BY: MiniMorr

PAIRING: Yohji x Aya

RATING/WARNING: Yaoi. A tiny bit of blood.

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own them, I know. Please don’t sue, I mean no harm.

ADD. NOTES: Set I’m going to look at it as an exercise in writing lemons, something I could really use… :)


Humming softly, Yohji dried himself off after the shower he had just taken. Tonight had been a mission night – breaking in, killing a few people and leaving with the data the chibi had collected. Just a routine, but there had still been an anticipation in the air – one that came from Aya. The swordsman had almost reeked of it, barely controlled as he had raced off to finish the target in the man’s office. Yohji had been startled to discover the man already dead when he caught up with the redhead; his throat open and a good amount of blood missing. Aya had calmed down somewhat after that, allowing Yohji to escort him back to the others. He had been more quiet than usual in the car on their way back home, leaning against the blond and watching the road with heavily lidded eyes. There had been no way to find out what he was thinking or feeling and Yohji wasn’t going to be the one to ask either as he was pretty content with being alive. To talk to Aya when he was in one of these moods was never a smart thing to do – something they all had learned pretty quickly. 

As they had returned home, Aya had disappeared into the shower, locking the door even as Yohji had tried to sneak in with him. The blond had stood there, almost pouting for the few minutes it took Aya to wash off the blood, and – if Yohji knew him right – also brush his teeth. He hated the taste of the targets, but that was his main source of blood – and he wasn’t going to give it up. Yohji had discovered that this was the reason Aya always went after the target alone and while he could understand it, the whole concept of his lover being a vampire was still a little too new for him to offer to come with the redhead. There were still things he wasn’t sure that he could handle seeing, despite everything they had been through already. 

Forcing these thoughts into the back of his head, he returned to his room. Aya had slept there most of the nights that had passed since he had knocked on the door of the redhead’s room and got a little more than he bargained for, but he hadn’t been prepared for him to be there when he returned from the shower.  

The vampire was standing with his back against Yohji and staring out the window in the dark, not moving at all as the blond shut the door behind him and walked over to his drawer to get dressed. 

"You won’t be needing any clothes." Yohji turned around at the sudden noise to meet Aya’s calm gaze. Not a flicker in his eyes betrayed his thoughts, just the calm stance that tensed up ever so slightly as Yohji stared at him. 

"I… What?" Those were the last words he would ever had thought to hear from the redhead who was always frowning and glaring at his ‘indecent’ wardrobe, and even during the time they had been together had insisted on Yohji being dressed every morning before they went down to the kitchen. 

Instead of answering, Aya moved slowly forward in a liquid motion Yohji had admired long before he had found out the reason for it. The redhead slid over the floor, his eyes never leaving Yohji’s, until he was standing right in front of his lover. 

"I said… You won’t be needing any clothes." This was probably the most bizarre conversation the two of them had ever had – Aya telling him that he didn’t need any clothes, and Yohji still standing there with the towel around his waist and a pair of briefs in his hand. However, he wasn’t about to question his luck this time. Grinning, he let the briefs go back into the drawer again and pulled the redhead into his arms. Aya let himself melt against the taller blond, tucking his face in the crook of the scarred shoulder and Yohji’s neck, inhaling deeply. The smell of blood was gone, leaving the pure scent he could only describe as ’Yohji’. 

"Mmm… You smell good…" Yohji was sniffing his hair and he could hear the smile in the blond’s voice. He responded by pressing himself up against Yohji, intent on getting as close as possible to ward off the chill that was creeping up on him again. It had settled at the end of the mission, after the target was dead and he couldn’t shake it off on his own. He needed his lover to do that but he didn’t want to reek of another’s blood as he touched the blond – in so many ways Yohji was still pure and he would be damned if he tainted him with himself.  

He felt the pulse beat just under the tanned skin, and the sound was making him slightly dizzy. Yohji’s arms tightened around him as he pressed his lips against the large artery and he felt the blond shiver when he moved upwards slowly, searching for a patch of unmarked skin. During the time they had been lovers, Yohji had got a new ‘lovebite’ every night and he was fast becoming addicted to the pleasure and pain it brought him despite the way Ken would laugh at the both of them when he stumbled down into the shop every morning. Thanks to the chibi who had barged in on them after that first night they both knew about him and Aya, and while the redhead was always wearing turtlenecks Yohji had done nothing to hide his bruises. 

Waiting impatiently for the vampire to bite, Yohji closed his eyes as his hands slid down Aya’s back in a soothing motion that would set the smaller man shivering and purring if he kept it up. The redhead stopped his ministrations and pulled away from Yohji long enough to look at him before a tiny smile lit his face.  

Stunned over the fact that Aya was smiling, Yohji wasn’t prepared to be pushed back against the bed and he stumbled backwards as the towel was yanked from his hips and dropped carelessly on the floor. 

"Aya! What the hell--" He stopped as he watched the swordsman wiggle out of his grey slacks and let them follow the towel and his eyes widened even more as he realized that Aya hadn’t bothered with underwear. Not that the fact bothered him – no, Yohji was indeed very pleased with the turn things had taken. He grinned as he reached out with a hand, pulling the redhead towards him to fall back on the bed. Aya let himself be settled over the blond’s hips, one leg on either side of him and with his arms around Yohji’s neck as he found himself thoroughly kissed. Yohji’s tongue delved deep into his mouth, intent on dominating as usual and he yielded without a fight. One thing he had learned was that it felt good to give up control like this... To let Yohji be in charge even if it was just for a little while before he had to become Aya, to become Abyssinian, again. 

Moaning into the swordsman’s mouth, Yohji’s hands were sliding down a shivering back again to cup his ass and pull him into a better position and Aya obliged as he broke off the kiss. He tilted Yohji’s head to the side to get better access to his neck before he dipped down to nuzzle it. The blond groaned, knowing that Aya liked to take his time before piercing his skin but it was driving him crazy to wait. 

"Aya... Just..." His hands roamed up and down the vampire’s back as he tilted his head to leave his throat more open and vulnerable knowing that the feral side of the redhead wouldn’t be able to resist. One thing he had learned was that the little amount of what could be called humanity tended to take a leap out the window when it came to sex and feeding and leaving the animalistic side in charge instead – and that was a side that Yohji had come to love and crave more and more for each day that passed. He had never stopped to wonder why, but was content with how things were – as long as Aya was Aya and was his, he wouldn’t care. 

The redhead moved his lips from Yohji’s neck, ghosting kisses up to his jaw before the blond turned his head to smile at his lover, one hand brushing away the still damp strands of red hair that clung to his forehead. The vampire leaned into the touch, nipping at the fingers and Yohji’s smile increased. The human Aya was now completely gone. Left in charge was the one ruled by the ancient instincts that had been brought forward in his soul when he had been turned and the blond shivered. Violet eyes glazed over with lust as the first growl emerged from the redhead’s throat. Aya – the vampire – was very possessive and the marks on Yohji’s neck served to show this very well. He had offered no explanation beyond the one that no other of his kind would do more than look at the blond – the ancient code of not touching another’s mate was one of the pillars of their whole society and once marked, there would never be another moving in on him. Yohji wasn’t sure that he wanted to think about the fact that there more of Aya’s kind running around out there and he was glad that he hadn’t encountered one of them before, but Aya had explained that they tended to lie low most of the time. No one wanted to draw notice to themselves if they could avoid it. 

Watching as the redhead’s eyes flashed, he tilted his head back again and wasn’t disappointed when he felt the lips return. As Aya had fed earlier he was pleasantly warm, but Yohji shivered still as the moist tongue flickered out to taste him before teeth nipped carefully at the skin. He groaned as his hands gripped the narrow hips of the redhead and was rewarded with another growl as the first stinging feeling told him that Aya had given in to his silent demands. 

"Ahhh... Aya!" Pain and pleasure coursed through him and mixed in his veins as his breath became quicker when the tendrils of passion spread through his body and he was instantly hard. This was the best part of the sex – the thrill of placing his life in Aya’s hands as well as the fact that there was something about tasting his own blood in Aya’s mouth afterwards that turned him on even more. Ever since that first night he had developed a demand for it on his own and Aya gladly shared it with him. 

One of his hands slipped in between them and took to pumping the redhead’s half hard shaft, which caused Aya to pause for a moment as he shivered and adjusted himself in Yohji’s lap. Yohji smiled as his eyes fell shut again and the redhead’s hands gripped his hair to keep him still. 

Suddenly, Aya removed his mouth from Yohji’s neck which caused the blond to whimper as he was denied his release. He grabbed a better hold of the redhead’s hips as he shifted the younger man in his lap again to try and find a more comfortable position as he waited for Aya to close the wounds. 

The vampire’s eyes were closed as he licked the two pinpricks before pressing his nose to Yohji’s cheek and purring softly. This was what the blond had waited for as he carefully cupped Aya’s head in his hand to tilt his face up so that he could share that kiss tasting of his own blood. The metallic taste assaulted his senses and he slipped his other arm around the narrow waist as he set about to make Aya as breathless as he was himself. This was too good to be true sometimes... 

Squirming, Aya broke away to look at him, the violet eyes barely holding a tint of their normal colour. Left was the red that had taken some time to get used to, but which Yohji didn’t mind at all now. His hand slipped from cradling the vampire’s skull to touch his cheek in a gesture that showed all the love he felt for the younger man and Aya brushed his bloodspeckled lips against the palm of that hand in an equal gesture. The gentle smile was returned as Aya pressed his face into the embrace again, closing his eyes. 

"Yohji..." The way his name was breathed out in a throaty purr set his heart racing with anticipation and he wasn’t surprised as his skin shivered with goosebumps. When Aya said his name like that he was always on the verge of loosing what little control he had from the beginning and this night was no exception. 

"Mmmm...?" Watching as the red eyes opened again he was once more taken aback by all the emotions in them – the sorrow and the longing, but most of all the love that drowned out everything else. When Aya was like this, without all the walls he surrounded himself with, was the time when Yohji mourned the loss of the innocent boy once known as Ran the most. And still he was... not glad, not really, but in a way grateful for the events that had led the two of them together. This was something he tended to bury deep down inside in fear of what Aya would do if he ever found out about those feelings. Yohji knew that he more than anything else wanted his family back again but he couldn’t help but feeling the way he did still. It wasn’t something he was proud of, but it was still there and wouldn’t go away. 

Bringing him down for another kiss, he broke that train of thought as he tried to pour all his love and longing into that simple action and Aya responded with an equal fervor. Tonight was going to be one of those slow nights, when every caress would linger and every kiss would be soft and slow – unlike most nights after a successful mission when they would just tear their clothes off and barely take the time to shut the door before falling on the bed and doing their best to keep Ken and Omi awake for the rest of the night. 

Aya broke off the kiss again, tilting his head backwards to allow Yohji access to his neck – an unconscious sign of trust that he appreciated as much as everything else. Nipping carefully on the silky skin his hand slipped around and in between Aya’s legs to tease at his entrance which caused a hitch in the redhead’s breath as he tried to press himself down on Yohji’s dry fingers. The blond promptly removed them again, ignoring the soft growl as he did. 

"Patience, kitten... Just a little longer..." The second growl made him chuckle as he breathed the words out against the moist skin and caused a shiver to run through the man seated in his lap. 

"Yohji... Please..." The voice was strained as the vampire’s head fell back even more, the red eartails clinging to the sweatdampened skin and looking like tendrils of dried blood. Yohji smiled at the sight as he let go of Aya long enough to reach for the lube resting on the nightstand by the bed. 

Smoky eyes watched him as he slickened his fingers before they disappeared behind him to once more circle in careful movements around the rosy pucker. He waited impatiently until the first was inserted into him but as he tried to wriggle down again to take it in deeper, Yohji’s other hand on his hip stopped him. Watching for any sign of pain, the blond added a second finger as he placed butterfly kisses on the chest and neck presented so nicely to him and Aya closed his eyes as he breathed out slowly. The discomfort was one he would never be used to, but he knew that it would be better in a few moments. Yohji’s smug grin when he brushed against that special spot inside him that made him gasp and writhe was enough for him to growl again – only it came out as something between a whimper and a purr. 

"Yo-hji... Please... Now..." Not about to question the plea this time, he hurriedly slickened himself before maneuvering Aya as he wanted him and let the redhead press down slowly. He didn’t want there to be any pain, but the swordsman didn’t seem to care. Yohji did though, more than anyone would ever know. To hurt him, even if it wasn’t his intentions, always set off a feeling of burning acid in his chest. He knew that Aya had been hurt before by people – men – he had fed off and even if the vampire was more than capable of defending himself there was still something in Yohji that screamed for him to be careful and treat the redhead like glass. Aya hated that side of him, but as long as he was Yohji’s he would have to put up with it. As Yohji would have to put up with a homicidal redhead with a taste for blood for as long as he was Aya’s. Which was pretty much forever. 

As Aya was fully seated in his lap once more, he wrapped his arms around his lover’s neck to look him deep into the green eyes. Yohji smiled at the mix of annoyance and lust reflected there before the head fell back again to reveal a perfect throat. Yohji wasn’t one to turn down an invitation like that and as he waited for Aya to adjust to him he nipped and sucked at his neck again, earning whimpers and moans that set his blood racing. 

Aya began to move slowly, lifting himself off Yohji’s lap only to press down again in a motion that caused the blond to whimper and bite his lip as he leaned backwards, down on the bed to look at the redhead. Aya’s eyes were closed as the soft purrs Yohji had become addicted to reverberated through the still air and he steadied himself with his hands on the blond’s chest. His fingers tracing scars in the darkness as Yohji pressed up and into him and the blond grabbed his hips again to set the pace he wanted – slow and steady. 

A hand took to pumping the redhead’s neglected erection in time with his own thrusts and as he watched Aya’s pleasure increase he felt that special surge inside him again, the one that screamed for him to loose what little control he had left and fuck the redhead senseless. He muted it down again, instead watching the lingering emotions and the everpresent lust that seemed to multiply every time they had sex surface as Aya bit his own lip hard enough for the fangs to pierce it as he reached completion. His muscles clamped down on Yohji as well, and with a final thrust he came as well, crying out Aya’s name as the redhead tried to steady himself on the blond’s chest with hands that were shaking. Yohji smiled as he yanked him down for a kiss and to lap up the blood from the split lip before pulling out and the vampire dropped boneless to the mattress with heavily lidded eyes.

The blond looked down on the mess on his chest and made a face before turning to Aya who blinked warily at him. As Yohji smiled the wariness disappeared and was replaced with a glare that made the blond chuckle before grabbing his discarded towel to clean them off. Thankfully, it was still damp, which made it much easier and he watched as Aya’s eyes dropped shut again and the redhead stretched out very much like the kitten he was so often accused of resembling. Yohji cleaned them off before dropping the towel on the floor again with a mental note to get rid of it in the morning – as if Aya would forget it. The swordsman had an obsessive compulsive way of always cleaning up the ‘mess’ in Yohji’s room – which of course led to him not finding anything; which in turn led to a new mess. But Aya had made it quite clear that he wanted to be able to sleep in there without fear of what might have mutated and developed a life of its own to come back and attack them. Yohji didn’t mind, most of the time.

Watching as his lover nuzzled closer again, he pulled the younger man against him to place light kisses on his lips, nose, eyelids and pretty much everything else he could reach. A soft smile ghosted over the redhead’s face as he opened his now violet eyes again to look at Yohji. A pale hand rose to caress a tanned cheek for a moment before falling back down on the bed again and the same surge of protectiveness and warmth spread through Yohji at the sight of the unguarded emotions in amethyst eyes. He smiled again, pressing his lips against Aya’s forehead before pulling the redhead up over him and tucking him under his chin. Aya grumbled for a moment, but as he stroke his hand up and down the younger man’s back the sounds changed into a content purr. He pulled up the blankets over them – the nights were warm again and when you were sleeping two in the same bed it tended to get even warmer. As he did that he rather felt than saw Aya’s content smile as the younger man nuzzled closer. Yohji couldn’t help but agree…



This one took me about seven hours all in all to finish (and I’m still not quite sure it’s finished yet…). Yup, I’m a slow writer when it comes to lemons... :P

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