by nekojita


If I owned Weiß, you better believe I’d be much much too busy playing w/ them to write any fics. Hee.


Twirling a martini glass in his right hand, Crawford looked up from the swirling clear liquid to scan the crowded nightclub. He watched as Ken and Nagi entered the club together, the older man holding onto his boyfriend’s hand tightly. Ken was dressed in his uniform, but Nagi had to substitute a pair of black jeans and a grey silk shirt for his grey school uniform. Through Grau’s mental link, he felt Ken’s unease at being in the large crowd, and his fear of being separated from Nagi. As for the telekinetic, he was enjoying how easily he’d been allowed entrance to the popular establishment. Fifteen year olds normally couldn’t get past the bouncers stationed outside, but Schuldig had taken care of that, and now Aya was preventing the crowd from noticing Nagi’s youth.

Speaking of the devil, Schuldig, who stood out in the crowd due to his bright hair and green jacket, sauntered into the club and immediately took up residence at the bar. All of Grau were now inside the club and ready for their mission. Farfarello was leaning up against a wall near a section of booths and tables, rendered practically invisible by Aya’s power. The Japanese telepath was at another of the place’s many bars, standing by Yohji’s side as the blond ordered some drinks. All that was left now was for the rest of the targets to arrive, and Grau could complete their mission.

<Hey, Papa, we’re all accounted for and eager for some partying. When do we get to have some fun?>

<Relax, Mastermind. Jiangun won’t arrive for another ten minutes. Just blend into the crowd and be prepared when the time comes.> As usual, the damn German was giving him a headache, and the mission was only starting.

<Hn.> Schuldig had been involved with Aya for too long and had clearly picked up from his reticent lover the ability to express vast amounts of annoyance in a single grunt. The mental link he, Aya and Yohji were constantly in seemed to be affecting all of them to some extent and was blending some of their personality traits. It was an interesting development, and would be beneficial to the team if the threesome weren’t comprised of two hedonistic, hormone-driven extroverts and one reserved introvert. But unfortunately, all that had happened was an exchange of anti-social behavior and lowered morals all around. Which got a bit trying at times and led to a few instances when Crawford wanted to kill all three of them. That almost happened a little over a week ago, hence his plans for tonight.

<Tell me again why I get to do the messy stuff while Blondie’s assigned with Aya to serve as a distraction?>

Ah, his plan was already working. Schuldig was already miserable, but he couldn’t say anything about that. Luckily, Yohji supplied an answer for Crawford.

<Because I’ve spent the past five days wandering all over fucking Hong Kong getting the information we need about Jiangun’s meeting with Hauser, and all you’ve done is fool around with Aya and sleep. Quit your bitching and work for once, you prick.> Yohji’s irritation and amusement were clear through the link, along with Schuldig’s frustration. It didn’t help that Yohji was in the midst of sharing a drink with Aya by pouring a shot into his mouth and quickly kissing the pale man. The two men remained lip locked for a couple of minutes, and then Aya picked up his shot and returned the favor. Schuldig was staring at his lovers, desire plain on his face and started to walk over to them.

<Mastermind, NO.>

<But Crawford….>

Crawford smiled nastily at this latest development. <_NO_. Mastermind, go anywhere near Munin and Vortex, and I’ll send you off to Germany ahead of the team to do reconnaissance for the next couple of months. By yourself.> The rest of Grau’s amusement over the threat filtered through their link as they ‘overheard’ the conversation.

Knowing that he never made idle threats, Schuldig turned around and glared at Crawford, who wasn’t affected in the slightest by the look. Not after spending the past five days receiving much more potent ones from Aya, who was annoyed beyond words about having to put up with a pouting Yohji and a lecherous Schuldig, who had taken advantage of the fact that his rival for the swordsman’s affections was absent, and hadn’t left Aya alone for a single second.

It was what Crawford had counted on when he’d devised the work assignment, and his plan had worked admirably. Yohji had been left to feel the brunt of Schuldig and Aya’s pleasure, too occupied with the mission to even mentally take part, and could only feel what the others were doing without him. As for Aya… when he wasn’t flat on his back or in whatever position Schuldig had talked him into, he was putting up with a sulking lover who was demanding his fair share of attention. It had gotten so bad that Aya had locked himself in his room yesterday and had bribed Farfarello to guard his door. It was plain that Schuldig and Yohji had hoped to lure him out by starting things between the two of them, but Aya had taken sleeping pills and had gotten his first bit of uninterrupted sleep in days.

After making two out of the threesome suffer, it was time for the main culprit to pay for his audacity. Crawford had thought long and hard on how he was going to get his revenge on the men and had enjoyed making Yohji and Aya’s lives miserable this past week. Now it was Schuldig’s turn. He really was thankful that this mission had come along and presented him with a perfect opportunity to teach his teammates a much-needed lesson.

<Mein Gott, he’s got his hands… Crawford, _please_.>

<No.> Schuldig’s pain and frustration were truly enjoyable. <We’ve been over this several times already. You, Berserker and Banshee are to take care of the targets’ bodyguards. Prodigy and I will handle the targets, and Munin and Vortex are to be the distraction. Speaking of which, Vortex, it’s time. I hope the copious amount of alcohol you’ve just consumed won’t affect your talent.> He hadn’t foreseen anything in that regard, and neither had Ken, but Crawford wanted to be sure. He didn’t like surprises, at least not ones that affected him.

<I’m fine, Oracle.>

<Yeah, he’s been hanging out with Schu and I long enough now to develop a decent tolerance, and the drinks are all part of our plan. I needed to loosen my sweetie up a bit before the next stage. One distraction, coming right up.> Yohji’s mental voice was a bit smug about something, and some of that emotion was clearly being directed at Schuldig. Crawford was willing to bet he wasn’t the only one seeking revenge tonight.

Glancing in the couple’s direction, Crawford caught Yohji winking at him. Since he couldn’t pick up what the two men were planning, he watched with a touch of amazement as they started to kiss once again. Aya first circled his arms around Yohji’s shoulders, and then holding on tightly, lifted both of his legs and wrapped them around the taller man’s waist. That did indeed seem to get everyone’s attention, especially when Yohji carried his lover to the dance floor. All eyes were literally on them.

A space was cleared for the two men, thanks to Aya’s telepathy, and everyone stopped and stared as he slowly unhooked his legs from Yohji’s waist. His feet on the ground once more, Aya spun around. Yohji pressed against his back, and the two of them started to dance. It was quite a sight, with Aya dressed all in black: skintight leather jeans that laced down the side, showing hints of creamy white flesh before tucking into knee high boots, and a silk t-shirt that looked as if he’d borrowed it from Nagi, leaving several inches of his belly exposed, the light reflecting off a silver ring containing both jade and emerald beads.

In contrast, Yohji was dressed in brilliant colors. Red leather pants even tighter than Aya’s, and cut indecently low. A gold mesh top completed his outfit, loose and sliding off one of his shoulders. They would have drawn attention for their looks alone, but now that they were out on the dance floor, Yohji grinding against Aya’s ass, one of his gloved hands resting on the smaller man’s groin as he sucked on Aya’s neck…. Finding himself ensnared by his teammates’ ‘distraction’, Crawford shook his head and returned his attention back to the mission.


<No. Make me say it again, and I really will send you to Germany on the first flight out tomorrow morning.>


He could feel Yohji’s amusement and pleasure at having almost the entire club staring at him as he dirty danced with his lover. Aya radiated a hint of smugness, but mostly desire, pleasure and concentration. Crawford was relieved that he could count on the man to remember why Grau was here, especially when all Yohji was interested in was trying to slide his hands underneath the tight black leather.

From Farfarello came the familiar buzz of madness, held at bay by the anticipation of the blood to come.

<Vortex, are you keeping tabs on Berserker?>

<… yes.> Aya’s head rested on Yohji’s shoulder for a moment. <Banshee, Mastermind, leave the majority of the guards to Berserker. He’ll be easier for me to manage later if he works off some energy tonight.>

<Understood, Vortex. I don’t mind if he does most of the work this time.> Ken was clearly uncomfortable with the scene on the dance floor, doing his best not to pay attention to two of his friends fondling each other in public. Nagi was watching Yohji and Aya carefully, for when the time came that Ken and he were called on for a similar duty. The teenager was looking forward to that day.

As for Schuldig…. <That’ll cost you, kleines Veilchen.> The innuendo was clear in the German’s thoughts as he lounged against the bar, a drink in one hand and the other tucked into a pocket of his dark green jacket. Schuldig was jealous that Yohji was having all the fun, still upset about being locked out of his room and denied the day before, and now horny from watching his two lovers.

<Do you want to spend another night in the spare bedroom, Mastermind? This time, alone?> Aya turned around in Yohji’s arms and dragged the man’s head down for a kiss, his hips gyrating against his partner’s. It was very clear from his actions where _Yohji_ was going to be sleeping that night. Or, more correctly, where he was going to be spending the night.

The wave of hurt, frustration and thwarted lust that radiated off Schuldig made Crawford’s lips curve upwards. Oh yes, Schuldig was indeed suffering at the moment. The German turned around and ordered another drink.

<Get drunk and mess up the mission, and you’ll be in the spare bedroom for the next month.> There were times that Crawford truly enjoyed having Aya on his team, last week aside.

<You’re a vicious little bastard, Aya.> Schuldig frowned at his drink and sipped it. <And stop laughing, Hidaka, or we’ll get into a discussion right here and now on your definition of what is and isn’t sex. Very interesting loopholes you and the kiddo have come up with.>

The whole team could feel Ken’s embarrassment, and Crawford counted down the seconds until Schuldig let out a yelp and spilled his drink on his jacket, thanks to a mental slap from Aya and a telekinetic one from Nagi. Oh, this was turning out even better than he’d planned.

Glaring about the nightclub, Schuldig muttered under his breath and leaned over the bar to snag a towel to dry himself with. The few partiers around him who’d noticed the incident and had smiled or laughed were soon clutching their heads, grimacing in pain. The whole situation was very amusing, what with Schuldig being abused and made to suffer. Enjoying the sight before him, Crawford’s watch suddenly beeped, and the slight smile on his lips faded away.

<All right, Jiangun’s arrived.>

From their respective positions about the nightclub, Grau surreptitiously glanced at the entrance and watched as a middle aged, slim Chinese man walked in, surrounded by four bodyguards. Crawford noticed the undercover guards scattered about the club who were also paying attention to the man, pausing in their socializing and dancing to observe their employer make his way to one of the large round booths.


<I’m aware of all of them, Oracle. I thought the team might appreciate noting where they’re stationed. As soon as the target is seated, I’ll snare their attention again.> Aya telepathically flashed the location of all the bodyguards throughout the club. How the man could be so aware of everything going on when Yohji was licking his ear like that amazed even Crawford. As Hauser rose to his feet and welcomed the Chinese man in charge of the majority of the criminal organizations in Hong Kong and southwestern China, Crawford searched the crowd for sign of any agents from Rosenkreuz. He knew from his vision that three of them would be stationed in the club tonight, and he didn’t want to chance having Aya or Schuldig search for them with their talents.

It was Ken’s power that showed Grau their location. With the targets’ approaching death and Crawford’s need, the younger precog’s talent kicked in. That had been happening rather often lately, someone else’s power responding to another teammate’s need. It happened mostly with Schuldig, Aya and Yohji; their abilities seemed to pass onto each other at certain times, but this wasn’t the first incident of Ken’s precognition showing what someone else on the team wanted to see.

The vision showed Ken and Schuldig taking care of the three enemy talents, while Farfarello slaughtered the guards and Nagi and he killed the targets. Heartened by what promised to be a successful mission, Crawford sent his thanks to Ken and leaned against a railing looking out over the dance floor. This mission was critical, and failure was not an option. Not if Grau wanted to keep the remains of Esset from gaining a foothold here in Asia. That was why Hauser was here with three talents, participating in a meeting with one of the area’s foremost crime lords. The two men were hoping for a merger of sorts that would enable them to expand inside each other’s territories. While Grau was looking to put an end to a hated enemy, and to take advantage of the opportunity to dispose of Jiangun. It was a classic two birds, one stone situation. They would have one less enemy at their back, and it would create enough chaos here in the Pacific Rim to enable the newly established Kritiker to reinsert its presence in the area.

<Papa, can we please kill them now and get this over with?> Schuldig’s mental voice was pleading, and the thought was echoed hungrily by Farfarello. Looking over at his friend, Crawford found the man staring at the dance floor, a wistful expression on his face.

<In a few more minutes. Now would be a very good time to get into position. As soon as I join Prodigy by the targets, then we’ll make our move. Will you be able to handle the crowd, Vortex?>


Crawford glanced out on the dance floor and found his attention snared. No wonder his teammate had seemed a little unfocused. Yohji had both hands down the back of Aya’s leather pants, cupping the smaller man’s ass and using that hold to pull him closer as their hips ground together. Aya’s hands were buried in the blond’s shoulder length hair, and his head was tossed back. Yohji was busy licking Aya’s neck, his tongue moving up the taut column, and as Crawford watched, the two men began kissing each other ferociously. Their heads moved back and forth, their lips never parting for a second, yet somehow they managed to continue dancing. Or more correctly, continued writhing against each other in time to the beat. When the kiss finally ended, Yohji and Aya stared in each other’s eyes for a moment then Yohji was once again licking and sucking on the redhead’s neck. One of Aya’s hands shifted downward, sliding underneath his lover’s shirt and up his chest.

It dawned on Crawford that his pants were becoming a wee bit tight. It might be a good idea on his part to seek out a willing body at the end of the mission, considering the lust and desire that flooded his veins at the moment. Hopefully he still had the number of that one escort service; they were suitably reputable and had a wide enough selection that he should find someone to suit his taste. Right then and there, a redhead would do. Then, thankfully, his brain kicked back into gear and Crawford remembered the reason for the floorshow. Shifting about, he forced himself to look away from the couple, and to resume scanning the crowd. Most of whom were staring, completely enraptured, at Yohji and Aya. Part of it was due to Vortex’s power, drawing in and snaring people’s attention, but he had to admit that a large part of it was due to the simple fact that the men were beautiful, and the sight of them together, hands roaming over each other’s body… pressing against each other….

This wasn’t helping any. Finding his eyes seeking out his teammates once again, Crawford cursed when they rested on a crimson maned head that was inching downwards, pausing when it was level with Yohji’s crotch. Digging his nails into his right hand, Crawford forced his attention away from the scene on the dance floor once more. Munin and Vortex were providing too good a distraction, and he needed to get over to the targets. Suddenly, his power flared to life, leaving him clutching at the railing he’d been leaning against.

**Aya’s hands were again buried in Yohji’s hair, but it was to pull the blond’s head backwards so he could tug on the man’s earring with his teeth. Only to release it as he mewled, Schuldig’s mouth attached to his neck. The three men were lying on their sides in bed together, Aya between the two longhaired men, all of them facing to the left. Yohji moaned, his hand reaching back to grasp Aya’s hip, urging him to thrust forward. Schuldig chuckled lowly and snapped his hips, forcing the pale man to move. Buried in each other, the men panted out each other’s names between moans and gasps. Aya and Schuldig’s hands moved over Yohji’s cock, and the blond bit into his own lip, the bead of blood that slipped down his face eagerly lapped up by the smaller man thrusting into him. Their hips pistoning back and forth, hands roaming over their sweat-drenched bodies, mouths latching on to whatever they could, the three of them completely lost in each other.**

Shaking off the vision, Crawford ground his teeth together as he forced his traitorous body to heel. Later on he could indulge it, but not during a mission, and certainly not while he was thinking of his fellow teammates. Most definitely not while thinking of his fellow teammates. If Schuldig ever caught wind of this little incident… the teasing would be merciless. Crawford would hate to have to shoot the bastard and disturb the team’s balance, not to mention he didn’t know how his death would affect Aya and Yohji, who weren’t quite so annoying, certain lapses in judgment aside.

Moving through the crowd, Crawford ignored the various people who tried to attract his attention, even brushing off the hand or two that tugged on his black Armani jacket. He needed to get near the targets and complete the mission. Grau’s continued well-being depended on this.

With each step he took the link between the seven of them developed a deeper clarity. He tasted Farfarello’s hunger for blood and death, Ken and Nagi’s anticipation, Schuldig’s frustration and longing, Yohji and Aya’s pleasure in each other, and the latter’s intense concentration. Visions started to flood his mind once again, but this time it dealt strictly with the mission and not his teammates’ sex life. Thankfully.

Crawford came to a stop right before the table, and Aya’s talent kept the bodyguards from even noticing him. Grau knew when Yohji dragged his lover off the dance floor and over to a wall, drawing the crowd’s attention with them. The seven of them sensed when Aya’s legs wrapped around Yohji’s waist once more, and as a black shirt was pushed up to reveal a pale chest for the blond’s mouth to ravish, the Japanese telepath grasped the night club patrons’ minds tighter in his grasp, save for those of his team, the targets and the Rosenkreuz agents.

Who had begun to realize that something was going on. They glanced about the club, and began moving towards Yohji and Aya. From Schuldig’s thoughts, Grau knew that the other talents had recognized the two men, and now that a throng of dancing people weren’t surrounding them, had decided to close in and detain them. Ken’s visions flew along, showing Grau various possibilities of what would happen if they reached their objective.


Nagi used his power to knock aside the guards blocking the targets. Crawford smoothly pulled out his gun and shot Hauser before the man could call out for his security. Jiangun managed to pull out his own gun, but let out a curdling shriek as both it and his hand were crushed. The noise stopped as the same invisible force snapped his neck. Nodding his head at Nagi, Crawford surveyed the rest of his team.

Yohji was holding Aya upright, his mouth attached to the pale man’s neck. Aya’s eyes were closed, not in pleasure as the watching crowd assumed, but in an effort to keep hundreds of people from noticing that Farfarello was involved in a bloodbath, killing the targets’ security with gleeful abandon as they arrived to protect their employers. Nagi prevented any stray bullets from disappearing into the crowd. Ken slashed the throat of his target with enough force to nearly decapitate the Rosenkreuz agent. Schuldig calmly pointed his gun at the enemy talent who he’d incapacitated with a mental attack while dealing with the other agent, shot him, then walked away from the two bodies towards his lovers.

The scent of blood, bodily fluids and gunpowder filled the air, but no one aside from Grau noticed. With Nagi by his side, Crawford moved away from the booth and approached Farfarello.


<One… moment.> Aya curled his arms around Yohji’s neck, his head lying on the blond’s shoulder as he pushed with his talent. Farfarello, busy stabbing his knife into the stomach of one of Hauser’s guards, stopped ranting about God, casually reached out to slit the man’s throat and then rose to his feet. The three of them made their way to the exit, pausing in front of the coat check while waiting for the others to arrive.

Ken hurried over to his boyfriend’s side, hugging Nagi close for a moment and sharing a brief kiss. Schuldig, Yohji and Aya arrived a minute later, the two longhaired men supporting the exhausted telepath between them. Their mission completed, Aya was only concerned with preventing the patrons from noticing the dead bodies in their midst and deflecting attention from Grau.

Nodding his head in Farfarello’s direction, Crawford frowned at Schuldig until the other man sighed and reluctantly moved away from his lovers. The German crossed over to the coat check, and within a few seconds had coerced the smiling girl working there to hand him a large trenchcoat that had belonged to one of the bodyguards. The coat was then tossed at Ken, and as the brunet wrapped it around a smiling, blood drenched Farfarello, Schuldig hurried back to Yohji and Aya.

Once there, he cupped Aya’s face between his hands and lifted it for a kiss. Yohji pressed against the pale man’s back, and when Schuldig finished kissing Aya, he leaned in some more and kissed Yohji just as passionately. Seeing the three men pressed close together, Aya in the middle, made Crawford flash back on the vision from earlier. Guess he knew what those three were going to be up to tonight. Not that it was such a big surprise.

"So, are we gonna party some more, or get our asses out of here before someone realizes that there are, oh, about twenty or so dead bodies all scattered about? Me personally, I vote we go home. I’ve got better things to do there." Schuldig leered at his two lovers then looked over his shoulder at Crawford, the pout back on his lips. Content with the successful mission, Crawford decided that he’d resume Schuldig’s punishment tomorrow. It was the German’s turn to spend the next few days away from other two.

"Vortex, how much longer can you keep them from noticing the bodies?"

A pair of violet eyes closed for a moment as Aya considered the question, judging his energy reserves. <Until we’re about halfway home, barring too much traffic.>

He didn’t think that would be a problem. "All right then, let’s go." Nagi telekinetically nudged Farfarello along in front of him, Ken following on his heels. As Yohji ushered Aya to the threesome’s car, Crawford put a restraining hand on Schuldig’s arm. "I’d like a word with you."

"What can I do for you, o noble Kaiser?" Schuldig bent with a flourish, gracing him with a mocking bow. Enough of the link remained that Crawford could sense his friend’s irritation at being separated from his lovers.

"I’m so glad you’re this willing. Yohji uncovered a few leads about Rosenkreuz’s affairs in this area, and I want you to spend the next few days following them. We need to make sure that none of them remain here when we leave for Europe, or they may cause trouble for both us and Kritiker."

Schuldig frowned, and Crawford could sense the man’s mulish nature rising to the fore. "Why me? Ken and Nagi can handle that task just as well as I can, or even better. Why are Yohji and I being stuck with all the grunt work lately?"

Smiling evilly, Crawford leaned in closer. Time for the kill. "Because I’m willing to bet that you’re the smart one behind the bright idea of the three of you having sex in my office last week." Only the slight widening of pale green eyes tipped him off that his hunch had been right. "Don’t try to deny it. You weren’t as thorough in cleaning up as you thought, not to mention the fact that my papers were out of order. There’s enough for a DNA sample, at the very least."

Jerking a hand through his hair, Schuldig cursed softly in German and looked over at where Yohji and Aya were waiting for him. "Are you seriously telling me you’re being all pissy because we had some fun in your office? Crawford, you need to get a life."

"No, you need to get over your need to thumb your nose in people’s faces. I warned you what would happen if you ever did such a thing, and you just had to go ahead and do it." They had sex on _his_ desk. He had to have it scrubbed down and the varnish reapplied. His _desk_, the place he worked and thought, where he spent most of his day, was soiled like that. It was damn near sacrilegious.

"Now before you protest any more, just shut up and accept your punishment. Unless you want Aya and Yohji to know that they’ve been suffering because of one of your bright ideas. I know for a fact how unhappy Yohji was at being away from the two of you for several days, and as for Aya… whose discipline would you rather face, mine or his?" No, Aya would not be pleased at all to discover they’d been found out, or that he’d been made to pay for one of Schuldig’s hair-brained schemes. Though perhaps that would make the man put his foot down a little more often.

Schuldig gulped and glanced over his shoulder again, as if afraid the two men had heard that. When he faced Crawford again, it was with a furious scowl on his face. "Just so you know, you’re a backstabbing bastard."

"Never even think of fooling around in my office again, Schu, and I could care less about your opinion of me. I’ll expect to see you by nine in the morning, so enjoy your ‘fun’ while you can." Feeling smug, Crawford walked over to his car, where Ken and Nagi were impatiently waiting for him.

The best part was, due to the nature of their link, Aya and Yohji would eventually find out the reason for the past week of misery. That was the final part of Crawford’s revenge. Then Schuldig would really be made to suffer, and he wouldn’t have to worry about sitting at his desk anymore, right in a spot of a certain bodily fluid. Ruining both his favorite Prada suit and requiring him to order a new leather chair, just after he’d broken the previous one in. Not that Schuldig would suffer enough. Really, his fucking office. He should have just shot the bastard.



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