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Much later Yohji yawned and spooned himself around his now sleeping boyfriend. The evidence of their games was still visible in the corner of the kitten’s mouth and the blond propped himself up on an elbow to lick the last of the chocolate off. The unconscious form shifted a little, giving him easier access to the pale lips and he proceeded to take another sample of their luscious taste. Still deep in his dreams, the redhead responded. Yohji smiled as he brushed back strands from the kitten’s face, at the way the sweaty bangs were plastered to his forehead and how his face was still flushed from the night.  

He lifted his gaze to Schuldig only to find that the German was still awake, watching him. They stared at each other for another moment before the redhead brought a hand up to caress the toned skin on Yohji’s cheek in a hesitant motion. The blond’s eyes widened momentarily before he leaned into the caress, nuzzling the hand and bringing a soft sigh from the German. This was something they had never done before, this after sex-cuddle. Ran had always been their priority, both of them too territorial and too jealous to even consider each other. Something had changed tonight though, something that Yohji couldn’t put his finger on but was important. 

 "He’s asleep?" Schuldig’s voice was soft and weary and Yohji nodded. The German took another look at his dreaming boyfriend, his eyes softening as he regarded the smaller redhead. 

 "Poor thing… So tired…" Schuldig’s smirk was there for a moment as he met Yohji’s eyes before disappearing again. 

 "Heh. You would think that after all this time, he would have developed at least a little stamina…" A soft laugh followed that statement as the blond glanced at the sleeping form between them. 

 "One might think so, yes… Poor thing, we’ll just have to continue building it up then…" The German’s eyes lit up a little, the twinkling enough to draw the curiousity out of the blond as well. "Next time, we can try to get him a collar and a leash…" Yohji was silent for a moment while the implications reached his clouded brain and a brief smile crossed his lips. 

 "He’ll kill us, you know." Despite the words, there was a certain light in the blond’s eyes that told the German that he was willing to suffer through whatever hell the kitten would come up with if that particular thing could be arranged. 

 "Settled then. We get him one of those collars that you can buy at the petstore downtown…" Yohji shook his head, his head spinning with all the fantasies that played themselves behind his eyelids when he closed them. One of those wouldn’t do. 

 "They won’t fit. Leave that to me, Schu-Schu…" A wink and a smirk on the blond’s face as his head dropped down on the pillow again made the still conscious redhead grin in anticipation. 

 "Just make sure you pick a color that will fit him. And don’t forget a leash as well…" The leer on his face was enough for Yohji to start laughing. 

 "I won’t. I’m going shopping tomorrow, can’t wait to see what he’ll look like in that." Picking the image from his lover’s mind, Schuldig blanched. And here he thought that he was the pervert of the group! Apparently he still had both one and two things to learn from the blond… 

They were silent for a while, both deep in their own thoughts, Ran sleeping soundly between them. 

 "What time are they going to kick us out of here tomorrow?" Schuldig’s voice was even more weary now and Yohji stiffled yet another yawn. 

 "Eleven. The kitten will probably be up around eight as always…" They each made a face over that – neither liked the fact that Ran was always up and about around the time they usually had gone to bed.  

Schuldig grunted for an answer, shifting himself a little forward and placing a small kiss on the soft lips before meeting Yohji’s uncertain eyes. The blond made up his mind. If they were going to continue this, they might as well do it right. He propped himself up on one elbow again as he grabbed the redhead’s face and placed a soft kiss on the his lips before falling back down. 

 "’Night…" His voice was barely audible, and the German just mumbled a response before curling up against Ran again, his head tucked under the smaller redhead’s chin. Yohji buried his face in the back of the neck so perfectly placed right before him, sniffing the hair for a moment as he closed his eyes. 

Both of them failed to notice the glimmer in the amethyst eyes as they opened again. He laid there for another moment before glancing down on the sleeping form tucked up under his chin, not moving a muscle. The steady breathing at the back of his neck told him that the blond was asleep as well. 

’We’ll see about that…’ 


And so it ends...

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