Start the Game


by nekojita


As Rufus stalked out of his father's office, Tseng fell into place to his left and slightly behind. They were quiet the entire way to the elevator, down a floor and then to Rufus' office, an eerie silence punctuated only by the soft scuff of Rufus’ shoes against the carpeted floor. Once the office door was closed and Rufus sank into his chair, the silence came to an end.

"Here I thought that my sole purpose was to do all the paperwork my father deems too annoying or irrelevant do himself," he spat as he shoved a stack of said paperwork onto the floor. "However, it seems that I’m of additional use as a 'stud' to ensure that the Shinra bloodline continues."

Stationed halfway between the door and the desk, Tseng frowned slightly and clasped his hands behind his back. "I highly doubt that he expects you to produce an heir tonight," he replied, his tone carefully neutral. "If that was all he wanted, Hojo would already be working on the matter." He wasn't surprised at Rufus' distaste for being ordered to date a woman of his father's choosing, only the extent that the usually impassive young man was showing it.

Rufus glared in response to the comment, and even though he was only eighteen years old, there was a disturbing amount of focus and antagonism in the expression. "I'm certain that if I had intercourse with Maria Von Beers on our dinner table tonight, my father would be more than pleased and place an order for cigars. He's decided to play at building alliances and I'm his collateral." Much like the glare, the bitterness in his voice was too potent for a mere teenager.

However, the problem was that Rufus Shinra wasn't a mere teenager, Tseng thought as his employer vented his displeasure at the arranged date. Rufus had been the Vice President for a couple of years now, the title not a sham formality given to the owner's son. There were days that Rufus did more for Shinra Electrical Company than his father. "If that's the case, then I sincerely hope you skip the intercourse. You know as well as I do, Sir, that he'll decide on another candidate to be your bride soon enough." Not to mention eventually grow paranoid that the arranged marriage may provide more power and leverage to Rufus, and so scuttle the entire idea. President Shinra did not tolerate any possibilities that someone might replace him, not even his own son.

"That does me precious little good *tonight*," Rufus grumbled as he opened his laptop and began to type on the keyboard. "I shall have to sit through at least one interminable dinner with an inbred, mentally-challenged slut who has spread her legs for at least twenty men that I can name off the top of my head. I've no doubt that her father is desperate to see her married, enough so to agree to any terms that my father may dictate."

"At least you'll have a nice dinner at the Tin Angel, Sir," Tseng pointed out, hoping to placate his charge. Sometimes he felt more like a nanny than a Turk, though it would be worth his life to pat Rufus on the back and go 'there, there'. His lips twitching in an attempt to smile, he sternly suppressed the urge and allowed none of his amusement to show in his voice. "Your father will expect you to thoroughly impress the young woman in question."

"Then I should send the Turks into her bedroom one night, no doubt that would thrill her to death," Rufus said, his expression as sour as his tone. After a moment, he glanced from the laptop's screen, an almost hopeful expression on his face. "Who's assigned to watch over me tonight?"

There wasn't much Tseng could do for Rufus when his father was using the young man in one scheme after another, but he looked after him as best he could. "Rude and Reno will be your bodyguards for the evening." He allowed himself a moment's pride at the look of disappointment on Rufus' face, quickly smothered. "Veld requires my assistance on some documents your father wants validated, so I'll be here."

Rufus recovered his usually impassive expression after a few heartbeats, only to soon lose it to amusement. "Reno at the Tin Angel. Can he even clean up enough to get past the dress code?"

"I have every faith that he will." Should faith fail, which was more than likely with the Turk in question, all Reno would have to do was show his identification card to gain entrance.

Tseng was relieved that he'd been able to re-arrange Reno and Rude's schedules on such short notice so they could protect Rufus. If he couldn't be by his employer's side, he wanted two of the Turks' best there instead. Also, he was well aware of how much of a gamble it was to send Reno to a fine restaurant and not expect a fiasco to ensue. That was something he was counting on, in fact. Rude should be able to keep his partner somewhat in check, but the red-headed harridan would still be able to create enough of a distraction so Rufus didn't have to spend dinner under scrutiny of the entire restaurant.

Besides, Reno often amused Rufus, who seemed rather interested in hearing what trouble Reno had stirred up lately and even defended him on occasion. Rufus should be able to get through dinner without doing something to deliberately antagonize both his date and his father if he was properly entertained.

"I only hope that I can order some wine before he completely empties their cellars," Rufus said, a slight smile on his face. After staring at the screen for a few seconds, he resumed typing, his attention seemingly focused on work.

Stepping forward, Tseng picked up the scattered papers and neatly stacked them on the desk. He'd done what he could to ensure that tonight was bearable for Rufus, and thanks to Reno always being willing to take a risk, had arranged a decent excuse to call Rufus back to work after a few hours.

He wasn't pleased at the President’s latest attempt to distract his son from what happened at the company, even though he knew that Rufus was well aware of the reason for this latest edict. Now that the AVALANCHE matter seemed settled, there was little reason to send Rufus away from Midgar and people were beginning to notice him. Veld and Tseng would be kept occupied removing the obstacles purposely set in their young charge’s path for some time to come, but had every faith that they would be circumvented. First and foremost, the Turks were loyal to their Vice President.


Reno tugged on the uneven lengths of his tie when he noticed Rufus’ date staring at it in evident horror. He was rather proud of the thing, as he’d searched long and hard for the most repulsive tie ever made. The tiny pink LCDs in place of the naked woman’s nipples actually blinked – though not in tandem with each other – while her left eye winked every five seconds. The rather graphic picture stood out in sharp contrast to the tie’s lime green and puke brown stripes. Half the time that he wore it to places which insisted on ‘jacket and tie’, he was begged to remove it and hide it from sight. That wasn’t the reason why he wore it so loosely knotted, however, hanging from his bare neck since his white shirt was unbuttoned more than usual and left untucked. At least his dark uniform was clean and mostly wrinkled-free tonight, but that was as much effort he took in being ‘presentable’.

Besides, he knew the drill by now, why Veld and Tseng gave him these kinds of assignments time after time. A person would think that after the first complaint from a restaurant or club where he’d followed Rufus that he’d be barred from bodyguard duty to places like this, but someone like him had his uses. Mainly, to cause enough of a distraction that no one could remember what Rufus had done, let alone overhear any conversation.

When Rufus’ date couldn’t stop staring at the tie, he lifted its decorated end and flapped it a few times. "Wanna know where I got it?" he asked, his below-Plate accent deliberately thicker than usual. "They had a’ least tweny more there, on sale even. Imagine ‘at." He felt Rude’s left elbow tap not-so lightly into his side but that didn’t make him stop grinning at the woman, who shuddered in distaste and stepped closer to Rufus. The Vice President, who seemed to be struggling not to smile until then, frowned and took a half-step away.

The barely dressed, bottle-blond twit looked as if she wanted to say something but thankfully, the elevator decided to finally reach the top floor. Reno strolled out the moment the doors opened, quickly but thoroughly examining the surrounding area before he tilted his head to the right and stepped aside. He and Rude took their positions behind and to the side of Rufus and his date, and he smirked as he wondered if the twit knew that she was gonna flash half the restaurant since her blue dress was so friggen short. Obviously, no one had told her that it was better to leave a few things to imagination, along with the fact that not everyone needed to know she liked to wear thongs. He could tell by the slight stumble to Rude’s steps when his partner noticed as well, and thought it was a good thing that Rude was such a tit man or he would have fallen face-first, most likely. Giving his partner a knowing, amused look, he forced himself to focus on the job.

The guy holding the ridiculously huge menus paled when he recognized Rufus, even stuttering the Vice President’s name as he bowed and swept out his right arm. The twit giggled and clung to Rufus’ left arm as they were escorted to their table, and it wasn’t until they were seated that the maitre d’ seemed to even notice Reno and Rude. He took one look at Reno’s attire and paled again, but at least this idiot realized that he just had to suck it up and not bitch. There was no way the Turks were going to let Shinra’s Vice President eat in a crowded restaurant while not properly guarded.

Reno didn’t have anyone help slide his chair under the table once he sat down and the menu was shoved unceremoniously into his hands, which prompted him to stick out both his tongue and right foot, the latter managing to trip the maitre d’ and almost send him crashing into another table.

"Reno…" Rude attempted to whisper, his voice a deep rumble that was anything but quiet.

"Don’t tell me to behave, it’s much too boring," Reno declared as he tossed the menu aside and reached for the one standing up on the table. The clatter of the vellum-covered cardboard landing on fine crystal, porcelain and silverware attracted the attention of some of the people seated around them, who had been busy staring at Rufus. Reno bared his teeth at several of them, which made them hastily look back at their plates and resume eating.

"It’s going to be a long night," Rude complained as he pinched the bridge of his nose, right below where his sunglasses rested. "Let me just state it right now, there will be *no* food fight this time." Even though he tried to make it a command, it came out as more like a plea.

"Depends on if they try serving us stale rolls again." Yes, he and Rude were the hired help and only here because their employer both insisted on it and footed the bill, but he was damned if he was going to be served shoddy food or treated like shit by some asshole who waited on people for a living. He may know rather well what it felt like to have some guy’s guts splattered all over his clothes and face, but he didn’t have to put up with bowing and scraping to anyone, other than a Shinra. Just let some server try and get all uppity on him and he’d remind the idiot of his or her place.

Having familiarized himself with the restaurant’s floor plan earlier and been assured by other Turks that the place was clean, he did a quick spot-check none the less. Rufus and his ‘lovely’ date were seated in what had to be the place’s best table, located at the corner of two glass walls that looked out over the city. Reno and Rude’s table was the closest, the other ones clearly pushed away since he could see indentations in the carpet. Rod and Kali were stationed on the roof so no one could get at the Vice President from the outside, so that left him and Rude to keep things cool on the inside. He could easily do that and have some fun as well.

The twit was scooting her chair over to the side so she could sit closer to Rufus, who had such an implacable look on his face which normally made the Turks look at each other to find who was paying the least amount of attention and so could be shoved forward as a sacrifice to the man’s temper. For a kid, Rufus was not someone to mess with, which the twit would soon learn if she kept encroaching on his personal space. While Reno couldn’t blame anyone for wanting to get close to Rufus, he was that damn attractive, he knew the woman wasn’t so much as interested in Rufus’ body as she was his bank account. Well, maybe a little for his body, considering the way she tugged the neckline of her dress down a bit more, until her tits were ready to flop out.

Reno felt sorry for him. He knew that Rufus was too damn smart and could handle himself in a fight, but something like this made him pity the Vice President. Rufus just had to sit there and bear it, the only sign of his disgust an occasional gleam in his startling blue eyes. His every action was being scrutinized and Reno had no doubt that a few of his father’s spies were lurking about.

Well, no one would give a damn what Reno did, as long as he didn’t get too much blood on the carpet and drapery. He’d been bitched out enough times about dry cleaning and repair bills to avoid shit like that now. Most of the time. Reaching for a very heavy butter knife that had to be mostly silver, he began to whack it against the empty crystal water goblet. "Oi! I’ma bit thirsty here!" he called out, sounding every bit like the below-Plate gutter brat that he was.

He thought that the twit’s eyes were gonna bug out, and the kid pouring water into her and Rufus’ glasses spilled a few drops, but Rufus’s lips curved ever so slightly and another kid with a water pitcher hurried over to Reno’s table. That’ll show the bastards to skimp on his and Rude’s service, he thought with a pleased grin as he thrust the empty glass practically into the kid’s face. "An I wanna slice o’ lemon, too."

Rude had the particular expression on his face that usually went along with him gritting out Reno’s name, but judging from the way the veins in his neck stood out, he was doing his best to keep quiet. No doubt they’d have to stop at Medical tonight so his partner could get some blood pressure medication, but the most important thing was that everyone was looking at him right now.

"Where’s the damn waiter? We’re pretty fuckin’ hungry." This time he did hit the kid in the face, though lightly with the menu. He felt a bit guilty about that but knew that Rufus would leave one hell of a tip – besides, it was expected of the Turks to go places and act this way. The funny thing about people was that when they saw someone acting as if they could get away with anything, they allowed just that to happen, and that was something he could always use to his advantage.

The kid babbled something about their server being right out and fled, which prompted Reno to loudly shout that he better get his damn lemon slice. Feeling quite proud of the fact that everyone was either staring at him in horror or purposely looking away, he raised his water glass to clink it against Rude’s. As he wished his partner health and good luck in a very loud voice, he glanced aside at Rufus and lifted his glass in his boss’ direction. Rufus’ sliver of a smile strengthened for a moment, and there was the slightest inclination of his blond head.

"Now, what about this lousy wine list," Reno declared as he sat back in his chair. "Wanna bet I can get all the way through the reds without getting drunk?"

Rude mumbled something about requesting a new partner first thing in the morning but he couldn’t help but smile a little, too. Being the straight man of the partnership, he was expected to be ‘proper’ at all times, but Reno knew his friend enjoyed the way he twisted all the rich people’s tails during dinners like this. Not to mention that in attracting all the attention their way, some pretty young thing with big tits invariably wanted to see how a Turk was in the sack and zeroed in on Rude.

"You’re so gonna get lucky tonight," he told his partner and winked.

"I better, if I have to look at that ridiculous tie for the next couple of hours," Rude grumbled, his sunglasses low enough on his nose that Reno could see the amusement in his eyes.

"Aw, and here I was gonna get you one just like it for your birthday."

Rude guffawed and went back to perusing the menu. "Do that and I’m making you pick up the bar tab for an entire month."

Wrinkling his nose at his partner, Reno grabbed the salad fork and began to complain at the top of his lungs on how there was a water spot on the silverware.


"We’re usually in Costa de Sol this time of year but Daddy said I could learn a lot more in Midgar and wouldn’t let me go." Maria paused to highlight her displeasure with a pout that made her obscenely plump lips look as if she’d just been punched in the mouth by Rude, then sighed and batted her eyes at Rufus. He refused to let his hands settle around her neck and strangle the life out of her, knowing that his father would be furious at him for committing murder in a five star restaurant. Instead, he nodded his head slightly, which the girl took as meaning that he gave a damn about what she had to say, and finished his tenth glass of wine so far that evening.

"But I’m happy at how things have turned out now." She dared to give his upper right arm a squeeze, and he barely halted the automatic response to strangers touching him, his gun shoved into their face. He really didn’t want to see her lips get any more swollen, because then he’d never be able to eat dinner.

He was thankfully spared when the server came to clear their salad plates and pour more wine, and couldn’t help but look over to where his Turks were sitting. Reno had actually been quiet the last few minutes, after declaring for all of the restaurant to hear that the large pepper mill his server had used to flavor his salad would make one hell of a dildo. He’d even gone on to say how he could easily install a motor to keep it turning while Rude ate soup and stared over his head. Another server had actually dropped a huge tray covered with several plates of food over that particular comment.

Reno was also having his salad plate removed from the table, and for once he didn’t give the bus boy any grief. No, while Rufus watched and Maria prattled on, a huge, incredibly wicked grin spread across Reno’s face. He slowly picked up the remaining fork on the table, made a big production of dropping it to the floor and then kicking it under the table.

"Oops, I dropped th’ fork."

Rude’s tan face suddenly took on an ashen appearance. "Reno, *not* *here*." However, his partner didn’t seem to hear him, being too busy shoving his chair back with enough force that he had to ruin the thick carpet before dropping to his knees.

"Don’ worry, I’ll get it," he replied happily and at the top of his lungs as he crawled under the table.

Maria gasped directly in Rufus’ ear at Reno’s actions, and he once more had to suppress the urge to commit homicide. "Aren’t they supposed to be watching you?" she asked, her blue eyes opened so wide that he could see the edges of her colored contacts.

"Perhaps Reno believes there’s a bomb hidden underneath the table," was his smooth reply, and he smiled a little at the way she shivered and shifted away from him when he mentioned the word ‘bomb’. He removed her hand from his arm and placed it firmly on the table. "Would you like some more wine?"

She nodded frantically while the sound of a zipper being pulled was heard from the vicinity of Reno’s table. Rude jerked in his seat and sweat began to form on his shaven head.

"Holy fuck, but you’re packin’, partner. That pepper grinder ain’ got nothin’ on ya. Good thing I didn’ wait to save this for dessert or I’d be pukin’ up dinner. Not even my gag reflex is that good." Though muffled from under the table, Reno’s voice was loud enough to be heard, and was immediately followed by the sounds of slurping while the table above him began to shake. Silverware and glasses rattled against each other, and Rude’s hands immediately disappeared underneath the tablecloth.

"Reno, *stop*," he said in a very loud, shaky voice.

"Right, sorry about that. Forgot ya didn’ like ya balls bein’ sucked right away."

If this had been a business meeting, Rufus would have gone over there, pulled off the tablecloth and dragged Reno onto his feet to be shot for his lack of professionalism. However, he was well aware that no one was paying him the slightest bit of attention now, not even Maria, and had another glass of wine. He’d seen Reno do this act before, but it usually involved harassing the wait staff and lying on the bar while cajoling the bartender to pour alcohol directly into his mouth. Tonight, the Turk was in very rare form, and the only thing making this date even remotely bearable. Well, that and the wine.

For the first time that evening, Rufus felt his cock begin to harden. There was no way to tell if Reno was actually giving Rude a blowjob – one couldn’t put anything past the redhead but Reno could be counted on to do his job even when creating on very impressive and distracting scene. Also, Rude didn’t seem the type to allow anyone to give him oral sex while he was in the middle of work, let alone in a restaurant. But the sounds Reno made were very authentic, enough so that Rufus could easily imagine the Turk under his own table, hands on his inner thighs and mouth hot and wet around his cock.

He’d heard enough stories about Reno, how he was almost always up for fun, and had even seen video footage from the few times Reno had decided to have sex in the elevators. Rufus heard that he was very good at blowjobs and liked having his ass fucked, the harder the better.

"Shouldn’t you do something?" Maria asked, her tone appalled but her demeanor intrigued as she leaned forward in her seat to get a better look at the Turks’ table.

Rufus wanted to reply that he could always ask Reno to come over here and give him a blowjob as well, but years of being in the public eye as ShinRa’s heir had taught him better, unfortunately. "I think it’s best to leave him be. For all I know, he may be defusing a bomb and pretending to perform oral sex so as not to cause an alarm." He delighted in seeing Maria creep further away, going so far as to move her chair a little.

There was no way he was going to allow himself to either be married to this brainless slut or have sex with her. If his father wanted an alliance with her father so desperately, *he* could marry Maria. Rufus would kill her if he was forced to become intimate, unable to stand her inane chatter. He’d fuck Scarlet first, and that was saying something.

The server returned to the Turks’ table to inquire if they would like another bottle of wine to enjoy with their dinner, his face bright red as he stuttered over the question. Rude did his best to answer in an even, quiet voice. "Yes, we’d like-"

"Get the bottle of white from Wutai. The one that costs five hundred gils." Reno sounded as if he had something in his mouth, his words barely understandable but as loud as ever.

The server fled after hearing that, presumably not to return without either their food or drinks. Rufus actually felt a little sorry for the man, having to deal with Reno. He also felt a little smug in knowing that all it would take was a look on his part and the redhead would settle down and behave. He wasn’t in the mood to give that look, not when this was his only entertainment for the night.

"I can’t believe you allow him to get away with that," Maria remarked with a hint of disapproval. She fussed with the napkin on her lap and pouted again. "We’re supposed to have a nice, quiet evening together."

The stupid slut didn’t even realize that they were having a quiet evening, relatively speaking. More than likely, she was upset by the fact that all the attention was focused on someone who was not only better looking than her, but more talented at oral sex if Rufus had overheard the conversation in the men’s room correctly the last time he’d gone out for dinner.

"This is a quiet evening for me," he told her with a cold tone of voice as their food arrived. He couldn’t help but smile as he refused the server’s offer of freshly ground pepper. "You’d best get used to the Turks’ presence when out with me."

He’d meant it as a warning, but Maria seemed to take it as something else entirely and smiled brightly. She even batted her over-lashed and mascara-ed eyes again. "I guess I should, then."

Reno reemerging from beneath the table prevented Rufus from informing her that she wouldn’t have the time to get used to anything. He’d suffer through this date and saw no reason to subject himself to another. Maybe he could fund another terrorist group to serve as a distraction for his father, and have a more successful outcome this time.

Making a very big production of wiping his mouth with his napkin, Reno winked at his partner. "Now that certainly worked up my appetite." He tossed his retrieved fork at the server and demanded another one before he let out a cry of delight and gulped down the wine he’d ordered.

If anyone wasn’t appalled from his little fun beneath the table, they soon were because of his table manners. Reno tore into his mostly rare steak, his knife scraping shrilly along the plate, and he began to talk in an exuberant voice with great detail and vulgarity about various strip joints in Sector Four while his mouth was full.

Amused once again by Reno’s antics, Rufus barely paid any attention to his meal and none at all to Maria. He envied the Turk his ability to not care what anyone thought of him, to be able to act out any impulse with little fear of censure. Rufus could not imagine proclaiming at the top of his lungs that it was a good thing that Midgar had kicked major Wutian ass because now they were ensured lots and lots of good liquor or half-laying across the table so he could steal a piece of asparagus from Rude’s plate. Reno was the very definition of ‘uninhibited’, while Rufus felt utterly constrained. Even if he did manage to hasten his father’s much deserved death, he would still be trapped by the image he needed to project as the president of ShinRa.

His phone was set to vibrate, so when he felt the motion from the inner pocket of his black vest, he quickly wiped his right hand clean and reached for it. He held up his other hand to try and make Maria shut up.


"I’m sorry to bother you, Sir, but there are some very important documents that need your signature. I believe they’re responsible for the delay in shipments we’ve been experiencing," Tseng explained, his voice too even to sound apologetic.

Feeling as if he’d just been given a reprieve from torture, Rufus nodded and fought to not smile, even though Tseng couldn’t see the motion. "Very well. I’ll be on my way." He snapped the phone shut and motioned for the server. "I’m sorry, Maria, but I have to cut our evening short."

Reno and Rude immediately approached the table, Reno appearing serious for the first time in over an hour and not at all inebriated. Rufus nodded to the Turks. "Rude, I want you to escort Miss Von Beers home. Reno, you will accompany me back to headquarters."

"Sure thing, Vice President," Reno said as he patted Rude on the shoulder as if in sympathy. "The ‘copter’s on the roof, we can take that while Rude and Miss Von Beers use the limo." He dropped the thick accent while he spoke, save for when mentioning Maria’s name.

"Very good." Rufus didn’t spare his date another glance as he informed the server to send the bill for all four dinners and a very generous tip to an account that was printed on a business card he handed the flustered man. That matter resolved, he strode through the restaurant, for once not minding that everyone looked his way. Let them wonder why he had left in the middle of dinner with a Turk at his side.

As they made their way to the roof, Reno pulled out his cell phone and warned Rod that they were on their way. He pulled off his garish tie while he spoke and shoved it into the pocket of his black coat. "We’ll have you there in a few minutes, Sir," Reno informed Rufus with a wide grin.

Rufus couldn’t help but wonder if Reno had been expecting a phone call all evening long but chose not to ask at that moment. Alone in the small car with the Turk, he was aware of the spicy-scented cologne that Reno wore, the tangled mess of a ponytail that dangled between his shoulder blades. Rufus had known that he’d grown taller than Reno in the past year but was made newly aware of the fact, and how he must have at least twenty pounds on the smaller man. For the last few years, he remembered looking up to Reno, the cocky, loud Turk who always made funny faces at him in an attempt to get him to laugh; the only Turk who had treated him like a kid but never with any real lack of respect.

Reno practically burst out of the elevator door once it opened and hurried over to the helicopter. "I’m driving," he announced with evident joy and snatched the headset from Kali’s hands. The elegant Turk smiled and shook her head, her long blond hair fanning out around her as she motioned for Rufus to sit in the back.

He ignored her and went around to the other side of the helicopter, where Rod stood. One look from him and the Turk moved to sit in the back with Kali, not even waiting to see if Rufus needed help climbing into the vehicle. He was proud of the fact that despite the amount of alcohol at dinner tonight and that his head was spinning ever so slightly, he managed just fine. "No wonder you weren’t happy to ride in the limousine," he said to Reno while the Turk put on the headset.

"Yeah, no sense in driving when you can fly. Less potholes and traffic, and it’s always fun dodging the birds." Reno looked like a child set loose in a toy store as he flipped various switches. "Hang on," he warned as he grabbed the control stick, and the vehicle barely shuddered as it took flight.

The ride back was depressingly short, Rufus thought as his attention drifted back and forth between Reno and the lights of Midgar. He couldn’t recall the last time he’d been as enthused about anything as much as Reno was flying a simple helicopter. Once again he felt their differences and had to wonder just how much privilege and power could be worth. He reminded himself that he didn’t fully possess either of those as of yet but was stuck in a sort of limbo – not having enough to do whatever he wished, yet having too much to not fear reprisals for any uninhibited behavior.

"You should try flying one of these."

Reno’s voice shook him from his thoughts. "Excuse me?"

Reno laughed and moved the control stick a little to make the helicopter rock slightly from side to side. "You should try flying a ‘copter. Almost as good a buzz as a few shots of whiskey and no hangover."

Rufus had always wanted to learn but his father had refused to authorize the lessons. "I’m not sure I have the time," he said, unwilling to admit the truth.

"Aw, it shouldn’t take long for someone as smart as you to pick it up." Reno turned and grinned, his aquamarine eyes alight with pleasure. "I could teach you. No one needs to know who’s really driving the thing." Just like that, he proved that he was aware of more than it seemed, and that he really didn’t care if he was breaking any rules.

Rufus seriously considered the offer. He trusted Reno, knew him to be loyal to Veld and Tseng and hence him. Reno really would teach him to fly and tell no one else, at least not anyone who wasn’t a Turk. "I’ll have to ask Veld to assign you to me more often."

"That shouldn’t be a problem, now that AVALANCHE has been quiet." Reno returned his attention to the sky in front of him as they approached ShinRa’s headquarters. "I’ve been pretty bored, lately."

Maybe that was why Reno made the offer, or maybe he enjoyed putting one past Rufus’ father. Either way, he would be of use so it didn’t really matter. "I have been meaning to visit all of the Reactors for overdue inspections." Rufus smiled as he thought about being able to fly, to climb into a helicopter and go anywhere in the world that he wanted. No wonder his father had refused him the lessons.

Reno seemed reluctant to leave the cockpit when they landed, but once he did, he quickly took his place behind Rufus and followed. Rufus found his office lights on but the room empty, and soon noticed the new stack of papers on his desk. He picked them up and flipped through them as he sat in his chair. "I should have gotten these yesterday morning. No wonder the products have been delayed."

Laughing, Reno leaned against the edge of the desk and scratched his head. "Yeah, funny thing about that… I guess I left them behind when Veld asked me to give them to ya." He didn’t look at all apologetic for causing the company he worked for to lose revenue.

Rufus paused in signing the documents. "You ‘forgot’ them." If it was anyone other than a Turk, he’d fire them on the spot. However, he couldn’t see even a well-known screw-up forgetting such important paperwork, not if Veld gave it to him. "How did you manage that?"

"Eh, guess I got distracted when the order came down to make sure that the Tin Angel was cleared for your dinner tonight." Reno took the tie out of his pocket and held it up to eyelevel as he fiddled with something that made the small lights turn off. "Sorry ‘bout that."

Rufus suspected that he had Tseng to thank for this, at least in part. Possibly Veld as well, since it was very rare that Reno went against either man, even if no one else at the company had much of a chance of controlling him. Rufus was quiet for the two minutes it took to sign the paperwork and then place them in a neat stack off to the side. "Do you understand the amount of money you’ve cost ShinRa because of your forgetful attitude?" he asked as he rose from the chair and circled the desk, toward Reno.

His brows furrowed, Reno set the tie aside. "Ah, it couldn’t have been too much, right? You just got them a day or so late." He didn’t try to make any excuses for his actions, or to claim that he’d done it as a favor to Rufus. "Guess I didn’t think about that. Sorry." He grinned, but his eyes warily followed Rufus as he came closer.

"You’re sorry." Perhaps if he pushed the matter, threatened to dock Reno’s wages for the next several decades to pay for the lost revenue, then Reno would admit that the documents hadn’t been forgotten. But Rufus didn’t think so. The Turk had never shied from taking the blame before, even on some occasions where Rufus knew he wasn’t the one at fault. Reno’s attitude seemed to be that if he was considered the Turks’ resident screw-up, that he might as well take advantage of the reputation.

"’Sorry’ really doesn’t make everything better," he informed Reno as he reached for the cast aside tie. Intoxication buzzed through his veins, more potent than it had been all through dinner. It wasn’t so much the wine than Rufus realizing that after a very lousy evening, he was about to do something which promised to be very enjoyable. Now he would find out just how true all those rumors were in regards to Reno and his tight ass.

"I think you need to be taught a lesson." He grasped a stunned Reno’s left hand and moved it to behind the redhead’s back, held it there while he did the same with the right. Reno was still the entire time, didn’t even fight him as his hands were tied together. "One that will ensure that you’ll never be so forgetful again."

Smiling in anticipation, Rufus leaned in close. "I know you’ve been suspended from duty, docked pay and even locked in your quarters for a week, but nothing seems to truly bother you. So, I’ve decided to try something new," he said, his voice low and roughened by desire to the point that it almost sounded like a purr. He traced his right forefinger along the left side of Reno’s face while the redhead merely sat there, staring intently at him the entire while.

"Anything has to be better than docked pay," Reno finally admitted after a few seconds, an enticing grin on his face but the wary look still in his light-colored eyes. "Am I supposed to say ‘I’m a bad, bad boy’ now?"

His hands tied behind him while alone in the office of a man who could order him killed, and still, Reno wouldn’t act cowed. Rufus found that both exasperating and invigorating. After a night of being forced to bend to his father’s wishes, of being treated like a prize to be won by Maria, and *he* was the one in control now, the one able to satisfy his own desires. Anyone would have done, considering his mood and level of intoxication, but the fact that it was Reno made it all the more sweeter. Here was someone who didn’t seem to have an ulterior motive, who was neither afraid of him nor seeing him as a meal ticket. Right now, that was as desirable to Rufus as the thought of sex.

"I don’t think that needs to be said," Rufus replied, his voice smoother than before now that he believed he was going to get what he wanted. His right hand abandoned Reno’s face in favor of sliding into that thick, outrageously crimson hair and was surprised to find that it didn’t feel as coarse as he had expected. At least, the hair that was contained in the messy tail by a cheap rubber band and so spared from being gelled or sprayed or whatnot into ragged spikes. Quickly sliding the band free and tossing it aside, Rufus combed his fingers through the tangled fall of hair and was surprised to see Reno close his eyes in response and moan, the sound soft but pleased.

He now knew one more thing about Reno; the Turk really enjoyed it when someone played with his hair. Entangling his left hands in the strands as well, Rufus stepped closer to Reno and nudged his legs apart so he could press between them. He was already hard; he hadn’t completely softened after the show Reno had put on under the table, his mind filled with the thoughts of how it would feel if he was the one getting the blowjob. As he rocked his hips against Reno’s and combed the red strands to a surprising silkiness with his fingers, he felt Reno’s cock grow hard as well.

"Did you really give Rude a blowjob tonight?" he asked, and discovered another weakness. Reno shivered with every word spoken right against his left ear, and moaned again when Rufus tried an experimental tug on the silver earring that adorned it with his teeth.

"No… not while working," Reno stuttered and finally he began to fight the restraints that held his hands bound. He opened his eyes and stared at Rufus, the wary, intent look back from before even as he tilted his head to the side when Rufus’ fingers toyed his earring. "Okay, my turn now. You just trying to scare me or what?" he demanded and tried to break his hands free from the tie that had been expertly knotted. "You don’t have a reputation for fucking the hired help, so is this a new kink for you or some sick method of ‘punishment’?"

Rufus’ right hand, still buried in Reno’s hair, grasped the strands and pulled sharply. Reno gasped in surprise as he arched his neck in response to the sudden pressure. Rufus wanted to ask if it really mattered why he was doing this, but this wasn’t some sniveling, boot-licking employee, this was a Turk. "Interesting questions from the man known for never turning down sex," he said, desperate to get his mind to work properly when so muddled by lust and alcohol.

"Yeah, well, don’t believe everything you hear. I’m pretty damn far from a virgin but if I fucked everyone the rumors said I did, I wouldn’t have time to do anything else." He bared his teeth at Rufus, the expression not quite a grin. "I don’t fuck just anybody."

"Neither do I," Rufus admitted while he eased up on his hold on Reno’s hair. "You… interest me."

Reno chuckled, his grin becoming more genuine and his posture relaxing a little, his right leg hooking behind Rufus’ thigh. "’Cause you wanna see what it’s like to fuck a Turk?"

"Because I want to know if you can give a blowjob half as good as you pretend," Rufus replied, his voice uneven once more. His left hand stopped playing with Reno’s ear and settled in the man’s ass instead to pull him closer. "Because I’m tired of wondering how it’ll feel to fuck you."

"So you talk about punishing me and tie my hands behind my back. That makes sense." Reno laughed again, but there was an edge to it now, a roughness that matched Rufus’. His aquamarine eyes seemed to darken, their pupils growing large as he thrust his hips forward. "I’m not the company whore," he said, all traces of humor gone.

Rufus leaned in, until his mouth was millimeters’ from the Turk’s. "I never said you were. If I wanted that, I’d fuck Scarlet or even Maria. And I’m not a little boy pretending to be the Vice President; I’ve grown tired of that role."

"Well, I certainly hope you’re not little," Reno purred, sounding so much like a cat that it took Rufus a moment to realize that he was hearing a deep, throaty moan. "That would be disappointing as hell."

Whatever doubts Reno may have had a few minutes ago, they seemed to be forgotten as he leaned forward and pressed his mouth against Rufus’. Not one to pass up on an invitation like that, Rufus pulled Reno from the desk and forced him to stand so he could kiss him better, one hand on the redhead’s ass and the other buried in his long hair.

Like everything else he did, Reno kissed with no inhibitions. His hands still tied behind his back, he pressed his body against Rufus’ as he sucked hard on Rufus’ tongue. Forcing his hand from Reno’s ass, Rufus fumbled for the end of the tie that would undo the knot. He finally managed to find it, and after something solid and metallic was slapped onto the desk, Reno’s hands grasped his shoulders and pulled him even closer.

They stumbled against the desk, latched on to each other as if terrified to let go, and Rufus felt even more dazed than before. Reno made these *amazing* needy little moans when he was kissed, his lean body hot and pliant as he was bent backwards over the furniture. One of his hands crept between them and squeezed Rufus’ erection, not too hard but enough so that he had to gasp and pull away a little, his breath coming in deep, uneven pants.

The sight of Reno practically sprawled on top of the desk, supported by his left arm while his right hand gave Rufus’ cock another squeeze, his hair falling over his shoulders and onto his smirking face…. Rufus felt like he was fourteen again, the time when his father had arranged for a special ‘present’ to teach him about the difference between adults and children; he’d been so damn eager yet confused by what to do next. He knew what he wanted now but it was so many things; another passionate kiss like the last, Reno’s mouth wrapped around his cock, or bent over the desk with his legs spread wide, or pushed up against the wall, or lying on the couch, his head tossed back as he was fucked hard, or-

"Didn’t you say something about blowjobs?" Reno asked, and Rufus felt a bit of pride in the fact that the redhead sounded out of breath, too.

"Yes." Rufus was hard-pressed to not moan out the answer and struggled to regain some self-control. "Let’s see if you’re as good as you pretend to be."

Reno chuckled as he pushed Rufus away and straightened up. He shrugged off his jacket and let it fall to the floor as he knelt, an utterly wicked smile on his damp lips. "I like a man who doesn’t believe in wasting time." There was another chuckle as he tugged on Rufus’ belt until it was undone, and the noise from the zipper being pulled down seemed ten times as loud as in the restaurant. Rufus idly wondered if this was an alcohol-induced fantasy, if he’d wake up in the morning to find a naked Maria in his bed. He shuddered in distaste and grabbed a handful of Reno’s hair to make the Turk look at him. When Reno narrowed his eyes and opened his mouth as if to complain, Rufus gently traced two fingers on his left hand along the tattoo beneath Reno’s right eye. This felt too real to be a dream.

His anger seeming to fade, Reno turned his face into the caress and nuzzled Rufus’ hand. "Ya trying to tell me that your cock is so big I need to be this far back, eh?" he teased, his eyes sparkling with desire and amusement.

How could he joke like that, as if nothing was serious? Rufus felt a sharp pang of envy, even knowing about Reno’s life before the Turks from reading his dossier. To have that luxury…. "I wouldn’t want you to lose an eye," he managed to tease back, feeling less silly for doing so when Reno laughed, the sound warm and a bit naughty.

"Let’s see what ya got, then." He winked at Rufus and reached into the unzipped pants, past silk boxers until his hand wrapped around Rufus’ cock. Moaning at the feel of being touched, Rufus was pleased to note the way Reno’s eyebrows arched in surprise. "Well, maybe I didn’t have to pull back *quite* so much but you’ll never have to worry about being called ‘little’ again." Reno’s smile took on a lascivious edge and he licked his lips as if anticipating a delicious treat.

About to remind the redhead that ogling his cock wasn’t technically part of oral sex, Rufus gasped instead when Reno leaned closer and licked along its length before sucking on its tip.

"Fuck." The word was startled from Rufus by how hot Reno’s mouth was; the man had to have a higher body temperature than normal or something because it felt so damn *incredible* around his cock, so warm and moist. That wasn’t even taking into account the feel of a hot, slick tongue stroking along the tip of his cock, flicking against its slit until Rufus thought his knees would buckle. Reno pulled away to lick along its length again, the cool air of the office a sharp contrast to the heat from before, and then repeated the previous motions. Hot, moist, wonderful pressure, cool, slick, long teasing licks again and again, until Rufus felt so sensitive that he shivered uncontrollably when Reno exhaled against the tip of his cock. His hands were entangled in Reno’s hair, his palms slightly sticky as his sweat reacted with the gel that kept it spiked, a tiny detail that he somehow noticed. His nerves were so invigorated with pleasure that he felt overloaded with sensation.

As much as he prided himself on his aloof, unreachable image, of being the one in control even during sex, Reno startled a loud cry from him when his cock was deep-throated. The feeling of all that heat rippling around him when Reno swallowed was almost too much; it made his vision go dark and his hips snap forward. When Reno pulled back for another series of teasing licks, Rufus roughly shoved him away.

Falling onto the carpeted floor, Reno scrambled to sit back up, his hair falling onto his face but his eyes shining bright with fury through the crimson strands. "What the fucking hell was that about?" he sputtered as he wiped his mouth with the back of his left hand.

Unsteady on his legs, Rufus forced his breathing to even as he fought the climax that almost overtook him. He half fell, half knelt on the floor and leaned forward until he loomed over Reno, then grasped the redhead’s chin with his hand. "I’m not coming in your mouth," he managed to explain after a few seconds, his body trembling from experiencing so much pleasure, so much teasing. If anything, Reno was *better* than all the rumors, even Rufus’ own expectations.

His frown slowly fading, Reno hooked his right arm over Rufus’ shoulders and reclined on the carpet. "Coulda said something, ya know? Do something like that when your cock is in my mouth and I’m gonna bite down on it." There was a hint of warning in Reno’s tone, even if he was smiling. "Don’t think you want that to happen."

"Something to remember for next time," Rufus replied as coolly as he could manage, once more seeking out Reno’s mouth for a kiss. Not that he counted on a next time, unwilling to encourage the Turk in thinking that he might get something out of the sex. Rufus had learned that anything more than a fuck or two usually turned into too much trouble to be enjoyable, which was why he’d shoved Reno away. He’d allow himself this moment of infatuation but no more.

Still, once he kissed Reno, he found himself wishing that this wasn’t such a one time thing, that he could savor moments like this - the taste of himself on that hot, slick tongue, the way Reno writhed beneath him, lean body brushing against all the right spots - again and again. His own body demanded more of that wonderful ecstasy from before, his cock twitching as it slid against a cloth covered thigh.

Control and patience were two things he prided himself on, yet they utterly failed him in this situation. Tearing away from the kiss to see how Reno would react if his right earlobe was nipped, Rufus grasped the white cotton of the redhead’s shirt and yanked it apart to send the buttons flying. He couldn’t tell if that particularly wanton moan was from the nip or the shirt being ripped open, so he tugged on the earlobe with his teeth and was rewarded with it again.

Smiling in delight, he sucked on the soft flesh as his hands roamed over Reno’s body, mapping out the bone-thin body beneath him with a desperate need to find more weaknesses. Pinching small, hard nipples gained him his name choked out in a low whisper, sliding his palms along Reno’s sides made the legs wrapped around his thighs tighten, a kiss to a sharp collarbone made Reno pant out his name and tug on his hair. Tingles of pleasure and lust coursed through his body at every reaction, at the feel of his hair being pulled slightly and his shoulders grasped and his legs squeezed. He didn’t even mind that Reno called him by his first name, not when it was said with so much evident need.

He should take his time, should make this last as long as he could and do all the things he’d fantasized about, but he already felt so close to the edge. Feeling a lack of stamina that he hadn’t suffered in a long while, he shoved his left hand down the back of Reno’s pants while his right fumbled with the zipper.

"‘bout time you got to the good part," Reno mumbled as he kicked off his shoes and did something with his feet that dragged Rufus’ pants further down his hips. He wiggled as he spoke to eagerly assist in the removal of his own clothes. When Rufus pulled away to remove first his gun and holster then the rest of his clothes and toss everything aside, Reno did the same with his shirt and lay sprawled naked on the floor, all pale skin and crimson hair. He was thinner and smaller than Rufus in every regard, but not to the point of delicacy. There was a wiriness to him that made a dark voice in Rufus’ head whisper delightfully perverted things about how Reno wouldn’t break if he decided to be a bit rough.

Right now, he was Rufus’ to enjoy, to make cry out again, to shatter that teasing façade. Rufus settled on top of Reno, pushed his legs wide open and hissed at the feel of such warm skin against his, heat stretched taut over sharp bones and lean muscle, save for the smoothness that pressed against his belly. His right hand shoved Reno’s leg onto his shoulder as he licked along the Turk’s collarbones, his fingers seeking until they pressed against a tightly clenched hole.

Reno’s hands immediately pushed at his shoulder in response. "Hey! Have you ever done a guy before? You are *not* fucking me dry, Rufus!"

Pulling his hand away, Rufus grabbed one of Reno’s from his shoulders and shoved it back, against the carpet. "I have ‘done a guy before’," he coldly informed the redhead, both upset at himself for his lack of control and angered that Reno was telling him ‘no’. "Now shut up-"

"No." Reno glared at him but stopped trying to shove him away… only to shift his hand from Rufus’ shoulder to his cock. "No lube, no fuck. I don’t care if you’re the Vice President; if you want a fuck that bad, go find someone who doesn’t care if you tear them up. Either that or be prepared to see just how well materia can restore your dick."

Shocked by the threat, Rufus finally managed to rein in his lust and take a deep breath. Anyone else would have let him do it, would have seen it as a way to put him into their ‘debt’, but not Reno. No one besides his father and Veld had ever told him ‘no’.

"Stay there," he informed his lover as he reluctantly pulled away, pausing for a second until Reno released his hold. Cupping a protective hand over his cock and balls, he hurried to the desk for a bottle of lotion. Dammit, he really should keep something better here, but he wasn’t in the habit of having sex in his office.

Returning to Reno, he made a big production of pouring some of the lotion onto his right hand as he knelt on the floor. "This will have to do," he said, his voice rough and containing the warning that it *would* suffice. He was denied so many things, his own freedom, his rightful place in the world, his proper respect… what he could have, he would take.

Reno motioned with his left hand for the container, and when it was tossed to him, carefully examined the label. "Yeah, it’ll do." He squirted some onto his palm and spread open his thighs, the dangerous glint in his eyes from before now gone. "You try going to Medical and asking for a potion for your ass," he grumbled as he reached for Rufus with his right hand. Grabbing him by the shoulder, he pulled him close once more.

Groaning at the feel of a hot, slick hand wrapping around his cock, Rufus let his head fall forward for a moment as he struggled to breathe. When he felt like he wouldn’t come from the feel of Reno’s hand alone, he resumed what he’d tried to do before. "Do you do that often?" he couldn’t help but ask as he soothed teasing circles around the puckered ring.

"Nah, I don’t let *anyone* use me like that. I don’t mind a bit of pain during sex since it can make it better, but there’s no way I’d enjoy being ripped open." Reno gasped when two fingers pushed inside and then withdrew, his head falling back against the carpet as a slight blush spread across his tattooed cheeks. "Don’t tell me you’re in to that shit."

Rufus wasn’t, but he couldn’t admit that he’d been driven to it tonight by the intense desire to have Reno. He wouldn’t acknowledge that weakness, wouldn’t hand over that power to another person. It was bad enough that he hadn’t either taken what he’d wanted or ordered Reno out of the office, but he wasn’t going to turn back now. The more of the redhead that he had, the more he wanted him.

He pushed his fingers inside again, and felt his pride be soothed by the way Reno closed his eyes and moaned, the way he parted his legs even wider and rocked his hips up to expose himself even more. Hooking Reno’s right leg over his shoulder, he then wrapped his left hand around the Turk’s cock. Reno responded instantly, let out a loud cry and arched his lower body off the floor.

"Rufus! Oh… make it good. I wanna come, wanna feel you fuck me." Reno’s right hand scratched at his shoulder while his left hand stroked his cock a few more times, then grabbed his hip and tried to pull him forward. "I want it hard," Reno crooned, his narrow chest growing slick with sweat, his ragged bangs clinging to his face and obscuring his tattoos. "Make me feel it."

A few minutes ago Rufus had been threatened with emasculation for rough sex and now he was being goaded to do just that. A chuckle escaped him at Reno’s contradictive behavior, but he wasn’t going to let the opportunity pass him by. He scissored his fingers apart a few more times and decided that was good enough. There might be a bit of pain but Reno said he liked it, didn’t he?

"Beg me for it," he whispered as he leaned forward, the tip of his cock brushing against Reno’s ass. Aquamarine eyes darkened to turquoise stared blindly at him for a moment before Reno groaned and tried to pull him closer. "Say ‘please’." He couldn’t help but smile rather smugly at the way the situation had changed.

Reno actually glared for a few seconds, until Rufus stroked along the length of his cock. "Then ya better make it really good." He reached out and brushed aside the hair that Rufus hadn’t even been aware had fallen onto his forehead. "Please, oh please, with a cherry on top. Or whatever fucking fruit you want, just *do* it. *Please*."

That wasn’t the most convincing pleading Rufus had ever heard but it would do. Pushing three fingers into Reno one last time just to be sure and to tease, he quickly pulled them out, aligned his cock and snapped his hips forward. The feel of tight resistance giving way to wondrous heat made him groan Reno’s name, but the sound was drowned out by the way Reno cried out his.

"Rufus! Fuck! Yeah… ah!" Nails dug into his shoulders as Reno began to writhe beneath him while a loud litany of his name, curses and pleadings filled the room. "Dammit, do it hard, Rufus! Like – oh, like that. Please, again… ah!"

Kneeling on the floor and hunched over Reno with the redhead’s legs tossed over his shoulders, Rufus grabbed onto bony hips and pulled them toward him in time with his thrusts, pistoning into Reno’s body as fast and as hard as he could. He could already feel his orgasm begin to creep up on him again, his body trembling from ecstasy and nerves burning with so much potent stimulation. Reno was an assault on his senses; the sound of his name being cried out with a normally smooth voice made rough with passion, the scent of spicy cologne and sweat, the feel of amazingly tight, velvet heat around his cock and that lean body moving against his own, the sight of that gorgeous face flushed, those eyes darkened and barely open, a bead of sweat on the bowed upper lip…..

Reno’s left hand dropped onto his lap as he began to jerk himself off, the frantic motions in time with the increasingly ragged thrusts that slammed into his ass. His cries became inarticulate with ecstasy, especially when his right leg slipped from Rufus’ sweat-slick shoulder as Rufus hunched over him a little more.

Sharp pain flared from Rufus’ left shoulder down his back and he gave up on making Reno come first, unable to hold out any longer. He felt ready to explode from pleasure, his entire body on fire and now it was one sensation, one emotion too many. Shouting Reno’s name, his body shuddered to climax, his sense of hearing swamped by the sound of blood rushing through his veins, his eyesight dimming around the edges. There was pleasure and then there was *bliss*, so powerful that he felt as if he no longer had any control over his body.

Falling forward, he was barely able to brace out his right arm and not smack his face into Reno’s chest. He was dimly aware of hearing his name but was distracted by the feel of his cock being squeezed even tighter by Reno’s body, to the point where his vision went almost entirely black. Struggling to breathe, he didn’t have the strength to hold himself up any more and fell those last few inches, onto his lover.

He was gradually aware of sensations other than bliss as his heartbeat began to slow. There was a sharp pain in his back and duller ones in both his knees and along his lower legs. He was covered with sweat and something thicker on his chest and stomach, his bangs plastered to his forehead and a strand of Reno’s hair in his mouth. Spitting it aside, he forced his slightly trembling body to move and managed to roll off Reno and onto the carpet.

Reno was quiet for once, save for his loud, uneven breathing. He groaned quietly as he managed to flop his arm over his face to cover his eyes. Lying on his side next to him, Rufus reached as best he could with his right arm to feel what had happened to his back, and his fingers came away with smears of blood.

"You scratched me," he pointed out to Reno in an uneven voice. He wasn’t even sure why he’d said it, just that the silence was growing uncomfortable and he didn’t know how to break it.

There was a weak chuckle from Reno in response. "Yeah, and I’ve got one hell of a case of rug burn all along my back and my ass," he croaked and shifted his arm enough so he could look at Rufus. Instead of seeming upset, he was grinning instead, the flush slowly fading from his face. "No more sex on this floor."

Rug burn. That explained why Rufus’ knees hurt. "No, I do believe that’s been ruled out." The next time he had sex with someone in his office – if there was a next time – it would be on the furniture, not the carpet. As it was, he imagined the cleaning staff would have a fun time dealing with the stained plush material.

He forced himself upright and walked slowly to his desk, mainly to hide the fact that he was a little unsteady on his feet. Searching for a small key that unlocked a hidden drawer, he looked through the selection of bottles carefully stored inside and chose one. There were some benefits to being the Vice President, and not having to go down to Medical for a potion was one of them. He swallowed half of the bottle’s contents, paused, and returned to Reno’s side. "Drink it."

Reno eyed him warily as he sat up and accepted the bottle, hesitating only for a moment when he raised it to his lips. Tossing it back as if it were a shot of liquor, he grimaced and smacked his lips as he handed back the now empty bottle. "I don’t care how good they are, potions always taste like shit."

"You could have just dealt with the rug burn," Rufus remarked as he gathered together his clothes. A shower could wait until he got home, right now he felt oddly exposed to be naked in front of Reno and eager to get past this part of their encounter. The sooner he got out the door, the less chance there was for Reno to casually ask for a ‘favor’.

"Right, then I’d have Veld bitching me out tomorrow. Lousy as they taste, I’ll take a potion any day." Reno also stood up and began to look for his clothes. He picked up his shirt, shook it out once and laughed at its button-less state. "Ah well, thanks anyway. Now for a cigarette and a shower, maybe a drink, and I’ll be good for the night." Pulling on his shirt, he then grabbed his pants and put them on without benefit of underwear. He slipped on his shoes without socks and bundled up the garments into a small ball before he went to the desk to fetch his gun. "See ya tomorrow, Sir." Reno gave him both a salute and a saucy wink as he headed out the door.

In the process of pulling on his own pants, Rufus stared in shock as the door closed. That… was a first. When had a sexual partner ever left of their own volition so quickly and without incidence? Amazement turned into suspicion as he buttoned his shirt and wondered if Reno was merely going to bide his time to ask for something in return for tonight. No longer drunk or driven by passion, Rufus could think of several reasons why tonight’s actions had not been very smart. He couldn’t easily rid himself of one of the Turks’ Four Aces if Reno thought he was now entitled to special privileges.

For some reason, that thought truly bothered him. In a foul mood, he left the office, wanting to be somewhere other than it with its smell of sex.


Tseng smothered a yawn with the back of his left hand as he swiped his badge at Rufus’ office door. He’d received a report that Rufus had returned to complete the necessary paperwork and then left within an hour. Why Rufus or Reno hadn’t notified him that the papers had been signed he didn’t know, but they couldn’t be delayed any longer. Should the President find out about the matter, it wouldn’t be good for all involved.

He flicked on the light switch and had taken several steps into the room when he noticed something out of place. The paperwork was on the desk… mostly. They were scattered about and several of them were wrinkled. Also, lying on the floor beside the desk was a rather horridly colored length of material. Picking it up, he instantly recognized Reno’s infamous tie and had to wonder what it was doing here. Closer observation of the room revealed a black sock over by the door and what appeared to be a still damp stain on the normally impeccably white carpet. He had his suspicions, and a deep breath pretty much confirmed them.

Reno and Rufus were the only ones on record for being in the room in the last hour, and Tseng imagined that if Reno had been coerced in any way, the office would be totaled. So, for whatever reason, Tseng was to assume that the sex had been consensual.

He knew that Rufus could react in interesting ways when pushed too far by his father, and Reno… one never assumed to predict the Turk’s actions because one didn’t possess that powerful or varied an imagination. He could only guess that they both had their reasons and pray that it was an experiment.

He’d practically raised Rufus and he’d spent the last couple of years watching Reno’s metamorphosis from an underfed criminal to one of the Turks’ best. Both men had to grow up too fast and been exposed to too much, and that had affected their personalities, thoughts on loyalty, and their incredibly vast stores of stubbornness. While many a person would not think that Rufus and Reno could be compatible, Rufus felt that wasn’t the case. On some levels, it could be said that they were *too* compatible.

And on other levels, it came down to the fact that Rufus was the heir to the world’s most powerful corporation, raised in its cutthroat yet highly structured environment, and Reno was the illegitimate son of a below-Plate prostitute who wasn’t content until he’d broken at least three laws or regulations before noon. On other levels, they were completely incompatible. That wasn’t even taking into account Rufus’ need to control and Reno’s habit of doing whatever the hell he wanted.

Feeling a headache come on, Tseng massaged his left temple and collected the papers. The future was suddenly a lot more uncertain and disturbing than it had been a few minutes before.


Reno opened the door to his quarters and smiled at his partner. "Heya."

Rude grabbed him by the left shoulder and dragged him into the hallway. "You are *never* leaving me alone with that woman *again*," he said, his deep voice containing a very rare note of fear.

Trying to figure out if he was still in bed and this one very messed-up dream, Reno tugged on his ponytail and sighed when the pain didn’t wake him up. "All right, I’ll bite. What the hell happened with the twit?" he asked, assuming that was the woman in question.

Rude pushed his sunglasses up his nose and actually shuddered. "She wanted to know if I was as big as you said I was during dinner last night." He turned to look at Reno and frowned. "You and your dumb ideas."

"Aw, I thought it would get you some fun for the night, but not from her." Reno slung as much of his left arm over his friend’s shoulders as he could. "How was I to know that the Vice President would make you take her home?"

"She propositioned me in the limo," Rude admitted, his broad shoulders hunching forward. "For a supposedly well-bred lady, she was determined to not take ‘no’ for an answer."

"Yeah, I know the type." Reno couldn’t help but smirk as he thought about the fun he’d had last night. "Did you get a little action? Ow!" He glared at his partner and rubbed the back of his head.

Rude tugged on the glove that covered his right hand and held it up in a threatening manner, as if ready to smack Reno again. "Do I look stupid enough to engage in any type of sexual activity with the woman that the President has selected for his son to date?"

"Nah," Reno sighed and rubbed his head again. While he wished that Rude had gotten lucky last night, his friend didn’t need either a case of the clap or a bullet to the head. "Ah well, she didn’t have the greatest tits on her anyhow."

Rude’s frown smoothed out and he actually smiled the tiniest bit. "No, she didn’t. Even if she hadn’t been the Vice President’s date, there’s no way I’d willingly touch her with a ten foot pole. I like women with a bit more class."

"Not to mention bigger tits." This time, Reno managed to dodge the blow and laughed. "Aw, come on, if they aren’t at least D cups, you don’t bother."

Rude’s snort of derision showed what he thought about that particular theory, but Reno knew it was true. While he wasn’t adverse to women on the whole, part of the reason that he and Rude had become such good friends was that he usually went for the guys and Rude the girls. And after spending a lot of nights in various bars, Reno was very well acquainted with what type of girls Rude preferred. Big chests weren’t always necessary, but he definitely didn’t go for the sluts. He liked either the quiet, shy type or the ones who, while not being too assertive, weren’t afraid to stand up for what they wanted or for themselves. If they were like that, pretty and had nice tits, then Rude was smitten, at least until happy hour was over. Being a Turk wasn’t very good for relationships and most of their fellow teammates didn’t bother with anything other than fuck-buddies or one night stands.

Which made Reno think about what had occurred last night. Now that the thrill of the moment was gone, he had to admit it hadn’t been the brightest thing to do, but dammit, who was he to turn down Rufus Shinra? For someone who’d been a snot-nosed brat when they’d met, Rufus sure as hell had done a lot of growing up.

A sharp rap to the head made Reno curse and glare at his partner. "What the hell was that for, eh? I didn’t say anything!"

Rude bared the slightest amount of teeth with an amused smile. "You’re awfully quiet this morning, and bad things happen when you’re like this. You have any problem with the Vice President last night? He looked a little worse for the wear from all that wine." They came to a stop by the elevators, and Rude pushed the ‘down’ button so they could report to work.

Their shift started in another fifteen minutes, but Rufus was usually at work by now…. "No problems to speak of, at least as far as I know." Acting on impulse, Reno pushed the ‘up’ button. "Except I left something in his office last night, and I think I’m gonna get it before it ends up in the trash." He smiled at Rude’s inquisitive look but didn’t offer anything else. He wasn’t one to keep secrets from his best friend but he’d gotten an odd vibe last night when he’d left the office, and he’d been on VP duty often enough to know that Rufus slept with a lot of people but rarely more than once. He wanted to make sure that he hadn’t screwed himself out of a job – literally – and wasn’t going to either worry Rude or spill the beans until he knew one way or another. Plus, he really liked that tie.

Rude smoothed his right hand over his goatee and shook his head. "You’re hiding something, but it’s too early in the morning to find out what. I’ll explain to Veld that you’ll be a little late and then you’re buying me coffee." He slid his glasses down to Reno a look that clearly said ‘and telling me what idiotic stunt you pulled now’.

Grateful that he’d somehow managed a partner like Rude, Reno impulsively gave him a quick hug when he heard the ‘ding’ that announced that an elevator had arrived. Since it was his, he jumped into the car and waved goodbye to his stunned friend. "I’ll even buy donuts!"

His good mood faded a bit as the elevator made its way upward, too damn slow for his nerves. So, what was the worst that could happen, he wondered and began to tap his baton against his shoulder to make the people on the elevator give him some space. Rufus might regret what they’d done last night and ask Veld to not assign Reno or Rude to him for a while, which meant they’d lose a lot of fun assignments. That wasn’t something that Reno wanted, especially since he usually got a chance to fly when he was escorting the Vice President to and fro. So it really would be a good idea to stop by, pick up his tie and casually mention that if Rufus wanted it, he’d completely forget about last night. Not that he really wanted to, the sex had been pretty damn good, and, well, it had been with Rufus.

How many Turks could say they got the Vice President of ShinRa to fuck them? Reno grinned, which for some odd reason made people move farther away from him than swinging the baton did. Not that he would say anything if Rufus told him not to – well, not to anyone but Rude.

What it came down to was that he really hoped that Rufus wouldn’t act as if last night was a mistake that was to be ignored. Relationships were a big no for both of them, but Reno didn’t see why they couldn’t fuck around on occasion. Rufus knew that he wouldn’t try anything during the sex and Reno wouldn’t mind a lover who was both hot as hell and willing to be a little rough with him but not too rough. Well, other than being stupid enough to at least attempt to finger him without any lube.

Still, what it came down to was the opportunity for great sex with someone who really turned him on and wouldn’t try to make it something other than just sex. Reno could admit to himself that it also created the potential of being a very enjoyable way to spend a few lunches or coffee breaks, if he could get Rufus in the mood during work. Kinda hard for Veld to give him shit about taking too long if he was blowing the Vice President, after all.


Rufus glared at the tie neatly folded on his desk. The cleaning crew had been here this morning and set the office to right, leaving it without any tell-tale stains or odors. The only sign that something had happened in here last night was Reno’s ghastly tie, left on his desk as if some sort of demented memento. The fabric’s garish colors were even more nauseating in the sunlight, and he swore that the naked woman painted on it winked at him, even though its power source was turned off.

He’d gone home last night, washed off and fallen asleep in his very comfortable bed. The night seemed to have passed without incident, except for the fact that he had woken from a dream of fucking Reno, the redhead lying beneath him on the bed and begging to be fucked hard. It wasn’t the dream that had awakened him but the fact that it had made him come, something that hadn’t happened since he was barely fifteen years old.

Last night was supposed to be a one time thing, yet he dreamed about Reno, fantasized about him in the shower and on the way here. He hadn’t been able to get the redheaded bastard out of his thoughts all morning long, the way Reno laughed, the feel of Reno’s incredibly hot, tight body, the-

"Dammit." Rufus yanked open a desk drawer and shoved the tie inside. He wasn’t supposed to be acting like this, wasn’t supposed to be thinking of the Turk at all except of ways to use him to his benefit. That thought provoked others as a snide voice inside his head snickered and created perverted ways to ‘use’ Reno.

"Vice President." The sound of his secretary’s old, quivering voice over the phone’s intercom snapped him from those thoughts. "Reno from the… Investigation Division of General Affairs Department is here to see you."

And now the bastard was showing up in real life to seek ‘restitution’ for last night. Wishing he could just take his gun from its shoulder holster and shoot the redhead, Rufus forced himself to take a deep breath. "Send him in." The sooner he got this over with, the sooner he could forget what had happened last night and move on. Besides, Veld would never forgive him if he killed a competent Turk.

Reno entered the office a few seconds later, a hesitant smile on his face that actually surprised Rufus as it wasn’t exactly an emotion he normally saw from the Turk. Reno stopped just inside the office but, when Rufus didn’t move or say anything, began to approach the desk.

"Ah, figured you’d be here already," Reno said, the normal cockiness in his voice sounding a bit forced. "Most people don’t show up for work until they absolutely have to, ya know. Bad enough we have to be here in the first place." He stopped beside the desk, the hesitant smile back on his face.

Bitterness welled inside of Rufus as he wondered if Reno was here to ask for something to make his job a bit easier, like a raise or a promotion. Rufus had stopped sleeping with ShinRa employees after the third one asked him for something along those lines, but had been too much of an idiot last night to care about that fact.

He pressed his palms together and brought his hands to his face, until the fingers brushed against his lips. "You’re a very informal person, Reno, so let’s dispense with the pleasantries. I’ve a lot of work to do today, hence my early arrival, so just tell me what it is you want." The sooner he heard the price for last night, the sooner he could turn the lust he still felt for the Turk into disgust.

Chuckling nervously, Reno scratched the side of his head. "Ah, you sure do like cutting right to the chase, don’t you? I should have had that coffee before I came." He laughed again, the nervousness seeming to vanish as he leaned against the desk. "You didn’t happen to find my tie, did ya? I must have left it here last night." He folded his arms over his chest and stared expectantly.

Taken back by the question, Rufus wondered if this was just the way that Reno negotiated for something. First the pleasant act to lull his suspicions, and then mention of the demands. "Your tie. I had contemplated having it burned," he admitted as he reached into his desk’s top drawer.

Reno laughed again, this time the sound was more genuine than before. "Aw, didn’t you ever hear that sometimes, something’s so ugly it’s actually cute?" he asked as he reached for the offensive garment. "Besides, it’s one of a kind." He smiled as he spoke, his grin cocky and his eyes alight with amusement. When his fingertips brushed against Rufus’ hand as he reached for the tie, Rufus felt the lust intensify to a startling degree. He unwillingly remembered the way Reno’s fingers had dug into his shoulder last night, the sharp pain that had made the pleasure too much.

"What do you really want?" he demanded as he snatched at Reno’s retreating hand and held onto it so tightly that he felt bones shift beneath his fingers. "Don’t tell me you came here for a damn tie." He would not be played with a second time.

Reno hissed slightly but didn’t try to pull his hand free or use the baton that dangled from his left wrist. "I did come here for the tie. There’s not another one like it."

"Reno, one more mention about that horrid thing and I will light it on fire while you’re wearing it," Rufus threatened, his patience at an end. "Why are you here? What is it you want? A raise?"

His brow furrowing with confusion, Reno tried to pull his hand free but, when that failed, sat on the desk and scooted toward Rufus. "I was hoping for some sex, dammit!" he shouted, and Rufus swore the words echoed around the white room. "I thought I’d come up here and see if you were willing to fuck around some more or not." He grinned just then, the expression salacious but his eyes narrowed, as if from anger or bitterness. "Only thing I want raised is your cock, but if you’re gonna be such a bastard, forget it. I’m not that hard up for a fuck-buddy," he sniffed.

Rufus didn’t know the last time he’d ever felt this stunned. "Reno, *what* the hell are you talking about?" he asked, feeling a bit as if the world was spinning too fast. The answer put him off-balance and he *hated* that.

"Let go of my hand and I’ll tell you," Reno huffed, and they glared at each other until Rufus begrudgingly released his hold. To his benefit, Reno didn’t shake or massage what had to be a very sore hand; he merely sat cross-legged on the desk and cradled it in his lap.

"You’re being incredibly insolent," Rufus couldn’t help but point out as he thought about wrinkled paperwork as well as pulling Reno toward him to be fucked. The desk would certainly be a lot better than the floor….

"Yeah, well, I don’t like being accused of fucking my way to a better job," Reno said, the anger still in his voice although his demeanor came across as relaxed to the point of laziness. "There’s no point in it, as being able to lie down and spread your legs can’t help a person when they get in over their head."

"Try telling that to Scarlet," Rufus muttered, and felt the world return a bit to normal when a genuine smile spread across Reno’s face.

"Ya gotta point, there." Reno flexed the fingers of his right hand and then used them to unfasten the wrist belt of his baton. "Look, I came up here to see how you were going to react after last night," he admitted, his gaze intent on Rufus as he set the weapon aside. "I wanted you to know that if you were worried about me spreading talk around or something, that I wouldn’t. It’s not worth my job."

Rufus was quiet for a moment and tried to figure out if Reno was lying or not. He’d witnessed the Turk do it many times, even to his father, and knew that Reno was amused to tell a person a blatant falsehood. However, to his knowledge, Reno had never lied to him. Not that he could prove, at least. "You thought I’d fire you?"

"Hell, no," Reno snorted, in such a manner that Rufus felt both annoyed and offended. "You don’t have the power to do that, not if Veld won’t back ya." He seemed to notice Rufus’ mood and shook his head. "But you could make my life miserable, could take away all the good assignments and tell Veld that you don’t want to see me again."

Moving from his chair, Rufus approached Reno and grabbed the Turk’s chin with his right hand. Just the touch of warmer than average skin and the inhaled breath of spice made the lust rush through his veins like a torrent. Something told him that this strong of a reaction wasn’t normal, that he should be cautious but the way Reno didn’t try to pull free, the way he allowed Rufus to force him to look up and merely smiled in return, made Rufus ignore the advice.

"You want me to fuck you," he said, more than confused by the fact that Reno wasn’t asking for something else. All of his previous lovers had expected to be paid in some way, had expected a price of sorts from him. Yet Reno claimed to just want more sex. "Is this an attempt to establish some sort of commitment?" Rufus asked with a slight sneer to his lips.

Reno snorted again and rolled his eyes but didn’t try to break Rufus’ hold on him. "Please, we’d kill each other in a month if that happened." He arched his left eyebrow and smiled. "Look, I’m a Turk and you’re the Vice President of ShinRa. Seems to me that both of us could use someone to fuck when there’s a need, someone who won’t try to make anything more out of it than just sex. We know that the sex can be damn hot and we sorta trust each other."

What Reno said made sense, in a rather twisted way. Rufus thought about the possibility of sex without having to worry about emotional or financial entanglements. His father would probably be furious if word got out that Rufus was sleeping with a Turk… but he wasn’t bothered by that, not when the man scheduled a meeting at least three times a week so he could fuck his secretary. "Aren’t you worried that people might hear that you’re letting yourself be fucked by the Vice President?" he asked as his hand moved from Reno’s jaw to the nap of Reno’s neck. He smiled when his lover shivered at the touch. Perhaps that was why Reno was willing to be quiet about their affair.

"Nah. They either won’t believe it or will be jealous as hell." Reno’s eyes became heavy-lidded and he let his head loll backwards. "And it’s not like they can say I slept with you to get ahead, even if that would bother me at all. Veld’s in charge and Tseng will take over when he isn’t, and I’m happy where I’m at. Not like I want a desk job or anything." He stuck his tongue out to show how much he liked that idea.

Rufus shifted closer the same time he used his grip on Reno’s hair to make the redhead sit at the edge of the desk. "There will never be the possibility of this becoming a relationship. I will set the rules and you will obey them, and if I find out that you’re trying to use the fact that we’re having sex to any advantage then you’ll be immediately terminated." Not even Veld could argue with that. "You will be discreet about this, if you even know the meaning of the word, and you will do nothing to cause me any embarrassment." He couldn’t believe that he was telling such things to Reno, that he expected to be obeyed but the thought of controlling his lover, of making Reno do what *he* wanted, was absolutely thrilling. Who could say they ever got this much from the notoriously fickle Turk?

Slowly raising his arms until they slid around Rufus’ shoulders, Reno gave him a lascivious smile. "Always use lube, never fuck me on the carpet again, and you can order me to dress up like Scarlet for all I care. I just want some more great sex," he drawled, what could be seen of his heavy-lidded eyes already dark with passion.

The morning had barely begun, there was lots of work to do and Rufus was expected to report to his father in less than an hour. However, all he did was lean closer to Reno as he pulled free the band that held Reno’s hair back, soon followed by those annoying sunglasses. "I hope you have no objections to being fucked on the desk," he said, his voice deepened by desire as he grasped handfuls of the crimson hair to make Reno arch his back and press against him.

"Mind? Fuck, I’ve had several fantasies about it," Reno moaned as his legs wrapped around Rufus’ waist.


Tseng handed the documents to Veld. "It seems that the Vice President wishes to take Miss Von Beers to the Tin Angel tomorrow night." He managed to say the words without sighing – but barely. Judging from the looks on his superior’s face, Veld was beginning to get a headache, just like his.

Veld slowly let out his breath and sat back in his chair as he set the documents on the desk. "Let me guess, he’s requested Reno and Rude for the night." He ran the thumb and forefinger of his right hand over his goatee.

"Correct, Sir." Tseng could already imagine the reports that would be filed the day after tomorrow and resolved to stock up on the headache medicine.

This time there was no mistaking the fact that Veld sighed out loud. "And I foolishly thought that things might quiet down for a short while," he rather cryptically replied before he signed the papers. "I assume that the President is at least pleased with the situation?"

Tseng didn’t need to ask what situation in particular. "As long as the Vice President isn’t of a mind to allow his recent… activities with Reno affect his courtship of Miss Von Beers, the President seems willing to ignore what’s going on." He’d overheard that particular conversation between Rufus and his father once the truth had been found out, and was rather surprised by the President seeming to willingly turn a blind eye to the fact that his son was sleeping with a Turk.

"Hmm, it’s as I expected." Veld sat up straight in his chair and began to look through the various paperwork and folders on his large desk. "No doubt he’s hoping the affair will end badly and that Rufus will estrange himself from the Turks."

Trust Veld to see the matter so clearly and sum it up in so few words. Tseng fought the urge to run his hands through his hair and settled for massaging his temples instead. "I believe you’re correct." As word slowly spread about the ‘affair’, most people took to paying attention to what was going on in hopes of witnessing something spectacularly bloody or messy. "What are we going to do?"

Veld looked up from his search and frowned. "Nothing. They’re both adults and are relatively intelligent, leave them alone. As long as they do their jobs, we’ve no say in the matter." He stared evenly at Tseng for a moment and began flipping through one of the folders.

Normally Tseng would listen to whatever his superior told him, but felt he couldn’t at this moment. "Sir, if you ordered Reno to stop… seeing the Vice President, he would probably obey." In as much as Reno ever directly followed an order. "This situation isn’t good for either of them, and he’s already begun to slack off from work." His cheeks felt the slightest bit warm as he thought about Reno’s over-long lunch breaks. Yes, both men were adults but Tseng was a bit disturbed at walking into Rufus’ office and smelling sex, in seeing his young charge smiling with satiation while Reno slunk from the room, half of the time with a slight limp.

"Tseng, you are a good man and I believe you are truly concerned for both Rufus and Reno, so please listen to my advice." Once again, Veld looked at him, the paperwork forgotten. "Leave them alone. You know if Reno wasn’t with Rufus, then he’d be doing something like adjusting the elevator speeds without permission or testing the average ShinRa employee’s tolerance for electrical shocks. Quite frankly, he’s causing less trouble if he’s busy having sex, while Rufus is too occupied to conjure up any more hair-brained schemes. I get a better night’s sleep thinking of how they’re wearing each other out instead of causing me new troubles." There was a harried expression on Veld’s face, a rare occurrence – unless the topic matter was Rufus or Reno. "You will, too, when you take over for me."

"I highly doubt they’ll still be together at that point." Tseng shifted from foot to foot as he spoke, uncomfortable with the thought of Veld quitting… or worse. He had too much respect and affection for the man who so zealously looked out for the Turks. "That’s the problem. Rufus could alienate the very people he needs the most."

This time, Veld didn’t even bother to look up from whatever he was reading when he snorted in derision. "He may be the President’s son, but I believe that Rufus has more intelligence than that. I also believe that neither of those two idiots have a clue what they’ve gotten themselves." He closed the folder and reached for another one. "In the span of a few weeks, the Turks’ expenses have dropped sharply from the lack of necessary repairs to facilities and equipment, and the Vice President is following his father’s orders, for once."

"While I must admit that the behavior is unusual for both Rufus and Reno, I still fail to see your point, Sir."

Veld held out the folder he’d been reading to Tseng. It contained a letter of request from Rufus to visit all of the Mako Reactors in the upcoming months. There was no surprise in that Rufus expected Reno to fly him to the scattered locations, but he requested several different makes of helicopters for the trips. At the bottom of the folder was a blank flight certificate that Veld had signed. Tseng stared at the contents and frowned. "I’m terribly sorry, Sir, but I seem to be missing something."

"They’re already working together and altering their behavior for one another. In my experience, that is a not a sign of a temporary relationship. Knowing those two, nothing is going to be easy but the Vice President will have a very personal reason to look after the Turks from now on, and he will have at least one person around him who will be close enough to watch over him effectively." Setting his pen aside, Veld rubbed his right hand over his eyes. "Having said all that, I feel the very strong urge for a drink." He looked at Tseng and smiled. "Do you have any plans for dinner tonight?"

"No, Sir." As disturbed as he was by Rufus and Reno’s actions, Tseng smiled and told himself to let it go. If Veld saw no reason to interfere, then he would do nothing. "Would you like for me to make a reservation for anywhere in particular?"

"I think the Tin Angel would be a good choice. We can sweep the restaurant during our visit, and there’s no telling if the place will still be standing after tomorrow." Veld’s good humor seemed restored as some of the ever-present exhaustion that wore on him faded.

"I hear they had to get new pepper mills after the last time," Tseng remarked as he pulled out his cell phone. "And the tablecloths are much shorter." He wondered if there would be enough staff to run the restaurant once they heard that Rufus Shinra would be returning as he called for the reservations.


Awash with pleasure, Rufus suddenly sneezed in a rather violent manner. Knelt between his legs, Reno looked up from the cock he held in his hands. "Ya gonna do that again? Might not be a good idea to startle me for the next few minutes," he said before he trailed a teasing lick from the base of Rufus’ cock to its tip.

"Be quiet. I’ve a meeting in fifteen minutes so hurry up," Rufus ordered as he pinched the end of his nose and sniffed. He didn’t know where that had come from but he didn’t feel the urge to sneeze again, thankfully.

"You’re the boss." Somehow, when Reno said those words they didn’t contain the slightest hint of respect, yet Rufus didn’t mind. How could he, when his lover’s mouth settled over the tip of his cock? Moaning at the wonderful sensation, he tilted his head against the back of the chair and tightened his fingers in Reno’s hair. No doubt the redhead would deliberately drag things out to make him late for yet another meeting this month. He would just have to get back at Reno later. His increasingly fractured thoughts supplied him with the image of a ball gag and handcuffs, which made him smile in approval and anticipation.


Feeling very uncomfortable, Rude pushed his sunglasses further up his nose and tried to ignore the disapproving look that the Vice President’s secretary cast his way every other minute. As if it was his fault that Reno had to drop off some important paperwork and wait for the Vice President to sign it. Never mind that the paperwork looked suspiciously like an order form from a sex toy shop.

Rude thought he heard his partner’s name be called out but it was difficult to tell, the word had been so garbled. Wondering if he should invest in a pair of earplugs and if he’d get in trouble for using them while technically on duty, he resolved to have a talk with Reno later tonight, over drinks. This was the eight time in the last five weeks that he’d been stuck standing in front of a door while Reno had sex during work. No matter what that idiot thought, this was *not* going to become any more of a habit than it had. Reno and the Vice President could wait to have sex until after work was done, just like almost everyone else.

Perhaps he wouldn’t even need to say anything, Rude thought as he ignored what had *definitely* been Reno’s name shouted in a rather loud voice. Sooner or later, Reno and the Vice President had to get bored with each other and put an end to things. He knew that Reno wasn’t the type to form any type of commitment, and he couldn’t see the Vice President settling for someone like his partner. No, it would just be a matter of time, Rude was willing to bet. Then he could be assured of actually being able to eat on his lunch breaks instead of standing guard out here, or in the helicopter hanger, or in front of some broom closet….

Hearing something crash to the floor, he deliberately refused to look at the secretary but straight in front of him instead. Just a matter of time and things would go back to normal, he tried to convince himself. Those two had already outlasted the betting pool that the Turks had set up. Not much longer now. Sex, no matter how great it was supposed to be, could only keep two such polar opposites together for very long. Rude’s lips twitched as he held back a laugh at anything serious developing between Reno and the Vice President. The mere thought of it was utterly preposterous. Maybe he’d have to stand out here a few more times, but not too many. He felt better just thinking about it. Another week, two at the most was all he gave the situation. Hell, it wouldn’t be worth it to waste his money on ear plugs.

As the Vice President’s first name was practically screamed, he crossed his hands in front of his crotch and sincerely hoped that it wasn’t longer than another week. He’d go mad if he had to put up with this past that.


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