Turks Night Out


part three


Reno waved to the newbies stuck on door duty before he strolled into Rufus’ office. After spending last night on surveillance duty and catching a few hours of sleep during the day, he was more than eager for a bit of fun. Which, of course, meant that Rufus was probably going to be a killjoy, he thought with growing annoyance when he noticed how his lover was still busy with work after five o’clock in the evening. "Oi, it’s quitting time!" he called out as he approached the desk.

Rufus finally looked up from his laptop, his brow furrowed and his hair slightly disheveled, as if he’d combed his fingers through it a few times. That was the only sign of the long hours he’d put in today; his white suit with its black jacket and shirt were impeccable as always, so neat that Reno wanted to grab the rich fabric until it was covered with wrinkles. There was just something so… so ‘wrong’ about a person looking as if they’d just gotten dressed for work. Life was about moving around, getting dirty and wrinkled and all the other things that Rufus strenuously objected to because of the slightest chance that he couldn’t control things. Just looking at the man, Reno knew that his lover probably hadn’t even spent twenty minutes away from his desk that day.

"Ah, of course you show up right when I’m trying to finish this report," Rufus said, the amusement in his rich voice mostly masked by annoyance. "Go away and come back in half an hour."

"Nope, gonna be gone by then," Reno declared and sat on the edge of the desk, just out of Rufus’ reach. Then he smiled at his lover, well aware of how he looked at the moment. His hair was combed for once, mostly loose save for a few strands from around his face which he’d pulled back and fastened with a small clip. He was wearing a skin tight, long-sleeved black shirt and grey cargo pants that were just loose enough that he had to keep pulling them up or else risk walking around in only his boxers. Well, Rufus’ boxers, really, and for such a grouchy bastard, Rufus sure loved his silk underwear. Reno was tempted to make a comment about it when he noticed how his lover’s gaze settled around his waist. Always one to enjoy putting on a good show, Reno leaned back until his hair brushed against the top of the desk while his shirt rode up and the pants slipped lower, exposing more of the boxers. Too bad he hadn’t bothered to wear a belt tonight….

For a moment, Rufus twitched, the motion indicating that he wanted to move forward, before he sighed and resumed typing on his laptop. He brushed aside the hair that covered the screen and frowned. "I now have twenty-seven minutes to finish this before I’m to attend a dinner being held in my honor. Either sit on the couch or go home, but leave me alone."

A bit put off that he was being rebuffed so easily, Reno twisted about on the desk so he could place his right foot on the armrest of Rufus’ chair. "And I said that I’m not gonna be here that long. I’m supposed to meet Rude in the lobby downstairs in another fifteen minutes." He grinned at Rufus and raised his arms over his head, his upper body arching as he stretched. "Thought you might wanna fool around until then; guess I was wrong," he drawled, his hands skimming along his chest on their way back down.

As a ploy to get a reaction from his lover, it worked very well; the problem was that Reno had expected something more along the lines of a passionate kiss rather than Rufus appearing ready to shoot him. His lover rose from his chair and slapped his hands onto the desk, on either side of Reno’s hips. "To think that I was foolishly willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, even after seeing you dressed like this," Rufus said, his right hand rising to tangle in Reno’s hair. "Did I or did I not tell you that you were *not* going out with your friends for at least the next twenty years?"

Rolling his eyes, Reno arched his neck to relieve some of the pressure on his pulled hair, squirming slightly in reaction to Rufus’ anger. Holy fuck, the bastard was hot when he got his boxers in a twist. Reno wrapped his legs around Rufus’ thighs and laughed. "Oh, come on, you expect me to treat you seriously on that? If you’re going out, then so am I."

Rufus glared at the statement, but to Reno’s surprise, didn’t try a power-trip or anything. "I am going to a proper dinner, whereas I can only imagine what type of debauched hellhole you’ll end up in," Rufus snapped. "At least, before you wind up in jail. I *refuse* to bail you out again, Reno."

"For fuck’s sake, it was just the one time, Rufus!" Reno began to lose control of his temper, sick and tired of hearing about that one *fucking* time. He’d even skipped the last few nights his friends had gone out, just to placate the controlling, over-sensitive bastard.

Rufus leaned in closer, his face inches from Reno’s, his blue eyes even more brilliant than usual from anger. "You incited a riot at a whorehouse, dammit!"

Well, that was progress of sorts, Reno thought as he rubbed his hands over his now sore ears. Rufus had finally gotten over the fact that he’d been in a whorehouse in the first place. "Those assholes weren’t paying the poor kids half of what they shoulda earned!" He almost made a comment that he’d charged more for blowjobs back when he’d been on the streets; the way Rufus continued to glare at him made him keep his mouth shut.

"I don’t care about the reasons, Reno, just the after-effects." Rufus had stopped yelling, but the utterly cold and careful way he said the words made Reno worry all the more. "Those ‘poor kids’ ended up making a fair sum of money in the end, to ensure that the news didn’t find out about how my lover spent his night off playing poker with prostitutes in a run-down whorehouse, *before* he urged them to rise up against their pimps."

Almost nose to nose with his lover, Reno easily returned the glare. "Hey, I thought all you cared about was if I fucked someone or not. Since I didn’t, stop bitching about that night so much! I’m not gonna sit at home like a damn pet, waiting for you to come back and give me a fucking pat on the head!" he shouted, torn between opposite impulses to either kiss or punch his controlling lover. "We’re going out to a bar tonight to play pool and drink. Unless you seriously think I’m gonna fuck the bartender, read your damn report, go to the boring ass dinner party and leave me alone!" The first impulse won out; perhaps his sense of self-preservation finally kicking in, or else it was just the fact that fighting with Rufus made him horny as hell.

He sucked hard on his lover’s mouth, anger so easily channeling into passion, and the feel of Rufus kissing him back made him shudder in delight. Scrambling toward the edge of the desk, he pressed against his lover, arms and legs wrapped tightly around firm flesh clothed in fine wool and linen. A stray thought crossed his increasingly addled mind of how the material would finally be wrinkled, and he had to break off the kiss to laugh. Between the passion and the silliness of it all, he felt wonderfully lightheaded, as if a potent buzz had settled in his blood.

"I don’t even want to know," Rufus sighed, and there was actually a hint of a smile on his face when he looked at Reno, his mussed bangs falling into his eyes. "And now I’ve only ten minutes to read that report."

"Screw the damn thing." Reno licked along the edge of Rufus’ chin and grinned. "Better yet-"

"No." The glare back on his face, Rufus pulled away, his hands smoothing down the front of his definitely rumpled suit. "That is not an option right now." After he was done trying to restore order to his clothes, he let out a slow breath and glanced at Reno. "However, the dinner won’t take very long. Be back in four hours." His voice, normally so cold and smoothed, was roughened by the warmth of desire.

Despite all the times he’d been yelled at by his coworkers to not piss off Rufus, Reno merely smiled and shook his head. "Fuck that. We’ll probably still be sober by that point, and the best pool games don’t take place until around midnight. Don’t wait up for me," he replied, reaching out to cup his hand over the frowning bastard’s hard-on. There was no way he’d cut short his first night out in weeks, just because Rufus was too damn anal-compulsive to have a bit of fun now.

The scowl he got in return as his hand was batted aside was enough to give Tseng pause, yet all Reno did was grin smugly in the face of it. If Rufus ordered him to stay in tonight, then there *definitely* wasn’t going to be any fun for at least a few days. Despite how much he hated to lose, even Rufus had to understand it was best to give Reno his way now or suffer.

Then that look changed into something so smugly amused that Reno inched back a bit on the desk to gain some distance from his lover. Rufus reached out and placed his hands on Reno’s hips, using the hold to drag him back. "I see. No doubt if I try to order you, you’ll only pick a fight, so I’ll have to settle for persuasion tonight." The odd light in his eyes made Reno wonder if that ‘persuasion’ was going to involve bloodshed or not. "Get naked," Rufus said, his voice almost husky enough to be a purr, and his fingers stroked along Reno’s exposed hipbones.

"Now you’re talking," Reno crowed, still wary about the situation but no longer afraid. More than likely, Rufus would just try to keep him ‘distracted’, or hope to convince him that it wasn’t worth going out tonight. Fat chance of that happening, he thought with a disdainful snort as he pulled his shirt over his head.

Tossing the shirt aside, he noticed that Rufus wasn’t getting undressed; in fact, the bastard was searching about for something in the left bottom drawer of his desk that he usually kept locked.

"Eh, you’re not joining in?"

Rufus’s smile became even more smug. "No, I have a dinner tonight." He glanced at Reno and motioned to his pants. "Take those off as well."

His hands pausing on undoing the zipper of the pants, Reno narrowed his eyes in suspicion and stared at his lover. "What are you up to now?"

Pulling out a box covered with black leather, Rufus set it on the desk beside Reno then threaded the fingers of his right hand in Reno’s hair. "I’m going to ensure that you’ll return home in four hours, without leaving the bar a smoldering pile of bricks behind you or needing to be bailed out of jail first." In contrast to before, his voice was smooth as silk now, though it was still warm. Someone was much too pleased with himself.

Despite the weirdness of the situation, Reno began to unzip the cargo pants. "And why should I let you do something like that, eh?" he asked, leaning closer to his lover so he could inhale the scent of Rufus’ cologne.

"Because it’s either allow me to do this or you’re not going out." Rufus gave his hair a harsh tug before shifting his grip to the long earring. "What will you do if all of your friends end up working overtime tonight, hmm? Or if you find yourself escorted back to the apartment?"

The shame was, Rufus would have no qualms doing those things, even if they fought over him being an asshole for the next month or two. Gritting his teeth in annoyance, Reno yanked down the zipper of his pants before he managed a more nonchalant demeanor. "Go ahead then, do your worst. Just don’t expect me to return home much before sunrise," he taunted.

Rufus smiled, the expression so pleased that Reno wondered if it was too late for second thoughts. "You’ll be home in four hours." The amount of certainty in his voice made Reno’s spine go stiff and filled him with an almost overwhelming impulse to punch his annoying, too smug lover.

"We’ll see about that," Reno said and pushed Rufus away so he could get rid of his pants and boxers.


"Oi! Reno! Looks like the pool tables are clear; wanna play," Rod asked with a predatory smile on his face as he leaned over the table.

Reno just waved his right hand in a negative motion, his left too busy lifting a bottle of beer to his mouth. His pale face was flushed and a bit sweaty, his shoulders were hunched over and there wasn’t anyone in the bar who looked more miserable than he did at the moment.

Rude eyed his partner with concern. "I thought you wanted to play pool tonight," he pointed out, though he kept the part about Reno also drinking the bar dry to himself. Reno had started out ordering the hard stuff, yet as the night went on, he’d switched to beer even though he didn’t appear drunk.

"Nah, not in the mood," Reno mumbled, his attention fixed to the table as if he was expected a thousand gil note to appear on it at any moment.

"Well, what the fuck am I going to do for a partner now," Rod muttered and fixed Reno with a dirty look that the redhead seemed utterly oblivious to. After a moment or two of the Turk glaring, Rude slid his sunglasses down his nose enough so he could do some glaring of his own in Rod’s direction, until Rod got the hint and backed off, dragging Jared to the pool tables.

Settling the glasses back in place, he sipped his glass of cheap whiskey and turned his attention back to Reno. His partner remained huddled over the table, left hand still clutched around the now empty beer bottle, right hand clenched in a fist. Rude noted for the eighth time that night the fact that he was wearing a black silk shirt over a very tight one, and that the shirt bore a very familiar monogram.

"You look like you’re sick," he told his partner while nudging him in a bony shoulder. Reno flinched at the touch and squirmed in his seat, which made the ruby and diamond earring to swing back and forth.

"Fuck, Rude, leave me alone." There was a hint of distress in Reno’s voice, all traces of its normal smugness and humor gone. He closed his eyes and almost rested his head against the table, stopping halfway to hiss loudly and squirm some more. The tattoos on his cheeks almost disappeared into the redness that cover the skin around them, and Reno’s eyes were fever-bright. For a moment, Rude too clearly remembered the last time he’d walked in on Rufus and Reno, and couldn’t help but compare his friend’s appearance to that time. Flushed skin and the way that crimson hair clung to it….

Reno whapped his empty bottle of beer against the table and straightened up enough to glance around the bar. "Where the hell is the waitress?" He sounded pissed off, yet there was still an unfamiliar hitch to his voice, and his shoulders hunched forward even more.

"It’s a large bar and she seems to be the only one running around," Rude remarked, searching the place for her himself as a means of distraction. While he didn’t find her right away, he did see where the rest of their friends had ended up. Pamela was dancing by the jukebox with a decent looking guy, while Tosh, Jared and Rod were busy at the pool tables. Cyril, Reno’s latest stalker, was at the bar, seeming to divide his attention between looking at their table and chatting up a young woman who appeared smitten by his uniform. Rude pulled rank and motioned for the kid to bring them a few more bottles of beer. Being a willing little rookie, Cyril nodded and immediately waved at the bartender to place the order.

That taken care of, Rude spared a moment to wish that Kali was here, but she and Elena were assigned to watch over Rufus tonight. He was willing to bet two weeks’ pay that Tseng had a hand in that, especially after the whorehouse ‘incident’, and wished that Elena wasn’t partnered with Kali when Tseng had business to attend to. These nights out were beginning to get a little dull, and when Reno finally decided to hang out with him again, the crazy bastard took to acting like this. No joining in on the usual teasing or acknowledging when he was teased in turn, no serious drinking or attempts to pick a fight; hell, Reno wasn’t even going to the bar to flirt with some poor sap who would eventually offer to pay for a round or two of drinks.

Rude glanced at his friend to find Reno breathing heavily, his right hand grasping the long earring as if it was a lifeline, and his left arm wrapped around his chest as if he was in pain. When someone walked behind his chair and accidentally bumped into it, he let out a low, deep moan that made Rude do a bit of squirming of his own.

"Reno, what the hell is going on," he demanded to know, growing seriously disturbed by Reno’s behavior. "Did R actually manage to shoot you today?"

Reno laughed in response – at least, he managed to produce a few chuckles before he winced and went very still. "Fuck, don’t make me laugh, partner," he swore, running his left hand through his hair and knocking out the small clip that held it back. "Not a good idea right now."

"And why the hell is that," Rude asked, very suspicious that Rufus did indeed have something to do with his friend’s current condition. He remembered how Reno had waited to go to the bathroom by himself about half an hour ago, cursing out Tosh when the man tried to go with him. "Seriously, are you hurt?" If the idiot was hiding a nasty injury, both he and Rufus were going to get smacked around some.

Just when it appeared as if Reno was going to answer, Cyril showed up at the table with several bottles of beer and a hopeful smile on his face. The kid was obviously looking for a gold star or something like that, so Rude managed to swallow the curse he was about to yell and nodded instead. "Thanks."

"You’re welcome," Cyril replied and set down the bottles, not even asking to be paid back for them. He glanced at Reno, his expression turning a bit guilty, then quickly looked away. "Anything else I can do for you?"

"Yeah; next time you call Tseng to report that I’m being a good boy, tell him he works for a fucking sadist," Reno hissed as he reached for one of the bottles. When both Cyril and Rude stared and waited for more of an explanation, he closed his eyes and chugged down the entire beer.

Cyril smiled nervously and high-tailed it back to the bar and his potential fuckbuddy for the night, leaving Rude alone with Reno once more. Rude waited for the bottle to be slammed onto the table before he spoke. "What has R done now," he asked, wondering if he was going to get into trouble for beating up his employer.

"When doesn’t it have to do with R," Reno answered with a bitter laugh that made him squirm about for several seconds. "Fuck, but he’s messed up." His right hand dropped to his lap, only to be jerked back to curl on the table a moment later. "’Sadistic’ doesn’t cover it."

That was not what Rude wanted to hear right now. He already worried too much as it was about his friend’s fucked-up relationship with their boss. "What did he do?" When Reno was quiet, Rude repeated the question with more force.

Waving his right hand, Reno shook his head and slowly attempted to slouch down in his chair. "Don’t get all pissed off, Rude, it’s nothing like that. Bastard’s just… just making sure I have a shitty time out with you so I’ll go home early tonight." A stubborn look crossed his face, one that Rude instantly recognized and made him pray to whatever deity was willing to listen. "He can rot in hell waiting for me."

Glancing at his watch, Rude let out a slow breath and tried to figure out how to proceed from here. Reno acting as if he was in pain all night wasn’t normal, while him being pissed off at Rufus was. Now, the question was how those two moods would mix and how big the resulting explosion would be. Rude was hoping to meet up with Kali later, not have her come bail him out of jail or give him a ride home from the hospital. "He should be on his way home soon," he pointed out, closely watching his partner for a reaction.

All Reno did was grunt and reach for another bottle of beer. "What’s so wrong with me wanting to hang out with a few friends, huh? I mean, sure, things got a little out of hand the last time, but normally we leave the place still standing." He sounded very confused, his eyebrows drawn together and his lips pulled down in a frown.

Rude winced at the ‘little out of hand’ comment and smoothed his right hand over his head. "Look, while I think the entire relationship couldn’t get more fucked-up if the both of you tried, the fact is that R likes spending time with you when he’s not working." Why, Rude and all the Turks were still trying to figure out, other than the blaring fact that Reno and Rufus were more than compatible when it came to sex. "There’s also the fact that things tend to explode when you’re around," he couldn’t help but mention.

"Then you’d think he want me to go out more often," Reno shot back, more playing with the bottle of beer than drinking it. "Give him some peace and quiet or something. Bastard works too much; most nights I’m bored at home, yet he bitches when I want to have some fun."

Because Reno’s definition of ‘fun’ was decidedly warped; Rude had the sense not to mention that aloud. While it was fun to hang out with the crazy redhead, he could see how waiting at home to find out how much damage Reno had done that night might be a bit tiring. That wasn’t taking into consideration the fact that what Reno did was often reflected upon Rufus. Rude didn’t want to know how much money Rufus had tossed around to make the mess at the whorehouse go away; all he knew was that he, Rod, Jared and Tosh had been pulled aside and told in uncertain terms that they’d be demoted to janitors if they ever took Reno to a place like that again. Considering that Tseng had found out about the whores giving Elena a make-over and some ‘tips’, nobody was willing to see if Tseng was bluffing or not. Hell, Rude privately thought that they were pretty damn lucky to be given a warning and not instantly demoted. Why had it seemed like a good idea at the time?

About to ask once again what it was that Rufus had done to Reno, Rude only managed to get a word or two out before Reno’s cellphone rang.

Muttering under his breath, Reno reached into the front pocket of the black silk shirt and flipped it open. "Fuck off, I’m not coming home," he snarled before he snapped it shut.

Having a very bad feeling about who was on the other line, Rude rubbed his hands over his face and reached for one of the beer bottles. "That wasn’t a very smart thing to do," he pointed out, shoulders hunched in preparation for the vitriol that was about to be spewed in his direction.

"You think I give a flying-" Reno was interrupted before he even started by another call. Looking angrier than Rude had seen him in months, he snapped it open – only to hear a high-pitched squeal that sounded almost like a fax machine. Two seconds into the odd signal, Reno’s face went pure white and he suddenly seemed unable to sit still. The noise stopped, and Rufus’ voice came out loud and clear.

"Outside, *now*."

The phone went dead, while Reno still squirmed and actually began to moan. He threw the phone from him with enough force to send it across the room, then sat with his arms folded over his chest. That lasted for about three seconds before he let out a shaky breath and slowly rose from the chair. "See ya, Rude."

Not sure if he should follow his partner or not while Cyril ran after the phone, Rude’s eyes narrowed when he noticed the way Reno was hobbling to the front door. Rising from his chair, he quickly went after the redhead. "What the hell is going on tonight?" he asked, frustrated enough to hit the lying bastard if Reno gave him another excuse.

"He won," Reno admitted, looking as if he’d had to announce some terrible secret or something from the way his lips pressed together and he glared at nothing. "Trust me, Rude, you do *not* want to know how." For a moment, his pissed-off expression melted into amusement, only to return when he suddenly shuddered and hissed.

Promising himself he’d get some answers out of his friend tomorrow, Rude held open the door for Reno and wasn’t surprised to see a very shiny black limo waiting outside. Standing beside it was Kali, smiling as if she had something very interesting to tell him. She opened the limo’s door for Reno, who swore several times as he tried to climb into the vehicle without bending over too much. Once the door was closed, she patted the limo’s roof twice and stepped aside, toward Rude.

"Do I really want to know what’s going on," he asked when she approached and draped an arm around his waist.

"Only that Rufus was *very* happy about something tonight and couldn’t wait for the dinner to be over," she replied, her voice warm with an unvoiced laugh. "He was so happy, in fact, that he told me that my shift was over once we reached the bar, and he made Elena sit in front of the limo. Want to speculate on what’s going to happen now, hmmm?"  She bumped her left hip into his right thigh.

"No thank you." Rude shuddered and left his partner to his fate. Reno was on his own now; there was nothing Rude could do even if he knew what was going on, so he was just going to go back inside the bar, have a lot more to drink and maybe play some pool before taking Kali home. Whenever Rufus was ‘very happy’, wise men minded their own business if they wanted to survive.


Rufus smiled when Reno crawled into the limo, his face flushed and sweaty, his eyes bright with anger and desire. "You fucking bastard," Reno swore even before he knelt on the floor, his chest heaving as he fought for breath.

"Good evening to you, too," Rufus replied, feeling magnanimous enough to overlook the insult. After all, he’d won tonight, and Reno was in a bit of a… difficult situation.

Panting heavily, Reno continued to glare while he fumbled with the buttons of the silk shirt. "Turn it *off*, dammit." Perhaps he meant the words to come across as some sort of command, but could only manage a pleading whimper.

Rufus pushed aside his lover’s hands, his own wrapping around Reno’s hips to pull him closer. "I’m the one in control right now. If you want things to stop, you’ll have to ask me nicely." His hands slipped down, his right one pressing against Reno’s erection, his left between the cleft of the redhead’s wiggling ass.

"Ah!" Reno tossed his head back, his hair flying everywhere as he trembled and gasped. A bead of sweat ran down the left side of his face while he struggled to look at Rufus, his lips moving for several seconds before he produced a sound. "Make… make it stop," he stuttered, his voice barely heard over the soft hum of the car’s engine.

Moving his right hand, Rufus reached into the pocket of his coat and hit a button. Reno’s reactions were instantaneous; he once more tossed his head back as his body shuddered and what sounded to be a moan wheezed from his throat.

"I know I’ve told you how pretty you look when you beg," Rufus murmured while he leaned forward to lick along the exposed arch of his lover’s neck.

Reno managed to hold out for several more seconds, right when Rufus was about to increase the intensity of the toy again. "Please," Reno sobbed, his eyes tightly closed and his body rigid. "Please, Rufus."

Urging his lover off the floor, Rufus pulled him onto the edge of the seat, Reno’s body pressed against his own. "So very pretty," he whispered in Reno’s right ear and reached into his pocket once more. Using the remote, he turned off the toy that had tortured Reno for the last several hours.

Reno’s body relaxed slightly, but it had been more than just the vibrations that had kept him on edge for so long. "Fu-fucking bastard," he hiccupped, his head falling to rest against Rufus’ shoulder.

"I can just as easily turn it back on," Rufus warned, even as his right hand returned to work on the buttons of the silk shirt. "How would you like it if I put it on the highest setting and left you like that all night, hmmm?" He rocked his hips forward so he could feel the erection mostly hidden by the shirt. While he’d only been hard the last few minutes, Reno couldn’t say the same.

Twisting his hands in the fabric of Rufus’ white coat, Reno pushed back enough to look directly at him. "You’re a fucking sadist," he spat, the harsh words in stark contrast to the need in his eyes and the way his voice quavered. After a hitching breath, he leaned forward for a kiss, his eyelids fluttering shut.

Without any thought on his part, Rufus’ right hand became entangled in his lover’s long hair, wrapping the strands around his fingers as a means of preventing Reno from pulling away. After thinking about this moment all evening long, through some hellishly inane dinner and the ride to the bar, he was determined to savor the moment. For once, Reno was complacent in his arms, kissing him back with pure need and actually clinging to him. Sliding further back into the seat, Rufus dragged his lover with him, delighting at the feel of Reno’s hair falling around his face and shoulders, the long strands brushing against the back of his ungloved left hand.

That hand began to slowly slip beneath the loose waistband of Reno’s pants, past the boxers’ as well. A shiver of pleasure and smugness rippled through Rufus when he felt the leather straps that held the vibrating butt plug in place, a wickedly complex network of straps that also acted as a cock ring. He’d bought the toys a few days ago, intending to use them one night before he and Reno left for home. Using them tonight instead had been a truly inspired thought, as had been purchasing a model that allowed for remote codes to be sent over the phone.

Breaking off the kiss with a loud gasp, Reno shuddered and squirmed against Rufus. "Dammit, *please* take it out. Take it all off." He let out another rough breath as his hands shifted from Rufus’ coat to the back of Rufus’ neck. "Driving me crazy," he mumbled.

"I didn’t think that was possible," Rufus remarked with an evil grin as his left forefinger brushed against the end of the butt plug, returning a moment later to press against the toy. Reno actually whined as a result, his teeth biting into his bottom lip hard enough to turn it white. Enraptured by the sight, Rufus leaned forward to nuzzle his lover’s neck, enjoying the sensation of cold metal and stones against his right cheek.

"Beg me to take it out then beg me to fuck you, here, in the car," he whispered, smiling each time Reno shivered as his breath hit sweat-slick skin. "However I want you, even if it means rolling the window down so they can hear you up front." Part of him was turned on by the idea, while the rest of him was too possessive to hit the controls to lower the glass partition. No one got to see or hear Reno when the redhead was like this, no one but Rufus.

The way Reno’s body tensed and he tried to pull away made Rufus think that his lover was going to choose now to be contrary, so he began to reach into his pocket once more. However, all Reno did was brush aside the hair clinging to his face while staring intently at Rufus, his tongue swiping out to lick along his dry lips.

"Fuck me, Rufus. Pretty, pretty please, take the damn thing out and shove your cock in my ass." Reno shivered and slumped against Rufus, arms tight around Rufus’ neck as he moaned in Rufus’ left ear. "Please, *fuck* me." Despite his choice in words, there was no insolence to his tone, no challenge, just unadulterated need. "I want to come with your cock in me, so damn deep and hard that they’ll hear me through the fucking window."

Four hours since Rufus had put the plug in and the ring on his lover. Four hours that he’d spent smiling for the crowd while thinking of what he’d do once he left that interminable dinner and had Reno at his mercy. Four hours, and all it took was a minute for Reno to thoroughly rip his control to shreds. Rufus felt ready to come just from the look his lover gave him, from the pleading tone of voice and the way Reno’s hands grasped at him as if for support.

He used his hold on his lover’s hair to yank Reno in close for a kiss savage enough to cause Reno’s bottom lip to split open from its force. As he thrust his tongue deep into the redhead’s mouth, he struggled to tear away the silk shirt and the tight one beneath it, his nails scratching along pale flesh in his haste. Only pulling back so he could tug the twisted together garments over Reno’s head, he caught a quick glimpse of his lover and became mesmerized by the sight. Reno’s face flushed with desire, bottom lip swollen and glistening with blood and saliva, eyes darkened to indigo and mostly hidden by crimson strands.

The lust that Rufus felt only allowed him to drink in the sight for a few seconds before it urged him forward to continue the kiss, his hands fumbling to push down Reno’s pants. A sharp hiss from his lover reminded him to be a bit gentler since he wasn’t bothering to undo any buttons or zippers, as did the way Reno’s hands stilled in working on the buttons of his shirt and vest.

"Too many damn layers," Reno swore as he shoved the garments aside, his hot fingers splaying against Rufus’ ribs. Rufus drew in a quick breath, both from the feel of those fingers just below his nipples as well as the fact that he had the damn pants and boxers mostly off his lover. While Reno wiggled and kicked his legs to send the garments and his shoes flying toward the other seat, Rufus dragged the tails of his shirt out from his pants and quickly undid his belt and pants’ zipper.

Reno knelt on the edge of the seat, his right hand cupping his balls while the fingers of his left hand fiddled with the small lock that held the leather and metal contraption in place between his legs and around his hips. "Take it off," he hissed, no longer pleading.

Freeing his own cock from its fabric restraints, Rufus enjoyed the sight before him for a few heartbeats and promised to capture the next time he used the device on film, preferably video. There was something decidedly alluring about Reno in black leather straps. "Don’t ruin things by getting bossy now," he warned.

Baring his teeth in a humorless smile, Reno thrust his left hand into his hair and tugged on the tousled strands. "Rufus, it fucking hurts, okay?" he admitted while he rocked his hips back and forth. "I feel like I’m going to explode."

"You’ll have to bear with the cock ring a few more minutes," Rufus said, even as he reached for his lover. All it took to undo the lock was pressing his thumb against it until the device registered his fingerprint and body chemistry. When it clicked open, Reno let out a ragged breath and leaned forward until his forehead rested against Rufus’ shoulder.

Rufus stroked his left hand soothingly through Reno’s hair, brushing back the sweat-soaked strands. "Turn around," he ordered, and repeated it again before Reno silently complied. Taut muscle flexed beneath smooth skin as Reno’s body twisted about, until he knelt with his legs on either side of Rufus’, back hunched and arms wrapped around his waist.

Unable to resist, Rufus placed a kiss against the back of his lover’s neck, just to see Reno tremble and hear him sigh. Then he worked on the leather contraption, undoing snaps that would allow him to remove most of the gear and the butt plug while leaving in place the band that kept Reno from coming. All it took was a minute or two until just that band and the butt plug remained. "Try to relax," Rufus said while he grasped the plug’s blunt end with the tips of his fingers, delaying the moment a little longer in a sudden fit of masochism. The need he felt was so sharp, so strong that it heightened his senses and made his nerves thrum in anticipation.

Reno laughed, the sound jagged and not possessing much in the way of humor. "Rufus, I couldn’t be more fucking tense if I tried. Just get rid of the damn thing."

"And fuck you, yes?" Rufus asked, his voice deepened with lust and the need to hear how much Reno wanted him.

His shoulders slumping in either annoyance or defeat, Reno reached back to comb his fingers through the hair on Rufus’ nape. "That’s the only reason I haven’t decked you yet; I want you too much, you damn sadist."

"Talk like that is not conducive to getting you what you want," Rufus pointed out, giving Reno’s neck another kiss then a sharp nip. "Don’t make me break you," he murmured, willing to pull his fingers away and leave Reno like this for however long that took. While he would be depriving himself of much-needed pleasure, the reward would be more than worth it.

There was a muttered curse, Reno’s fingers tightening in his hair for a few seconds then unclenching. "Rufus, please stop being a controlling bastard and just remove the thing. I’ve spent the last four hours in hell, and am now naked and begging to be fucked in the back of your car. How much more are you going to do to me?" he asked, his voice hitching during the last question and lacking its usual confidence. "Just… *please*." Now there was no smugness, no snarkiness, just honest, unrestrained need that made Rufus struggle to breathe and smile in victory.

Yet, oddly enough, at times like these, Rufus also felt the strangest sensation; almost a mix of pain and guilt, something that he could never figure out. Reno was his and needed to have that fact reinforced often. All he was doing was ensuring that his lover never forgot who he belonged to – if Reno would stop being such a stubborn fool, there wouldn’t be a need for moments like this, he told himself. Then he did his best to ignore the little voice that whispered about how much he enjoyed having Reno at his mercy and begging

Not saying anything lest it start another verbal fight and delay things even further, Rufus grasped the edge of the plug and slowly began to pull it out. Reno let out a slow breath, his hand falling from Rufus’ hair to rest on his thigh for support when the toy’s widest point edged out of his body. It took a long minute to remove the tinted black glass butt plug, which Rufus immediately dropped to the floor.

"I’m not waiting any more," he warned his lover as his left hand settled on Reno’s bony hip. He’d used more than enough lubricant in preparing his lover earlier that evening, so all he did was pump his right hand on his cock, quickly spreading about the precum that had dribbled out. Gritting his teeth as his right hand grabbed hold of his lover as well, he pulled Reno back, onto his cock.

Reno shifted backwards, so willingly that it was almost an act of surrender, letting out a strangled cry when Rufus steadily pushed inside him. Closing his eyes at the intense sensation, Rufus felt Reno’s body easily give way, stretched just enough to offer little resistance yet not be too loose. Faster than he had imagined, he was sheathed in his lover’s body, grasped by hot, smooth flesh as Reno’s back pressed against his chest.

"Oh, oh hell," Reno gasped, his left hand once more reaching for the back of Rufus’ head while Rufus’ arms wrapped around his waist. The sound he produced when Rufus’s right hand brushed against his hard and slick cock was almost a wail, his breathing so uneven that he seemed at risk for passing out from either the lack of oxygen or too much stimulation.

They were fucking in the back of a car, both of them tormented for hours for this very moment. Rufus didn’t think the situation called for a leisurely fuck, and judging from how eagerly Reno pushed back against his thrusts, he was willing to bet his lover didn’t, either. For once, Reno was oddly quiet during the sex, not barking out orders or muttering insults or even begging, just moaning low in his throat as if robbed of the ability to speak. For his part, Rufus pressed his face against the crook of his lover’s neck, his left arm wrapped tightly around Reno’s hips to keep him from sliding off his lap. His right hand cupped Reno’s balls, his fingers stroking just beneath the leather band that kept the redhead painfully erect.

Each thrust, each rub of Reno’s ass against him and shivering clasp of heat around his cock made bursts of pleasure race through Rufus’ nerves. It pooled inside of him, molten hot and thick in his groin and spreading until his fingers felt numb and his head dizzy from such searing, inescapable emotion. His own breathing grew ragged as he sought to push himself deeper and harder inside of his lover, the fingers of his left hand digging into Reno’s right hip with enough force to feel flesh part beneath his nails.

Choking out Rufus’ name, Reno arched his back and attempted to squeeze his knees together, his fingers scrabbling against Rufus’ neck and right hand. His trembling body was slippery with sweat, his long hair clinging to both of them. When he struggled to breathe for the duration several thrusts and Rufus felt the passion and ecstasy begin to overwhelm his fractured thoughts, Rufus finally undid the snaps that held the leather and metal cock ring in place.

"AH!" Reno’s cry echoed in the small cabin of the limo, his chest thrusting forward and head falling backwards as he came. The effect on Rufus was immediate – a spike of ecstasy so sharp that he bit into Reno’s shoulder as hot flesh constricted almost painfully around his cock, convulsing in waves that sent warmth spurting over his hand. There was almost unimaginable pleasure and then the orgasm slammed into him, obliterating all breath and thought as his entire being focused on just *feeling*.

After coming that hard, rational thought was slow to return. Rufus eventually realized that he’d have less difficulty breathing if he moved his head away from the crook of Reno’s neck. Also, he forced his arms to move, allowing them to fall to the seat as he leaned back and searched out the box of tissue so he could clean them off.

Reno slumped after him, his head lolling back to rest against Rufus’ right shoulder. "I think… I don’t hate you so much now," he rasped, and raised shaking hands to brush aside the hair clinging to his face, then to grab some tissues to wipe clean his chest. "Though Elena’s probably scarred for life."

Glancing at the glass panel that was set to dark opaqueness, Rufus found himself smiling and his left arm moving to resettle around his lover’s waist. "Ask me if I care," he murmured, a warm lethargy suffusing his entire body.

"I know better by now." Reno let out a slow breath and draped his left arm over Rufus’. "They’re gonna have to drive around in circles for a bit longer; I’m not gonna be able to move any time soon."

"Hmm." Rufus wasn’t in the mood to move either, or make himself presentable enough to leave the vehicle. There was nothing he needed to do tonight, anyway, although the thought of having a nice, hot soak in the tub with Reno was very tempting.

He dug through his pocket for his cell phone, unwilling to move his arm from Reno’s waist, and flipped it open to reveal the time. "What was it you said about not being home before midnight?" he couldn’t resist asking, feeling smug that his plan had worked so well.

Reno groaned and gently bumped his elbow into Rufus’ side. "Don’t bring that up. You’re the bastard who played dirty," he grumbled, yet he didn’t attempt to pull away.

"How one ‘plays’ isn’t important, it’s the results that matter," Rufus said with a pleased grin. He’d been the one to win, so it was a fine result indeed.

Reno was quiet for a minute then he groaned and shifted about on Rufus’ lap, until Rufus’ cock slid out of his ass. "Gonna be sore tomorrow, I bet," he mumbled as he made himself more comfortable. "You gonna do this type of thing every time I try to go out? You’ll need Tseng to hold me down to put that shit on me again." There was an unexpected seriousness to his voice that warned Rufus he’d have quite the fight on his hands.

"Tonight… was an experiment." Rufus picked up the ruby-encrusted platinum diamond that rested against Reno’s neck between his fingers and twisted it so the limo’s interior lights reflected off the stones. "You know how I feel about your nights out. The fact that you’re determined to prove my worse fears correct about them doesn’t help the situation." Although he’d yet to get a report saying that Reno had attempted to cheat on him while out with the other Turks. What mattered was that the stubborn fool didn’t seem to grasp that his actions reflected on Rufus now, and how he could be used to breach Rufus’ impressive defenses.

"Okay, I’ll admit that things really got out of hand the last time," Reno said with an aggrieved sigh. "No more whorehouses, no more riots, I promise. I just want to spend a night out with friends so I can drink, insult Jared and watch Rude try to play it cool when Kali’s hand is down his pants."

Rufus had a sinking feeling that this was one of those moments where he was expected to ‘compromise’. That was a concept that he still struggled with, to allow his best interests to be negated by Reno’s whimsies. To give up the bit of control he’d gained over such an unpredictable person.

After thinking it over for several minutes, he reached for the black shirt and draped it over Reno’s lap. "Decisions will be made on a case by case nature. Spend another night out like last time, and you’ll be lucky if you can join your friends on your coffee break at work," he stated as coldly as possible, the words reluctantly forced past his lips. He *knew* that Reno would do his best to take advantage of the situation and foresaw many headaches in the future from these ‘nights out’. "I will not allow you to either embarrass me or create a situation where someone can use your actions against me, understood?"

"You need to accept that people don’t really give a shit about what I do," Reno scoffed and leaned forward enough to pull on the shirt. "You’re ShinRa’s president; I’m just one of several knee-breakers, even if I do let you fuck me."

Rufus felt a chill that had nothing to do with the fact that he no longer basked in Reno’s body heat. There seemed no way to prove just how wrong Reno was until an incident happened, and he wasn’t willing to go through such a risk just to be able to say ‘I told you so’. He would have to have a detailed talk with Tseng and arrange things as best he could; as much as he wanted nothing more to order Reno to remain home when off duty, he knew that would make his lover lash out and possibly attempt to end the relationship. When Reno truly realized that it was no longer a possibility… then there’d be a fight to put all of their previous ones to shame.

They dressed in silence, and Rufus informed the driver that they were to return home now. Once that was done, he stared down at the bits of leather and metal, as well as the butt plug that rested on the floor.

Reno noticed that and pulled out several tissues to wrap around the plug, then picked it and the harness up. Placing the gear in his t-shirt, he graced Rufus with a smile so salacious that Rufus was half-tempted to rescind the order to the driver. The sight of his lover with his pants once more falling down his hips, wearing a black shirt that was left entirely unbuttoned, neck bearing several bite marks and chest a few scratches with his hair tousled and falling around his shoulders….

"Guess we should clean this stuff. Could be fun to play with it again," Reno remarked, surprising Rufus with his willingness to use the toys another time.

"I thought you didn’t care for them," he said, that feeling of desire growing stronger the longer he stared at Reno.

"Eh." Reno shrugged and tilted to the side until his head rested against Rufus’ left shoulder. "Let you do what you did to me tonight? Hell no. Use them some night when I don’t have to sit in a bar and listen to Rude ask me what’s wrong? Why not?" He chuckled and set the bundle in his lap. "It might be fun to explain to Tseng the reason why I’m not jumping when he says so is because I’ve a sex toy up my ass."

Rufus was left to wonder just what important meeting was going to be cancelled because Reno walked into his office and undid his pants enough to show the leather straps. He hid his smile behind his right hand and attempted to clear his throat. "Don’t look to me to save you if you’re that foolish."

"Mmm." Reno looked up at him, a devilish smile on his once more pale face. "That’s only if you’re not the one who puts it in me." He sounded too smug for comfort, which didn’t help Rufus rein in the thought of sending his lover off to work wearing the toy, only to remove it later that day so he could fuck Reno in his office.

Trailing his fingers through his lover’s disheveled hair, Rufus leaned forward until his lips brushed against Reno’s. "What makes you think that I’ll allow you to tell anyone about it?" Not wanting to hear Reno’s answer, he silenced his lover with a kiss, enjoying the heat and skill of Reno’s mouth.


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