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Part III: Schuldig 


He is so cute when he is sleeping. I’m not the only one to think so, but I’m the only one awake to appreciate the sight of him curled up between us. Yohji is sleeping with his mouth half open again, and I’m almost tempted to dump one of his cigarettes in it just to watch the reaction when he wakes up again.  

But my kitten… He has tucked his head back on my chest, his hand still linked with Yohji’s as he enjoy the warmth of our bodies. He becomes cold so easily and we just love to keep him warm… I feel another leer on my face at that, quickly to disappear again as he open his eyes to blink at me warily. Red hair mingle with my orange bangs as I lean down to place a soft kiss on his lips as he tries to blink the sleep out of his eyes.  

’So sweet…’ 

A mental ’hn’ is the answer to that, and I smirk at him. He just rolls his eyes at me, his annoyance no more than a show – one he put up whenever he feels that we’re too demanding. 

’Wanna get some breakfast?’ He shakes his head, still too tired to care for food. I just settle back down, my face now in the crook of his neck and shoulder, glancing over to Yohji to see if I can steal away some minutes before he wakes up as well. I like having the kitten for myself to play with, even if I have to share him. I know that he divides his attentions equally between us – this relationship was his idea after all – and I’m grateful for the chance he has given us. Heh. Me, the Guilty One, grateful? Guess that the world comes to an end after all… 

A hand is placed over my shoulder, hugging me tight for another moment before letting go. 

’Don’t think like that, baka.’ His mental voice is concerned as well as annoyed. How he manage to figure out what I was thinking, I don’t know, but he always knows when something is troubling me. I just shrug and nuzzle closer to his neck again. 

’Do you have any suggestion of topics then?’ I make sure to put as much leering into those words as possible, only to have him tilting my head up and kiss me. I take the opportunity presenting itself to delve deep into his mouth, tasting him properly before leaving it to mark his neck instead. I know that Yotan will go nuts when he finds out – but that’s half the fun. Poor kitten, sometimes we treat him like a possession that we both want to play with – all the time. No wonder the long-suffering sighs and looks are always directed at us. I would have been like that too, if I had to put up with us. 

’How long have I’ve been asleep?’ I glance over at the clock, not happy with him interrupting me with such trivial questions. I return to his neck again, kissing and licking and biting. He gasps under me, a small mewl drawn from him as I continue my assault. I love those sounds, I love the way he writhe and toss about when I kiss him like this and how he look at me with those wonderful eyes… 

’It’s almost 4 p.m. No use to get up before dinner, ne kitten?’ 

I still can’t really believe that he is mine. Or at least, partly mine. Having to share isn’t as fun as it sounds, even if it have presented some interesting opportunities for us to… explore things… I swear, the first time Yotan suggested that it would be the three of us, his eyes were coming out of his head! I still laugh at it when I think about it, but he was into it soon enough. He was so uncertain and inexperienced when we first began this relationship, but not anymore. Although, there are still things we haven’t taught him yet, the little kitty… Heh. 

Sometimes, I think I loved him from the moment I saw him. Sometimes. Then there are those times I wished him dead and gone whenever they managed to thwart our plans despite Crawford’s ability. And then, there are those times that I just wanted to screw him senseless, whisking him away from this world into one of our own… Which have pretty much happened already. 

I’m not good at sharing, but neither is Yohji. We both know that, and we try not to step over the boundaries – or we will have a very angry boyfriend to deal with for starters. He let us work it out on our own though, and that is for the best. It would break like glass if he began interfering and taking someone’s side in an argument, but our little kitty is too smart for that… 

And right now, he is my little kitty, all growling and mewling and gasping under me, his hands threading in my hair as he yanks my head up again for another kiss. I take the opportunity to mark him as I spar with his tongue, making sure to leave my taste for Yotan to discover later. Heh. Serves him right for sleeping through this. 

’Behave, Schu.’ The voice is definitely tinged with amusement as he continue to kiss me back, his hands gliding down my back to drag me on top of him. I push Yohji away a little as not to wake him up, but he begin to stir almost immediately. 

’Go to sleep, you’re not invited.’ I send the thought to him with a great emphasis on ’not’ and ’invited’. Now when I finally have him all for myself, I’m not going to let someone else interrupt our playtime. 

Unfortunately, the kitten’s sounds have him wide awake and watching us in a blink of an eye. I scowl at him before smirking as the kitten continue to mewl when one of his hands disappear under the comforter again. Aah, the advantage of being two… 

His knowing smirk is plastered on his face as he meet my eyes. Jade clash with emerald before we both turn to regard closed amethyst ones, hoping for a flash of them. 


End Part III. There's an Epilogue as well.


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