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Epilogue: Suppertime 


Crawford sighed as the sound of the lovers drifted down the stairs. He was in the living room, trying to watch the News. Unfortunately, those three didn’t have any sense of sound level of what they were doing – or to keep it down for the sake of the rest of the house. Ran was quiet enough, except whenever those two did to him whatever they were doing right now – he didn’t want to know – but both Schuldig and Yohji were loud enough to wake the dead and didn’t care the least who heard them. 

Omi was sitting in the couch, making a face and turning up the volume whenever they got Ran making those noices again. The poor boy was bright red as the… howls… continued for quite some time. 

"I’m not the one going up to tell them that dinner’s ready." He turned over to watch Crawford, still all red and embarrassed. 

"I believe it’s Ken’s turn. I’ve never seen him so red in the face after the time I sent him in here looking for his soccer ball." Crawford smiled at the memory of the horrified young man who had been hard pressed to even look at his friends for some weeks to come. Aaah… The advantages with being a precog… 

"Heh. He couldn’t even sleep for almost a week. I swear, his nose began bleeding as soon as someone even mentioned Ran-kun, or the others." The boy snickered, clearly amused by the memory. "Wonder what we have to bribe him with? And I still don’t think he has forgiven you for the last time yet…" Omi laughed openly at that, watching as Nagi silently made his way into the room. 

"How much do you wanna bet that Ken-kun will get a nosebleed before dinner?" Eyes sparkling with amusement, Omi watched the young telekinetic shrug as a ghost of a smile passed over his face. 

"You’re sending him up there again?" They all looked up at the roof as an especially high shout brought their red faces back again, the two boys mortified and Crawford hard pressed to hold onto his aloofness. 

"Sending who where?" Ken came into the room, soccer ball under his arm and Farfarello in tow. He had been out with the Irishman to play soccer – an interest they shared. The one-eyed man just shrugged before walking by him to sit in the couch beside Omi. 

"Say, Ken-kun, why don’t you go and let Ran-kun know that supper is ready…?" 


Finished! I felt it would be nice with a little epilogue as well.

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