by nekojita


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Yuda watched as Shiva walked away, clearly upset over his recent failure. Not caring to remain seated any longer, he rose to his feet and walked away, leaving Ruka behind.

"Yuda? It will be all right, I promise. Even with this latest failure we’ve still hurt Heaven, still took one of their own away from them." Ruka fell silent when he realized that Yuda wasn’t paying any attention to him, and Yuda was glad for that. With all the time they’d spent imprisoned together, the two of them had learned when the other needed some privacy and would immediately oblige. The silver-haired angel was giving him his ‘space’, and Yuda knew that he wouldn’t be bothered until he expressed a desire to be sociable again.

Ruka had been there for him over the long years -- had been his only companionship, trapped as they were in this cave, and had helped to keep him sane. They were friends and more, yet despite all that he wasn’t what Yuda needed at this moment. Following a well-worn path that led to a dark nook, Yuda settled himself onto a rock worn smooth years ago and closed his eyes, leaning his head to rest back against the stone wall.

Hiro of the hawk had been defeated by one of the Saint Beasts. Ruka and he had watched the entire battle, had seen the possessed guardian angel fall before one of the four higher angels. The outcome had been inevitable, and the fight had only dragged out as long as Rei had let his gentle nature hold back his great power. Hiro hadn’t had a chance, no matter what Shiva had thought.

It was the battle that had disturbed Yuda, that had him hiding in the darkness as he let the memories of the past overwhelm him.

//He raised his Shin’s cut finger to his lips, letting his healing power flow over the torn flesh, mending it until not a mark remained. Through his lowered lashes he looked upon his dearest companion, drinking in the sight of flushed cheeks and confused amber eyes. When the other angel gasped in surprise he barely prevented his lips from curving into a smile….//

Throughout the entire battle it hadn’t been Rei that he’d seen, but Shin. His long, pale green hair free of its bindings, his amber eyes flashing with passion behind his glasses. Shin, intelligent and determined, was so beautiful that even the conjured false image was enough to make Yuda suck in his breath and shift uncomfortably on his perch.

Lovely Shin, his best friend and his lover.

//Amber eyes stared at him through a cascade of pale green strands, glowing with confusion, pain and resolve. Shin looked at him, flanked by Gou and Rei, his choice clear on which side he stood. Yuda’s heart throbbed in pain, and he knew his eyes pleaded with his lover for understanding. For a moment Shin’s resolve appeared to be weakening and he shifted forward the slightest bit, but Gou moved as well, shoving a shoulder in front of the smaller angel and pushing him back. Yuda stared with hatred into a pair of mismatched eyes as Megami-sama read aloud his sentencing….//

It had been so long since he’d seen his lover, and now… Yuda took a shuddering breath as he considered the future. More than likely he would see Shin again very soon. Which side would the angel choose now? Would he remain with his ‘brothers’ or could he be made to see reason? To see just why Yuda had dared to take on Heaven? They could be together then. Or they would have to fight….

Yuda sighed as he slumped against cool stone. He wanted to see Shin so badly, to talk to him, to try and convince his lover… but would Shin listen to him? Did Shin even remember what they had once meant to each other? Moaning at the memories he could never forget, could never escape from for very long because down here he had precious little to cling to other than them, Yuda closed his eyes and remembered what, in part, he was fighting for.

//Yuda heard a soft laugh and abandoned his cloud-gazing on the hill by a bubbling stream to sit up and watch Shin approach him. The younger man’s attention focused on a ginger coloured cat that was stalking the hem of his long robe. Shin bent at the waist to pick up the feline, lifting it up to his face but being sure to support its back feet as he did.

There was the sound of murmuring, and a few meows as well, then Shin set the little cat back on the ground and watched it until it ran back the way they’d just came. He laughed again, even softer than before, and resumed walking towards Yuda, a light breeze tugging on his long black robe and the few free strands of pale hair he left unbound.

Yuda stared as his lover came to him, a smile on his face and the sunlight reflecting off his glasses hiding the amber eyes that he loved to gaze into, knowing a bold look on his part would bring forth Shin’s notorious blushes. He smiled as his lover settled on the ground next to him, tucking his black clothes around his knees as he did so, and thought about how he was the only one who could make Shin blush.

Happy now that his lover had joined him, Yuda fell back to the ground, pretending to look up at the sky when he was really observing his companion out of the corner of his eye.

"What did the cat want?"

"Hm, it seems Gai sent him to spy on me. I think he’s planning to ‘attack’ me later in the day; apparently, Rei has been making himself scarce and poor Gai needs someone to play with. I reminded the cat what happened the last time Gai had such a silly scheme and it agreed to report back that it had lost me." Shin hummed happily for a few moments, while Yuda wondered if the youngest God of Beasts knew what his ‘brother’ was up to and disapproved. He knew that Rei and Gou had found out about them, and… weren’t exactly happy about their ‘sibling’s’ affair.

Deciding that now wasn’t the time to ponder such thoughts, Yuda motioned to Shin’s empty hands. "You didn’t bring your harp today."

Shin glanced aside at Yuda, a teasing smile on his face. "No, I didn’t. There didn’t seem to be much sense in carrying it all the way here and not end up playing it."

"Really?" Yuda turned to gaze at Shin, hope rising inside him. "And why is that?"

Still smiling in a teasing manner, Shin leaned over Yuda until their noses almost brushed together. The long bangs that framed Shin’s face fell down along Yuda’s cheeks.

"Because you’ll be too busy ravishing me to allow me any time to play."

Yuda arched an eyebrow at that statement, a smile of his own pulling at his lips. "Will I?" God, how he loved Shin, Yuda thought as he gazed with heated passion at the younger man. His smile grew wider when he saw an answering passion in his lover’s amber eyes, the emotion so strong it made them shine like gold.

"Oh yes. You will." Shin lowered his head closing the final distance until their lips touched. His warm tongue pressed against Yuda’s smiling mouth, and he didn’t hesitate to open it, sucking the moist appendage inside. Shin moaned softly and draped his body on top of Yuda’s. They fitted together in a way Yuda had never experienced with anyone else, as if they were made for one another.

Yuda pulled at the black garments that obscured Shin’s lithe form and kept him from tracing his lips along the man’s sensitive flesh. His lover groaned when the clasps of his robe were finally undone, pulling away from Yuda just enough to shed the coat. His hands immediately trailed down Shin’s chest, pausing to tweak a nipple and to trace outside Shin’s navel before pulling at the drawstring of the black pants. Panting with eagerness, Shin wiggled his hips, helping Yuda remove the offending garments and toss them aside. Next came unraveling the white ribbon that held back Shin's long hair.

Rolling on top of the smaller man, Yuda pinned Shin to the ground and roamed his mouth all over his lover’s body. He adored all the sounds Shin made when he kissed him, a different one for each part of his body. It was a soft mewl when he sucked on the younger angel’s neck, a short gasp when a pair of nipples were laved and nipped at, and an almost chuckle when his tongue delved inside Shin’s navel. The farther down he went the throatier the sounds became until Shin was moaning deeply when Yuda placed a kiss on his inner thigh.

Pushing up onto his arms, Yuda gazed adoringly upon his lover, drinking in the man’s beauty. As angels they were all perfect, but Shin… the lovely, sea-foam hair that felt like silk, the amber eyes that glowed like sunlight when Shin was possessed with strong emotion, the lithe, toned body that Yuda knew was his and his alone…. He couldn’t help moaning himself as his arousal twitched, eager to be buried inside that body, and to feel Shin wrapped around him and hear the man whisper how much he loved him in Yuda’s ear as he pleasured him.

"Yuda… come back, lover." Shin made to sit up, a slight frown tugging down his sweet lips as he reached for Yuda. Smiling wickedly, Yuda quickly bobbed his head, swallowing Shin’s twitching cock whole and making his lover let out a startled gasp before falling back onto the grass. With his tongue stroking the silky, hot flesh, Yuda hummed softly, his eyes drinking in the way his lover writhed on the grass, his head tossing back and forth, long fingers tearing at the grass as Shin started to thrust his hips upward into Yuda’s mouth. Beautiful.

"Yu~da…." Shin moaned, the sound deep and wanton, making Yuda’s cock twitch painfully against his restrictive pants. "Oh… please, lover. _Please_"

Pulling away when the younger man moaned again, Yuda wiped his lips against Shin’s thigh and crawled up to stare into the man’s eyes. Shin looked back at him, his eyes heavy-lidded, his pale skin flushed and lips parted as he panted. With a trembling hand Yuda brushed back the strands of hair that fell across Shin’s forehead.

"What is it, love?"

"Want you. Please, lover, I want you inside me."

It never failed to amaze Yuda to hear Shin say those words to him, or to have his normally composed lover start to tug on his pants, eager to have his pleas come true. Shin’s hand slipped inside his pants making Yuda groan and close his eyes as the younger man’s callused palm and fingers wrapped around his arousal, aided by the clear fluid copiously dribbling out, and slid along his cock.

Opening his eyes, Yuda found Shin staring at him with a look of utter concentration, the same look he had when playing his harp and focusing his attention completely on the matter at hand.

He couldn’t help it; he had to laugh at that thought. Chuckling out loud, he pulled away from a stunned Shin and pulled at his clothes, eager to be rid of them. Yuda looked at his lover as soon as he pulled his shirt off and found Shin lying on the grass, licking at the hand he’d been stroking him with. The short burst of laughter died, swallowed by another groan, and Yuda was on top of the green-haired man once more.

"You look…." He bent his head to nibble on Shin’s ear, letting his magic flow again into Shin and making the man mewl and shudder beneath him. "…utterly adorable."

"Oh! Yu~da… hm, you’re delicious." Shin gave his hand one more lick, appearing much like the ginger cat he’d sent on its way earlier, and tilted his head presenting his lips to Yuda. "I want you. Now."

"So demanding you are." Bending down to kiss the offered lips, Yuda tasted himself as he delved his tongue inside Shin’s mouth. One of his hands fumbled in his discarded pants for the vial of oil he always carried with him now, unable, as he was, to resist taking Shin whenever the opportunity presented itself. Unable, as he was, to resist having Shin press against him and, in that lovely voice, ask to be taken. The younger angel had an appetite to match his own, and Yuda couldn’t see the day when they would ever be tired of each other. Their passion, still so new to them, hadn’t faded the slightest over the recent months but continued to only burn brighter with each caress and kiss.

Shin must have smelled the sweet oil when he opened the vial because he made that throaty moan once again and spread his legs wider. Yuda started to nibble his way down his love’s neck as he teased a slick finger around Shin’s tight entrance, pushing the slightest distance past the ring of muscle before sliding back out. Oh, how he loved to hear the composed, quiet Genbu Shin beg to be fucked.

"Ah… Yuda…." Shin panted and threaded his hands in Yuda’s hair, tugging slightly whenever the finger slipped out of him. He placed his feet closer to his hips, his bent legs splayed as he exposed all of himself to Yuda, jerking his hips in an attempt to take the finger in deeper.

"Lover… please, oh please… ah! Yes… oh, no no no, Yuda, want you…." Shin actually growled in disappointment when Yuda pulled out his finger yet again, then moaned as two were thrust back inside, twisting about. He gasped when they hit the sweet spot inside him, and Yuda suddenly realized that he himself was panting heavily, excited by the sounds and pleas that fell from his lover’s soft lips and the sight of the man spread beneath him, eager for him.

Shin was his. Yuda was still shocked by that fact, even after these last passion-filled months. Genbu Shin, a man who was considered out of reach by many and intimidated even more with a simple look, was his. Placing a hand on Shin’s right leg, pushing the limb towards Shin’s chest, he thrust his hips forward and slowly sank into the luscious, clenching heat that was his alone.

Immediately tilting his hips to take Yuda in even deeper, Shin groaned and wrapped his left leg around Yuda’s waist. Sinking into his lover as deep as he could go, Yuda stared into a pair of eyes that shone like the sun.

"Yes, oh yes… more, Yuda. Please, oh please. Take me, lover."

Dear, polite Shin, asking even now. Yuda smiled as he snapped his hips forward, quickly setting a demanding pace that Shin eagerly met. They had all day and night to be together, and later things could be slow, but not now. Yuda wanted his lover too much, wanted to hear Shin say how much he loved and needed him. He needed to tell Shin how much he loved him back.

All the heavens were there around them, perfect and lovely, and Yuda only felt complete and happy when he was buried inside his lover, thrusting inside him so forcefully that Shin eventually gave up on words and tilted his head back, the only sounds emerging from his throat being deep moans and occasional whimpers. Yuda kept rocking his hips forward, one hand stroking Shin’s arousal and the other supporting him above the smaller man, his fingers tangled in pale hair.

Shin’s skin was flushed and shimmering with sweat. His eyes were wide, now the color of pure gold, staring vacantly up at the sky. Pale pink lips were parted, enticing Yuda to lean down and kiss them, to lick at them and allow his magic to flow again until Shin was writhing beneath him, gasping for air as his fingers pressed against Yuda’s upper arms, the strong nails digging into his skin. With a shuddering cry Shin came, his back arching off the grass and his eyes fluttering shut.

Feeling himself being squeezed tightly, Yuda moaned his lover’s name and came, spilling his seed deep inside Shin’s body, pouring himself inside his love. The intensity of his orgasm had him falling forward, pressing his face against Shin’s neck as his body melted against the other angel. He tried to remember how to breathe as tiny tremors wracked his body; short sparks of bliss that slowly faded away.

"Thank you, lover." A kiss was pressed to Yuda’s temple, and when he lifted his head to stare at the man he loved, Shin’s long fingers swept through his sweaty hair, brushing the strands off his face. Yuda slowly sat up, sitting cross-legged on the ground as he pulled Shin along with him. The longhaired man curled up beside him, humming a happy tune under his breath.

Yuda reached for the few items he’d brought with him that day and picked up a wooden comb. He sat there and started to comb Shin’s hair, easing through the few tangles as the other angel cleaned them off with handfuls of fragrant grass.

"Why do you keep this hidden away? I adore the fact that you seem to appreciate my gift, but sometimes I miss seeing your hair down."

Shin sighed at the familiar question and leaned against Yuda. "Hmm, because it gets tangled so easily and catches on things. It’s much more practical to tie it up than worry about it getting caught on my harp strings or Gai tugging on it." Shin smiled and rested his head on Yuda’s shoulder and made no move to tie back his hair, not even when it was finally all combed.

"I love you, Yuda. Always and ever."

"Always and ever, Shin. I’ll make you keep that promise."//

Yuda let out a shuddering breath, reluctantly allowing the harsh present reality of his earthen prison replace the sweet dream of heaven and Shin. He could allow the memory to continue, to show to him once again that perfect day of just the two of them talking, playing in the water and lying in the sun inbetween making love again and again. There were many other days and nights like that in his head, memories awaiting the slightest trigger to flood him with the happiness and pleasure that had once filled his existence. But he would have to leave them at one point and return to the real world. One where he was as far from the heavens as an angel could fall and where he was bereft of his beloved.

Not for long, though. Ruka and he were finally free and gathering their army of fallen guardian angels. There would be another showdown with Heaven, and this time he didn’t intend to lose. Nor did he intend to allow Shin to remain from his side any longer. Yuda wouldn’t have to survive on memories for much longer, not when, soon enough, he would remind Shin of the man’s promise and make him keep it. Then there would be new memories to create.

Rising to his feet, Yuda hurried to seek out Ruka. They had much to do yet, and his brief reverie of the past had reminded Yuda what was, in part, at stake. He was not going to allow Heaven to win a second time, and Shin would be his once again.


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