There was a heaviness to flying, a sense of restraint. There was the effect of gravity, the weight of his flight suit, the tight bindings of the straps keeping him still as Yukikaze twisted through the sky. He was held tightly and in place while given utter freedom, a paradox that he seemed to delight in. Nowhere else could he let go of everything and be assured that he was still safe, still… still ‘home’.

At least, he’d always thought that he’d only find that feeling while flying, while strapped in to Yukikaze. But here he was, kneeling on Jack’s bed, his upper body and face pressed into the soft mattress, a weight settled on his back, restraints in the form of the long, muscular arm around his waist, the large, strong hand gripping his right shoulder at the junction of his neck. Pinned immobile except for slight movements, and he was utterly free. He was soaring in pleasure.

Jack groaned out his name and thrust forward harshly, pushing in even deeper and sparking more bliss. He couldn’t do anything but gasp at the sensation and toss his head to the side, his hips back as he sought more of that force. His body was being driven, was placed in Jack’s control and he loved the sense of abandonment and security, loved handing over that control and being rewarded like this. A sharp cry escaped him as Jack’s arm pulled his hips even closer, as he felt more force and thickness and pleasure, felt more weight and restraint. He tried to push back even more but there was a limit that was quickly breached – Jack’s strong body eagerly moving forward deeper and deeper into his own, long lean thighs beating against his in a rhythm that grew even more furious and quick.

He couldn’t breathe, couldn’t suck in the air as that spot inside him was battered again and again, lost as he was in the intensity of it all. But he didn’t panic as he knew that he’d manage, that eventually the pressure would lessen just enough, that his body would adjust. And then it would be a quick breath of air, sucking in the scent of the two of them, of sweat and musk and other things so different from canned air but it still didn’t destroy the illusion of flying. Nothing could, not when he felt this good, not when his whole body tingled even stronger than it did as he and Yukikaze fought against gravity with speed.


//Lieutenant Fukai.//

Two very different names, and yet completely the same. Both were his, and he didn’t need to be told that he’d given up control yet again, had never needed to be told that. But what Yukikaze conveyed with flashed, glowing letters, Jack did by tilting up his hips, dragging him scant inches across the bed with the linens wrinkled and sweat-soaked beneath his cheek and even more force entering him, spearing him so incredibly deep until he cried out again. His whole body started to shudder with bliss but he was still held tight, held safe by Jack’s arms and hands and thighs, by the hot hard cock driving into him. He beat himself on these restraints, pushed back and twisted and rocked all in an effort to make the sensations even stronger. Deep down, he’d always had to push things, to test his limits, and Yukikaze and Jack allowed him to do just that, took him over the edge and beyond.

"Oh god, Rei, oh… fuck. You’re so tight. Oh… damn, come here."

He let out a soft sound of protest as he lost the closeness of the mattress, as he felt himself be pulled upright but soon relaxed as Jack’s arms gripped him tightly around hips and shoulders, as he felt Jack’s chest against his back. He was still restrained, still strapped in and now felt Jack’s cock in him even deeper. Oh, now was the time to take advantage of gravity, to allow it to pull him down instead of fighting it. He sank eagerly onto Jack’s bent thighs, onto hard, thick cock and once more lost his breath as it slid into him so incredibly deep…. He was the one taking the other in, and even now Jack held him close and tight, even now Jack sent him soaring.

There was pressure against his neck, a calloused, sweaty hand grasping his jaw and tilting it to the side as wet, ardent lips pressed against his skin. He shuddered and rested his head back – and gasped as more pressure was applied, this time to his own cock. He felt entirely encased by Jack, entirely secure, and the bliss just kept climbing. With it he soared higher and higher as the world grew ever fainter, the only ties to it left were the solid, burning presence moving inside him, the strong restraints around him and intense pleasure.

As always, the moment couldn’t last forever. As the bliss consumed him, turning the night sky behind his eyelids into a flare of white, he felt himself tumble downward. But he was still held tightly, still grounded in Jack so he didn’t fear, he just lost himself into the pleasure that remained. When it faded enough to leave him trapped back on the ground, he became aware of Jack’s hot breath being panted onto his neck, of the sweaty body wrapped around his own tightly enough to draw a protest or two from compressed ribs. They were lying on their sides in Jack’s disheveled bed, passion-spent, but Jack still didn’t let him go.

He enjoyed the restrictive embrace for a few more seconds before moving his hand to touch the back of one of Jack’s and softly murmuring his lover’s name. Despite his harsh breathing, Jack heard him and slowly loosened the arms about him, leaving him now in a relaxed hug that helped to lessen the disappointment of him no longer soaring.

"Hmmm." Jack nuzzled the back of his neck and ran a hand down the front of his chest, the touch making him shiver. "You all right?"

"Yes." He turned around so he could face Jack and rested his hands against his lover’s still heaving chest. He felt muscles and taut skin and sweat, felt a slowing heartbeat that still raced. For a moment he felt a flash of confusion, felt oddly naked without his flight suit and gloves and helmet, but they would only interfere with this type of flying. "That was good."

Jack made a sound of protest and tangled fingers in his hair. "’Good’? You’re going to be the death of me, Rei." He allowed his head to be tugged back and opened his mouth, the taste of Jack against his tongue making him tremble. So many sensations…. He couldn’t stop a needy moan from slipping free as he pulled his lover against him.

Jack chuckled and pushed him onto his back and settled on top of him, pressed him down into the mattress. His hands were grasped and tugged above his head, held tightly in place as his legs were pushed apart. "Is it okay?" Jack asked with concern, body pulling away slightly.

"Oh, ye~s." His legs wrapped around Jack and pulled him back down. He couldn’t get enough of his lover, of the sex at times. He found himself craving the weight of Jack on him like this, of giving himself over and sent soaring into bliss. Some nights, as soon as they were both ready he wanted it again, and Jack had yet to disappoint him. Had yet to fail him.

To spend the day inside of Yukikaze, and the night with Jack inside him… both of them holding him close and setting him free…. He did the tugging now, pulled on Jack’s sweaty hair until his lover dipped his head and kissed him again, and he knew it wouldn’t be long until he soared again. Some nights they wore themselves out completely until they needed a night or two to recover, for the need to build up until they both craved each other so *much*.

He didn’t know what Jack got out of this relationship, didn’t know what he was supposed to do other than give over control at times like this, but Jack was always there for him. Was a buffer against the world that he could rely upon, someone to hold him close. So very little mattered to him, but this, in Jack’s bed, in Jack’s arms, did. Almost as much as flying in Yukikaze. To be able to leave one and find comfort with the other….

He growled out Jack’s name and gasped as his lover pressed downward, against him. A soft gasp escaped him as Jack did something terrible to his neck, used lips and tongue and teeth to set him writhing as much as he could beneath all the weight. A contented sigh slipped free as Jack started rocking against him, creating a spark of bliss that slowly, oh so slowly, grew brighter. He surrendered control again, relaxed his body and titled his head to the side as he embraced Jack’s weight, Jack’s body, Jack’s possession of him. Just a little longer and they’d both be soaring with pleasure, yet entirely wrapped around each other. Trapped between the mattress and Jack, he felt at peace.


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