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Part II: Ran 


I groan when one of them settles down on the side of the bed as the other one brush back my hair while they carry on a hushed conversation in hopes of not waking me up. No use though, Iíve been awake since they stumbled back into the room this morning. Aah, might as well get it over with.  

"What do you want?" My voice sounds like something crawling out of a grave, and the whispering stops immediately. It never ceases to amaze me how stupid they can be. Why not just talk the silent way instead of bothering me like this? On the other hand, I have come to like the rush of power I feel whenever I can get them to shut up like that. Unfortunately, theyíre never quiet for long. 

"Waky-waky, kitten!" Just bloody great. Schuís in his playmood this morning. 

"What time is it? And why are you back here?" God, I love the look on their faces as I glare at them, my eyes probably too bleary and tired to do any real damage, but one can always try, ne? 

"Come on, kitten, time to get to work!" Yohji chime in, a beaming smile on his face that would have put Omiís to shame. And so like him to avoid any serious question I might send his way. Schuís as bad, but thatís one of the things I like about them Ė they always provide enough amusement for me to keep myself occupied. 

I turn over again, contemplating to sleep in for the first time in years. Today donít seem like my day at all. Not to mention after kicking them out of bed last night Iím now cold and tired. Yup, today, I just canít win. 

"I donít want to get to work today." A puzzled silence follow before two hands simultaneously feels my forehead and the whispering conversation is resumed. 

"No, donít think he has a feverÖ" 

"Canít be the flu, itís too late for thatÖ" 

"And no hangoverÖ" Okay, whoever said that was going to pay for it. I turn around again to glare at them, noticing the way they are both leering at me.  

"Iím fine. I just didnít get enough sleep last night." Another glare directed their way, and they back off. Feels good to have a morning temper. 

I snuggle down deeper under the covers again, turning my back on them. They just sit there, probably eyeing each other and trying to decide whether Iím mad or not. Yohjiís probably trying to persuade Schu to take a peek inside my head Ė something he knows the telepath wonít do for any amount of money Ė and therefore I will know who set him up for it. Sometimes, I really like this powerÖ 

"Kitten?" Yohjiís voice is questioning behind my back and I sigh. I really hate the nicknames they come up with Ė for some reason they think that the worse, the better, but it wonít do any good to protest. Before the end of the day, theyíre back to calling me whatever struck them fancy. 

"Shut up and get in here, itís colder than hell." I can almost hear their grins as they crawl back into bed with me Ė Schuís even minding his cold feet this time Ė and settle down on each side. I feel so safe and sheltered like this, feelings I seldom let myself indulge in.  

It was fun to lead them off on the chase by pretending to play oblivious to all their advances on me. Iíve known for a long time how they both felt, but I was even more surprised to discover that I like them both. Donít ask me why, but since we began working with Schwarz, I just grew closer to Schu than anyone else Ė except Yohji, of course. That they both leered over me didnít make things worse. Once I was over the initial shock of having someone think of me in a sexual way, I talked to Crawford for a bit to try to figure out Schu.  

Things work out pretty well, as long as they donít get all possessive and jealous of me. I usually ignore them when they do, letting them fight it out on their own. And theyíre both too afraid to anger me to stay mad at each other for long. As I said Ė I like the power I have here. 

Schuís spooning me this time. Usually itís Yohji, but I donít mind. Either one will do just fine. I lean forward to kiss the blond while I feel Schu press a small kiss at the back of my neck. God, heís so cold! 

"Get your feet away from mine, I donít want frostbite!" Yohji snaps at him again, and I canít keep back the smile thatís now a mile wide on my face. I love to hear them bickering like thisÖ 

íWhat do you say we dump Yotan and have some fun?í The voice in my head is practically drooling Ė as if I couldnít feel the reason in the small of my back Ė and I think about it for a moment.  

íWhat? Send him off to do breakfast?í 

íWhy not? KittenÖí I barely hold back a sigh as I snuggle down deeper under the covers, linking my hand with Yohjiís for a moment. This is the best time of the day, when we just lie here and donít do anything else than breathe. I close my eyes again, I want to sleep some more. 

íStop calling me that.í I know Iím bitching, but I just canít help myself. 

Someone press closer to me, and I open my eyes again to watch how Yohji is inching closer, the intention clear on his face. I smile again, another ghostly one that barely pass over my face before itís gone. He looks so cute with his hair all tousled and eyes still heavy with sleep. I extend a hand to brush back a strand of his golden hair from his face, and he tries to kiss it. Leaning forward, I press a kiss to his lips. Behind me, I hear Schu grumbling before I turn around to face him. Like children, both want the same set of affection. Oh, what the hell, it isnít like theyíre forcing me to anything, right? 

I still wonder how it will work out in the end. A relationship consisting of three counterparts can never last, but Iím determined to enjoy it as long as it does. One thing íthe tradeí have spent years ingraining in me is that you take what you have and enjoy it while it lasts. I never understood it until Aya-chan explained it to me and it was one of the things that made me make up my decision. I donít know which one of them that would make me happy, so I signed up for both. And so far, Iíve been happy. 

"Ki~itte~en?" Yohjiís voice drawl it out in the most impossible way and I sigh and try to remember why I let them back into bed. Oh yes, I was cold. 


End of Part II.


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