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 "Whipped cream or ice cream? Schu? Are you listening to me?" A certain German is staring at the little kitty on the bed, ignoring me. Not that it's something new, but this time, I'm also going to be distracted if he doesn't help me out here. 

A most delicious form is spread out on the bed. The kitten, shirtless and tied to the bedposts with the silk scarves we bought him for Christmas. He's never used them, so we figured out a better fate for them than just hang in his wardrobe and never see the light of the day again. Heh, he never even noticed that they were gone…  

He's wide awake and glaring at us, determined to make us suffer for this. As long it's after it's fine with me, but we've been planning this for far too long to let it slip out of our hands now. Even if it probably will be a very, very painful experience once we let him loose again. I just know that we should have brought a bottle of chloroform with us…  

 "Mmmm?" A very distracted German. I sigh and turn back to the bedside table where things are spread out. A bowl of chocolate ice cream in one end, and a bowl of whipped cream with strawberries in the other. Yummy! 

 "Why don't we let the kitten decide?" A grin is plastered on his face for a moment, and a long-suffering sigh is heard from the bed. Which we both ignore, of course. Can't do to have him make us change our minds, now can we? 

 "Ice cream? It's your favourite? Chocolate?" I try, to no avail, as he bares his teeth at us, hissing in anger. 

 "Untie me! Now!" Ooopsie… Really angry, I believe. He's glaring daggers at us, hissing and trying to yank himself loose, but we have not been assassins for nothing you know. Those knots are going to hold, even if the rest of the bed break. And it better not, because how we're going to pay for it will be our least concern then. Keeping our lives will be a high priority. At least I still have my watch on. Never leave the house without it nowadays. You never know what’s going to happen. 

We're in the hotel room we rented earlier this week. It's one of the better ones - can't have this happening in one of those low-run rat-infestered holes, now can we - and it's large and pretty nice. And most important of all, it has a large bed, made for three… Hmmm… think I lost track of thought there. Not good, must concentrate.  

My gaze flicker to the kitten again, his angry hisses as he realize that we won't let him out of his bonds anytime soon is quite entertaining. And he's beautiful, lying there. Like a rose… Didn't know I had a poetic streak in me… 

 <You don't. Now, are we going to continue this or not?> I just roll my eyes at the annoying voice in my head, not even bothering to glare at him. 

 <Yes, we are. As soon as I’m sure he won’t bite our hands off, at least.> A mental snort at that.  

 "Kitten?" Another hiss and glare is the response to that and I settle down on the edge of the bed, trying quite successfully – I hope – to hide the bulge in my pants at the sight. I just want to ravish all that pale skin, to make him squirm and moan and make those little mewls I love…  

 "What?" It’s ground out between clenched jaws, and the tendons on his neck are clearly visible. I edge a little closer, mindful of the fact that he can swing his legs and kick me out of bed any moment. He doesn’t seem to realize that right now, but one can never be too careful when dealing with him. 

 "You know why we’re here, don’t you?" Play it safe, I say. Ask him questions that will let him calm down a little first. 

 "Because the two of you have got another of your fantasies that you just have to carry out?" Okay, maybe that was the wrong question to ask. 

Schu’s laughing quietly from the other side of him and I glare at the orange bangs that hide his face. Let him do the questioning then! I’ve known the kitten for a long time, and he has never been one to let someone off the hook. One might think that Schu’s figured it out by now, but sometimes, he can be really dense. 

 <Shut up, Yotan.> Heh. Knew that he was listening. 

 <As if I could avoid it, what with the way you’re screaming in your own head, moron!> I glare at him. I might be blond – and proud of it – but I wasn’t a PI for nothing you know. 

The kitten squirms on the bed again, drawing our attention to him. His face is a little red, more from anger than from the earlier drinks – which Schu’s done his best to purge out of his system, it’s really amazing what he can do, you know – and those normally pale lips are a delicious red from his own bites. Not enough to draw blood, just enough to give them a little colour… I lean down, watching how he stiffens, something flashing across his face for a moment before he tries to slam his forehead into mine. Unfortunately for him, I was half expecting something like that. One learns to be cautious around him, as I said. 

 "No." My late answer to his question makes his eyebrows furrow a little. He’s watching us with a little more interest now, not pure fury.  

 "And why am I then tied to the bed like this? Mind if you fill me in on that little bit?" Pure malice in his voice… And still grouchy as hell. I look over at Schu, but he’s busy grinning like an idiot. 

 <Thank you.> 

 <You’re welcome.> 

 "We just thought that you would enjoy a little change…" 

 "Enjoy a little change? From what? Having you pouncing me in the middle of dinner three times a week? Or from the fact that I can’t talk to any customers for a minute or two before one of you are there and try to feel me up under the pretense that you’re needing something that just happens to be on the other side of me? Or from the fact that Omi and Nagi will get one hell of an edjucation in things they’re too young to know anything about because of your habit of… Mmph!" Here, he was silenced by Schu kissing him. Angry little hisses can still be heard, and the phrase ’cat spitting mad’ have just got a new meaning to me. Ahh… Nothing like having your own little kitten to remind you that you’re alive… And about to hit the bucket the moment he’s loose again. 

Unsurprisingly enough, he calms down pretty quickly under the influence of those lips. No one can kiss like Schu – believe me, I know. I think it’s because he can pick your brain for your innermost wishes and know exactly how you want it. Or it might be because he’s the biggest slut I’ve ever known, self included. 

 <Fuck off, Kudoh, you’re just jealous!> Ooops… Forgot that he was listening. I can barely hold back the laugh as he kitten decides that he had had enough and clamp his sharp little teeth down on the tongue shoved down his throat. A sudden yell is heard, and one smirk contently. The other is too busy to feel if the tongue he takes so much pride in is still attached to the rest of him. 

 "Naughty kitten… Never bite…" Like that’s gonna keep him from doing it again? Someone is a little bit on the optimistic side tonight, I believe… 

 <I see that you still try to convince him to cooperate?> Nothing as a little gloating, I tell you… Heh. 

 <He was, until he remembered where he was. Fuck, that hurt!> 

"If you’re not going to untie me, at least shut up!" Or set our plans in motion? His face is a little more flushed now. It’s a good thing that he’s so pale – one can always catch the barest hint of a blush when one knows where to look. You might not believe it, but he blushes more often than you might think, he’s just learned to control it. But when you know where to look and what to do to make him blush again it’s quite… adorable? Sweet? Makes me wanna fuck him? Pick one if you want to, but I’m definitely settling for the last.  

 "I think someone is actually looking forward to this…" If anything, he blushes even more and then tries to glare us down with those beautiful eyes. Have I ever mentioned how much I love those eyes? Well I do. Of course, I love the rest of him as much, but it’s just something about those eyes that makes me go all giddy inside. Yes, I know, I lost it again. Must concentrate. 

 <You still there, Yotan?> Schu’s recovered, I take it. I glare at him before reaching for the ice cream. The kitten wince as he’s imagening what we’re going to do with it. Poor little one… He don’t know just how much he will enjoy it when he decides to stop that fretting. 

 "Or do you want the whipped cream instead?" I leer at him, and he just rolls his eyes. No fun. 

 "Hn." The silent treatment I take it. Sorry, it won’t work this time. 

 "I think we take the ice cream… Schu? The spoon?" That earns us an incredulous stare as his eyebrows furrow in that cute way again. He’s virtually playing the words in his head – a glance at the German confirms that as he tries unsuccessfully to keep the corners of his mouth down. ’Spoon. Ice cream. What?’ 

Schu retrieves the spoon from the bedside table, handing it over to me. I wiggle it in front of his unbelieving eyes for a moment, enjoying the way he tries to comprehend the situation. Finally, something seem to click inside him. 

 "What are you going to do? Force-feed me?" I was just waiting for that, and since I came prepared I have an answer as well. 

 "Perhaps. If you’re a good little kitty we might even let you eat on your own…" It takes a moment for those words to sink in, and he growls at us before glaring at us in a way that would have frozen Hell over ten times by now. I barely supress a shudder. This might not have been such a good idea after all… 

  <We can’t back down now.> 

  <I know. Let’s just get through with it and pray to whatever gods there are that he won’t kill us later.> 

 <Not if we make it good…> I meet the jade eyes with my own, smirking. He’s right, if we make it good, he won’t. It’s just that he’s… prickly… at best. 

I dip the spoon into the ice cream, watching him watch me. He still don’t know what we’re up to, but he will be clued in soon enough. 

 "Now, be a good little kitten and open your mouth," I try. He glares at me, his mouth automatically closed as we tried to give him an order. Schu’s grin don’t help at all. 

 "Open up. Here comes one little truck with ice cream to the little kitten’s belly!" Okay, at least I tried. It’s just that the little truck must pass between two lips glued together first – apparently he’s trying not to laugh in my face and give me the satisfaction of opening his mouth. Schu’s not as considerate though. He’s lying on the floor and trying to breathe. Maybe if I kicked him he would manage, those coughs don’t sound healthy at all. Perhaps time to cut down on the cigarettes? 

 <Or to find myself new company…> Heh. Grouchy bastard, are we? 

 <Nah… You think you could find yourself such nice playmates somewhere else?> No answer. Ha. The incredible Kudoh-charm makes sure that I get the last word, as always. Now, to return to the matters at hand… 

 "Common, kitten! Open up now and be a good little sweetie?" If I can make him laugh, I can make him open up his mouth long enough for me to shove the spoon in. His eyes are glaring a ’fuck off’ though, but that’s not something new. It’s just to be expected – I mean, we more or less kidnapped him and dragged him off to a hotel where we tied him to the bed. Fortunately for us, Schu could convince the girl in the reception to ‘forget’ the little fact that there were three of us and all men, so we don’t have to worry about that at least. And the reason why we took it here is because – on the contrary of what he might think – is that the chibis are not ready for the knowledge of certain… games. Even if I’m quite sure that they’re more often looking at porn on their computers than playing games. Not to mention the fact that the rest would suffer from contant nosebleeds. I even pity poor Crawford a little if he gets a vision. Heh. Can never be easy living with the three of us… 

I try to nudge the ice cream between his tight lips, but he just turns his head to the side and gets it all over his chin instead. I sigh. Now he’s going to be a real grouch… Instead of handing me the napkins beside him, Schu leans down and lick it off. And that’s about the only teasing I can take. To watch him flicker his pink tongue over that pale skin in a way that resembles our little kitty all too much… I shudder as another tongue is added to the game, the ice cream all of a sudden not so important anymore. My pants are very tight right now, and I haven’t even been invited into the action yet. This is something we’re definitely doing again. Soon. Real soon… 

For once, I even forget to be jealous as I watch their little game – Schu’s nibbling and licking, and the kitten is trying to catch him long enough to taste the ice cream from his lover. Good lord… 

 <Want in?> The smirking voice is as teasing as one might expect it to be, he lives up to his reputation of an imp right now, not that it’s important. Hell yes, I want in!  

Without waiting for another invitation, I dive headfirst into the whole mess. Spoon forgotten – but not for long as it tips off the rest of the ice cream on a pale chest. He hiss angrily again. Heh. Seems like I’ve found my spot then… 

I lick and bite for a moment, waiting until I hear those little mewls as I flick my tongue over a pink nipple to swipe up the last of the spoonful of the chocolate cream before rising my head to look at him. His skin is all flushed again, and his eyes are large and open. The pupils are huge, deeply purple in the light of the lamp. The lamp yes… To put it out or have it show us all that deliciously pale skin? 

 <Leave it, I want to see what I’m doing.> Guess that settles it then. I return my ministrations to the kitten, brush the bangs out of his face before placing a small kiss on the tip of his nose. The anger is not completely gone from his eyes, but just give us another go at it and it should take care of itself. He knows what I’m thinking, I’m sure of it. 

 "Don’t get all confident now…" Oh yes, he definitely knew what I was thinking, but there’s a glimmer of amusement in those amethysts as well. He’s not as pissed off as he was some minutes ago, so unless we screw it up big time, we’re going to survive tomorrow.  

Now… What to do next? I glance over at Schu who’s studying the kitten with a certain gleam in his eyes. 


 <Either force-feed him with the little truck> – here there’s a distinct grin heard in his ’voice’ and I snort – <again, or just fuck him senseless?> 

 <If we feed him till he’s full, then he don’t wanna play with us…> 

 <True. Fuck him then?> 

 <Sure thing…> 

During our little conversation, his eyes have narrowed again, looking from me to Schu and back again. The amusement is clearly visible in his eyes, and he has relaxed a little again. I think he might just give in without a fight this time… 

Or perhaps not. Now he’s glaring at us again, shifting his gaze between us and the bedside table. I pick up the ice cream again, the spoon in hand. Schu’s got other plans though as he reach for the strawberries. And the kitten just sigh and roll his eyes at us again. No fun at all… 

 "Are you going to feed me that or are you going to spill it all over me again?" No emotion in that voice what so ever, and it irks me. I just want to make him beg for it… And I’m planning to. 

 "Now, that was a good idea," Schu’s drawling out in his heavily accented Japanese.  

 "Hn." Aaah, so it’s not such a repulsive thought after all? There’s still that little glimmer of amusement in his eyes, as well as the blush beginning to rise on his cheeks again. How adorable... 

 "Tell you this… For every spoon that goes down, you’re out of those bonds a little earlier… How does that sound?" He studies me for a moment, and I try to give him my most open and sincere face. 

 <You really mean that, Yotan?> 

 <Not a word… You?> 

 <Nah… Wanna play with the kitten…> I can barely hold the grin off my face again as he shifts his gaze to the German who does nothing to hide his.  

 "How much earlier?" Suspicious, are we? Not that I blame him, but still. One might have hoped that he would trust us by now. 

 "Say… A minute for every spoon?" Amethyst eyes are boring into mine, dissecting them in that way only he can. It’s one hell of an accomplishment to keep a straight face when he do that, I can tell you, but I made it somehow. After a minute’s heavy scrutiny, he nods. One tiny nod, but that’s enough for us.  

I meet Schu’s eyes for a moment, finding the matching leer in them. This it going to be fun, real fun… 

 "Okay then…" I use my best voice, the one that made all the ladies flock around me and am rewarded with a small glare, not even close to the ’shi-ne’-ones from the beginning of the night. He’s just putting this up as a pretense, he don’t want to submit too easily. 

So I scope up a little ice cream, watching him follow my hand with his gaze. Schu’s quiet as well, not taking his eyes from the kitten as I carefully ease the chocolate into his mouth. A pink tongue comes out to swipe off his lips, the motions more than suggestive. He knows what he’s doing, the little tease… 

 "One," he counts out aloud and I barely stiffle a sigh. He also really know how to kill the mood… 

 "One," I repeat as I dig around in the bowl for another spoonfull of the nearly melted ice cream. His eyes latch onto mine for a fleeting moment before a ghost of a smile pass over his face.  

The next one goes down as well, another figure added out aloud. As long as he don’t plan to do that all night, I’m fine with it. Schu’s not, judging by the slight frown on his face. Well, that’s his problem, not mine.  

I lean forward to taste the ice cream from his lips, careful not to spill anything at him this time. Not that I would mind to lick it up again, of course, but I don’t want to piss him off again. He really detest to be sticky – a true feline in the way he’s always grooming himself from dirt. 

When his tongue clash with mine and I can take in all those intoxicating flavours again, I can’t hold back a shudder. God, he taste so good! I want more… 

 <Share, Kudoh.> 

 <Fuck off, Schu. You’ll just have to wait for your turn.> Which isn’t going to be soon, if I have any say in the matter. Or perhaps ever again. At least not as long as there’s ice cream involved. 

A sudden moan from the mouth under mine make me wonder what he’s up to now. A bored Schuldig is a dangerous Schuldig and he don’t appreciate to be left out.  

As I break the kiss again and glance at him, he has crawled up into bed with the kitten, playing his fingers over his thigh and the way the little one is biting on to his lip now tells us both that it’s getting to him. Ahh… Well, if it keeps the imp occupied and out of my hair, then I don’t mind.  

I return to the lips again, still a little mindful of his teeth. I mean, Schu’s been bitten twice tonight, and I don’t want to be there if he decide to even out the punishment a little. But that is a rather distant thought right now. I mean, there’s a lot of more interesting things to consider. Like if I dare to empty the rest of the bowl on him and how soon we can all get naked and do some serious stuff… 

Another little mewl is drawn from him, but this time I don’t bother to find out what caused it. I’m too busy drinking it up to really care. 

This is the way I want the night to proceed. And I’m quite determined not to let him out before we’re really finished with him. Whether or not he decide to use us for target practice, it’s still worth it. I hope. 


End of Part III

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