Rainy Day


by nekojita


*bangs head in frustration*  Yet another set of pretty boys that aren't mine.  Life's so unfair.


Hijikata almost smiled in contentment. He was back home, out of the rain that had plagued him the entire morning. It had been a wet, miserable walk from the Enryaku-ji Temple, but the trip had been worthwhile.

He looked up warily as the door slid open, revealing a smiling Souji. "Iím sorry I took so long, Hijikata-san. Some tea should help warm you up," his young lover exclaimed happily as he set the full mug down on the table in front of him. "We wouldnít want you to catch a cold now, would we?"

Carefully setting aside the instructions heíd been writing for Yamazuki, Hijikata picked up the mug and inhaled the fragrant steam that rose from it. He arched an eyebrow at the sight of the salted cherry blossoms floating in the hot water, giving the tea a wonderful scent. "Thank you. Why didnít Ichimura bring this?" The boy better not be off fooling around again. For someone so determined to join the Shinsengumi, the boy had a problem grasping the principle of obeying orders.

Souji, holding the tray against his chest as if it were a shield, laughed gaily. Failing to see the humor, Hijikata gazed levelly at him, distracted for a moment by how lovely Souji was. Was it his imagination, or was Soujiís robe resting lower on his back than normal, exposing a graceful arch of neck? It was hard to tell with the long fall of shiny black hair hiding most of his loverís neck from view.

Casting the tray aside, Souji knelt gracefully behind Hijikata. He tensed for a moment, a reflexive reaction to someone being behind him. There was a rustling of robes and a stronger scent of cherry blossoms, then skilled hands started to massage his shoulders. Hijikata sighed as he sipped his drink, finally allowing himself to relax. "You didnít answer my question," he reminded gruffly, almost groaning as a stubbornly tense muscle finally unknotted under Soujiís expert touch.

"Heís off running an errand for Ayumi, Hijikata-san. We werenít sure when you would be returning, so weíve been taking turns keeping Tetsu-kun busy. How were things during your Ďpilgrimageí?" Soujiís voice was filled with amusement, easily conveying the smile that Hijikata knew was on his lips.

"Very enlightening," was all Hijikata replied, and judging from the soft grunt from Souji, his lover was more than satisfied with it. Souji wouldnít press for more information - he knew if there was anything that he needed to know, heíd be duly informed. "It was a nice walk, even with all the rain." Nonchalantly, he reached into his sleeve for the small bag heíd hidden there. "What have I missed?" he asked briskly as he set the present on the table, still uncomfortable with the impulse that had made him buy the treat.

He heard Soujiís hitched breath, and the hands massaging his sore neck paused for a moment. However, his lover didnít snatch at the bag of mochi as expected. That made Hijikata take note, as Souji never missed an opportunity to indulge in his favorite treat.

"It was dreadfully quiet, Hijikata-san. Iíve been so bored since you left," Souji spoke teasingly beside his ear, warm breath creating an impulse to shiver, which he sternly suppressed. "There was a minor disturbance yesterday, near the Yasaka Shrine, but Shinpachiís unit handled it." He laughed again, as his fingers slid beneath the collar of Hijikataís kimono. "Sanosuke was quite upset that there was nothing left for him to do when his unit arrived. You know how those two are."

Warm, agile fingers slid around his shoulders and teased along his chest. Souji leaned against him, a solid, inviting presence along his back. When nothing else was said for a couple of minutes, Hijikata set his empty mug aside and quietly lit his pipe. "Thatís it?" Souji would usually ramble on and on about what had happened in his absence, even going into detail about the games heíd played with the neighborhood children, of all things. Something had to have happened, for his young lover to be so quiet. Something he was reluctant to speak about. "SoujiÖ."

Souji sighed before uttering a quiet laugh, this one less bright than the previous. "Well, I could tell you the latest gossip, if you wish." Hijikataís teeth clamped onto his pipe as clever fingers teased at his nipples, making them harden in an instant. At the same time, silky hair brushed against his neck, sending a tingle through his body. "You wonít believe what happened to Kido, from the tenth army unit." Soujiís voice had taken on a low, breathy quality, as teasing as his fingers. "He was drinking at that tavern on Sanjo Street, and-" He let out a startled gasp as he was unceremoniously yanked forward and downward, right into Hijikataís lap.

"I donít want to know what one of my men did while he was drunk," at least not now. "I want to know what youíre trying to hide from me, Souji," he growled.

Soujiís violet eyes went wide for a moment, as he smiled, expressing both a mixture of amusement and regret. "I should have known I couldnít fool you. I was hoping you wouldnít find out until later-"

"Souji," he growled, this time with a hint of a threat. He pressed a hand against the one that was tracing lazy circles around his chest, putting a halt to the distraction. "What happened?"

"Nothing serious, Hijikata-san," Souji pouted, seemingly put out over his diversionary tactics failing so completely. "Sanosuke was trying to help Tetsu-kun learn how to use a staff, andÖ.." A particularly stern glare had Souji continue with the tale after blowing at a lock of hair that had fallen onto his face. "And Shinpachi started laughing at the two of them and told Tetsu that he should stick with the staff since his reach was too short to use a real weapon like a sword which led to all three of them fighting and the dojoís floor being gouged and several shoji destroyed." The statement came out in one long breath, then Souji nibbled on his bottom lip apprehensively while Hijikata took a moment to make sense of it.

First came the thought that Ichimura had more than enough things to do than to be wasting time in the dojo. Then came the thought of how much the repairs must have cost, along with how he would make sure Harada and Nagakura would pay for them.

"Hijikata-san," Souji began hesitantly. "They didnít mean to cause so much damage, honestly. And Tetsu-kun has been working very hard to help repair everything. He didnít mean to let his temper get out of hand." There was more lip nibbling, which caused Hijikataís rage to slowly melt under a much more pleasurable emotion. "Donít be so hard on him, please."

"He needs to be punished, Souji," he told his lover. Leaning down until their faces were scant centimeters apart, he gently brushed his thumb along the abused lip. "He canít lose his temper like that, not if he hopes to be Shinsengumi." As Soujiís face crumpled in sympathetic misery, he slid his hand into the long, silky hair that flowed onto his lap. "However, Iíll decide his punishment later. Right now Iíve you to deal with, for trying to keep things from me," he said, his voice thick with desire.

The lovely violet eyes became heavy lidded once more as Souji lifted his head, bridging the last bit of space between them. "Am I to be punished?" he purred against Hijikataís lips. "Iíve been rather naughty, you know. This might take a while."

"Good. Thatís what Iím counting on - a long, leisurely lesson." His fingers clenched in Soujiís hair as he plundered the warm mouth beneath his. Heíd missed this, missed the warmth that Souji cheerfully brought to his life. After a rainy, cold morning, this was heaven. Ichimura and the others could be dealt with later, and would be nervously awaiting their punishment. Heíd let them stew in their misery a while longer.

Then the feel of Souji eagerly straddling his hips pushed back any thought other than of his graceful lover. His callused hands pushed back Soujiís robes, revealing smooth skin. Souji sighed in pleasure and started to slowly writhe on his lap as he fervently stroked the pale, velvet-skinned flesh. Firm muscles shifted beneath his touch, and desiring more of his loverís sleek body, he roughly untied the thin obi holding Soujiís robes shut.

His protťgť had obviously taken his mission very seriously, and was naked beneath the garments. Hijikata let out a shaky breath at the revealed beauty sprawled wantonly on his lap. His face partially veiled by his dark, silky hair, Souji smiled wickedly at him before retrieving a small vial from the sleeve of his discarded kimono. "Iím not sure if you want to use this, since Iím supposed to be punished," he drawled as he waved the bottle of oil before Hijikataís face.

"Fool," Hijikata grunted as he impatiently snatched at the vial. As if heíd hurt his lover like that. His other hand burying in the thick hair at the nape of Soujiís neck, he tilted Soujiís head back so he could ravage his loverís mouth. Souji tasted so incredibly sweet. Craving more of that taste, he ravished Soujiís mouth, flicking his tongue deeply inside, pressing forcefully against smiling lips.

His lover, warm, willing and utterly submissive, curled his arms around Hijikataís neck and kissed him back with an equal passion. Needing all of him, needing the feel of the lithe, warm body clenching around him, he slicked his fingers and trailed them down Soujiís back, relishing the tiny tremors his touch set off. Sliding them between firm, rounded globes, he was surprised to find his goal already slippery.

"You think of everything, donít you?" he remarked, amazed and aroused even more by his find. Souji smiled at him, utterly wanton, and rocked back his hips, as if eager to have the fingers inside him.

"You taught me well, Hijikata-san. To always be prepared, and to finish what I start," his lover teased, now rocking his hips forward, brushing against his still clothed erection. Hijikata groaned in desperate need, feeling his precious control disintegrate at the contact.

He shifted Souji back enough so he could free his trapped cock, roughly shoving aside the constricting cloth. As soon as he was free, Souji slid back onto his lap, a tapered hand grasping his cock firmly and pumping it several times before a finger teased along the top. Raising the finger to his mouth, Souji closed his eyes and slid it between his lips, sucking eagerly on it as if it was his beloved candy. "Hmmm, Hijikata-san, you taste so good."

The sight of his young lover thoroughly enjoying his taste like that, naked and willing on his lap, did Hijikata in. Stroking his aching cock with his slick hand, he quickly pulled Souji forward. His shaking hands clenched on his loverís hips as he lifted him into position, and then Souji quickly impaled himself.

"SoujiÖ," Hijikata growled, lost in the feel of the tight warmth heíd craved the entire wet, cold walk back home clenching around him. He snapped his hips, needing to be completely engulfed in his loverís body, being buried as deep as he could. He pressed his face against the crook of Soujiís neck, lapping at the sweat beading on silky, pale skin. Souji clutched him tightly as he rode him, moaning repeatedly in his pleasure, soft little sounds that drove Hijikata almost as wild as the feel of the body he was repeatedly plunging inside.

"OhÖ ToshiÖ." Souji panted in Hijikataís ear, slim body writhing against him, and then the velvety heat became even more constrictive, tightening around him until he had to moan in bliss. Feeling his lover come, his thrusts became rougher and frantic. Utterly focused on the pleasure that coursed through him, Hijikata found himself shouting out his loverís name as his orgasm burned through him, consuming him in ecstasy.

He fell back onto the tatami mats, Souji a loose-limbed bundle curled against his chest. He held on to his lover as his breathing evened out, his heartbeat eventually returning to normal. Allowing himself an affectionate gesture, he gently nuzzled Soujiís neck, savoring the scent of cherry blossoms and musk, before his arms slid from the warm body in his embrace and rested on the floor.

Souji sighed, the sound more felt as a breath of warm air against his chest than heard, and slowly sat up. His motions languid and graceful, he brushed back his long hair and reached for a few sheets of paper. Hijikata lay quiet as he was cleaned up and his robes straightened. Once his lover pulled away to tend to himself, he slowly sat up and reached for his pipe. He watched with much regret as Souji clothed himself, covering his lovely body behind silk.

His lover settled beside him, lighting his pipe before resuming the massage from earlier. "Thank you, Hijikata-san."

Grunting, he took a deep breath through his pipe. Slowly exhaling, he scowled at a cheerful Souji. "Youíre not supposed to be so happy about being punished."

"Ah, but I always strive to improve myself, Hijikata-san. My character has many flaws, you know. Perhaps you can punish me more later," Souji teased, his nimble fingers caressing along Hijikataís spine.

Sighing over his irrepressible lover, Hijikata suppressed a smile and tugged on Soujiís hair. "Fool. Weíll discuss this more later." A tingle of anticipation ran through him as he thought about tonight, of having the time to properly enjoy his young love. "Now tell me what really happened while I was gone."

Souji laughed softly before, his voice ever cheerful, informing Hijikata of the past two daysí events. Smoking his pipe, he listened, smiling slightly and very content to be home.


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