Yohji closely examined Aya’s outfit and smiled with a mix of delight and lust. His lover was dressed in very tight black leather pants and a black shirt made out of lace, leather straps and silver buckles. The pattern on the expensive lace was fine enough that it allowed glimpses of pale skin, yet should keep anyone from direct contact with said skin. The leather straps were tight around Aya’s chest, showing off his toned physique, while the sleeves of the shirt were very long and their cuffs full, spilling over the ivory gloves that Aya wore over his hands. Between the gloves’ color, the abundant lace and Aya’s gift, no one but Grau would realize that Aya’s hands weren’t bare.

/He looks good enough to eat,/ Schu commented as he sidled next to Aya and played with their lover’s knee-length crimson hair. The strands were pulled back so only Aya’s bangs and the locks in front of his ears framed his face while leaving his pierced ears exposed. In the tip of his right ear was a platinum hoop containing two small beads - one jade, one emerald - that matched the ring in his navel.

Schu had a matching earring in his right ear as well, only his beads were emerald and amethyst. Unlike Aya who was covered from his feet to his neck, Schu flashed a bit of flesh with his outfit of sinfully tight and indecently low dark grey leather pants and a clingy white shirt that left a good bit of his abdomen and both arms bare. For once there was nothing holding his hair back so the reddish orange, disheveled locks fell around his handsome face.

"Both of you do," Yohji groaned as he reached out and placed a hand on each of their hips. He was wearing gloves as well, black ones that went with the black velvet shirt and gold, metallic vinyl pants. While he wasn’t baring as much flesh as Schu, the long-sleeved shirt was left unbuttoned around his neck and stomach to expose some skin. His shields were in better shape than Aya’s, but he’d learned to be a bit cautious over the years. Besides, his lovers saw him naked all the time, and they were the only ones who mattered.

Aya pressed against him and combed gloved fingers through his hair. /It does make it a little easier on us when you cover up more. That way we can focus on the mission and not worrying about you being dragged off to be molested./ Aya’s deep voice was a purring presence inside of Yohji’s head, soon joined by Schu’s amused, salacious one.

/Well, unless it’s one of us who’s doing the molesting./ Schu flashed Yohji a wicked wink and pulled him closer. The three of them stood with their arms around each other, drinking in each other’s physical presence as well as emotional and mental. Over their link, Yohji sensed Aya’s lingering weakness and Schu’s concern for the fact that Aya was being forced into a mission too soon.

Snorting in derision, Aya stepped back a little. "It’s not too soon, and we’re only to serve as distractions tonight anyway while Ken makes the kill," he pointed out. Obviously reluctant to move any further, Aya none the less stepped away again so he could finish getting ready for the night. Around his waist went a thin, platinum chain that looked sexy as hell and was strong enough to strangle someone, and a long, thin needle made of very resilient plastic was slipped into the side of his right knee-length, black leather boot.

"He’s not happy that Nagi will be tagging along." Yohji tucked something into the side of his boots as well, a set of very thin platinum metal needles that shouldn’t set off a metal detector. The things had cost almost as much as Aya’s ‘belt’ but were worth it. "Not that he has much of a choice since the only other backup he’d have is Farfarello."

"Please, I still remember the bloodbath from the last time we let him loose in a club for a mission." Schu shuddered in horror as he adjusted Aya’s belt, his hands lingering on their lover’s hips. "Look, it’s not as if I want to get whapped or sleep on the couch for the next week, but are you sure you’re up to this?" It was easy to read his concern over Aya worsening his condition or putting one or all of them at risk.

Aya glared at the question yet managed to refrain from sending any painful mental whaps, most likely because he knew that Schu had a point. "I… I’ll be fine as a distraction. If things get bad, I’ll leave the club."

Schu nodded at the arrangement and sent a faint, very private mental query over his link with Yohji. As much as Yohji didn’t want to agree, he quietly promised his lover that if things got bad, he’d leave Schu to duke it out with the enemy and get Aya to safety; Schu’s talent could do a lot more damage than his, and there was no way they’d leave Aya alone when he wasn’t in the best shape to defend himself.

Reaching for his lover, Yohji pressed against Aya’s back, his arms wrapped around the top of Aya’s chest. "Here’s hoping it won’t come to that. Like you said, we’re just supposed to create a fun diversion for Ken." He smiled in delight as he recalled the mission debriefing; he really did love assignments like this, and Crawford knew they’d do one hell of a job. All they should have to worry about tonight was making sure that Aya’s shields remained solid.

/Which shouldn’t be a problem when we’re all deep inside each other’s heads,/ Schu remarked as he pressed against Yohji’s back and kissed him hard on the side of the neck. As he left a hickey on the spot just to the left of Yohji’s adam’s apple, he stroked his right hand down Aya’s chest.

Just when Aya moaned and rocked his hips backward, there was a violent banging on their bedroom door. "Oi! Do you really want to know what’s going to happen in the next few minutes if you don’t get your asses downstairs so we can leave for the mission?" Ken shouted, sounding a bit peeved. From the link with his lovers, Yohji mind was filled with images of Ken painting a red cross in the door and siccing a still unstable Farfarello on it.

"You fucking killjoy, Hidaka!" Schu let go of Yohji and Aya to stalk over the door and yank it open to reveal a smirking Ken leaning against the wall beside it. "Are you that much in need to let off some steam that you’re eager to gut some fucking target?"

Ken merely shrugged instead of becoming insulted at the accusation. "Look, the sooner we get there, the sooner the three of you can paw each other in public instead of here. Then I can kill the asshole because Crawford told me so, and we can all come home." In his mind was the thought that *Nagi* could come home, and his calm façade was hiding how worried he was for his lover.

Yohji couldn’t really be angry with his friend upon picking up that emotion, nor could Schu. The two of them shared a look of agreement before he went to get their coats. "Okay, the sooner we’re done, the sooner we’ll be back here with me fucking your ass, Schu." He winked at Aya, who began a quiet mental countdown in his head.

"What?" Schu shrieked four seconds later and snatched his coat from Yohji’s hands. "I’ll be doing the fucking tonight, Blondie! Only gonna pull my cock from your ass to shove it into Aya’s!" Muttering in German, he spared Yohji a dirty look before stomping out of the room, past a very amused Ken. Aya sent Yohji the vision that Ken had just then of Schu kneeling on the bed, Yohji fucking him from behind while Aya gave him a blowjob. Judging from the remnants of the clothes they wore in the vision, that would happen tonight.

/He’s so fun when he’s stuck in denial, isn’t he?/ he sent to Aya while he draped the thin leather coat over his lover’s shoulders. For all the times that Schu bitched that he’d never be fucked, he did enjoy himself the moments when he allowed such a thing to happen.

Aya laughed, the sound quiet but pleased, and pulled Yohji closer for a quick but ardent kiss. /I must admit, it’s fun seeing him take back those words./ He licked at the corner of Yohji’s mouth then pulled away.

"Come on you two, before I have to suffer through more visions like that last one." Ken shuddered to illustrate his point, even though he’d gotten used to seeing the three of them fucking each other over the years. There were few secrets and fewer inhibitions left in Grau after several years spent together as a team, between telepathy, prescient visions and plain bad timing on some people’s parts.

Yohji gave his friend a mock glare and shoved Ken toward the stairs. "I notice you’re not sharing visions of what you’re going to do to Nagi once you get back home, Ken-ken. When did you turn into such a pervert?"

"The day I met you," Ken retorted as he knocked his elbow into Yohji’s ribs with gentle force. "You’re such a bad influence, Yohji."

/That’s one of his better qualities./ Aya’s amusement and affection were clear over the link, and Yohji blew his lover a kiss while Ken laughed at the joke. Reaching back for Aya, Yohji pulled his boyfriend forward enough so they could walk down the stairs side by side. As worried as he was that Aya might push his recovering talent too far tonight, it felt good to go out on a mission with Aya once again.

They found Schu and Nagi waiting impatiently for them by the door that led to the garage, Nagi dressed in dark blue bondage pants and a long-sleeved t-shirt with skulls printed along the arms. Like Ken – who was dressed in a pair of blue jeans and a light blue cotton shirt that didn’t look too fancy even though the outfit cost more than what some people made in a week – he was dressed to blend in, to not be anything special in appearance as he watched Ken’s back during the mission. Schu was responsible for making sure the two men didn’t attract too much attention while Aya drew that attention to them instead, but there was no reason to tempt fate by having both of them wear something that would stand out too much if Schu’s power faltered at all.

"Follow us," Yohji ordered before heading to the garage, the official leader for this mission since Crawford was busy elsewhere tonight. His amusement faded as he focused on the task ahead, in getting his friends and lover back home as safely as possible. All of them were suddenly intent on what they were supposed to do tonight, Schu not even grumbling as he folded in half to fit into the small back seat of Yohji’s Jaguar. Ken waved to Yohji before pulling on his leather jacket and bike helmet, Nagi already perched on the back of the expensive motorcycle.

The ride to the club was quiet and uneventful; Aya worked on his mental shields while Schu kept track of Ken and Nagi. He was ready to handle any problems in case Nagi didn’t effectively block the metal detectors that the target had installed at the club’s door, let alone the bouncers that might try to keep any or all of them outside.

/Be careful,/ Yohji sent over the link that Aya instigated between all five of them once they reached the club. A part of him shivered in pleasure at the feel of his teammates’ minds brushing against his, something he’d gotten used to over the years of them working together. How he’d managed to be so ‘blind’ for most of his life, he never understood. Then again, having two lovers who were powerful telepaths sort of spoiled someone for life without any mental powers or connections.

"I’ll remind you of that thought the next time Aya whaps you," Schu whispered in his ear once they were inside the club. They paused only long enough to make sure that Ken and Nagi were admitted without any problems, then headed for the bar while their teammates blended into the crowd.

Aya dampened the link with Ken and Nagi enough that they could sense if their friends got into any trouble while not causing any distraction for the two men. Yohji smiled in anticipation as he leaned over the bar and shouted out an order for six shots of tequila, a salt shaker and some lime wedges.

The club wasn’t anything special, considering what they’d seen before; it was trying too hard to be decadent and naughty and perverse. The target had come up with the idea of a modern ‘Hellfire’ club and had secretly installed cameras throughout the place that stored away future blackmail material. Nagi would handle the cameras and any recorded footage tonight while Ken would ensure that the target didn’t live long enough to pose a threat with the already accumulated blackmail material. Yohji didn’t know how Crawford could so clearly foresee such threats, but if his friend told Grau that there would be one less problem for them in the future if they put an end to things tonight, he believed him. Grau had made more than enough money over the last few years that they didn’t need to take assignments for cash, and all of them felt more comfortable putting their skills to use for their own protection rather than wealth. Well, everyone but Farfarello….

Once the shots were before him, Yohji paid for the drinks and mentally called his lovers closer. Aya pressed against his right side and Schu his left, two very welcome presences that were already attracting attention.

Each of them picked up a shot and a lime wedge, Schu making an elaborate show of licking his hand and spilling some salt onto the wet spot. Yohji felt a stab of lust while watching his German lover lick up the salt and toss back the shot before sucking in a rather suggestive manner on the lime wedge. Not to be outdone, he did the same series of actions in as provocative a manner as possible while Aya neatly and quickly downed his shot.

Feeling the weight of stares on them by the time the first round was done, Yohji grinned as wickedly as possible as he licked some salt from his hand and leaned toward Schu, who had tossed back another shot but hadn’t swallowed the alcohol. Kissing his lover, he let the tequila dribble into his mouth and swallowed before moving toward Aya, who held a lime wedge between his teeth. People were pressing closer by the time it was Schu’s turn to be passed a shot of tequila from Yohji, and when it came to Aya’s turn, Schu made sure to swallow the alcohol first. The last thing they wanted was for Aya to get drunk tonight, but they did have a show to put on.

Someone else bought them another round of tequila, and there was much touching and stroking of the hands as the three of them fed each other the shots. Yohji ran his tongue down as much of Aya’s uncovered neck as possible, while Schu’s hands managed to slip inside his pants when it was their turn to exchange shots.

Feeling slightly buzzed from downing five shots in rapid succession, Yohji grabbed his lovers’ hands and dragged them off to the dance floor before he and Schu ended up drunk. Aya was an amused presence in their minds, grateful that they’d spared him those extra shots and happy that he wouldn’t risk a hangover in the morning. While his tolerance for alcohol had grown over the years, he still wasn’t able to match Yohji and Schu when it came to drinking and his tolerance had slipped a little in the last couple of months.

/We’ll make you have some wine when we get home, just enough to make you tipsy, Violet,/ Schu sent as he pulled Aya against him and tenderly stroked his right hand along the side of Aya’s face. Yohji took position behind his smaller lover, Aya safely sandwiched between him and Schu so as to avoid any unwanted touches. Considering how bad Aya’s shields had been just two months ago, they weren’t taking any chances; Yohji and Schu would shred the mind of anyone who caused their lover pain, even if by accident. They were too tied up in each other, too desperate to not allow anything to damage or hurt their link to risk their pleasure being taken from them.

/That and you’re overprotective bastards./ Aya was still amused so for once those words were sent without an accompanying mental whap. He arched his back so he could rest his head against Yohji’s shoulder the same time his ass pressed against Yohji’s groin, his lips parted and eyes closed as Schu kissed his neck.

Grabbing hold of his lover’s hips to pull Aya tighter against him, Yohji bent his head to nuzzle the other side of Aya’s neck. /Says the man who took out eight men in less than five seconds when one of them pulled a gun on Schu a few months ago./

Aya laughed at the memory, which was a good sign as he rarely took any threats to Yohji and Schu’s health in a positive mood. He did a very good job of looking after them, so it was only fair that Yohji and Schu returned the favor.

/I only let you handle the situation because it always puts you in such a delicious mood, Aya,/ Schu teased as he licked his way over Aya’s chin and captured his parted lips for a searing kiss. /What an incredible night of sex…./ While he kissed Aya, his hands slipped along Yohji’s back, his right hand sliding beneath Yohji’s pants and his left beneath the velvet shirt. They were pressed tightly against each other, rocking back in forth in a well-practiced motion of perfect timing.

Growing hard at the feel of his lovers’ bodies and touches, Yohji smiled before he began to nibble on Aya’s left ear and grope Schu’s ass. Oh hell, he so owed Crawford for this assignment. Any excuse to fondle his lovers in public was always nice, but there was such an added thrill to do it for a mission.

His good mood only got better when Aya sent an image over their link of a familiar face.


Chloe did his best not to sneer as he walked around the club, disappointed by all the posers and fools around him. Some people thought an exclusive club meant they could act like idiots, and clearly not that many of them knew too much about bondage other than the aspect of tight clothes and collars. He would be surprised if someone didn’t end up choked by the end of the night with the way so many people were leading others around with leashes in this crowd.

Hell’s Fire was the type of place where people felt they could be naughty yet anonymous, protected by the ‘member’s only’ passes that were ridiculously easy to fake. He guessed it wasn’t that important if the owner only planned to have the club opened long enough to get enough damaging footage of people to set him up for life on money obtained from blackmail. Still, it was so disappointing to realize how many supposedly brilliant businesspeople, designers and aspiring politicians let themselves be fooled in their eagerness to belong to something ‘exclusive’. If it weren’t for the mission, Chloe would be tempted to walk back out the door and let the idiots learn a very important lesson.

However, he had been given a mission and had to see it through. Krypton-Brand wanted the club’s owner in custody by the end of the night, as well as whatever video footage Chloe could obtain. The mission would be a lot easier if he had any assistance, but Michel was much too young for such a place, Free would have been turned away at the door and Miroghi was too busy to be Chloe’s partner for tonight. One day soon they’d manage to hire another agent that didn’t get killed within a month of joining the team….

He was busy searching the club in as casual a manner as possible for his target when he noticed a flash of red out on the dance floor. His attention ensured, he found himself unable to look away when he recognized the three men dancing together in as blatantly sexual a manner that he’d ever seen. They were the ones from the bar, ‘Aya’ and his two possessive boyfriends.

Since running into the men, Chloe hadn’t been able to get them out of his mind. He’d spent many a night dreaming of them – Aya in particular – and found himself looking about London from time to time in hopes of seeing them again. That he found them here tonight wasn’t that much of a surprise as he was sure men involved in a threesome would find a club such as this someplace where they could be themselves. Chloe found himself fervently hoping that the club’s video archive contained some very titillating footage of the threesome.

Aya’s face was flushed, strands of his long hair clinging to his cheeks and forehead as he seemed to struggle to breathe. While the dance floor was crowded and most likely hot from all those bodies moving about, there was some space around him and Chloe didn’t think it was the heat getting to him. No, most likely it was his blond lover’s mouth sucking in his neck and his other lover’s hands down the back of his unbuttoned black pants that were to blame. As Chloe watched, the blond man slid his hand between Aya and the other redhead’s bodies so it could disappear beneath the front of Aya’s pants as well.

Aya’s back arched as he was so intimately fondled, his hands clutching at the other redhead’s shirt and pulling the material up higher to expose the man’s clearly scratched back. More scratches were added before Aya gripped the German’s ass and pulled him forward, trapping the blond man’s left hand between their bodies. The blond didn’t seem to mind since his hand reached out to push beneath dark grey pants.

It was clear what they were touching, and the blond left Aya’s now bruised neck alone long enough to kiss the German redhead with enough force that both of their mouths had to hurt from its ferociousness. Yet the kiss went on for what had to be at least two minutes, during which Aya appeared to struggle for air and slumped against the lover behind him.

The blond pulled his hand from Aya’s pants, fingers glistening in the flashing light as he held them out for the German to lick clean. Judging from the bulge still present in Aya’s pants and the way he quickly recovered, Chloe didn’t think he’d come on the dance floor but it had probably been close. Aya turned around to face the blond, pushing back the other redhead as he bent at the waist to trail his mouth along the front of the other Eurasian man’s chest. The German didn’t look too unhappy at this turn of events since he had the chance to grind his own impressive erection against his lover’s thrust out ass.

Mouthing the blond’s erection through leather vinyl pants, Aya didn’t stand up straight until his panting lover grabbed hold of his long hair and pulled him back up. There was more kissing, the three of them fighting for each other’s mouths as they rocked their bodies together, hands stroking along whatever exposed skin they found.

Chloe couldn’t help his body reacting to the sight before him, as couldn’t most of the club from the way everyone was pressed against the metal railings that framed the sunken dance floor. Even people on the crowded floor were standing still so they could better watch the three gorgeous men. Someone dressed in tight jeans and a mesh tank top attempted to join the men, until the blond grabbed his reaching hand and twisted it in such a manner that joints had to pop out of place if not bones being snapped in half. Part of Chloe’s brain noted such an expert defense move while the rest of him waited with desperate anticipation for the blond’s hand to settle once more on one of the redheads’ bodies.

This time it was the German’s hand that vanished down the front of Aya’s pants, and Chloe had some difficulty reconciling the quiet, withdrawn man in the bar with the one writhing on the dance floor, eyes closed and a look of pure bliss on his face. The blond was once again nibbling and sucking on his neck, arms wrapped tight around Aya’s upper body to keep him on his feet.

Just when Chloe felt the urge to go down onto the dance floor and see if any of the men remembered him, the German pulled his hand free and leaned forward to give Aya a tender kiss that was at odds with all the passionate displays from before. While Aya leaned against him, he grabbed a handful of the blond’s hair to pull the man forward for a kiss as well. With Aya almost between them, the two men began to push through the gathered crowd on the dance floor, vanishing amongst the many people despite the brightness of their hair and their exotic looks.

Chloe actually spent a minute or two looking for them before he remembered that he was at the club for a mission. Assuming that he would find the threesome at one of the many bars, he once more searched the club for tonight’s target, hoping to catch a flash of crimson as he looked.

He spent over twenty minutes searching and didn’t see any sign of the three men. However, by the end of that time he did come across the target in one of the private booths, partially hidden by a glittering black velvet curtain. The man was slumped against plush velvet cushions, the hilt of what appeared to be a common hunting knife sticking out of his chest at an angle that indicated it had been shoved up under his ribcage and into his heart. A very clean, professional kill, as was the large bodyguard lying on the floor of the booth as if shoved there after his death. Moving that much body mass couldn’t have been easy, and from the looks of it his spinal cord had been severed by another professional, neat strike.

Cursing under his breath, Chloe pulled out his phone so he could call Miroghi and find out what he was to do next. There had been no intel to indicate that someone else was moving in on the target – Krypton-Brand had only found out what the man was planning to do yesterday, hence the haphazardous nature of this mission. Most likely, Chloe would need to quickly find out where the video from the cameras was being fed before someone noticed the bodies. If he could do that, then there was some hope of salvaging this mission.


Ken’s bike was in the garage by the time that Yohji pulled the Jaguar into it, no signs of either of their teammates to be found. Schuldig sniggered a little at the thought of Ken dragging Nagi back to their bedroom before using his talent to find the two men; they were indeed in their bedroom, but only so Nagi could get some rest after the mission. He still had enough energy left to yell at Ken and claim that he wasn’t that exhausted, but as someone in a relationship with a partner who was still healing from overusing their talent, Schuldig felt his humor vanish.

/Yeah, let’s get Aya upstairs, too,/ Yohji said as he opened the car door and hurried out of the vehicle.

Schuldig nodded as he got out as well and pushed the seat forward so he could help Aya out of the back. Yohji and his damn obsession for sports cars meant that one of them ended crammed into the back whenever the three of them went out together, unless they borrowed Crawford’s car. At least there was enough space back there for Aya to recline a little and do his best to recover from the strain of so many minds pressed against his weak mental shields.

Aya grumbled as he was pulled from the back seat, Yohji reluctantly shoving him into Schuldig’s arms while he went off to make sure the house was properly locked up and secure for the night. Crawford wasn’t supposed to be back until tomorrow, Ken had only worried about putting Nagi to bed and Farfarello was medicated half out of his mind at the moment.

Schuldig didn’t really complain to have one of his lovers leaning against him, Aya’s head resting on his left shoulder as he helped the man upstairs. It would probably only be another month or two until Aya was back to full strength – if he got the chance to properly rest - so Schuldig would enjoy moments like these as much as possible. He felt an almost guilty pleasure in how much Aya had to rely upon him and Yohji lately.

"So, the prissy asshole was at the club tonight," Schuldig said when he took Aya’s sudden flare of anger to mean that his lover had picked up on some of his thoughts. As a distraction, it worked very well since Aya relaxed against him once more and nodded.

/No wonder Crawford wanted us at the club as a diversion,/ Aya sent over their link. /And don’t even think to start bitching about how I was flirting with him!/

"No, you little ingrate, I wouldn’t do such a thing." Schuldig paused outside their bedroom door to press a gentle kiss against Aya’s forehead. "Not when you were too busy trying not to come from what Yohji and I did to you." He chuckled even though that comment earned him a pointy elbow in his ribs, the pain well worth the rolled eyes and reluctant smile from Aya.

/I almost lost control of my power because of you two./ Aya’s smile faded into a frown for a moment, clearly unhappy that he was so easily affected by things months after taking down Rosenkreuz.

/It’s coming back, Ayan./ Schuldig stroked the back of his left fingers along his lover’s high cheekbone. /Two months ago, you wouldn’t have been able to handle the crowd, let alone pull their thoughts to us. It’s just going to take a little longer./ Facing Aya, he gently pushed his lover down onto the bed.

Still frowning as he unbuttoned his lace shirt, Aya looked up through his bangs at Schuldig. /So I’ve a bit longer to put up with you and Yohji treating me like a child./ There was some heat to the words, but not as much as if he was really angry.

"No, we treat you like a loved one who can’t adequately protect himself." Schuldig straddled Aya’s legs and sat down on Aya’s lap. /What affects one of us, affects us all./

Aya wrinkled his nose at the comment. /I hardly need reminded about that,/ he said as he shrugged off his shirt, his hands immediately going to remove Schuldig’s.

/It never hurts to make sure./ Schuldig assisted his lover, wanting to be naked as soon as possible. Aya was a bit tired from the mission, but the close contact would help with his shields and all of them had too much pent up desire to get any rest unless it was taken care of now.

/Any excuse for some sex, na?/ Aya laughed out loud as he pushed Schuldig’s shirt down his arms, a charming smile on his flushed face and tousled hair falling down his back. Dammit, the man looked so incredibly sexy that there was no way that Schuldig was going to wait for Yohji to get his ass up here. Letting his shirt drop to the floor, Schuldig pushed Aya onto the bed and stretched out over his lover, his lips’ seeking out Aya’s for a searing kiss.

*Now* he was free to do whatever it was that he wanted, free to push Aya’s pants down his lover’s hips and kiss with all the passion that had been kept in careful check for the last hour or so. He could feel Aya’s growing pleasure and Yohji’s flash of annoyance, and spared a quick thought that his other lover better get his ass in gear and join them soon.

Aya broke off the kiss, laughing as much as he could while gasping for air, and did something tricky and oh so damn sexy via a skillful writhing of his body that Schuldig found their positions reversed. With his lover’s long hair falling around him, he grinned with devilish delight and grasped the silky strands while Aya kissed his way down Schuldig’s chest. Pausing a moment to nip at each of Schuldig’s nipples, Aya grabbed hold of Schuldig’s pants and tugged. /Scoot up the bed, Schu./

"Whatever you want, Aya," Schuldig moaned as he let go of Aya’s hair and did as he’d been told, using his elbows to scoot backwards until he was completely stretched out on the bed. Aya went in the opposite direction, taking Schuldig’s pants with him as he moved off the bed. Schuldig complained about the distance between them, until Yohji stepped behind Aya and stroked his golden hands down their lover’s pale chest while Aya shimmied out of his pants.

"It’s not nice to start without me," Yohji chided, pulling his hands from Aya’s body so he could remove his clothes, too. "I think that calls for a punishment, don’t you, Aya?"

The smile Aya gave Schuldig just then was so deviously wicked that Schuldig had a hard time swallowing and began to rise up on his elbows. /Oh yes, most definitely. If Schu wants to be the center of attention so much, we should do that for him./ He sent an image over their link, a vision that Ken had earlier, and Schuldig shook his head from side to side even as he felt a thrill of pleasure.

"No. I told you I’d be doing the fucking tonight!" he spat, doing his best to ignore the way his cock twitched at the thought of Aya sucking on it.

Joining him on the bed, Yohji smiled in an almost frighteningly smug manner and crawled toward Schuldig. "Not according to Ken’s vision, you will!" Over their telepathic bond, he sent a message meant just for Schuldig. /Aya doesn’t have the energy for too much tonight. Let him give you a blowjob and he can get off on what we feel./ The concern Yohji felt for their lover as well as his eagerness and delight in fucking him where what made Schuldig give in on the matter.

"Don’t think this is gonna be a regular thing," Schuldig bitched as he went up on his knees. "And if you do a lousy job of it, Yohji, it’ll be the last chance you get!" Even as he spoke, his body trembled slightly in anticipation of the oncoming pleasure.

Aya knelt before him and Yohji behind, their warm hands stroking along his body in a way that made Schuldig groan in bliss. He so adored being the center of his lovers’ attention, in them doing their best to make him feel so good. The love between them had grown equal over the years, but even now it was a special thrill to be singled out like this, to be the one whose needs came first.

/Right, I’m just using this as a chance to fuck your ass, Schu./ Yohji’s warm laughter flowed over their link as his slick fingers stroked along the crack of Schuldig’s ass. /It’s so nice and tight./

"Don’t mention that word, you idiot!" Schuldig would have bitched some more, but Aya chose that moment to gently grasp the base of his cock. "Oooh, yeah."

/You never complain about this. I wonder why?/ Aya’s amusement was quieter but just as warm and infectious, was something to be savored after the pain and exhaustion of the last few months. Even now he felt drained, his shields bolstered by the fact that Schuldig and Yohji were keeping them in place.

Stroking his fingers through Aya’s tousled hair, Schuldig tugged gently so Aya looked up at him. "Because you have an unbelievable mouth, mein kleines Veilchen," he whispered, a gasp escaping him as one of Yohji’s fingers pressed inside.

Setting out to distract him, Aya licked along the length of Schuldig’s cock, his tongue warm and wet and slightly rough. The skillful, tormenting licks and nips kept Schuldig hard as Yohji’s fingers prepared him, Aya’s talent forcing his muscles to relax to speed things up and ensure that Schuldig wasn’t hurt.

Dammit, Schuldig still wasn’t crazy about the fact of having someone’s fingers in his ass, even if he had no problem doing the same to one of his lovers. It felt odd and uncomfortable and it usually took a lot of force against his prostrate to feel really good, but Yohji knew this and did as quick a job as possible of stretching him. All the while, Aya put his wicked mouth to use, never taking Schuldig’s cock completely inside but keeping him sufficiently distracted from what Yohji was doing.

Something flowed between his lovers, something that he didn’t catch, and the next thing he knew, Yohji’s fingers pulled mostly free, stretching him almost painfully wide as something thicker and blunter pressed into his stretched opening. That was the same time that Aya’s mouth settled over the tip of Schuldig’s cock, lips wrapping tightly just behind its head as Yohji thrust into him.

"Ah!" His back arched in response, his hips thrusting forward and his cock sliding down Aya’s throat as he was completely filled by his other lover. Yohji’s large, strong hands on his hips pulled him back and kept him there to be thrust into again, this time with more speed and ease. Aya’s hair tickled the front of Schuldig’s thighs, another distraction that helped him to adjust to Yohji’s cock in his ass. /Gonna fuck you really hard for this, Blondie./

/Oh, promises, promises, Schu./ Yohji’s mouth moved along his neck, pausing to nibble and suck here and there, the same time that Aya’s fingers played with his balls, rolling them around and tugging slightly. A just hard enough thrust made pleasure race through Schuldig’s body, his nerves tingling from the sensation. All the while, Aya sucked on and swallowed around his cock, alternating between the two in an uneven rhythm that left Schuldig gasping and pleading for more. His lovers were tormenting him with ecstasy, flooding his body and mind with the emotion while sharing the pleasure they felt from fucking him with mouth and cock.

Their thoughts wrapped around each others, weaving together so tightly that it became a dizzying blur of emotion and sensation. No longer was it just Schuldig’s ass being fucked or cock being sucked, but all of them, sharing in that as well as thrusting deep into tight warmth and the feel of hard flesh throbbing against their tongue. The pleasure exploded through them, increasing threefold and then more, drowning out the slight discomforts that accompanied sex, binding them even closer together and fragmenting their swirling thoughts until there wasn’t any Schuldig or Aya or Yohji. All there was at that point was ecstasy, desire and love.

Even those emotions grew too sharp and unstable, grew to be more than their bodies could take. One or all of them climaxed at that point, all of them sharing in the orgasm once it started, emotions so searing that they were almost painful.

It took a while to notice that the sensations slowly faded away, that their minds were mostly separate once more. Schuldig became aware of his body sprawled out on the bed, Yohji tucked behind him and Aya curled up against his chest. Their limbs were tangled together, their long hair trapped beneath their sweat-covered, exhausted bodies, and the aches that went along with passionate sex made their presence felt.

/Damn… that was good,/ Schuldig managed to say after another minute or two, his shaking hands reaching for his lovers to pull them closer.

Yohji’s chuckle just then was exhausted and sounded utterly sated. "Understatement," he mumbled, unable to work up the energy to say more than that.

Meanwhile, Aya’s eyes were still closed and his thoughts terribly disjointed, his mind sliding slowly into unconsciousness. Schuldig made sure that nothing was wrong with his lover’s mind and that it was just too much for Aya to handle in his weakened state before pressing a tender kiss against the man’s warm forehead.

/Out for the count, is he?/ Yohji groaned as he forced himself up so he could look down at Aya.

/As much as I hate to say this, you were right./ Schuldig managed a mock glare for his smirking lover before sending along a pulse of gratitude and love. /He’ll sleep through the night and most of tomorrow morning, I bet./

Yohji nodded and carefully shifted his body off of Schuldig’s hair. /He did pretty good during the mission tonight. I think all it is now is a matter of rebuilding his energy reserves./ With a loud groan of displeasure, he got off the bed and went to the bathroom.

Schuldig used the opportunity to move himself on the bed, wincing a little at the ache in his ass and lower back. Checking to make sure that he hadn’t suffered any damage – not that Yohji hadn’t been more than careful with him – he blocked off a few nerves so he wouldn’t be bothered by the soreness. His legs a bit wobbly, he stood up so he could better arrange Aya on the bed, pulling back the dirty bedspread and using it to wipe his sleeping lover as clean as possible. Yohji returned with a couple of wet washcloths and finished the job while Schuldig went to the bathroom himself. When he returned, he found both lovers tucked under the sheets.

Yohji held up the blankets so he could join them in bed, Aya laying between them and still oblivious to the world, his hair loosely braided and draped over his chest. Schuldig had pulled his own hair back into a ponytail since few things were more annoying than to wake up with someone sleeping on the strands. Cleaned off and pleasantly exhausted from both the mission and the sex, he snuggled closer to Aya and draped his left arm over both lovers.

"We’ll have to break out the wine tomorrow," he said as Yohji’s hand stroked along his hipbone, a comforting touch that made him moan in pleasure.

"Sounds like a plan. We shouldn’t have any more missions for a while, and I’m sure Crawford will want us to stay home since we ran into Krypton-Brand tonight." Yohji shared an evil smile with Schuldig as they both thought about how that prissy bastard would have to report back that his mission was a failure. The target was dead and the blackmail material destroyed, and Schuldig relished a chance to flaunt his lovers before the man. Aya and Yohji were his, and if the bastard didn’t realize that soon and stop looking for them, he’d do something that Crawford would probably not really like.

/Go ahead. You’ll eliminate a threat and I’ll have Aya to myself for a few days while you’re being punished,/ Yohji said, his mental voice sleepy and not very serious.

"Rot in hell, you opportunistic bastard," Schuldig grumbled, doing his best not to smile at the old joke between them.

/Such a romantic, Schu. That’s why we love you so much./ Yohji lifted his head enough to stick his tongue out, then relaxed back on the bed.

"Tell me how romantic I am as I’m making you scream in ecstasy." Oh yes, he was going to enjoy fucking both of his lovers tomorrow; he earned that right after tonight.

/Thought I was supposed to tell you how big and good you were, but if you insist…./ Yohji managed a wave of amusement, love and desire before drifting off into unconsciousness.

As much as Schuldig wanted to join his lovers, he spent a few minutes making sure that all was right around the townhouse. Ken and Nagi were already asleep, Farfarello had a sense of cohesion to his thoughts that had been lacking for the last week or two, and Schuldig couldn’t sense any threats around their home. He carefully searched out Crawford’s mind, only wanting to confirm that his friend was all right, and was sent reassurance as a result. Not about to dig any deeper and see what the precog was up to, Schuldig snuggled closer to Aya and finally allowed himself to rest.


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