Birthday for Aya


by nekojita


Yohji at first fought the impulse to wake up, drifting in a semi-conscious state while trying to figure out why he wasn’t deeply asleep at the moment. It was still a bit dark outside, there was no one banging on the door nor was the alarm ringing, and he didn’t sense any panic, fear or concern. About to continue sleeping, it finally occurred to him why he’d been hoping to wake up early this morning.

He almost sat upright in bed when the realization hit, stopping himself just in time before he woke up Aya. The whole point on missing out on some sleep was that he wanted to be up before his early riser of a mate. To aid in that, he’d even fed heavier than usual last night before going to sleep.

Smiling as he recalled all the delicious, invigorating energy that had poured into him during that sex, he purred slightly, reached for the jar of lube then curled up closer behind his sleeping lover. Yohji smoothed his left hand along Aya’s side and hip, slowly feeding back some of that energy while he sucked gently on his mate’s neck. This morning was a special one, so he wanted Aya to awaken to as much pleasure as possible. While his left hand continued to stroke and caress, his right fumbled with the jar so he could undo the lid and scoop out some of the slick cream.

Between the soft touches and light sucking, Aya began to stir by the time Yohji’s fingers were slick and maneuvered between their bodies. He’d just started to rub them around Aya’s puckered hole, purposely keeping his touch light so as not to come across as too abrupt or forceful, when his mate moaned out his name and shifted about on the bed. Since it was summer, Aya’s naked body was only covered by a thin white sheet that had been pushed down to his hips during the night. All that pale skin was on display, slowly growing flushed and covered with a sheen of sweat while Yohji skillfully teased him awake.

"Yotan," Aya moaned again, his eyes fluttering open the same time he tilted his head further to the side, pressing it against the pillow so Yohji could suck and nibble on more of his neck. "Mmmm." He reached back and tangled his fingers in Yohji’s hair, a happy sigh escaping him when Yohji sucked harder on the offered flesh. The sigh changed into a purr, his hips rocking backwards when Yohji carefully pushed a finger inside of him.

The feel of his lover’s happiness, desire and growing pleasure made Yohji short of breath for a few seconds, his mouth and hands stilling until Aya growled in complaint. His lips curved into a smile as he pressed a kiss against the forming bruise on Aya’s neck then moved to a new spot to mark, the slight ache in his right arm forgotten as he continued to prepare his lover for the ecstasy to come. Aya’s body slowly opened up to him, muscles contracting then relaxing while his fingers pushed apart and curled about inside such tight, glorious heat.

"Do you feel good, Aya?" he whispered before sucking on the spot just below Aya’s left ear, his free hand now twirling in teasing circles on the smooth skin of his mate’s lower belly. "Do you want to feel me inside of you?" There hadn’t been any nightmares for a couple of weeks, but Yohji was still cautious about pushing things too far while Aya was still groggy from sleep. Even though he could sense his mate’s emotions, he wanted Aya to know that *he* was in control, that he could stop Yohji with a simple word… or spur him onward.

Aya gasped and tightened his grip on Yohji’s hair. "Oh, yes." He moved his hips again as if to force Yohji’s fingers deeper, the same time his right hand grabbed Yohji’s and moved it lower.

Short, curly hair rubbed against Yohji’s fingers before they brushed against his lover’s hard arousal. Yohji chuckled, his mouth once more fastened to Aya’s neck, and he obliged his lover by wrapping his fingers around Aya’s cock the same time that he pushed in as deeply as he could. The way his mate groaned and shivered, potent sunlight racing into him with increasing speed, informed him that his attention was indeed welcome.

Keeping in mind that they had all day in front of them and that he’d just wanted to start it in the most pleasurable way possible, Yohji decided that he wasn’t going to tease his mate *now*. No, this would be a way to put Aya in the best mood possible and take the edge off his hunger so he could make the next round of sex as leisurely as possible. Purring at the thought of what lay ahead for them both, Yohji nuzzled Aya’s neck as he pulled his fingers free, having to shift backward a few inches so he could fetch more lubricant and rub it on his cock.

"I’ll give you anything you want, Aya," he whispered again, the semi-darkness of the room and the silence around them seeming to call from quiet. Besides, this way he could hear Aya’s purrs and ragged breathing, the times when his mate’s breath caught at a particular touch or nibble. Even with his enhanced night vision, the darkness made him more aware of the touch and movement, the minute trembles he provoked when his skin brushed against Aya’s and his cock slipped past parted cheeks. Later he’d light the candles and have Aya stretched beneath him, able to watch the expressions that crossed his lover’s face and see as much of that beautiful body as possible, but this was equally as enjoyable.

The pleasure and desire he felt grew as he slowly pushed inside, finding it hard to breathe as Aya’s body clenched around him and seemed to draw him further in. His hand around his lover’s cock tightened for a few seconds, mimicking what he felt until Aya moaned and the sunlight burst inside of him as of exploding. It sizzled along his nerves, such a pure concentration of energy, ecstasy and love that he spared a moment to wonder how he could ever have lived without it. The longer that they were mates, the more he found reasons just to touch Aya, desperate for the slightest trickle of that addictive sunlight. Not all of it revolved around the need to feed, either; part of the rush was knowing that he made Aya feel so damn good and that Aya loved him so much.

"Ah!" Aya’s spine arched and his hips thrust back to take Yohji in that last inch. Both of them stilled after that, bodies adjusting and hearts racing so fast that Yohji was surprised they didn’t burst from the exertion. The slight motion from Aya exhaling sent sharp pleasure skittering along his nerves and then he *had* to move, had to feel the way Aya would shift to take him in as deeply as possible, the way that clenching heat seemed to hold onto his cock as much as possible before he thrust into it again.

"So fucking *good*." He was still whispering, still unsure of breaking the peacefulness of their room when Aya was so quiet and intent on pleasure. Their hands continued to stroke along Aya’s cock, fingers twined together as they moved as if one. Yohji snaked his right arm beneath the pillow to cradle Aya’s head, the taste of salt and a hint of blood on his tongue as he marked as much of his mate’s neck as possible. The demon part of him urged him to bite deep, to leave no doubt that Aya belonged to him, but he did his best to resist; he didn’t want any pain right now, not even the kind that felt good because this was the start of a special day.

His hips moving in slow but forceful motions, he didn’t so much draw the moment out as savor it as much as possible. Their slick bodies rubbed together, both of them desperate for as much contact as possible while the ecstasy spiraled higher by the sensations they felt and sent to each other. Their legs tangled together, their hands moved jerkily along Aya’s cock and they felt a sense of loss whenever they pulled apart right before thrusting their hips back together, gasping and moaning at once again being joined so deeply together. The sunlight Yohji fed from coursed through his body, left him hazed with ecstasy, need and love, his senses sharpening and his awareness of anything but Aya fading away. It was such a perfect moment, such a pleasurable one that time almost stilled. Then a twist of hips, the clenching of fingers and the bite of teeth against taut flesh sent them both crashing into pleasure so sharp it made them oblivious to anything else.

"Oh gods, I’m gonna burn up one of these days," Yohji gasped as soon as he was able to speak, his nerves still tingling and body heated by the invigorating energy that threatened to burst through his skin. He sent as much as he could back to his mate, Aya a sleepy, blissfully relaxed presence lying next to him. Chuckling at the sound of a very well content purr, he hugged his mate closer and nuzzled Aya’s sweaty left temple. "Happy birthday, love."

"Hmm?" Aya managed to shift about, slowly untangling their limbs so he could turn around and face Yohji. Before he could speak, he was graced with his first proper kiss for the day, moaning softly as their lips pressed together. "My birthday?"

"Yep." Yohji wasn’t surprised that his lover had forgotten the importance of today’s date. "Your birthday all day long." He smiled and waggled his eyebrows. "A day filled with sex, fun, cake, sex, laughter, cake, more sex, food, wine, dancing, cake and lots of sex." There was no way to hold back the laughter when Aya rolled his eyes and gave him a weak hit on the shoulder. "Hey, I promise there will almost be as much cake as sex since it’s *your* day."

"Hmph." Aya’s eyes were sparkling with amusement and his lips curved in a definite smile. "What type of cake?" That same amusement bubbled over their link and made Yohji feel as if he’d just drunk a goblet full of very fine wine.

"A layer each of almond and spice cake with lots and lots of buttercream frosting. I bet Jo’s making them already." She’d been planning the cakes all week, careful to not let Aya know what was going on. Yohji had been afraid that if Aya had known about the plans that he’d do his best to make everyone downplay the day, which just wasn’t going to happen. Nope, not after everyone had been so upset to find out that he’d deliberately let his birthday last year slip past with no special recognition. "She said she’d make several of them so you could eat as many slices as you like."

That made Aya’s purr strengthen and he took to combing his fingers through Yohji’s hair. "How long have you been planning this?" His happiness faltered for a few heartbeats. "I hope it’s nothing like what you did for our anniversary…."

"No." Yohji gave him another kiss and sent reassurance over their link. He’d reined in all impulses to make today as extravagant as possible, not wanting to make Aya feel uncomfortable. Well… he did have several presents that he planned to give his mate throughout the day, and all the staff had bought something for Aya as well. "Nothing fancy, but everyone wanted to do something for your birthday." He pressed his fingers against his lover’s lips to prevent the immediate argument. "I know you don’t think it’s a very special day and that you’ll have too many to count in the future, but remember that’s not the same for everyone else. Jo and the others want to treat you the same way as they do as the rest of their friends and family."

Aya eyed him with some suspicion before sighing and snuggling closer; now that the sweat was cooling on their bodies there seemed to be a chill in the air. Yohji tugged the sheet back up over them, content to rest here in bed for however long before Aya insisted on getting up, washing off and changing the sheets. "I guess if I want the cake then I have to go along with things." He gently nipped Yohji’s shoulder. "It’s… I’m grateful for the effort, it’s just…." Giving up on speaking, he shook his head and let his love, happiness and confusion flow over their mental link.

Yohji thought he understood, especially after seeing Aya’s reactions to their anniversary party; for too long, Aya had been led to believe that the day of his birth had *not* been a good occasion, definitely not something to celebrate. There was also the fact that he was the type of person to not really care about such things for himself even if he spent a week searching for the perfect gift for Yohji’s birthday or willingly worked in the main room so Ani didn’t have to on hers. Maybe one day Yohji would convince his lover of just how special he was.

"Look at it this way – Birman, Crawford and Yuushi know that they risk death to bother us with any work today, the staff won’t let you so much as lift a plate for yourself and there will be lots and lots of delicious cake, food and wine all day long. We can spend the day in bed or down in the hot spring, and your friends will show up later to give you presents." For once he did the jabbing, his finger into Aya’s ribs. "I even invited Mustang just so Ed and Al could be here, and managed to talk Rufus into coming, too, so Reno wouldn’t get into any trouble for being here all evening." If there was any one way to prove his love to Aya, it was to suffer through an evening with Mustang glaring at him and Rufus pestering him with questions about shinigami and Kritiker Court politics all night.

Aya actually laughed and leaned back so he could look at Yohji. "Poor Yotan." He trailed his fingers along Yohji’s spine and laughed again at the shiver of pleasure it provoked. "Okay, I promise to do my best not to be upset or hide in the library all day." Some of his amusement faded away. "Though I still don’t see why it’s such an important day. Meeting you… yes, that I can understand, but not today."

"Maybe it’s just a human thing." Yohji combed his fingers through one of Aya’s eartails and leaned forward to give his mate a kiss on the forehead. "They’re a lot more fragile and short-lived than us, so every year is special." What would it be like when a year seemed little more than a day or two to him? It was so difficult to comprehend sometimes that he’d only known Aya for little more than a year, his mate had such an impact on his life, yet he often got when exactly certain events in that past year had happened mixed up because most of the weeks and months blended together.

"Here, don’t move just yet," he told his lover as he got out of bed, pausing by the washstand to dampen a cloth for Aya. Then he fetched one of the packages he’d stashed through his set of drawers over the last couple of weeks, the one wrapped in dark blue paper with a silver ribbon. Returning to the bed, he shook his head when he noticed that Aya had pulled the sheet up more and now lay on top of it, and wasn’t surprised when the cloth was snatched from his left hand. He waited until Aya had wiped himself clean before handing over the package.

"I thought… well, open it and see if you like it, Cat. If not, there are more presents." He smiled in the face of Aya’s sudden glare then waited apprehensively for the gift to be unwrapped. When it was, he anxiously focused on the emotions he felt from his lover and the ones that flashed across Aya’s lovely face.

Turning the leather bound book over in his hands, Aya opened it and flipped through its pages. "They’re blank." He closed the book and ran his fingers over the dyed leather, following the marbled ripples of various shades of grey and silver.

"Well… it’s for you to write in it. You can use it when you translate things or if you want to remember anything for the future." Yohji had been a little torn over the gift, aware of the sadness that could be found in Aidan’s and other kage’s journals. Yet he truly believed Aya’s life to be much better than theirs, filled with people and events he’d want to recall when the years had turned into centuries.

"Oh." Once again, Aya’s face betrayed little of what he was feeling, leaving Yohji eternally grateful for the bond between them. When Aya finally did look at him, the tiniest of smiles on his face, Yohji knew that he was pleased with the gift. "Thank you." He carefully set it aside so he could shift forward to give Yohji a kiss.

"It only seemed fair after you gave me some sketchbooks and charcoals for my birthday present." Yohji laughed and tugged on Aya’s arms until his mate straddled his thighs. "Though it did feel weird buying you a book without a lot of words in it and that didn’t cost a fortune."

Aya glared at him for the joke, even if his emotions belied the disgruntled expression. "The good thing about books is they won’t lose their value over the years as long as they’re treated properly. Consider it an investment, Yotan. Much better than spending one’s money on alcohol all the time."

"Hmm, but you get the money to buy all those books because people come here to drink," Yohji couldn’t help but point out, and laughed when his mate snapped his teeth in response. "It’s all a matter of perspective, Cat."

"Why am I not surprised that you argue in favor of alcohol?" Aya asked, clearly not expecting an answer in return. He snapped his teeth again while his fingers gently undid the knots in the hair on Yohji’s nape. "And weren’t you the one who said the birthday boy isn’t supposed to be teased or abused, hmm?" He arched an eyebrow, appearing so damn gorgeous just then, naked skin gleaming softly in the dim light, a smile on his lips and his tousled hair falling into shining eyes. That he was Yohji’s, now and forever, made Yohji’s heart skip a beat or two.

"Let me see if I can recall something like that." He closed his eyes and pretended to concentrate, laughing when he heard Aya hiss in annoyance. "All right, I’ll do my best not to tease you today." He reached up to brush his fingers over the vivid bruises on Aya’s neck. "Well, not verbally, at least. The awesome dick has plans to make you beg later today." In fact, his cock twitched in anticipation, the feel of Aya’s lean, strong thighs against his and that perfect ass pressing against him a potent aphrodisiac.

"We’ll see who does the begging." There was a predatory gleam to Aya’s suddenly silver eyes, which did nothing to calm down Yohji’s awakened libido. So of course he moaned in disappointment when Aya suddenly left him and the bed.

"Hey! I liked how things were going just then!" Yohji said as he crawled to the edge of the bed, then sulked as he watched Aya wipe himself with a wet, soapy cloth.

Aya glanced over his shoulder, a very promising smile on his face that made Yohji get off the bed without even thinking of moving. "If it’s my birthday, I’m sure that Jo will have a big breakfast prepared for me. I think now would be a good time to find out." He glanced at the curtained windows and the thin stream of sunlight that wormed its way past the fabrics’ edges. "And if you and the awesome dick are planning on all that ‘sex’ between the cake then I better make sure I’ve the energy to take part in the fun."

That effectively put a stop to any complaint on Yohji’s part. "In that case, then we better go see if she has enough bacon and pancakes to satisfy you." He hurried from the bed so he could clean up, too, and was treated to the cherished sound of Aya laughing while his lover pulled on some clothes. Judging from their loose fit, Aya was just making himself decent enough to enjoy breakfast and would be back up here soon enough. If Yohji and the awesome dick did a good enough of a job today, they might even keep him from stepping into a library all day, he thought with an amused grin.

Despite the fact that they could be having sex right now, Yohji felt very happy. Aya was accepting today’s events with a better grace than expected, they didn’t have to work at all and he couldn’t wait to see his mate’s reactions to the rest of the presents. It promised to be a joy-filled day, one where they were surrounded by friends… when they finally left the bedroom, that was. Yohji’s hunger was a mostly quiet rumble in the back of his head, currently sated but always eager for more delicious sunlight. Once he’d pulled on a pair of old and comfortable pants and an over-large shirt, he hurried to Aya’s side and trailed his fingers along the back of his mate’s neck. Oh yes, that sunlight was utterly addictive.

"You know that you have full say on what happens today, right? If it’s going to bookstores or researching something, then I won’t try to change your mind." He wanted to make sure that Aya truly did enjoy today, and felt the worry vanish with the way that Aya smiled at and bumped into him.

"How can I resist plans that include so much cake?" he teased, which Yohji thought was damn unfair since he couldn’t really tease back for the rest of the day.

Still, he could stop his lover just short of the door and pull him into a kiss guaranteed to leave him a purring, breathless yet extremely happy man. Yohji savored the feel of Aya in his arms, the way his mate rested against him as if completely confident of his strength and resolve to keep him safe. Aya appeared dazed when the kiss finally came to an end, snapping back to ‘normal’ when Yohji tugged on an eartail. "Just remember who rates even higher in your affection than a piece of cake, okay? Else you’ll be sleeping in the rose bushes tonight, birthday or no birthday." He tried for a stern look, but it was ruined by the way his lips kept twitching to form a grin.

Aya batted his hand aside and opened the door. "I don’t know; considering the cakes that I’m sure Jo will make today, you and the awesome dick will certainly have a lot of competition," he sniffed.

Rushing forward, Yohji pressed against his mate’s back, grabbing Aya’s hips to pull him back for a few seconds. "I can safely say that we’re up to the challenge. Never let it be said that the great Yohji Kudoh was defeated by a dessert!"

That Aya had laughed three times before breakfast was something that was worth being written down, and the joyful sound made Yohji shiver in delight. He could tell that it was going to be a *wonderful* day, even if he couldn’t talk Jo into setting aside a bowl of icing for him to bring back to the bedroom. Though he was still holding out hopes for it….


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