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[Sequel to 'Between Lovers']



Someone is plastered. Someone also wrinkle his nose in that adorable way as he buries his face in my white shirt, suddenly shy of all the people around us. And someone will be killing his boyfriends in the morning when he discovered that we tricked him. All rolled up so nicely in my poor little kitty…

We’ve been dancing for a while as well as going back to the bar for more drinks. He’s got another two or three in him by now, although they weren’t as strong as the first ones. He’s still standing straight, although a little clingy, not that I mind. When he’s drunk, he forgets all about control and just go with the flow. I just love to dance with him when he’s like that… So perfectly molded to me, all liquid grace and fluid motion… Heh. Guess I’m a little poetic nowadays… Or pathetic, I don’t know. Pick one.

 "Schuu?" His eyes are unfocused as he raise his head from my shoulder to look me in the eye. The way he pronounce my name is by drawling out the ’s’ for an impossible amount of time considering that he has to stay focused for more than a second. Ooopsie… He’s more drunk than I would have thought, but then, he have never been one to stand booze very well.

 "Mmmm?" I respond with brushing the bangs out of his face. He really is wasted now, those amethyst eyes can’t hold on to anything for more than a moment.

 "I wann you… Where’sh Yohji? I wanna go to Yohji…" Oh yeah, definitely wasted…

 "Yohji’s still over at the bar, remember? You left him there." Trying to humor a drunk Ran can be difficult at best, but now nothing seems to work as he proceeds to stare at the direction of the bar. I turn my head to find out just what he finds so interesting – only to hiss in anger. The stupid bastard!

 <Yotan, get your hands off that one! He’s gonna kill you!> He looks up from the girl he’s talking to just in time to catch the maddened kitten’s eyes. Ouch, that’s gonna hurt… Not that he have anyone but himself to blame – he knows as well as me how jealous he gets whenever he’s drunk. A good thing though is that he tends to forget things really fast when he is. Like now, it takes only a small amount of ’convincing’ for him to not look at the bar.

 “Wanna go to Yohji… Whe’sh Yotann?" Amethyst eyes turn to me with the same question in their depths and I look over to where Yohji’s standing, now trying to fend off the girl. After picking his brain for a moment I learn that she’s an old ’friend’ of his. I wonder if he’s told her that he’s in a relationship? Probably not, although I understand him. Even if we’ve received a lot of hilarious reactions on the matter. Aaah, nothing like bringing people off their high horses, as I believe the saying goes.

 "Yohji’s still in the bar," I try again. He just stares at me before smiling and yanking my hair so that I can lean down and kiss him. It hurts! Goddamm the strength he developes whenever he has a few shots in him! I’m going to be bald if this continue…

The kiss is a clumsy one, he’s not quite sure of what he’s doing. All in all, it’s adorable to look at him when he’s like this. Now, if I only could convince someone else to dump the girl he’s talking to and come and dance with us…

<How bad is he?> The amused voice makes me smirk. Payback for this morning is about to be dealt out. Big time.

<Why don’t you find out for yourself, Yotan?> The equivalent to a mental grunt is the answer to that as he tells the girl that he’ll be right back. Not if I can have something to say about it though. I don’t want to be in the immediate vicinity of the little kitten when he sees Yohji next. If he don’t try to jump his bones, he’ll try to skewer him with a non-existant katana, running around shouting ’shi-ne’ all over the place. All in all, it’s the perfect set-up for a nice show…

As the third member of our little… communion… makes his way over to us, he recieves enough stares as the girl decided to tag along and he’s trying to get rid of her. Perhaps not such an uncommon sight, if it wasn’t for the fact that I have to hold on to a certain kitten who’s glaring daggers at the girl. He’s almost hissing in anger, and I just can’t help the laugh escaping me. This is going to be fun! Yotan doesn’t look like he agrees, what with the way he’s eyeing Ran and try to come up with something really fast, for the kitten will show his claws if he don’t.

 "Trollop… Get off… Trollop! Yohji!" I proceed to laugh my ass off as he claws in the air without making contact with his target, the Trollop. She’s nice enough, blonde and busty, and she’s definitely interested in whatever Yohji can offer her. Which right now is an enraged boyfriend hell-bent on making her suffer. I consider releasing him for a fleeting moment, but like Farfarello in his early days, he will be too hard to capture again for it to be worth the effort.

 "Hey, kitten… Missed me?" The emerald eyes try to capture the intoxicated gaze, but failing miserably. Ran has only one goal in front of him now – Yohji.

 "Yohji!" He’s happy again, all of a sudden. I’d be damned if I ever can figure out those sudden bouts of moodswings. I mean, a normal drunk person might change from angry to happy and back again, but he changes in a flash of lightning. Now, he’s all beaming and happy that the blond has finally decided to grace us with our presence, albeit with the Trollop in tow. Don’t know for how long as he frowns at her as she proceeds to stare at us. He really detest people staring at him, it makes him feel vulnerable. That is one of the things he’s shared with us, and it’s also because of that that we try to get him out of the house as often as possible. He must learn to confront his fears.

He isn’t afraid right now though. He has that certain gleam in his eyes that makes anyone with a working brain want to get away. Unless you happen to be stuck with him for the rest of the evening…

 "Lett go, Schu-Schu…" He’s moving away from me again, taking the fews steps into Yohji’s waiting arms. To watch them kiss each other always fills me with jealousy, I don’t want to share, but it disappear quickly enough when he’s trying to feel Yohji up instead of the other way around. And the look on the Trollop’s face is undescribable! Her eyes are almost bulging out of their sockets, and she just stares, and splutter, and stare at them. As I said, it can be really fun to take people down a peg or two…

 "Yohji?" The Trollop’s uncertain voice break them up, and Ran direct her a – drunken – ’shi-ne’-glare that makes her take a step back.

 "Mine…" He might be wasted, but the little kitten knows how to back up his threats. Those eyes glare at her for another moment before returning to Yohji who’s just standing there and grinning uncertainly. He really didn’t want her to find out about us, but what do I care? As long as he doesn’t cheat on the kitten, he can do whatever he wants. If he does, then he’s done for. As I know that he would do if it had been me. Not that I have any plans to cheat on him – chances like this don’t come around more than once, and I’m smart enough to know what I have here.

So I step forward again, brushing red bangs out of the glazed eyes to kiss him. Yohji continues to hold him and he breaks his gaze off the Trollop long enough to spare me a Look. Just great, now he thinks I had something to do with her! I don’t want to set him up like that – although it would be very amusing to watch, can’t deny that – but we’ll both suffer in the end for it. Can’t really get into my head what I was just thinking. Me, responsible? The Schuldig, acting his age for once? Something is very, very wrong here...

The lips are still soft, a little more moist than usual perhaps, but that’s nothing I can complain about. This works just fine for me. Yohji’s still staring angrily at me and I continue to ignore him. A certain someone willing in my arms is so much more fun.

<What the hell have you done, Schu?>

<I didn’t do anything. Why, don’t tell me you’re ashamed of us?> Pretending to be hurt, I merely smirk as his eyes bore into mine. The kitten is safely tucked back into my arms again, his face buried against my shoulder as he mumbles something about dancing. <In a minute, I promise.>

<No. But she didn’t need to find it out that way either. I was trying to break it off nicely when you came along and decided to have some ’fun’.> Oh, he’s pissed now. Really pissed. He actually think that I had something to do with it. I’m flattered, I truly am.

<You give me too much credit on this one. I might be the Guilty One, but not this time. It was all her own doing.>

Another mental snort at that, and he give me another glare before looking at the redhead tucked against my shoulder.

<How’s he doing?>

<Completely wasted… Are we going to proceed with the plans, or do you have better things to do?> My mocking voice receives the same treatment – another snort – but now he has that little light of mischief in his eyes as well. Heh… I know just which buttons to press – I’m not called Mastermind for nothing, you know.

<We proceed. Can’t back down now.>

<Good.> I look at the redhead in my arms, tilting his head up to make him look me in the eyes. He’s smiling again, a little shy and blushing ever so slightly as well. He brings out my protective side when he’s drunk. It’s just something about the way he let go of all control that makes me want to hug him and hold him and never let go. I guess that’s the way it is when you’re in love.

 "Kitten?" My voice recieves a small glare in response, a little more sober than the earlier ones.

 "Don’ call me that!" Aaah, still drunk enough to not being able to put up a struggle. Good.

 "Sorry, sweetie… Wanna go and sit down for a little while?" He nod once, straining to stand up a little straighter, watching Yohji all the while. I wonder if he suspects something or if he’s still feeding off those jealousy bouts from earlier. You just have to admire Yotan though, he’s playing completely unfazed by that glare.

We make our way over to the bar again, Yohji close behind. The kitten is leaning a little more on me, more aware of his surroundings again. I prod his foggy brain for a moment, sending him deeper into the haze of the alcohol again. Can’t have him become aware of what we’re going to do, now can we?

The girls sitting in the bar look at us and one seems to recognize Yohji. I barely stiffle another grin as the kitten yanks him down for another of those possessive kisses. And here he goes off the handle and accuse us of being jealous and obsessive? Tsk… We have nothing to show off in that department, I can tell you. Those amethyst eyes can make any woman – or man – freeze and die with their stare. Just because he’s drunk doesn’t mean that they’re are less potent, and he hand them out quite freely as always.

Heh. Yohji’s trying to peel him off, very much like a second skin. The girls are even more interested now, watching openly as poor Yotan tries to talk some sense into our little feline boyfriend. No use though, as he’s feeling him up quite openly with a grin on his face that wasn’t there a moment ago. The little one is up to something… I prod his mind again, evading the hazier parts, trying to find whatever thoughts that are in charge of his behaviour. Aaah… Here it is. Some small part of him wants Yohji to be embarrassed… I knew he had it in him to be evil, and as long as I’m not the one suffering, it’s just fine. Poor Yotan though… Heh. I almost meant it too… Almost…

<Schu, get him off me! If we’re going to go through with it we’ve better start working now!>

<Ja, calm down, Yotan. Let me take care of the kitten.> I’m just going to enjoy the obvious discomfort Yohji’s in when a certain redhead latch onto his throat, intent on leaving him a hickey that will be clearly seen by everyone. He’s becoming territorial, I believe.

 "Ran? Cutie?" A low growl is heard from the area of Yohji’s throat, and a panic-stricken look flash over the blond’s face before the kitten let him go to stare at me, smiling and looking very pleased with himself at the immense bruise that's beginning to form on Yotan’s neck. He sees me stare at it and beams happily. Yet another of those lightning-fast changes…

 "Wann one too, Schu-Schu?" Still drunk. I shake my head and he pouts angrily. Aah, now there’s something for the gods: Ran Fujimiya pouting. Because he couldn’t give his other boyfriend a hickey. Someone is probably laughing their asses off right now – and for once, it isn’t me.

Yohji’s glaring at me, noticing how smug I look all of a sudden. Before he can accuse me of setting him up again, I send him the images I picked out of the kitten’s head. I receive a blank stare at that before he turn to the kitten again who’s happily downing yet another drink. Without us having to force it down his throat. I guess that miracles aren’t unheard of after all… Crawford would probably enjoy this, the stuck-up bastard that he is. And the chibis would laugh their asses off at the thought – if one could pry them off their computers long enough to notice the world around them, that is. Perhaps I should have a nice little chat with Crawfish about their habits? I don’t think that all they’re doing is playing games, those machines are sophisticated enough to break down both one and two databases. I mean, look what happened to Kritiker – hadn’t Crawley been there in time to stop them, they would have destroyed the whole thing. Not that I really care, one employer is just like the other, but to be able to freelance but still have the safety of a large organization behind you is not something to be turned down. Okay, no work-related thoughts on a Friday night, thank you very much! Crawley’s gotten to me, it seems like.

 "We’re gonna go for a little ride, kitten. Wanna come?" Best to play it safe and ask him first. If he says no I can always ’convince’ him – there’s no way I’m going to give up the plans for tonight.

Surprisingly enough, he nods and beams happily at us. The girls whisper among themselves again, and I smirk at them. They have no idea what they’re missing – what we have in store for the night would probably be enough to give them nosebleeds. The kitten is glaring at them again, one happened to get too close to Yohji I believe. As if the two meters separating them isn’t enough. He’s definitely becoming a bit more territorial than we have given him credit for, and would probably not even blink to set his katana to their throats if he got the chance. But as it is, his glares are quite sufficient to keep them off us as we watch him down another drink of unknown origin. Prodding his brain a little more, I make him more docile. Don’t want him to get his hackles up, now do we? Heh…

<Are we going?> Yotan’s voice in my head is slightly worried, he doesn’t like the way the kitten is behaving right now – those glares are making him nervous.

<In a minute. Let him finish off that drink first. He’ll be easier to handle then.>

Yohji’s eyeing me doubtfully, but I just smirk at him again. This was his idea, but I’m not the one to turn something like that down. Neither is the kitten, although he might need some convincing in the form of more drinks first. It’s easier to influence a drunken mind than a sober one in a way – but you must make sure that the suggestions you plant in it stays there and doesn’t float out with the next sip. One as strongwilled as Ran is hard to influence – believe me, I’ve tried – but with a little alcohol in him, he’s easier to handle. Might be because he gets plastered after just a small amount. No tolerance at all…

The amethysts turn to me again, another smile on his face. I return it, watching him light up even more. <So sweet, don’t you think?> Yohji flash me a grin and nods.

 "Hello, sweetie… Wanna dance?" The sudden voice makes him spin around, swaying drunkenly as he prepares to glare at whoever dares try to pick his boyfriend up – only to discover that the voice was directed at him. He blinks, clearly trying to digest that information as he eye the woman – girl – doubtfully. Yohji’s doing his best to keep the grin off his face, and I need to cough a little before I can face him again. He hasn’t said anything yet, just stared at her without really comprehending what she’s saying. She smiles sweet enough, and a little picking of her brain tells me that she’s had her eyes on him for a little while now. She’s determined to get him with her at the end of the night as well.

Yohji quickly down another drink at that information to keep himself from saying something really, really stupid, and the kitten just continue staring at her. She don’t seem to mind – the way she throws her hair behind her shoulder and practice another Kodak-smile tells me that’s she’s prepared to stand there and stare right back at him for any amount of time. A persistent young woman, I believe.

 "No." The word is low, but she hear it anyway. Her smile falter for a moment before returning full force again as she promptly seats herself in his lap and flings her arms around his neck. The look on his face as she does is beyond belief!

 "Neither do I! Now, what’s your name, handsome?"

A loud cough from Yotan triggers the laugh from me and I turn my back on them as I desperately try to get myself under control again. Poor, poor, kitten! A glance behind me confirms my worst suspicions.

 "Yohji…" He’s casting pleading looks at the blond, but she takes his whine for an answer and cuddle closer to his neck, probably to leave a lovebite.

 "I’m Jenna!" And then, the girl set about to natter away, ignoring the way he tries to shove her off. If it wasn’t for the fact that I wished I had a camera right now – yes, I do have a deathwish – I would be helping him to peel her off, but as it is all I can do is stand there and try not to laugh in his face.

Yohji’s had enough though. Glaring at her, he takes a step closer and grab her by the arm. Perhaps it’s time to step in and help him… Not that he can’t handle it himself, but the kitten will be mad if we make fools out of ourselves again, not the mention landing him in the middle of it. Besides, it’s about time we leave. It’s almost midnight, and we have more plans than just the club for him.

 "Hey, let go!" The girl’s trying to pry her arm free, to no avail. Yotan might be skinnier than most, but he has a deathgrip when he wants to and right now, he’ll probably try to send her to the other side of Tokyo if he gets the chance.

 "Yotan, let the girl go. We need to get going." The kitten leans into my embrace again and I place a small kiss on his nose as I watch the girl out of the corner of my eye. She wrinkles her nose before thinking some rather nasty thoughts about men - and gay men in particular. <Oh, you might want to make sure that you don’t let your boyfriend know about this little escapade…> Her eyes widen as she stare wildly around. I did nothing to mask my voice in her head, and the smirk on my face is enough to let her do the connection. A jumble of thoughts – fear, disgust and surprise – rise, and I take them all in, staring at her all the time. <That’s right, bitch, it was me…> I smirk at her, enjoying the way she goes all white. Aaah… The advantages of being a telepath…

She stumbles away, clearly shaken by this. Her fear fills my senses for another moment before I withdraw from the connection. Don’t want to spoil the rest of the night for the other two by hanging on to that one.

 "Yohji?" The kitten’s voice is small and a little shy, and he turns around to look at the blond. Who just smiles at him and place a small kiss on his lips. I can feel the echo of his thoughts in my head, jealousy and protection foremost. Glad I’m not the only one who think so, then.

I nod at him over the red head and we proceed to make our way over to the entrance again. As Yohji grab our coats, I hold onto a certain squirming kitten who’s once more a little bit shy and don’t want to be seen at all. He’s just so… 'adorable', is the word that comes to mind when he looks like that and I feel something tug inside my chest as his blinking eyes meet mine for a moment and he smiles. He’s never so free with his smiles as when he’s drunk – which might be another reason for us to get him plastered. On the other hand, he’s never as free with those glares either, so it works out to status quo in the end, I guess.

We make our way out to the car slowly, the kitten leaning on me. I prod his brain a little more, trying to make sure that he’s drunk enough not to protest but at least conscious. It’s a little difficult to balance the two like that, especially since I’m not completely sober myself, but I manage.

Yotan’s the one to do the driving now. The kitten and I settle down in the backseat, him securely curled up in my lap, his head tucked under my chin. I just hold him like that for a little while as our driver takes us out in the late Friday-night traffic of Tokyo. We know where we’re going as we’ve made the arrangements earlier this week for this, but the poor kitten doesn’t have a clue…

<You know, he’ll kill us in the morning…> Yohji’s voice is worried and I consider the options again.

<We can always back off?> I’m not sure how the kitten will react to this, as well if we’re able to keep our hides in the morning, but I’m willing to try.

I meet Yotan’s eyes in the rearview mirror and he nods. It’s still on then.

The bundle of red and black shift in my arms and two amethyst eyes bore into mine. He’s about to wake up a little. Not that I’m complaining – the car is silent and boring.

 "Where’we going?" He’s making a hell of a lot more sense now than earlier, and I’m a little worried that he might have sobered up by the time we get to our destination.

 "Just to a nice, quiet place. You’ll like that, don’t you?" He nods, happy with the answer again. I sniff his hair a little, taking in that smell that’s so distinctly his – strawberry from the shampoo and a little lavender from the soap. He’s the only one I know that can mix those two scents and get away with it. But, as he explained to us when we complained about him not having any sense of smell at all, he don’t care what’s in it as long as he can use it to clean himself. Which summon up our little feline quite nicely – effective. Not to mention gorgeous, having a morning temper and knows twenty-two ways of killing people with a spatula. Or something like that, I’m not entirely sure about the last one.

<Speed up a little, Yotan.> I don’t want him to be completely aware of his surroundings when we arrive there, so I take the opportunity to play a little game of kiss and nip. He squirms in my arms for a moment before finding himself a comfortable position and relax.

Now, if we only have remembered to take all those things with us…


End of Part II.

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