Night Out With the Turks


part four


by nekojita


Busy removing his white jacket, Rufus entered his bedroom the same time as Reno, who had just left the bathroom. Rufus stared at his lover, noting the tousled, mostly dry hair and the fact that Reno wasn’t wearing a shirt. There were a series of bruises all over the redhead’s chest, as well as several long scratches that appeared to have been made by an animal’s claws - a very large animal’s claws.

"I thought you were supposed to have dinner with Reeve," Reno commented as he combed his hands through his unruly hair. He was dressed in a pair of blue jeans that slipped far enough down his hips to reveal the waistband of the pair of black boxers he wore beneath them.

Rufus considered the question, the fact that Reno was home and not sprawled out in bed or on the couch, and his lover’s attire. "You’re not going out tonight," he informed Reno and went to the closet to hang up the jacket.

"Aw, why the hell not?" Reno demanded to know and followed him into the closet. "I’m meeting the others for a few drinks. I promise; no explosions, riots or homicides." Reno seemed to reconsider what he said as he leaned against one of the shelves that held Rufus’ sweaters. "No planned homicides."

Taking a deep breath to calm himself, Rufus hung up the jacket and began to remove his black vest. "Reno, you have been gone for the last five days." Five days that had left Rufus alternating between worry and annoyance over his lover’s sporadic mission updates that usually only entailed how much Reno hated the assignment. "You can go out drinking and creating mayhem some other night."

"I’m going out because I spent five fucking days hunting down rats who weighed more than Rude, dammit!" Reno pushed away from the shelf and folded his arms over his bruised chest. "Genetically modified fucking rats! I *need* a drink after that!" he complained, moving so he stood in front of Rufus. "So does Rude, Jared and Rod, who’s buying," he admitted in a quieter voice.

Well, that certainly explained why Reno was so eager to go out. Rufus paused in undressing to stare at his lover. "What did Rod bet this time?" he asked, curiosity getting the better of him.

A smile spreading across his tired face, Reno slipped his hands beneath Rufus’ mostly unbuttoned white shirt and ran them up to the back of Rufus’ neck. "That those fuckers weren’t flammable." He leaned in, his eyes drifting shut and his lips parting.

Finally admitting to himself that he’d missed the idiot, Rufus slid the fingers of his right hand into Reno’s hair and kissed his lover. Reno tasted of mint toothpaste and smelled of soap and shampoo with an underlying odor of something antibacterial, most likely because of the scratches. Even though he appeared exhausted, Reno kissed with an arousing enthusiasm, his body pressed against Rufus and rocking slightly from side to side.

Just when Rufus’ body began to react to the embrace, Reno chuckled and pulled away, his arms still wrapped around Rufus’ neck. "Come on – it’s just a few drinks." He tilted his head to the side and seemed to remember something. "And why aren’t you with Reeve?"

Combing his fingers through damp crimson strands, Rufus placed his left hand on Reno’s hip and slowly pulled him closer. "Because Reeve had to reschedule our meeting for another night," he explained as he stroked the smooth skin just above the waistband of the black boxers. "Don’t tell me that you were counting on me being gone to go out drinking." His slight smile faded and his fingers tightened their hold on Reno’s hair and hip. "Were you thinking of flirting with some poor sap at the bar again to have them pay for your drinks?" Whenever he thought about the report from Reno’s last night out with his fellow Turks, Rufus found himself becoming very annoyed.

Reno’s arms slid from Rufus’ neck and pried at the hands holding on to him. "Did you not hear me say that Rod’s buying tonight? For fuck’s sake, Rufus, I had a bit of fun one night and didn’t even let the bastard touch me, and you get all possessive and shit." He managed to pull himself free and stomped away, his left hand pressed against his forehead as if he was trying to massage away a headache.

"And you fail to understand that I’m not being possessive," Rufus answered, even if it wasn’t entirely true. "I have spent almost two years working hard to ensure that ShinRa is forgiven for the atrocities caused by my father. Pardon me if I’m not pleased with the thought of all that effort being spoiled because of a scandal involving my lover and some stranger who picked him up at a dive bar!" Rufus’ temper took a nasty turn; just the other week, photos of Peter Holdeman ‘associating’ with a prostitute had been on the front page of every newspaper on the continent. As a result, Holdeman Corporation’s stocks had fallen. What should be a victory for Rufus was quickly turning into a possible nightmare because of the way a certain redheaded idiot insisted on acting when off-duty and in public. "I refuse to allow you to negatively affect my company."

Reno made a rude noise in response, his hand still pressed against his face while he opened the door to the patio and went to stand on the balcony. Confused by his antics, Rufus followed and found him leaning with his back against the balcony wall, both his hands covering his eyes. "What are you doing?"

"Wondering where exactly would be the best place to hide your body after I snap and throttle you to death," Reno shot back, lowering his hands so he could glare. "You are being *way* too fucking anal, Rufus. We’re fucking Turks, dammit; we know if there’s any snoops or cameras in the bar." He folded his arms over his chest, seeming oblivious to the cold and the drizzling rain. "Do you really have nothing better to do, no meetings to go to or papers to sign that you have to come up with new ways to annoy the hell out of me all the time?"

Rufus took a deep breath before he approached his lover, placing both hands on the wall on either side of the idiot. "Funny, that’s a question I often ask myself about you," he said, his voice chilled with disapproval. "I keep coming to the conclusion that you’re a curse sent to drive me into an early grave."

"Aw, that’s the nicest thing you’ve said to me in weeks," Reno crooned while batting his eye and grabbing hold of Rufus to pull him in closer. "Look, I want to go out drinking with my friends, bitch about fucking big rats and the insane bastards who created them, drive Rod a bit closer to bankruptcy and have a good time. I’ll even promise to not purposely get Cyril trashed so he can keep snitching to Tseng. So quit bitching and let me go – without any fucking cock rings or whatever else your sick mind comes up with." Reno’s glare intensified. "You’ll make my dick fall off if you keep that shit up."

"It’s not your dick that I’m interested in." Feeling the cold and slowly growing wet from the rain, Rufus nonetheless stood there and considered his options. He could always order Reno to remain home, but that would just lead to his lover retaliating at some point in the future. Which event would prove more damaging? "You’ve made no promise to behave yourself tonight," he pointed out, his eyes narrowing in suspicion.

Making a spitting sound that sounded like a very angry cat, Reno smacked him on the back. "You’re anal *and* paranoid. Can you be even more of a control freak?" They glared at each other for several seconds, the standoff broken when Reno suddenly grinned. "But you’re a control freak who doesn’t have any plans for tonight." He began to massage Rufus’ back and leaned in to nibble on the spot just below Rufus’ left ear.

"What insane plan just formed in that demented brain of yours?" Rufus asked and grabbed a handful of his lover’s long hair. He didn’t try to push Reno away.

"Hmm." Reno nuzzled Rufus’ neck. "Feel in the mood for a few drinks?"

Rufus couldn’t see his lover’s face, yet the honey-sweet and utterly wicked tone of Reno’s voice made alarms go off in his head the same time it intrigued him.


Rude sent the eighth text message of the night to his partner’s phone, alternating between concern and anger. If Rufus was going to keep Reno in for the night, the redheaded bastard usually let him know in the foulest worded message possible. That Reno hadn’t called or texted and was an hour late made him worry that Reno was involved in some hair-brained scheme that would get them all in trouble.

Jared grunted in his ear and nudged him in the right side. "Still no word from Reno? Maybe we should turn on the news and see if there’s been any explosions lately," he sniggered before he poured himself another shot of tequila.

Rude shoved him away and set his phone on the table. "He said he’d be here tonight," he commented, sending a meaningful glance Elena’s way.

She shrugged and pushed her phone off to the side. "No. Tseng made a comment that R was going home instead of to a dinner, and that’s all I know. I will *not* call him and ask if those two had a fight or if something else came up." She folded her arms over her chest, a determined look on her face.

Busy refilling everyone’s shot glasses, Rod chuckled and pointed at Elena. "You won’t call him because you don’t want us to hear anything all lovey-dovey between you two. ‘Oh, Tseng,’" he continued in a falsetto, "’I miss your manly presence and just had to call. I can’t wait until I get home and you can slip me some-"

Kali whapped the idiot in the stomach to make him shut up. "Please. I think we all put up with enough dealing with R and Reno’s relationship, let’s not start discussing another one," she warned, her civil smile at odds with the bright gleam in her dark eyes. Even if she was only partnered with Elena whenever Tseng had to stick around the office for the day, she made it clear that she always looked after her friend.

"Thank you, Kali." The two women shared a smile while Rod muttered about how it was unfair that he was being abused on top of being stuck with the tab that night. When he was rather sweetly told that he adored the abuse, he beat a hasty retreat to the bar to fetch two more bottles of tequila and some limes, while Cyril quietly chortled. When Rude gave the rookie a questioning look, the kid shook his head.

"All I know is that I was told to be here tonight, and to trip Reno to the floor and sit on him if he tries to go to the bar." Cyril appeared a little guilty admitting that, while everybody else laughed at the idea of him taking down Reno. That was something that Rude would love to see one night, though it would probably end with Cyril getting his ass kicked, which was a shame. The kid wasn’t too bad; he was shaping up to be a good Turk, wasn’t an asshole like his partner and even if he was technically working on these nights, he was careful about what he reported to Tseng and he always pitched in for the drinks.

"Ah, yes, Reno’s inventive way of paying for his round last time." Kali paused to lick some salt from her left hand and down a shot of tequila. She wrinkled her nose when she noticed there weren’t any lime wedges left at the table and sipped some water. "I don’t know whether to be appalled or amused how easy he reels the people in."

Pamela nodded as she held up her shot glass to see if there was any tequila left in it. "*I* can’t even do what he did," she complained. While she didn’t have Kali’s elegance or Elena’s cuteness, Rude didn’t think she was that bad looking for someone not his type. "It’s a crushing blow to the ego to have some pretty boy be preferred to you."

"It’s because one look at Reno and it’s clear that he’s willing to do almost anything," Elena said and gave Pamela’s shoulder a sympathetic pat.

"And as far as pretty boys go, he’s got the goods. I think half the time, the men don’t know if he’s a guy or not." Kali grinned in amusement, clearly seeming to warm up to the talk. Rude glanced to the bar and hoped that Rod got back with the drinks quickly, because he did *not* want to hear the women start bitching about Reno’s looks. He had to work with the man, after all.

"I’m not a fucking girl," Reno said, and everyone scrambled to look off to the side to find him scowling, his arms folded over his chest. "New rules; I get to kick the shit out of the next person who calls me that, and I don’t care who it is you’re fucking around with," he spat, deliberately looking at Elena and Kali.

"About time you finally showed up," Rude said and motioned to the empty chair at the table. Reno had his black leather coat on, which meant that he must have ridden his bike, and in the bar’s dim light it took Rude a moment to notice the person standing behind him. He’d first thought it was another customer, but the guy wasn’t moving on. He was dressed in a leather jacket as well and some seriously tight leather pants. A pair of standard issue Turk sunglasses was on his face, and his dark brown hair was worn shaggy, falling onto his face as if to obscure his appearance.

It wasn’t until Rude noticed how close the two men were standing yet were deliberately not touching that something clicked in his head. "Have you finally gone insane?" he hissed at his partner, not daring believe that the bastard had done what he suspected.

The man behind Reno stepped closer to the table and slid down the glasses enough to reveal a very familiar pair of brilliant blue eyes. "I’ve never known him to be sane in the first place," Rufus coolly remarked before looking around the table. "We need an extra chair."

All the Turks were shocked silent by the revelation that their boss had joined them, and it took a couple of seconds before Cyril jerked onto his feet and offered up his chair. "Ah, here you go…." Despite how rattled he was by Rufus’ presence, he had the sense not to mention the president’s name.

"’John’," Rufus supplied while he motioned for the chair to be moved next to the empty spot that they’d been saving for Reno. While Cyril scrambled to comply, Reno sat beside Elena and picked up an empty tequila bottle.

"Tequila tonight?" He grinned as he set the bottle down and unzipped his jacket. "That always gets me horny," he teased, just when Rufus sat beside him.

"What doesn’t make you horny," Rude muttered, still in shock that Reno had brought Rufus with him tonight. He honestly wasn’t sure whose idea it had been, and felt it was a bad one. A *very* bad one.

Reno batted his eyes and blew Rude a kiss, which nearly gave him a heart attack. "Seeing you dressed like that is always a thrill, partner." While Rude self-consciously stroked his hand down the front of his leather vest and wondered if he was going to be shot or not, Reno turned toward Kali. "You bring a bat to beat off all the girls tonight?"

"Oh yes, and a couple of guys as well," she laughed and draped her right arm over Rude’s shoulders. "I don’t share."

"Because you’re no fun," Pamela pointed out, a displeased frown on her face. "You think you’d at least let the newbies have a try or two with him, you greedy bitch."

"No, Kali’s just possessive about certain things. She doesn’t loan out her boyfriends or her guns." Elena went to hold up her shot glass as if in a toast and realized that it was empty. "Where’s Rod?"

"Flirting with a waitress by the bar," Rude quickly replied, hoping to shift the discussion away from himself. Between the use of the word ‘boyfriend’ and the predatory look on Pamela’s face, he was feeling a little unsettled.

"Eh?" Jared half-leaned across the table to look at the bar. "Dammit! It’s the chick with the big tits. The bastard’s trying to get her number before I do!" He hurried from his seat and went after his wayward partner.

Tosh shook his head and laughed. "They’re both gonna strike out – I already tried and she’s married." His expression turned crest-fallen as he stared at the very well-endowed waitress.

Pamela clicked her tongue a few times and gave him a hug. "Aw, you let a little thing like that slow you down? Get back up there, tiger!"

"Nah. She’s not married to a guy," Tosh explained, which made almost everyone at the table either laugh or grin and turn to watch both Rod and Jared strike out with the woman. Jared must have pushed a little too far and ended up being slapped, which almost made Rod drop the tequila when he doubled over in laughter.

"What is it that you ladies always bitch about?" Rod asked when he returned to the table. "That they’re either taken, gay or both? Now you’re not the only ones who get to complain." He set the bottles on the table, followed by a bag of limes. Everyone was pointedly *not* looking at Rufus by that point.

Elena quickly reached for one of the bottles, while Rude grabbed the other one, and Rod pulled out a knife so he could cut the limes.

"So, this is what you do when you’re not inciting riots or getting arrested," Rufus asked, his attention focused on Reno.

"Bitch, drink and insult. It’s a Turks tradition." Reno waved his glass in front of Elena. "Hey! I need to do some catching up."

She ignored him to pour some tequila in the shot glass that had ended up in front of Rufus, first. Then she gave Reno something to shut him up. "We don’t usually get arrested… John." Her lips pressed together as if she was fighting to hold back a ‘sir’.

Rufus licked his left hand, sprinkled some salt on it, licked it again and downed the shot with more skill than Rude would have given him any credit for. The president politely thanked Kali when she handed him a lime wedge. "I noticed you didn’t refute the claim about riots." His voice was barely ruffled by the cheap alcohol.

Everyone but Rufus and Reno suddenly found something of interest to look at in lieu of answering their boss.

"There you go, being all anal and paranoid again. You’re gonna end up like Tseng one day, you know," Reno commented before making a big production of licking his right hand while staring at his lover. He tossed back the tequila and made the act of sucking on a lime wedge truly obscene. Rude had to kick Tosh in the leg to get the man to stop drooling.

"I’ve come to the conclusion that one can never be paranoid enough in regards to you," Rufus quipped and reached for the bottle in front of Elena. "There, I’ve bitched, drank and insulted. Now will all of you relax?" He arched an eyebrow and looked over the rims of the sunglasses at each of them in return.

Kali was the first one to get over her surprise and laughed, the sound throaty and warm. She leaned against Rude while she held her glass up as if to toast Rufus. "Well, I guess bitching about the boss tonight would be a bad idea."

"As is complaining about our salaries," Rod added, an amused grin on his face.

"Or talking about what a certain- ow, dammit!" Tosh sputtered when he was forcibly shut up by a kick from Rude, a smack to the back of the head from Jared, and even quiet Cyril threw a lime at the idiot.

Rude picked up his own shot glass. "Whatever will we have to converse about, then?" he asked, eager to regain the feeling of camaraderie and fun that had existed before Rufus’ appearance. It had been a bad last few days and he swore that he could still smell the stench of burnt rat.

Reno shrugged and twisted in his chair, his right arm draped over its back and him now facing Rufus. "Big fucking rats that had an appetite for Turks." He kicked at the base of Rufus’ chair. "Fucking rats that we had to chase after through the damn sewers, and so should earn some hazard pay."

Rufus nonchalantly refilled his and Reno’s shot glasses. "Sounds like it falls under normal duty to me," he remarked, and Rude would have sworn that he saw the corner of the man’s lips twitch for a second.

Either Reno had missed that or was more than willing to do a fair bit of bitching. "Who’s responsible for creating the damn things in the first place?" he hissed. "We should get double pay for the principle alone."

"Reno, you *have* no principles. I’d say they went the way of your morals, but I’m rather certain you never possessed those in the first place." Rufus definitely seemed to be doing fine with the insulting portion of the night.

While Reno squawked about what he’d do with those morals – if he had any, Rufus merely sat there with an almost smile on his face during the tirade. Rude had to admit that whatever doubts he had over his boss being here, it was turning into an interesting night.

Rufus got several good jabs in against Reno, who did his best to insult back until Tosh was stupid enough to make a comment. Then it was the blond’s turn to be fodder for discussion for the next half hour or so, until Jared knocked over a thankfully almost empty bottle of tequila and was the newest victim. By the time it was Rod’s turn to be insulted, they had reached the six bottle limit and were having a great time. Every now and then someone would stop what they were saying and remember that Rufus was here, usually when they were about to say something nasty about Reno, but it didn’t ruin the mood. If anything, it was very interesting to sit there and listen to Rufus join in the insults and mocking.

When Rod returned with the seventh bottle of tequila for the night, Cyril and Pamela were busy sending prank texts to his partner’s cell phone, Rod had gotten the number of another waitress and Jared had been slapped again. Tosh was attempting to peel a lime without cutting off a finger, Kali was leaning against Rude in a happy yet drowsy manner, and Elena seemed to be fighting the urge to snap pictures of Rufus and Reno. It was amusing to watch those two remember that they couldn’t get physical in public, not when it might make someone wonder who the ‘stranger’ was hanging out with Rufus Shinra’s boyfriend. They’d lean in close and one of them would move to touch the other, only to jerk back their hand a moment later. Reno almost fell out of the chair the last time they did that.

Elena’s cell phone ringing almost made Reno fall out of his chair again, along with Rod and Kali. They all glared at the offensive device while Elena picked it up and read the text message. "Tseng wants to remind all of us that he expects us to arrive at work on time tomorrow," she said and rubbed her face with her left hand.

"For fuck’s sake, doesn’t that man ever take a break?" Reno asked, leaning against the back of his chair with a cigarette dangling from his lips. "Or have anything better to do than harass us while we’re out?"

When everyone but Elena and Rufus more or less echoed that sentiment, Elena began to pout. "He’s our boss; it’s his job to make sure that we’re able to report in decent shape for our shifts," she said, her chin held high and her shoulders tossed back.

Reno made a rude noise and an even ruder gesture with his left hand. "Nah, he’s just at home wanking off to the thought of being a pain in all of our asses. Why don’t you go there and give him something to do with that big dick of his, eh?" Then he smiled in the face of Elena’s glare, seeming oblivious to Rufus’ rather scary frown. "You’d be doing all of us a favor, and getting laid would be good for you!"

"My sex life is none of your business, Reno!" Elena snapped. "So shut up!"

"Oh, but you can make cracks about mine and about how guys don’t even think I’m a fucking man, eh?" he shot back, slipping down in his chair as if to kick Elena’s feet. "Don’t dish out what you can’t take!"

"I can take anything you dish out, you foul-mouthed, girly bastard!" Elena slumped in her chair as well, her hands going beneath the table. "You’re just jealous because Tseng is a man, while you’re so… so… so *girly*. You gonna borrow my make-up next?"

"Nah, *you’re* the one jealous because I’m better looking than you!" Reno continued to try to kick her, sliding down in his chair even more until only his head could be seen over the edge of the table. While almost everyone else laughed at the fight, Tosh grinned and reached beneath the table.

"Let me help you out, ‘lena," he said, and suddenly scooted back in his chair while Reno let out a loud, strangled curse and disappeared from sight. Tosh must have pulled him under the table, considering the yelp of pain and more swearing that came from beneath the furniture. "Oops." Tosh chuckled nervously and turned to avoid looking at Rufus.

"Shitty bastard," could be heard from beneath the table, and Rude felt something brush against his legs right before Tosh let out his own yelp of pain and hunched over, his face drained of blood. There was an evil chuckle from Reno, who seemed in no hurry to return to his seat.

"Reno, behave," Rude warned and nudged his partner with his left foot. That only got him another amused chuckle and warm hands sliding along the inside of his things, almost to his crotch. "Dammit!" He frantically reached down to shove Reno’s hands away. "Stop that!"

"Aw, you’re no fun." Reno seemed to move away while Rude began to sweat, worried that the bastard had some more pranks up his sleeve. However, there were no more screams of pain or people jumping in their seats, even if Reno didn’t surface.

Elena bent down to look beneath the table. "Reno, you better not be looking up our-" She let out a startled ‘meep’ and quickly sat up straight, her back slightly turned toward Rufus and her cheeks bright red.

"Let the bastard sit on the floor if he wants," Jared laughed. "What’s he gonna do down there?"

"He’s probably tying our shoelaces together or something." Kali brushed back her hair and began to look under the table. "Hey, you better-"

She was prevented from looking by Rufus, who grabbed hold of her left arm. "I wouldn’t do that if I were you," he said, his voice oddly uneven. As he spoke, Elena hunched forward in her seat and her cheeks became even redder.

"I need a drink," she muttered, and snatched at one of the tequila bottles. Everyone else stared at Rufus, whose eyes were still hidden by the sunglasses. Rude thought it was a trick of the bar’s dim light at first that the president’s face appeared flushed. Then he noticed the bead of sweat that ran down Rufus’ face, and the way his lips were pressed together.

Kali must have realized it at the same time and scooted her chair closer to Rude’s. Cyril actually dropped his shot glass, while only Rod’s quick reflexes prevented Tosh from diving under the table and probably being shot as a result.

Despite the fact that there was some lousy rock music being played over tinny speakers and loud murmur of other people speaking at the same time, Rude swore that he could hear a sucking sound. He had to shake his head to get rid of the accompanying image. "I need a drink," he said, his voice inexplicably hoarse.

"Oh fuck yeah," Rod swore and rushed from the table for another bottle while Kali poured what remained of the tequila into everyone else’s glasses.

"Uhm, would now be a really good or a really bad time to ask for a raise?" Jared asked, proving how much of a suicidal idiot he really was and leaving Rude to wonder where Rufus had his gun hidden. Right now, the president’s hands were beneath the table… not going there, he told himself and shook his head again.

Rufus lowered his chin and glared at Jared for several seconds before tilting his head up slightly and inhaling sharply. "A… very bad… time… unless you want… to be… fired," Rufus managed to get out between clenched teeth.

Doing his best not to think about how his best friend was giving their boss a blowjob less than five feet away, Rude grabbed his refilled shot glass and drained it as quickly as possible. Distraction – what they all needed was a distraction. "So, who has the early shift tomorrow?" he asked, desperate to talk about anything but what was currently happening at the table.

Pamela’s right hand shot up into the air. "We do. Tseng put us on patrol." She wisely didn’t say where or why, not while out in public. "Which really sucks, because-" It must have sunk what she’d just said, because her face turned even redder than Elena’s and she made a choking sound.

"Oh hell, Mason and I aren’t on duty until the afternoon. Someone please shot me now so I don’t have to report this to Tseng. *Please*," Cyril begged, his eyes closed tightly and his hands held over his ears.

"This is the last of the tequila," Rod announced upon his return and put three more bottles on the table. "You hear that, Reno? We’re almost out of booze! Better come up for air- ah! Stop that!" he yelled when Rude yanked him back into his chair and smacked him for shouting. The last thing they needed was anyone else in the bar figuring out what the hell a certain redheaded bastard was doing.

Luckily, Rufus seemed past the point of noticing what was being said. His flushed face was covered with sweat and his breathing was heavy enough to be heard over the background noise. Despite those two things, he was managing to remain otherwise quiet and upright in his chair.

Rude and his coworkers quickly did another round two rounds of shots. "Is it good or bad that I’m being turned on by this?" Kali whispered in Rude’s ear.

"I don’t even want to consider that answer," he replied, doing his best not to stare at Rufus. "I just want to get very drunk all of a sudden."

"And I’m beginning to wish we were still dealing with the rats." Jared shuddered and poured himself another shot. "I’ll have less nightmares about them than this. I think I’m being scarred for life right now."

"What, did you walk in on your parents when you were kid or something?" Pamela asked. "You watch porn movies all the time, what’s so different about this? I mean, other than-" Once more she grew flustered and stopped in mid-sentence.

Tosh nudged her in the ribs and motioned in Rufus’ directions. "Well, I think you should get some pointers from Reno. Bet it would get you a boyfriend if you can go down on him for more than five minutes."

"Can we please stop talking about- well, ah, who wants to switch a shift with me next Tuesday?" Elena had her hands over her ears as well, and her back completely turned toward Rufus. "Maintenance needs to install a new toilet in my apartment, and I want to be there while they’re working."

"Put your phone under the table and snap some pictures for me, and I’ll cover for you," Tosh said, his words slurring a little from all the alcohol.

"No way in hell. I’ve already lost two phones in the last couple of months." Elena pushed back her chin-length hair and glared.

"Then use my phone." Tosh patted his jeans pockets, looking for the device.

"Are you really that stupid, or do you just have a death wish?" Pamela shook her head and pulled out her own phone, only to begin typing something. "That’s it; tomorrow I’m asking Tseng for a new partner. I heard that Ling needs somebody while Michael’s out on disability."

Tosh didn’t seem to care that he was about to be minus a partner and tried to look under the table again, only to be jerked back up by Rod. "Just lend me your phone now."

"Obviously, he’s stupid *and* has a death wish," Elena muttered.

Cyril made a grab for one of the bottles. "Wait, if I pass out drunk, I can claim that I don’t remember anything that happened tonight." He lifted it directly to his mouth and gulped down the tequila.

"Hey, we all want to forget this shit," Jared yelled and attempted to grab the bottle from Cyril. They fought over it for several seconds, tequila splashing all over the place, before the table moved as if shoved. Reno appeared from beneath it, wiping his mouth with the back of his left hand and his eyes sparkling with mischief.

"Damn, couldn’t find that contact after all," he remarked, licking the back of his hand before he let it fall to his side. "Imagine that." Beside him, Rufus appeared to be struggling to breathe, his right hand draped over the sunglasses.

Elena finally turned around to scowl at Reno, who was busy drinking both his and Rufus’ shots of tequila. "You are *sick*."

"Don’t knock it until you try it," Reno said, an evil grin on his face. "Though you’d have to get Tseng’s ass out of his office first." He refilled the glasses and pushed one toward Rufus.

"Unless you give him it in the office," Kali remarked with a teasing tone and played with a piece of lime rind. "Then you can ask him about taking Tuesday off."

"No," Rude groaned and slipped his glasses down enough so he could glare at Kali. "That’s the last thing we need." He already had to deal with his partner and Rufus in the president’s office, elevators, the hanger and various conference rooms. The Turks’ department was sort of a safe haven from all of that, since Reno rarely bothered to spend any time there.

"Elena, Tosh will work your Tuesday shift." Rude swore that he and everyone else practically jumped out of their seats when they heard Rufus’ drained voice. "He’ll be working a lot of unpaid overtime for the next month." Rufus seemed to have recovered from Reno’s ‘assault’; his face was no longer flushed and his breathing normal. He calmly lifted his drink and swallowed it. "Now if you gentlemen and ladies will excuse me, I believe I’ve had my fill of ‘bitching, drinks and insults’."

Reno laughed and slinked his way off the chair. "Well, since I’m his… ride, guess I better be going, too." He waved at everyone before pulling on his coat.

Rude wondered what shape his friend would be in the next morning and sighed when Reno left with Rufus. It would serve the bastard right if he couldn’t sit down all day, but Rude would be stuck listening to him complain. "That’s it, I’m going home, too," he informed his friends and pushed away from the table. "I’m not sticking around for any more weird shit tonight." He looked at Kali, who nodded in agreement and stood up as well. "Good night."

Rod grabbed the remaining bottles of tequila. "I’m out of here, too. Anyone want to get well and truly smashed, you can come back to my place."

Only Jared and Cyril took him up on the offer, so Rude stuck around long enough to make sure that Pamela was going to take her ashen-faced partner home. Hopefully the moron would learn to not push things like that with Reno; at the least, he probably wouldn’t have any time off to join them on their next couple of nights out.

"Did I happen to mention something about me being turned on?" Kali asked while they walked to Rude’s car.

Opening the passenger door for her, Rude leaned down to give her a kiss that left them both breathless. "One word about what has you in that state and you’re sleeping on the couch," he warned. While she laughed and slid into the car, he closed the door and hurried to the other side.


Reno followed Rufus out of the bar, wondering how much trouble he was in for what had just happened. More than likely, there’d be endless bitching about ‘inappropriate behavior while in public’, but it had been worth it. He was still hard and didn’t think it would be a good idea to ask for that situation to be remedied until he found out how pissed off Rufus was.

When they reached the bike, Rufus held out his right hand. "I’m driving." He didn’t sound in a bad mood; he spoke with that cold crispness which always meant that he expected to get his way. Not seeing any sense in fighting over the situation, Reno gave him the keys and settled on the back of the bike then pulled on his helmet.

Rufus didn’t waste any time; once he was on the bike, he started it and tore out of the parking lot as if being chased. Reno held on tightly, laughing in exhilaration at their speed and the way the world around them turned into a blur of lights. For someone who’d only been to the bar once, Rufus had no problem getting them back home. Reno just enjoyed the ride, his body pressed firmly against his lover’s.

They were home in a disappointingly short amount of time, and Rufus didn’t say anything as they entered the garage and parked the bike, or during the elevator ride up to the apartment. Feeling that he was going to be royally bitched out once they were in private, Reno managed a wan smile for the Turks guarding the door.

So when he found himself slammed into the wall once the apartment’s door was closed behind him, he wasn’t very surprised. Not by that, at least. The fact that Rufus’ tongue was shoved down his throat was a bit of a shock however, but one he was prepared to roll with. He pulled his lover closer and kissed him back as ardently as possible

Rufus allowed the embrace for a minute, eventually pulling away and knocking Reno’s arms aside so he could shed first his and then Reno’s coat. "Do you consider that ‘behaving yourself’, what you did tonight?" Rufus asked, his voice rough with passion instead of anger.

"I told you, I wanted to have a little fun." Reno struggled to pull the dark blue shirt that Rufus wore tucked into his pants free, only to give up and work on the buttons of the tight leather pants instead. "And don’t tell me anyone noticed who wasn’t sitting at the table." The bar had been too noisy, too smoke-filled, too unconcerned. That and he just hadn’t been able to resist himself, not after being away from his lover for almost a week. He’d just meant to tease Rufus a little since he was out of sight, and then had noticed Rufus’ erection. "It’s not like you tried to stop me, either."

Rufus’ right hand slipped into his jeans’ pocket to pull out the packet of lube Reno had snuck in there earlier that evening. "I must admit, I was curious to see if you were going to do it or not. Lucky for you, your mouth gets you out of trouble almost as often as it gets you into it." He nipped at Reno’s bottom lip then trailed his mouth to Reno’s right ear as he ripped Reno’s buttoned shirt open.

Reno still fumbled with the buttons of Rufus’ pants, giving up when Rufus used his teeth to tug on the long earring’s chain. He shivered at the feel of his lover’s warm breath against his ear and neck, his lover’s hands stroking along his chest. "Everyone’s… gotta talent," he stuttered, his hands grasping Rufus’ hips as his own rocked forward.

"And yours is mayhem and blowjobs, apparently." Rufus actually chuckled as he pulled away, his eyes darkened and heavy-lidded with passion. The smile on his face was smug enough that warning bells should have gone off in Reno’s head, but he just didn’t care at the moment.

Then he found himself spun around until he faced the wall, his arms rising to keep him from hitting it face-first. Rufus pressed against his back, hands busy undoing his jeans. "Do I even need to go into yet another long speech about appropriate behavior in public and where I’ll shoot you if you do such a thing to someone else, hmmm?" His lips brushed against the back of Reno’s neck, right alongside the silver clasp that held most of his long hair contained. "I’m getting rather bored with repeating myself."

Reno hissed when Rufus’ hands slid inside his jeans, cupping his cock through thin silk. "Most people would have given up by now," he said, his voice growing breathless when Rufus’ fingers pushed through the slit in the boxers.

"Most people aren’t dealing with you." Rufus sounded slightly exasperated, yet his touch was gentle. His fingers teased along Reno’s cock while he removed the hair clasp. "Don’t ever do anything that would force me to truly punish you, Reno," he warned, his voice turning serious. "I won’t hold back because of this." He pressed firmly against Reno, once more kissing the back of his neck.

Knowing that moments like this one wouldn’t save him from Rufus’ wrath if he did push too far, Reno only nodded in response. His throat felt dry and the alcohol seemed to be affecting more than it had half an hour ago. The world seemed to spin around him, leaving him to lean his forearms against the wall for support. When Rufus pulled his hand free to shove down Reno’s jeans, he made a wordless cry of protest.

"You were gone too long," Rufus whispered, his voice ragged once more with desire and something else. "You better have gotten all of those damn rats." Slick fingers pressed against Reno, one of them slowly slipping inside.

Feeling a bit drunk and horny as hell, Reno spread his legs as wide as he could with the jeans trapped around his ankles. Getting fucked against the wall by a slightly peeved Rufus seemed like the best thing to happen to him in years. "Every last fuckin’ one. Knew you’d just send us back if we didn’t," he mumbled, his forehead resting against the wall as well. "Just wanted to come home."

He wasn’t sure why he made that admission, not after he spent five nights swearing he’d never tell it to his lover, but he was finally back home. The tequila was a faint buzz in his blood, slowly being overwhelmed with passion and need as Rufus prepped him with a minimum of fuss. His cock ached for attention, yet he couldn’t move his arms from the wall for fear of falling down.

Rufus’ mouth teased some more along his nape before moving to lick behind his left ear. Trembling in response, Reno moaned his lover’s name. "Too fuckin’ long. Just do it; want you too much, bastard. Please." He knew how much it turned Rufus on when he begged, and he was more than willing to do so to ease the emptiness inside of him. "Please."

"There’s that sweet mouth again." Rufus’ left hand wrapped around Reno’s cock, making him cry out again while something hard and slick pressed against his opening. He heard his name be whispered as he was slowly filled, Rufus’ voice fading way beneath the sound of blood roaring through his veins.

The first few thrusts were slow and gentle, just enough to make him frustrated as hell and even needier for the pleasure. Rufus’ right arm wrapped around his waist to pull him back, and the next thrust was hard and deep, never slowing down after that. Reno focused on the sharp pleasure that repeatedly exploded inside of him, in his mind’s eye imagining how Rufus looked while fucking him. The way blond hair fell onto his lover’s forehead, the look of intense concentration, how Rufus would bite the inside of his mouth as if to keep from crying out. The entire time beneath the table, Reno had missed being able to watch his lover the most while he made Rufus come, had found his own pleasure dulled from that lack.

Now he was being deprived again, yet it wasn’t so bad when he could feel Rufus’ body against his own, could hear his lover grunt and moan as Rufus kissed his neck and ear. That and five days of abstinence, not ever alone long enough to jerk off for relief, then the fun at the bar, and he wasn’t going to hold out for long. He didn’t even try, just enjoyed the ecstasy burning through him until he felt consumed by it. Crying out Rufus’ name as he came, he slumped against the wall, only held upright by Rufus’ body.

His lover needed a little longer, moaning loudly as the thrusts grew more frantic. Reno smiled as he felt Rufus lose control, his body trembling from aftershocks of pleasure that seemed to be set off again by each movement of Rufus inside of him. When Rufus finally came, biting hard on Reno’s right shoulder, there was a sense of disappointment that the pleasure had to come to an end.

Rufus kept them upright for few more seconds then slowly lowered them to the floor. Reno groaned when his lover’s cock slipped from his body, leaving him feeling empty once more. He slumped against the wall with his eyes closed, his body protesting what he’d put it through for in the last few days.

He heard the rustle of leather and finally opened his eyes when something cool was tapped against his left cheek. Glaring at his lover, he felt a sense of shock at the sight of Rufus with dark hair free of any gels to keep it neatly slicked back. Added to that was the fact that Rufus was offering him his pack of cigarettes. "Who are you and what did you do to Rufus Shinra?" he couldn’t help but ask as he reached for his smokes.

"Very amusing. Would you care to sleep in the bathroom tonight?" Rufus didn’t seem to appreciate him smiling at the threat, but the man should be used to it by now. No matter how much they fought, come nightfall they always ended up in the same bed.

"Sleep, no," Reno said after he lit a cigarette and enjoyed a deep drag. "But I’d like to wash that crap out of your hair." The only temporary dye that had been on hand was what he usually used when going undercover. He wasn’t used to seeing Rufus with dark hair, and missed its golden color. "You look much better as a blond."

"Let’s just hope that this stuff really does wash out," Rufus grumbled as he tugged on a strand of his bangs so he could see the color. "I’ve a press conference in the afternoon."

"Hmmm." Reno wasn’t too concerned; right now he felt too good to worry about something as unimportant as that. "So, no riots tonight, no hitting on strange guys and nobody ended up in jail while we were there. You gonna keep being an asshole about me going out?"

Rufus seemed to consider the question, which was a positive sign. "I doubt anyone really acted as they normally do considering my presence there tonight. However, I’m not really in the mood to find out how destructive you’d become if I say ‘no’." He smiled at Reno’s shocked expression. "I’m just biding my time. Sooner or later you’ll do something that will more than justify me keeping you locked up for safety’s sake." The amusement slowly left his expression, until he stared intently at Reno. "You’d best not push me too far."

The sad truth was, Reno was slowly losing all interest in the things he was certain would do just that. Pissing Rufus off was still an entertaining game, but the thought of cheating on him or leaving wasn’t. Flirting with the guy at the bar a couple of weeks ago hadn’t produced any type of thrill. The guy hadn’t had Rufus’ biting wit or air of authority, hadn’t seemed the least bit dangerous or enthralling.

"I’m in no hurry to get shot, trust me," Reno moaned as he attempted to bend over to undo his boots so he could remove his pants. The scratches and bruises he’d received while fighting Hojo’s mutant rats let him know that they weren’t happy with him doing anything other than lying about all evening, and he could barely get his fingers past his sore knees. Before he could move his legs, Rufus began to undo the laces of his boots.

"One could hardly tell, considering your actions." Rufus was still dressed in those damn sexy leather pants and clingy dark blue shirt, and while Reno hated the color of his lover’s hair, he had to admit the bastard looked good with it falling onto his face like that.

Reno waited until his boots were off and the cigarette mostly finished before complaining. "I thought we left the bitch session back at the bar," he pointed out and frowned.

Rufus sniffed and rose to his feet with an ease that made Reno want to trip him. "I am going to spend the next two days, minimum, listening to Tseng sigh in disapproval whenever I have to deal with the man. Get used to the bitching."

Reno debated knocking aside the hand his lover extended to him before his body protested at the thought of standing up. "Yeah, well, you’re not the one with seriously sore knees from kneeling on concrete tonight, so I think I can do some bitching of my own."

Of course Rufus had to pull him to his feet with an uncanny ease. "When don’t you?"

Glaring, Reno was about to curse out his lover when he noticed Rufus’ amused grin. Nobody had the right to look that good when being so smart-assed, he thought. "Give me a reason not to bitch so much and you’ll be surprised."

Rufus actually laughed at that and pulled him toward the bathroom. "The day you manage such a feat, hell will have frozen over. Until then, try to shut up for ten minutes and help me wash out this dye."

Reno let the bastard have the last word – after all, in a few more minutes he’d be the one holding the water hose. He could wait for revenge.


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