Other Side Christmas Omake


"Stille Nacht! Heil’ge Nacht!"

Yohji first winced and then laughed when Schu began to sing the German Christmas carol at the top of his lungs. Aya, trapped between the two of them and hence closer to the German idiot, stared at Schu with growing horror as the song continued. Giving his appalled lover a wink, Schu didn’t stop singing as the three of them made their way down the street.

"Schlafe in himmlischer Ruh!"

Reflecting on how it wouldn’t be so bad if Schu had a decent singing voice, Yohji shook his head and slid his left arm out from the crook of Aya’s right elbow and then snaked it around Aya’s waist. "Uhm, I don’t think this is the most appropriate time to suddenly be caught up in the Christmas spirit," he told his caterwauling lover.

/Schu, *please* shut up,/ Aya pleaded over their link.

Schu merely gave them both a wink this time and shook his head as he continued to torture everyone within hearing distance. /We’re off Christmas shopping, I think I’m entitled to a little fun. Besides, it’s clearing some space for us so be grateful!/ He tried for an annoyed tone but it was obvious over their link that he was amused by the entire situation.

Yohji had to admit that Schu did have a point about the singing giving them a bit of space. All of London appeared to be out shopping at the moment, and until Schu had begun massacring the carol there had been people practically pressed against them. Considering the fact that Aya’s mental shields were still rather vulnerable to physical contact with other people, all that close contact hadn’t been a very good thing.

/I think I’d rather deal with lousy shields than Schu’s singing,/ Aya retorted, his tone just short of a whine. /Schu, I’m serious, *stop it*./ He backed the order with a potent glare and a slight mental whap.

Almost to the end of the song, Schu’s voice stuttered and faded, and he did some glaring of his own at having his fun ruined. Then his expression shifted to a sly grin and he quickly leaned forward to press a kiss against the tip of Aya’s nose. "I’m not stopping until you’re in the holiday spirit, Ayan." The flash of wickedness Schu felt was the only warning that Aya and Yohji received before he began to sing again.

As soon as Yohji translated the German words, he had to laugh. From Aya, he picked up the fact that Schu was singing another traditional carol… or at least was using the music. Somehow, Yohji didn’t think he was hearing the original version of the song.

‘//O how joyfully,

O how blessedly

Comes the glory of Schu’s huge cock!//’

When Schu got to the part of the world being lost in sin and ‘Schu’s huge cock’ being there to save them all, Aya groaned out loud and buried his face against Yohji’s neck. /I’d whap him again but I know it’ll just egg him on,/ Aya grumbled as the song continued.

Stroking his right hand through his lover’s long bangs, Yohji pressed a kiss against Aya’s forehead. /So bear with it a few more minutes until we get to the store, okay?/ he soothed before he glanced over at his other lover to grin and shook his head. Just from the expression on Schu’s face, anyone could tell that the bastard was having a wonderful time – especially when they passed someone who knew German.

"Oh please, your cock’s not that amazing," Yohji muttered in mock annoyance.

Schu stopped singing and sniffed loudly. "Right, so that wasn’t you who was screaming out my name two hours ago?" He sent along an image of what they’d done before deciding it was time to finish up their holiday shopping.

Yohji shivered at the memories and reached over to tuck back the long strand of hair that fell across Schu’s cheek. "Clearly I was screaming for ‘more’ since it wasn’t enough," he shot back, a wicked grin on his lips as he settled in to the argument – only to have the expression change to a wince when he felt a light mental whap.

"Not here," Aya warned them both, a very annoyed presence in their minds. "Shopping first, then you two can play ‘who has the bigger ego and cock’ afterward." He wasn’t very happy with the huge crowds and all the thoughts and emotions from the people began to wear at his shields.

Chastised for forgetting how much Aya hated being stuck amidst a horde of people, Yohji pressed another kiss against his lover’s forehead while Schu began to massage the back of Aya’s neck. "Sorry. Let’s get this done so we can go home." He wasn’t too happy with how crowded the sidewalk was, either, but it wasn’t as big a concern as Aya’s since he was covered with clothes because of the weather. His sweater, leather pants, thick wool coat and leather gloves prevented his power from activating, and he even had a hat on to help keep warm. But no matter that they were just as well dressed, Aya and Schu didn’t receive the same benefit.

Resuming his song, Schu shuffled closer to Aya. /There are times when being a telepath sucks, and being surrounded by hundreds of people with similar thoughts is definitely one of them. Papa better appreciate the gift./

As people once more gave them a bit of space, Aya sighed and lifted his head. /I’m sure he will. Now do us a favor and don’t do anything to make him upset over the next week or two, and it should be a nice holiday./ He gave Schu a warning glare and then winced when Schu’s voice cracked over a particularly high note.

Tugging the wool cap further down to cover his ears, Yohji winced as well. "At least Nagi and Ken are the ones making dinner this year." He still couldn’t believe that Ken enjoyed cooking so much that he was looking forward to spending Christmas day in the kitchen. At least he was good at it, and Yohji was eager to try the Christmas puddings that Ken had put together two months ago.

/Of course you would, considering how much fat and alcohol are in the things./ Aya poked him gently in the ribs and then pressed closer to his side. /I’m just happy that I won’t be touching any dead birds this year./

Unhappy at having what he considered a very distasteful memory brought up, Schu frowned and clutched at his long hair. /You promised to never mention that day again,/ he complained as they turned off the crowded street onto one a little less traveled.

Aya gave him a haughty smile and an arched eyebrow as if daring Schu to do anything, which caused the unhappy man to glower for a few seconds. Then Schu suddenly smiled and the next thing Yohji knew, Aya was pressed against the brick wall of a building while Schu held something green over his head and kissed him breathless. Aya was obviously stunned by the attack but, after a few seconds, wrapped his arms around Schu’s neck and kissed back.

Amused by the shocked people who walked pass the passionately kissing men, Yohji smiled sweetly and wished them ‘happy holidays’. He even went so far as to tip an imaginary top hat at one particularly appalled couple before he found himself pulled backward and similarly assaulted.

/It’s mistletoe, you idiot,/ Schu explained as he literally sucked Yohji’s tongue into his mouth. /That’s the nice thing about living in a proper country – lots and lots of mistletoe this time of year./

/As if you need any excuse to attack,/ Yohji mused while he hugged the idiot closer.

/You know me so well./ Schu chuckled in his mind, and Aya joined in as well. Both he and Yohji were surprised that Schu had held off using the plant until now.

"Because if I used it at the house, Nagi would have some permanently floating above his head and I don’t care to see Ken molesting him all day long," Schu explained once he broke off the kiss, his voice more than a little breathless.

"Yuck. Thanks for the image," Yohji complained and shivered in disgust. He didn’t care if Nagi was more than old enough to be screwing around with Ken, he still thought of his youngest teammate as a kid.

"Come on," Aya urged as he grabbed a hold of Yohji and Schu’s arms. "We’re almost there." He was clearly eager to pick up Crawford’s present so they could go home.

Smiling, Yohji allowed himself to be dragged off and thought about what could happen once they got home. Something that involved Aya wearing nothing and with his long hair unbound, not to mention copious amounts of lube. That got him a very pleased smile from his lover and a groan of anticipation from Schu.

"Suit first, fun later," Aya promised, his voice deep and warm.

"Always the serious one," Yohji mumbled before he gave Aya a brief kiss. If it were up to him and Schu, they’d never get out of bed but Aya still had a bit of a work ethic, unfortunately.

/Which is the only reason why Crawford hasn’t killed us yet,/ Aya reminded while he rubbed his cheek against Yohji’s shoulder.

"And yet we’re buying the man one hell of an expensive suit." Schu pouted for a second, until Aya kissed him as well. "Ach, I still say we should buy him a blow-up doll or something."

Yohji rolled his eyes and hastened his step; the shop was in sight and he just wanted this errand finished. "Three and a half weeks, Schu." Both he and Aya glared at the idiot while they remembered what had happened when Schuldig had bought Crawford an assortment of vibrators and dildos for his birthday two years ago. All three of them had been physically separated from each other for almost an entire, agonizing month.

Muttering under his breath about sadistic Americans who possessed no sense of humor, Schu opened the door to the small shop that Crawford patronized for all his suits. Harney and Sons had been in business for centuries, had ensured that countless very wealthy and influential men were impeccably dressed as they ruled the world. Yohji felt his skin begin to itch just standing in the store’s front room, the scent of expensive tobacco and wool already getting on his nerves. His reaction was mild compared to Schu’s, who had an overwhelming impulse to destroy things. Neither of them reacted well to the glorified atmosphere of the snobby shop, but a mild whap from Aya ensured that they remained mostly behaved while here.

Giving them a warning glare before he walked away, Aya approached the middle-aged man who stood in the center of the room. Speaking softly, he explained why he was there and soon enough, the man offered Aya some refreshments. Aya shook his head, so the man nodded once and left the room.

"Crawford has a way to go before he can become that stuck up," Schu remarked in Japanese as they waited for the man to return with Crawford’s present.

"Don’t give him any ideas," Yohji pleaded. He wondered why their friend couldn’t be happy with a nice suit from Armani or something. Then at least they’d be able to go to some much more relaxed store but no, only the best for Crawford. Schu was right, he really did need to get laid.

Nodding in agreement, Schu had just begun to edge toward what looked to be a bolt of very expensive wool with the intentions of unraveling the material when the middle-aged man returned. He opened the plastic bag that encased Crawford’s present and revealed the dark suit for Aya’s approval. Doing what was expected of him, Aya examined the garment and remarked on its quality, and after a few more civil exchanges, was in custody of the present. He quickly turned and motioned with his head toward the door, then the three of them fled.

Taking a deep breath of air once outside, Yohji took over carrying the suit and draped it over his left shoulder as his right arm settled around Aya’s waist once more. "Home, right?" he asked, half afraid that they’d have to stop somewhere else for another present.

"Home," Aya sighed, "but first we have to get back to the car." He wasn’t the only one who regretted not taking a cab and hence avoiding a lot of the crowd, but he felt the emotion the strongest.

Tugging gently on the long, crimson braid that trailed down the front of Aya’s grey coat, Yohji offered an apologetic smile. "Sorry. Guess I’m still a bit happy about having a car once again." And a very nice Jaguar at that, one that put his old Seven to shame. Grau had moved around too much in the last year or so for him to own a vehicle that wouldn’t be abandoned in a couple of months.

Schu resumed singing obscene songs and used his telepathy to make some idiot chatting on a cell phone in the middle of the sidewalk stumble out of their way. /As nice as it is, I must admit that it feels a bit odd to have a permanent home./

/I agree,/ Aya sighed in their minds, his emotions an tingling mix of caution, happiness and befuddlement. /To think that we’d end up in England…./ There was a bit of homesickness for Japan, something that Yohji shared. While it was nice to live in a big city once again, it wasn’t the city where Yohji or Aya had spent most of their lives.

/London’s better than Tokyo,/ Schu pointed out with some annoyance. /We don’t stand out so much here, there’s a decent restaurant or bar on almost every street and no squatting toilets to be found./ He paused in singing long enough to snort in derision.

/If it weren’t for all the Indian restaurants, this place would be unlivable,/ Aya shot back. /I thought English people were supposed to be polite and reserved,/ he complained while a homeless man screamed at a passerby for some spare change.

/So says the man who comes from a country where it’s almost considered acceptable to grope strangers while on the train./ Schu had to use his power again to clear the sidewalk for them, this time inflicting severe headaches on a group of teenaged boys who were about to voice their displeasure at the sight of three grown men with their arms wrapped around each other.

Desperate to stop the burgeoning argument, Yohji cut in before Aya began to insult German culture. That would be sure to rile Schu up for a few hours, and he wasn’t about to listen to another history lesson if he could help it. "I think it’s interesting to spend Christmas in England, that’s certain." They always seemed to be in some Asian country the past few winters.

Both Schu and Aya stopped glaring at each other and gave him a dubious look instead. He smiled at his lovers and motioned to all the gaily decorated shop windows. "I mean, it looks a bit like Tokyo but people actually celebrate the holiday."

"That’s because it’s a real holiday here, not some excuse for gaudy displays," Schu sniffed and pressed against Aya’s left side. "Although from the thoughts I’m reading, not too many people care about the Christianity aspect as much as having a few days off from work and going to a fun party."

"Then it’s just like in Japan, after all," Aya commented, and this time he rested his head on Schu’s shoulder and closed his eyes so he could reinforce his mental shields. He trusted Schu and Yohji to make certain that he didn’t trip or fall as they continued on their way to the car.

A warm chuckle escaped from Yohji and he couldn’t help but comb his gloved fingers through Aya’s long bangs. "Christmas time in Japan is more a cause for getting engaged than anything else. If we were there, I’d take you and Schu to a very fancy restaurant tomorrow, followed by a night at a love hotel."

Aya opened his eyes and gave Yohji a tender smile. /Is that your idea of a proposal?/

Letting his emotions flow unchecked over their link, Yohji smiled back and first caressed Aya’s cheek and then Schu’s. "And here I thought I’d already made my intentions perfectly clear. Do you really need a ring?" he asked, his voice husky with love and desire. He’d long ago given his heart to his lovers, along with the understanding that they were stuck with him for the rest of their lives. Almost three years had passed and he couldn’t imagine life without Aya and Schu.

The emotions that poured from his lovers assured him that they felt the same. Still, Schu had to be Schu. "I wouldn’t mind one, no," he teased. "Something platinum with a huge diamond - I’m more than worth it, after all!"

Yohji laughed again and lightly whacked his hand against the back of Schu’s head. "And here I always thought you were very cheap," he teased back, and earned a muttered curse in response.

His eyes closed once more, Aya nuzzled Schu’s neck. /No, he’s definitely high maintenance./ That statement was accompanied by a bright wave of amusement and affection.

"Keep picking on me and Santa won’t leave you any presents," Schu muttered, but deep down he was pleased and didn’t mind the teasing. Yohji smiled at how all it really took for things to be right in Schu’s world was for him to be the center of Aya and Yohji’s attention.

They made their way back to the car while Schu complained about how he was always so abused and described in vivid detail how his lovers could make up their meanness to him once they got home. Described all that in a very loud voice and with special hand gestures, which *definitely* made him the center of attention of everyone around them. Sensing a distinct lack of Christmas cheer when Schu began to discuss rimming in front of a large family with several young children, Yohji couldn’t stop laughing while Aya kept asking himself what he’d done to deserve being stuck with two idiots.


"Here, taste this." Eager to see how the new recipe had turned out, Ken didn’t wait for an answer, he merely held the spoonful of cranberry relish in front of his lover’s mouth. Nagi frowned for a moment but blew on the hot food before he obediently opened his mouth. After chewing for a few seconds, he swallowed and smiled.

"A bit hot, but very good."

Smiling at the compliment, Ken gave Nagi a brief kiss. "Thanks." The relish would go great with the wedge of brie cheese he picked up at the deli that morning. Humming in contentment, he gave the mixture another stir and then took it off the heat. "Could you pour the mulled wine into the pitcher, please?" he asked while he prepared the cheese dish.

He’d spent the day baking several cookies, and now he was putting the finishing touches on a nice spread of appetizers and sweets. An early present from Nagi had been some cookbooks with several interesting recipes, and he decided to get into the holiday spirit by making something for his teammates.

"Aya and the others should be back soon," Nagi said as he helped Ken with the food and drinks. "I’m sure they’ll be happy to have something nice and warm."

Pulling his lover close, Ken kissed him again, this time for more than a second or two. Part of him thrilled at being able to do this whenever he wanted and no longer feeling guilty about it, and the rest of him was just so happy. He had a great home, enjoyed his life here in London and he had someone he truly loved to share it. This was a time of year to show one’s gratitude and he did just that by soundly kissing Nagi.

They didn’t break apart until they heard Crawford loudly clear his throat. Glancing at the man, Ken found him staring hopefully at all the food on the table. "Is there some special occasion that I’m unaware of?" Crawford asked while his right hand hovered over the very large tray of cookies.

Keeping his left arm wrapped around Nagi’s shoulders, Ken smiled and shook his head. "I, ah, wanted to try out some new recipes so…." He shrugged and laughed over all the food on the table. "Help yourself."

"Thank you." Crawford offered a delighted smile before he picked up a plate and began to cover it with cookies. "Is that mulled wine I smell?"

"Yes." Using his power, Nagi poured some of the wine into a glass mug and had it float over to Crawford. "Are you working tonight?" he asked, and Ken wondered the same thing. Their leader was dressed in grey slacks and a white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up.

Taking a bite out of one of the lady-locks, Crawford closed his eyes in evident enjoyment. Once the cookie was finished, he reached for another one. "I believe I’m finished for the night. These are delicious, Ken." For once he didn’t sound so serious or distracted, his voice was even warm and a slight smile lingered on his lips.

Ken hoped that Crawford was getting into the spirit of the holidays. More than anything, he wanted to be able to have a few days as normal as possible, to spend them baking for his friends and being able to relax. Considering the way the year had started, he felt that Grau needed a few days of enjoyment and the holiday seemed the perfect time for that.

Everyone had worked so diligently in the last few months to ensure that their new home would be safe, especially Crawford. Aya and Nagi were still recovering from their battle with Rosenkreuz, and Ken knew that he, Yohji and Schuldig could use a break from worrying about their lovers. Farfarello had spent the last couple of months in a surprising lucid state of mind after practically being kept in restraints for most of the year, and they all needed a chance to unwind and catch their breaths.

"There’s some cheese as well," he said, his cheeks still a little warm from the compliment. "The type that Yohji really likes." Opening the oven, he pulled the brie out and after putting it on a new plate, set it on the table. Mostly done with baking, he helped himself to the wine and settled once more beside Nagi.

Not long after that, Farfarello appeared in the kitchen, his nose wrinkled as he sniffed the air. "You made those little cabbage and beef buns again, didn’t you?" he asked as he approached the table. Upon spying a large platter of the beirndocks and the bowl of horseradish sauce beside it, he smiled and rubbed his hands together. "Just the thing I need." He smiled at Ken as he slid several of the rolls onto a plate. "Up for some gaming, are you?"

Not sure if spending hours playing video games was a traditional Christmas event, Ken nevertheless nodded. "In a little bit." Farfarello was always put in a good mood whenever he got to kick Ken’s virtual butt.

"Good," Farfarello cackled before he shoved an entire bierndock into his mouth. The next several minutes were spent in comfortable silence while everyone snacked on the food, and that was pretty much what Ken had hoped for all day.

All of Grau was present with Aya, Yohji and Schuldig’s arrival, and the atmosphere in house suddenly got a bit noisy. Yohji entered the kitchen, his red wool scarf and hat still on, and Schuldig trailed after him. By the time Aya joined the party, his lovers had a mug of mulled wine ready for him.

Ken smiled at the groan of pleasure Yohji made when he bit into a brie-covered cracker. Everyone was home now and showed no sign of leaving the kitchen as long as the food held out. Crawford and Aya began to talk about all of London seemed to be out shopping tonight, while Farfarello snarled at Schuldig for taking too many bierndocks. Fortunately for Schuldig, a chuckling Yohji pulled him away from the table and, after giving him a kiss, shoved a chocolate spice cookie in his mouth.

"This is definitely the best Christmas yet," Nagi murmured to Ken as he leaned against him. Ken couldn’t help but wrap his arms around his boyfriend and hug him close.

"Hmm, you think?" he asked. "I keep worrying that something’s bound to go wrong."

Nagi glared for a few seconds over the comment and then shook his head. "No, Crawford wouldn’t be here eating cookies and drinking wine if there was going to be a problem." He made a very good point so Ken nodded in agreement. "So I guess we get to enjoy the holidays this year."

"Yeah, I guess we do." Ken smiled and nibbled on Nagi’s left ear – and made sure to ignore Yohji wrinkling his nose in distaste at the display of affection. The asshole had to accept that Nagi was of legal age now and Ken could do whatever he wanted with his boyfriend. Hell, *they* could be the ones leaving their clothes in the hallway for once while they spent the night screwing each other’s brains out.

/It’s not brains we’re screwing, Ken/ Schuldig teased telepathically.

/Whatever it is, you sure as hell do it loud enough to wake the dead,/ Ken shot back, and earned a stuck out tongue from Schuldig and an amused smile from Yohji.

Shaking his head at the thought that his teammates would probably be even louder than normal tonight just to spite him, he let go of Nagi long enough to grab one of the few remaining sugar cookies. Then he smiled as it occurred to him that if the terrible threesome was going to be noisy, then he and Nagi should be as well. After all, why let a bunch of perverts show them up?


Schuldig groaned in contentment as he fell onto the bed. "Who would have ever thought that Ken would turn out to be such a good cook?"

"It must be because he hangs out with little kids all the time," Yohji said and fell onto the bed next to Schuldig.

/No more pedophile jokes./ Aya enforced the command with a potent glare but nonetheless joined them on the bed. He looked so cute when he yawned, his cheeks a little flushed from all the mulled wine and what appeared to be a few sugar sprinkles near the left corner of his mouth.

Never one to ignore temptation, Schuldig didn’t even try to stop himself from leaning over to lick the sugar sprinkles off Aya’s face. He felt his lover’s surprise and then delight, the emotions echoed when Aya’s arms wrapped around him and hugged him close. /Hmmm, is someone a little tipsy right now?/ he asked, pleased as always at how a few drinks helped to put Aya in a wonderful mood.

Instead of a verbal answer, Aya draped his right leg over Schuldig’s left thigh and used it to pull him closer. His tongue now in Aya’s mouth, he groaned in satisfaction while Yohji laughed and pressed against his back.

"Let’s take that as a ‘yes’ and have some fun, okay?" Yohji whispered in his left ear and then licked it. Caught between his two boyfriends, Schuldig almost felt like uttering a prayer of thanks.

/’Tis the season./ Definitely affected by the alcohol, Aya’s laughter flowed over the link while he wiggled so invitingly beneath Schuldig. /Or aren’t we supposed to be making something up to you?/ He puzzled over that for a moment, but gave up on the train of thought when Schuldig managed to snake both his hands into the back of Aya’s jeans.

/Considering the amount of trouble he drags us into, I think we should be the ones on the receiving end,/ Yohji mused as his hands slid around Schuldig’s chest and began to tug up the hem of his dark blue sweater.

Unable to hold back a smile, not when both of his lovers were so eager, Schuldig broke off the kiss with Aya so he could grab a handful of Yohji’s hair and tug him in close. "Now that sounds like a *wonderful* idea," he murmured against his lover’s lips before he pressed his own against them. Yohji was such an amazing kisser, could somehow do things that made Schuldig’s scalp tingle in pleasure from a mere swipe of a tongue.

As anticipation and lust from all three of them began to grow, someone’s thought about clothes made them scramble at their garments in an effort to be rid of the annoying things. Their minds so closely entwined, reality took on a jumbled nature as they lost the ability to completely differentiate who did what. Someone yanked off Schuldig’s sweater and he thought maybe he was responsible for unzipping his jeans, but all that was definitely clear was that Aya placed a kiss on his stomach, right below his navel. Skin on skin was the only way for them to be sure exactly who did what and even that would soon become confused once they were lost in the pleasure.

So, marshalling his fracturing thoughts, Schuldig made sure that he was the one who unraveled the long braid of Aya’s hair. Pouting a bit, Yohji pushed deep into his mind to share in the sensation of having the silky strands slide through his fingers, and they both stared hungrily as Aya’s thick hair fell onto his shoulders and back as if a crimson cape.

Now kneeling on the bed between the both of them, Aya smiled and shook his head to make his hair fan out and settle around him. "You look like a couple of starving cannibals," he teased in his incredibly deep, sexy voice.

Upon hearing that voice, Yohji shook off his befuddlement and reached out to grab Aya’s shoulders. "Sorry, you just look so good, Ayan." Pulling Aya close, he put that talented mouth of his to use while Schuldig decided that he just *had* to nibble on a certain pale neck. /And you taste even better./

/Oh, yes,/ Schuldig agreed as he settled behind Aya. He moaned in hunger when his cock slid against the crack of his lover’s ass. /Gonna eat you all up./ The feel of Aya’s hair against his chest, Aya’s perfect ass against his cock practically swamped him with need and desire, emotions that quickly overtook his lovers. All of them shuddered at the sensation of Schuldig pressed against Aya’s back, of Yohji kissing Aya and Aya’s hand wrapped around Yohji’s cock. As expected, things began to blur and fragment a little more, to become less cohesive but entirely more pleasurable as they experienced all that three bodies felt. They all shared in the feel of Aya’s hair, of Yohji’s mouth and Schuldig’s heat, all of that and so much more.

The shields that Aya and Schuldig had erected with such diligence while they were out shopping crumbled at the close contact and searing emotions, which increased both the fracturing of thoughts and the pleasure. All three of them reveled in the moment, in the way their individuality began to fade so they could become one. Lost in ecstasy, they willingly surrendered to it and were determined to thoroughly enjoy it.

Somehow the tube of lubricant ended up on the bed even though none of them recalled reaching for it. Perfectly content to have it on hand, Schuldig managed to squeeze out enough to coat his fingers before it was snatched away by Aya. While he shivered at the sensation of Aya’s slick fingers pushing inside of Yohji, he forced himself to take a deep breath and wait a few seconds so they could all enjoy when he did the same to Aya. Pleasure and anticipation increased with each new touch and kiss, with every brush of skin against skin. What heightened their emotions even more were shared thoughts/memories of all the other times they’d done this, sunk into each other’s bodies and minds and the bliss they found there. And each time the memories never lived up to the actual event.

Filled with eagerness, Schuldig wanted that bliss *now*. Sometimes, the only thing that mattered were moments like this, the rest of their lives just wasted time. No adrenalin rush, no mind-fuck, no fantastic meal or bottle of alcohol or warm, sunny day - *nothing* could match how fucking great it felt to sink into one of his lovers’ bodies, to delve deep into their minds.

/Schu… Yotan… oh, please…./ Aya’s muddled plea tore through Schuldig’s passion-hazed thoughts, his and Yohji’s, as he became utterly lost to both the sensations the three of them felt and to his own talent. He dragged an unresisting Schuldig and Yohji into the maelstrom of lust/desire/love/need/ecstasy and the pleasure spiked to a mind-blowing intensity.

Schuldig felt his cock push into Aya’s body, felt Aya’s body take it in with needful relish at the same time that Aya entered Yohji. All of them shared in the experiences, felt the wonderful pleasure of being encased by tight, warm flesh and the thrill of being filled with solid heat. A low whine escaped from Schuldig’s throat as he pressed his face against the nape of Aya’s neck, his body driving forward to sink in as deeply as he could, as his hands reached out to stroke along Yohji’s sweat-slick body. His lovers weren’t quiet – Yohji chuckled in appreciation at his touch while Aya moaned in pleasure. Each touch, each motion provoked a response from the three of them, verbally and mentally, the sounds growing louder with each heartbeat.

And then they reached the point where they completely forfeit any sense of individuality, when it became the three of them thrusting hard and deep, tilting their hips to take their cocks in even more and clenching around them. Their hands stroked along their bodies, combed through long, tangled hair or pushed it aside to taste salty skin, lightly ran nails down sensitive flesh to make them shudder in ecstasy or pinched hardened nipples to provoke loud cries of delight. There was the slightest hint of pain to heighten the pleasure, yet another sensation to be shared and lost into; the ache of scratched or bitten skin, of arms or legs wrapped almost too tightly around sweaty bodies to keep the close contact, of harsh thrusts that made all of them cry out and spread their legs even wider.

All they wanted was everything each other had to give, and they sought it out with a passionate fervor. Anything that made them *feel*, that drove them even deeper inside, that pushed the ecstasy higher and brighter. They were a juggernaut of need/desire/pleasure, every thought and motion driving them on with more fury and speed. There was a hint of almost-fear to their searing emotions, a sense of amazement as the pleasure seemed never-ending.

As powerful as their minds and emotions were, their bodies were limited in what they could feel/experience. A deep thrust, a rake of the nails across a sensitized chest sent them crashing through the bliss, shattered entirely by it as they cried out in relief/disappointment. Occurring just as much in their minds as their bodies, their orgasm was an overwhelming event, something so intense that time seemed to suspend as the ecstasy built to an impossible crescendo.

Finding himself sprawled out on the bed, his breath coming in furious pants, Schuldig rather dazedly wondered why he always seemed to lose whatever happened between that moment of pure bliss and then his return to reality. He was a little ticked off at the thought that he might be deprived of something so enjoyable… but had to admit that he had enough difficulty remembering how to move as it was.

There was a slight mental ache to be back mostly in his own mind once more, the three of them as distinct a personality as they were these days. He had the impression that there might come a time when they would no longer be able to mentally separate and couldn’t work up the energy to be concerned about such a fate.

/I don’t know… I like being ‘Yohji’ better than ‘Schu’ so maybe it’s a bad thing, after all./ Yohji’s thoughts were still rather muddled but his intent to tease was very clear. Schuldig someone found the energy to prop himself up on his arms and glare. Well, mostly glare. Yohji wasn’t supposed to grin like that but instead to cower in fear.

"Right. Seems like Aya wasn’t the only one to have a lot of wine tonight," Yohji managed to croak after a short chuckle. "I’m more scared by the thought of what Farfie got us for presents."

Before Schuldig could respond to that, Aya, curled up between the two of them, gave them both physical whaps this time by flailing his arms. /No fighting./

A bit upset at having his fun spoiled, Schuldig pouted but settled back onto the bed. He rolled over so he could spoon against Aya’s back and draped his right arm over his once-again motionless lover. "We weren’t fighting," he tried to explain.

/I don’t care. Quiet./ Because of his talent, Aya had a little more difficulty putting his thoughts back into order than Schuldig and Yohji, and tonight’s sex seemed to affect him a little more than usual. That and he was enjoying being between his two lovers when they weren’t arguing like idiots.

Smiling at Aya’s thoughts, Yohji began to carefully comb his fingers through Aya’s long, tangled hair. /If we ever stopped fighting, you’d think we were dead,/ he pointed out as he gently tugged some hair trapped by Aya and Schuldig’s bodies free.

Wincing slightly, Aya shifted enough so he wasn’t any longer lying on his hair. /True./ Once his hair was mostly restored to order, he reached out to return the favor by untangling Yohji’s shoulder-length locks.

"Don’t forget about me," Schuldig whined, and then smiled in appreciation when Yohji’s fingers worked their magic on his own hair. As fantastic as the sex always was, there was something to be said for these usually quiet moments while they slowly recovered. For some odd reason, Aya would put up with fussing that he almost never allowed unless he was sick, and it felt right to be so openly affectionate with Yohji. Maybe because they’d just had both thoughts and bodies laid utterly bare to each other and there was no need to hide how much he loved these two men. Even if one was a stubborn ingrate and another a blond idiot.

"Love you, too," Yohji chuckled as he leaned over Aya long enough to press a kiss against Schuldig’s right temple. "Even if you are an incredible sap right now."

Aya opened his eyes and glared to prevent any more insults exchanged, which Schuldig thought was a little unfair until he also tugged on Yohji’s hair. "You’re both idiots," Aya grumbled, but his emotions were the opposite of annoyance and disappointment. All in all, he felt pretty happy so Schuldig and Yohji, after exchanging smiles, snuggled even closer to their grouchy lover.

/So, tomorrow’s Christmas Eve,/ Yohji said, his arm draped over both Schuldig and Aya’s waists. /Ken mentioned something about more mulled wine, cookies and food. As long as he doesn’t decide to go caroling,/ he paused to give Schuldig a dirty look, /I don’t see any reason to not spend the day at home./

/Hmm, no need for a hotel when we’ve our own room./ Aya’s pride in their new home, their attic bedroom with the king-sized bed and comfortable couch, a little bit of the three of them in the room’s furnishings, could be felt and made Schuldig chuckle in enjoyment. /What else is there to do here?/

Guessing that the question had been directed toward him, Schuldig gave the matter some thought. /Some people go to church, but mostly they get together with family and friends./ He briefly nibbled on Aya’s right earlobe. /I say we stuff ourselves silly, drink as much of the mulled wine as we can and then spend the night up here./ As much as he’d enjoyed the time spent with his teammates earlier tonight, there was something to be said for having his lovers all to himself. Most likely, there would be some mission or another soon after the holidays so it was best to take advantage of the rare quiet time.

"Maybe I’ll run out and get more of that brie so Ken can make some tomorrow," Yohji mumbled, the words distorted by a large yawn. "You know, there’s no telling when we’ll next be able to enjoy the holidays like this so we should probably make the most of it this year."

Aya nodded and, feeling a little cold, urged Yohji and Schuldig even closer. "Very true." His thoughts were tinged with a little sadness at the prospect of spending next year’s holidays on a mission or fighting for their lives.

Schuldig pressed a kiss against his lover’s shoulder and mentally agreed. The fight with Rosenkreuz had taken a lot out of them, and they needed this time of peace and… ‘normalcy’ to recover. After spending so much of their lives killing or fighting, they deserved some peace, a chance to have a real home. Perhaps that was why they were all so focused on a holiday they’d barely paid any attention to in the past – because this was their first and possibly only chance to do so.

/Crawford’s pretty certain that we’ve finally found a home,/ Yohji – ever the voice of reason of their triumvirate – pointed out. /He wouldn’t get our hopes up if he thought we’d be on the run again in a few months./

"I hope so," Aya sighed, his eyes drifting shut as the day’s events and the wine caught up to him.

Yes, they’d definitely stay home tomorrow, Schuldig thought, other than a run to the local deli for Yohji’s precious cheese and maybe some more wine. His own shields had taken a beating from being out in that insane crowd earlier, and Aya should have a bit more energy tomorrow if he didn’t have to go through that again.

/An energized Aya and lots of wine… what a wonderful combination,/ Yohji remarked with joy and anticipation. /Think of the fun we could have!/

Oh, Schuldig was definitely thinking about that. He couldn’t hold back a leer as he thought about their trunk full of toys and how long it had been since Aya was in a properly ‘submissive’ mood. Yohji caught that thought and started adding a few details of his own….

And they both suddenly sat up and rubbed their sore heads in unison. They glared at their not-quite sleeping lover, who still lay on the bed with a frown on his face but his eyes closed. /You two are up to something,/ was all the explanation Aya gave them for the mental whaps. /Behave./ Warning issued, he drifted off to sleep.

Warily eyeing their lover for a few seconds, Yohji and Schuldig shared a put upon frown and decided it was best to let Aya get some rest in hopes that he’d be in a much better mood in the morning. So they cleaned him and themselves off a bit and then managed to get the grouchy bastard tucked beneath the sheets and between them.

Snuggled in a nice, warm bed with his two lovers, Schuldig couldn’t help but smile as he fell asleep. Who would ever have guessed that one day he’d be spending the Christmas holiday in bed with two gorgeous men who were absolutely crazy for him, living in a nice townhouse in the middle of London and having some hopes of a happy future. If it wasn’t for the remnants of a headache left from Aya’s whap and the emotions he felt over the link with his lovers, he might think that he was imagining things, or this was some sort of new way for Esset to break him. But this was real, and he would do whatever was in his power and then some to keep anyone from taking this from him.

/Yep, you’re definitely very sappy after sex,/ was Yohji’s sleepy thought.

/You *definitely* better get me one hell of a ring, Blondie,/ was Schuldig’s reply since he didn’t want to risk waking Aya and being whapped again.

Reaching out, Yohji flicked the forefinger of his left hand against the silver earring in Schuldig’s right earlobe. There was a soft ‘clack’ as the emerald and amethyst beads bumped into each other. /Another ring? I guess I’ll think of something./ He gave Schuldig a slow wink and then closed his eyes, his left arm draped over Aya and Schuldig.

According to the song, it should be sugar plums or some other stupid thing flitting through his head as he slept, but Schuldig much preferred dreaming about his very sexy lovers, some hand cuffs, cock rings and nipple clamps instead. Besides, he didn’t have a clue what the hell sugar plums were, he thought with a smile as he gave in to the need to sleep.


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