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Part I: Yohji 


Turning over ever so slightly, he cuddles up next to me again. I spoon him as always, content with the way he is pressed up against me. My kitten… 

<Your kitten? I beg to differ…> A mocking voice enters my mind, and I stiffle a sigh. Of course, there’s the third aspect to take into the count. 

<Mine. Yours. Ours?> I try again. The last thing I want is to start a fight with Schu. It’s in the middle of the night and I am dead tired. I just want to snuggle up next to the kitten and sleep away the whole next week. I know that Schu feels the same, the jade orbs boring into mine for another moment before he lay down to rest on the other side of Ran. Yes, Ran. We share him nowadays since he decided to have both of us. It can get a bit complicated sometimes, but it have turned out quite okay for the most part. It’s not like Schu and I like to share him, but that is the only way either of us get to have him. He was quite firm on the matter, and we didn’t get the chance to say ’no’.  

<Reliving old times, are we Yotan?> Stiffling yet another sigh, I bury my nose deep into the red hair, content with just holding him. 

<Can’t we just take that some other time? I’m dead tired, and unlike some I have to get to work tomorrow.> Sending him an image of what Ran will make him do if he disturbes me when I need to sleep, I recieve a rather nasty one in return – involving me and a lot of fish. How he managed to figure out that I hate fish is not that hard, but I still consider it a low blow. 

 "Yohji, Schu. Go to sleep or I swear you’re both sleeping on the couch tonight." A sleepy kitten’s voice stop any further argument between us as I press a hasty kiss to the back of his neck and Schu one on his lips to silence him. We both know that he will carry through with the threat, and how much I love to bicker with Schu, I’m not up to share the couch with him. He snores and his feet are cold. Recieving an indignant <they’re not!> I snicker and settle back into sleep, marveling at the wonder that lies in my arms.  

I’m still not sure how it ended up like this, the three of us in the same relationship, but as long as it works I’m not the one to complain. Neither is Schu, I know he value this as much as I do. Neither of us have been seriously involved with someone for years, and to find out that the one we both wanted to settle down with was Ran ’shi-ne’ Fujimiya of all people was quite a blow to our egos. Not to mention that he led us both in a merry dance before deciding that he wanted both of us.  

 "Love you, kitten…" I hear Schu whisper to him, and instead of saying so myself, I just tighten my arms around the gorgeous body in my arms as I press another kiss to his neck. He squirms a little, but I know he don’t mind. He looks so utterly fuckable when lying there, clad in nothing more than a pair of boxers that I’m not sure are his or mine. They’re not Schu’s anyway, he hasn’t been able to move in his clothes yet. 

<Hentai thoughts?> Once more, the mocking voice in my mind. I glare at him over the kitten’s head, watching him agree with me. A leer finds itself on my face, only to be matched by the one on his. Poor kitten, so unaware of what we’re up to. He’s tired as hell, and has a set of rather sharp claws when he wants to, but both Schu and I are up for some fun. The tricky thing will be to convince him to participate… 

As I slowly brush back the bangs from his face, Schu leans forward and kiss him again, a little deeper this time. It’s not that I like to watch them – I’m too jealous, for one thing – but it’s so sweet to see how he responds, even as he is half asleep. The leer on the German’s face is still there, and I can’t really keep back a snigger as a pale hand rise to brush back the orange bangs that tickles his face. We both watch in silence as he opens his eyes, smiling first at Schu and then at me. The smile belongs to a very sated and happy little kitten, and as I proceed to tell him that, it changes. Oh, just so fucking great. It’s the ’shi-ne’-smile, as we have labeled it. We’re in deep shit now. 

 "Get out of bed. Both of you. Now." He tugs at the covers, dragging them off me as he proceed to kick Schu out of bed. If it wasn’t for the fact that I know I’ll be following soon, I would have laughed. 

A string of curses in German is heard from the floor, and I’m wary as I move out of reach. I don’t appreciate to be kicked out of my own bed, but I know better than to argue with him right now. He’s angry enough to bite off both our heads – and not in the good way either. 

 "See you in the morning. Don’t forget to close the door, and don’t start a fight downstairs." With that, he just rolls over, ignoring us completely. I grumble for a moment before following Schu downstairs. Might as well try to get the better of the couch when I’m at it. 

 "Grouchy kitten…" Schu bitch for another minute before we settle down on the couch. I know that whoever finds us in the morning won’t be happy for it, but what can you do when your boyfriend just kicked you out of bed? I’m sure as hell aren’t going off to some club – we both know better than that. 

 "Hope he isn’t angry in the morning…" Yanking my part of the blanket, we settle down next to each other. I try to get my feet as far away from Schu’s as possible, but enough nights on the couch have taught me that I’ll still wake up with them plastered to my own. If the guy could just get to wear socks at night, everything would be so much easier. 

Realizing that my thoughts strayed a bit there as he glares at me, I merely smirks. Serves him right, he was the one to start the whole thing. 

 "’Night." One arm encompass me so that I won’t fall off the couch, and I relax into the embrace. How odd it may sound, Schu actually makes me feel safe when we’re sleeping like this. It took me quite some time to realize and acknowledge that, but I know that he feels the same. 

 "’Night…" He mumbles into my ear before nuzzling deeper into my hair. His own tickles my bare back and I grab the arm surrounding me to have him closer. Now, if only there was a certain kitten here… 

<Give it up, Yotan, he’ll be bitching at us all day.> 

I sigh. He probably will, but a little fight always has it coming for a lot of make-up sex afterwards, something we all enjoy. Well, perhaps not the rest of our teammates since they’re always walking in on us at the most inappropriate moments, but what the hell? You might think that living with a precog might keep them off our backs, but sometimes I swear that Crawford sends someone in on purpose! 

<He probably does. Now, shut up and sleep.> 


End of Part I.

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