"Let me help you with those."

Hosaka smiled slightly at Yumi and shook his head. "No, just sit here while I put these in the dishwasher. That won’t take more than a minute." His amusement grew at the uncertain look on Yumi’s face, his friend clearly wanting to help him but not wanting to be pushy. When Yumi didn’t rise from the couch, he hurried to the kitchen with their dirty plates. In a matter of moments he had the platters and chopsticks in the small washer, and even took a minute to put the leftover takeout in the fridge. While he was in there, he grabbed the bottle of shochu he’d left chilling earlier along with some flavored water, and then reached into the freezer for some ice. He quickly mixed up two rather large drinks before putting the ingredients away and returned to the living room.

"Here," he said as he handed a glass to Yumi, who looked up from the script book he was flipping through.

Yumi frowned a little but accepted the beverage. "Are you trying to get me drunk and then take advantage of me, Hosaka-kun?"

He didn’t buy into the teasing as he settled on the couch beside his friend. Yumi would then only twist things into a crude joke to defuse the situation, something that he was growing very, very tired of – not to mention aggravated with as well. "I thought we could use something stronger while we go through this script. The plot is truly terrible."

Taking a sip of the drink, Yumi’s eyebrows shot up, probably because of how strong the alcohol was, especially when compared with the sake they’d had during their meal. "Are you referring to the part where ‘we’ have sex right after my character is raped by three other men, or the scene where you take me for the first time on an office desk with no… lubrication." Hosaka felt the urge to smile at the slight blush that spread over his love’s cheeks.

"That and the fact that you’re a twenty-two year old virgin just waiting for your sempai at work to notice you and ravish you so much that you can’t walk for a week." He grimaced in distaste as he thought about the absurd plot, one much worse than other Boys Love albums he’d done in the past.

"Ah, but I’m not a twenty-two year old virgin, Tsuyoshi is," Yumi pointed out before sipping his drink. "Be kind to me, Matsui-san."

Hosaka snorted as he picked up his own script. "I’m not him. Matsui-san damn near rapes poor Tsuyoshi-kun every chance he gets, if you remember correctly." He sighed and had a gulp of alcohol before resting his drink on the sofa’s arm. "All right, let’s try running through some of the scenes a time or two so we can record this with a straight face tomorrow."

Yumi laughed, the sound warming him up and making his insides flutter more than the alcohol. Dammit, the man was sitting on his couch, face slightly flushed from all the drinks he’d had during dinner, loose blue shirt falling open to reveal sharp collarbones and a smooth chest. "If the script is so bad, why did you agree to it?"

Because he never passed up a chance to work with Yumi-chan, especially when his friend was playing the uke part. "Because the mangaka usually turns out better drivel than this. I agreed when I heard her name and have regretted it ever since."

"Hmmm." Yumi curled his legs up underneath him as his head lolled against the back of the sofa, looking like a content cat. "We did do that one album based on her story of the two lovers from feuding yakuza factions. It was quite popular, and the manga it was based on isn’t as big as this one."

"That plot is like one of Shakespeare’s compared to this," Hosaka grumbled. "All right, enough complaining. We’ll be up all night mocking this thing if we don’t stop now." He felt a surge of anger at the thought that Yumi had probably only accepted this job for the money and didn’t care at all about how silly the story was. Ah well, at least he now had an excuse to work with his friend again, and to make sure he ate properly as they rehearsed. Having Yumi curled up on his couch like this wasn’t bad either, though the man was wearing too many clothes and was too far away….

"How about we warm up with their second ‘encounter’," Yumi smirked as he flipped through his script. "We’ll work our way up to absurd and terrible."

"Uhm, that sounds good to me." Forcing his mind to concentrate on the script, Hosaka searched for the right pages. "Ah, here we go." He cleared his throat and shifted a little closer to Yumi.

"Tsuyoshi-kun, are you still working on the Otake file?" he asked, his voice dropping a little lower than normal. Matsui was a tall, well-built man in his thirties, according to the manga, which called for a very masculine voice.

"Oh! Matsui-san! I… I didn’t realize you were working late too," Yumi stammered, playing Tsuyoshi as an unsure young man, his voice higher than usual and very nervous. Hosaka could see his friend slip into the role by the way his eyes widened, the way his body drew into a tight ball. Tsuyoshi was nothing like the kind, confident Kurokawa.

"I just finished putting together all the information Yoshida-san will need for his presentation tomorrow afternoon. It’s late, Tsuyoshi-kun, you should be home by now." Hosaka could see the scenario in his mind, the older man closing in on his nervous lover.

"I… I’m just about done. Let me save what I have and then – Matsui-san!"

"I closed the file right after you saved it, Tsuyoshi-kun. Now it’ll be there for you to work on in the morning. Let’s go now."

"All – all right, Matsui-san. I guess I’m too tired to work any more tonight," Yumi stammered, his voice portraying the character’s exhaustion.

"You work too hard, Tsuyoshi-kun." In his mind, he could see his character grasp Tsuyoshi’s – who looked just like Yumi – chin in his right hand. "You’re so exhausted your eyes appear bruised."

Yumi laughed nervously. "I’m sorry, Matsui-san. I’m trying very hard not to let anyone down, but the Otake case is proving very difficult."

"I’ll help you with it," he breathed in a husky voice. "All you have to do is ask me, ask me anything, and I’ll do everything I can to help you." He stared hard at Yumi as he said the line.

"I… I don’t want to impose on you, Matsui-san," Yumi replied quietly, the script clenched between his hands. "You’ve done so much-"

"I’ll do anything for you, Yoshi-kun, because you’re mine." He found himself inching across the couch, closer to his friend. "I want you to be happy."

"Matsui-san!" Yumi gasped, the sound making him shiver as his hand brushed against Yumi’s feet.

"Mine, Yoshi-kun." He snarled the words just as Yumi gasped again, the both of them moaning softly and breathing sharply as they simulated their characters’ kiss. Yumi straightened out a little and rested slightly against him.

Drawing in a shuddering breath, he imagined the next part of the scene, of tearing Yumi’s shirt open and running his hands over his lover’s exposed chest. "You’re mine, Yoshi-kun, and I want you now." He paused where they would add the special effects. "Ah, so lovely. Your skin is smoother than a young girl’s. I’m going to touch you all over."

"Matsui-san," Yumi whimpered, and Hosaka’s cock twitched alive as he imagined his name and not the character’s. "Please, not – oohhh."

"Mine, Yoshi-kun. You need to learn that and never forget it." There would be more ripping sounds here so he shifted uncomfortably on the couch and sneaked a sip of his drink. So did Yumi, inbetween pants and gasps. "I’m going to take you right here, on the same desk where I took your virginity."

"Ma-tsui-sa~n." Yumi closed his eyes as he drawled out the name, his breath hitching slightly. "Here?"

"Yes, here." Hosaka’s voice took on a harsh edge as his free hand slid onto his lap and pressed against his growing arousal. "I’m going to fuck you right here and anyplace else I need to until you realize that you’re mine. Until you’re begging me for more."

"Sempai!" Yumi cried out, and then his voice immediately fell into a throaty whisper that made Hosaka want to push him down onto the couch and fuck him right there. Gods, did his friend have to be so damned good at this? "I… I… please, take me. I’m sorry." The great Kurokawa-san indeed, making him rock hard with his voice alone.

He had to take a deep breath before he could continue, his hand rubbing slightly against his hard cock. Thankfully, Yumi seemed too focused on the unfamiliar script to notice his condition. "Oh, I’ll take you here all right. Now remove your pants and bend over the desk."

"Yes, Matsui-san."

"Take those off… no, like this. Spread your legs wider, Yoshi-kun. I want to see all of you."

"Yes, Ma-ahtsui-san." A little hitch in an utterly complacent voice. He wondered if Yumi would be like that, would let him take control and do whatever he wanted. There was a softness to Yumi that suggested he just might, along with his unfamiliarity with gay sex.

Hosaka shuddered as he thought about seeing Yumi naked, legs spread wide as he leaned over a desk, just waiting to be fucked. "Does this feel good?" he asked again and again as Yumi cried out Matsui’s name, along with whimpers and gasps. "Do you want me inside you, Yoshi-kun?"

"Please! Please, Matsui-kun," Yumi sobbed, hazing Hosaka’s mind with lust. There had to be a day when his friend called out his name like that or he’d go insane. There just had to be.

"Maybe I should enjoy you a little more first." He forced his voice to smooth out a little, to take on a slightly teasing edge. "Would you like me to suck on you until you come? Feel my mouth around your cock? Doesn’t it feel even better than my hand right here? Do you remember how hard you came that last time, Yoshi-kun? I do. I can still taste how sweet you are," he purred.

"Please!" Yumi sobbed for a few moments, so realistically he expected to see tears streaming down his friend’s face. "Please put yourself inside me, Matsui-san. I want to feel you filling me completely and stretching me wide. I want to feel you spurting deep and hot inside me!"

Hosaka felt a bit of reality return to the situation with that terrible bit of dialog and couldn’t help but roll his eyes. He looked over at Yumi and received a wry smile before his friend returned his attention to the script. His voice roughening, he continued with the… farce was the word that came to mind. "I will, Yoshi-kun." He grunted deep in his throat while Yumi gasped, the absurdity of this scene distracting him from the thought of pushing into his friend’s body like that, taking him from behind as he was begged to do so.

"So big!" Yumi cried, his voice slightly hysterical. "Matsui-san!"

"Yoshi-kun," Hosaka soothed, his tone all but gloating. He almost smiled when Yumi stuck his tongue out at him. "You can take it, Yoshi-kun. You’ve done it before. Ohh… you’re still so damned tight." He grunted again as Yumi whimpered. The lousy dialog was shattering his fantasy, so he concentrated more on getting through the script without laughing rather than imagining himself fucking Yumi.

Though he almost lost that resolve when Yumi started to whimper, gasp and moan in earnest. "Matsui-san! You’re… ah! Ah! So big, Matsui-san. I can feel you all inside me. Ohhh….."

He allowed his breathing to quicken – not a very difficult thing to do at the moment - and, after noticing that Yumi was focused on the pages once more, devoted his attention to the script. "Yes, Yoshi-kun! You’re so good, so tight. I’m going in even deeper," he said, and seconds later Yumi wailed, the sound filling the apartment and almost making him hard again. "You’re mine! I’ll brand you from the inside out, Yoshi-kun!"

"Matsui-san!" Yumi was back to sobbing, inbetween moans. "I’m yours. Take me harder, please. Please! I want to feel you in me forever." He cried out the character’s name again, face all but hidden by the script. "I’m yours, forever. You make… ah, you make me feel so good! Ah! Deeper! Please! Oh, please!"

They continued on for what seemed a ridiculously long time, Yumi crying out his character’s name and pleading to be fucked harder and faster, Hosaka grunting and groaning until his throat felt sore. Hearing Yumi go on like that, shouting out some other man’s name and pleading to be fucked both turned him on and infuriated him. He wanted it to be his name being called out, to be buried deep inside of Yumi and answering those pleas, giving his friend his all until they both were sated with pleasure. He was growing tired of the fantasy and wanted the reality.

"Matsui-san!" Yumi practically screamed, and he growled out Yoshi’s name as things came to a crescendo – finally. They both panted and gasped in the ‘afterglow’, leaning against each other and both reaching for their drinks to wet their poor throats.

Hosaka swallowed a few times and coughed once. "You’re mine, Yoshi-kun, mine to have whenever and wherever I want," he said in a possessive tone.

"I… I know, Matsui-san. You’re the… the only one who’s made me feel this way," Yumi gasped quietly.

He let his voice fall into an even more ‘masculine’ timber. "I’m the only one who will ever make you feel this way, Yoshi-kun. Only I get to touch you like this, to see you naked and spread before me. No one else gets to be inside you, to make you come. Only me." He glanced at his friend and made a face at the ‘stalker’ dialog but Yumi, his face flushed, refused to look up from the script. Growing a little worried, Hosaka shifted on the couch so he could face his friend.

"I, I know, Matsui-san. I don’t want anyone else looking at me, at… at touching me like you do," Yumi finished in an embarrassed whisper.

"No one else will," he – Matsui, actually, he really couldn’t stomach this character at all – practically growled. "Now let’s get you home, Tsuyoshi-kun. You need some rest," he finished in a much softer tone. Matsui needed to have his ass kicked or something, Hosaka couldn’t see how anyone could stand such a possessive, domineering lover but the women seemed to like it.

Yumi drew in a shaky breath. "Yes, Matsui-san. I… I just want to sleep now."

"You will, Tsuyoshi-kun. I’ll take you to my place and watch over you."

"Th-thank you, Matsui-san." Yumi’s voice sounded so different from his normal one, appallingly so. The only saving grace about this job, Hosaka thought rather glumly, was that he was working with the man he loved – though it was almost painful to hear Yumi spout this drivel.

He took a deep breath and held it in for a moment. "Okay, that’s one scene done. Do you have the stomach tonight to do another one, or do you think you can get through this tomorrow without laughing?" He really didn’t want to cut things short but he didn’t know if he could stand hearing any more of this. He loved Yumi’s company, but these characters… he’d rather they spend the night talking to each other than pretending to be Matsui and Tsuyoshi. Hopefully, their next BL job together would be better.

When Yumi didn’t say anything, he leaned against his friend’s legs. "Hey, you all right or did the horridness of the script finally overwhelm you?" Yumi suddenly shifted his legs as if to get up from the couch, causing him to fall onto his friend.

For a moment they both were still, him practically in Yumi’s lap as his friend stared at him, face flushed and eyes wide opened. Just as Hosaka noticed how dark Yumi’s eyes were, the faint sheen of sweat on his friend’s lovely face, the bulge pressing against his chest, Yumi pushed him away and scrambled from the couch.

"I- I think that’s it for the night, Hosaka-kun," Yumi said, stuttering out his name. "I’ll… I’ll be back with some more drinks," he cried out – but ran into the bathroom, not the kitchen, the door slamming shut behind him.

Hosaka laid on the couch for a moment as his overwhelmed brain processed everything. Yumi had displayed every characteristic of a man aroused, down to an erection. Kurokawa, the great seiyuu, who had never been ruffled by any scripts in the past, and there had been quite a few BL ones in that. He’d never seen Yumi react to any of their past jobs and knew that no one else had either, or he’d have heard. Hell, Kokubu would let that fact slip somehow, just to rub it in to him, if he’d ever gotten a response while working with ‘Kurokawa-sempai’.

He felt a gloating euphoria wash over him. He’d finally done it, he’d finally gotten a response from Yumi-chan. The terrible script surely wasn’t to blame as they’d done much hotter together – but none alone in his apartment, none with Yumi playing uke to his seme and being so utterly dominated.

Smiling, he sat up and finished off the last of his drink. Part of him wanted to barge into the bathroom and force Yumi to face the truth – but that wouldn’t get him anywhere. Yumi was too good at twisting aside his overtures, into making them into jokes or something. No, he had to bide his time, to possibly allow something like this to happen another time or two. Pushing wouldn’t work with Yumi and he wasn’t some brute like Matsui to force himself on the man he loved. His friend required delicate handling.

Oddly enough, the prospect of not getting what he wanted when it was so close at hand didn’t upset him too much. He’d gotten more from Yumi tonight than he’d ever thought he would. Tonight… tonight would be a rehearsal in more ways than one, and there’d be a few others before he felt sure enough to move in for the kill. What was at stake was too important to mess up with impatient and lustful fumbling. He couldn’t risk scaring Yumi away for good and would have to take it slow. And whenever the pace seemed sure to kill him, he’d remember the feel of Yumi-chan hard for him, the way his love looked flushed and wanting with desire.

He smiled at the image and pushed off the couch, pausing to snatch up both of their glasses. He’d fix them some more drinks and then chat with Yumi about how awful the script was until his friend once more felt at ease. If he pushed tonight, Yumi would just be convinced that all he wanted was sex. That was only part of his fantasy and he wanted it all. Wanted Yumi as his lover, as his best friend, as his roommate. He couldn’t help but chuckle softly as he opened the fridge. Poor Yumi-chan, he hadn’t a chance anymore. But it would be best not to let his friend know that just yet, he thought with a wicked grin.


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