With No Thoughts to Consequences


by nekojita


Disclaimer: I don’t own Weiß, and to be quite honest, I’m rather pissed off by that fact. *goes off to sulk and write more lemons*


Bored. Schuldig was bored out of his mind. The errand that Crawford had sent him on earlier that morning was long since completed, and the episode of Buffy that he taped last night had turned out to be a rerun. What made the day even worse was that, with the exception of a drugged Farfarello, he was the only one in the apartment. As in no lovers were present for him to play with. Aya and Yohji were at the gun range practicing, and Aya would give him one hell of a headache if he tried to interrupt them while they were working on their sharp shooting skills. Upon arriving in Hong Kong Crawford had pointed out the logic of everyone on the team being proficient with guns, as sometimes it just wasn’t very practical to go on missions with swords, garrotes or bugnucks, and Aya had wholeheartedly embraced the idea. Hell, even Ken and Nagi were learning how to shoot.

Normally Schuldig would be at his lovers’ sides, but after the little incident at the target range with him and Yohji…. Of course Brad hadn’t bought his excuse that Schuldig had been trying to teach Yohji how to shoot under adverse and mentally trying conditions, not when he’d been caught giving the blond man a blowjob, and so he’d been banned from accompanying his lovers there ever again. Even worse was that Aya had backed the order up, citing the need for him and Yohji to learn to shoot properly as soon as possible

So here he lay, sprawled out on a couch some decorator had bought more to fit in with the ‘lovely’ mauve and cream color scheme of the over decorated living room than for the sake of comfort, bored out of his mind and horny as hell. Well, he was always horny, but usually Aya and Yohji alleviated both conditions. All he wanted was to play with his lovers, was that too much to ask? It had been one hell of a busy week, thanks to the rumor about Esset trying to strengthen their presence in this corner of Asia, and Grau had been scrambling around trying to substantiate that rumor. They’d unearthed enough for Schuldig to know that the next week or two promised to be even busier. So he should enjoy Aya and Yohji’s presence as much as possible. Now, if only a certain stick-in-the-mud precog would let him. Grumbling evil things under his breath about Americans, Schuldig tried to distract himself with drooling over Spike.

Ten minutes later he was disturbed in that pursuit by the ringing of the phone. Cursing out loud in German, he climbed off the couch and searched for the telephone, eventually finding it under one of Ken’s sports magazines.

"Was zur Hölle willst du?" Since it was a private line, it had to be one of his teammates calling, other than Yohji and Aya. If his lovers wanted to talk to Schuldig about something, they would do so through their telepathic link.

"At this exact moment to explain to you the importance of proper telephone etiquette, but I’ll save the lesson in manners for another day." Great, Crawford had decided to add to his torment. "That aside, I need you to see if there is a fax waiting for me in my office."

"Sure, I have nothing better to do than lackey about for you. One sec, oh noble Kaiser." Now muttering some choice Mandarin swear words that Yohji had taught him the other day and that Crawford hopefully hadn’t learned yet, Schuldig walked to the man’s office. He entered the semi-dark room, which smelled of leather and the lemon oil used on the expensive furniture and paneling, and crossed over to the small mahogany table that held the fax machine.

"Yep, you got one. Goodbye."

"Schuldig, don’t start with me right now. I’m in the middle of negotiations with several idiotic Brits and will most likely spend the whole night trying to get them to see reason, so I’m not in the mood." Crawford’s usually smug voice sounded strained, and Schuldig sighed when he thought of how hard the man had been working lately. Oracle had been trying his best to make sure that Grau would have nothing to fear when they left this area of the world to concentrate on important matters in Europe and had been working almost nonstop the past month.

"Alright, I’m sorry Papa. What do you want?"

"Send me an image of the fax, please."

Crawford must really be tired and stressed if he was being so polite. It must be from dealing with a bunch of British bureaucrats who were even more uptight than the American. Doing as he was told, Schuldig sat in the Crawford’s comfy leather chair and read through the documents, telepathically sending the contents to his leader.

"Thank you. I’ll see you tomorrow."

"Be careful, Crawford." The other man didn’t answer him, just hung up the phone after an affirmative grunt. Resting his head back against the chair, Schuldig tossed the phone onto Crawford’s desk. A few papers got scattered in the process, and he’d have to straighten them up before he left or get bitched at, but at the moment he didn’t care. He propped his feet on the desk, knocking aside a small bronze plaque engraved with the saying ‘Living hell is the best reward’, which caused Schuldig to chuckle softly. No doubt about it, Brad Crawford was a weird one.

Closing his eyes, Schuldig decided that he’d check up on his lovers. It was so incredibly easy to reach their minds; if anything the difficulty rested in not being linked to each other. All he had to do was think of the two men and he could vaguely sense their thoughts and emotions. The connection strengthened as Yohji and Aya in turn directed their thoughts toward him.

<What do you want, Schu?>

Aya’s thoughts never failed to provoke a tingle of pleasure in Schuldig, even when they were filled with exhaustion and irritation, like right now. Crawford had been dragging Aya off with him for a lot of the meetings that were taking up all his time, and had only given the Japanese telepath some time off today because he’d clearly been tired from the almost constant use of his talent. And of course the idiot had decided to spend some time at the target range instead of in bed with his boyfriends. Schuldig wished there was a way to smack a dead guy, as he wanted to do just that to Aya’s father for instilling in his son such a dedicated work ethic.

<How goes the target practice? You guys are done already?>

<Yeah, we called it a day once the place started to get packed.> From Yohji Schuldig got the hint that Aya was a bit too tired to deal with a crowd of people. As there weren’t too many places for a foreigner to shoot a gun in Hong Kong without attracting unwanted attention, and the places you could were illegal, there weren’t many options for them to go practice. One couldn’t just shoot a gun anywhere and space was very limited. Schuldig reflected that there was one good thing to be said for moving Grau to Europe: being able to find some goddamned space.

<So, you’re on your way home?> Schuldig let his eagerness and lust color his thoughts.

<Yes, to _sleep_.> Aya let his exhaustion wash through the link. While he had to admit that the man wasn’t faking the emotion, Schuldig, and from the feel of it Yohji as well, weren’t happy with that decision. They hadn’t had much time to spend together the past couple of days, and the two of them were looking forward to thoroughly enjoying Aya’s presence this afternoon.

<Hmm, how far away are you?>

<About ten minutes.>

Which meant Schuldig only had ten minutes to convince Aya not to crawl into bed and fall asleep when he arrived home. Opening his eyes, Schuldig smiled wickedly. Well, he had better get started, hadn’t he? For a moment he almost rose to his feet and scampered to his bedroom, but then he looked around Crawford’s well-decorated office. It was about time the room got to see some action, and they hadn’t done it here yet. The thought of having sex in the American’s sanctuary made Schuldig smile some more.

<Schu, what are you up to?> Aya was clearly suspicious, and he could feel Yohji’s curiosity mixed in.

<Oh, just letting my imagination run wild.> Schuldig leaned forward and opened Crawford’s desk, looking for something he could use. Crawford often complained about how dry the air in the apartment was, and he wasn’t the only one, so the man had to have… feeling around in the drawer, Schuldig felt something cold and hard. He pulled out a pair of Crawford’s spare glasses, stared at them for a moment as he marveled at the way they reflected even the dim light and then put them aside. Resuming his search, it only took a few more seconds before he found the bottle of hand lotion.

Picking up the glasses, Schuldig put them on, smiling when the world took on a blurry quality. Luckily Crawford wasn’t all that nearsighted, though Schuldig always thought the man really only wore glasses more for the serious air they gave him and the disturbing ever-present glint that obscured his eyes than for imperfect sight, but that was a topic for another day. Straightening the frames on his face, he started to unzip his jeans.

<Schu, what the _hell_ are you doing?>

<Having a little fun, Aya. Don’t you ever wonder what Crawford does in here all day long? Well, I do and I am. I bet when he gets bored or tired he finds a way to unwind.>

Yohji mentally chuckled over their link. <Somehow I don’t see him sitting behind his desk jerking off. He’d be in a much better mood if he did that more often.>

Resting his head back on the chair, Schuldig poured some lotion into the palm of his hands, rubbed them together and started to pump his flaccid cock. Thinking of ‘Papa’ in this manner wasn’t exactly conducive to an erection, so he thought of yesterday afternoon and what the three of them had gotten up to during a brief respite from work. The memory of Aya’s hot mouth sucking him off made Schuldig hard in no time.

He flicked his thumb along the top of his cock, pushing aside the foreskin and moaning softly as precum started to dribble out of it. With his other hand he pressed his balls against his body and squeezed them very gently, then rubbed his thumb over the sacs.

<Can’t you just picture him, sitting here in his designer suit, a frown on his face as he jerks himself off in the most efficient manner possible? He’d… ah have probably read countless studies on the best way to give a handjob and follows the advice perfectly.> Schuldig bit into his lip as he felt his body start to tighten, the pleasure increasing with each slow pump up and down his engorged arousal. Aya and Yohji’s lust was also being added to the mix as the two men were caught up in his emotions, their telepathic link becoming stronger.

<Schuldig, I don’t want to think about Crawford doing that, thank you very much.> Yohji’s thoughts were amused and growing hornier by the moment. <Slide your left hand down lower.>

Smiling, Schuldig did just that, leaving his balls alone to rub at the sensitive patch of skin behind them. His breath started to come faster as Yohji sent him a mental image of the blond licking that area. Oh yes… what he wouldn’t give for his lovers to be here with him right now.

<Two more minutes, you teasing prick.>

Well, he definitely had Yohji ensnared, and while it was always delightful to play with the lanky man, Schuldig was aiming for a threesome. He moaned deeply, knowing that his lovers would hear the sound through his own senses, and teased a finger around his anus. He started to thrust faster into his fist, and he idly thought that it would be best to slow things down if he didn’t want to come before the other men joined him.

<I’m about to wreck the car as is, Schuldig. Press it inside you, I wanna feel how tight you are. I… ah… oh fuck, Aya.> There was a sudden mental image of Aya rubbing Yohji’s crotch with his hand as the blond tried to steer the car into the apartment building’s garage, and he started to nibble on the man’s neck. Aya had finally decided to join in the fun, and Schuldig tried to suppress his excitement at that development. It looked as if he finally had his reluctant little violet snagged.

Schuldig honored Yohji’s latest request, pushing his finger inside him as he slid down further in the leather chair. Wishing he’d pulled his pants down more before starting, he growled slightly as he removed his hands from himself and struggled with the jeans until they were off and tossed across the room. About to start masturbating again, Schuldig caught an image of Aya and Yohji kissing fervently in the elevator, the pale man’s hands down Yohji’s pants. He could feel the handjob that Aya was giving the other man, and Schuldig immediately imitated Aya’s hand, causing all three of them to moan in unison. His finger slid inside himself once again, this time able to press deeper without the jeans hindering his motions.

It was with Yohji’s eyes that he saw himself when the couple finally reached the office, panting slightly and clothes disarrayed. Green eyes drank in the sight of Schuldig sprawled in the chair, his legs hanging over the leather padded arms, his head tossed back and his hands moving furiously over his body. His hair was sticking up all over, and his eyes were hidden by the glare on Crawford’s glasses, adding a mysterious and wild air to his appearance. All he saw in return was a blurred image of the men, and as Yohji rushed towards him, Aya paused for a moment and took something off the coat rack near the door. Then all that mattered was the pair of hands stroking along his flesh. The touch caused their link to intensify, sucking them deeper into each other’s mind as Yohji’s talent kicked in.

Yohji ran his hands along Schuldig’s legs and waist, and as they moved up his chest they took Schuldig’s grey t-shirt with them. The glasses were knocked askew when the shirt was pulled over his head, but when he went to take them off Yohji shook his head.

"Nah, I like the new look. Debauched Librarian Schu." A kiss was placed at the end of his nose then Yohji latched onto his mouth. Schuldig threaded his fingers through the man’s hair and growled softly. He pulled his other hand away from himself to tug at the blond’s clothes, needing to feel skin against skin. Why the man had to wear such tight pants was lost on him at the moment, even though Schuldig usually loved how good they looked on Yohji. It took a few minutes to strip his lover of the leather pants and tight sweater, all the while Aya just watched from his perch on the desk. Once the clothes were gone Schuldig held out a hand, trying to get the redhead to join them.

<We should take this into the bedroom.>

<Right now I don’t think I can walk, kleines Veilchen. Not when…. Oh, verdammt, Kudoh.> Two long, agile fingers slid inside of him, twisting about and reaching in deeper than his had. Schuldig broke off the kiss to tilt his head to the side and pant. He squinted at Aya through the thin glass lenses, drinking in the sight of the gorgeous pale man and motioned again with his hand.

He could feel Aya’s lust and knew that the sight of he and Yohji naked like this, together with their emotions, were wearing at Aya’s common sense. Then the other telepath smiled, a breathtaking sight that made Schuldig want to throw aside the glasses to see it more clearly, and Aya started to walk over to him. Aya’s hand grasped the one held out to him, and Aya leaned in to kiss Schuldig. With his left hand caught in Aya’s, he released his hold on Yohji’s hair to try and drag the quiet man closer. That hand was taken as well, and something silk was quickly wrapped around his wrists, binding them together.

<Then you’ll have to take the blame if we get caught. You really shouldn’t have started this here, Schu. It’s all your fault.> Aya was a bit smug as he made sure the silk tie wasn’t too tight around Schuldig’s wrists.

"What are you up to?"

"You mean, what are the two of us up to, don’t you?" Yohji pulled away from him, taking those wonderful fingers with him and reached back for his pants, which had been discarded to the side of the chair. Once they were in hand he pulled his leather belt free of them. Schuldig was jerked onto his feet and forced to stand in front of the desk as the belt was tossed around the ornate iron light fixture that hung above him. Yohji gave a tug or two to the strap then threaded it through Schuldig’s bindings.

"It should hold, as long as you don’t struggle too much. Yank too hard… and you’ll be the one explaining to Brad what we were doing in here. And don’t give me that look, we know what you were thinking when you started this." Yohji winked at Schuldig and then pulled Aya into his arms.

Watching the tall man start to slowly unpeel Aya out of his long-sleeved black shirt and khaki trousers, Schuldig tried yanking on his restraints, but immediately stopped when he felt something above him start to give. <Fuck, Kudoh, don’t tell me you disagree with my plan. I know you didn’t want Aya to just come home and go to bed.>

<No, I didn’t, and I’ll thank you for this later. However, you shouldn’t have tried something so tricky, you know that pisses him off.> Yohji gave him another wink before he thoroughly kissed Aya, his hands groping the smaller man’s ass as he ground their erections together. Schuldig groaned at the sight of them, just out of his reach, and jerked his hips in time to theirs. <Scratch that, I’ll thank you now.>

<Kudoh, shut up.> Aya growled softly as he pulled away from Yohji and then turned his head to look at Schuldig over his shoulder. <You need to stop playing games, Schu. You need to stop not giving a damn about the consequences.> Aya twisted around, tugging Yohji with him, until the two of them were standing sideways in front of Schuldig. As he watched the pale man started to kiss his way down a golden chest, Schuldig groaned in sync with Yohji when the hot, talented mouth he’d been thinking about earlier engulfed Yohji’s cock.

He could feel the pleasure coursing through Yohji as Aya sucked and licked him, one of his hands entangled in blond curls and yanking ever so slightly on the strands, causing Yohji to buck his hips forward and be taken even deeper down a warm, moist throat. The emotion became intensified as it flowed through all three of them, their link becoming so strong that if he closed his eyes Schuldig felt as if he was the one receiving the blowjob, that he was the one with Yohji’s cock thrusting down his throat, but he couldn’t keep them closed for long. No, he had to see his two lovers together, had to drink in their beauty and flushed faces.

Yohji looked so fucking hot, his face sweaty and honey gold strands clinging to his forehead and shoulders. His neck was taut, the muscles on his abdomen bunching and clenching as he thrust into Aya’s mouth. The smaller man was down on his knees, one of his hands sliding along Yohji’s ass, delving into the crack as he pulled away and licked at his lover’s cock like a cat. When Yohji started to plead Aya deepthroated him again. Schuldig’s cock twitched with fluid dribbling out of it copiously as he imagined himself in Yohji’s place.

Schuldig tossed his head back and groaned loudly when Yohji came, nearly coming himself due to the bliss pouring through him. He slumped down in his restraints as his body went limp, the glasses sliding down his sweat slick nose enough that he could look over them and clearly see Aya licking a drop of cum from his lips, which were curved up in a very satisfied smile. Aya looked like a very pleased cat at the moment, especially when he leaned forward to spare a few more licks to Yohji’s shrinking cock and then along his stomach.

Sinking to his knees, Yohji kissed Aya, nipping at his bottom lip before delving his tongue deep into the other’s mouth. Through their link, Schuldig could taste both men, causing him to moan and yank at the leather belt again. His hands tried to unravel the silk tie, but Aya knew his knots rather well. The bastard had learned from him, after all. Well, they had both learned from Yohji, truth be told.

When a few flakes of plaster started to drift downward from the ceiling, Yohji and Aya returned their attention to Schuldig. Aya rose to his feet and started to circle him while Yohji crawled in his direction. A pale hand on his shoulders made Schuldig stop struggling, grabbed his hair, and the next thing he knew Aya was kissing him passionately. He could taste his lovers again, this time firsthand, and he bent his head forward more to enjoy the kiss. Hands stroked along his belly, making Schuldig shiver, and Yohji took to licking his stomach.

< Oh mein Gott, bitte….>

Aya’s mouth moved down to his neck, and Schuldig could feel the smile on the man’s lips as they pressed just under his right ear.

<So terribly eager, aren’t you? I was going to take a nap and then play with you all night, but you just couldn’t wait. If you don’t care about my wishes, why should I care about yours?>

"Because I want you so much," Schuldig rasped, his throat hoarse and tight. They wouldn’t leave him here, would they?

<Leave you here and have my sweetie all to myself? Now that sounds perfect. But this is Aya’s show.> Yohji gazed up at Schuldig, his sparkling eyes half hidden by heavy lids. As he stared down at the man, Yohji smiled and started to pump his cock slowly then speared his tongue into Schuldig’s navel. Yohji’s hand reached up to tweak his recent nipple piercing, pulling on the gold hoop adorned with emerald and amethyst beads.

"Aya… love, what are you going to do with me?"

The smile drifted back up to his ear, pausing to suck on his earlobe for a moment. "Wouldn’t you like to know." He couldn’t pick up a single thought from the man, nothing at all but amusement, want and lust. The bastard was shielding his plans from him.

"Kleiner, boshafter Schuft." It took Schuldig a moment to realize that it was Aya chuckling very softly, but then again he’d been suitably distracted when his cock was inhaled by Yohji’s mouth. That fact alone clued him in to the sound belonging to Aya, as the other redhead’s mouth wasn’t the one full right now. Then Yohji began to suck and then swallow, and he stopped worrying about thinking.

Aya rubbed himself against Schuldig as he slid behind him. The pale man pulled away from him for a moment, but was quickly back. Aya’s mouth returned to his neck, sucking hard enough to leave a bruise, and strong hands grasped Schuldig’s hips. Something hard and slick nudged against his ass, causing Schuldig to gasp and open his eyes.

"Was? Nein, Aya ich…." In one smooth thrust Aya pushed inside of Schuldig, stretching him as the head of his cock passed the tight ring. Schuldig shuddered and bit his lip, torn between pleasure and pain. He’d been stretched enough before that he didn’t tear, but there was still some discomfort as he tried to adjust to Aya being inside him.

His lover gave him a moment to breathe, one of Aya’s hands sliding around to play with his other nipple, tugging on the pert nub as teeth scraped along the back of his neck. Yohji started to hum, forcing Schuldig to relax even though he was being impaled, an act that he much preferred being on the other end of. He liked being the one thrusting inside his lovers’ bodies, making them cry out and melt under his assault.

<Get over it, Schu. You wanted to play, don’t bitch because you’re not the one in charge during it.> Yohji’s thoughts were clearly amused and he pulled away from Schuldig, depriving him of the lovely mouth that was now wearing a smirk. "Of course, if you don’t want to play our way, we can leave. I’d much rather have Aya fucking me than you any day."

"Greedy bastard." Gritting his teeth, Schuldig rocked his hips backward, taking Aya deeper inside him. The hand on his hip clenched as Aya breathed out his name, pushing further inside him until balls slapped against his ass. Then he started to pick up his pace, the force of his thrusts driving Schuldig forward against Yohji.

"Kudoh, du Mistkerl, put your mouth to use." It wasn’t so bad if he was barking out orders, feeling as if he was the one in control instead of Aya. Schuldig knew that he got off on being in charge during sex because Aya made him jump through enough hoops when the deed was done. But as Aya bent his head back for a kiss and Yohji teased him with his tongue, Schuldig had to think that there was something to be said for being on the receiving end. It was delicious to be the focus of his lovers’ attention, to be the one made to feel so much pleasure.

<Now you know why I give in to you and Yotan half the time. Feels good, doesn’t it?> Aya did something with his hips that had Schuldig all but sobbing, spikes of bliss radiating out from deep inside him. When the pleasure was amplified by the link he almost did cry, torn between being deepthroated and fucked so forcefully. To be the one initially feeling the emotions and to have them returned tenfold again and again… no wonder Aya usually let himself be talked into having some fun with little effort.

Torn between thrusting back against Aya and deeper into Yohji’s mouth and bedeviled by his lovers who purposely timed their actions to be out of sync with each other, Schuldig looked downward, vision hampered by the fogged glasses. He tried tossing his head to the side and making them fly off his face, but the damn things refused to budge. Just great, he had two of the most gorgeous men alive fucking him and he couldn’t see them. Aya and Yohji’s amusement washed through him for a moment and they intensified their efforts, distracting him from thinking and seeing until all he could do was feel.

Aya grabbed one of his legs, lifting it off the ground and pulling it back until Schuldig could set it down on the desk. The position was a bit awkward and made his joint ache, but all that was forgotten as Aya pistoned even deeper inside him, hitting that spot again and again. Schuldig moaned, his head falling back onto Aya’s shoulder, his eyes wide and seeing nothing but flashes of light. Teeth nipped at his ear and there was the slightest scrape of them along the length of his cock. Suddenly, the pleasure crashed down on him, washing through him and carrying him away. Dimly he was aware of hearing his name being called out, but that and all his other senses were quickly overwhelmed with ecstasy.

When he was able to focus on the world again, Schuldig found Yohji sitting on the floor before him, his eyes closed and his mouth open as he panted. Aya’s head was on his shoulder, a smile pressed against his overheated skin and slender arms loose about his waist. All three of them remained quiet for a moment, enjoying the aftershocks of the group orgasm. Then Yohji shakily stood to his feet and kissed Schuldig as Aya untied him. Delving his tongue deep inside his lover’s mouth, Schuldig couldn’t help but smile when he tasted himself.

As soon as his arms were untied and lowered to his side Yohji helped him sit down in Crawford’s chair. Schuldig managed to yank Aya down onto his lap, but the other Japanese man deftly evaded his grasp and set his ass on the edge of the desk. Yohji had a huge grin on his face, Aya a small yet sated smile, and Schuldig knew he wore a silly expression.

"You know, if you meant that as a lesson of sorts, I’m not quite sure what I was supposed to have learned." Then he let out a yelp when Aya nailed him in the ribs. Oh well, there went hoping that Aya was too satisfied to abuse him for once.

<Idiot.> Aya settled against him, his ass in Schuldig’s lap and his back against his chest, and allowed himself to be held. Yohji got off the desk long enough to fumble around for his pants and approached the chair with a pack of cigarettes in his hand. That earned the man a kiss and a warm smile from Schuldig, and soon the two of them were smoking while Aya merely thought nasty things about stupid chain smokers who were going to kill him with second hand smoke. The silence lasted as long as the cigarettes, several minutes or so.

"Well, hopefully that will cover any smell we left behind," Yohji commented as he ground out the cigarette butt in an ashtray. He held out the tray for Schuldig to do the same and then sat back down on the desk. "We should clean things up and get the hell out of here before Crawford returns."

"He’s gonna be out all night, so stop worrying, Blondie. There’s no way he’ll ever find out about this."

Aya elbowed him in the ribs again. <Famous last words, Schu.> He squirmed about, trying to get off Schuldig’s lap, but the feel of the slender redhead rubbing a succulent ass against his now hardening cock gave Schuldig other ideas and he refused to let the man go. Sparing a glance at Yohji as he finally tossed the glasses aside, he smiled when a pair of green eyes started to sparkle with lust and deviousness. Yohji shifted along the desk until he was right in front of Aya.

Nuzzling a pale neck that was way too unblemished for his liking, Schuldig tightened his hold on Aya. "You worry too much, mein kleines Veilchen. We have a grand opportunity here before us, it would be a shame to waste it."

It could never be said that Aya wasn’t quick-witted. He immediately became suspicious, his body tensing and violet eyes narrowing as he looked back and forth between Yohji and Schuldig.

<You’re up to something, but what else is new. Let’s take this to the bedroom.>

Yohji leaned forward as Schuldig scooted the chair closer to the desk, and he grasped Aya’s face between his hands. "But we can enjoy ourselves right here. Everything’s perfect…"

<…for what we have in mind, little one. Good thing you’re not so tired anymore.> Schuldig kissed Aya’s neck, making the man shiver, just as Yohji kissed him on the mouth. An image appeared in all their minds of Aya, sitting in Schuldig’s lap as he thrust into the pale man, who had his face buried in Yohji’s crotch. Aya mewled softly while Yohji and he groaned in anticipation. After that it would be Yohji’s turn to be bottom….

<Hmm, but who am I gonna let do the honors? Decisions, decisions. Now stop planning ahead and fuck the man. We’ll never get to my turn if you don’t start.> Schuldig glanced at Yohji and caught a quick wink before he devoted his whole attention to Aya. Sending the impatient man a mental request on the sly, Schuldig held out his hand for the abandoned tie. Masking his thoughts, he slid his hands down Aya’s arms, planning on capturing a slim pair of wrists and tying them behind Aya’s back. It was his turn to play now and seeing as they had all night to do so, Yohji was going to have to wait a while for his turn. Not that Schuldig thought his other lover would mind that much. Nope, not when he planned on them having so much fun with Aya. Though it would be hard to save a little energy for later. Oh well, enjoy now and worry about the consequences later -- that was his motto. Schuldig spared one last thought for the man whose office was being put to such good use and decided he needed to get a new plaque for Crawford’s desk saying just that.


Was zur Hölle willst du? - What the hell do you want?

Oh, verdammt - Oh fuck

Oh mein Gott, bitte….. – Oh my god, please….

Kleiner, boshafter Schuft - Vicious little scoundrel

Was? Nein, Aya ich - What? No, Aya I…

Du Mistkerl - You son of a bitch



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