Night Out With the Turks


night two


"Here are the recommendations for salary increases, President," Tseng said as he handed over a thin folder. His eyes growing tired from spending all day reading paperwork, Rufus massaged his left temple while he accepted the folder.

There was no surprise found in the fact that most of the senior Turks were up for raises; they had worked very hard to rebuild both their division and ShinRa Electrical Company in the past year. Rufus paused when he came across the document for Reno’s raise, half tempted to refuse it on the grounds that the redhead was practically housed and fed by the company, before he decided to sign it anyway. If he refused or lowered the raise, Reno would just insist on spending more time at his own apartment. An apartment that hadn’t been used in over a month, except for the one night that Reno had slept there because he was too drunk to make it back to the penthouse.

Rufus grit his teeth together and tried not to think about his lover. Tried not to think that while he was here in the office working overtime, that Reno was out getting drunk and breaking at least four major laws. The idiot would then be carried home in the middle of the night, waking Rufus in the process, and spend the next day hungover.

"What else is there left to do?" he asked Tseng, angry at the lack of control he had over his thoughts. He finished signing the documents for the raises and handed the folder back.

"Not very much, Sir," Tseng replied after he set the folder aside and tapped on the keyboard of his laptop for a few seconds. "Reeve sent a reminder this morning that W.R.O. would like to inspect the Reactors next week, and asked if we could be of some assistance in training a new batch of recruits."

Reeve certainly enjoyed being able to ‘remind’ Rufus about the inspections, Rufus thought with growing annoyance. The engineer best not think that ShinRa was his to order about, not when it was *Rufus’* company that kept Reeve’s supplied and running. "Tell him to submit the dates and times that would be most convenient for him; we have nothing to worry about over the inspections and one day he’ll accept that. As for the matter of training, I leave that in your hands."

Rufus was tired, annoyed and just wanted to go home. Glancing at the clock on his laptop, he was surprised to see that it was after nine pm. The evening had gone by so quickly, and it would be several hours before Reno returned home. "Where are they tonight?" he asked, unable to resist his curiosity any longer.

Tseng’s lips pressed together and his eyes narrowed, a sure sign of disapproval. "Apparently, Jared’s latest ‘girlfriend’ works at a strip club in Sector One. They just arrived there about an hour ago."

"Who’s keeping an eye on them?" Rufus would be amused at Tseng’s displeasure if he wasn’t a bit unhappy at the thought of his lover in a cheap strip club.

"Cyril." Tseng rose from his chair and began gathering several folders and papers together, his motions jerky and abrupt. Rufus was willing to bet a considerable fortune that Elena had joined Reno, Rude and the others. "He’s been leaving me messages every half an hour, and I imagine the others will have him passed out from intoxication very shortly."

Which meant that once Cyril was unconscious, that Tseng and Rufus would have no way to monitor their employees and make sure that things didn’t get out of hand. While Rufus considered several of Reno’s ‘drinking buddies’ to be reliable Turks, he was well aware that events on these nights out were kept from him and Tseng. He still had no answer as to how Reno had come home one night with over a thousand gil and chocobo egg, of all things; not even Tseng had managed to find out what had happened, and Elena had been there that evening.

Faced with the prospect of going home to an empty apartment to wait for a call from Tseng to inform him that Reno was either being bailed out of jail or patched up in Medical, Rufus had the sudden inspiration that he deserved a night out, too. "I haven’t been to a strip bar in years," he mentioned to Tseng, a pleased smile spreading across his face.

Tseng stared at him first in shock and then dawning horror. "President, you can’t possibly mean what I think you do." When Rufus’ smile grew wider, he set the folders aside and pinched the bridge of his nose between the thumb and forefinger of his right hand. "I feel that I must point out to you that these clubs are nothing like the ones you and your friends snuck into years ago. Not even the ones you went to without proper supervision."

Rufus wasn’t surprised at all that Tseng knew about those nights out. "I’m sure the premise is basically the same – people being paid to take off their clothes while an inebriated audience cheers them on."

"May I point out that the ‘inebriated audience’ is from Sector One and that if the media hears about this, that it’ll be all over the news tomorrow morning." Tseng paused for a moment, as if for dramatic effect, then cleared his throat. "I don’t think it would be a good idea for you to be caught visiting a place like that with Reno, Sir."

Frowning at the thought of how the media seemed to finally have realized that he was often to be found in the presence of a certain redhead, Rufus felt his resolve strengthen. "I’m sure it also won’t be very good if the media reports on a strip club having been trashed by several off-duty Turks, Reno being one of them." He let out a slow breath and tried a different tactic when that didn’t seem to bother Tseng at all. "I don’t expect to go alone, you know. I thought that the both of us could investigate the situation and make sure that things don’t get out of hand."

For a moment, he thought that Tseng would disagree and escort him home, leaving him to figure out which of the many Sector One strip clubs his lover and employees were at on his own. Just when he was going to mention Elena’s name, Tseng snapped his laptop shut and gave Rufus an assessing look.

"You won’t be able to go like that. Come with me so we can do something about your appearance."

Smiling in victory, Rufus hurried to shut his laptop down as well and followed his Head of Turks out of the office. It had been much too long since he’d allowed himself a bit of fun.


"Put these on," Tseng ordered Rufus and handed over a pair of familiar dark sunglasses. Rufus took them and slid them on, the glasses stationed low enough on his nose so he could look over the black rims and see the full effect of his ‘costume’.

He’d hoped to borrow Reno’s uniform, feeling it was poetic justice for all times his lover had worn his clothes, but the redhead was too damn skinny for the clothes to fit. Rufus had settled for borrowing Tseng’s uniform instead, and while the shoulders of the black jacket were a bit roomy, he felt that the clothes fit well enough. Add to that some temporary dye that the Turks kept on hand for undercover missions which turned his blond hair to a reddish-gold shade, and the sunglasses, and he felt that he was ready.

"So, is there any secret handshake that I should know?" Rufus teased as he turned to face Tseng. "Or code words that only other Turks would recognize?" He felt a little ridiculous, going to this length to not be recognized, but he was also excited. How long had it been since he could go somewhere and have some hope of not being noticed?

Tseng sighed in exasperation and shook his head. "Just be quiet and remain by me at all times. Oh, and remember that if you’re found out, that this was *not* my idea." For someone who was so against it, he seemed in a hurry to get to the sleek black sedan that would take them to Sector One. Rufus had barely closed the car’s passenger door before Tseng revved the engine and tore out of the parking spot.

"When was the last time that you heard from Cyril?"

"Forty minutes ago," Tseng grunted, his forehead becoming furrowed as he navigated the streets in a manner that made all pedestrians and most of the traffic quickly get out of his way. "I may have overestimated his tolerance levels."

Or underestimated the lengths that Reno would go to in order to prevent his fun from being reported back and possibly spoiled, Rufus thought with growing impatience. "Have you tried to contact Elena for an update?"

Silence greeted his question; it was two entire minutes before Tseng answered. "She is off duty, Sir, so it is not my place to keep track of her." The utter lack of emotion in his voice spoke volumes.

Rufus wished that the two Turks would *do* something already. Everyone was well aware of the fact that Elena utterly adored Tseng, even before someone had posted on the division’s message board that Tseng needed to give her ‘one hell of a shag’ because the poor woman was too sexually frustrated for words. And anyone who knew Tseng very well could tell that he cared for her in return, especially after the way he’d made Peter Holdeman’s life a living hell for calling Elena ‘darling’ and hitting on her. While Rufus wasn’t sure that he condoned relationships among his employees, he didn’t have much room to talk.

The ride to the strip club was very quiet, except when they pulled into the parking lot. Rufus took one look at the glowing, neon light that proudly proclaimed the club’s name, ‘Stiffy’s’, and groaned. "I am gravely disappointed."

"According to Jared, what the place lacks in ambience is made up by the employees, Sir." Tseng slicked back his hair and placed his sunglasses on his face. "Remember – if there’s any sign of trouble, I expect you to leave the premises immediately."

Rufus didn’t bother to answer that with anything more than a curt nod. He would avoid making a scene, but he wasn’t going to run and hide since he could more than look after himself. Following Tseng into the club, he was amused to see how the bouncer stationed at the door ushered them ahead of the line of waiting gentlemen and didn’t even ask them to pay.

"There are some benefits to being a Turk, I see," he murmured when Tseng stopped just inside the club and looked around. Doing the same, he wasn’t surprised to find the interior to be very smoky, a bit grungy and mainly consisting of a bar along one entire wall, a raised platform with several poles on which two women were currently dancing, and plenty of tables and chairs. Right in front of the stage was a very loud, rowdy group that he instantly recognized.

"We’re either here on business or to drink the bar dry – either way, they know it’s a waste of time to get any cover charge from us," Tseng remarked and motioned to a table not too far back from the stage but against the wall. They went over there, and all it took was one look and a cleared throat from Tseng, and the two men already seated at it picked up their drinks and quickly left.

Sitting down, Rufus frowned in displeasure when he caught sight of his lover. For once, Reno had obeyed the order to no longer go out dressed in his uniform so as to not draw any attention to himself. Well, any more attention than possible to himself. One of these days, the media would decide to follow the Turk about as well, but that couldn’t be helped. What was of increasing concern to Rufus and Tseng were organizations other than the media making the connection between him and Reno.

Tonight, Reno had exchanged his uniform for a pair of jeans that looked ready to fall apart at any moment, they were so threadbare in spots, and a dark blue shirt made of some shiny material that clung to his chest. His long hair was pulled back into a high ponytail, which made the dangling earring he wore sparkle in the room’s dim light. Beside him was Rude, also out of uniform, dressed in an almost indecently tight pair of leather pants and a sleeveless sweater that strained to cover his upper body.

Rufus noted that Elena and Kali were partially in uniform – both still wore their black jackets - but Elena had exchanged her white shirt for what appeared to be a bright blue, clingy t-shirt, and Kali had switched her black pants for a skirt that barely showed beneath her jacket when she stood up to give one of the dancers some money. Jared and Pamela were still dressed in their uniform, while Rod and Tosh had abandoned their jackets and in Rod’s case, his white shirt as well, leaving him in his black pants and a white tank. From what Rufus could tell, Cyril was still in uniform, although the young lady giving him a lap dance was busy removing his jacket.

"You must be so proud," he said to Tseng when the Turk returned with two bottles of beer. Deciding that it helped him to maintain his ‘cover’, Rufus tried a sip and was actually surprised that it was pretty good.

"They’re off duty. I won’t even argue about some of them being in uniform because it allows them a bit of safety." Tseng stared at Elena as he drank the beer, his brow furrowed once more until the bindhi mark on his forehead almost disappeared.

Few people would mess with a Turk, and those who would probably had enough intelligence on the division that it wouldn’t matter if they were in uniform or not when attacked. Rufus enjoyed some more of his beer while he watched his employees. A very pretty waitress in a very short skirt and extremely cropped top stopped by the table to give Jared a long kiss and deposit two bottles of what appeared to be whiskey on the table, which all of the Turks immediately reached for once they were set down. Rude managed to grab one and Tosh the other, and Reno draped himself over his partner’s right shoulder while he held up his empty glass. Since the girls on the stage had finished their routine, the music was low enough that Rufus could overhear some of the conversation.

"Come on, don’t be such a greedy bastard!" Reno cajoled when Rude held the bottle out of reach.

"That’s no way to get a drink," Rude replied, then cursed when Elena snatched the bottle from him to fill her glass then Reno’s.

"Just give him some alcohol so he’ll shut up," she said, then leaned back in her chair with her full glass clutched between her hands.

"Now, Elena, you should know better that he never shuts up!" Rod laughed when Reno gave him a finger over the insult. "Aw, is that an offer? Wanna come over here and give me a lap dance, sweetheart?"

Reno laughed and threw something that was on the tabletop at his coworker. "You’d like it too much, you perverted bastard!" The rest of what was said as everyone else joined in on picking on Rod, except for Cyril. The new Turk seemed to have passed out with a rather large smile on his face.

"So far, it appears to be normal behavior for them," Rufus remarked, his attention focused on his lover. Reno was still laughing about something, and stood up so he could grab one of the whiskey bottles. Pamela remarked about a ‘scrawny ass’ and then the music became louder as two women dressed in very flimsy outfits strutted out onto the stage.

"I’ll show you scrawny!" With the bottle in his hand, Reno jumped up on stage, which made the two dancers blink in surprise and the Turks to burst out in laughter and cheers. He seemed to wink at one of the girls while handing the other one the bottle, then turned to face his coworkers while he undid the tie that held his hair back. Once it was falling onto his shoulders, he whipped his neck around in a manner that Rufus had seen a dancer do when he had walked into the club, red hair flying about like a fiery whip.

"Sir, I think it would be a very good idea for you to stay in your seat," Tseng said while Rufus stared at the stage, his empty beer bottle clutched in his right hand.

"And I’m thinking that I’m going to rescind that bastard’s raise and lower his salary enough so he can’t afford these nights out," Rufus muttered, unable to believe that Reno was actually on the stage in a strip club, seemingly intent on putting on a show. He knew his lover had few inhibitions, but if the idiot thought that he wouldn’t find out about this….

While the Turks cheered him on, Reno smiled, half of his face covered by his hair, and began to lift up the hem of his shirt. One of the dancers stood beside him and stroked back his hair, then ran her tongue along his jaw while grinding against him. The other woman, a blonde with hair that fell down to the top of her barely covered ass, tried to help him with his shirt; the three of them acting in such a manner that several people scooted their chairs closer to the stage.

Raising his shirt a few inches while the blonde caressed the exposed pale skin, Reno laughed and waved to his friends. The other woman, a brunette dressed in fishnets and leather straps, yanked Reno’s head back and nibbled on his ear; all the while the three of them swayed together. Rufus, who had just started to rise from his seat when the brunette undid the buttons to Reno’s jeans, found himself yanked back into his seat by Tseng.

"It would *not* be a good idea for you to cause a scene."

That was easy for the man to say, when Elena was still dressed in her clothes and not being molested by two sluts in front of an audience. Rufus turned to yell at Tseng, but stopped when he saw that the man’s attention was focused entirely on something happening on stage. Turning around to look, he saw Elena, without her coat and with a familiar bulge in the small of her back, lean onto the stage while she waved a handful of gil in Reno’s direction. The brunette stopped chewing on Reno’s jaw long enough to reach for the money, giving Elena a lingering kiss on the lips as well.

"I believe that goes for you, too," he informed Tseng, who appeared too much in shock to move, especially when Elena sat back in her chair with a huge smile on her face. Tseng seemed to attempt a reply, but the words were too garbled for Rufus to make any sense out of them.

His amusement didn’t last for long, not when he returned his attention to the stage to find Reno dressed only in a pair of black silk boxers. Tosh was the next Turk to lean onto the stage, shoved several gil up the left leg of Reno’s boxers… and didn’t seem in much of a hurry to remove his hand. Before Rufus could reach for his gun, Rude yanked the suicidal idiot back, as well as another customer who was attempting to do the same thing.

"Rude, show that scrawny bastard what a real man looks like!" Pamela shouted, which caused everyone at the table to start laughing again. Kali whispered something in Rude’s ear, and while Rufus sat there, contemplating the worst assignments he could think up for Tosh, Rude stepped onto the stage.

The huge Turk pried Reno from the arms of the now topless dancers and gave him a shove offstage. The women waved and blew kisses at Reno for a few seconds before they latched on to Rude, very eager to help him get rid of his clothes. Rufus decided that he’d ask Tseng to pair Pamela up with another Turk for a few weeks so she didn’t suffer along with her partner, not after she’d played some inadvertent part in getting Reno off the stage.

Now that Rude in the process of shedding his clothes, even more people pressed toward the stage, including what looked to be all of the other dancers in the establishment. Trying to spy his lover through the crowd, Rufus rose from his chair but couldn’t spot the redhead anywhere. He was about to leave the table when he found himself shoved back into his seat.

"Fuck off," he snarled, before he recognized the half naked person grinning madly at him. Reno, still only dressed in the silk boxers, straddled his lap and leaned in close.

"Care for a lap dance, Sir?" Reno asked before he leaned back and smiled at Tseng. "You better get up there – Elena’s about to blow a weeks’ worth of pay if Rude strips down to his undies. With pants that tight, he had to wear a thong."

When Tseng, with a decidedly worried expression on his face, looked up to see Elena on stage waving a handful of gil at a now topless Rude, he swore and rushed from his chair. Rufus thought that Elena also has her cell phone out as well, but found his line of sight blocked by Reno.

"What, you want a lap dance from one of them, instead?" Reno pretended to pout for a few seconds, all the while squirming in Rufus’ lap.

"What I want is to shoot you right about now," Rufus informed his lover, his arms moving to wrap around Reno’s waist. "What the hell do you think you’re-" He stared with indignation when his hands were slapped aside.

"Nope, no touchy during the dance. Haven’t you ever had one before?" Reno’s smile was utterly wicked while he pushed Rufus’ arms back to the side of the chair. "You just sit there while I do my thing." As he spoke, he began to unbutton Rufus’ white shirt. "This is pretty fun; you not being dressed in so many layers for once."

Rufus took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "Did you spot us while you were up on the stage?"

Reno shook his head and rocked his hips against Rufus’. "Nah, Rod was keeping watch on the door, and Jared’s girlfriend told him that two more Turks were here." He leaned close again, his breath warm against Rufus’ right ear. "You look sexy in black." His hips kept moving, his hands now roaming along Rufus’ exposed chest, his lips ghosting over Rufus’ face and neck.

Feeling himself grow hard, Rufus tried once again to touch his lover, only to have his hands shoved aside again. "So you decided to put on a show for me?" he asked, his breathing growing labored as his body reacted to the feel of Reno moving against him.

"Not really." Reno nuzzled the left side of Rufus’ neck, the platinum chain cold against his skin. "Tosh bet me a hundred gil that I wouldn’t get up there while you were here." Reno chuckled, the sound low and evil, right against Rufus’ neck until he couldn’t help but shiver. "How could I resist a way to get you all hot and bothered, hmmm?"

"I’m more half tempted to fire the man," Rufus admitted, and this time he didn’t attempt to touch Reno; instead, he plucked free some of the money still hanging out of his lover’s underwear. "Dare or no dare, don’t you ever do anything like that again." His lover, up on stage for everyone to see, just because of a foolish wager…. Rufus crumpled the money and dropped it onto the table. Moving quickly, he grabbed hold of Reno’s loose hair and wrapped the strands around his fists. "I am *not* amused."

"You never are." Reno gave up on teasing him and pressed his lips against Rufus’ jaw for a few seconds before kissing him on the lips. Moaning into his lover’s mouth, Rufus wrapped his arms around Reno, uncaring that they were in the middle of some lower-class strip club. He kissed Reno back with a mixture of anger, possession and lust, thrusting his tongue deep into his lover’s hot mouth while his right hand slid beneath the boxers to squeeze firm flesh.

Reno actually whined as he pulled away, the sound low and so needy that Rufus yanked him back, now kissing him on the neck. Reno kept rocking his hips against Rufus’, both of them hard and desperate for the wonderful friction. Then something warm and soft brushed against Rufus’ right arm.

"I think it’s a very good time to leave," Tseng proclaimed in a loud and definitely angry tone of voice. Managing to pull himself away from his lover, Rufus saw the Head of Turks standing there, his black coat now draped over Reno’s shoulders and his right arm wrapped firmly around the waist of a pouting Elena. He set something down on the table – what appeared to be a damaged cell phone – and fumbled in his pants’ pocket for a set of keys. "Take the car home." After handing the keys to Rufus, he snatched up the phone and headed to the door with Elena in tow.

"Think he’ll finally make a move tonight?" Reno asked while he slid his arms into the sleeves of the jacket and Rufus adjusted his sunglasses then buttoned his shirt. "He seems pretty pissed off, which is promising."

"Reno…." Rufus pushed the idiot from his lap. "Only you would think that enraging your lover is a good thing. We’re going home." Standing up, he only paused to adjust his pants before he dragged his lover from the club. From the sounds of it, the rest of the Turks as well as the club’s patrons were definitely enjoying the show onstage, and he wanted to be gone before anything else happened.

"Wait a minute, you bastard! I don’t have any shoes on!" Reno hollered when they reached the door. He somehow dug in his heels and forced Rufus to a halt. "I’m not cutting up my feet out there."

Looking at the parking lot filled with gravel and broken beer bottles, Rufus sighed and had to agree. "Where are your shoes? Better yet, where the hell are your clothes?"

Reno shrugged and motioned back to the stage. "I think Tosh has my pants, but someone else grabbed my shirt and I couldn’t find the shoes. Let’s go- hey! Put me down, you bastard!"

Not about to go back into the crowd to search for the missing garments, Rufus bent his knees, wrapped his arms around Reno’s waist and heaved his lover onto his left shoulder. He swayed a couple of times while he adjusted to Reno’s weight, and smacked the complaining bastard hard on the ass. "Shut up. You’re attracting attention."

"Of course I am, you’re fucking- ow, *stop* that, you controlling bastard!" Reno cursed up a storm when he was given a third smack for his troubles, while Rufus was grateful that the redhead wasn’t too heavy. Resolving to increase his weight lifting regime, he managed to carry Reno out to the car without too much incident.

When he set Reno down on the hood of the car, his lover grabbed him by the front of his jacket and yanked him forward for another kiss. For once mindful of where they were, Rufus only allowed himself to savor it for a minute or two before he pulled away. "Wait until we get home." His hands slid beneath the jacket to give Reno’s ass a good squeeze. "You still have to finish that lap dance, which is *not* going to happen out here."

"You have no idea how much it’s gonna cost ya," Reno chuckled and ran his fingers through Rufus’ hair. "But first you’re gonna wash that shit out. Feels like I’m fooling around with a stranger."

"You know better than that," Rufus replied, for once meaning the words more as a statement than a threat. "Although you didn’t seem to mind all that attention from the two women on stage." He gave Reno’s earring a quick tug.

"They were just being friendly and putting on a show for some money," Reno replied as he tried to push Rufus away. "We leaving or what?"

"Yes, and once we get home, we’re going to have a nice, long conversation about the proper definition of ‘friendly’." Rufus gave his lover a warning look before he stepped away and opened the passenger side door.

Reno winced as he hopped on the gravel two times then sat in the car. "Joy oh joy, I can’t hardly wait. Is it gonna be before or after the lap dance, because maybe I won’t be in such a ‘friendly’ mood if it’s before," he grumbled.

"Judging from tonight’s display, you’re never in an ‘unfriendly’ mood," was Rufus’ instant retort. As he started the car, Reno scooted over and draped an arm over his shoulders.

"Considering you’re the only one who gets to see me at my ‘friendliest’, I’d shut up about it and drive," Reno purred in his left ear, and followed it with a lick for good measure.

For once deciding to allow his lover the last word, Rufus put the car into gear and pulled out of the parking lot. They could either sit here and argue, or go home and have some fun. After a long day of work, he was definitely in the mood for some fun.

That and he wanted to make sure that no one had put any phone numbers down Reno’s boxers.


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