several frantic heartbeats before he came as well; a last few frenzied, ragged thrusts as the orgasm slammed into him, made his knees tremble and his breathing stop from the fiery intensity of the pleasure. He felt as if the elevator was dropping, its cable slashed as the world spun and raced past him, his body locked in bliss for a few delirious seconds.

His knees weakened, sending both him and his lover to the carpeted floor. Reno squawked as they fell, holding on to Rufus once more until they landed in a crumpled heap of sweaty limbs and hair.

Rufus felt… he felt wonderful. Drained. His heart was beating so hard it seemed to threaten to burst and he could barely breathe, but he couldn’t stop smiling. Even with the bleeding scratches on his back and aching muscles, he felt so incredibly good.

"Course we land on *my* fucking shirt," Reno mumbled, his voice scratchy as if his throat hurt while he tugged at the garment on which they sat. "Gonna need to borrow another one."

Not even the prospect of a dirty shirt could ruin Rufus’ good mood. However, feeling his back protest as he sat up with Reno still sprawled across his legs, he reached for his lover’s face with his shaking left hand and forced the babbling idiot to look at him. "Here’s something you can cut; your damn nails. That’s an order." He glared for a few seconds to back the command and then let out a long, deep sigh.

"Huh." Reno seemed to have trouble making his legs work and gave up on trying to move, stretching out his arm instead to reach for his jacket. "Bossy, aren’t we?"

"I’m serious, get them trimmed or I’ll have you declawed." Rufus gingerly touched his mangled shoulder and frowned at the smear of blood on his fingertips. He glared at Reno again and reached for the soiled shirt so he could wipe the blood away, along with the sweat and come that covered his chest. Pushing his lover off his legs, he stood up and began to gather his clothes, his mind beginning to focus on the day of work ahead. However, he did take a few seconds to enjoy the sight of a naked Reno sprawled on the dark carpet, a becoming frown on his flushed face and his hair disarrayed and clinging to his bruise-marred body.

"You are a very bossy, power hungry son of a bitch," Reno stated, much as if he was telling Rufus the day’s weather while he managed to shake a cigarette free from its box. "Any other orders, oh wise President?"

Reaching for the hair that he adored, Rufus used it as a hold to force Reno onto his feet. "Stay out of trouble for the day and come home with me tonight." Once his lover was mostly standing straight, Rufus kissed him ardently enough to render him gasping and quiet for another precious minute or two. "Any more insults, and I’ll break your fingers as well as declaw them."

"And people wonder why I just can’t get enough of you," Reno gasped as he lit the cigarette. "Such as sweet-talker."

For once amused at how the bastard had to get the last word in, Rufus handed his lover the white shirt that he’d worn beneath his vest. "Here." When Reno grasped the garment, he tugged hard to make Reno stumble against him. "You owe me for a shirt now. That means I get to do whatever I want tonight," he said as he nuzzled the livid bite mark on Reno’s neck.

There was an audible ‘gulp’ followed by a low moan. "I think I liked it better when you just docked my pay for the damn things," Reno complained as he let out a lungful of smoke. Still, there was a spark of desire in his unusual eyes, a hint of a smile that told Rufus that he better be damn inventive tonight. Rufus would make sure to rise to the challenge before him.

Once they were dressed, Rufus punched in the code that would start the elevator. They reached the top floor within a minute, the two of them standing next to each other but not saying anything. Reno whistled a few notes as the door opened, and a very anxious Tseng cautiously entered.

"President," Tseng said with an aggrieved sigh and a bow of his head. "You have a meeting in five minutes." He turned to face Reno and a slight frown tugged down the corners of his mouth. "Rude is waiting for you downstairs."

Reno gave his supervisor a cocky salute as he dropped the cigarette to the floor and motioned for Rufus to leave the elevator. "See ya later, Sir," he said with more enthusiasm than was seemly and winked.

The muscles of Rufus’ face twitched in an effort to smile, but he didn’t give in to the impulse. As he went to his office with Tseng by his side, he felt the warm glow of contentment. "I’ll want the video footage from that elevator."

"Of course, Sir. Elena is already in the surveillance room ensuring that no one watches the disc and will be returning with it shortly." Tseng didn’t voice his displeasure but Rufus could tell it was there from the way those broad shoulders hunched forward slightly and the slight crease to the red bindhi on Tseng’s forehead. Even if Rufus had to put with sorrowful sighs and disappointed looks all day long, it was worth it.

While having a video of the sex would be very enjoyable, something to add to his collection, he was really excited about the fact that he had footage of Reno promising not to cut his hair. The next time Rufus’ lover threatened to get a hair cut, he would play the disc and remind Reno of his word. Reno would and could lie on a regular basis, but when faced with a sworn promise, he would grudgingly give in.

Allowing himself the next three and a half minutes to fantasize about the feel of Reno’s hair against his skin, Rufus gave up on trying to suppress his smile.

There was another deep, weary sigh from Tseng, followed what sounded like a Wutian prayer for patience.


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