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Sleeping Angels

[Not really, but I couldn’t come up with a title. Strange, huh? ;) Perhaps I should pay someone to come up with titles for me instead...]


Thanks to nekojita *worships* for letting me post this one despite the similarities it got with the first chapter of ‘Bleed’. Haven’t read the VE-arc yet? What the hell are you waiting for?! Shoooo!

This one is set in the Blood-timeline. It wasn’t supposed to be that, but then the muse took control and look what happened... *glares* Anyone want him?



          Omi yawned as he made his way up the stairs towards the kitchen in the dark. Tonight had been another night in front of the computer as he tried to search for information on their targets only to come up with nothing. There had been another bout of murders in the harbor area again with Weiss busy trying to find some leads and not even Kritiker knew anything, which was strange. He would have thought that the organisation at least could have been able to supply some information, but no. Instead, Aya and Ken had been out to late that night down there to try and find something, but not even the two of them had been able to come up with a single clue. Sending them to the scenes of the crimes had otherwise been Omi’s best idea so far – Ken had a certain knack for sniffing out leads where no one else could find them and Aya wasn’t far behind.

          Of course, that had left him with a slightly cranky Yohji back home as he had wanted to go with them to keep an eye on Aya, but after the swordsman had slammed him into a wall for the fourth or fifth time – Omi had stopped counting and instead joined Ken on the floor in laughter – and growled something unintelligible to their ears he had finally relented. Instead, he had sat down to wait on the sofa in the living room and almost sulked. Omi had just sighed and rolled his eyes every time he had passed the blond as he waited up for his lover. Sometimes, he really couldn’t understand how Aya could put up with him but it set it up for a lot of amusing scenes at the Koneko, if nothing else.

          Feeling the smile emerge on his face again, he chuckled as he recalled the rather enthusiastic greeting the swordsman had received when they had returned home. Ken had been shuffled aside as Yohji had more or less resembled a wolf greeting its mate as he almost had sniffed Aya all over before being satisfied as he realized that he wasn’t harmed. Omi and Ken had watched in wide-eyed amazement as Aya had just glared at him before heading off to a shower – one which Yohji hadn’t been invited to judging by the way he had come pouting back down again. By that time, the other two had begun going over the non-existant clues and he had joined them for a while.

          As Aya had returned down again and Ken had headed off to the shower, the redhead had flopped down on the couch on top of Yohji and started purring. That was when Omi had decided to leave the two of them alone – he had no wish to watch them paw at each other and that was where it was headed by the look of it. It was impossible to get any reaction out of the two of them when they just had eyes for each other and both he and Ken had since long stopped trying. Now they just hoped that they were spared the surprise of walking in on them in the middle of something, but seeing it as Yohji couldn’t care less where he was when he was with Aya and Aya was usually persuaded into not caring either, that hadn’t worked. Omi suspected that they soon would stop being bothered over that fact too and just settle for hoping that they cleaned up afterwards instead. At least in the kitchen and the living room.

          Humming to himself, the small blond slipped through the door to the kitchen in search for something to calm his protesting stomach with. Dinner had been a long time ago and the five or six hours sitting still in front of the computer down in the mission room hadn’t helped him at all. He considered giving it up for the night, but there were still some things that were bothering him as he tried to figure out what had happened down in the harbor from the various police rapports. The victims had all been decapitated – there had been four of them this time – and no autopsy had been done, seeing it as the cause of death was pretty obvious. That wasn’t what bugged him though – it was the fact that the police rapports didn’t agree on several points that should have been obvious and he wondered if it was someone within the police force who was behind this. It wouldn’t have surprised him the least if it lead back to Takatori – and he guessed that Aya held similiar suspicions. Not that it had been that much of a surprise – the redhead was paranoid enough to see everything as a possible connection to the politician and that would set him off in a berserker rage in a second if it was confirmed. While Omi could understand his motives, it was still a bit disheartening that he apparently didn’t trust their youngest member like before. Even if he had named him Tsukiyono Omi again there were still glimmers of suspicion and hatred shining through the icy facade he wore and that ate at Omi more than anything else. He wanted Aya’s trust and respect again, but he didn’t know how to go about it. He guessed that it would have to come from the swordsman himself.

          The sound of an explosion startled him before he realized that it was just the TV in the living room that was still on – apparently someone had forgotten to turn it off when they left. He chuckled to himself as he imagined how Ken would have fallen asleep on the couch in the middle of a movie – that happened a lot as the soccer player would rather spend the night down there than listen to Yohji and Aya going at it in Yohji’s room where the swordsman had more or less moved in. Ever since that first morning when Omi had been looking for the older blond and unknowingly – and unwillingly – stumbled upon the two of them Aya had stayed with Yohji and only occassionally sleeping in his own room. That usually happened when the two of them had had a fight and the redhead was too angry to listen when Yohji tried to reason with him and the rest moved around on their toes as not to anger him further. An angry Aya was a homicidal one, and once again Omi was stunned by the fact that the two lovers could put up with each other like that when Yohji was more or less crawling to beg for forgiveness. Had it been him, Omi decided, he would never had done anything like that. On the other hand, he wasn’t dating a homicidal redhead with no qualms about killing. And to be completely truthful, in his eyes Yohji got off the hook a lot easier than he deserved most of the time.

          Moving silently into the living room, he was stopped short by the sight in front of him. On the couch, Aya was sprawled out on top of Yohji as if he had just landed there and hadn’t bothered to move at all with his head tucked in under the blond’s. One of Yohji’s hands rested on the bare back of the redhead, fingers slipping in under the loose pants while the other held onto Aya’s, their fingers twined loosely together and resting on the edge of the couch. Aya’s other hand was buried in Yohji’s hair as his breath stirred the long strands. His eartails were scattered all over his face which held a peaceful expression Omi had never seen before. While he had changed when he had discovered Yohji, he would still be cold and distant most of the time and to have the opportunity to watch him like this was something very rare indeed. Omi felt himself smile again. All that he needed now was a camera and he would have enough material for blackmailing the two of them for another year or so...

          Aya sighed silently and as Omi watched, the redhead turned his face upwards to place a kiss at Yohji’s jaw before tucking his head back under the blond’s, his red hair standing out in every direction and the older man’s nose wrinkled as it tickled him. The hand that had been resting on Aya’s back came up to brush it away before returning to its previous position and slipping in under the slacks again. The redhead squirmed for a moment before pressing closer to Yohji’s bare chest and Omi caught sight of the older man’s neck that was just one big bruise. He would never had thought Aya to be the one to mark his ‘territory’ like that – not that the swordsman didn’t have his fair share of hickeys, but they weren’t half as bad as the ones Yohji got. And while Aya tended to hide behind his turtlenecks Yohji usually showed them off – to the delight of the girls that came to visit the shop. Omi sometimes wondered how much they really knew and how much they suspected, but it was rather interesting to watch their interactions with the two men nowadays.

          Yohji’s hand moved up over the redhead’s back again, fingertips barely brushing against the skin and the younger blond watched in amazement as the swordsman shivered and made the same purring sound as earlier. At times, he could have sworn that the man was more cat than anything else what with those noises he tended to make whenever Yohji touched him, and now was no exception. Aya pressed his nose into Yohji’s neck again, tongue darting out to taste the skin in an unconscious motion in the flickering light from the TV and Omi watched mesmerized as he turned his head to bury his face in the crook between the blond’s neck and shoulder. Yohji’s hand twitched and stilled its movement on Aya’s back as the redhead tilted his head a little more to the side and moved his body upwards so that he rested more on his elbows than on Yohji. He was still asleep by the look of it, and it was that that made Omi stand still, frozen in place as he watched how Yohji’s breath quickened by whatever Aya was doing and how the swordsman dropped back down again and purred in pleasure as the hand begun stroking his back again. His tongue darted out to lick his lips before he placed his head back on the blond’s chest and rubbed his cheek against the skin in a very catlike motion.

          Aya turned his face towards Omi, blinking lazily with eyes that held a strange tint to them and were glazed over with lust and the younger man held his breath as they closed again. If Aya had realized that he was still standing there, in the doorway in the dark, there would be no telling what would happen – ‘shi-ne Takatori’ would probably be the last words he would ever hear and then he would be off easy.

          But the older man just snuggled closer to Yohji again and Omi let out the breath he had been holding in a rush as he watched the blond embrace the smaller man again. It was time for him to turn off the TV and leave them alone. His gaze fell on the blanket on the edge of the couch where the two rested and he shook his head in wonder to why they hadn’t covered themselves up with it yet. Nodding to himself he moved into the room, he missed how Aya’s eyes snapped open again at the sound of his footsteps and the silent snarl on the older man’s lips as he turned to the TV and watched in amusement as yet another building was blown to pieces. How the two of them could sleep in this noise was beyond him, but he guessed that they had been occupied with other things before falling asleep. Yohji was known for his ability to turn every flat surface – and some not so flat ones – into a bed, and by the look of it, Aya wasn’t far behind.

          Omi smiled as he turned off the TV and turned towards the couch, stopping short at the sight of his older teammate’s lips drawn back in a silent growl as the redhead regarded him warily. Omi couldn’t breathe as the gaze pinned him in place, the violet eyes as cold as ever and the cruel accusations about his parentage spun inside his head again as he met them. Aya continued to stare at him, a low growl in the back of his throat as he tensed up and looked ready to spring off the couch and the comfortable position he was in to attack.

          “Aya-kun?” His voice was almost steady, something he was very proud of at that moment, and as if he had pressed a button the redhead became silent and his teeth snapped shut again with an audible ‘click’. The light and the cold gleam in his eyes faded again as the redhead seemed to relax instantly.

          “What are you doing up, Omi?” The question was barely audible, mumbled out as Aya closed his eyes again.

          “I... I was just doing some research and then I was just going to grab something to eat...” He let out a small, nervous laugh, suddenly needing desperately to be somewhere else, away from his teammates. Even if whatever danger he had been in seemed to be over now, he still wanted to leave. But to do so would only give them a chance to mock him in the morning if Aya told Yohji about what had happened.

          “Go to sleep. You still have school tomorrow, don’t you? What time is it?” Aya was unusually talkative tonight apparently, and Omi smiled nervously again.

          “About two-thirty, I think. I should really be off now...” He watched as Aya’s eyes traveled from him to the couch and back again, an elegant eyebrow rising in a silent question. Omi kept his smile as he forced himself to step forward and Aya tensed up again, his teeth once more bared in a snarl. “I was just going to put the blanket over you, so that you wouldn’t be cold, and then the TV was on and I thought that it would be Ken-kun, but...” He stopped as he realized that he was babbling and that Aya was still watching him suspiciously, but the redhead dropped back down on Yohji again who seemed to be dead to the world and only made an annoyed grunt. Aya nodded once and Omi proceeded to do what he had said he would as he spread the blanket over the two of them. He was still conscious of the older man’s eyes on him as he turned to leave with a soft ‘oyasumi’ that was echoed from the couch as he padded on soft feet towards his room to try and figure out what Aya’s snarling had been about.

          Back in the living room, Aya pressed himself closer to Yohji, needing to feel his lover’s heartbeat and nuzzled the bruised neck. He wondered just how long Omi had been standing there in the dark and watching them and if he had seen him feed from Yohji. He had been half asleep at the time, but the way his lover had touched him had provoked a reaction of pure instinct in trying to repay the pleasure from the touch. And then he had discovered that they weren’t alone... The part of him that was still human had been too slow to react and instead instincts had kicked in before he had realized who it was. The need to protect the ones dear to him had been overriding everything else and in a way he wasn’t surprised that he had reacted as he did.

          “You scared him good, didn’t you?” The voice was amused and he blinked lazily as he turned his face towards Yohji who was looking down his nose on him. He smiled at the sight as the blond was almost crossing his eyes to be able to see him correctly and that earned an amused snort from the older man before he dropped back down again.

          “Not half as much as I scared Schuldig...” His voice was smug as he recalled the run-in they had had with the telepath and Yohji chuckled.

          “No, I don’t think anyone would be as scared as he...” Aya made another amused grunt before pressing his nose into Yohji’s neck again and yawning. The arms tightened around him again as he allowed himself to drop back into sleep again, certain that they were both safe. They had to be.



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