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[Sequel to 'Between Lovers']



 "Ki~tten?" Yohji's voice was drawling out my petname in that impossible way again. I sighed as I glanced over my shoulder to watch him and Schu standing in the doorway to the room where I spent most of my time working on the flower arrangements. It is a good way to keep my temper down, the flowers always had a calming effect on me. One I need more often than not. Living with those two try my patience a dozen times a day, and therefore it is nice to have something to help me relax whenever my blood pressure tend to climb the roof.

 "What do you want?" I haven't completely forgiven them for waking me up this morning with their argument about Schu's cold feet. Again. After I kicked them out of bed, I tried to go back to sleep. Which was of course impossible since it was both cold and lonely. I guess I've just been too spoiled by always have someone sleeping next to me and keeping me warm, but I truly detest having to wake up to their bickering. Although they seem to be back on the friendly terms again, what with the way Yohji's leaning on Schu and eyeing me. It feels like having two tigers about to pounce you any moment, and I am actually grateful that Omi and Nagi are in the next room playing their usual games. I swear, those two are falling for each other as well, but it seems like neither of them are prepared to take the first step. If they don't do something soon, I will kick them from here to the other side of Tokyo - maybe they would get the point then.

But back to the matter at hand… My lovesick boyfriends. When I don't snap at them again, they apparently think I'm in a better mood and therefore they dare to step inside my sanctuary to disturb my peace. Yohji wrinkles his nose in that funny way that always make me want to kiss it while Schu just don't give a damn about the flowers as long as they don't get in his way. Yohji dropped the whole flower charade as soon as he could, and haven't touched one voluntarily since. Except to get me some when we've had a fight, but I don't count those since he didn't do the arrangement himself.

 "What do you say we go out tonight?" Schu's sauntering over to me in that liquid way only he have, stopping to brush back one of my bangs that have fallen into my eyes again. I need to get a haircut, or I'll begin to look like my boyfriends. And let me tell you, I don't look good in hair that reach below my ears. It tends to tangle itself up and stand on edge whenever I want to look at least remotely presentable.

 "Out?" I ask quietly, not looking up from the flowers I'm arranging. A little more Amaranth and it should be done. Reaching for it, I'm stopped by Yohji who have sneaked up on my other side. A scowl don't help at all, but I hadn't expected that either. "Move, Yohji." I reach behind him to get the one I want, stepping closer. In an instant, he has me in his arms, not caring about the way I stiffen. And to make matters worse, Schu's coming up behind me. Caught between the two of them, I have no choice but to stand still, waiting till they decide to release me. Since either is about a head taller than me, I'm used to be manhandled. Not that I don't put up a fight, mind you, but when you have to deal with those two you tend to get plenty of opportunity to practice your patience and self control. And half of the time, I don't want to get away either. The way they have crawled themselves under my skin is still new to me, and I'm not sure if I like it or not.

 "Out to a club?" Schu's voice in my ear send a shiver down my spine, and I close my eyes momentarily. So this is what they're up to this time. Trying to get me so giddy inside that I forget to say no? Unfortunately, it works.

Drawing a deep breath, I reach for the flowers I need, pretending not to see how they're eyeing me now. "Out? To a club? Why?" I continue with the arrangement, waiting for the answer.

 "To have a little fun? Common, kitten, it's been a month since we even tried to get you out of the house…" Yohji's voice is drawling in my ear again, and I glance at him.

 "Clubs aren't 'fun'. They're loud and there's too much people. Not to mention that the two of you tend to get drunk and leave me to take care of you." There, that arrangement done. I have another one I have to do before I'm finished, but I can't concentrate with those two standing there.

Schu snorts at my response, and earn a glare in return. They both know that it's the truth and that I'm not up to take care of them. I don't like it when they try to get me out of the house other than when I really have to. So if I'm antisocial and possible a little shy of people nowadays? I've had enough of them in my days as an assassin, and they know it. For me to get together with the rest of the house is one hell of an accomplishment, I seldom see the others except for dinner on the weekends. Mostly, I only meet my boyfriends and my customers and I'm content to leave it that way.

 "Clubs are fun, kitten! And by the way, how long have it been since you've been out of the house for something other than just to deliver your arrangements?" Yohji's stepping dangerously close to the edge of my patience right now. I don't want to get out of the house, and I'm not going to either.

 "No. You two go ahead, but I'm not leaving the house." I try to turn my back on them, only to find that Schu's standing there, refusing to move. "Get out of my way." The snarl don't help at all as he just smirk at me in that infuriating way before grabbing me and haul me into his arms. I struggle a bit but as I feel Yohji coming up on the other side of me, I resign to my fate for the time being.

 "Ran, just come out with us tonight, okay?" For them to use my name mean that they're serious about this. I roll my eyes at them, trying to find a way to escape. I don't want to go!

Schu leans down to kiss me, and I revel in the feeling of his warm lips on mine, tasting him like I've never tasted anything like the mix of tobacco and alcohol - except from Yohji of course. It's intoxicating, those flavours, and I just can't seem to get enough of them…

A low chuckle is heard behind me as well as something threateningly close to a purr. As I realize that the sound is mine, I feel the blush creeping up my face again, but I don't struggle anymore. Suddenly, it seems like arguing over something as stupid as if we're going out or not can wait. I want to have another taste of those lips…

 <Glad to be of assistance, kitten…> The smirking voice inside my head don't get my hackles rising as it should have. Instead, I just crawl further into his arms to continue the kiss.

After what probably was some considerable time, he breaks it off. I can feel my heart beating away in some mad rythm and the way my blood boil inside me is so far from rage that it's almost amusing. Almost. And I still don't know what the fuss about not going to a club was about…

 "So, are we going or not?" Yohji's grin is evident in his voice as I turn my glare at him. I know when I've been tricked, but right now, I'm not caring. There are more important things to worry over now - like how the hell I'm supposed to stand on my own whenever Schu decides to release me… Luckily, I have no problem with hiding the bulge in my pants as I'm wearing Yohji's pants and Schu's shirt. Both of which are too large for me, but they're as comfortable as they come and I'm not giving them up.

Realizing that they're still waiting for answer, I nod once. The grin on their faces is met with another one of my glares and I silently consider the options I have. To run out of here and keep myself occupied the rest of the afternoon and night, or to scare them off…

<Nah, kitten, don't be such a stuck-up. It's enough that we already have one of those in the house…> An image of Crawford seeps into my mind and I shake my head. Schu's never going to learn.

 "If we're going out tonight, I'm going to finish these first. Get out if you have nothing better to do." Two grins are directed my way, and I realize my mistake. Shouldn't have added that last part… "Okay, get out. I'm not done, and I don't need the two of you to paw and drool over me all the time." Muttering something else about sex-addicts, I turn back to the table, taking another look on my list. They bitch for a moment but another glare send them out. Hopefully, it will be enough to keep them out of my hair for the rest of the afternoon until I can sneak out of here.



Unfortunately, the moment I stepped out of the room, I was pounced upon and dragged off for dinner. They're always bitching about me not eating enough, never mind the fact that I don't like to spend time with the rest of the house in a crowded kitchen. Apparently they have taken it as their personal mission to make sure that I don't leave the house without having something in me.

It was Omi's turn to cook, and when I get into the large kitchen, Nagi's sitting silently at the table, eyeing him in a very appreciating manner. I supress a sigh and proceed to glare at him. They're just so… hopeless! I really have to have a talk with them some day soon - to watch them moan over each other like this is quite annoying… Crawford will know what to do, hopefully. Maybe sending them off together somewhere would work. Then they wouldn't be afraid of someone walking in on them when they least want them to.

 "Ran-kun!" Omi's voice is the usual genki one and my grunt is the usual answer to his antics. If I let him, the boy would shower me in food and attention - and Nagi would proceed to slam me into the next wall a couple of times. After that, there would be an outright war in the house, and I don't think our neighbours would like that.

 "Eat, kitten. If we're going out tonight, you have to have something in you if you're going to drink." Yohji place a bowl of soup in front of me, not caring the slightest about the glare I send his way. I'm not going to get drunk. He knows I can't stand alcohol at all - two shots and I'm 'pleasantly buzzed'. More, and I'm either out cold or doing very, very embarrassing things that I have no wish to recall the morning after. Schu's usually taking advantage of me at that point - and claiming that I was coming onto him - which either leave him and Yohji at each other's throats or laughing their asses off for a week. All depending on if Yohji missed out on the fun or not. I shudder at the direction that train of thought is going. I don't want to go there, no way.

 "I'm not getting drunk tonight. And I'm not staying till they're closing, got that?" Glaring at them both, I ignore the looks passing between them. They're up to something and I'm not sure I want to know what.

 "Sure thing, kitten..." Schu's smirk is back in place and I consider jumping out the window. If I end up in a hospital, maybe I could get some peace and quiet for once?

I finish my meal quickly. The sooner we can get there, the sooner we can go home again. And I swear, if they're leaving me alone one more time to go off and 'buy drinks' I'm going after them with my katana! Last time, half the club decided to cop a feel as soon as they noticed that I was alone. It wasn't nice, let me tell you. And I'm still quite sure that Schu's the one who put them up to do it, just so that they could come and 'rescue' me after a sufficient amount of time. Hentai bastards!

<I'm hurt, kitten...> Laughter is ringing in my head as he leans forward to kiss me. If it weren't for the fact of witnesses, I would have gone after him with one of Farf's knives. As it is, I doubt that they want me to kill him at the kitchen table, and I settle for biting him instead.

 "Ouch!" He releases me and ignores the bout of laughter from the rest as he settle back into his own chair. <You're paying for that tonight, kitten...>

I just roll my eyes at him, cleaning off my plate and put it in the dishwasher before I head upstairs to change. I guess that they won't let me go in the clothes I'm wearing now, but I don't have anything even remotely presentable for a club. And since they're both pretty much larger than me I can't borrow any clothes from either Yohji or Schu. Which just set me up for rummaging through my own wardrobe in hopes of finding something to wear. Finally a pair of black jeans present themselves at me. I can wear these, they're almost new. Now, which shirt...?

 "What are you going to wear, kitten?" Yohji's eyeing me from the doorway, ignoring the way I glare at him. I just can't seem to understand it - those glares don't work as well as they used to. Must be loosing it. Or it's because the two of them can work up enough courage between themselves to face me.

 "These." I hold up the jeans to him, and he nods.

 "And the grey one to that?" His hopeful face recieves another glare. I'm not wearing something that feels like it's two sizes too small. Not even if they want to pounce me when I do. Not that they're not pouncing me whenever they get the chance. Do you know how embarrassing it is to have someone feeling you up when you're trying to talk to a customer? No, didn't think so either. Although I usually get my revenge after a day or two. Living with two sex-addicts can be quite a trying experience, I can tell you. But at least it limit the punishment down to kick them out of bed for the night.


 "Common kitten, please? We both want you to..." He gives me his best impression of Omi's chibi eyes and I just glare harder. I'm not wearing it. No way.


<Common, kitten, for our sake?>


 "Please?" Yohji's eyes are impossible huge and he's turning on the waterworks as well. Might as well give in, I don't like to watch a grown man cry. If he ever knew that he's more embarrassing than anything else, I swear he would do it ten times a day just to spite me. As it is, this is often enough.

 "All right. But the first one to try to feel me up will get a close encounter with Farf's knives. Got that?" I glare a little more at him before I go back to my wardrobe to find the grey one. Or grey... It's more like purple, but whenever it's under the lights of the clubs, it changes to grey. Never mind what kind of color the spotlights are - it's still grey. And it's two sizes too small, something I'm quite sure Schu had in mind when he forced me to buy it.

Aaah... Speaking of the devil, there he is.

Those impossible orange bangs are brushed back into something that's at least looking like a low ponytail, and that green jacket as well. I guess he's wearing the usual white shirt under, which makes me want to drool all over him. Scratch that, I'm going to end up as bad as them.

<Would that be such a terrible fate, kitten?> The jade eyes smirk at me, and I resist the urge to smack some sense back into him.

<It would. Just take a closer look at you and Yohji...> I can never resist to argue back with him, it's just something with him that makes me want to either fuck him or bash him till he can't stand. Yohji's the same, but with him I can control it a little better. He's the safety I need while Schu's the ’danger’. I can't explain it, but I need them both like water or air - I can't live without them. They are my direct opposites, but that might be the reason that this relationship works. That we will never grow tired of each other... I have never asked Crawford about this, and I'm not going to either. I don't want to know when or how it's going to end, I just want to live it for as long as it lasts.

 "Common, kitten... We have to get going now."

 "I'm ready."

Turning around again, I get the distinct feeling that they're trying very hard not to pounce me. Not that it would be something new, mind you, but the way Schu's eyeing Yohji and the way the corners of the latter's mouth are quirking up, I can draw my conclusions.

 "And the first one to call me kitten will be sleeping on the couch for the next year." Not that that threat have ever worked, not with those two. I supress another sigh as Schu smirks at me before shooting Yohji a look that I'm quite sure I don't want to interpret.

 "Let's get going, sweetie-py." I glare at the German. That was definitely crossing the line!

 "Don't call me that!" I almost growl out, glaring hard at them both. One more thing like that...

 "Whatever you say, cutie." It's Yohji's turn now, smiling at me as he reach out to brush my hair back from my face. I consider biting him, but as he withdraw his hand and turn around, I just settle for another glare.

And of course, the rest of the house knows where we're going. Omi and Nagi are smirking as they're sitting on the couch. Ken and Farf are nowhere to be seen, but they seldom are. Ken's got Farf as hooked on soccer as he is and they spend almost all their time out on the field. Much to Crawford's dismay as I believe he has a sweet spot for little Kenken. Ouch... I'm really going to end up like Yohji! Kenken? Someone help me, please...

Something about the way the others are looking at us gives me the impression that Crawford has had another of his visions and he have decided to share it. And I don't want to know anything about it. Definitely not.

 "Be careful." Two sets of eyes are immediately rolling in their owners' heads as the identical 'yes dad' is heard. Are they never going to learn? Crawford just ignores them and turn to me. "And Ran, don't get too drunk or you'll live to regret it in the morning." Whatever he meant by that, I don't want to know, but judging by the gleam in two certain boyfriends' eyes, they have plans for me.

 "I won't. Unless someone decide that they're leaving me alone again. No telling what might happen then..." I smirk at their faces, jealousy marring them both. Ha, serves them just right for the last time.

The ride to the club is a quiet one. Schu's driving as usual, I'm sitting in the backseat next to Yohji. Or, I'm sitting on Yohji to be completely truthful. As in straddling him and trying to shove my tongue down his throat. The movements of the car don't help at all as it just rocks our bodies closer, and those little purrs are distinctively heard again as he changes position to paw his way under my shirt. God, I love his hands... And his mouth... And all that silky hair...

<Stop it kitten, or I'm pulling over and we won't get to the club tonight.>

<Keep going, Schu.> Another smirk, and then Yojhi breaks out in laughter under me. I just glare at him before he decides to shut up and continue kissing my neck. And those jeans are becoming more than a little tight now...

Somehow, we're finally at the club they've picked out. It looks like all the others. Beefy bouncers at the door, a bunch of people standing in line and waiting to get in. And then, the infamous Kudoh-charm is working. Schu's just standing there, looking smug as they let us in after a minimum of inspection. Sometimes, it really pays off to have a telepath as a boyfriend.

<Sometimes? You're hurting my feelings, kitten...>

I ignore that comment. He just grin at me again before grabbing me by the waist and press me closer to him as we move into the crowds. God, how I hate this. There's always so much people, and they're always trying to get you into a conversation, or dancing, or out to the rest rooms...

Yohji's going straight for the bar, and we follow. Schu's still holding onto me, glaring at everyone that comes within a mile... So jealous and possessive... At least he shares with Yohji. Who are now waving at us to get to the bar. I know that they're going to get me drunk again, but I just hope that I won't make too much a fool of myself this time.

 "I'm not dancing with the both of you, remember that!" The last time we danced all three, we were almost thrown out of the club. It was only because Schu could 'convince' the bartender to let us stay that we could, but I wanted to leave anyway. To let a whole club watch us make out on the dance floor isn't exactly what I call 'fun'.

 "Down it." A shot is placed in front of me, two sets of eyes staring at me. I just sigh and try to come up with a way to get out of it, but they're both watching me. Another sigh, and I try to swallow it in one go. Mistake. Mistake. Mistake. Big mistake!

As I wheeze and cough at the burning in my throat they laugh at me. They know how much I hate it, and they still try to get me plastered. That tasted like rat's ass!

Another shot of the liquid gold is placed on the counter in front of me and I glare at them. I've had one, I don't need another.

<Wrong kitten... You're no fun when you're sober. Common, down it!>

I sigh. Might as well get as drunk as possible. If I pass out or something, maybe we can get back home a little earlier. Home, where it's quiet, no people and a nice bed to crawl into. So, I do as he says, growling all the while.

The alcohol is setting in quickly, and I feel a little unsteady, leaning on Schu again. Yohji's busy talking to the bartender, a man that can't be much older than us.

 "Common, kitten... Time to hit the dance floor..." I turn around, locking my gaze into the jade one, taking in the smirk on his face... I want him, now. Watching how his eyes lit up at the thought, he leans down to kiss me, his warm breath fanning my face before his lips lock on mine. He taste so good again... A little bit of tobacco, a little of the drinks... And most of all, of himself.

And before I know it, we’re out on the dance floor, me more or less hanging onto Schu as I just can’t seem to stand straight at the moment – not that he’s complaining the least. It’s not as bad as I would have thought, actually. He’s holding me close, just moving along with the flow, a little slower than the rest of the club but I’m not complaining. It gives me enough time to try to straight my legs out again.


End of Part I.

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