Yohji leaned over Ken and poked a finger into the mostly filled top layer of the bento box. “Don’t you think you’re being a bit stingy with the yomogimochi?”

Ken batted his hand away. “If you’re not doing the cooking, then you don’t get a say in this.” He glared at Yohji until he backed away from the stacked lacquer boxes with his hands held in front of him in a sign of surrender. “I spent all of last night and the past four hours this morning putting together these boxes, so shut up and go have a perverted hanami with your boyfriends.” He sounded decidedly peeved and perhaps a little short of sleep, unlike his usual self when he got to spend a few hours in the kitchen and had the prospect of the day ahead of him with Nagi; Yohji didn’t need his talent to tell him it would probably be a good idea to just smile and nod just then. It didn’t really seem to work, as all Ken did was glare and fold his arms over his stained apron.

“All right, Ken-ken. I’m sure the food is going to be delicious, as usual.” He gave his best grin while sending a mental warning to his lovers – well, to Schu, really – to stay out of the kitchen until he safely got their food and then left in one piece. “As per our agreement, I brought the bottles of nigori sake.” He motioned over to the kitchen table where he’d left the liquor, and bit back on any comments about how Ken was corrupting innocent youth by plying them with alcohol. It would just lead to him probably being stabbed with a paring knife before Nagi came in and slammed him into the ceiling, considering how tired Ken was over preparing their hanami bentos.

His friend smiled in a reluctant manner and for the first time that morning, appeared in a good mood. “Thanks, Yotan. It should help make this a proper party.” Ken pushed back his sweaty bangs and set the top on the bento box he’d been assembling, then tied it up with the sakura patterned furoshi before sliding it in Yohji’s direction. “I hope the three of you have a good time, even if you’ll probably traumatize the hell out of everyone else.” His voice took on a wry note toward the end.

Yohji waggled his brows as he picked up the boxes, and felt a little bad about his earlier teasing when he felt how heavy they were; Ken had really gone all out judging from the weight, but then again, it was their first time to enjoy the cherry blossoms in quite a while. “I have NO idea what you’re talking about,” he replied with an affected sniff, trying for an injured air.

Ken’s laugh filled the kitchen as he leaned back against the counter. “Yeah, right. The three of you on a day off, with a bunch of liquor and good food?” Ken’s dark eyes sparkled with mischief. “That’s why Nagi and I are going to the Albert Memorial instead of Kew’s Garden.”

Okay, so *maybe* things got a little out of hand when Schu, Aya and Yohji had some time off. Things had been so hectic before their settling in London that they deserved the break. He also couldn’t remember the last time they’d had a chance to just sit back and enjoy the cherry blossom season – there had been that time in South Korea where they’d spent a few minutes wandering around after the assassination at the National Assembly, but other than that….

“You’re just afraid of the three of us showing you up with all the fun we’re gonna have,” Yohji told him as he held the bento boxes in his arms and headed for the door leading to the garden. “That’s all right, not everyone can be as adventurous as us.”

“You mean not everyone can be as per-“

The closing of the door cut off Ken’s shouted tirade, even though Yohji was rather certain he got the gist of it. Ah well, there were worst epitaphs he could be labeled with in this life – there *were* worst epitaphs he’d been labeled with in this life. ‘Pervert’ was one he wore with pride at this point, and most of it thanks to his two lovers.

<Speak for yourself. I have nothing to do with it, Blondie.>

<Oh, you have *so much* to do with it,> Yohji shot back as he headed to the garage and where his lovers were waiting for him. <Here I was, a nice, *normal* man->

<I’m not even buying that one, Yotan,> Aya chimed in. <However, I find it ridiculous for the two of *you* to be arguing over who’s a pervert. Pot and kettle, anyone?>

A sense of consternation washed over their link around the same time that Yohji entered the garage, to find Aya leaning against his Jaguar and Schu glaring at the swordsman. His German lover shot him a smug look that he recognized all too well at this point in time before sauntering over to help him with the food; if there was one thing he knew, a helpful Schu was a scheming Schu. Oh, this was going to be *interesting*.

“So, Ken came through with our snacks, ja?”

“I’d say so. We probably owe him one for all of the cooking he did.” Yohji shared a quick look with Schu as he handed over the bento while he did the best to make sure no betraying emotions filtered over their link. “Is everything else ready?”

Aya brushed his hands over his skinny jeans and nodded. “Blankets and drinks are in the trunk, so we’ve just been waiting for you.” There was a thin note of annoyance in his deep voice as if he had been waiting a little *too* long, but Yohji could sense his lover’s anticipation; the thoughts were buried deep, of how it had been years since Aya had attended an hanami. He’d gone with his sister and his parents, and after he’d lost them….

Yohji managed to cram their food into the small trunk of the Jaguar XK, filled as it already was with emergency gear, blankets, and a small box of sake and water. Once done, he headed to the driver’s side and noted that Aya had already claimed the passenger seat, which left Schu sprawled in the back. “Everyone ready?”

“To the park, Jeeves,” Schu instructed in a rather good impression of a snooty British lord, despite his torn jeans, green sweater and tousled hair.

Laughing at his lover, Yohji tipped an imaginary hat, pleased to see Aya smiling as well. He put the car in reverse gear and exited the garage, pausing only to make sure that the door was closing before peeling out of the driveway. They were off to an early start for once, both to try to beat the city traffic and to get a good spot in the park, which made Ken’s cooking sacrifice all the more worthy.

<Yeah, but he was also making stuff for him and the kiddo, so don’t feel too bad,> Schu reminded him. <Probably kept the best stuff for themselves.>

<Oh, probably,> Yohji agreed. <Just like Crawford and Farfie are looking forward to having the place to themselves today rather than waste it looking at a bunch of trees.> Their non-Japanese teammates didn’t see the sense of spending a day off braving the masses just to be around a bunch of pretty flower petals.

<Yet mention some stupid puddings to them and they’re racing about a bunch of crowded department stores.> Aya joined in on the conversation, his eyes closed as he rested his head against the back of the car seat, the faint smile from before still lingering on his lips.

Schu chuckled, the sound low and wicked, as he leaned forward to brush his lips against Aya’s left temple. <I much prefer your two’s idiosyncrasies to theirs. Least I get to eat and drink in the company of two gorgeous men.> He sent an image of himself lying on a blanket with his head in Yohji’s lap while Aya fed him some sakura mochi. Yohji smirked as he mentally substituted the sweet treat for takoyaki, since he knew his German lover detested octopus after that fateful dinner in Seoul.

“Bastard,” Schu muttered while giving him a gentle smack to the side of the head. “Just for that, you’re on watch the next mission.”

As if Schu had any say in role assignments, which was a thought that Yohji kept tucked behind the little bit of mental shields he had left at this point in time. As it was, Aya came to his rescue and chided Schu about distracting the driver, and the rest of the way to Kew Gardens was relatively peaceful. Well, as ‘peaceful’ as it could be with the few thoughts Schu snuck his way while Aya was distracted by the passing scenery.

Even with them getting there well before noon, the place looked busy; the day was sunny and warm for early spring, and the forecast was for a near-perfect bloom of the cherry blossoms. Fortunate for Yohji, he came equipped with two telepathic boyfriends who managed to get him a prime parking space (without having to pay for it) and they skipped right to the front of the line (Aya did insist on them paying to get in, though, as a ‘donation’).

Once inside, Schu took great pleasure in finding the perfect spot beneath two pink-blooming trees that looked to be among the oldest of the lot, easily chasing away the group of people who had already laid claim to the smooth bit of ground beneath the interlocked branches. Aya merely shook his head while their lover sent the dazed people off to find a new spot. <At least he’s not ordering them to go jump in a nearby pond while he’s at it,> he confided in Yohji while he waited for the people to leave.

About to say ‘not yet,’ Yohji smiled as he shifted the box of drinks to his left arm and hugged Aya tighter to his right side instead. <I think he’s happy to be here.> Despite it not being a German tradition, Schu was pretty excited about the flower viewing party; he normally was pleased to be able to spend some time alone with his lovers, and anything that made the two of them happy was considered a good thing in Schu’s mind. That it got Aya out in public willingly was an added bonus. Despite recovering the majority of his mental shields and strength, Aya was still most comfortable at home, hanging out in their room or in the garden, reading a book or practicing with his sword, so this was a big deal for all of them. As for Yohji, he was fine with anything that restored a bit of normalcy to their lives.

“Oi! Do I have to do all of the work?” Schu called out while he set about unfolding the blankets that he had carried from the car. Yohji hurried over to help him, putting aside the liquor in favor of settling two of the four blankets on the ground so they’d have a nice cushion to lay upon. While they had all dressed in comfortable jeans and light sweaters, the remaining blankets would probably be needed as the day wore on.

“I swear, if you didn’t get to bitch every hour on the hour then you’d have a fit of apoplexy or something.”

Schu sneered at him over the insult as he flopped onto the blankets. “If you didn’t give me so much to bitch about, Blondie, then I’d-“ He winced at what must have been a mental ‘whap’ and took to glaring at Aya. “Really?”

<No fighting today,> Aya ordered with a stern frown as he knelt on the blankets, the bento boxes held clutched in his arms. <We’re going to sit here, enjoy the delicious food and sake, the beautiful flowers and *not bicker* for once.> There was a mental flash of him enjoying quiet, peaceful times with his sister back in Japan.

There was another quick look between Yohji and Schu before Yohji pried the food out of Aya’s arms. <Who said we can’t do all of that?> He grinned to show that he was teasing, and followed it with a lingering kiss to prevent a mental whap to his own poor, abused brain. “Now, who’s hungry?”

Aya’s lovely eyes narrowed as if he suspected a distraction when he saw one, but he allowed himself to be tugged down onto the blankets by Schu while Yohji sank down beside him and opened up the top layer of the bento. There were Schu’s precious sakura moshi, dango and inarizushi. While Yohji worked on the food, Schu was quick to open up a bottle of sake and pour some into the plastic glasses they had brought with them. All around in the park, people were gathered, sitting on their own blankets or chairs, laughing and chatting, but right then they were sheltered by the branches over them as the occasional petals rained down.

“Oh, I call dibs on the mochi.” Schu leaned over Yohji’s shoulder while handing him a glass of sake, his sharp chin digging into Yohji’s flesh as he spoke.

“You and your addiction to sweets.” Aya snorted and leaned against Yohji, a warm, pleased presence as he took a sip of the cloudy liquor. Yohji could feel his lover relying on him to strengthen his mental shields and tugged off the glove on his left hand so he could slide it beneath the hem of the black sweater that Aya was wearing.

Schu’s pleased grin took on a lecherous edge between bites of the chewy treat, which let Yohji know he’d caught where Yohji’s hand had ended up. “Hmm, it’s why I adore you so, my little ingrate.” When Aya appeared ready to object over being called ‘sweet’ more than the familiar ‘ingrate’ term, Schu chuckled and popped a dango into his mouth, his fingers lingering over Aya’s lips for several seconds.

<Why do I put up with you two?> Aya asked as he shook his head, yet he sat there leaning against Yohji with Schu’s right hand cupped against his face.

“Because we’re sitting here beneath a tree that’s dumping petals in our drinks with you,” Yohji pointed out.

“Not to mention I think there’s a root that’s trying to molest my ass,” Schu added, not to be outdone.

Aya stared at them both for a moment before laughing, a rare sound that filled the air around them. Yohji’d had his suspicious before, but he was certain when no one turned to look at them once Aya took to laughing. <You’re blocking people,> he sent just to Schu.

<Hmm, why would I want a bunch of strangers staring at us? They only paid to look at the cherry blossoms.> Schu sniffed in disapproval as he snatched up another piece of mochi with his left hand. “You’re not drinking enough,” he told Aya.

“And what’s a party without drinking, na?” Aya continued to smile as he raised the cup to his lips. <I thought we were supposed to drink *and* eat.>

“Oh, we’ll get to the food eventually,” Yohji informed his lover with a salacious rumble to his voice. “But right now, we’re celebrating.” He reached with his free hand for the open bottle of sake so he could pour more for all of them.

The wave of amusement/desire/resignation he felt over their link let him know that Aya was on to him – well, was on to the plan to get him a bit drunk, but hadn’t picked up on the fact yet that Schu was diverting everyone’s attention away from them; from the muddle of his thoughts, he merely assumed that Schu was doing his best to shield Aya so the excursion didn’t wear on him too much. Since there wasn’t too much of a ‘press’ against his mental shields, he didn’t have an issue with relaxing and enjoying a second drink.

As for Yohji, he was seated with his two lovers who were always mentally entwined with him, on blankets that only stirred welcome images of his teammates and the home he had left. Even the petals falling down on him brought a sense of peace and belonging. He sipped his drink while he watched Aya have a little more, and bit back on a laugh when Schu reached over to tip back Aya’s glass when he was about to stop.


<Aya!> Schu grinned while he refilled Aya’s cup. <Is there a problem?> He shifted away from Yohji to grab Aya’s wrist and raise it back to Aya’s mouth while his free hand grabbed at the last of the mochi. <It’s a party, you’re supposed to be enjoying yourself.>

<By getting drunk?> Aya made a scoffing sound, yet he sipped at his drink.

“Well, I’d like to think that you can trust us to look after you.” Yohji wasn’t above pulling out the ‘don’t you love us?’ cards when there was something he wanted, and the slight flush to his lover’s pale cheeks let him know when that one hit home. A slight grin tugged at his lips while he picked up a piece of inarizushi and offered it to Aya, his fingers lingering against Aya’s lips when it was accepted. “We’d never let anything bad happen to you.”

The flush deepened as Aya rested his head against Yohji’s shoulder, his long braid sliding down Yohji’s chest. <I’m not sure our definition of ‘bad’ is the same thing.> His thoughts came across as serious and slightly sullen, yet there was a hint of mischief in his violet-hued eyes.

Schu laughed as he draped himself across Aya and Yohji’s lap. “That’s because you have such a prim definition of ‘bad’, meine kleines Veilchen.” His grin took on a tender aspect as he nuzzled Aya’s denim covered thigh.

Aya shook his head and reached into the next level of the bento box for an intricately designed maki roll and hand-fed it to Schu. Judging from the pleasure that radiated from his German lover, Yohji guessed that the sakura petal design was created with salmon and reached for a couple of rolls himself before they disappeared; oh yes, Ken had outdone himself today. “You know that if anything terrible was going to happen here, Crawford would have warned us.”

Aya tilted his head back to look at him. “Hmm, I suppose so.” He was still a bit leery, but in the end he merely wanted to enjoy the day with the people he loved most; there was a part of him that pointed out that one was *supposed* to spend the day eating and drinking with one’s friends and loved ones at a hanami, reinforced by the crowds around them.

Yohji felt a little guilty at taking advantage of the fact that Aya’s previous hanami had been spent with his family, and that his lover had only dreamed of a time when he would be able to have a proper, adult celebration. Then he remembered the last couple of years, of how a today like today would have been impossible and how it might be that way in the future.

<That’s right, so seize the moment or some other similar bullshit,> Schu sent to a tiny, private corner of his mind. <I can’t keep these people distracted forever.>

<No, just long enough for Aya to get another drink in him, I’m thinking.> Yohji poured all of them another round of drinks while opening the third layer of the bento box, which happened to be onigiri rolls; Schu and him were the ones eating the most, while Aya’s cheeks were becoming more and more flushed. Aya now drank more than he used to when back in Weiss, but he usually avoided getting drunk because of his talent. Today was definitely the rare exception with him being out in public.

“I think… I need to eat more.” Aya words were a little slurred as he set his empty glass aside and reached for one of the umeboshi-filled onigiri.

Moving in a blur, Schu caught Aya’s hand before it touched the food and drew it back. “I think I’ve something better than food for you.” He glanced at Yohji, who was quick to shift the box out of the way. They twisted about on the blankets until Aya was sandwiched between them. “We’ll help clear your head, Little One.”

Aya glanced back and forth between them, a frown marring his brow until he seemed to catch up to their thoughts/emotions. <Seriously?> he asked as he tugged feebly at his trapped wrist. <We’re in the middle of a park.>

“So it’s not the best of ideas to draw attention to us, na?” Yohji reminded him as he leaned in to brush his lips along his lover’s sensitive neck. <Besides, no one’s looking this way.> He trapped his right hand beneath his thigh so he could get rid of his glove, wanting to be able to feel all of Aya.

Schu chuckled, the sound low and evil, as he pressed against Aya’s back, his hands busy sliding beneath Aya’s black sweater and pushing it upwards. “They’re busy with their own celebrations, so let’s get on with ours, okay?” He nuzzled the other side of Aya’s neck, and between them they soon had Aya shuddering in pleasure. For a moment there was a hint of resistance, of embarrassment, but between the alcohol and their own desire/need/assurance, Aya’s metaphorical walls came tumbling down.

Oh, there would probably be plenty of mental whaps and guilt trips to pay for later, but right now, Yohji was going to enjoy this. The sake made Aya uncharacteristically pliant, the sakura was a pleasant, faint scent in the air, and there was a titillating thrill to be doing this outside, amidst a crowd.  Between the two of them, Yohji and Schu managed to strip Aya of his clothes in record time, and then fumbled out of their own with a bit less coordination as they attempted to keep their hands on their dazed lover as much as possible. Yohji bit back on a grin when he noticed Schu pull a small bottle of lube from his jean’s pocket, which meant that the smug asshole had planned this after all.

<Please, I just believe in being prepared.>

<Right, which is why you brought it to a public garden, of all places.> Yohji struggled to keep his thoughts semi-private when Aya was kissing him with particular fervor. <Explain it to Aya when we’re back home.>

The wave of upset followed by smugness clued Yohji in on Schu’s plotting to get out of his punishment, which meant that some poor bastard was going to serve as a distraction later, but it didn’t really matter right now. He had two willing lovers in his mind and his arms; despite being a bit drunk, Aya would have put a stop to this if he was truly against this.

Instead, Aya trailed his hands along Yohji’s chest, the back of his fingers alternating with his blunt nails in strokes that left him hissing from the pleasure/almost pain, the caresses reaching lower and lower each time until he was squirming where he knelt. Just when that maddening touch reached the top of his thighs, Aya leaned back to nuzzle Schu’s neck, a wry smile on his lips.

“Oh you teasing bastard,” Yohji sputtered as he yanked Aya in for a bruising kiss.

<Someone seems to be picking up bad habits from us, ja?> Schu was far too amused while he trailed kisses along the back of Aya’s sensitive neck, enjoying the way Aya shivered in response.

<I suppose it was bound to happen.> Yohji used the long red braid to ensure that the teasing bastard didn’t pull away while he nipped at Aya’s bottom lip, and barely held back a wince when his left ribs were smacked.

<Considering what the two of you dragged me into today, SHUT UP.> Aya used enough force in the command to let them know he wanted action, not snark, his emotions a mix of lust, exasperation, love and frustration. Never let it be said that Yohji and Schu couldn’t take a hint.

“Aw, we liven up your life, Sweetie.” Yohji laughed at the baleful glare sent his way before Aya sighed and closed his eyes, surrendering to another kiss. He cupped his lover’s face between his hands, basking in the love and trust he felt, while Schu shifted behind Aya. They could all feel it when Schu began preparing him, the rush of anticipation, ache of discomfort and then the sparks of discomfort. Feeling his own arousal grow, Yohji broke off the kiss and groaned.

Moaning out loud himself, Aya clutched at Yohji’s hips before trailing kisses down his chest in an agonizing slow, unpredictable pattern until his breath fanned over Yohji’s hard cock. There was a quick, gentle lick before Aya grasped it by its root and then slid his mouth over it, taking it in almost entirely before sliding it back out. Yohji grunted out loud at the wonderful sensation, his fingers seeking out Aya’s thick, bound hair as his lover began to suck in earnest, his pleasure and delight broadcasting out over their link.

A moment later, he was joined by the sensation of Schu sinking into Aya’s body and Aya clenching around him, all of them experiencing the ecstasy of friction and heat, of skittering nerves and tightness, explosions of bliss. Each electric impulse of pleasure between them only added to the sensations, each touch and stroke, each lick and kiss was shared as if they were one body, one bundle of nerves. Even with his eyes open, it reached a point that Yohji wasn’t sure which body was his anymore, who he was looking at or who he was touching, because they were so *deep* in each other. *He* was getting fucked, *he* was doing the fucking, *he* was giving a blow job, *he* was having his cock sucked…. Silk between his fingers, smooth skin beneath his hands, clenching warmth around him, heat driving into him…. Foremost pleasure pouring into him until it felt as if he’d shatter if there were any more, yet it was so delicious, so addictive that he rocked his hips, slid his mouth down, tightened his hands and-

Yohji cried out as he/they came, the orgasm exponentially increased by being shared, and felt as if the world was being washed away by the ecstasy that washed through the link with his lovers. When he came to, he found himself buried beneath Aya and Schu, a sticky pile of limbs and long hair with a pointy chin digging into his left thigh. “Oof, you need to eat more,” he chided Schu as he shifted his German boyfriend onto the blankets.

Schu managed a faint noise of complaint and fumbled for some napkins so they could wipe themselves clean. “Then stop hogging all of the curry.”

“That was *one* time,” Yohji pointed out with an aggrieved sigh as he sat up and hugged Aya close, aware that it took the redhead a moment longer to ‘snap back’. He undid the long braid since it was now seriously disheveled and combed his fingers through the strands, and smiled in thanks to Schu at the dampened napkins that were handed to him. <You all right, Sweetie?>

Blinking a few times, Aya eventually nodded and then accepted the napkins. <Think so.> He managed a weak scowl as he looked around them. <No one noticed?>

“No, because I am *that* good,” Schu said with more than a bit of smugness. Aya’s eyes narrowed as if he wanted to mentally whap the arrogant bastard, but his shoulders were too hunched forward at the moment, which indicated that he was lacking the reserves to do the whap any justice.

<My clothes.> Aya gestured about him with an imperious air, so Yohji and Schu set about fetching his scattered garments as quickly as possible. Once Aya was set to rights, they pulled on their clothes as well, a bit nervous about the sudden gleam that had entered their lover’s eyes. <So, not exactly a traditional hanami.>

Uh-oh, it seemed as if someone had burned through the alcohol. Yohji managed his most charming grin as he settled next to his disgruntled lover. “Well, we’re not exactly the traditional sort, right?”

“And you certainly had fun there, Veilchen.” Schu looked as if he wanted to say something else, but Aya cut him off with a disgruntled look.

“I think that was more about the two of *you* having fun, but I said no fighting today.” Aya reached for the set aside bento box and pulled it onto his lap. “So, here’s what we’re going to do. We’ll finish the day in a *normal* manner, eating and drinking, and then go home. And then tomorrow, you’ll both have to do whatever *I* want since you obviously got your way today.” He sat there with that hint of a smile on his face, but there was an edge of steel in his deep voice and a thread of ‘you will *NOT* like if you mess with me’ to his thoughts.

Yohji forced a swallow past his suddenly tight throat and nodded in agreement; beside him, Schu did the same. There were times when they could join forces and ‘twist’ Aya around their fingers, and there were times when every fiber of their being screamed ‘DO NOT PUSH’ when it came to their lover. Right now, it was *obviously* the latter.

Yohji reached for an unopened bottle of sake. “That sounds lovely.” He somehow managed to smile as he poured more alcohol for himself and Schu, a burst of wind sending sakura petals falling onto the three of them.


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