Let It Snow


by nekojita


Schuldig practically thrummed with excitement and anticipation as he stood by the door leading out to the garden; his hands shook a little and his face ached from a ridiculously huge grin that made it damn difficult to glare at Yohji. /Hurry your slow ass up!/

His lover stuck his tongue out at him. /Hey, considering that we were all sleeping just ten minutes ago, you should be damn grateful that I’m up and out of bed!/ Then Yohji made a show of doing up the zipper to his black wool coat as slowly as possible.

Just as Schuldig was about to start yelling, his other lover finally arrived in the kitchen, long hair pulled into a messy braid and grey winter coat in hand. Aya still appeared a bit sleepy, which was probably why he’d taken the longest to get ready. Schuldig hurried over to help Aya pull on the coat, taking the time to fuss and make sure that the redhead was adequately dressed.

"Yohji’s being an asshole," he pouted as he draped Aya’s braid down the front of the grey coat.

A slight smile on his face, Aya reached out to tug on the blue woolen cap that Schuldig wore against the cold. "What do you expect when you drag him out of bed like this?" Oh yes, he was definitely still sleepy, but Schuldig could feel an echoing excitement and knew that Aya didn’t mind the lack of rest.

Yohji joined them, his arms going around Schuldig’s chest and his damn bony chin resting on Schuldig’s left shoulder. /What’s the big deal of going out to play in the snow *now*, hmm?/

/Because I’m sure once Ken and Nagi see how much it snowed last night, they’ll be out there messing it up./ Schuldig sniffed with dislike at the thought of someone other than himself spoiling all that whiteness.

That prompted a laugh from his blond lover and a lick to the ear before Yohji stepped away, the embrace made a little uncomfortable by the fact that all three of them were dressed in winter coats with sweaters beneath. /So you have to be the first to make a mess out of the garden? I doubt those two are going to stir from bed for at least another hour, you know./ Yohji also doubted that Ken would let Nagi run around too much in the cold, and had second thoughts about Aya doing the same.

Schuldig smiled in satisfaction when it was *Yohji* who got a mental whap for once and draped an arm over a scowling Aya’s shoulders. "Also, Farfarello likes making snowmen and posing them in decidedly… macabre scenes." He shared some of the Irishman’s better creations with his lovers. "It’s all Crawford’s fault for giving him a book of that American comic." He *knew* that Crawford had done it deliberately, considering the way that the precog would stand outside with a mug of coffee and a very pleased smile while he watched Farfarello work. To give the controlling bastard some credit, it did keep Farfarello busy for a day or two, more if the weather was exceedingly bad.

Aya sifted through the memories and leaned against Schuldig. /Hmm, that’s something to look forward to later./ He found the poses amusing, and had a fear that Schuldig wanted to start a snowball fight once they got outside.

/I was thinking of one later, when Ken’s outside to play, but not against you,/ Schuldig assured. Oh, that would come later in the winter, after Aya regained more strength and could put up one hell of a fight, and he looked forward to whoever lost that battle having to pay a forfeit. Yohji picked up on that thought and heartily agreed, both to waiting until Aya was better so it was a fair fight and that the losers would have to go along with the winner’ wishes.

/Just so you know, I’ve one hell of an arm on me – the baseball clubs were always trying to recruit me when I was in school./ Yohji was very smug at his skill, which made Schuldig wonder if it really was such a good idea after all… ah well, one thing he’d learned over the years with his lovers was that it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing to lose from time to time – he just much preferred being the one in charge whenever possible.

Aya gave him a light ‘whap’ for that. /No wonder you and Crawford annoy each other so much – you’re both control freaks./

/Says the man who merrily leads Yohji and I along on mental leashes./ Schuldig sent over their link an image of Aya dragging him and Yohji along behind him, leather leashes in his hand attached to thick collars on their necks.

"Oh, now that’s giving me ideas!" Yohji reached around Schuldig to pull Aya closer for a kiss. /As long as we can take turns, I’ll wear a collar whenever you wish./

"Suck up," Schuldig grumbled, much happier when Aya was the one wearing a collar. Was it wrong to take advantage of his lover’s submissive nature whenever possible?

/Yep, and a damn good one. If you hadn’t dragged us out of bed this morning, maybe you could have enjoyed some of my ‘sucking’ ability./ Yohji’s laughter filled his head, and Schuldig didn’t think it was the blond’s fault that he was swamped with memories of Yohji’s very talented mouth being put to use. That prompted a moan from him, and he was about to drag both lovers back upstairs when he recalled why they were out of bed in the first place.

/You can prove just how good you are later – right now, outside!/ he ordered, intent on getting his way right now.

To his and Yohji’s surprise, Aya laughed at being bossed around and grabbed a hand each to pull them toward the door. "Why are you so insistent on us playing in the snow?"

Schuldig shared his thoughts with his lovers, shivering a little by how right it felt to do that. This was their first ‘real’ winter together – they were either in places where it was too warm to snow, living in cities where there were no safe places to ‘play’ or just too busy running for their lives the last couple of years. Now that they’d settled in England, they’d been assured a chance at a safe life, a bit of a rest and a yard of their own. Between the very high hedges that separated them from their neighbors and their talents, they could play outside to their hearts’ content.

And play was actually what Schuldig wanted to do right now, despite the sarcastic thought from Yohji about how cold shrunk certain parts of the anatomy, making ‘play’ outside during winter a bit of a challenge. He hadn’t really been able to enjoy snowball fights and the such when a child; at the orphanage the other kids had been too afraid of him to let him play with them, and Rosenkreuz would never let its students waste their time and effort on something so ‘useless’. Upon joining Schwarz, he’d had a few good battles with Farfarello, and now was looking to have some fun with his lovers, the two people in the world who mattered the most to him and were his equal.

/See, beneath that sociopathic exterior of yours, you’re one hell of a sap./ Yohji laughed as he pushed Schuldig into a snow covered hedge, causing the snow to fall onto him in a crushing wave. It took him a minute to free himself, and of course by that point the bastard was well out of reach – and using Aya as a shield under the pretext of hugging him close.

/Remember, you said no fights,/ Aya warned, not about to be covered with snow like Schuldig was now. He was cold already, but he thought that the garden looked beautiful with its blanket of snow, and was enjoying being outside.

Dropping the snowball in his hand to the ground and sending Yohji a private thought that he was going to get a face-full of snow later, Schuldig hurried over to his lovers. A thought made him chuckle as he approached the two men and wrapped his arms around them both.

/You remind me of some fairytale I heard when I was young – Rose Red and Snow White./ This time he was the one sticking out his tongue, at Yohji. /Though Blondie over there is a bit lacking in the role./ Aya fit it to the bill, however, with the hood of his dark grey coat and red hair peeking out beneath it, pale skin flushed with the cold and excitement.

"I never claimed to be ‘pure as the driven snow’," Yohji said as he brushed aside some of the flakes clinging to Schuldig’s hat. "And I look like shit if I try to dye my hair black." He shared memories of the one time he’d done that, which prompted laughter from Schuldig – and a mental whap from Aya for Schuldig’s troubles. /Oh, sure, go ahead and laugh, the man with orange hair./

/It’s a unique shade of auburn,/ Schuldig shot back. /I’m too special to be a dime a dozen blond like you!/

/Oh, you’re ‘special’ all right./ Yohji seemed about to say something else when Aya kicked him in the shin. Wincing in pain, he gave up on the insult and hugged Aya closer. "So, if we’re not going to have a snowball fight, why are we out here again?"

"Enjoying how damn sexy I look with flushed cheeks?" Schuldig laughed when Yohji rolled his eyes in response, but he was pretty happy with having both lovers’ attentions focused on him in an admiring manner.

Aya pulled free of Yohji’s embrace and began to wonder around the garden, trailing his gloved left hand along the hedge wall and enjoying the feel of snow falling around him. "I never said the two of you can’t have a snowball fight, I just want to be left out of it at this point." He didn’t have the energy to do it justice, but he was happy when his lovers were having fun – as long as they weren’t idiots and took things too far.

Yohji arched an eyebrow at Schuldig and smiled. /Think we can have a civil fight?/

Schuldig considered the offer. /I’m sure Aya will step in if things get out of hand, and neither of us have had any coffee yet, so there’s a chance!/ The ongoing ‘competition’ between him and Yohji was one of the most amusing things in his life, always fun because of how evenly matched they were. /We stop at the first ‘whap’?/

"Hell, yes," Yohji said with a snort of laughter. /It’s bad enough that we’re out of bed this early, I’m not about to nurse a headache for the rest of the day! And when we’re done, how about we try making a few snowmen of our own, hmm?/ That last part was shared with Aya, who smiled in their direction and was already pondering if they could come up with something that Farfarello hadn’t yet. They all pooled their thoughts and wondered where they could find a spare electric kettle.

Deciding to take the initiative since Yohji had already doused him with snow, Schuldig quickly scooped up a handful of the stuff while Yohji was distracted by Aya. After shoving it down the back of his lover’s coat, he ran away laughing, filled with warmth from Aya’s amusement and Yohji’s determination to kick his ass. Maybe a person could never reclaim their childhood, but who the hell really cared when he had a sexy man running after him and another one cheering him on?

/Hmph, you never mentally moved past childhood, you sneaky German bastard!/

If it wouldn’t have meant a snowball to the face, Schuldig would have turned around and stuck out his tongue again to prove his maturity to Yohji.


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